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Monday, November 13th

Replay of Catherine Templeton interview; Reaction to Catherine Templeton interview; Toy Hall of Fame 2017 inductees; What people are watching on TV


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Get Pena had you're about to hear a replay of my first ever interview with gubernatorial candidate. Catherine Templeton she joins us in a seven day and that our earth we learned a lot about church here is the interview. And my feeling do you jump on the line with our guest this morning gubernatorial candidate Katherine at Templeton good morning Catherine the morning I try to make absolutely looking toward getting to know you and so what's your campaign this year. It's been interesting I have never done this before so it is an everyday and today. Absolutely and you are now you have had some big stuff going on the last couple days you've got something big going on today tell us about it. Yes I'm actually Allah is as honored he would have cited by the cadets at the citadel. The public into society and pretty steep and it when he came down for their annual. I'm concerned and the president and Hamlet the Nathan hale patriot award. Come it was a very controversial. In in our backyard with a leading up to the event and the protesters and everything else but that was. So wildly successful. And glad we added yet. Very very have a little man fact not covered very much the liberal media because I don't think it. Even though they are narrative that Steve and I spent a couple hours and a crazed private meeting with the African American chamber South Carolina African American chamber. Both for the dinner. It meant talking talking to their leadership. Because just by the way he's painted. He knew he he he's fighting the fight all of us if you want to take our country packed man woman black white Hispanic doesn't matter stand. That was one of the things that of course we can only thing on your show because the military is not on your show understand that. Captain Nowak are askew but I view and in Indiana and you know kind of fed that that was interesting colleges need because you'll and doors Jeb Bush correct. Sure I'd fit into how would not by the bush can play. Well old world before I mean early early this summer before the presidential metallic supported him and if you look at me look at what Jeb Bush did in Florida he had actual outcomes which is what we all along right I mean. Government raise money at things and think they're finished you know let's throw more money are red our reds are effect. So Tom looking at can't outcomes and pride you know that I knew that I'd show mrs. bush and have a loyalty to that family. But talk some pleasant NRA and intend to do that that's some more I had. Irrelevant because regardless what happened my name with somebody money and put some. That's ahead. President trot that mind at all buckeye is when he got elected. He and Steve in and asked me to come up to trump tower. Can't actually were believed president elect Q now you the united in the present as the December. Carried me to be honest cabinet. He and the vice president and right spree that and and Steve. Did you un I'm curious to any grass is question them before group east that's you know did you did you do I you weren't Jeb Bush is who leadership team correct did you did you bush did you vote for Jeb Bush. Outlet on the campus of leadership table absolutely yes and did you vote for Jeb Bush original source I did have very different at a primary okay. Edgy and you said that was because you know you competitor obviously early on for Trump's ever in the race. All would you have voted for traffic jam was not the race. I would have actually. Eight McMullen who with his statewide. Leader Kim I don't know what it exact title was that ultimately was one of his generals on inaugurations kind of thing he and I. Our friend that he asked me at some point that you know we you we would endorse. The president Arafat told us they'd be I did I can't the crime is I'm a loyal person yeah and you don't you know go back when your word. I'm so of course candidate for president child and of course such support an ambient now and and love that he's doing what he said he would gain. And and trading the clock is that they can't if he can get it bureaucrats had to play. Bulls to drain the swamp in and out I'm not I don't have any intention of putting you on the hot seat this morning Catholic tough no I think it's important that. I think that's important to be on the hot if he can't they keep it to governor never an end and this is gonna be I think it's a tough race on I had a question for you. Did you supports. The gas tax. So I did not support the gas tax and that. Sent them to some business leaders but let me let me tell you lie. We have enough money in our state budget to pay for the things that we should be paying for the necessary evils of government we should be detained for red. Because even if you touch heavy equipment you may not be nice enough to save my read in my church in my house says the mine Michael. Would pay for it. Which it perceived safety but he and I had a concealed weapons department to come out with much stronger and I expect the police to show up till we get for safety the day for education. Because we can't all of fortitude error it's better to send children to one place says and have them all talk together if we did it take three detained. But our healthcare burden and that that we incurred we would still have. Billion left over to our state budget so we cannot wait it out now. Of course