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Friday, October 20th

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis misappropriating county funds; Trump’s call to fallen soldier’s family politicized by opponents


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According Elaine good morning Tehran had a story in this any out country right now we can actually see what's trending on across social media. Is the media outrage. By Donald Trump linking their rise in crime in the UK too radical Islamic tear. And there are several that wine. No because accurate OK that's it that's what I think again woodland truck is accurate they get really really angry yes makes the manmade tunnels that triggers them to chase triggers them and then they have to. Go full fetal and they're safe space. Which means a map good dredge up the UK crime stats again about Donna Howell. How much crime is gone up in the wake of the mass immigration so will will do that later on in the Arab the first. I'll add this analyst of five top officials need to be fired this name Nikki Haley. Bomb I'd she she was and cheese dip appalled me yesterday when she continues to work for him as if she's not working for him but instead is serving Mitt Romney. As he only way to really understand what she's doing and she often contradicts him it's it's really are so bizarre a voice she did yesterday was beyond the pale. Bomb wrote a passing did her best to undermined trunk yesterday and prop up Hillary. Arm she comes out yesterday. Dredges these suppose it Russian meddling back up. And says this is warfare. About with the Russian supposedly did. Now she did this while with George W. Bush yesterday after George W. Bush institute. As he joined you know Obama and slimming trot. So you know why did he elite status yesterday would what was the point of this swelled the unified message Obama and bush on the same page speaking from the same talking points. And you know you rarely see bush command had to campaign trail or Obama when they do with the same time something's up. This was a this was to distract and you have to remember how good of friends the bushes are with the clintons they're very tight. On this twist to distract from the Hillary uranium mess that's why bush and Obama or else they're doing this in tandem yesterday. So Hillary showed show what Nicky doing his serve two purposes. As did you know Bush's speech was to distract the Hillary Russian uranium from the Hillary Russian uranium scandal. And its focus back garden in terms Russian collusion. Just a set a prominent judge distract from the CIA director coming on declaring yesterday that the suppose aggressive Russian meddling had no impact on election. So this is a direct counter to that too she does she does all this with bush while with bush. Com at the George W. Bush institute so let let me assure you none of this was coincidence this is whose side she's on enemies is directly undermining trump. While on his payroll. But anyway. You worry more about that I've got to implement FaceBook page but that seemingly knows the real me Nikki Haley is that's who it is. Okay tech stories. During its time in which law enforcement receives unparalleled criticism he has my support hundred percents because I know. I had his support on a percent as he runs again he has my vote. So interesting text on the tech slide. Down. Can understand the sentiment I don't necessarily agree because that's just think it's up. There there's a level of trust and accountability. That the leader of an organization such as a sheriff's office must have. And right now that's a question. Let's see what Scott from Greenville says he's got. Bigger more gas look at show I'll make two quick point about will Lewis Dockery lack architects or that he's. Each delegate job here opposite you at the stuff that they're. Hottest couple things that are important note about this they're accurate cock up they. Don't they're two shot. They are if they're not criminal sexual conduct shot. If there are probably probably epidemic and look they contacted the what you're listening to these tapes leaked transcripts you have to take the context that the female. Knew at the top they're being recorded since she was Taylor in the conversation and make it look like I look back. If you heard tapes or record up it would be much yet. Second nearly. I think it's important to note beat your you cannot are just all we'll sort it out they made huge stake I think maybe resigning to pop it out yet. But that the second part of that age remember during the campaign he he based his campaign here correct tactic it speed ball. And it did he had that is the block had a drink it. Up with that contrast secured the mistakes that we seek help your. It's huge huge difference and not know sometimes arm hurts. Yeah and you know I in in an N I appreciate your your your phone calls back on and yet that is kind of what hurts about this because. Com I was so impressed with the job he was doing as sheriff I mean we have been screaming and yelling here at my sister WRD about the terrible treatment that. All the folks a far flung parts agreement counting dead in terms of response time I mean I wasn't my first jokes and told here was that enough military and you'll about the area to set up the defibrillator in your in your kitchen because you're gonna need it could take half an hour gets you in. Mad a legislators telling me oh how amazed they where he cut ten minutes off the response times by. He's doing great job with that he's been an amazing job with gangs arm and his voice was so critical. I I I think at this time on games. He's he'd begun to highlight to gain you're in the gang problems specific game crimes right. Home and when we desperately need to do that Greeneville ice Charlotte make a mistake Greeneville is making right now which is the kind of in knowledge of the downplay it in and it led to