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Thursday, October 12th

Boy Scouts plan to allow girls to join


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Later that morning terror RA as if we're psychic. And literally just I mean an earlier this week I talked about this last week to IC and a Boy Scouts are gonna have to admit girls now. Chuck do you remember we talked I doubt that act predicted it out and it re it was because I I you know I want to know what the NFL. Would look like in ten to fifteen years. After the you know. In getting infected by the liberal virus and you know you lose 234 you know percentage points in the last year eight percentage points of the audience. Common they keep telling you just a Flesch wins just the flesh wounds but those Flesch wins add up to a lot of bleeding. So I look to the boys got the Girl Scouts are really think kind of what's happened in the NFL is really now out analogous to what's gone into Boy Scouts the girl scout. I was shocked at the membership plunge. In a Boy Scouts and a girl's got the Boy Scouts have sliced. On a third of their membership since 2000 ouch yes and the Girl Scouts have lost 30% since 2003. Com including me I was I'm just loved the Girl Scouts had a wonderful treatment never forget this land to miss my last earnings is still the top my. Tongue because in the wonderful field trips there and yes hats off to two women who would take like you know 5910 year old in the woods. Got three days that's a brave woman and woman I can barely get my nine year old volleyball practice that with you know everything we need witness them. Allen says you know and they were wonderful I mean and we did we did real survivalist you know style campaign how can dollar food we I'm not list kits we didn't see this Leno goes that the KOA stuff that. Hey you know I mean Anne and I'd come back from those camping trips in the my mom put me down in the tub and I would have a ring around that time. Yeah I've when you can see an Alexandria and that's how special level of fun we had and we went keep it through that dark. In hike in the darkened tripping over stuff and I mean think she never do you now rate because is too dangerous. And we did all of that stuff and boy was it fun and I couldn't wait disarm Antarctica for Girl Scouts. And then they started tweeting in favor of the partial birth abortion activists. And it was over that. It was done I was crushed by that Lee I could not and even and I tried to make bargains with myself. Make sure you know OK I know our local troop there's and our church and surely fine and he's you know I'm well well I'm sure it is wonderful local leaders here this is not California. Yeah Greeneville. Bump I couldn't do it because I knew my daughter it the way she is everything she's involved in she gets on line reads about it since scary. You know very like securities but everything's must know everything about everything and I knew she trying to tweets and an ITN. I just couldn't do it than ever in my heart so to join American Heritage girls again we have the most wonderful trip I absolutely loved it but everything that Girl Scouts was. I'm so glad I found a home there but this might surprise ending to meet is bang you know. My husband's eagle scout and I know is as soon heat and my boys wouldn't would you scouting and that he would be an assistant leader leader something like that. And does. He's has no interest and and Leno was funny thing we came back from the camping trip this weekend which. Our perished check and we know all the troops in our parish went to was 'cause the cost cuts. Com and the American Heritage girls we all shared one campsite we do that every year at the camp pre debate Catholic him break. And all the parent families get so there was over a hundred of us camping together. And my sign it was playing with the boys in the troop from. Our church and having a ball and I want to know has as a person you know may be. I know how we feel about national opinion not supporting Planned Parenthood yet. The Boy Scouts you know I mean you know maybe we should think about it for him he just really got along great and those boys are wonderful boys great families and you know and so my hasn't played well think about it and on then this happens. That's going to be that. And we what they call it now just the scouts I guess not to push a casino be offensive we can have toxic and masculinity in the name. Got to be rebrand it now the generalist scouts yes the gender lists scouts. I feel about that Kelly she's calling from Lawrence. The idea that actually. Just. Hey absolute. Completely can get back there's an argument to eat and eat special helps extend out. But it takes a little more sense those individuals identify it males. So. We are the tone pole helped. It wouldn't really. Can try whatever. But you know calling us and you know we don't get out the curse out. Org just turning away and order a tremendous anger relevant state you know stretching this is too greedy. Or. Porch. We only seen Kelly all over the country and I should tell us about this is certainly a week ago that the Boy Scouts Girl Scouts are having to shut down the kids say. Bomb around the country because literally when you lose a thirty your membership you