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Wednesday, October 18th

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis accuser releases potentially damning recordings; Greenville ranked third best small city by Conde Nast Traveler


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According lay good morning terra well I gotta tell you what does I audio recordings of sheriff well is to sound pretty damning. But what is concerning yeah immune concerning but we have not heard. From him. Yet he hears so what everybody's buzzing about this is the employee of his. That is accusing him of while sexual harassment sexual assault assaults and our whole host thinks this is what she got on them. On the recording of her and Louis. Okay half hour plus too risky. For an informal furlong out. Everybody find out your way to. So he's talking about them getting her to tell roomed together I guess on the counting time. Thirty to figure out how many years just to figure out the production did I get to forty tickets but I. She had just saw it up early that idea. I. Him. So. And readjusting what's the fallout from the so far he hasn't. Personally come out and made a statement now. These sheriff's department is made a statement for him sled is investigating him there's a whole. On the issue of heard accusations. That he tried to silence her so let's. There them all in civil lawsuit not civil lawsuit there's no criminal. She's mail out of allegations. That so far she hasn't provided to improve for. So world kinda see what's going on but on in generally talking about taking. A woman who such a way of somewhere on the Kenny time to sainthood so a room. Not. Something that's put up with this kind of part of the country newbies in Hollywood it's the norm but I mean. Not here so one going to be interesting to see what goes on all I need to theoretically. Unless seeming unless he's charged with a crime McGovern carry mode he's elected. Yeah the cells donated far describe himself down and it's. It's interesting that people keep turning to county council asking them questions but they have no control over this the sheriff is an elected official just as they are. The only control that I county council has over the sheriff's offices. The approval of the budget. And that's one another period. You know I'm sure if Lewis is an elected official he is not a county employee. We've got so 1 low textured this morning we try and defend anyone curious to so perhaps what everybody else has been kinder men and women try to see. What they can get the opposite sex to do it he asked her if she was OK with the one hotel room didn't dictator sound forceful. If he was going on county business they would have to pay for at least one hotel anyway so where is the miss allocation of funds. If two employees were traveling for caddie business detector raids would they both have their own room or have to share a room if in this chief. In this gender neutral transgender environments is just your messy incompetent. Yeah politically now. That's sort of making light of a serious situation about I identity and one defender so I wanted to read their text Ryan. Well you know try to be if these if this is accurate and if this is true that the you know the issue is is going to be someone who is the head of a Kelly agency with a subordinate. In what could be considered a compromising situation. Take serious about the sheriff and his girlfriend she sessions issue his girlfriend but anyway there is another audio. Nowhere CAPTCHA parent relax okay. Tester says hatred it's Vinny neighbors sounds like a really young girls just point 32 time do you know how are yet. How old she is trying to reprise 24 now. Yes she was in her I think cut twenties at at the yeah yeah. Yeah she is significantly. I think there was like a 1012 year age difference between the two if not more. Tech straight to South Carolina sixteen years ago from Southern California based analyst at ten most beautiful places to live in America. I'd like chickens with me and I found a 150 year old house on three acres north of TR. The country. They called I want Greeneville just the way it was now a lot of staters are coming here. They say they let the trees they proceed by hasn't hair out all the trees who what why she's is joining get rid of the modular homes a wide streets. It's like Nashville it's not carry change charm tranquility if they elevenths so much why change it. Why don't we don't need the blue influx and the values they represent sad. So we announced cider who's taking on the outsiders but I via understand the sentiment there that the situation you always run into it's a catch 22. If new people are not moving into an area and and areas not growing. It is gonna become stagnant and then people there's not gonna be development there's not going to be reason to stay in people gonna leave. I mean I've I've I've seen this and small towns that die. In the south you know win. Those who Wyndham the mills closed down and there were no jobs send people left you know hey there's