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Friday, October 20th

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis misappropriating county funds; Media hype makes mass killings seem more common than they actually are; Deep State cover up of real collusion between Dems and Russia


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I played good morning Sarah married yesterday the sheriff coming out admitting I did have an affair pressure of Willis. True has only bend the sheriff for what ten months now. Yeah I'm pretty much come to stump. You know sworn into office in January. Admitting that he had had the affair. Asking for forgiveness from his deputies the same that he will stage. In office. And he can't I mean South Carolina does not have any way for folks to recall him. The governor karamanlis he's you know charge and he's going to be charged some kind of crime. He's hasn't been down that's that's pretty much case for any elected official much anywhere so I mean he is elected by the people. So. For now. It you know looks like I guess he'll continue to serve. Yes. Unless surcharges were conviction. You know there's there's nothing pretty much that anybody else can do at this point it's completely up to him at and once again that's pretty much the case three you know elected official. As we have found that in a legislature are absolutely. Absolutely although our measure reporting me county council is gonna take a ask financial depth forensic audit gem of county council ought to chemicals love the sheriff's office and and that is. Within the purview of county council county council has no. Administrative or legal. Control over the sheriff's office that is a completely different office. Wanting and he's elected official their elected officials they're only. Jurisdiction is over the budget. For approving the budget that is submitted by the sheriff for the sheriff's office for that fiscal year. And again we were in I was starting about this this earlier in an and people are all over the map on this from people my FaceBook page saying he was and I don't care what he does in the bedroom. T you people saying he should resign him he immediately. Two other people saying you know throw the first Sarah have you been totally immoral in your life I mean it's it's all over the place and that's and you know for. And it's able makings of good you know it's a good price like you know well Nikki Haley our governor I mean she was accused of doing this. With multiple people didn't seem to hurt her she went on to have a fabulous career look at her now but she did admit to it neck and died she actually did giant. Didn't and then you know look at Bill Clinton. And it. Yeah I mean yeah that's why I'm I'm just waiting for the first Democrats are waiting on this is like more guys you've got absolutely no moral authority moral authority here no no you know and I and the reason the Republicans get into trouble is because many Republicans will campaign on. Integrity. Family values morality. And then some of us don't live up to one none of us live up to a totally but some very publicly don't live up to it. And the and then that's when you you get the criticisms. That you guys are being hypocritical and you know and I understand the criticism but please for when you have a party. That continues to. Endorse embrace and idolize. A particular man who is guilty of this and and other things. It's just sorry who here. Yes. Yeah and it. Part of problem here is that you know all blunt force is under such scrutiny yes right now because black lives matter and these is exactly the kind of thing that those are the kinds of folks like to point to a CC there'll crooked. When we know that there they're not know and so quotes in here from this very long transcript. Of you know the audio. Art disturbing. From server public servants. Right kind of angle I read some of them earlier this quote from our share for the Lewis and this is. Her recording him talking to her I have spent more time trying to repair and singing about how I can repair relationship than I have. On doing my blinking job. That's you know what how refill morally about what he did that now so adamant that he's supposed to be working for you. That's not something you any of us want our bosses over here are saying. On an end this statement also in their he's trying to convince her share hotel room with him on a trip. And she says but you know people will talk at agreements no he's just not nobody's gonna say anything because you know were all part of the same. You know groupies say you know you're wearing your police now say here with me nobody's gonna say anything you're part of a fold and he says it's the same as if it's if this is a quote if a state trooper. Saatchi who knew Meehan recognized you and you knew you were then you would get the same courtesy is every other cop. I mean it's just like you have the courtesies now I know is still difficult for you to understand what you did. That mentality to mean. Is very disturbing and the top law enforcement officer that that anyone would get a pass. The thing is if he's gonna continue to serve in this capacity. He needs to put him Saddam himself in the situation where he has never alone with another female employee. Or the other female and an official capacity. If you ever watch Clemson football dear so these defensive coordinator Brent venables is very animated guy and he tends to go. Over the line into the field while he's making calls for the defense and it got another coach that drags him back while that's what cheerful Lewis he's he's gonna continue to operate. He needs somebody the grandmother sure do doctors know now where I'm a stay right there with you and Edward we're gonna do this. That's what he needs it if he's gonna continue to do this he needs to be accompanied by another deputy in other male that is accountable this gonna hold him accountable. You know this that are similar to the situation that Mike Pence was made fun of which then the criticism of him was reprehensible. You know he makes a point of of making sure that he is not a situation where he can ever be accused. Of being unfaithful to his wife and anyway. And I think that's admirable and honorable. And I did you remember after the Mike Pence thing Maris or members of congress who came for our