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Friday, October 6th

WORD on the Town in Belton; Lindsey Graham will talk to illegal immigrants but not his own constituents; Liberals devour each other over conflicting outrages; Cam Newton’s comments not actually sexist


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Accordingly good morning Terry did you see this. This is like the I don't know where we have 23 death threats in three days now and the people who want us to turn their guns over by now now did them this is Frank Sinatra's daughter this time. And I Nancy Sinatra calling for NRA members to be killed. Preferably by firing squad. So she deleted that the system. Is just amazing way. It is Arie is is this is his deadly violence on an extremely powerful organization. In terms of donations word they actually rank for the last decade and get this 495. Am so they can donations nearly made the top 500. Yeah. Apparently while so an organization that's never killed anybody gets accused of killing people. And when you take me 3.5 million dollars that they donated and hammer it lasts. It was decade or two decades can remember Sosa DOJ they broke down to you. Per congress member it was only a few hundred dollars now. On over all that time and you say that they're not buying this for money. There is any areas is successful is because they let people know how congress members vote on a gun rights issues and the fact that makes him so dangerous. And these congress members actually agree with their stand that is the issue. Now IE and and of course what you've got here she got the Democrats out they're saying that older pay just say that they wouldn't know this is what these people believe. These are actually patriots who do believe in the Second Amendment you know we we may have some issues with them on other with some of these congressmen and congresswomen on other issues. But on the Second Amendment. We're on the same page here. Yeah. Om and by the way they've endorsed a lot of Democrats who given them money to based purely on their stance on gun a little way way bought what do you mean the cannot writes actually donated money to Democrats who agree with my Second Amendment to amazing it is amazing wow cheek. It is amazing run away broadcasting live on a new beautiful day in beautiful Bolton as we are we're out here ahead of the steam pipe festival. When routed via train depot on the Greeneville side of the train deepen. I love coming out here to build and by the way Lee is consciously realize that drive to and from just so beautiful down. What you just miles miles clinch mountain rule by you came through shattered I'm sure which is so close to where I'll have. Keep your where would shatter as shut chatter not chatter chatter. What do we talk about okay now. Cool is is that I Abrahamson you yes it's called British out of spelled cheddar yes but it's not much better seat I'm glad to say they like it's all from there just watching you heard in South Carolina Beaufort North Carolina. Yeah that's confuse the heck any time. If it. So the same people solves things that the people that. You know what I'm saying good folks there could face a case silly nice we have done is he's not sure calling for an RA members because. I got Heidi in the journal of higher I education could not Chronicle of Higher Education actually published an article. From a professor. Advocating for violence. I'm in the face of speech they don't like yup that's. The violence by both sides but. Don't know that course is only want what's best for hypocrisy what's going on here in this country these days. Is that the very people who are accused of violence are not the ones committing it but those who. Who advocate tolerance and inclusion of the ones who were advocating violence and actually participating yet. Yeah and you don't see condemnation. Of anti phone I collapsed unless. That they literally has to be dragged out of you hardly see it from the right either knowing now. I know an A this as they advocates for greater and greater levels of violence publicly. And nobody K yours and you it is the NRA gets the just. Meanwhile. You might know what weaponized snowflakes look like. Weapon it's weaponized snowflakes. This what happens when you buy your little girly girls rule the world teacher anywhere around her and she thinks she has to do is breathe in order we'll something new. Okay this is not union UC Berkeley students attempts to shut down their mid term exam. With claims it would have a negative impact on their physical and mental health and is certainly had a negative impact on my GP an album that lucky if I. Probably did take a few years a pilot stress in college. An incredibly all that stress is self created has it never did anything to last minute but not that I freaked but anyway which I says she's from reading this is still going on college. Missed you Stuart capture on video demanded a quote take come SA with significant time to prepare. And accuse their uncooperative professor. Of not checking wait for it his way privileged. Please. This is a campus that is truly related throughout. That is true related throughout allowed America