a very quaint little luck downtown area but there ain't. Nobody home exactly. Come but I I don't think this place is it is going anywhere any time soon now now. Tech stories Sherry you're completely Ackerman has been I moved here from the very blue state of Rhode LA years ago we both grew up in conservative homes. We've always voted conservative and we've been yankees are entirely point being an Elvis yankees implants are Democrats I've sister root yeah I have a sister who lives. Here and her husband is a business owner moves your shortly after we did also conservatives all on board for Trout. And there's a there's a family I know of an Anderson county that. Moved from let's say well north of the Mason Dixon line and brought some very conservative values and really took to task. Some of those who claimed to be Republicans. That yet quite effectively sell. And this gentleman his family or very good strong faithful conservatives. And that's what that has been my experience what I found to be meets my has been I talked to a lot of people living here every day on the spur his business and arm they her and her mainly conservative and and SRI think there's a cultural they're literally is a cultural migration. Cultural political migration going on people who I like to call them cultural conservatives their culture southerners don't that they may never lived in life. But they are as southern southern values why is as you're dying very libertarian leaned yet it's like you look you go do your thing Emily my thing gleaming neck alone don't tell me what to do with my stuff. I mean when we don't tax my stuff anymore nor nor an academy when we can and we don't remember we were out to dish out to Spartanburg rate and I had a timelessness c'mon Simi and I had it was cracking up. Halfway through. Bomb because there're couple Bian did he does and he showed up as my three dozen and you're only two locals now everybody else. Was from somewhere else most of the more for blue places. And it all conservatives they're heading coal for him to move you're mad at New York could take anywhere had moved here so that. I would love to know with the political breakdown is as I would surprise people know I should spend my experience is not scientific but it. It's it's not like it was we Charlotte when a lot of people living near where were blue and it was all about taxes into this is a lot of cultural going on here. And I also think that there culturally more of the liberal progressives are more likely to show up and make more noise. Yet about issues. In. In the immune to the public atmosphere. Whether it's social media it's local. Thumb over the air broadcast media or whatever. I. I think those the folks that show that the county council meetings many times and make you think a way to many were changing there's there's so those are cultural shift going on here. When yet it's the the old reference to the silent majority which is still relatively conservative. At least center leaning right leaning to the senator. An and really are not wanting to see things change. Yeah an amen to that. Annuals is going on here to bomb this is gonna cry of under the radar thing that I've been talking more and more about it Leon I get into it with Hewitt you know 937. All but the schools here are on fire. In terms of legitimately on fire in terms of test scores. Some big nice not every school I'll tell you in the Greenville area but on it unbelievable achievement going on these rising and rising and rising test scores. On Ameren through some of that because South Carolina I think his youngest ages of having some of the worst schools in the nation an over all test score wise they do. But Greeneville is overwhelmingly the exception to that. And when you look at I I you look at the top twenty from looking right at the top 25 high schools by scores in the state they just come out last week. And unbelievable bomb how many of them. Argo are Greeneville Spartanburg Anderson. And and I will make this point again. South Carolina will always be united at a disadvantage in testing because this state requires all students to be tested on grade level. That is not. How the rest of the nation does it. It is not and so what you were dealing with is something that brings down our averages it and so we're not comparing apples to apples here when it comes to education. As forest test scores because not every state test every student on grade level like we do. When you look at dissipate as 221 schools missed in the state coming in in this little bit more. You there's 221 schools state caiso top 25 powders bill hi Anne Anderson. On December 22 in the state unless by test scores at that data set that is actual you know measure DW Daniel high school in Pickens number twenty. Com wade Hampton high number seventeen in Greenville. These high in Taylor's oh my gosh rocking and rolling that is you're in that when you get their school is that you're looking at private school level scores now beside Bryant Taylor's rape. Sixteenth test score wise and 221 in state. Riverside