sadness I have to do the same thing I have to have yes people and I don't want to do that I have because of today's environment. I can't be alone with a woman. Because I can be it cued to something Billy Graham there is saying I thing it witnesses Billy Graham reverend Billy Graham did the same thing his entire career. He was never alone with any woman except for his wife. Yeah and in today's world he really can't be especially for public figure. Some but to be having him having his mentality and he's only been in there for ten months on raises a lot of questions. And is the stuff there is a raises a lot of questions to one of the first things he did was hire her after he was elected on December. Fifth. He was elected November 8 bomb and he. Got her brand new county issued car. And I was I is actually. It you know whip him up to stand next to him in there and you know we were at a police gathering. That this. Chief of police put together to raise money and time he was talking about how. I'm when he won what than. That he's comes out on our caller are you a new car you know what we want and he said he was appalled and actor can driving a car that look bad I mean no easy give meals thing you got to got some from 1973 everybody laughed. He's a really likable infectious kind of person I mean adherence. He was an older Tahoe yes and it's who must've got the car and so he obviously knows that's wrong with the public perception of that is and so yet he. Did not signal the car for himself. They did firm trip for this woman so. Because a lot of questions here's amusing to see what accounting audit finds. As far as how money has been spent the sheriff's department and you know what I what I heard LE FA you know land they do start they're counting on it Jeanne you re think back about five years. Let's look at it was no big yeah because well prior sheriff all of that was never resolved about whether you know all that alcohol was bought with. You know no tax payers money I go Bob go back at worst and left the barn terabyte in what I edges but this shows me sort of a culture in the sheriff's department I'm not too sure path. Well this. I also it also makes you wonder if there's not something else that county council members are aware of that guy not that there's anything. And with regard to this incident is what I'm talking about that if you can show that there had been an effort to lump. Get the county to pay for inappropriate. Accommodations or or other things. You know that's and that the that's the type of thing that a forensic audit would be able to uncover absolutely. Careful about things like resent somebody from my church sex in your money scout leaders and he CD teachers who never left alone with children are at our church sheriff Lewis should've done the same guy it's so extreme our church that when I got my child off. For Sunday school. I made a mistake the first time of walking in the classroom with him and have you know who did this is gonna walking means him down as she symington doors and no. Tell your background checks you eat you can't watch as it late IQ are my child and putt no you can't you can't even be in the classroom with these children. If you're not you know on staff here and have been background checked. Anderson we know if I wanna listen to what you're teaching says that's fine you are welcome to do that but we're gonna hot you have to go downstairs and go through the full. Background check it cost fifteen bucks. And then you know you're welcome to stay. And I was like wow I mean so we don't even this is where organizations are about. Yes I mean that and knives I can vouch for that and other when you know organizations I'm involved in that we we do do this very same thing this is very serious stuff these yes. You know it got viewers like Europe or risk of liability there. But also if you don't take those precautions then you're really at risk. Absolutely. Text your race and you're allowed to show our sheriff will lose a they had multiple affairs going on to describe a flip on him. So there may be more coming out of the shadow I believe he should resign it now I've no pity for officials that light of the community. I you want to be. In the fold too. Ha but I'm not putting him. Now might. Yet. And so. So quotes a added there's the moral aspect of this whole affair saying yes but isn't a stuffy in here that's. Com. Well let me read described this as friends she she recorded them. Says Savannah neighbors the woman oh he now had the of the affair with who also was his employee. Here's our what the sheriff said on. In in the transcript of that recording there's nothing else I've spent more time trying to repair and thinking about how I can repair a relationship that I have on doing my job. That's in there armed but there's also another. Quote an air about you know hey I you know what how where eco it's free here tip. And I Harry out here is had a rain turning where he's talking about com hey listen you know he said I just wanna spend some time with you. Eight he said I just want us to be able that. He's huge issue and mean nobody else I want time away I want you to myself that I want is to be able to just sit around and drink on the beach on company time. So there's the moral part of this hat but there's the company time part of this too. Which is problematic. Carried. Every once in awhile the mainstream media screws up and tells us the truth and boy does it have intact what we're seeing right now with the hill. Well this is one that wasn't repeated much anywhere but she need to hear it. This believe it or not comes to us from CBS. Chicago. This is a local. News report about a University of Illinois study. On mash shootings. Which don't mean they're getting much worse it's it's everywhere you need to because now it's never been like this before and you would just had they. All time worst highest casualty matching American history. And do we need to be able to take the guns now we have to do we went it's not getting worse. Says to. Make CBS. Yeah take a listen this ran. On in October the eighteenth he got. Thank clip. Okay here. Slate audio problem here we are right activity to. Recent mass shootings like Las Vegas seem to be happening more frequently. But research by University of Illinois professor has revealed a surprising trend about mass murder in the United States. It's not on the rise that's according to computer science professor Sheldon Jacobson. He said there were 323. Killings in which four more people are killed in one incident between January 2006 in October 2016. The mass killings appeared to be evenly distributed over that time meaning their rate remained stable over the past decade. And did not spike during any particular season or year. Take a listen here. That they've done doesn't lie that if the rates of these events justice gnawed increase seen as the perception is given in the media. This is just what do there's. That was the professor there he used a decade's worth of data from USA today that was cross checked by the FBI. By the way. A mass killing did Nissan. Three and 23 killings. Mass killings testified this 323. Total in which four more people are killed in my incident. A the last decade. But here's the kicker. 