today nation of free speech said professor Haley Harley. By shaken to the glass eliciting laughter and attrition from the protesters. This isn't of the protester. Does this very dismissive of the professor the activists claim that there well beings. Where are being put on the line because of the emotional mental and physical stress. That the universities compounding how these kids ever been real deal with the job. Benoit kind of his sense distress it is this that this test is causing him stress. And that is compounded by what is already going on their everyday lives. Okay this is over attest okay they want open book in time to preparing. The protester shouted. Have you ever checked unlisted or undocumented immigrant I don't think so what does that have to do with the test. Com anyway. At this what is okay says she can who is out written about his liberal by the way workers' rights in Mexico. Is an expert labor issues and or any outstanding teaching award and at the University of California. San Diego despite his expertise in such students called him unfit to lecture them. On the subject because he has been a sense for me. Wait all of that's why on his way it is like so he is no right to test them. Against their will even though they're paying him to do so yeah exactly all there is jobs. Are you trying to silence us right now they say on the video is that you are trying to did you pitch treated tennis more on. How. Plates they can use that class they confuse the right to speak with the right to be heard you have no right to be heard. Period there is no one that his hat must be heard you have a right to speak that you've got no right to be heard. Huh okay. Deeper proffered to leave the classroom and hold a discussion with protesters outside to prevent further disruption of the exam but they refused and he was he was trying to negotiate go the extra mile. Right in east instead they took their complaints to the department of ethnic study in surgery until. I know why you're still like sitting down yell I don't understand I really don't understand you all can take your blanking test. But people are dying out there complain when protesters. Her name behind to accuse your peers have not participating in their princess. She accused her fellow students is supporting the weight supremacy. Now if you don't agree with me then you're against everything supremacists out there. What this did you see the ACL UC this rich did I should they would lose control these protesters. And it was package froehlich reckless manner has have you seen it now. The on ACLU shows of you to see this now to give a lecture this into so this heat is your city sent away chip from the AC. They should not done. And and instead decent wage of me see she she did very liberal rate and she's trying to give oh I like a taco a lecture on the First Amendment right right. And homelessness was this home she got shouted down and booed off stage. Com and it likened to Hitler by screaming black labs matter youth. Because they felt it was wrong for her to have free speech rights because she's white. So she got Pelosi. Chappell is a celebration of free speech at William and Mary college in Virginia took an unexpected turn last week. Whether protesters from black as a matter sworn stage and forced organizers to and the events liberalism is what it's depressing I can agree with that. The protesters shouted and ACLU you protect killer chick. And they're beat Lee. Was that the ACLU did not spend sent to speaker of snow could accuse him of being BP now built of the Peta folks in the event they console. Obesity. Maybe tortuous or is there a few there. Here's the funny funny disruption occurred before Clair Guthrie gas than Honda. Bomb executive director of the ACLU Virginia could give a planned speech and freedom of expression. Bombed she tried to play along with them at first you know I'm thrown on the same side she thought they weren't the U. You know now I'm for the protesters overwhelms her shouting slogans like the oppressed are not impressed. Blood on your hands and the revolution will not uphold the constitution. Oh cool well now like that seems to be may meet meet the sedition act on the hill came to bat. Yet no and I'm glad they're letting us know before hand and revolution will not able to Cust to second guess that's where they were going to think you know. Now we had a revolution to have our constitution the rate. Well. So anyway that's our your daily update on what's going on campus. To assert that you bite your daughter a girl's rule the world teacher and the next you know it extinct you know or you know it she thinks she rules the world and these wonderful. So I'm Chris. And I'd let's serve him up he would Gerald has to say. Paid Jerrold what's on your mind. They thought well mister you know didn't Bubba Sparxxx surgical pillow rich our military action it's gonna be and her wrist to. When water little joke product perhaps better parent child anymore vitriol ordered by fear that they got a little. Not and you got a song Gerald youths have not been following the news. You know we had the first transgender drag show in Afghanistan only to inspect two