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Thursday, October 12th

The Left calls mass shootings “preventable” with more gun control but ignore preventability of deaths caused by illegal aliens; Trump admin effectively fighting ISIS; More questions arise around FIB’s false narrative of Las Vegas shooting


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Elaine good morning Tehran well break par doing a reporting dad's. A lot of push RI here in South Carolina want to do. That illegal alien in the accused of murdering Mateen anchor remember this last week now we have that story yelling at you today enormous and it. They have uncovered. That he craves shielded from deportation. So as to commit murder. Because he was a beneficiary of the Obama created docking amnesty program. A tower Regis. It is is actually our race we're told that never happens. Well I mean it was not a one of these stories this week. Why is darker recipients used his sword permit to get a job at a kid's scout camp where he molested children. And put these photos online for everyone to see. Wonderful wonderful. CEO it's it's there it's the initial lawlessness the award they're the reward of the work permits he had to stay and then you repay us. By committing you know murder or molest thing. And yeah we see angry about this frustration about this is not inside the outrageousness this it's a lack of caring down we're at a candlelight vigils him. Where they pretty outraged his okay what do what do we told about Las Vegas. Ya keep it is it or not to these politicians went by gosh you know we could change till I knew he would know happens. Now you can say the same exact words about the accident. Exactly but they don't know care they don't care. And the worst thing to watch after one of these you know pick pick pick would pick which atrocity you would like. The young Muslim girl who was an American beaten to death. But illegal alien picked up. Com kept picked one we had on Monday I'd this one episode broke my heart Courtney had me hacking and it loses her firefighter husband. And two of her show her to illegal alien yeah. No driver's license no insurance. Not here illegally driving a car plows into the he was drunk but who cares she sex and the federal government had done its job and enforced our borders. Then family would probably be cold today. Now easily. And so but but the saddest thing is to what somebody like according hacking who lost the central to miss another one of these cases utterly. Alone. She's alone and com and nobody cares she is an inconvenient Astor. And yet you can make the same argument these tragedies are directly related on to the laws that we have on the books in this country now. And nobody pictures gritty hacking this is this actually braced for her because and every. As I was cutting associating their crying because every night my feeling I we do the same thing every and we don't pile in bed before go to bed we see each other sunshine. And over the years has grown into hiding your own crazy lines the sunshine. We know where we laughed together and I had just listen to what's sad about losing your kids to the illegal alien into. Loan seven I'm never heard her name before leaks but we illegally and he. Got two years. For a killing three members of fan they come here it's all they're getting is they're committing crimes are gonna stop onerous and they're going back to Mexico. Further going back to whatever country they came from and they were here illegally they're committing crimes. And they come here and they can middle larger crime and to get a sop onerous and they get to go home. So I wanna see those laws enforced analyses stricter punishment. Put it the best members you have at your two beautiful children had your number them. Karma. Because sunshine. On a dark day. Lou I remember they're beautiful faces I see him from the moment I wake up for the moment I had a bad. Lou paramilitary hugs. And move I missed those I miss those hugs every day and I miss I miss hearing mommy. Coming down the hall. Feminists and they said and I love you for mr. kisses on and it's everything about him. On a daily basis. Why is her pain not as real as anybody else is somebody that we hear exactly. Exactly. So yep thanks so bond now thanks. You know I hear me OK he had. Okay we're told the NRA's responsible for all pained at the country's toll fox okay. You can directly link Obama to this murder you know literally if he had you know dart league gives this guy docking amnesty and a work permit congratulations for making here illegally here short term for his as a reward. As a maddening. This is on Obama's shoulders her personally. This murder that has happened re hearing Greenfield Daniel day his Suze Rangel share or nineteen years old until a beautifully eighteen year old mountain. This is why is this happened why is this happens. Will we know why it's you did some charts mr. Obama and get Obama's task is free. Exactly. I mean if if Mitch McConnell paid pioneered. The very law that allowed the vacationer you do XYZ he would have been vilified if universally done. You know by the way under him the bought stocks illegals not us generate doing well this is the and no one claims. Is that two tiered justice to tear accountability. And two tiered. Press coverage in this country. That if a liberal policy causes of death oh no no no