The Tara Show - 1-19-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Friday, January 19th

Blue states getting bent out of shape over effect of Trump tax cuts on rich; Outspoken feminist Aziz Ansari accused of sexual assault by woman who willingly slept with him; Government shutdown comes down to amnesty; California AG threatens to arrest employers who cooperate with ICE


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Harding lady good morning turn everyday I wake up is just enjoying a home to two whites. Alan people literally freaking out over what's going on this country alt and a good way. Here's a good example. See happening in California. This is hysterical California. California Democrat leadership. Is flipping out. Or many wait for it high taxes the wealthy in California. We'll have to pay a you have to lab they are they're flipping out because they because com you know beaten republic you know we haven't had a house that's a high value. Mama's a lot of property is bearing in Californians Marius M on your acting teacher hole right off anymore. And show. On this is indeed panicked. Headline in Sacramento bee this morning wealthy ex citi's. To escape new tax rules worries California Democrats. It should. One don't mean this the same California Democrats. Nom. That you're they had 2012 and Tony sixteen ballot initiatives to Levy an income tax is just a very high earning residents because it was a fair that they earned more right exactly the thing you know my they've got a budget surplus they're chickens have come home to groups like great it was just unfair I mean you shouldn't she be reassured me you should not. Be allowed to make a lot of money. And that that's what was the was what they campaign for those ballot initiatives on. And net debt and and by the way they they it's quality of life remembered as if you may get rich pay more in a better quality of life in your state of course as they tell us settlements continent and if you want to receive their money is because you're just. In league with them. On you and crime that they must have committed to get the money. And take from some more person race to win and I don't get as much of it is possible that with Democrats been telling us for years and years nurse who are stealing all that money from the pork prairie and it has got money do. It did they steal meaning do real time and then have a steeler can never do say that. Understood you can surely we can go after them criminally right now the thing you would think but then weep yet so anyway. On to this is put California and you know latest you halls that he can do their own efforts okay. Dead. Last. In the nation for inbound moves. Dead last in the nation for in mammoth bill it was ago. They wanted to. On which is eating about the size of California meeting at a meet. Bomb able to attract some damage just from jobs you know I mean people go there take a job that's how California sucks. It sucks no must go their document did you also in fact they are in eight net loss situation. You look at. 6%. Again Texas over 6%. That's staggering them that's what I Texas did OK but the parents don't care they could careless if they're hemorrhaging people. They could care less if he if you know if they're gonna tax the rich and shake every last dollar out of their product is. Its video vetoing. Now we got a problem. Listen this is governor Jerry Brown he actually said this moon beam. Umpqua people with higher incomes pay a lot more money and some of them may be tempted to leave California. Okay why would they not be tempted to leave when user advocated for taxing them more and why why have them where really now. Verses bomb you know the ins insane tax trees you put. In and you know why. It's because the new federal tax rules are not allowing them to ride off as much of their state and local tax writes that's why. But I'd like Texas were good I did it should be consistent. They shouldn't not to doubled to right the taxes they should want the federal government to get more Texan in fact all those rich liberals should pay more. Then whatever the tax rate is yeah more so just to be. You know just to be politically correct and and to be you know work in keeping with their ideology. Bomb. It's at the show anyway so it isn't what's fascinating about this cake so Jerry Brown saying this is an assaults by the Republican congress against California. And he believes state. I it will what he just happened here nonstop for want demagogue eight Democrats are now would mean. That high tax this will cause the wealthy to fleece states. They've never admit that the four. And they will not admit that the minute that now that high taxes are economically damaging this breakthrough. So they know little law back. Then high taxes. Will cause the wealthy. To leave your state and eroding tax base will they already know that high taxation is what they used to punish behavior because they already do with liquor and cigarettes. But Republicans are punishing behavior right. Now why is it a problem when Republicans plunged behavior I do you agree with what they did I thought