years ago and asked to three years I can remember. Did what they Yemen is military members joining us know they're they are all on the same reservation. And I understand you need it are gonna let him crack the whip in military. Did you need to keep your Bible on the desk anymore in the military. Well YouTube's own Gerald I don't mean to take your hat off there but do you think we lost military aren't a hundred trumpet might be okay. My PUK ran out depends on to get see yours and mine. By the way. The EU watches as super as it progresses because he left they changed the rules that go. Bet like what. Two months ago three months are some like that earlier and earlier this year right. That we sent us the rules that on many college campuses you cannot speak if you're conservative you don't have free speech rights is just too dangerous did not establish a constant. You pay for you don't have security to survive this thing and that's prohibitive right there with the final three. Race we just keep you are conservative you could not speak on college kids bet he'll still has free speech race into this matter he's taking an NSA Dickey is now I mean. If this is the precedent. This going to be do you mean now all. Even if you're liberal. If your what do you don't have free speech rights on campus and was just conservatives performing this woman is from the ACLU. She agrees with the black clouds and it seemed she was she was they hurt you. You know prop them give them she positions given AM. First Amendment. Speech. When they shuttered down. You -- they were meant to be ACLU denounce and someone who was white she was Hispanic currently. She just was she was Suzanne Gluck and they they were enraged and they shouldn't dump. Likened her to Hitler. So alone you know I I don't know what does this mean we're keep our eye on because. I mean you we we may have just watched the beginning of these short of them working there one day I thought it was just served as you can speak on college campus but this BJ ray before. Mean I don't I don't know I mean it's. It's it's so hard to tell who actually has free speech rights anymore mes is changing so quickly. Or through violence. By the way by the same people again who want to tell you mean age ten know that turn over your guns and who will be fine. Used them you can. Know what this is gonna kinda do. Something interesting is going on here. Mikey tourney this is that there is an under those. The sort of an into the water kind of revolution going on in America with American thought about politics. And this is what happens we have the Internet you have the modern technology have the advancements. That we had. And for the first time you have access to both sides. Of an argument often in the same FaceBook feed. Comments section we've never had so much information such a great debate going on in his country. It's still extremely unfair and very one sided because the majority of the media puts out there wasn't a daily basis. But you can go research for yourself and that's something Americans need it they not been able to do went over and alama sleep last ten years. And so we saw a bright part literally I think were not to break ground that presents a trump would be president. And now another things happened. And if he saw this. Jury report. Is now the third largest. Trapped by trump highway traffic source of news. In the world. After FaceBook. And Google Google search. FaceBook and Google search. Number three. As you Big Three year it's based a Google search and then Drudge Report this is according to. Partially. It's external referral traffic. Which is so it's really quite something. It's only you get a you don't have a mainstream media source in the three now of course they spoke in Google's lean left and Kelly about her that to discourage you from seeing things they don't want you to see if you can still see the pretty easily. Dredges and mystery. And that's cabinet is game changer right there. That is that's Fuchs and Nancy in this swarming you look at that don't the left is resorting to violence they. They're they're freaking out which is we're losing it's because we're winning we were winning they wouldn't be beating people demonstrates. They they can see they have internal polls they know within me. And it's it's gotten terrified they didn't know what to do. Oh speaking anti trust week. She is at it let it end of this week. I love this week senator burner. Who's digging very deep trying to find some evidence. On of the Russian hacking in the collusion. Hangs. On he's he's determined to get to the bottom of it. Not the bottom of the any any the actual crimes that we never have occurred but but then you know he's gonna find a link there and he's gonna dig deep right. It's easy return to win. Mean if if if what tear it easy easy as saying if what the Russians. Were investigating the Russians for fake news straight. We're best in the Russians for faith is because. The depressions confusion people and I was unfair. And so we can we cannot have this big news from the Russians. Intra tweets back when I mean what's the difference between big news from the you know I didn't wipe their prime when