I'm not then position of authority. To go one way or the other on the gas tax because democratic senate and but while that debate was going on you know very clear to say look we have the money the problem that has. Our legislature. To last year's budget. Start with that. It's far port city don't ever put that money they however Kate and I am trying to Wear it today again. It starts from what they had last time. The problem. Now what we've done and is it really has told them that this may bill. You know we can get a third of the money that we've we tapped to increase from people outside of the state like south part. But it doesn't all get our reds so I don't like that part. Thank you go on not killing implement some excitement here. That's why I had guilt come back we eat we commit to coming back on the show are certainly happy also because I I have some questions and I would love to ask you and the question we're asking we've had Kevin Brent on the show we have not had mr. McMaster Honolulu basked in multiple times. To come we hope you'll find some time for us. But one of the things that we ask Kevin Bryant he said that he would be willing to. Consider what the fastest growing. Economy in the entire country. Has done in Texas and that is completely and the income tax get rid of South Carolina. Texas create more jobs at per capita than any other state in the nation to at a last three years would you be willing to get rid of the income tax. I would be willing interrogate him and contacts but nothing it's irresponsible matters to do it like Texas can they get hit another way. My least favorite activity in contact because it takes money out of people who actually work and unfortunately we we're starting to believe we're well we're starting. We're starting to leave the majority of it people. Mom I've actually done and I can tell that it neither candidate has and can and can't nationalities. Or we can pretty far income taxed under 5%. And and it won't cripple without property tax our sales tax that the awful saying is that. State income tax and state taxes are one thing but our little local taxes pile on in a way that's really disproportionate. Harm people. It's into account with a good politician I'd say yeah let's get a little bit here at let's do that. Mom that you all you know right and then now always be honest about what the actual map so we can do. Whether it's you know less comfortable or not we can pretty thing compact in fact have a plan to do it. What I asked you a quick question captain Templeton I know we we don't have a lot of time. On the two fastest growing economies in the entire country by GDP or Texas and of all places west. Virginia they had hand they're growing their economies ads roughly twice the rate in the South Carolina economy and the number one reason for that according to be. Federal government which put out a thing honest not too long ago. On my list are familiar with is that they are on drilling and that might mean Texas alone now produces so much oil. That they have more power in the world than OPEC. Would you be willing to commit to one exploring offer coasts and to drilling. Offer tested said that we could have made at tax revenue into the treasury. Of not close to a billion dollars and two different studies of shared. Anywhere from twenty to 50000 jobs for South Carolina creative would you be willing to one explore and to drill off the coast. So what my concern that the the federal government providing information because that that makes me aspect and again less. On number Q what talent what talent working for. When he says that about taxes and net I just don't like about federal charter oak restoration. I'm not a consistent studies didn't come from the federal government they they came from the oil industry. I'm sorry I'm into the city yet. Well you know what Howard for governor Haley we are actually in charge of battle in which is which is the great that look at what our oil reserves are unsure. And all the studies that we have shares that if we drilled off because. That we would only tribes take days worth of oil and began and says. Yes com to get provided more jobs for South Carolina it hit provided more resources for South Carolina without hurting us without hurting the job is at a net gain. How do it. But the studies are just there's no all over the board it. But didn't put denied because we haven't done that that's what I'm asking would you be willing to. Allow exploration because some guy that is thirty years old and is Jeff. Here is is our our congressman just don't it is explained when he's come on the show again and again we desperately need to go out and reassessed because we don't actually know how much oil and natural gas. Is is offer curse those studies are talking about are very old so I mean I would you be willing to. Two do you modern studies into it and to not stand in the way of that so we actually know what's upper coast. I'm glided in modern studies that but the same studies that lead before it didn't they were denied. Destructive of our cash. So yes I think it's very important that they are steady then that information we have is wrong. We can't forward. Palm and and we've got to Leno studies how do you know that there isn't a good or modern waited to drill off there off the coast to. Without it being destructive and in the gulf of Texas is one of the most top ten popular diet destinations for vacation America and they had drilling off the coast. We had to know that would be bad for the coast. That again with the study that we have a scientific say that we have to say that it would be dangerous