can't continue paying the mortgage on those things are sustaining them. And and so Eminem had a debate right here South Carolina in the PD about sonic can't can they need funds. So and I think this is about you know less about gender empowerment Boy Scouts and more about. On they've been rejected by a lot of parents. And again and it's. Yeah. Tractor and a lot of people helped destroy her all here in Iraq. It looked at eight post here. Or say. But here it is like cubs and the district or five executives. Don't get what forty. Year at all come trial and error what are east is how it. Works. So there are. Alternatives and a people tell it what comes out here. Cold and I. Well that's suicide coming from an eagle and use the same with my husband and he's like you know tell he's like. What's what's the point of starting a mean if they're here now all you know with the things are doing where they get to be bedtime my son's an eagle scout. He's like there's no point why bother to enroll and that was his point of viewing and he's right and you've seen how fast things go once liberals and an organization. And I think it's near acute. Our society out electric dished about these whatever these art. You know religion or just turn morality and we're gonna cut it any soccer culture that are currently our role models. Out that no other short watched on the culture Borger and controller it. And Kelly I think that's what this NFL thing was just about it it was it wasn't about specifically even just the kneeling on that really got to people. But just like a left and leftist indoctrination and Lee adds is like you must be an everything sports school Boy Scouts you know I haven't looked just social justice badge every social justice badge exploring gender Brad and him. Yell is guys are ineligible yeah is. It's got to be in everything they'll destroy your organization. On an improbable to straight anyway once they get excited that I think people are just they've had it jammed from Simpson though what do you think. Well Carolyn the thing to our our churches are so strong sponsor. You know the girl scout send mores cups Olympics are doing next and so police stopped so we have are we expect American characters girls. Talks about turner to the Boy Scouts and stuff they've done a real sport anymore because our church is troll like USA. That is the home. The traditional. Old boy scout organization that teaches our young men. But follow pricing good values and I think that sort that would put the boy scout used to do so there's an alternative for. You're starting your husband to be strong like USA. It is the tradition though. Which just like American Airgas girls they are partners. The biscuit you know idea for a year or so in this did you guys look at it that I do that. And you don't you know Jim I actually have it I actually have that written into my in my phone to check out. It's you know what is a shame Lee it's because these kids are perish you know I mean down arrow going up to get it on the W group together they've got a big really you know it's great. Youth group everybody laughs and so these kids used to come up through scouting line. Into the youth group and by the time they were in high school and a things I love about enters a very big church that those kids are so tight by high school that they hang out with each other and instead of their high school friends or they hang out with each other in their high school right to group together and so when you have these groups infiltrated. Like this so that kids are walking away in your own churches from the girl's scouts the Boy Scouts it robs them of that. That was part of a culture it was in a good that was the culture in my church growing up all the kids wearing girls gossip I got to know each other right. You know and so it's it's it's more than just an organization it's an American tradition. Am and traditions are. What are at greatest peril right now in this country because we have. An element in our society that does not value those traditions doesn't agree with those traditions and thinks those traditions are problem. And they are trying to destroy the Jewish trying to destroy them down. And totally disagree with them in -- that if they cancerous traditional destroy the groups they just come from act like. Exactly. Let's jump fun a lot of talking about the gender integration add the boy's dad it's giant from Spartanburg. In morning. The border up upload a caller named John I would love to hear what he had to say because he was earlier. I'm actually a former eagle scout luck I guess I'm still an eagle crowd. And I vertical news yesterday and I was very. Worried about the future of gout. Local affairs cook and now wolf. Boys than girls became being together. I don't know they are true that question. Well I I'm not an expert but the way that they understand it at Davis why it is said they did troop as a whole would be integrated gender wise. Bomb that put dead the individual. How would if we have these actual pressure go to called the individual on. How the little breakout groups were of the called Eric Cantor yet thank you Dave that those would be to girls will be separate the boys would be separate but they would all come together is a big troop. So I would guess