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Thursday, October 12th

Trump counters Obamacare with free market plan; The real costs of selfish Obamacare users


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Money played good morning Tehran okay according to the liberal media. And there are a lot of problems. With this trumped executive order them on health care now lab problems and cave business insider let me let me list some of the promise for in this this this is really bad okay. An allegation down first thing in the morning but it's it's it's terrible can happen. According to business insider. Okay here's the first really bad thing. Association health plans allow people in the individual or Smart grid a small group market to pull together to purchase insurance. And more favorable rate. And it just that's a that's a problem in new. OK I don't understand why they'll be a problem unless you're. One of the competitors. Promise to these plans will also not be subject to obamacare regulations helping make an even cheaper for people participating. I'll pan on the yanks yeah that's a problem right now yes. Well you know if you when he's really Smart people who reads business insider and you'll understand how that's a problem right balance point. Like here's another he hears it a problem. Both executive orders appear to be targeted and allowing healthier younger people to obtain lower cost options. That are not currently available in Obama care exchanges. Debbie got three big problems right there. No right or my hand there are yet ME two I don't I look I'm just reading it I'm I'm trying to understand maybe some out there can help me. Okay and afford big problem. Here's where here's where we go here's the kicker. Here's supplier where we learn that was never actually about health insurance it was about shaking you down to pay for other people's health insurance. With this executive order healthy people could pay less. For insurance but middle income people with preexisting conditions could pay more. Case of the people who need it but don't use it can pay less but the people who need it and do use it may have to pay more. And so. Then that's what is your face ear that would mean the people who needed and used it would be interested in its cost. And its affordability. Yeah. So there might be some pressure there. To find a lower cost alternative. Yes which would mean competition then. The cut. I can they want is a problem if you're a socialist yet. In an answer that's my point this is socialism Rich's gonna be here and the have a portable play the next big deal out of that need to be allowed to apply them a mile clay and I think it will allow now. It is still wrong. Because health care is a right. Answer Rafer do. If you can't afford it. How how how do you have it I mean how how is that make your rates a habit that that was in more loot amendment of the constitution wanted to health care's a right. Yes it was beyond 338. Amendment six initial find that right behind 330. You rate to an abortion. But and after 329 your rates are gay marriage out right. Emulating their recovery to is god. Except that he is in the cost in the constitution. You starter Stanley now just don't understand the stuff that's in writing we can't do this is stuff that's imply that we can write letters sent exactly. This shows you the absurdity and Serena is is this desire article and course we've been surpassed the Guinness entire segment where we're joking. But but the left actually considers. And they're actually taking a decision at this time. They get people having affordable insurance is a disaster. Why is it we don't we we don't like bury these people by Monday politically. And that that's your toy affordable insurance for a lot of people is disaster. We have to pay more people they don't even know. Ottawa team or for people didn't apple so I'd better. Rand Paul is making a really interesting argument about the senator Rand Paul. And he and he was saying listen when you know when when we take all the stipulations off insurance would take all these Obama care. You know rules and regulations up that are causing these prices by he said people with pre and condition even these and even people a preexisting conditions are gonna have more affordable insurance. And apple we sat I had a guy email me the other day most of the market does the market does amazing things but. You know and people are allowed Smart people are led to innovate but I know the media today he's a listen. I have had on diabetes complications from now my entire life. And he says he'll before monitor I never had trouble getting insurance and he said I'm a business owner had to buy myself fighting get from work. You know where everybody got it right and he's and I had a DIC's and I did have to wait six months. Usually before purchasing it they did do you waiting period phase I can while black planet keyed a three years on every problem. And I would just listen then that I had diabetes right column as a pre existing condition and he missing you know listen what you know what you would do with. Would you there would be some plans that yes won't cover my pre existing diabetes