for our ecosystem. And we had so much armed. I only just the tourism but we have semis. Eight seafood industry as a commercial fishing industry often archaic. Oh and wanna make sure can't let them blame on the TV says it doesn't bottom line on it if it is good for South Carolina I want to do it. Long hitter than 19% of trying to whether economically. Because that create more jobs because it brings in more revenue. Wanna do it. But that probably men too much having been in charge when President Obama wanted to do it. I wanted to know all about it OK if you wanted to do it probably didn't. We look at a whole lot of studied at the end of the day whether or not I was going to her health South Carolina was inconclusive. I am supportive of having more information to understand. It it will help the citizens of this state then I put my children to. So you gubernatorial proves he's mechanic Katherine Templeton cap and I know the you have an event that you want to promote. On Anna and I agree to a indeed I tell folks where they can come on out and then meets the needs you in and get to know more about she. Sure thank you look tonight actually where we're doing we're going to be in the South Carolina GOP. Come Charleston County in grade and about 7 o'clock in North Charleston. And but can afford to give everybody there. Awesome and how can folks on finds he Katherine planet more values are good website for them to go to. Yes thank you for asking his cap principled stand dot com. And mean and sign up I don't stand anybody. The roulette I don't want anymore email but Allen again not only to get a lot can't. Take for Cummins Cummins to stick it fires in carefully cutting back I would like to have satellite press Q. Place first or Rangel all the policy in this state because we've got indeed have done something different. Awesome and you know what if he sees Henry McMaster out there on the campaign trail. Which tell what you tell them to please return our emails and phone calls into some show which country that you Manolo it can be sure he's not taking my site. I doubt it curry she can Catherine Templeton. Best of luck to you and your in your run for governor thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you care and it. Cheryl how what did you think. Q what to listen you cut until and bad that was Katherine Templeton running for governor here in South Carolina. You can and can't see any when it's in parity on the podcasts. Sure producer Chris will put that up on the FaceBook page yet I I knew you'd pick that Chris. JC listen its entire you worry you can download the podcast by texting podcasts at the word podcasts it's 70130. Seven. Thank you and current knowledge she was a dead Jeb Bush supporter yes by the Jeb Bush in the primary but also. I'm on his you know one of the leaders of the steering committee for the state for his sis state. Campaign she says sort of hard for trump. You know with not for Jeb but she committed to him long for trump entered the race and she's saying. Loyalists she says she just gives it works is sticks biceps. Outlets she would people think. Text your rates she sounds like Nikki Haley. Now the text erase it no oil no vote the detects your head no Jeb supporter and Miki clan ahead note. And a text your race. Thousands of hotels and millions of tourists on the coast is good for the ecosystem but looking for energy off the coast is bad for a bunch of garbage. It takes to raise tourism industry gets a pass. The textured and yet raise sounds to me like she was a professional dancer. Thank you for I don't think Amy neck kind with Paul it's it's shifts since. It's just a really she was professional dancer thank you for replaying the interview as I was not able to hear this morning in such a Bulldog. Thank you if you to run for office she got my vote. Yeah you have to pay in you do that kiss. Not really in my and a I like interest but thank you text your rates and this was early but I just thought this would know to the bush family. Mean this after wanted to be direct competitor to the oil industry in Texas in which the bush family has a bunch of influence. The sister writes. Sarah I have your morning's better than mine has spanned my mom called me at 730 sound asleep telling anyone up for outside cats have been hit and I need to take into the event had him put to sleep. I hate freaking Monday's. Services jennies police are about the GM. This could see that he you're you're you know you're able to help you mono texture rates. I know you probably don't drive over driving my stair but wade Hampton is becoming the next Woodruff road. We had only hinted in a while but to whoever being as bad as witch for of yeah Otis said wade Hampton is the old wonder for a yeah nothing new. Text rates OK just like Haley should not be back on your show they don't like tough questions. Tester is serving in making light early this morning. Yes I adjusting to do. That she said we would not be able to eliminate the income tax. On a Kevin Bryant who is the other kid who's come on the show he's run for governor is well he's our lieutenant governor right now he believes she can eliminate the income tax and he says he will. Strive to do that is governor he supports the complete elimination. Like they had in Texas and economy growing at twice the rate of this white. The site is a big state when you look at you just look at rate of growth it doesn't matter how big states are compare women in their rate of growth is double this one minutes for two reasons they don't have an income tax so companies move there. And it's also because they they are drilling