they should keep the old ramps. They should not dot everybody should get it and it you know a tax cut including the wealthy but that's just me. I mean I agree with that. So we spent ideologically consistent. I hate it gives you better listen to what to do in New York to help the west wealthy high in the money from the federal government. They are around debating and letting high income people. Get around that by paying some of there. I'm taxes ski and into the state and New York as a contribution charitable contribution. Helping the wealthy hide him and now is that. Not what knee Nancy Pelosi just she's the Republicans are doing by cutting tax is now that it was a problem. If the wealthy. Every anybody else get to keep your own money and Nancy it is good to have its problem. Right is not what they just scream at the Republicans for doing with the tax code you know. So why is it a problem and if wealthy taxpayers can't write off as much of their money. Because when they move they won't be there to vote for all the Liberal Democrats. Nor will they be there to dwelling contribute to stop them. So this is dale watershed moment here we mean we have just had Democrats in mid day. I Texas do economic damage that the wealthy fleece states with high taxes. On plea places with high tech skate so would mean and if we area high tax countries elect. I don't know if we had the highest corporate tax rate on earth set them among industrialized nations. I'm would that then mean people would flee the tree if the Democrats are Mano fleet California. As a high tax actually companies did flee the country that's rippling overseas and now they're coming back they repatriate those of lower tax rate. Who. Well OK so we've got an issue here that by Biden need leader and he Democrat leaders are new York and California that high taxes. I do damage. Thank you California yes thank you. And guess what they're they're really afraid that the wealthiest residents will flee the gold state according to Sacramento beat Ford the text in a Florida Nevada and Texas. And what do they have in common. No income to go in there yet. Which I love to see us do here in South Carolina pay. I need guides and we need to get a get a torpedoes after ivory good gasoline where 43. Enough household income in the nation. We sure could use a break and if they can do tech and Texas would the map toward the same year. You would think even common core. The view that would work it would where you is how to do it and for financials that backlit but I mean it would still work eventually not eventually. You wouldn't. You would he would get their Gordon from lake lower. Or are good I'm jealous Gordon to jury your leg Lauren I'm not let my has a lovely more like where we go there won't be beaten or. I don't think you people down there and softer I should be jalopy gas and oil. She dressed up in New York terror that's Smart Governor Cuomo certainly Joker gassed and also let art direction Pennsylvania. Ngo down and then you're old or probably suck almost to cart adopted Cuomo didn't want. And I tried in Georgia will beat our parking. Market audio should not they had state lines and can you guys hard carbon up. Let's see a new governor up there anyway the current governor is so hostile to economic prosperity. And on fuel. That's may still be sacked and as our department and I think that's what North Carolina Georgia should just keep his South Carolina don't need it. We don't I ask our government disaster we have we totally don't need no stink into 2000 jobs we don't need that. Percent at. Yes. He says from North Carolina. Yes I thank you for your input Gordon appreciate that. Have to disagree with you. OK jester race lieutenant Kevin right so a supports expiration yes he does. Another text your reading about trade Audi CNET. He is supposed to pre was doing anything offer shores and that the burden is on the oil companies to prove. That it would be a good idea and I said well they can't because you let them do politics out exactly. Homage tester race in and does says it would be hard for trade getting to prepare for a trial without discovery. Well excellent point I know Larry could I never listened Smart people aren't whole store on that one gold star on it I assure our asking mr. Geddes for a little bit of discovery. So on and I and now and we can you know would not to commit to drilling let's have a debate. With facts. Actual. Facts. You've seen any hash tag needs human man red. Yes and you know understandably women you had been assaulted her at worst speaking out that's good. Net instead that for blowing the whistle on that. But is it are pretty go on name too far. Got here about this debate they're having on the left I can Jane did the New York Times got into the Washington Post gone into it. If you're a man you have a sign your you know you are a guy on the dating CNET. You need to hear this. They get any new we're going to air with this but this is. Well okay. Here's what happens. There is this liberal comedian called his name is disease and sorry. And this guy is as liberal as it is long and he's known for his