Russia does but now on CNN's us. Excellent point I don't know when I interview she would want to investigate CNN. They are more phones than the Russians. So address just took out some accounts is Simpson's not so. 60% of the morning's scene till after the election. He actually saw CNN. Is only fifteen of them but they did. They saw CNN. And with it if the problem is that the Russians use some kind about the way Burke came out and said that the senator you said. Clinton influence election did influence votes. K why are we still in wood why are we Silverstein who cares. If we didn't influence votes. He improve collusion. He can't prove that influence votes. And Ashley proof that the Russians did it. And what what what what pat. Here's trounced week why isn't the senate Intel committee looking into the fake news networks in Africa country to see why so much of our news is just made up right. You position these senators what we we we're OK with big news here. She can peak big news from Russian. You ever read RT. These are accurate and CNN most days. If arts he's got once I haven't seen as I did are likely to go with our T specially if they're talking about what's going on the Middle East is they don't have the same on crises that are media to us. To order until establishment summoned Ari would arts he says arena CNN says on. It's really going on in the in the Middle East. Is kind of like who do you trust more the FIB. Or ice ice. Generously without one for a week. Parry we got Wes in Spartanburg. You know let Eddie who really sits Huntley yeah hang on west. Now we'll take your call in the next segment. Terrorists are gracious signing not name them live from beautiful quilts and watch the sun come up here this morning. Now we are preparing for the stand pipes festival which begins tomorrow. On and it wearing heavy heritage days under way you can come on out and see. All kinds danger ancestors did on a daily basis Beecher Stanley is long since forgotten log cabin building weaving milling. Traditional putt throwing. Laura carving. In meetings in southern storytelling. To kids out here they look at their had a great time. I'm fascinated by this. I can barely get through weekends camping is you know. Come back every which are your rights. And I'm watching the sky and as part you like hearing he is doing what our ancestors. Macedonia to do one point. They would had to have he's building a log cabin the second assemble a log cabin like half an hour. Now the current re you know shut the bark off the law until he's onto a not I don't taken more time out yet. That was taken more time but am I just fascinated by this has never been there like we spent a lot of time in kids go hiking and stuff the kids love it there and he ever been there prominent figure place on earth but they have all the old cabins there literally a hundred years old Amir exactly as they were as they were built. And the left there and you look and lip and she's known him and his mind between you know eight. Yes just genetics and put up a conceding a late you know now. What they did for checkers back and he Karen now you don't have to go camping anymore he did build a log cabin only takes half an hour. He's exactly it muscle areas I have seen sunlight coming through lamenting the bugs comer in. Think they will may be many kids or maybe even spiders to kiss a downer doings where if you wonder what the heck where I'm where you build and we're preparing for this impact festival tomorrow. And one that really cool things that are doing here in this is part of the festival is the heritage days at the Deepak. And I am my husband is an area but I'm bringing my children out here for this far because. We're at that phase. Where you know how to do this hundreds estrogen is in transition or forgotten so many things they knew how to do that just were passed down and one of the list. And watched him build a log cabin right now now. Here it's here to talk to me about this is so David Jones he's the festival director for the steam pipe festival tell me tell you what is the stand by for us by your belt. So this our signature event for the year this is our 31 year. Well and we have something for everybody. Will opening ceremonies or attend a clause. And of course you mentioned here Tuesday which was started yesterday yes and it'll continue through tomorrow with Al artisans and all the things. That the depot has all from Latin museum in that I have mule rides and all that over here. Across road we kick it off at ten to claw. We bring in the mayor and the council people and a local dignitaries and legislative members and let people get to meet him. And have a National Anthem and nobody meals. And hopefully desk and a fifth set and up but we started fail and we have a great car show the star spent time well over a hundred. Antiques classics million dollars with the scores easily. And we have food vendors that are this amazing that we would have the same twelve food vendors we've had for about twenty years. So there how quality. They have any power craft they knew you won't. But but the sad that we have children civilians the bouncy rides will train were it's a fire truck