25% of his killings were not done with guns abdomen knives machetes and a sharp objects. Which should wonder will you done this in would be 50%. Some time. You gotta wonder. Anyway you'll never hear that again from CBS and I'm sure that guy just. Career limited himself 8034710632. Excellent. 71307. Tech streets here as a soccer coach of a team high school girls I had to get your back FBI background check for. US soccer and the State's governing office are you not allow myself to be alone related girls I do not give any of them rides to or from practices. This isn't a set rule for South Carolina use youth soccer even US soccer is just a practice. That I put in place for my protection for peace of mind for the parents of my girls. Yeah I mean when might this is we know we've already this summer party for my daughter with a bunch of girls are kind came over and my husband's. Left our house for the night. And that's I mean that's how paranoid people are today. You show you he didn't even want parents to see him there. And they sit nine MT two boys are good my mom's house we don't assume we haven't seen her one. He wanna be there because each inning just at the way things started at you have to be here about an and when you don't have that science as a share of sometimes. I wonder what else they don't have the sense about. Gee here at the newsroom story yesterday. About any MP attack and are we ready for an Greeneville basically the answer that was somewhere between hot. And what. And buddy mean. Wish me is no. Great reporting by the newsroom there yesterday. But it Torres sitting in perspective. 40% of our uranium. Some of which ended up in the hands of the Iranians. Who we know. Because right is today at the time its uranium deal was being cut leaked out their plans. For detonating an EMP over the country. The former head of these CIA said arrows but spend and last year that that would happen. Many percent of US population would perish within. The first six weeks. That's how serious this is the status with Russia. As a you have the head the CIA coming out yesterday and say hey you know what I can say unequivocally. You know this elect theories that election results were not altered by Russian meddling. Look seriously we're taking that as the congress attempts usually it's cents. To ignore yet so lawless is coming ever FBI Hillary Clinton all of that but they're not getting away with it. And work very quickly getting to the point and and this makes you mad what they're getting away with. On a Russian don't wanna make you get it make you angry because that the weight of this is such. That sessions is not going to Jeff Sessions. India current head of the department of injustice. In Justice Department. As it hunts for being on the show until something changes. Can't cover for them forever can't suggest that the principles that the FBI and the Justice Department who buried. This crime that but literally puts Americans Lott who lives in danger. Is a good guy who should be able to investigate itself. That the latest is getting so large that. I dear say it'll come to the point where sessions he is even had to do something or resigned. Or trump will be under such pressure that he's going to have to push sessions to do something or resign. Has gotten there yet no because I think at this point is still see people like our senator Lindsey Graham. Attempting to impeach trumped. For firing sessions a yo clay and they would claim always trying to stop the Russian investigation into himself. But the hills that in again today in explosively liberal publication where I tell you with us this show should she poll that came out 46% of Americans. The what is the opposite happens. One not mainstream media organization just one willing to tell the truth and look where we are terse headline this morning. This Apollo. Bill Clinton side the state department's permission to meet with Russian nuclear officials during a bombing uranium decision. So we're clearly as he's heading over there to give a speech in collect 500000 dollar check. For the speech. Can we ever come up with a 500000 dollar check from Russia to trump yet now of course we. By god they're gonna find it we Allan ray here in front of our faces in the Hellman and pretend it didn't happen. And so he may get a list of of these fifteen Russian officials nor directly connected to these nuclear negotiations. You wanna meet with. And he ultimately was able to because he decided to go around on them and just be within himself. After that the 143 million dollars was transferred through all kinds of shell organizations into the Clinton foundation. Well documented by the FBI who said nothing and let the deal goes through. Absolutely I EG you care about disk as well you know this is old stuff with Clinton is tit for tat no it's not. That's our. Constitution. And our republic cannot stand. Alongside the deep state. Those two cannot exist in perpetuity. Became impossible. One or the other will survive not. And I see this way it did he stayed gets away with this. What will they get away with doing two year. And I mean you personally. I mean in terms of spying political harassment we've already gone down that road with a deep state we've seen what they're willing to do they're willing to lie in court to spy on Republican candidate. An essence of the iceberg I suspect what would they do the year. Have dictatorial would they get. That's