commission but he's like I was shot from Clinton did it. And plans to indicate that way leads like I was saying is yeah the day if your fifty year old man. With diabetes. And no plans to have a child. On yourself personally yes no need of gynecological services. More or anything like that union mammogram. You know then you know what may be we can make a deal maybe you can buy a plan that covers your diabetes put doesn't cover all these other things that you don't eat right. They will say a little later I mean I can I can just he always they can innovate and com you know even Rand Paul was saying that we don't know why don't we try it no we can't we get busy people it didn't pay less still leave. OK so your argument is and this is lately you know would we submitted daily going on in Florida. I mean if it when he did it twice thirteen Stanley a force over plans having 200 dollars it twenty Tina B 171000. This is a 101000 dollars is 2013 for a family of four. This 100000 dollars in extra costs over a decade. And we're told that that is fair. That's good that's what we we can not have affordability. In health care. OK until go to go hang argue that the next election police can please. Argue that they. All this is there aren't giving. Down that's. If you would think that this would be so easily refute evil it is. So easily review here's the crazy thing. Now here is an example. Of what the left to suck when a this is awesome. Here's an awesome news and let his son alleged can get really excited about. You seen the expected to. Increase average increase in Obama care premiums for South Carolina next year I think the yeah I was gonna go up just a little bit like that. What is not allied just 31%. This at all it's only 31% because of course everyone's getting at 31% cost of living increase in their sorry. Everybody pattern as he did you get that your religion you deny either strange we're probably the only ones. Okay well the eight the average premium increase. Which was RC Zimbabwe style before this year was like fourteen of 15% to stay it was not. Every year's gone up 1415%. Now these are the increase just doubled this year to 31%. Seattle region left. 'cause I mean you're seriously you're defending a plan each South Carolina where Obama care went up. 15% average when your 14% average next year and 31% average this year. And that. Is good for people as your position. Yeah you. Secured the people are. Yeah statuary swing until people die. They just will become exactly militant yet didn't die of heart attack when they get to know that it. Reza any of those automated defibrillators and their home when the bill comes ahead. Well. You see certain you may need that to save your life but have you like you're 9000 dollar deductible yet yet exactly on your 171000 dollar plan. Yay dad shot you know Lloyd you just gonna have to die. They got a preexisting condition. Exact exactly yes you'll have the diet. Com so yet that's where we are health care thirty want to and I love how the Greenville news does this. Headline consumers have half the time to mineral obamacare yet this year and they go off on how horrible trump is really giving you have to time to sign up. And they buried Lisa Collison newsroom bearing Millie Williams but the real story down on the story did you anybody see it down. The real story when I'm by the way averaged 31% premium increase this year as at all does girl yeah. We're gonna have great health care crossed state lines people can buy it will cost the government nothing you'll go out private insurers are gonna give you incredible healthcare and I'll tell you what. This will take and I can sign up myself I don't need anybody I would have done it. Earlier except I was hoping that they were going to put this through and I haven't in the bill. But I wish signing tomorrow at health care package that will cover. I heard people say 30% it was say 25% of some people sick could be 50%. They cover a large percentage of the people who were talking about off. Coming since retirement planning and text line attack theory it's. Very biased opinion and junior in May when your wrong. At age. Let's easy to do. Sniping from behind though some phone number call me Tony or Enron taking on. They're here's opponent coming out 80347106380347106. Story. And I ain't that she sent me that now tell me where I'm wrong and what I got Ron could you don't know. You just make sure Maggie Julius I think for listening. Tipster rates. Would get lab we Debian can win here. And a wondering because I got a dry here we. You know price insurance free fifty year old man with a 3700 dollar deductible. And must be AP PO I paid 37 dollars a week you compare that to a 126 dollars a week before. Obama kicked. And then the person says is I think guide to sing yet the same person I thank god for obamacare. OK. I think god for obamacare. And I know you seek not you need to thank god or Obama. Tito you know you know you need to thank the family of four and the middle class family of four that. Was paying 7200 dollars this so are planned but now they're paying 171000 dollars a year. Not a decade a year for the solar plant. There are paying Shimmy 200 dollars. This