you can't blame the people who were involved and and passing that law. But let there be something that a conservative. And that you may incorrectly. The say is directly responsible such as a small stock series a situation which was not even put Republican bill to begin where. You know there's immediate condemnation of that calls of that side. Of those who blurb standing up for Second Amendment Rights. Yep and we we have got a very dysfunctional. Culture in this country both in the media and it in the country. When people are excused. Many times when horrendous death and and tragedies or inflicted on families. But then you wanna turn right around and and try to make something out of of some and where there is not any responsibility on the public accountability. Hillis go with the left would say about this rate. We know I can say insulin blue in the face. I'm locate guns are used 300000 times a year according to CDC Arab garb federal government. To make commit violent crimes that they used to 500000 to 2.5 million time time easier to stop violence and for good. Moments to defend people. And in all of that. And you know what would immediacy what would mean you say well the liberals say in this case it is illegal alien body he Terry you can't just highlight once he's the exception. You can't paint the patient that they are all like him he's just the exception he might kill a girl and Obama let instead but you know they don't all do that. Well okay. The vast majority people Americans who buy a gun and don't shoot 59 people down they don't do that now. Oh but if 16 year old guilty bout here so I mean is the same arm and a except as we accepted terms on which they argue that's what drives me crazy but try does and I love that about it now. He is no element arguing in terms the only. Only mistake in my mind that he made was his blanket statement that. You know these illegals coming across the country the role much criminals they're all I mean that was the implication he did not exactly say that but that's the way the media portrayed it. That's the way the media was allowed to frame it that way that the left was allowed to frame it. And the way he said it was a little bit you know cumbersome. I would have phrased it differently. However. The fact is that some of these people who come across illegally all are responsible for rapes murders deaths all of the a lot of these crimes not everyone and I understand that but still every adult that knowingly crosses that border. Without coming through the border without each coming to immigrated to this country legally is breaking the law. Period. That's true. And now we're clearly almost playing pain that this price raise your greens ordered to pay and try to Skyler and had to pay incarcerate this guy. And as aren't really losses don't seas in dark recipient who has had committed the crime a murder of Amylin stake in the permanent. And it's just got freaked them. I can't imagine the race that I would have is her father and Obama I can't imagine because you know you have actually. You know not to sort of amorphous generate appointee you have an actual act by an actual human being that is directly to blame for your daughter's death. But anyone who disagrees with the dreamer policy and I hate that because that's that's a ridiculous race. Is is that alleged hate speech you're being hateful your being racist whatever. What were asking is for the federal government to do its job damaged primary. Responsibilities. To enforce the borders the geographical borders of this country. Two to protect the American people. And I realize not everyone who crosses that border illegally is going to commit a crime like this. But if we had stopped those who do. There be a lot of people want today yup a lot of families will be hole. You're actually greatly irate coming out here feel good story of the day which is you'll always ends like this on the show. Ends. I explain. This this this whole the Harvey Weinstein king tee it. Iman I misplayed it all how it happened why it happened and why he got away with what he did for so long what you have never heard anywhere else. The estimate a lot of stuff makes Senseo. An M more craziness out of Vegas and even gotten to yet all of that is coming up stuff you won't hear anywhere also stay tuned. Free here is Sally Jennings a British woman. Turn ice just treat cure crude churned G Hattie. Recruit online for the Islamic state group critical to bringing in hundreds to thousands of women she Syrian. Mary Jihad fighters and join the Jihad themselves. Show all Sally do a super. But in the easily palace here before spec is for years. The congress is long for southern England nickname away win of the British press. After her gee how husbands she name Hussein. Also onus is militant was killed by drone in 2015. So we thought we check in all Sally sue has is doing turns out. Not suited and best days feel good story. Of the day yeah. Cell had been gallon Vincent around so Syria for quite some time in Oliver online to doing her recruiting. And instill it turns out June. Yep. Please report Shelly is no longer with us why because the trip administration. Took her out. Selling not to gallon drum before more. This is interest in part. Of that has to do with intelligence but some but some of it was that she had to her children and she's children. Here's where its interest. Sally