rides. You can actually go to the stand five. Which mustered almost empire is in your stance as I functional water tower built over a hundred years this. And land and is it still worse today it was refurbished years ago. And you can go get it to where you can go to bottom meant to say how it works all the water that comes the foxes here. Comes from that that towers won't go that well so that's a stand five. The Sampaio disassembled oil from the date vote here was sitting at the heart valves. But far. And you know we have the South Carolina it is all right here and the milk usually them. But here is it that will also have amazing dinner time. And is SARS more with a band called sweet tea then this kind of a blues playing. And then we have some gospel flows from me. And we have but we have the BHP but pound for first nominee and several various groups so as this constant entertainment. Way we have the city street band from Anderson. Some great guys that that they can play country classic rock about being fine. That'd be unit filed cloth. Also have a Maggie Maggie Weathers is going to be here doing shag in lessons in between them the in her time. We have a great comedian come and over from Atlanta. Is from realty reports. We have a trivia Comdisco. And in the end of the day the combo team. Will be the main dinnertime combo teams complain about any thing from jazz are not alone. Lou Phantom of the Opera or if you wanna hear mostly about those don't want your class rock and roll mobile Disco might be a little bit country. And but but we'll have a huge street dance. The finish tonight golf wolf we have about 101000 people here which is kind of packed now for the Saab business wire. Had a lot of music adorable little downtown hearings in Dalton and retirement David Jones by the way festival director. For the stamp might festival which again officially kicks off tomorrow but president of party started like inherited stays defense. Com and soup yeah hacking and heck you did you attend has been the bag is it dead that they will be this isn't actually adorable little downtown. This fast wolf brawls a lot of people did this this is a thing as a crossroads to you know if you go to Anderson are. Found in or symptom will work colonel routed them little green wounded. And ingrained bill's not reform. So a lot of people looking in the socialist is oversight festival. The Belton police department their very vigilant of everybody's going on here bring you fame as you walk around you'll have to worry about these things going wrong. The last thing than not he's a huge fireworks show. And I think we have people come just to see the fireworks in the end they're great. And where we what they do the fireworks if route over the stamp. Temple so it appears they're almost coming out topless day empire but it makes for great photographs. And would just have a wonderful time you know I invited by the come out emissions free there's no mission you say all their time. From the combo team brought down this week to the and and you don't have to pay a you can bring your own food you know that's about food you bring a picnic basket he can afford a about food would have a lot of great things going on. He can come true to the big toe and see there they're ex positions. And there Avaya that you are spending money. And as Coleman have a good. It's a beautiful drive out here you and I Stratton country can come from Greeneville. Always generally yes it's like coming into eight when recommended -- cherica starting can see things are looking forward drive and especially if you come down 45 yet aware place and got to Carlson 247. Yet. Leaders just beautiful idea that it elements of bright place to live. Is she right place raising children. We have wonderful people that live in the communities here restoration program Georgia's second and nobody. And so we wanna showcase welcome this weekend and we won't liberal think about living here moving here. We had to so many good things to all for the fame and bell. Absolutely and you know labs and observing this Tivoli here earlier singling out here still very affordable. There reform one goal is Rolling Hills and Monday Virginia traveled through here in this beautifully that was in Northern Virginia you know I travel seriously in my business life and always Fella that got hit it inside to pour homegrown wanna drop back in the city limits yeah well my home long more time. You know I've been to California and I've been in New York city's Chicago's. You have been to Mexico Canada all over the place and I love the mountains that you tell yet and I load the rebels forced to go forward. And all the things that you are size has to offer but I would not move from bill from rookies this is where possibly Helen even your homeland her I was actually born and Anderson hospital okay and lives in honey I have to tell girl snag me a BHP scoop my movement belted. And we assume a 47 years I'm very sorry. She's the level my life time. Can never replace our so enjoy this this episode is a great place to live this is great slightest Kiet. I can't tell everybody enough how good a time that Ohio this thanked them. We'll let some