the answer would have to be asked because the whole trip goes camping right that the individual squadron called squads American Heritage girls that's what is. Yeah I mean it felt like there would go together and I mean is this what prepared Walden Media day they they really expect. You know for girls and girls to be in the book out everything be okay and then when they go to camp and they've frequently get together. And then what happened that the girl you know give. God forbid molested or something about a boy or something up I happen. I know you know it's okay would you dissent about an innocent in a sentence together okay dead John that is the kind of thing that when we say these things liberals say Oakmont you're exaggerating. That is still better that'll never happen and literally she. Like within a week the lawsuit hits Susie is not allowed to sleep in the tense with Johnny as a she didn't get to full gender equitable X. This they never stop and you know that John they never stopped. They they'd it when when you enter grade gender wise Boy Scouts it's only a step to the next thing. That's right they started years ago with. With what you know what they did you're a few years back you know what they did their and then there's this third downhill. Are from there it's that started from there and it is downhill they just you know that old song you've got the standard company are you offering any thing. What what are they stay import. Look he's done a scout is trustworthy. Loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient. Cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverend what is the river. He Jon you just enough to appear I didn't. Earlier needs in my husband contain too and I love that her or hate it that's being district (%expletive) really quickly free to assist a person who. Was and he was going all the way through a gut level forget the political arguments. Would Boy Scouts. Have been what it was TU if girls were into and and what's. What do having girls in the scouts with view. Would've changed the experience or made it a special. All man. You know. You hear the term. Among like firefighters and police could end and military of brotherhood. Well you have that in your own true. And it being. I think I'd have I have a hard combo. Being there. It would be that they're on the same level all but if you can call it brotherhood. I have a hard hard. You know that would. Would say the same when you try to mix and different things and then. You got me where different you know like he says the liberals say they don't wanna feel. Okay they don't want to hum. They hear our our argument. You know that they did everything goes. But I. I mean something you're just not meant to be and we were made boy were made girl. You know and it hurt people feel when McCain integrate their duke you know what my girl. They had no vote a woman on the news last night. Because you look say because her daughter our daughter will look sick or she couldn't play with a bullet in the war guy. I mean come on here that that's to me is a pair it needs to pin her down and explain the difference again. Boy and girl and into the gulf further than that is the other girl scout not taken the girls. Camping and it'll like them or else there's you know did you do we do we look look a lot why does a mother or not. Her daughter down. And I say hey listen you know something. I heard this this is. I'm not sure exactly have a conversation will go but I mean you know this control boys because you're at an age. You know you're having your own very vulnerable eight OK and that's really lie ahead if you live. You know. I haven't homosexuals. Teacher lead especially even lead the boys got there at such a ball horrible and siege you know. I mean what I. It's took unfathomable. To me. Maybe a hundred backwards and condone my. When I know there are no real dirt road lire are there no you night not in Iran joining you're here's the thing okay. Here's a syndicate led a we really did what is troop with a homosexual leader. No believe the Internet now. And so when my son and Google's Boy Scouts. What's gonna come up the most the thing with the most kids what's gonna be the fifth thing down line gay troop leaders mom what's a good to gauge true. You can't avoid it even if it's not your own troop. He he can't. You have to accept their liberal lifestyle their liberal beliefs to be a part even if your trip never has a daily an openly gay leader and Mac. It doesn't matter our aid and us senate we have a scout leader disagrees me and I meant to get to this. A please hold on we I will I wanted to give me the next segment's you have more time to weigh and hey not. Talking about major changes to another great marriage can be institution. The Boy Scouts. Which is beating. Scouts I you it's coming next by the grabbed changed it. Now that I know there is no way that they're gonna stand for the Boy Scouts being called Boy Scouts. Anymore might from a Henderson Ville is a scam leader in you know would disagree you using disintegration is a good thing. You know what they're not playing Guitar Hero not a lot disagree owns. There it is that's a horrible parting. Disagree who is the reason why it has hack. Okay. It is a total leave me anymore riots between the