valid track gangs like a magnet enemy in Charlotte didn't do what Lewis was doing in the and bedtime we were done we had cartel members setting up machine gun nests in in house is that what neighborhoods to kill their rivals. You know we became content type that top ten destination for on Asian cartels. We don't have the FBI and to help us get them out because of the organized crime I mean we had rolling shoot -- stop I 85 that's coming to Greenville if we don't get hang on our gang situation and will Lewis will know what is the right guy at the right time. Indeed desperately need to be done probably a little embarrassing some of his press conference is still leadership around here who would rather businesses consider living here not here him. But it was what needed to be done to stop the rising gangs are anti did is they they go rate to a place like Charlotte because a place like Miami. Los Angeles that's where they were coming from in Charlotte Atlanta gets really wise to them they can't operate. So we'll come to a place where they don't have the law enforcement structure yet to handle these gangs I guarantee it's happening you concede that. In Greeneville and he was fighting and so to see this for me was just heartbreaking because of the good things that he was doing bomb and and you know we we really need somebody to be do. The police chief can't do he works for the City Council he can't speak out the Willis Lewis could be was saying the right things at the right time said Meehan just terribly disappointed to see this up. They really will be a loss for us if he resigns but you know in this era of black lives matter I mean this is exactly the kind of behavior they accused law enforcement up. Com. And I especially those departs in the transcripts about you know telling Savannah neighbors don't worry what people think about sharing a hotel room. You know noticing anything during the club now you'll get the same kind of courtesies to share with me you know if deputy stopped she we'll let you go. That is not a mentality I wanna hear from my law enforcement. Or empower. Damn I mean that's that's certainly a an abusive of privilege they. Yes. I mean this is what I'm screaming every day about from the FBI you know I mean. We wanted we went we want equal justice under law. And equal opportunity. And you know for people to be accountable. And you know. Tech streets a free pass is cops give each other would be called accessory after the fact if we get it I have just got a four point ticket for vehicular. Homicide. Let's jump over real quick to Jimmy hey Jimmy from easily when you think. All I've never quite adequate and that does not duke blue. To pursue a bitter that the country will know which is you know a little. The more I wouldn't set up somewhat. Content and certainly you don't wait it. Contained and the European group president appropriate supplement and let you check what network it's a little odd. Our hang I had an and Jimmy I wanna hear a cent but I'm telling you nobody can hear you on the car you're you're really bring cannot it's. But time goes through the processor known has and in doing cents a commie back sounds interest in what every saying. 803471063. Text line 713. As seven tech stories leave the sheriff's office he's doing a good job so what about the affair it's obviously ever we did it sheriff and you never know his wife. Might amend nuts and drove onto it move on I sure sure sure. Town. Please you know. I'd say sure it's you guys discussed on the sleds that Paul Ryan made against trump at last night's dinner. I DNA I mean they weren't along like knives last night. It was like a three ring circus. To the Ingles advantage it's finally get to talk to Danny from Spartanburg hey Danny. Hello Tara. I have a comment. And I have a wasting. My comedy is. Vanquished just let the sheer investigators say a make sure that he would do whatever paying look to care. A good and the question that I have it is. I hear a lot of step that the Democrats are doing that is illegal and immoral. Probably as district average citizen happily eat it sapped the public reputation to our senator what we knew what we need to do. Com why you know what I yet to Tisch is always good LIG get friends and family decided on just make its regular habit of putting you know your congress member in your ears are two senators in in your phone and dial out when something upsets you and your your your angry don't strap off the radio Colin unload let me hear from Rio. Because I heard I have heard our own senators and congressman you know about stuff that people are you know apoplectic about on the tax once I never hear from anybody can think to call them. Well you know you you should Denny and that's that's what I would do first and I would have friendly and friends there as well. That would. Debbie doesn't have the big thing that I would do. Alba sure Danny Briere might be just session as they enter if you don't. Are accused of committing a crime and you should be able to investigate so so I'd be I don't know why why we shouldn't have shares sheriff Lucian investor games. After all that's good enough for the deputy director of the department of injustice. Is it not it's good enough for the FBY. Top leadership that disseminate investigate themselves is there what are they don't want you don't have to presume good people. Jack Jack and your will lose I just cannot sue them a good person never minus affair amended into I am I'm a good person and die you know you can't he can't investigate me. So could summon just investigate was an animal understand. Ring. And our congress members and our senators certainly be fine with that I should. The standard used in Washington. Right. Actually waiting for the first one of our congress members and senators to condemn the sheriff I'm just I'm literally waiting for that. Deeds have for them to do the things that they will not do the