looks somehow finds you for folks throughout the upstage many are like me maybe remaining bank never even Ben Nelson Gonzales last year. From where cabinet find out more about coming tomorrow. Well you can go home the FaceBook site. The bill to stamp hydrogen source you can't and that's probably the best way that you could find out right there. He's also look at the belts and serve the arts FaceBook or web side. The listing room on my name its web site. The CDO Belgians who have sought. Probably the one that has actually most information as to bail them alive some belt the alliance's late actual sponsor of the first. And how lock chamber homers this is what it is or vote for this a local fun. And a great group doing a lot of war we have a lot of things in the works right now we're trying to take deal railroad. They had here in new walking trail always to lose no more. Biking and walking just might get a more friendly friendly atmosphere. But Tug you know we're we're we're eleven miles from Anderson on how always have leases. We're probably 25 miles from where he would. And you 43 minute route from Roosevelt's. Lucas. Come and have a great time stay all day wants those farmers. Strive bring kids out and we fascinated Diana. Filled the cabin they've seen they've seen in erected Winamp would not not how it went up so this is great. I wanna think he would gang David Jones of course none alliance and you're the festival director for put all his son thank you so much rather listen thank you for coming. Very good morning wrap it up dish here and on this morning and hear from Vince Coakley just few minutes he's walking around. But every hour wrapping of the weekend is still been cranked up out here these skin pride festival including me heritage days at the deep have you have a great time tunis. Seen our ancestors. Ali's old forgotten arts. There's cop but not here either cynical. I have been meaning to get to this for today's. Quick Cam Newton said not a fan canyon canyon. As the anti when they when they brought in an acute Candace could do better I've never been unimpressed he has had his moments and he's been good whatever. I'm so would it goes Chris what came in originally. Said. We got him in so much trouble. The understand. Museum since. Hey take a lot of pride in being your experience playing well then I just to see you really grace and good mentality. Perhaps and maybe getting that yard and you aluminum and enjoy this and it's well. It's funny to hear Fino talk about. Ralph's play. So. But funds come along men we know we don't this is a big game for him. Okay here's the problem we eat we eat doesn't get a seat that I took it for some inside. It's like really is so cool we had a female here's target an impressive she's just give me. Casino how many women he's probably. And dipping getting more into football than they weren't statistically the birth. He reveals yeah it is chilling look like teen so cool that you just tell me that. Never question about rats from a woman before you think you know not just since it was offensive about this. Ninety at the world would live and well here's part two after losing the yogurt endorsement. The journal saw. I understand that my word choice was extremely. Degraded and disrespectful. To be honest I was on my decisions I sincerely apologize. What I did was extremely. Funny except. I've already lost sponsors in countless fans. Are reluctant to joke is really only. And I've learned a valuable lesson from this and to the these young people can see this column that you've learned something from this as well. Don't we let me be better than me. End. To the reporters. To the journalists. Sue the mom. Love. The daughters the sisters. And the women of all Laura who. I sincerely apologize and hope that she could products. The line it was dead ahead. I had my only one who thinks that. To meet him just to could've easily. You. It's. Routes are you sensing. Jim has been can. Tell me to my eyes glaze over. Straight Sarah the PC crowd has so many favored groups that conflicts often erupt among two favored groups with the PC purist to do to Cam Newton. Female sports report disputes Larry is to watch. Which side does the BC purist it does he threw the black iron in about us the way female feminist. Rates spectators read any of its most exciting things happening in until we hope. Speaking up. What's happened in the NFL medicis. This is a headline okay. The NFL plays a protest free football game on Thursday night there was no protest. Well not during the anthem anyway. It nobody to keep seeming obesity need uranium to. 32 we actually were allowed to to just have a Dern football game. Just forget all which is what we're supposed to do an eight points now. In an if I was proud hook. Canyon has to stick its witness that is what. You wanna get a genuine compliment anymore. Talents haven't liked him I can do without. Really wanna so that would raise did you your due I'm missing some subtlety there that. Text arrays are Kim was right it is weird to hear females use guy Jurgen. And by the way. Larry have a great weekend and he can present time drive on his beautiful. Dogs demy festival this weekend.