was in Tillman killed by the US track. For twelve Yeltsin was to was whether they did not know that the timing saying. The later learned it. Pretty Filbeck. Twelve year old son. I don't think you barometer I'm just curious are ready. Princeton ten. Her twelve year old son was with her. You don't need to sit tune into one of the few countries has successfully. Dealt with majorities in their missed. And that's Russia. And that is that the way they did it. And we just are different door on terror only don't until twelve year old he's innocent Netanyahu will what do they do in Russia. Will give you choice. You turn in your family member. Who's a G Heidi if you know he's he you know go and release he's you know doing their connecting you to find. If they can't Cheney didn't turn women. Alicia say members of failing to disappear. If punish families. That's how far they go. Now he's the entire family sometimes from his disappear. And consistent sometimes old kids sometimes Monica. In Spanish. And that's understood Russia. Which is why it's so hard to function there. And I never can do that don't misunderstand. But violator constitution. I'm just simply describing what it takes to win the war with these folks in which have to be wanted to do it and we get into it and get knee deep into his entry. It's not pretty at all. Don't forget there more than willing to do it to us. Try to be eager to have the chance 803471063. Text line 7130 some should be interesting I threw that out to see what kind of response to get to. Okay. Rolling line. This whole thing with this vest if they shooter is getting more and more and more bizarre. And I contentious it sometime that this is a two year old to legal story nosedive. This is about Casey's Campos the security guard at the change timeline drinking this is about. A federal government agency the FBI who we now call the FIB. Analyzed until. An illusion we live with for so long that these institutions are trustworthy here when they're not and other countries. Funny other not what that means for the future in this country but so many levels and we're seeing it and we saw that with the whole Russian fabrication Dorsey with this. This frustrates me because even asking these stories now. After those in just recap quickly the original story from the FIB. Fake. Com investigations bureau and the sheriff was that this hero guard. At the Mandalay bay resort you know era to be shooting. 200 bullets fired through the door read him. You know he heard patted shooting when he went upstairs to check on another you know door that was opened in Euro may have saved lives bubble like now we find out. The double time one was a wide eggs actually shot before the shoot. Ever began. Well this week asking some really good question most of he's so our folks. This is new is weak minded liberal bashing. A nursing women women what nobody knows right now is whether Campos after he was shocked and he was shot. Six minutes before the shooting started. We know that he radioed down to the Mandalay bay hotel guards ray did the rest of course totally described religious you she shot me a shot. Here's Newsweek this is the most simple of questions okay did Campos and call 91 weren't. Did anyone call 91 like what happened during a six minutes. I look for this gesture or confront reported anywhere with some what would you sum in common when nobody know how does nobody know that's. With the organization so if I'm on my tapes. Why is question I'm good for Newsweek. Finally now listen this paragraph is Issa to chilling part. Police instead. Arming your original timeline when they relying tubes and it's illness and maybe they got it wrong that is grossly incompetent they were telling this can't tell us campus came in in the middle issue. Not before police have instead it was dizzy Newsweek police said it was difficult to identify the source of the bullets during any attack. And the confusion. Added more minutes to their land theme response. But the read why timeline shows officers what do know where paddock what is both for the mash shooting even started. He explains nukes. The sheriff and the FID. Also reported in their joint press conference revenue original timeline that they had to go it's a gulag it does he had to go flu or flu. Watching it you clearing send your weary west. Now we know January less. Security team in Mandalay bay January was. Did they call 911. When did they learn about this. Was this what teen told weary west. Thanks how hard is it to count of the number of fortunate to bust it out windows. Aren't. It's taxed so we heard. Oh by the way. Now O music is an article quiz pacers Campos. No want to talk to and he is. Barricade it is home. Protected by a private security firm north team get close to the house private security fair. Some. Security guard dude who's paying for that. Why. Where's the FIB. I was Finnegan. Now we know there. How and what I should have but no mountains mean it's worker yeah yeah yeah iso and shooting two. He told me again the way shooting was going on and the maintenance worker called down to securities yeah. He knew too. Is today. So those they could profit no one and so did they commonly want. Folks this this is. Well I only get started. I got a whole list your questions probably my so I cannot Emma explains hop or Harvey Weinstein thinks he was to make complete sense