highest law enforcement officers in Atlanta were patently. Clearly transparently criminal. That that's coming by the way I cannot wait eleven to have a black rob for a career. Good morning terra you know I'm actually direct that. Units gonna talk about chair and a great job it's just about spec which should leave them alone and you're copyright act the Bill Clinton scandal. People on the lap or like how he's doing a great job he's a great president talked about exactly them a lot of people on the far right were screaming her head. And this morning I would bet you took the boat rolled exactly revert to the people on the right there and make sure we elect to meet doing a good job. Just about that he wants to be forgiven he's a good guy and people on the left are screaming for added. I can you not be consistent in their position and he carried into our back door and a good job only Malone. The war. Yeah it's about integrity and morality and honesty. And he needs the content but it's holes yes to meet. That the far end of the spectrum just cannot keep an intellectually can have been the best. Yeah you know I end rob I guess sharing Diana's TV couple points on this when I guess you know how much were willing to forgive does depend. Almonte how much really the person. Or the party in in question. A hundred both sides have to tax on because it's just really interesting and neat you know that is there's a lot of diversity of opinion numbness. X rays and this is interesting to I think it was disturbing thing to me is how many people think her relationship Lewis had with a subordinate is just find acceptable. To all those people my response is your parents and teachers in life greatly failed GO. Another check your race. Jury bush and Obama are weak feeble and Karen Lee Anthony MP attack were to happen they would be among the 90% they could never fend for themselves. On other jester race I don't agree but caddie this thing is just showing the world to care will today the sheriff thinks more her. Of his job but they doesn't his wife the father of discharge date the only means mother of children. What happened to its depth to his part I know there's temptation out there. Which we all. Face but when you put yourself into a position to be tempted as the sheriff did it you're bound for destruction I think he should resign no matter what. Not just swept under the rug as if it never happens. Once you wish you think 803471063. Tex wine. 71307. Street Louis is broken nose to his wife an out to god but we think he is being honest with us he's potentially gigolo in paired. Based on his behavior that makes him useless as a law enforcement officer let alone as he sheriff. Here's another one terror sheriff Williams lied to his most trusted partner and his family why should people in Greeneville trust him anymore. I here's another one I'm a retired trooper I can speak for every trooper price cited other officers and I know that other members of my crew did alls I sighed okay I cited CIT ED. Other officers and I know that other members micro also. Nobody liked it but we did it I myself got a ticket from a deputy for going five over and schools are reserved denied hated some people may. Look at the police as good ol' boys group but it is the universe and that dissects eroded on that. Because to me in some ways as appalling as this are moral failing here by the sheriff for these things that he's saying in the you know in these transcripts. Kris I'm proud no I don't think anything about you and I get no hotel room to get a 'cause you know she should will be able to our knees and want him now they want to join us now you're one of those. No one of the brotherhood you one of the police and you'll get you know because you with me people know if the deputy sub she'll get the same courtesy. Home. So they're glad for your law enforcement and how widespread is that mentality if you. Where hear somebody say that you know in in the sheriff's department rework in the police department where you work would that be a common thing here or would people be appalled to. Bomb. 'cause to me that's appalling. You know and when I try to be fair to Willis today and in one respect not that I think that's. A lot of things he's done a really good job sheriff. And we bent over those. Are kind of a revolutionary job as sheriff. In a really done things that truly will save lives. That we just couldn't get the US management often tough to do. You know any knowledge in this game prod gang problem is is huge. And the city greens are not gonna get that from them we have to acknowledge in order to be prepared to fight it and he was doing that he was highlighting that he was a let them run and hide from. And that was so critical of the city in this county and I are really hate. That he is done this to himself. I do put that kind of law enforcement mentality and he can't. Just can't be tolerated in this day and age did you take everyone else down with him. Tester is good moral character is required for president for the record I think he should be a criminal offense for law enforcement officers. And we're deck and we can get to second hand that. Tester race your sheriff's a liar he could looking at Kerry yesterday he's a womanizer and she saw his wife he was also planning to cheat sheet to taxpayers of Greeneville. And then it and probably has before according to the video. Sets back and today today's the fortieth anniversary. Of the plane crash that killed three of the original members of Lennart candor after they had played the Greenville memorial auditorium. And I was they are that where you yes I want us. How old were you. Out of in. Seventeen I guess I went extinct. Hot love Leonard Skinner down out that was the the last time free bird flu as far as I'm concerned not not not knocking. Not knocking that the new guys they do a fantastic job. But. That was the the last concert of the original