export. Its corn in the Department of Labor. It's the drilling in the export and we went through that study. And I mean we have West Virginia can imagine this. Second fastest growing economy in the entire country yet them. And that's because of the coal. You know we had wit we have the tourism industry it's gray and all but we are not the second fastest growing economy in the country. In fact there's two economies are growing at twice three Garza's. You know so I mean when you when you look at what works in a formula and I just gotta kinda shake my head. Tester rates she you know for trump which she voted for bush he was not even in. The race than that was a vote for Hillary known you know she voted no she voted for trump that for for Jeb Bush over trump in the primary she said. Tech series drilling rigs in the nation's great places for small fish died bringing in game finished great fishing areas. Never does a over the weekends one of the Thai deed top ten vacation destinations in America. Over Texas. They have drilling off the gulf of Texas they got oil rigs to. I think she have tours that take people out to them because the just really cool. Any kills me about is their producer Chris had a story earlier in the news. And show that our ports and airports at the like 5%. Something like that. And an ad that was a great thing for the city airport rate. Should get support. And he's big hit nasty ugly. Cargo ships. And if you if you sit on the beach in Charleston and a narrow rested an old and in just nasty look. It's it's nothing across the horizon but a big line of rusted old cargo ships. Larger on the horizon in the oil rigs would be yet somehow that has not affected tourism at all and not trying to shut down pour. As part I don't get. We're and it. When somebody from South Carolina heels that is never gave. Juli a few times usually. I remember a game in January 1 other instead did it is that what I was dead now and also good to get lady gamecocks through yes. Well this is cracked Miette. General knows collected data online recipe search sites like around you know for Thanksgiving recipes. And here we in South Carolina won six states that did the most Google in. Of the entire out of the entire country like for dessert to Google and Google and say. Where were rare and all her giggling yell. It dead sound better is it work that's good OK good. A Georgia South Carolina Delaware North Carolina did in my searches for a for dessert recipes. Soon that finishes where we win the that the big Tony award every year who could be that people were misspelling desert camp. Are trying to get to the desert exactly. On doors they're naming names you trust. Yet is it one at a dessert. We are really committed as a paid up but you have to Eskew cultural question her because it was something interesting with there were searching for OK and I'm so they took looks easy genuine surges. That you know out of DOC suffer for such a paid the most popular desert. Here. Dessert here in South Carolina. This price me sweet potato pie right. Don't Laura I never had not Tim Kasra I don't consider that a dessert you don't OK I consider that a part of the meal a bit I don't Thanksgiving. Or are we this investor potato casserole. That's on your tune that you don't have to get a lot of states we've hit a Castro's animal is not shouldn't hit a Castro is potato pie. Like. How can I like analysts say because we like pot but I aipac yet well okay it's just wondering if that was the thing around here you can tell me and sweet potato pie sweet tender. And looks it happening you do you put in a tigress is not slang for like Castro it's like sweep it is a different thing and then is basically. Usually say is is that pumpkins for the most part down pretty much. Okay because I tell you can help me while I expect to stand is that they're trying to I don't even see. I've had him more I mean the way that our family does it it's usually the puree sweet potatoes with brown sugar over the top of it and that yeah chance not to cons but B can't be candies. Yes and that's that's generally the way that it is it shows up on the Rogers household Thanksgiving. Table. Especially exterior southern accent was excruciating to hear. Let me girl but that was awful are you auditioning for the SNL Roy Moore skit next week. Good to know it could be if they're gonna pay enough. The ruling and tester race at captured Templeton. To restore confederate flag to promise to state museum he gave her past well no I don't Chile agreed to do one segment I pushed to three minutes or of the segment limit. And you can tell yeah that's a very dangerous thing to do here because producer Chris is here stands on end answers I'm already losing enough hair on my time. Without me rates. There's a passionate marriage all by myself. Under said so no but anyway so I had very limited time with her to ask questions are headed stated she's the three most important ones I was trying to give anybody past or at work that way if you listen in my interviews. She says she would come back so we lad that questioning. Text your race yes sweet potato pie is fantastic. Somebody else simply write swing traders. And run an exclamation points. Scenario worried SARS eyes open you could culturally lately but apparently failed you feel measurably Lee let's move on monde. OK finally some justice. Though are you kidding me now from our justice system that would never happen the national toy hall of fame. Has voted in. Little whistle while and the paper airplane now. I love clue we have that actually mean the kids played. That's excellent can actually we are