to me. In late no one else has stick around. Coming sensory chairman planning at text line. Text rates that Vega shooter was dead Nat ramble for the first shot was fired hey you know what. I'm completely open mind on this at this point. Tech storage and Steve Wynn said whenever the shooter and his companion. Howard to consider there whenever scenes ever ordering an alcoholic drink Muslims to not drink alcohol interest in by the way Indonesia has a large Muslim population made the girlfriend converted him. I don't know. Nobody measures. But there're so many unanswered questions she called her nails to stay. And it this question I've had from the beginning. Analysts wrote to me about this yesterday and today. Who has some experience and in commercial development which is supposing I was I mean as much. Stephen paddock and and ice to work for a big Carson developer can also flipped a lot of homes on a renovation that kind of thing and I didn't Charlotte and even if you do our very small scale we don't think millions dollars. Everybody knows who you are not community coming year. You bet against them so when you work with them I mean it's just and whether your renovating and flipping homes are doing commercial development. Eat eat you end up being a big player in your community there's a lot of wheels I have to be graced. Any any singer was timing I mean development. And to make it kind of might that he made any you have to be a major player you you can't be living in a hotel room Campbell in my making that money doesn't make any sense for the money came from and I felt that way since the beginning I never heard. A really good explanation for where all the money came front. That means. Any kind of sense facial work for a major developer tail so I mean. And then with its but the guys to top me because it was publicly display disclosed in and you they were major players in Charlotte. As were Sicily Stephen Pakistani mindset around somehow and hotel room. Lehman twenty years into an issue make that kind of money not if you're not a major player with a great reputation somewhere who's very politically connecting extremely social and into it doesn't. Add up. And pay Inco just read the same thing. As part of the best rating on the sides seem. Reputedly back for purely series news organizations are claiming that I'd made a living playing video poker that's what claimed someone made a living smoking crack. The meat here either doing PR for the gambling industry they don't want anyone considering the possibility that panic eased gambling to launder money this is exactly what I thought it. And dozens and dozens of cruises. Parts here of the UAE and Jordan. Kamal. You wanted to Jordan's tinier. The better way. To commit illicit activity whether it's drugs and guns are really was run he was run and something. The meteor either doing PR for the gambling industry they don't wanna know when considering the possibility that panic is using gambling to wander is money. NBC news reports with a straight face Las Vegas gunman earn millions as a gambler. Eight Los Angeles Times article is headline. The solitary world of video poker Stephen Patrick knew how to win stories of the panics I gambling. Was at least steady income over a period of your millions. And things sounding NAFTA what more and it doesn't your girlfriend tickle those trees is trouble over all of the world. Spend the way he did it doesn't have folks. And writes I don't know Orleans announces Stephen pacts like the that's a lie how reporters imagine casino owners make a living any idea how those. Glorious lobbies lights pulls and sounds are paid for how they think Sheldon adults and and Steve when became billionaires if gambling is a winning proposition for people like panic in their four by definition and losing proposition for the casinos. The media think about money the way Democrats do they have absolutely no conception of where originates. Those casino owners sure are generous reporters into themselves economist Thomas sole is always root killing journalists for not understanding basic economics. Tomboy anyways she goes on to say. The New York Times explained that the top video poker machines pay out. I 99 dollars and seventeen I'd play it pay out 99 point 17%. That's great that panic was only losing cents on the dollar. But it's still losing time's quickly explaining he could have. I have a more then made up his losses. I would all the comes the free rooms meals in the fifth year olds. Ford the cost 500000 glass gamblers who are beating the house are not given 500 class to support the dollar glass support. Every first the profit lust spreadsheet. He's basically saying none of this adds up. Paddock schema choices video poker that's a computer its program to ensure the house wins now all the time at least often enough to make casino owners multi billionaires. And it plays video poker over extended period of time will absolutely 100%. By basic logic ends up a net loser. So why the media insistent that panic was getting rich by playing video games. There's also that you know he's posing as to the development but where when he would have to be in a major skill to make that kind of money. Among the questions and eleven this part not being asked buyer widely in in curious media. Why I would panic unload 200 rounds in the hallway as security guard who's checking on