members of one of scattered. And it was forty years ago today the plane went down well. And I mean you learn sort of I just totally capturing the sounds of southern rock yeah. Which is its own music John yes. I'll and it's funny was scared. Home you know when my daughter dying. If you've got to warn these tween you know who won't talk to you downtown they won't talk to you doubt it's just said they're so under their electronics in their life that your driving in this you know it's quiet so. I found a way to engage my daughter and it works really badly played game when we drive and I pick a song for her to listen to when she picks a song for realism scuttling that it is or she's really into it. Com and it's got the point arm has been Alina send me like you know text me links for songs the place for her now so we're taking her back in giving her real music education. And I'm upon. You know pre teen pop. Yeah closest. That's scary thought soon. You are on tweets Kennard and all met on someone could creep that's that's so much great American music right yet is 10 wait it's isn't hard to say I played affords very different from money you know girly teeny your preteen pop she likes but I'm she's really. Getting into it. Which is cool. As you sing along one of the songs a couple weeks ago houseplants so. You just given me and I an idea for the weekends of I need to lip outs more scattered and runner through a couple of renditions. Tuesday's going to be agree one yes yes. You know. I'm. No I'm just struggling to come to think about that the non hit stuff because of course they had a lot of great hits. The ballad of Curtis slow. I was always felt that. Yes it grates on us. So many great songs are well. I got a caution for you and a warning and yet I guy well. If you limit neighborhood there's one in every neighborhood there's a guy and you easily probably still dark out you're heading to worker you know it's a crack at joining me and he's out there he does not tablets announced Fallon. He's ripped and he's running around and he's been running for like you know an hour something in your drug environment the don't hang an edit your mouth you know I mean. Is there again they guy anything in. Our live if I see somebody running when rally worked during the running from law enforcement and I'll tandem. There until the cows they already are they going after the cow's wearing yellow and announced Palin as a cable that guy they should recede again and bad. Now I have to. You know dispense with the rest of the donut but pretty bad for this. The new guidelines if you exercise is over a 150 minutes a week. On many do you know fairly challenging exercise is you will die early exit Erica is going down. He's going down just let him run a skinny little but all of the neighborhood if you want to yep that group of these 347%. More likely to developed. Hardens arteries by middle age so there's and joy for the jiggle. Yep some Georgian Julie I think it may be adds stress to the body in inflammation Nancy your arteries Harden it response they don't know but Don. Yes so you might keep. I love this. You keep your exercise to less than a 150 minutes a week's yes go ahead limited Al Gore and C program and the Ted in my area do what I did in general whatever that guy and I'm very disciplined about that main limiting my exercise to less than 150 minute Tara you've had enough please stop. Military discipline might have seemed to be may be fine so I battery that mainly they say applies to wait man did not seem to have the same effect on black men for whatever reason. And so women they deny studies so and a fat gonna go along religious to be safe for eight. Just. Just to be safe. Well good well thank you for that yet. OK so let's show a jump on over to the Eagles have managed talked I talked sunny from prairie sunny. Return alone and I enjoy your show thinks. What's up I can't popcorn about these aren't the political cartoon in the paper today integrate real loose. The flag draped pocket where presidential standing here with a golf club ready and I was deeply offend other cartoon on that doctrine I'm only some this. And so it politicizing. Our veterans that people make sacrifices. For political gauge just just I just think it's terrible. Shops and I can't paper. Well good you should done not years ago Sony. I'm an analyst Pete I can do. Tolerating these delicately the paper route data collected there's a great goal but. Not anymore. Well you know Sony can just go on the last six or W already com web page a guy like great news there you could find her Twitter accounts and course analysts in the news here. Knew if. I've done that. And I have done that cute. Double double thank you for listening Sarah certainly appreciate they tangent there for a 71063 text line 71307. Thumb well OK so we didn't turn out to about on all of this stuff with diet with Nikki Haley coming out. And say I share Russian meddling in the election was an act of war. Funny George W. Bush institute. Where she was at George W. Bush yesterday. As he slammed her boss some people think George W. Bush to be institutional respect for the she's. After that I noticed that was that was some interesting stuff there. It really was. And it and it an amazing how he declared he was gonna stay on the sidelines during the bush. I during the Obama administration even as Obama you know lies made stuff up and boy he's come off the sidelines for trump has and here's the thing about this whole Russian thing I have yet. To see anybody. Show me something. That Russians did that would really influence elections now I just posted a story that we felt this at Knoxville Tennessee. There was apparently a a fake Russian Twitter account. That was supposed to be from the Tennessee Republican Party more turns out it was not. And the Tennessee Republican Party tried in 2016 to get Twitter to take it down and they didn't. They tried again