is Florida this go on all of the country. For a similar plan in 2013. And other paying 171000. The average premium for health insurance on the Obama care exchanges and does explain this is person. Has doubled. Ties to. In four years. Double what why did that happen so let's let's walk through this okay because there's not a health care fairy. The waves it wants. The freezing you pay 37 dollars and we now when used to pay 126 for Obama can only one reason that could be happening your get a huge subsidy. We attest to seek comfort. That's for Pitt that Porsche family doesn't go to get does go to doctor anymore. Doesn't have insurance anymore they paid for a couple of years to subsidize your plan banana can afford it anymore. And their middle class. As where that comes from. At how that happens. And you sir are the reason. That we only have one insurance provider left on the exchanges. In South Carolina we won its dictatorial system you will pay what is dictate. You have no choice but Toyota Honda. While you're buying a sport but I wanted to pay 20000 your bank are you paying 32. But they weren't 32 I can't even drive the thing your paying 32. And he will not drive it's so man every year. Pays 37 dollars within 726. Or I don't police selfish. Now it pretty close. It's selfish. What you're doing. You a break his Obama was nice and waved to want you to break. Because is. It's scary now you got that break because that might came out so hardworking families pocket and making its benefit aero kits. That's where that money came from. And it's not. A sustainable system we have winning insurer lent itself Carol assert. Ensuing fight we have 30% average hike in premiums Obama care premiums so when you tried the text to me just suffers that is. Which Sany eye to Minnesota meals I don't even know pay my health insurance thank god for that. It's Gisenyi and. We know what you not feel that 30% average increase its waited for what eight in South Carolina. But a family doesn't get the subs do you do. Will feel. An up to make a decision between saving for college. Paying their bills. Bomb or having health care. And those bills will crush them. They'll crush the economy they've done a lot of damage of the congress cost hundreds of thousands of jobs the CBO acknowledged that. So certain you're 37 dollars a week did you pay now compared which paid 126 before Obama care. That didn't happen because the market improves that didn't happen because of competition that didn't happen in on his way it happened it through government demanded mandated theft at the point the gun. And is toward people. Refused to subsidize a guy they don't even know so he can have insurance below market rates should get a subsidy so hopefully you'll vote Democrat. This port people who didn't who now can't afford insurance or being punished with a fine. You feel good about that these carries. You do is you care but stuff that's really care. You care about anybody it's a balmy summer I mean it's cheaper for me that's what's important. Issued feel location ever meet Kelly who's paying for your insurance. It's selfish. It's right on up to subs listen I want everybody to have affordable insurance I want a free market system I think a free market system who have delivered. But not at the Christ. Of somebody else how to pay for health care. Perry gets you folks. And so you know wide. We don't do this anymore in our society. We no shame people like you. We should shame on you. Not affordable insurance. But for insisting that somebody else pay for that's what you're so city in this. And that's what business insider is say. When they're listing the disaster is a fax in the shrimp executive order. And we care only right. I pictured it association health care plans will allow people and individuals Marmara a small group markets took two chips to pull together to purchase insurance or more favorable rate we we can't have that I. According to reports he's printed is to be terrible while also not be subject to certain obamacare regulations hoping Macon even cheaper for people participate. And your reaction is gimme gimme gimme it's not fair they should pay more to subsidize me that's selfish share. Are turning mean you this morning but that's selfish. It's not somebody else's responsibility to pay for you. And this did this some rich guy somewhere is gonna pay the bill he's evil anyway so he should pay my bill. Mean again I've been telling stores and have been on the air here my sister business owner. Dog walking business had some success rolling cash. JetBlue cross blue shield plan that she's been losing her hearing for years it's extremely expensive they don't know why. All and she had blue cross blue shield plan that as a single mom she dutifully paid for the covered her son everything mania it was great low deductible. No problem going to specialist she needed to see. Obama here obamacare hits boom and which is subsidy. First year in Obama care. She's paying for just herself which she paid for her son with a subsidy. So she had the image dimpled decision which one of them would be covered and she dropped her son. He he wasn't covered for a couple of years dad finally picked