someone else's room before beginning his massacre. How could possibly take eight days to figure out when the alleged shooter checked into the hotel why it was panic wearing gloves if he intended to commit suicide. As chilling usenet. Have any other solitary mash shooters ever had girlfriends. If panic wasn't making money on video poker and he wasn't. Why would he be cycling millions of dollars to a casino turning every dollar and two at best 99 cents. May be attic enjoyed video poker but if the allegedly series media are going to keep telling us he's making a living doing it. They're just begging us to say that losing 8% or two on millions of dollars doesn't make sense as an investment strategy. Makes sense as a money laundering operation that's exactly what I thought. And whole thing look like a gunman running operation. I think about it what better way to run guns. In about where was he going he was going to Easter he was going to European ports wears are huge ice his presence. Now. Where they would need guns. Want guns where they found tons of guns inside mosques and shut them down. For shall armories. Europe. He was tricky taking you know cruises to what UAE Jordan but also to European ports including grace the entry point for most of the jihadist. That Italy where he went to well. Steadily generally. And a probable illicit visit requiring money to be laundered that leaves out did us in tax case is the illegal guns sells its true. It would not only when arsenal is hotel room but also raises the possibility visa either an accomplice or different perpetrate or altogether. This call to drugs bright part is publishing this this is gone mainstream. It's good natured and here's Seattle won this one kills me. 20200. A panics transactions financial tracks transactions. Were flagged. Bomb I am by the you know financial terrorism. As you know potential financial terrorist I transactions 200 and the theory courses with a straight face and says idea but you know he's it's a lot of it was green gambling like whit what. Yes totally normal 200. Ian Poulter writes if this wearing movie script a terrorist we're gonna panics room on the pretense of buying guns kill panic commit a massacre. He's gunshot residue cover gloves on Palestinians in slip out of the room when the coast was clear. A president Dion new timeline given by Las Vegas police pending a third revision of course. This is at least possible. The hallway was empty except free bleeding security guard down by the elevators for at least two minutes after the shooting stopped the stairwell was clear from more than half an hour it also explains the gloves. There's no evidence of any of this but on the other hand there's no evidence the Virgin Media is giving a cedar. At least the movie script version doesn't require us to pretend that panic was making millions. From video poker. All of them excellent questions let's teach your reaction to this and the next hour work and I'm back in the Boy Scouts. Harvey Weinstein and explain all that and much more. Jags line. And Herat boy I sure hope and Coulter is about to drop a Barbell on her own neck or shoot yourself. In the back and had six times. I don't worry that happen is if you live in Seneca or on your due to testify against Hillary Clinton. Or you have on evidence that makes the DNC went bad so and should be in the clear at least to her column comes out. Next week just shift from a Greer on the FBI investigation good morning Joseph. They care. Or we don't know that the Beijing does soft all wire so they've been quiet force to protect a spare. If Fiat as you were credibility. They watch it is. Question is how why is the FBI outside. Why are you. Least the organization and they keep it bites aren't. How would become a bunch of wires. Aft of the ball pretty sole question is why. The change in the art Vargas kept. Hillary Clinton infiltrated the FBI home on I'm on a massive level I mean when you have the number two at the FBI who's handing handling Hillary. Investigation and a guy who himself is under investigation. For going to meet. With a guy Terry McAuliffe who he was investigating. And asking for omni its record is a million dollars for his own his wife's campaign and he and a guide still today is working for the FBI. And maturity FBI we don't expect. Hillary is up president. It tracked the missile buckle explain it L. I don't understand that Joseph here's another question what why is Jeff Sessions not only not cleaning up the FBI but covering for them. Mean it you take Ali's people out Joseph if if you would just. Go in there as Jeff Sessions could in get the info. That's currently under subpoena by the way the FBI is in violation of law for not providing the info on where they got to die the trump dossier from. That's 480. Quite yet I don't understand I don't know I don't know I don't Jensen I don't know out. It every day. You all like how Joseph watching trump OK we we see trump do stuff that looks crazy to ignite an and later Ryan as are beginning to see would everything from daka. It's a health care plan. Things of fall in line suited trump gets what he wants and he crushes the opposition. He just takes a very long well thought out route to get there. So I just moments from just you know buckle your seat that sits down calm down at an end and hope and pray he's got planned as we've seen them have won before.