high. I'm just rock BSE tees. V the national average by over higher points they are the highest scoring high school in none Greenville regular public high school Greenville county McCain and gotten it in there and a little bit easier to and well let means. But also on you look at Greer Mitt college charter and career and whole week cal and number ninth highest scoring school. In the entire hiking a high school in the entire state. Com Bree she is I think I heard this I don't know what it is per share middle college charter and green don't. Let's listen Greenville one is actually in Simpson's. On number three highest scoring in the states when we've got charter schools here that are like private schools. Arm I mean number three scoring the state per share middle college charters are high school congratulations and Simpson they'll never heard of it that's amaze. Sony Nash the top twenty this year you moved here you get a great job low cost of living it's beautiful. And the school sir are herb there year. Arms so I mean did that we got all the stuff going forests in and I and I think it's a word unfortunately slowly getting out. Sitting there is advantage it's hard line we go. To charge she Robert from Berea hey Robert. They get this what has really been under micro offer a long time. They need local TV stations reported gleefully about pales upstairs. A few years ago. I called the YSS newsroom several times and they excoriated me and they told me that a book was coming out. To document that that which three years ago. Wiped out. I want chill. And ST SA and fox Carolina to apologize to the children and Nikki Haley. Preparing. Very talks are witness against the family. If you don't have the report stated to report we don't try staying on WS BA. Talk Carolina we don't try being done The Today Show we still have a judicial system that we have a voting system. And they have never made good on that I think that they've they've done serious harm by what they've done. And I'm that now I can't comment on what Lewis one way or the other here. But that was all right time predilection cannot find it absolutely river and reprehensible. And it Bob. And didn't further record record I was not actually here well the reports came out yeah yeah about tequila but. On I was in Charlotte and part of my market was South Carolina and so I did interview. One of the accusers who claimed he had an affair. Wish her and I I did a pretty rough interview with him on he did have some proof via telephone records into and I'm going back and forth he didn't have apps ever they're right your right so. I try to be fair and get to the bottom of the just like I've done here with which will Lewis but you know you you make an excellent point in in a way. Bomb about you know Nikki Haley did I I I assume this is part your point you know did go on to be and you know maintain the governorship does seem to be hurting her now I mean maybe will lose will survive this I don't know what. Not terror we're already go to gauger name that kept something just put out a week before an election if you didn't do something where you go to get check name back. Did any of the networks rush to it's not a great Condo they when he got cleared. I don't think so you know it's like and you know I just did a little bit of irresponsibility. There on the part of the media sometimes I'm. You know and it seems to go mostly against the right. You know an AMBER Alert setup about a lot of things scary now. Slowest learner no chargers pops in and no charges. Are any cannot collapsed there's no charges sub coldly note you're just putting cash no charges. It's a it's a joke get really into joked at this point you know. It is most so on how it would what do you think of how we handled the the will Louis situation. I mean they're W argued always fair I think but you know it's. Yeah I I don't know I went to journalism school. I don't think what SDA and why assets to its air sometimes and I don't I don't really appreciate that timing it's story sometimes either because they really looked more like PR than they do. Actual news stories you know they'd they look like they came straight to the DNC. I know and non life Ed I think you Robert freer for your phone call and I'm trying to be as fair as possible with a story that can't honestly quite frankly. Can't be proven I can't prove what this woman is accusing Melissa of and it is entirely possible because of that that he is the victim of many of her allegations it's entirely possible they had a illicit affair. Anxiety. She broke up with her and she's mad at him I mean we we don't approve of anything we don't have this is just her side we've not heard from him but I do think. I tell you this did you think we need to hear from him soon. EE you can't let this kind of thing fester. Also you that 803471063. Text line 713. 