feminist. Advocacy. He even wrote a book. About how the modern man should treatment. So he is so he is one that the kind of people. Kinda guided they used to protect. A pencil like three months ago. When he assault and went into leopard protect. Okay he is being accused. By a woman. Of sexually. Out menacing her sexually assaulting her. But that did the gap. Okay bulls so what's the news here this is like half the liberal guy is in some kind of position empowering these days in this state these days you know America. Well there's a twist. With this one a very dangerous twist. With this one here's what happened. Twice seventeen Emmy Awards Wednesday after party. And a twice 43 year old by a photographer from Brooklyn and an increase. Does the after party. Bum and and sees him and she's taking up original fashion that camera so it kinda camera I don't know what kind what they're right back on to campus and he has basically the same kind of cameras show. They start talking they start flirting. There's exchanging text messages. And so he invites are out. Should they go out I date and he takes her out on his very nice to turn a broad blaster roles are so led seized it in pictures we're viral right. Well. He then abruptly ends up being dinner. With good still aren't able it's just go back to his apartment. She doubts. She goes deeper now I'm gonna keep this I had the actual accounts of this is sound. And I can give you all the details and Goran yourself. Published it adds a babe bit dot com. And so a big city apartment and in this guy is a creep. Apparently according to her is her version of the story. And show he's there he's. He's he's you get right to it let's put it this way. Not a real swab got. Near the door got to things. And so she writes it was at thirty minutes of me have been moving in him following. And Zaun you know try to kiss her and in doing that kind of thing. So she says to land. Well let's relax for a sec let's chills so he says yeah I know totally cool that's cool you know that if I'm not if you're having fun and I'm not having fun. So she sits back down when. And he continues her purse and her. And she says she came off verbal. And do physical cues that she was uncomfortable. Ice and my lips and I turn cold. I I was physically giving off accused. That I was an interstate. I think that was noticed it all worth it was it was ignored. Okay. She writes I really even thinking of that. No I didn't wanna be engaged yet and you know in that with him but he kept asking so next time he goes. Kimi second day and I know our yes shorted as qualified cordial and a glass of wine right now with that account is second day. Most junior running apartment she said you know she said I said I don't wanna feel forced to because now hates you and I rather I hate you she said. And he said no fine I'm document and I can do in English to hear on the catch any starts kissing her again. Com he would meet again and says and says doesn't look like you hit me. Anyway. This continues on. And they end up having sex. And then after the sex he's you know not ex exactly in the mood to cuddle and even get turn burns goes up. I felt I already home at that point I felt violated. The last hour was so out of hands. So she she's about this about him. And here it goes wild. Because this is you know mr. romance mr. feminist mr. liberal mister whatever. And sorry. Brown and her I description of you know what he allegedly did and in what a horrible lever he was. Is I mean I. I just I can imagine how embarrassing for him lettuce. Now act no warnings. Did she ever say. I'd get up and walk out say stop I don't read says if you get up and more fresh he did it. She went along with. Bush says he's just read the verb computers. And India at the physical cues to stop and stop. Sure I didn't leave because I think I was stunned and shocked. This is not what I expected. Well a year prevent her from leaving. Now. Diddy holder downpours grabs next known. She says she just felt he should've read the physical cues. And I proceeded any further. I hid when she writes. I'm gonna say about this I feel really upset and really weird. OK. So she admits. Here's naming no physical force was used at all. Collecting time. But it's his front it's his fault because he should have bred the non verbal cues. Okay. Are so that you are times is polled aren't. What am liberal media out of piled on Huffington Post late. He should've read the non verbal cues you mean like the one where you say you didn't wanna have sex with him but then you sent back down on the couch and monitor issue. I didn't. Like that. This debate should this is this is where we're gonna sit there is eight ferocious debate going on and left about this. About whether the need to movement is being debased by this because she admit I didn't physically forced me. I just want him to stop. And we are raids she had ever a bit of agency to say knowing the situation and she didn't. She voiced concerns about his behavior in the fact they didn't into hints. Bush could've gotten her rear end up and walked out of that apartment she didn't. If we expect the onus be