ears are stepping up is all others in doing our job. In the bullish gals and the mom had to stay at the end this is why you have women in what else. You would innings perfect sense yet because there are a lot of women you know leaders now in boys as my senile myself you're right so they want their daughters to come along to. Okay. Great. And yes our annual great and I love your show bottle. How well thank you. And I don't see connect. And yes I have. And I am I always tell later it we had and I'm late in order to recruit every week. Do you every kind of point out just go sit there and leave them eighty. Yeah. The mom in the truth to a certainly stand. So are poised to understand this and say only learn current. You react to something like in any once again this is happening this happens with every debate every facet like. Rivers is on health care really did you hear from the person who's getting a high almost a 100% subsidy on Obama care oh my you know my insurance is only thirty dollars a week now. And so I you can't take it from Ari but what about the family of four in Miami. Who can 2013 was paying 7200 dollars a year. A first or play another paying 171000 what we don't talk to them we don't care of the suffering. On this same thing going on right everybody is interviewing these girls don't make very good arguments of Mike my you know I just I wanna be apart amid. Bombed you know I love the Boy Scouts and a big thing and I wanna be apart but nobody. Is still missing she sure was to join why would you deny it but nobody is talking the boys and hate. How do you feel about being forced to hang out with the girl's aunt might cause some damage should we just one kind. We an American Harry's girls as a hundred Sam leaders hundred people there and keep interpret them for my church American ears Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts. All are there along with their parents. On and the Tories and the girls are like oil and water might think don't want to hang out they could have the kids learn and all of the camp haven't ball. But the girls did not hang out with the authorities they don't want to it. Not at all. And we certainly. Attendance and because our board we talk our point out about an hour or else we're opening our it was doubts about. A lot of what's going on this country and lead. Our board don't want Girls Scouts and our boys don't Wal-Mart moms that Boy Scouts and poured out of the hole ever think out out out out is where a lot of buying it yet. Makes because the little girls come into those little orange boards got ready and and that's where gets messed up the army is Boy Scouts took poured out of the hold their current. You know hold ever world but they're certainly rules and regulations are not allowed go camping with boyish outs. At that age from twelve to eighteen years old that is not allowed in the force out rule books. So there they had to be strict guidelines that say they Earl. All I can be trip we're going to take model camping trips because there's so many rules and regulations each you have to follow. It get easier for our society. Were sorry mom I got there there can't go to. And the board just goes with the leaders so we week. We do not allow lawns you know keeping troops in allege they solve greatly hurt mine happens. Well yeah and you know the left they never stops you know what's coming next but it's is going to be the lawsuits. When you're at the lied spread the boy scout cantonal boys are sleeping in the bonds. And the girl doesn't get to have the full experience she can't sleep in a bus with a voice yelled it's coming right this is just this is not Guinness to begin. Yeah unfortunately it is and it but that's a bad day and Boy Scouts armed buddy you can run your Kurt. The way that you need to run your current board out late great saying it straight for the border go on to the military or like get out ice go. You know they go into the mail is very aware of our higher ranking that if they employ them they out. So it is a very good sign for the future of he's been in this country but that's what our home we have got to step up in this country as the jumping on the Wii and are not meaningful or they're not acting like dance. I'm I'm just curious might hear your view feel very strongly about this is a scout leader. What neither is doing the first girl shows up and wants to join. We have a girl scout troop in our. But I namely why have moms you know and we will tell that you can go to beat girls out a main way we have a girl scout troop are now huh. It to let me INS pointed to symbol for the segment are you allowed to do that does that mean I I thought Boy Scouts nationalist dictated that you you can't turn away rape. That is well not is not true but OK is there it is it is wrong. File the charges just like the whole gate banks and day later at our church doesn't. A jury to write leader in our boys got hurt then that acting not BA leader NIA. Or chapter in that district so. You know banks have to go to the charge any have to be approved through the organization that sponsored. And it cured if they don't agree where they then you're not allowed to do. We're a little bored out right you can't or cannot. One this alternate view it thanks I know that means not. OK in