a bill. For that. But I got so expensive Serb. It just pains 600 dollars a month. Her dad deductible was so high. That she could get treatment she needed and it didn't matter anyway because that especially she needs this crappy obamacare play. So Joseph Lewis who paid for that answers thousands of books my dad at his fixed retirement income all of that and user a fifty year old man. 37 dollar we pressed 126 dollar plant so it makes you feel that you should know you did that to a single month it wasn't so rich back. Get one over on me the probably makes too much money anyway it was my sister. And you she did she gave up that business. To go work for bank. Because she couldn't stand what she was doing to my dad anymore and how much he was having a patient could Washington what that this is with surgery answer so if you know. You wanna know. Who did that for you. It was not. Obama it was my dead bodies fixed in come and my sister who gave up her business to subsidize user. So I deserve I to me and I get thank god for obamacare. Stop for just the second think about somebody else. Sure it's we don't have a judge a hopeless. Text your rates. Darn exit that's not the word they used darn chair that was one righteous rant on the insurance subsidy problem so ism is the ultimate selfishness. Selfishness you call it out we see it. You know I wish we could publish the tax line because it is on firing now. Some of the best reading overseen by the best debates have never seen. So let's try to read into your amusement as much time on this but I'd get I'd tell you wouldn't tester to set me off. Thanking god for obamacare is ice pack 26 bucks a week is a fifty year old man. Now I paid 37 cut their shirt. So when you don't know pacer insurance. That someone and just might be my single mother sister. But a drop obamacare to in order to pay for her. Hearing loss. And finally shuttered business to go get a job bank so my dad didn't have to pay forty more she had health insurance. She's got a degenerative hearing proms she said that basically definitely hearing going to after the other it's terrifying thing. And they don't know exactly wireless some of the treatment supports calm she had access to all specialist she needed on blue cross blue shield and can afford. Her insurance costs. For Obama care after Obama care with a subsidy not a big one. But a subsidy. Found it it's still cost the same. It cost what had caused the fourth for her and her scientists for her. And it got doubles so high she is an ax is to a specialist useless. Some of marchers clearly drop kick my sister not only offer insurance but she has sent our business. That she did go work from day did that death is better dreams he's a little girl. As she was always show solutions can do I didn't. She's gonna Elena businessman she blood sweat tears to build up as a dog working business wasn't you know was something big in Swancutt. Now it's built on blood sweat tears but it's a good business. She couldn't bear what's my dad pay anymore. That's monster did to my family so that you sir could have your 37 dollars a week. So what's freight somebody paid you just didn't see them. Tester I don't care equals socialism. And I text your rates let's see. We don't have a judge a hopeless. In my judge. She's not enrichment after hearing from my mom to her illness he's darn near close the per oak. I mean so when my dad buys for my sister when my dad you know house to pay for my sister's treatments I mean he's clearly skimping on groceries. That's where we are as a family and this is not a solution. Straight thank you Terry we need to call these people out for who they really are really are not the text right oh boo hoo we don't have friends to get his bank jobs. She got a job. In the mortgage section of the bank on the bottom floor. Dana swanky dang job. She got herself you know anybody. Be silly. Takes straight share this tirade against the liberal guy ping 37 dollars a week is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard 110 thank you. Six Theresa I'm a widow excellent health blue cross blue shield your before I started Medicare cost me over a thousand dollars a month. See your pay for but back there in the text line is is just doing 37 dollars a week. If you go to budget so be subsidized and Dexter raced here this freeloaders Mimi sick we as a people need to stop subsidizing others it will continue to take it further and further I'm fearful that we recent time. Where if I wanna go to the movies on pay a hundred dollars for the movie to console was standing next to me we'll get a subsidized movie pass for fifty says that's what they wanna go. I love this text. And it would started this whole range of those you just tuning in is this business insider article. On describing it basically is a disaster that people will now under the trumped. Executive order be able to buy health insurance affordable rates are horrified by this because these people won't be subsidizing people they don't know like our liberal text. Text jury you tried to people working over forty hours we can living on 781 bucks a week. With kids. And then you tell us about sacrifice. Left CNN. Thumb I did the