what's at stake here in this recipe. If congress does not renaming. They win and that's we see but there's good sides is a lot criticizes Mike here's some headlines pressure mounts on committed testifies perjury accusations grow louder. That's a whole another case. The kill Bill Clinton sought State's permission to meet with Russian nuclear officials. We finally had what I have they to our congress and senate members from South Carolina do to when he stick your head up demand the truth go on television please help us. So far not willing to do that we're not there yet with them but you know I I believe them I think eventually I'll get the courage. The challenge. This many people speak up but we have people from other states without a Wisconsin senator that's demanding other Justice Department's Arnold over all the Russian stuff. But what's at stake folks. What's at stake this is today's epic orient it comes to judicial watch chief in get investigator. Chris Farrell and a place coming up in the next segment. This shows you how how desperate a situation this country is in right now with a deep state. The Chris Farrell is the guy. Who minutes to get the documents at the FBI proving they were lying about the tarmac meeting every the FBI said we have no documents. In response in court daylight now we had dessert documents in the court of the term I mean with Loretta lynch. Other where he got him he knows how Dele. He's seen this up close what do you say about where this country is now. You've got to hear this it's must hear radio coming up next. Is the wave of it this rash of corruption story. Corruption by the FBI and or by Hillary. And by the Obama administration so great. That even Jeff Sessions at the injustice department can't camera for them. Congress will at some point coming soon will be unable to ignoring the evidence is rolling in. If just conservative meteor breaking this. That would be the case but with the hill hammering day in and day out. It makes it very hard for members of congress to pretend this is going on. Here's just some of the headlines Brosseau this is so senator John Brosseau from Wyoming seeks documents related to Russian uranium investigation. The House Intelligence Committee has opened an investigation into it the Senate Intelligence Committee is open an investigation into an I don't expect. These to be serious investigations. But. The way to this thing is well on its way to get into the point that it's going to force either session to take action or try to force test sessions to take action or. Or charm is gonna have enough cover. To be able to remain sessions for not taking action without getting impeached we're not there yet that we're well on our way how serious is this. This Chris Farrell. This is the guy who works for judicial watch and without judicial watch folks we have had no idea what's going on this country. Among other things judicial watch has gotten bomb in the last couple once they've uncovered so many the FB lies lies. Including that the FBI did not have this is what they told a court of law under oath. Any documents pertaining to the Hillary tarmac Loretta lynch meeting while as usual the FB like lied. They do and judicial watch was able to get and that's how we know the truth. How bad is it these guys to go up against the FBI and the Justice Department in Justice Department everyday. This is crisper and and judicial watch and listen to them or not prone to making statements like this they're very loyally lawyerly. They're very measured. They're they're very very minute conservative at the conservative Ann in in what they say. They don't pick fights they're not flame throwers super crisp rarely say this I'm Lou Dobbs show is remarkable it's today's. Web taste too. Most ethnic rants. We've gone so far beyond the pale. As a country we have slid off the edge into the Lander where it's really. And I giants and socialist. And com more again operating. That protects itself. And so here's a question each day your talking correct metadata values our offense our girlfriends of government at every level. Offense after offense can you find out that laws are for the little people and the Clinton again walks away. Not people so why where's the Department of Justice investigation. Whereas the FBI. The time they're complicit. You just reviewed. The whole saga over the Russian uranium deal going back years. They covered it up. Good people who are knowledgeable. And gore direct firsthand knowledge who should have either broad prosecutions. Or develop do investigations. They're the ones who kept their mouths shut for years. Or Chris we're talking about the very same people who are. Pursuing. Without any evidence of any kind whether as a result of more than a year of investigation by the FBI. Are more than nine months of investigation. By a congressional Intelligence Committees. These trumped Russia. Are collusion. Yes I do the dishes masses. Did not only is a man named. This is evidence that we are becoming a failed state. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that what we're in the entire Justice Department is paralyzed. Well there's no investigations no real investigations and there's his make believe congressional hearings but are nothing more than you know sound bites. And people openly show launch. And and really hold the congress in contempt. Well remember in congress holds them back and give them nothing happens. But we have we're not paralyzed. Justice Department and FBI. We have the cheerleader is she either unwilling to do anything or they themselves are personally compromised. These sort this all sort of symptoms or evidence. Of a failed state that's where we're going. And ending and are we doing it. That is the chief the lead investigator for judicial watch. And I never heard him say things like that the last couple weeks this is the level of of alarm here this is what's. At stake. Stay tuned this on because it's not over and trump is going to be for stacked their American get away with this. They're they're not. Are coming in the next hour. Another most epic and epic grants. The whole. Speech in the media by John Kelly parts of had been David but coming up in the media is one of the most remarkable most human things ever to come out of Washington. In a long time in an agent fired up to starting your day.