on men to say hey it doesn't seem like you're a 100% into this so maybe I'll stop trying and trying. And carnage female activism. There gonna be a hell of a lot of unhappy female activists in the world. Okay at first he did not respond to her statement. Bomb eventually he had to put out a statement saying hey listen I mean she seem to be into what I I apologize. So the left is actually debating I kid you not. Whether it's Amir is a responsibility. To reinvent humors. When it comes to sex. First. There's the didn't want to out. But it's. You kills me about this. Yeah I Ridder look at I think she wanted a romantic dinner. She thought this was going somewhere and it was really disappoint her I that's was I really have said. I am with him. Any like this it she is done exactly what the left promises you is the most fulfilling beautiful on what are clinging to do which is a one night stand. Is supposed to be awesome rape no commitment. No biographical XP had information exchanged you don't even know what is license driver's license says that's the ideal time dop in the back. This the left tells you so they didn't do it. I don't he's a sexual predator. I your guy's eye and say we can win nick would don't doze consent apps where you have to sign online but listen. You thought that was funny. These are serious and they intend to blame it on you. Well exceeds your boarding lead expect to shut down this weekend's. Does anyone really care. I mean many analysts say do and I we Oswego I think a lot of the audience to listen to this number don't care because we realize that. The government is not the end all be all that this is not that big a deal. Obviously I think the folks who do care or the anti troopers that trump haters the never Crawford is the Democrats and most of the left wing media. Because this is an opportunity for them to advance their agenda. Well. It looks like what I've been saying all week though is is great and wash impose is now admitting that Democrats will lose in shut down government had done polls. If the public blames their amnesty push him and been presenting me. Evidence in this for for weeks that they are totally on losing cited this after the first time in government sent down. I hate this is calling the west imposed has fallen from Chuck Schumer is senate majority pac. And here's what it ships. That voters in need twelve trump leaning states which will hold senate elections in 2018. Would blame at trump and the GOP of the Democrats for the shut down. By 45% to 35%. Overall. Unless. Once they're told. Well what's a showdown is because of amnesty for doctors how do you feel that. I would get to make you feel. Found the public view shifts. If voters think the government is shutting it because of the immigration issue. Part particularly in five states that from one in 2018 by overwhelming margins and where Democrat senators face reelection in November. Indiana Missouri Montana North Dakota and West Virginia. In those five states voters split the shut down blame. But not so evenly. Com once you say in how they should die because in the seek is the Democrats want amnesty 48% then blame the Democrats and 39% blame the Republicans. So. Mom like you said shutting this down hovering amnesty is probably the best thing the most illustrative thing that we can do to show that there is a difference between the two parties going into the selection. And I hope the White House the house leadership and the Senate Leadership use this opportunity they they certainly should. 22 point the blame at Democrats because this literally is the Democrats shutting down government over amnesty that's exactly what this is that's that's not Republican talking points that's reality. And you know president trump is is doing that and he did that in his speech yesterday he did it on Twitter. Unfortunately. Paula Ryan is McConnell are not joining him at this time in that they've Paul Ryan on didn't do have some strong words the Democrats which is rare for him. And he said hey listen you know this is we pass this in the house. This is an on us if the government shuts down it'll be because suburban Democrats in the senate it's. Any city or you guys are gonna show down you know bad medical payments for kids in you know these salaries is suffered no payments for our active duty military okayed. But they did not mention amnesty. And the problem that though the Republicans have that the trump White House and Republicans have is that they don't have a willing accomplices in the left wing media. To join and and to broadcast this that's the problem. That tell you got a vast majority of the media in this country that is gonna give cover for Democrats on this and then try to blame the president port. Well let's happens the past is gonna go that way this time and passionate going to be able to cover they'll try again it was a big eyes and try yeah but I mean when you president trump. Approval from literally 20% of the value. Of Twitter is based on his soul where accounts that that was an actual bill Wall Street economic analysis. His tour cal alone is worth billions of dollars just YouTube