your charted features that. Okay yes tell American Heritage girls as so I mean. The leadership of our churches is very deeply involved in need who leads the troops who takes to you know who takes Parnell that so. Column did you know sick it gets me is my B you know we're sitting there I'm here and yes. But I'm also wait for a lot since you know because your troops could turn away girl and I'm telling you and I assume you. It's a that's common it got it Dick I. It just wait I know how they are to Washington for years I got a great call on this from bill coming up hang on. Great checking it immigration forced integration I'm vive boys gadgets built from a green Doug Martin. If you aren't married or what he what's undermines. Well over the previous column like kind of stole my thunder around but I think the last thing he says there is delete statement on this that the individual groups in other council district or in my case a pack. We have the ultimate say what our sponsors domestic U as the actual member. Ben a member church scouting an involved parent mourns former another. Prior to the young coach first big debacle what kind of created dust them all heard realized. Saw people leave for all kinds of reasons. And I think what happens is we have a tendency to hear something like this and we look at it from the top now. We think that there's going to be integrated groups of Boys Scouts were girls and now they got to Wear dresses. And all this kind of crazy stuff and it really doesn't happen. I'm between. Based out gay leaders. Transgender. Whatever they write a reformist their gender is what he PSA setups now best. Do well all of these strangers I have seen nothing change in the near the packs and troops that have been involved there. It's just as it was before all this started. And the reason is because I have a cup match or have the ability to make built my decision so who's a member list. I think what they say F the national level is safe statement to armed. Apprehended rocket past to make you go way to Mecca immediate statement. Their opponent so I guess you could say on the intranet members of the things that we really need to focus our. So it's not gonna change the PSA as a whole now they're probably groups in San Francisco better you know where flowers and pair. But and here in South Carolina particularly it's just like it was ten years ago. Okay see here's sing then that you can block. Girls and women from joining and that UNC pencil. Well on. There's very strict guidelines as to someone else chance. I can't have someone else's so armored sleep and in the Chandler maybe even at my solar and wind whipped us. Maybe it's gonna restrict and it. And better and even more so when you consider gross so who are what I'm saying is they can say whatever they want to at the national level. Our strong concerns are used protection. I can't have a girl sleep and much yeah its you think they can't shouting get that they can't. Yeah the same had a run that at bat that is a natural barrier that already excess. And has a lead all laps do is enforce. I also have a policy video bomb when word. In meetings in a word during a meeting. We talk about things that are related scouting out other issues. And so it spectators so they don't. A homosexual parent that wants to be a leader. Yeah aside from other issues they can't stand there and talk about. Single gender marriage. That's not a static related issues so or else. Miles an hour at the same attitude about someone who has a big Second Amendment person Carson wanna talk about guns were a lot of scouting related this year. You know what we do and it is not part of the upper. Absolutely you know I got to convert they're cheaper programs focused and we got you protection. Which government is trump cards a coordinated and very raw like that or perhaps someone who's concerned about. You know plan. Yes it's getting here is going to be interesting to see palace where saddled but I know I'm I'm just I know the left and I'm watching what they did with integrated bathrooms and lawsuits and Diana. I don't know. I I'm I'm waiting to lawsuits to fly because just integrating them the boy is Cassel can be enough for them. Actually it's from. Her first activities in terms were runaway fashion and plenty planning a trip to the local mall she won the boy scout experience of the outdoors. There are a lot of troops in most cities and I'm pretty sure you can find one middle. Today at four interest rates when I was in Boy Scouts my Tripoli was leader was in Vietnam navy seal we had thirteen miles with thirty hope it. A thirty pound bags on our backs. Oh I just laugh and married to marine SE is cutting guide and men. Yeah my husband calls when they draft him in the jungles of Panama. It's not an effort to survive. Until they will be back in two weeks she calls it campaign this is cranking up to those guys think of Fay is fine because that's not my idea of fun but anyway. Now we're going to have rainbows. So shine and my little pony don't you is that's where girls aren't that changed period. Therein pony princess know they are. They're not like little boys the boys and girls aren't like. Water at that age they don't wanna be around each other. But I guess no one cares for the boys want to rate.