07. Trucker from Atlanta going through there. I have a hair out at an. Eleven upstate met amateur analyst yelled. B Atlanta. But that sang about this year and there is one saying it is not many people there's one little site are all that your. One person is in the Olympic share. And that's the county Carner arcs Evans generate adds to our remote camp Amal. You know not saying that I can I you know I remember something about that but doesn't there have to be. A crime. Well at a rarity. On an I tried it on I'm fine let me see here is he olympians here but I'm pretty sure. And there would have to be economy Harry master could remove a sheriff is there's a crime and commission absolutely but it's. You know short of one I don't I know he can't have to look I had to double check that with the coroner. Yeah apart sentence friend of mine who hate and not Allah while I'm not beat yet won't meet and now. Pete has they authority program to. RS didn't remember it up. Yeah and it's a safeguard. Yes I don't know it's ever been invoked. You know and in these two calls I I gotta say in and thank you for your phone call so liens have this very nothing like it talked strange tolerance for. What were there places would be would would be Dessens for politicians and look at Lindsey Graham enemies god what he's got away with. Now an egg and a great point our previous call argument to make it but I Nikki Haley was accused of having those. A fierce. So I am. Eat you know I Ned did come out and she's survived did so I mean perhaps the sheriff survives its hit. I I've long been Shia Sharpton staggered by what South Carolina voters will put up with from there. Represented your sides are not seen anything like it anywhere else you right. I have compared to Nikki Haley can use I don't know. What we'll see what goes on to share. Can be interesting to find out. Yeah I'm really interested in now. I wish we still have eat enough of a moral cop compass left this country does not much of this enough left and that this Russia thing is getting to the point. I think where Tim's guide entry Garrity and Lindsey Graham can no longer pretend that it's not go or not. As you just to embarrass. Its you know when when you had the FBI. All of you know their their own Russian informants saying I was threatened by the federal government not to report about the 145 million dollars going from you know Russian Hillary. When you've got to hill reporting on documents the FBI had documenting. The bribery kickbacks and payoffs from the Russians to Hillary for that uranium deal when we learned that they were investigating uranium deal. As a crime. They record theory quit they are actually records reported to congress whether there's you know a charger not congress has to know by federal you don't tell them you are you you've broken like your criminal. They Intel congress. And yet Jordan Mahler. And Rosen seen when even further. Voted. To approve their rushing uranium deal as part of this committee that had there was one many committees but it was in better rubber stamping. Told nobody they set on the CF IUS committee. Proof distilled 20% US uranium be reserved to Russia while they were literally. Investigating. The clintons. For Russia bribery. They told nobody. Folks it's so transparent now. Rod Rosen seen. Appointed Muller to investigate trumped. This Russian stuff. Because they were desperate to impeach him so they go to prison. How much longer. How much longer again I'm gonna call entry Gary Tim's got Lindsey Graham are you gonna alleged criminals harass our president. While pretending this didn't happen and you congress only just last week open investigation into this just last week. Crow folks that that the fox is running the henhouse. And right now the fox is trying to kill the head off that be trumped. But before the fax once up in prison on treason charges. So here's the story lean on ten presidents try and call us at the families the widows of the four soldiers killed in a Niger Africa. And I'm one of the widows. Have been just have my you should Johnson. Just happens to be on when the Miami airport. Where her husbands are remains arrived in which taste president's call right at him. Com and just happened to be in that car with it's so strange rep in different regal Wilson who's a Democrat. Is is in the car. And Wilson says you know as showed this in their Kyle yeah he said you know he knew what he signed up for. Didn't even know the guy's name and insulted the family. I hit when I first heard the story. You know breaking this morning I didn't thinking about it because with trump stuff I know to wait if it's in if it's in the mainstream media are you a Gershon she brought block in this shout Zhu Zhu. No I know I I I do not run with what the mainstream media reports anymore you can't you have to wait. Because they just wise so much. That you know they don't tread they don't check anymore they don't double check they don't bother to call the president for commented on to any of those things. They used to safeguard this is reporters from getting stuff wrong in CE got a way to knock knock a publicize their jock. So now here's what here's here's what is being said now. So trump funds are mighty sick mice Johnson. He's kind of said