math only makes 37000 dollars a year my has been I don't know last seven years we had three kids not to. So believe me I know exactly what that's like. It's hard it's really really hard you blown tire and your month is destroyed. I'd tenure look I know what that it's. I mean radio doesn't Palin used it mr. Rush Limbaugh and not. So you know what no sympathy here for me I've been there done that you'll get over it. I think you what things do get better and get better rapidly in life so you know what don't don't don't sling you sob story on me. I don't you can't hit. Text your rates when the government on your health care the government owns you penitentiaries threesome my insurance is cheaper. Because these are people who work our company now have now all have to buy insurance. Com. Plus instant have to buy insurance not to buy insurance from company. Canadian zinc if you don't under Obama care but you don't need much didn't. Text richer your sister needs to make it to work instead of walking dogs. Make believe world. She was working just paying for health insurance. You can make a lot of money walking dogs if you walk like dogs. People have factually spun off in the franchise it's great it's great business for you know appear like a like this area stay home monument into some sun. It there are a lot of people who just need to dogs they're calender work and you know you you booked 25 of those today to do. Decent 12530 of them you get people walking for you that's what she had. Trust me the economics works tech sure it's free market now it will be better for everyone. The text your rates. Must mean more money walking his dogs than she did the bank jobs she doesn't banks. That she had to take sit on my dad would have to pair health care bills anymore. Is it Obama. It's just so I I get so angry thinking about it. Sure it's my job used to be full time year round with benefits and vacation after obamacare no benefits reduced hours laid off two months year. Comes to that we can stay in business yeah me people who are raging here is your reasoning as ultra is proposing is. If you don't like obamacare. They elite youth. Without government subsidy go out on their own by whatever they want and you just staying at and T. So don't try to just say here here's a free market option for you don't like obamacare and we know. Actually texting me angry that these people won't be forced to pay your health insurance that. The sound. It's jaw dropping and unbelievably selfish guy why you have to pay for you let. It's my daughter is a student that a British high school. She taught me be black kids do not. Santa pledge of allegiance her teacher is also black. Your stepsister decision calling Kapanen singers has been going on and I don't know maybe I Helen she spent the high school. Is a recent thing here is this. Been going on for a while. Tech straits what have to buy anything why don't I have a choice to not be insured. Because other people leisure money. That's why. Why someone else get to tell me what I do with my hard earned money excellent question. Six straight no more. So disease for the poor let's start with the NFL anyone with a brain would want affordable health insurance. The whiners who claim oppression wants something for nothing just like bring Ashe court don't get such an east they get Medicaid. Is actually gap in near where Tom people don't. You know qualify for Medicaid or subsidies for a tiny gap but anyway. District besides higher premiums my last doctor visit was over a hundred dollars my deductibles 25 bucks. Another text your rates and would this go. Yet as I can find that was great text and I'll history should your sister pay more for her health insurance and she has a condition now as what you're saying about diabetics so why would you sister be different. While I would say that is she had a preexisting condition. Before Obama gear and never had trouble getting Jeep back insurance that was cheaper than after Obama care with the pre existing condition. GOP had a preexisting condition you never could get insurance before. Solemn. But it was the exception not the rule. Arie coming up. This whole Boy Scouts and we Maginnis. Our kick do we call Lou the Boy Scouts anymore or is the name going to be the next thing you change. She could be just as. Scouts. The trans scouts. Scouts transitioning. The gender. Free scouts just the scouts. I don't know what do you make this what we by the way too much talk about this next segment and a bunch of other stuff too crazy stuff going on at a Vegas now. The actually with the FBI looks like it eat in an even more bizarre goon squad than they have left this year precious stuff. And what's coming at a Las Vegas review and every day the story it's more and more and more bizarre. String and all that to what it means. But so what I especially you know if you are in a Boy Scouts. Boy scout troop leader. You weren't Boy Scouts like my husband he's an eagle scout 803471063. How did you know. Girls I predicted this would happen in. The beginning of this week I honor roll for a sec to 81 was gonna happen next just listen militia. They have to watch the news after the actress. I tell you first.