Twitter when you have that kind of you know megaphone power. I think the country knows this is over UST I think they know it's over doc I think did the Democrats are figuring out DB old CNN's gonna covered up for a sampling Democrats. And probably this is said CNN MSNBC knowledgeable have been screaming for weeks that we need to have. The amnesty. I think the word is is out I don't I don't think that people will be confused about why the government is shut down and even though Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Mom are not going to explain the amnesty part of it they're gonna go along with the Democrats. Om and make it easier for the Democrats to pump him in the head cassettes with they do but I think China met germs megaphone is too big I think the coverage this is into why I think people now well. His Twitter account is the new bully pulpit is. And it is just is is amazingly he's been able ads you wouldn't be looking he's been tweeting about this for. Well over a week now basically saying you know demery deeply and he said at a speech gesture when Democrats are putting. The illegal immigrants ahead of the American military had children ahead of everybody and this bypasses the left wing media filter it dies. It it absolutely does so I know that there were the regular rules and imply you're gonna tell you why we've never had a government shut down were the Republicans were willing to fight back. And standup for the cell's DNA it was sent Ted crews out there and make Iran policy and they go by the you know what I'm saying good. Republicans are. Uneasy about eleven Democrats want. That's not a chance to show even though he had the Republican leadership. You know with her head between your knees. Not right now. Will not mention the docket issue what would not mean that is you know driving a stake through the heart and they would do they did stay there won't do it. Trumpets and I think he's made of and so big. If that you know we never really seen Republican actually argue the Republican side we shut down now that's radical that is totally new it. And we never shut down the government before. In deference to illegal immigrants and of course it's not real shut down he that was not a real shut down and I was gonna notice a difference in their life and I many people anyway. And I think basically this will be something just on over the weekend and then by Sunday night Monday. After they've gotten their new cycle lot of this the be some type of short term agreement and in the work on a longer term. Absolutely. Town. Here's a charmed week. And desist recent tweet tweet government funding bill last night house representatives now Democrats are needed if it is passed the senate. But they want illegal immigration and we borders shut down coming at many more Republican victories and Tony eighteen. Here's our chance we'd has served executives need to pass government funding bill tonight so. Money is so important for our country our military needs it so he's doing about Leo they prefer the illegals and you know in talking about it I I just I don't think they can hide this. I just don't think they do I think he has made bigger may have on the make you. You know media wise so I don't. Let's say in this works out just like he's got a bigger button and Kim Jong-un and yes he does his Biden is much much bigger. And it works and it works. He says. Yet and he's as we do have a Democrats don't want the wall. Additions and a government over its. Yeah ally he hears entry for him we need the wall for the safety and security for ever countrymen need a lot of help stop the massive inflow of drugs from Mexico now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world. If there is no wall there is no deal. So let's see how this goes. I I I we've never seen what would happen if the Republicans fight back. Or even just want just one Republican fights back so where this this this is uncharted territory here. How much is it out there are major showdown coming now and it's not even ever the government shut down. Ice is playing the largest as single ever immigration raid on California. The invasion of California if you will. Because that is hostile territory and I mean completely sure you more than his US territory. In any sense of the word I mean you. Know that they're obviously not governed by any kind of federal law. In California. This is nuts it's gotten. Yesterday. California attorney general Dave veered to Sarah Democrat of course. Threaten it that his office will charge employees of businesses. Co whop worry with ice raids on illegal aliens. So if you've got illegals working in your business you have. Evidence that they have committed document fraud to get the job which is the only way to do it. If you cooperate with them in any way. As is required by federal law. You'll be prosecuted. He is threatening to charge employers. Eating ice rates are illegal aliens think about that from. I mean Edison is full on over the cuckoo's nest. It's not. Are you as you do liquor is an and he's basing that on the tube you know the two bills that passed there. That forbids