that it was totally fabricated by the Democrat congresswoman. That. She you know didn't say said the president is tweet about that he's completely denying it. So that's kind of what's going on air. Miami Dade democratic Miami Dade commissioner elected commissioner Barbara Johnson was also in the car. She's Democrat to she's backing up represented Wilson's version of the call on it MSNBC. Interview. I she said does this gentleman had net she's it's yet she know this is a Wilson represent a wasn't this gentleman has a brain disorder talk about trump. Annie's to be checked out why would you we should be praising this spamming on salting them. Believe ritual. I'm sorry I can't possibly imagine. From making any disparaging comments you know I have a hard time believing not just a you know. You know if I have to choose between president Donald Trump and the so democratic congresswoman I'm sorry I. The patent it and it's not a a question of allegiance is just you know I'm sorry I just. I think it's far more likely to believe that the president was of you know. Treating this an appropriate. YA and and not what the the congresswoman is trying to claim. I just I think there's an agenda there and they gonna do everything they can't to a promoted. Your rates to me about the sheriff will lose controversy including me audiotapes of him. Peer to meet you appears to be propositioning an employee and Russian woman a T Sherry hotel with were Arab room with him outs you know on at taxpayer expense. Town. You try to be fair really. Tech stories to share this Mary he's asking a girl that's at least ten years younger than him if she minds having. One hotel room we all know he was doing the same damn thing Harvey Weinstein is done for decades only a smaller scale no difference at all. I know this. I know this is one neat you won't be reading. So adamant text wrong wrong. I love polar breeding he text actually. Com Irish people would send more what will immediately know what I what I said that I am. I'm trying to be fair I I'm not referring to. Are you tapes I'm referring to her accusations that he raped her. In a hotel factory drugged her. Com those are really serious accusations. And you know she can get the rape kit tests. She didn't get any proof. That we know of unless it's something we don't know. And when you you know I don't common when one you don't get test done but then you try to sell a book on your. Web site to profit off a bit. I mean I'm sorry that's good or bad that raises is some flags for me and and so what I see and try to be fair I'm so that's what I'm talking about did. And that is questionable so. That's on top I'm not saying I'm trying to be fair about the audio recordings. M maybe there's an explanation we I mean maybe there's some. The good ones. Yet it's hard to imagine any but that you know. An interesting point oh. From the collar before hand about Nikki Haley and sciences is very lurid accusations made against her gas numerous. Accusers to yet to release three that I know. Yes. On and then act after that there was the divorce case in which should be woman named her as the other woman. And I'm a judge was influenced so that one for a long time. So I mean you could say that's using Indian Syrian divorce case is incredibly rare in South Carolina usually it takes some kind of embarrassing you know sexual allegation of child you know I like a crime you know crime against the child or family member meaning don't. Close them because it's embarrassing to the governor yet that when was locked shut my judge for a long time I mean Saito about wielding political and influence. On the college right any Nikki Haley survive adults are young maybe it is possible for Willis to survive designer and a. Yeah it's not predicting not but I'm just. Yeah it's it's gonna make things very politically difficult depending on how much further discos and you know. When he actually. Addresses this directly. Six terrific test of will Louis start him at the audio Kent Willis that she she recorded in saying this stuff. Seeming complete why he's is he saying there's nothing to figure out why and did she ask him to figure it out. While we were only playing parts of something that is not the hole and you know. This this is what we've been given and there are transcripts of this. The entire thing of I probably just what which you can see. Absolutely west from Greer winning points down. AJ you Maureen I daresay there's a lot more audio yet it can't. True maybe. A lifelong resident Greenville county. Tony to here in tact. Bat hobby. Which our share but can't ask a girl that you know. I cannot imagine a scenario where I'm really an employee of mana. Okay. To come what may ain't get one out terror cannot imagine doing that tomorrow watch and he has. That's enough for me I don't need to go any Herbert. A connect the man does not need the leaders share a gay he's been an influence. Thumbing its. It can make it sound almost exactly like the videotape. Are they audiotape of a lot on staying with that model coming in here I want