and 2017 to take it down and they didn't and finally oblique and August of this year they complain for a third time and finally got Twitter to take it down. That it was not representing the views of the Tennessee Republican Party and it there was tied to a Russian some type of Russian account. The only problem is. The couple of the examples that they used in the article. Was that they had some Meehan about. Gee you you know it is really great to see that the clintons are finally out of phone Washington after thirty years or you know something about Obama I mean it was very innocuous or something very. Timid there really was no big deal that IOC I would had any influence on anybody go four for anything let alone influence an election. But to me if that's the best you folks have got about Russian collusion and has some little weird little tweak put out on Twitter by a fake. Republican website that was won by Russians if that's all you've got there's nothing there. Honestly there is nothing matters there isn't anything there. Arrington and a major milestone this week tell you it they just put a minute but have his rolling over in his grave. She is interestingly did you don't do this during his lifetime. They waited until his death. Playboy featured the first ever has in high demand here. Trey gender playmate. Does everyone wants to see that clearly in his row poses. Dear god. Fool you you. The November December for just in time for Christmas. 24017. Issue. 26 year old model. And K I'm done with this. And we know anymore. And we're now. Two apparently how he waits lately dies a row and cheese you. Which opens. Married. Gary from Berea good morning. Morning terror. So I think got. Sure Lewis got setup and not sound like a born parent I think this girl. Was probably put up this. You know if you think how many 23 year old have the temerity to record every single conversation in person. And on the telephone. With someone anyone won the last time anybody are about do you act on the record elders. He knew he was involved in a very ugly campaign. And he's a political Roberts. In fact if you think the politics and when the election results come in you gotta guess again it's just beginning. And I would be curious. Can see where this investigation goes because I just have a suspicion that. There's more to it than meets BI and she's not. Acting as her own behest. In that in this activity. You know I've got a funny feeling about that too scary but the problem is he fell for it they wouldn't have any power over him if you know if he he didn't he's even little Willis he waistline. On he narrowly defeated the innocent people who are prime unhappy with him but he is deeply embarrassed the powers that be in this county by. Calling attention again and again to the gang problem that we have and the pulling out cases in China violence that illness and not something they want to talk about. Om and so he's kind of a liability in in that way too. So yet know I would I would not be surprised Syrian and fortunately doesn't excuse anything he's done. Shame on him if he NC cumin. Which way this another thing here as ornaments and that is you know this woman has accused him of a freak I mean that's obviously out there to. And if you go and and read the transcripts or listen to the tapes that he recorded with her I can tell you this. The rape case in his is is there's not going to be what. Lesser some evidence that we haven't seen yet. But as we listen door on the east tapes I mean a defense attorney ran a field day here. I at this point there's no way a prosecutor takes this trial and she's referring to be relations they had over and over in her own terms as sex. Not assault or rape. Om and she talks again and again about one to maintain a friendship. Why do maintain their relationship uses the word relationship to describe but they have. Bomb and Justin are trying to near in this in there is no way jury is gonna convict this guy a free or that a prosecutor you know short of other evidence we haven't seen is gonna is gonna bother with this it's I'm telling you something happen. On this show is so weird ways this sort of exonerates him of those charges. But to stuff on these tapes is so damning in and again for the worst of it it honestly to me isn't just the affair it's fair. Casual way he talks about wanting to you know drink I drink with her on a beach on the taxpayer's dime. That to me is the most. And at setting I mean it's and I spent more time trying to repair and thinking about how to repair relationship that I have on doing my blinking job. I can see the campaign commercial on that one. Common saying you know hey listen I just wanna get this hotel room with use we can you know spend time drinking on the beach on the kind Dimon means stuff like that is just. Well. Well this is all I can say that. Kathy from green felt good morning. Good morning how are you number your number one you're you're doing a great job I just wanted him. Detecting the victim in all of this this is. A little less that's why yeah and you know anti unit and kicked in here again Micky was set up by you know. She actually are 2123. Year old. Girl dead and he told them not to should know better and but they only need to clear and get an aunt but listeners to pay for the stand an iPad I've heard and not let it that we can make my own conclusion. You may have gone to great chapter in that it but not the point in time. Yet yet can't be trust it's. There still ticket other thing he's done and yet he might it and set up but you know we need to pray that the kids and the you know he needs Chris to open a complaint it's quite. I actually had better she is a very very sweet woman. I can't imagine what this is like for his family. And so it just you know be living through this break now Kathy emperor is certainly appreciates phone calls today too and thanks for approximation. Have a great weekend.