clueless or clueless really. Okay this is the unfair part in the competition and did this is where they'd this these not voted matchbox cars. My little pony. Pez dispensers you have a child who live without Pez dispenser and I do that fake food you know the plastic kind. Transformers. And carts. So these were not voted him yet he says he's disappointed with the match box because of course matchbox actually was a a British toy that was imported here. And actually I remember the very first actually still have the very first first one I ever got. The my grandmother on my mother's side bought from me at the Wilson die dime store in Williamson well is in good shape guy. And yet you could sell a stunning great shape but it's it's you can still tell what it is but it's the the old BP petroleum tanker. That has all camp that tilts over. And I still have that and and but I'm I was huge hot wheels fancy like you totally see being and how else could I still buy some. Net yes I do I still know I do I use them but I didn't get your head down and I mean I just save them I mean but I only by the real cars I don't by the weird things with a you know we are wings and all the other stuff that it's a real car. That comes out like the new Camaro those are corvettes are mustangs or Lamborghini for Ferrari's. Those things on Bynum when they do some of the like the jaguar XK he coop. They do the some of the old old school muscle cars or or the European digital model collector got a guy except that you just don't have to build the many right now. And I I leave them in the package and just store them why and you know when these days about three generations now might be worth few boxes. Some see so two years still trying matchbox cars that ran on the mostly hot wheels because matchbox cars and they don't. I don't quite. Do that the stuff on the Internet but in one. Parra. At Terrell we talked about this on the at staples this weekend and I thought the biggest surprises the Whipple ball beside it I've said. If but if it was going to be between the with the ball and with the back of the end of the ball he is the only thing he's the willful ball forest. Like a ball hey Chris sometimes you're the balls on the bat the bat I mean you could use the word for ball bat to play willful ball or you could use it as a sword to. Aura of flag polar bright Fuller gee I mean you it was. You had to use your imagination and you could come up with all kinds of things just don't cut we used as a weapon because you'll just make. Man. I believe you know cards and a little concern in the cards now who play or not. Are gonna had a childhood without him we play it now in my house we play vicious com competitive and now. And he goes on for weeks at a time sometimes some turn as we add an IQ. It doesn't regret the kids doing it's it is fact might. Daughter and I had a thing we went to again this weekend and came home in the guys that the guys in biding their time in her absence are playing in the cards were out on the table itself. We knew packed two week so worn out this one's really get to for the Christmas party you totally Greg had no way will he will we will use those who sold you know there. So I was in our hands practically but done guess surprised is uno was not inducted I mean you know where football over and now okay now. You know he's just a little more exercise yet I know really. Not my house because usually two thirds of the way through somebody runs after somebody else screaming and slapping and crime because they have no shared. Not me the husband mind I'll tell you exercise you should enjoy dilemma look at you know it's the kids they get Matt knows so much fun they came absolutely love it. So I assure you Aaron ushering understand that but a well. There you go they didn't get the most votes so you know I never had a little bar bald Imus out. I didn't. I've there's always next year there's always trying to play that was and Jim I mean when they when it was raining and they they head to inside and they do the willful ball in the gym they didn't does that involve like launching a ball at somebody high speed. Well like I spoke only like the pitcher and a few can enable the debt that's the thing about the little ball it was difficult to get at the high speed there was basically no mass to. And plus has got hold senate so it loses speed very quick yet. So now you know. While. Anyway I I almost never agree with those aren't there you go again so. Terry I'm voting for hot for matchbox cars master yes yet you go online especially that you know they do it it's very democratic. And less the Russians are clued him in an as yet they probably are. Text is he sweet potato pie is fantastic says is tracing Gaffney. The detection says here's the tea parties are very similar to pumpkin pie. Not a lot of pumpkin and pumpkin pie you know Larry if he does pumpkin mex is very little pumpkin dinners like this from this weird it's genetically engineered squash things. But he's kind of like pumpkin you taste a little lake. I don't know undercurrent of course tasting it from complying. Which they are my dad can be resolved by adding extra cream and huge dollop of sugar to cover that up. You're not imagine it that's actually swap squash. That they sell. In the stores it's mostly squash it's very little pup comply Gerald. From cal Pickens. Calling and model cars what's on your own. Hey good morning about mr. back in the decade we teach the awful hard together and we had several octane include. And what we it's not switching golfer fighting you're often can't pull this porch light from a lot but sacred record