to determine the final. Now c'mon Clark you know it'll be okay come on and no different. You know aren't an ass and not for me coming up he is Derek and I want to win the rest of the stuff comes out. That's an extremely. Or G urged. Yeah I agree with that okay and I need not don't think shares of our county. They do exhibits that come up pour judgments or all of the company keep it that some kind of judge art now they're there is no excuse for not. Not think the tip of the iceberg. What will certainly be keeping an eye on and here I leave you made a great point earlier I mean this kind of thing is exactly what sheriff will Lewis accused. The guy he beat his predecessor of doing to justify removing him from office you know the the voters voting against so I mean those of you know the question about whether or not the. Sure at that time have been you know. Visiting the bar during office hours and put that one that was an allegation that's denied but that was allegation. Did you Nino is advantaged heartland with sky. From green billiard former sheriff's deputy. Drew the correct our great LCD ever watched former shares. Not Christian part of the story are I think most people would think they understand that there's. Whether there was some infidelity all we're part where they were the sexual assault. Are out Garland stated that at the end the bill is properly there. The sexual assaults not and it will what and we'll camp when you're gonna sheer production that job be done in an office he regressed this year at that job. I think David is clear Teixeira is the young lady just trying to capitalize. On her you sound bank it makes money. Think it's probably an affair that went bad in which is in and extremely angry about it. I have to doesn't see that just looking for the region this year. Yes and you know I'm getting some heat guys come on tags like from people who say our judges twenty nice understanding about this but that's the part that scares me because. On the you know when you accuse somebody of great play fed and you don't have any proof that it it happens I just wanna be really careful. When you get. Products you'd be shocked how many parents females make it exact situation that we saw circuit it it's it's much more common you'd say it let Michael comment like down there. The below or send a thank you it's almost got into complaint when you married got caught. No I saw that I see nine Charlotte too with GM you know divorces. Ex wife's when trying to get their husbands who are cops backed by you know making stuff up too common and I were for ever trying to separate truth from fiction and it was just really hard. I know Yemen down in Charleston to divorce is why whatever is her one night at irks. He got out beauty. They had. They were in demand and because he was wearing his weapon at the armor that she's dead which stage in my play in wind actually earned his career. Then. I hate to hear that Skype so I'm you know insulate still the evidence I'm trying to keep an an open mind to but on on the the other part of Asia say those tapes. This pretty damning aiming you're asking an employee of yours to share a room with you at county expense. That's going to be hard to explained NG from Greenville welcome. Hey I don't. And the like don't point out the very beginning at the tape that you're able to Cheryl. You know eat he app. Are back on ticker admin and hurt on that not all I got you don't. Are created is accountant Rick. And it's the. Yet an end all I ask you this then and you can just based on what you saw you you've heard your let's let's assume what you're theories correct that this is is scorned ex lovers this is no harassment hearing Montana. Hum do you still think though that the sheriff should keep his job or are we can find somebody better lately which sent. I. Mean accuracy than the public eye it. Then on their ballots I might my sister cheated on how the enemy and totality. Not that doctrine well I think that but no matter what could you are what you do for a living. On Dick think you should let it sit quietly had urged her cheating on a flight and making a bad moral decision. No do I agree that bad world what is the actual nuclear I had an on the other side of that I mean. It but I don't think he should. He would lose his job on that and I do get it is the public official if they collect the I mean people get elected again India I don't I don't think we should. Take away politely. Or a bad all the Asia I think you know he had a look at that bit him and it'll be yet eventually. As well we all. Angie actually asserted that really appreciate you phone call. Irate speaking of phone calls now's the time to call in to win this shirt day in the symphony tickets to Halloween extravaganza at the 25. It's committed Greeneville symphony or orchestra. Playing Halloween themes and movie themed tunes are to be really fun with assert day is delays style performers performing for your family. You winner is now 2414218. The first college called Chris and say boo. SA do. 2414218. Gets the tickets.