cooperation with ice. So basically what we have now is an attorney general and state. Refuses to prosecute. Or detained lawbreakers who are illegal immigrants refuses to do that. But will arrest you. For going along with a lawful federal investigation. Here's the irony is you be arrested. By ice. For a part in illegal alien. Employ and don't cry. So that if your employer and ice on your door either way you could go to prison. You can go to prison for complying with the law. And you go to prison for not complying with the law. Until absence comply with a law or don't comply will you wait harassed. Despite different entity. So literally now have. Threatening employers you better protect is illegal immigrants. Or else. And we inning the specifics of what the law now says. Mom yeah is steadily a hundred has committed document fraud to become employed by you. So what are some of the crime about an illegal immigration retirement Graham document fraud on top of that which most of them have. You cannot you cannot collaborate with the federal government. In investigation. By the federal government of either of those cracks. So what is just happened here is basically it document fraud is committed in California to. Felonious sleep. Procure a job. Isn't he duty be legal duty out of the employers of the owners and managers whoever is the company. To assist in the crime of the document fraud. You must do that or you be arrested you you have got you have to be a participant in the crime. I not go safari is to say this is is something like a secession by this phase of of California. And say you here's the part. And biggest could be with pat this and with partisan decision of the local authorities while we're gonna say is legal here. You know still federally illegal I was under prosecution. Okay now prosecuting it. Is once. This is actively prosecuting people who comply. With the law. The federal law. It's some. It's an eighty's rap OK so wind and we got ice showed no beginning to initiate these raids announce exactly when they're coming just as soon. So we we could literally be treated soon to the spectacle. And the attorney general of California literally. So you know having him cups slaps on employers. For the crime. Of complying with federal. In known as regards illegal aliens. And just in think about it. And didn't let it separate OK so what do you are an employer an American and and you commit tax for. Illegals commit tax from the point fraudulent items as woody news. Sex for. All alleged different was no where is she is still got you this'll turn Emma when I can turn legal Americans over. Including managers. This is ours deferred tax fraud. It is committed by an American. But it is committed by an illegal. Not to get rest Paterno not non. I can anal both those things in my mind they make so. Little. Cents. Alex from Spartanburg good morning. You don't want terror outsiders to string that you object to the contradiction Arabic. But you you accept a contradiction on the the highway speeds from that politician called the so you want to give you tickets per not speeding in the fast plan. That go on the speed limit you'll get a ticket. So he's not interest saying that that you're you your pro can't traditional one hand. When now when you don't when you wanna drive fast and the fact play but when it comes to illegal immigration. Are you you can keep contradict yourself. No one guy I Republicans separate career I don't know what all went yeah none of this is my hair not yours. It turned talks and we're gonna I'm gonna put channel militia talk imminent. That is completely different thing Alex. Because the difference they area is that the attorney general of California is not seeking to change federal law to make illegal immigration document fraud legal. The legislator here in South Carolina. Is seeking to change look he's not saying to the police what you know what don't arrest them don't ticket them if they speak. He's not saying he's changing the lot to say you can get a ticket. If you are doing under no whatever the prevailing speed is that they decide in. The late that's now law. So if you're look at Alex C having guys. To hang around so I mean consistent. What would be like would be like and you know the governor attorney general somebody like that South Carolina saying. Palm you better go over the speed limit break the law. On in the email in the fast lane Ergen RS to. Muster when she just changed the love to sit I should do that to say that I should go to prevailing speed arm and get a ticket. Oh okay little changed what they wanna change. It is one they just one arrest people they don't like for complying with totally different and thank you for playing talks. Is it is he is he back I had to tighten down because I mean you throw something like that I mean dumb I'm gonna respond to. Com and luckily yell at me. But yeah I I don't know where is going with that but and you go back Alex Alexander shot 803471063. They stretch. Nicer. Arie is a beautiful sunny day out there you know there and in its you can as you got charity is left and then won't go on back to school.