that they. Which she didn't sniff you chewed off your fingers. Now this a lot teacher the main caller I take every day here Jerrold on the show. What you didn't sniffing glue you'd shoot off your fingers into. A sprint has yet to get one case alleged earlier with the glue gun and toy hall of fame right. Murray and Gerald. Text your race your car can afford new is a matchbox. Keep it quite good old boy politicians in Columbia may try to tax us on them. Now the text erased listings you tear with full ball nerd amateurs. The second listening few Whipple ball nerd amateurs discussed above the ball is killing me wrap masking tape now let's fast pitch. This is true producer Chris. You know what that's not something I ever did it. But I imagine it would be I imagine it would help it couldn't hurt because it. As Lee mentioned there a bunch of holes and it's so it catches the air as it's. As as it's flying through the air. What I just had a caller he had taken San maligned but he mentioned golden stick with full ball which apparently is some sort of semi professional with the ball play and and they he said they pitched eighty miles an hour with a with a ball there with the I am I'm Empresa maps go look it up. Gee that Delhi the Martin into tonight's guests with those holes into the face. Boy in him. OK I wanted to get into this went manual tomorrow. And there are having with TV Chris is. That it's hard to measure a lot of TV today based on ratings because Netflix and other streaming service is the release audience numbers you know what. I did OK they don't release it but they've got to have the data. That's the thing is that I've I've seen the couple articles about this and it and they seem to suggest that. Services like Netflix and Amazon you know as streaming services Hulu. Don't know how many people are watching a particular thing. I'm like that's that's there's no way there's no what they have to know how many requests they've gotten now they may not know how many people are sitting in the room watching a thing. And that's understandable I doubt Nielsen knows that either but he and LSU reported you know yet we had. Four people in the room watching this TV shows as opposed to one I don't know but. But they've got I mean. That at the just the way the Internet works they've got to have a tally of the number of requests they've got for particular me. Well they. And they did this study using what they called demand expressions to figure with the most popular TV shows America are which are in include illegal downloads streams. Bomb along with ratings from France fans and critics positive feedback on social medium blogs and social media mentions photo sharing and because sharing stuff about the you know that TV show. An online searches so they use everything you know but the normal straight operating trade OK so by that measure. Pretty good measure these days isn't it fascinating list top five okay preacher. Which you know I was into early on. Star Trek discovery. Is now the league has said several times is is very good yet. Number three game if drones. Number two Walking Dead and number one strangest things. Stranger things. You know and it's just just that and as I've said before it holds not used to you mentioned you're gone back and watching it from the from the beginning of season one. It's just as good. The second time around as it was the first time it's it's absolutely outstanding television the cool thing with the yet with the re watching it is to conceal the foreshadowing you miss all messed up the first time. Yeah and you go back and I am a real large part to gains attorneys say you know in a way it's even creepy here. In as if you know when you don't know what's coming. Some of that is lost on you but when you do know what's coming EE it's it's almost scarier that you know these these people are putting themselves in that position. I gotta tell you terror I mention to show TU last week we grew for a member. Called brain dead and number I'm her re. Recommend this again. You can find it on Amazon prime. It's got Tony Shillue Bennett who is a fantastic actor he's hilarious Mary Elizabeth who instead it's a bounce. A Washington politics and Howell how one explanation for the for all the craziness that we see in Washington could be alien space bugs. And it's and it is more sense than anything else with Chara and it's interesting how much extreme partisan politics looks like alien behavior. The OK so it's very funny is very clever. And one of the best things about it is that there's an Internet musician named Jonathan Coulton who rates and dirty songs and and he does AEA yet unity. A lot of shows will say you know previously on. On on this program previously on the X-Files previously on whatever and then they show you scenes from. Past episodes you know setting up the the events of this of the current episode. He actually John Goldman writes a song for every episode well and seeing is what happened previously on braid is very very funny. My way have BC news' Chris got fifteen seconds left and a mine hunter on Netflix is now my Gunner sees itself it's one of the ones that I wanna watch remember seeing the trailer for it. Several months ago and it's finally out now it's it's the it's is policy and FBI agent that basically pioneers the the idea of serial killers and and the cycle past that we. That's a cop with a that we associate with. It never heard of but it's a six month it was little assassin might react to check it out because academic house of cards we'll vessel that was our go to what would you watch that anymore so. You know I try that out.