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Tuesday, November 14th

Roy Moore stories sounding less credible as more details come out; Senate hearing over Trump’s mental competence shows GOP elites’ disdain for American voters


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Running late good morning terra you know it's funny last week. I said I had I had a lot of folks texting me when this whole Roy Moore thing Brad can of course you know he's the senate candidate got back by Steve Bannon. To take on the unit party. A total humiliation by the way and Mitch McConnell and the you know party that they threw thirty million dollars at that raise trying to win it. And didn't make a hell of beans difference Roy Moore. Won that primary total repudiation by the people of you know party they don't like that they don't GOP leadership doesn't like that I as alas we yum watching this. And he vortex into which we went even talk about Roy Moore you try to bury that Terri tried very you can talk about when you can talk about. As a why you know and weights I wanna wait to see if Gloria Allred law firm. Is involved anywhere here. I just wanna wait a couple of days because of the retraction raise the Washington Post. Which is very high on pretty much every major story they never broken in this whole Russia sought and they had to retract all or part of and so you know I I don't believe anything they say. And Josie I'm wade Siegler Allred law firms involved here NN and all that what's going on. When we find out yesterday I thought I noticed her. ES oh yeah I'll read it now who can all just find a victim. When the wrong person wins the primary. I tell you I I I'm I'm I'm having a journalist a crisis this morning. I'm unlike any I've ever had my journalism career I truly. And I'm looking at what's being reported about Roy Moore rate. And if Ford ten years ago I'd say come on there's there's four him with their five and now accusing him and I said come on that many women. Is gonna be something to it. Put. Now we on his sleep. How long conversation has been about this last night I was like. Keeps people. Who try either Russian collisions story this paints an entire. Story about an election. Wind Intel heads on board. We've never seen shred of evidence went theme about how they lie and lie and lied and lied to us. I mean even. One and this is sounding lies I've ever seen. Not defending right Mormon and get my point when the most astounding lawyer lies have ever seen. And rush pointed this out conservative treehouse point this out. I'll do what it was everybody knew. I'm all the committee members. All of their staff literally hundreds and hundreds of people in Washington that trump was not under investigation by the FBI yet they continue to reported day in and day out for almost nine months. But he was under investigation by the FBI they live in tandem and you're never Marco Rubio saying the most astounding thing here is that the truth never leaked. Do you remember that so when you look I would you party is. How they operate and how they lie. I ate and add a complete loss this morning. Where I would have been ten years ago I would tell c'mon there's not there's no way five women that many media Ali's media outlets covering it all his stuff while looks like they got him. And in America early. I just don't know what's true and what's not anymore. From a credibility cents because nobody has any credibility any more. And when you look at the way that the Mitch McConnell pack. Flat out lied in that primary I mean you're making stuff up about what Roy Roy Moore had said and believed to buy immigration leaf flags. Fiction I mean not even twisting his words the old political trick it's just flat fiction. During anything out that they could and so I'm watching this I'm going. I'm at a loss and Ella I know how they like are they capable. Of stoppages to stop him of making this up yet. And we've seen proof of that in the last year with this whole Russian thing these GOP. Leaders know this Russian thing isn't true and more and more congress firms and are coming out of got a bunch audio from yesterday and they're seeing was the collusion. Is on the Democrat side we know it they know it we all know it and yet you have you know big names including some of our congress members still pretending you strip on the our it they're they're pretending we know it's I have the facts you've heard the facts on the show you know it's not true they lie. Are they capable of alive this magnitude ten years ago I said no today. I'm an only I don't know. I don't know and here's a question I got thirty million dollars turn against her more now primary. And they didn't find this. That's yeah and you know how much Oppo research that buys essentially lab bidding cited congressional care and campaign of what is a run and won a statewide campaign in North Carolina I know. What Oppo research is light and darn it I Benny investigator reporter. I can tell you this thirty million dollars couldn't find these women. Now that's bad at that is what really looks like there's something being very ease someone being very opportunistic here. Desperate is what it looks like to me. Because when you're assume this for America act a mysterious retrofitting remark he might have done this I'm telling you this morning I don't know. I don't know them and that's a crisis for me I've never disappoint Parker Richard you know I mean normally would so well you always you know news organizations. It could be propaganda I don't think discriminate Michigan was the level of desperation Erica. Mitch McConnell is at 18% in Kentucky. I don't think the leader of the senate can re win his seat in Kentucky against to be out weak candidate could take him at this point. That's lower than Bob Parker who's our he says he's not running and lower than Jeff flake in Arizona who's very says he's not running they can't win their races. Guest guest who is even. Lower in approval rating than Mitch McConnell. In his home state. Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham is out there. Screaming yelling for Roy mortar resign rate and yes. And at and and yeah he is also know how they're defending. What's his face. Brow what is his name. Narrow Bob Menendez Mendez he's on trial now you know what I'm saying. I say sure I mean he sees Contra mores that decides he's he's a he's defending Menendez. And show. A neat Lindsey Graham's political futures on Iran online here everybody's his wife. What what is is rising about Roy Moore know this is about steep bank. Because he Steve band. Can continue with this. Mission Carl's going to doubt. And so's Lindsey Graham. It it is a mathematical statistical reality for these guys we only hope they have is to discredit Bannon. So when he comes to your state a look that's a guy who put the rapists up. So anyway you look at the overwhelming. On the sense of desperation. That these folks must have if you were in their shoes. Are they capable of making this up. They are. They're absolutely. Cable on the other side you have these accusers. And yet this woman. Bombed. And she's incredible. He stopped the car he put his car. Limit my and then not to stir. In the back of the restaurant. Where there were not alive. There anyway dark. Poorly concluded. Animus suffered nearly a player arrests later because of your kid friendly and elect kind of thing yet. Okay see that so that you get to the shift to where that's going on sixteen he came into the restaurant he signed a yearbook that said. Or does someone else on me about my own and I don't why would at least give him here very year bowyer does sign after. He tried to act now. I'm due to a terrible thing to her that he did. Here's Roy Moore yes allegedly shares were more yesterday. All addressed what been brought out on television today by Gloria Allred and a client that she has about things I allegedly did. Only make it perfectly clear the people of Alabama know me they know my character they know what I stood for in the political world for over forty years. Not continue without hesitation this is absolutely false I never did. What she said I did. I don't even know the woman I don't know anything about her I don't even know where the restaurant ears or was. So all yep he was here every every every day they're we're gonna find people who knew he was there. And we have regulars at restaurants airports had you know a Haskell when I was wearing tables. On the sing I'm Caroline is how we're where you Leon in the middle crisis I'm I'm from I'm well matter who I am their jibe really do not know who to believe there's there's. There seems to be some. You know. Not defend it tooth denials from him that he may have hung around women younger than he should just hanging around. I have heard that and and some of his denials have not been as definitive as I would like for them to be. Now is to foresee any of these actual as you know sexual assaults or or you know the accusations. I really haven't heard that any of those. I mean eight yeah anybody can say that the statute of limitation travel long time ago when we don't think they've got to worry about now we slander libel. For making a false claim. Yeah and then I'm there there's another interesting thing here though to did you hear this said. In Alabama the way it works is if the Republican Party disavows Roy Moore now. Then and he wins the the actual election the most right the elections Null and void real yes well since Turks. So are you to do is push the Republican Party to a point where they just can't back this guy anymore and he is out of there. And all the sudden these women soon need to show up in the coming. I say look at a look I I'm a Texan Terry shame on you you're trying to make its use for sex sexual predator. Yeah he could bid. Eating skis are now not at all but he can be a real victim here. Obviously it did this tramp into used to remark who they do this year. Is it's not real. The Russian hacking was a real what else is real we turn to sort through every I'm having a hard time figuring it out anymore. So does Roy Moore thing let's go to people think. Text your brakes on the common sense for interment playing text line I don't believe these accusations for a minute here just like try it just seems this stuff comes out at the. Opportune time why not wait so long. Why why now why wait so long something just doesn't seem right to me. This story is simple conservative GOP scum bags like Roy McConnell and McCain to rush to judgment I believe Roy Moore. And Chris isn't might. An arcane this history is my question is where was all this Ari when Bill Clinton was playing what flavor is my gown in the referral Oval Office. Lord. And it detects your eggs due process accusations do not equal guilt. Here's the latest Troy Maurer accuser with Gloria Allred next to her you conceive she was reading from script to tell the story. The check straits your when I was kid I read the signed up more real news than we get from the mainstream media today. Here's annoyance about Ben and cranky conservative votes out of the senate. We. You believe this is Roy Moore Corey at creep. Boris is the U party. But when you cry and the waves that an investigator will it. I talked about the alleged crimes were more has committed just to see you look at a scene. Who has to gain by doing something. What's incentive. Wouldn't. Mitch McConnell and Republican leadership had defectors. His fate I don't know I'm Tony I'm have a crisis this morning I don't know I know I have and I am so. Completely I have so little faith in any of our institutions anymore the GOP leadership. Ani the mainstream media. That literally I now watching we normally would get to 45 when I guy he did it donor. Don't know. But the way they've lied to a slush year they made an entire Russian collusion narrative. I had to retract most of it. We know for a fact that most of the hill knew it was a lot. Especially the part remember where commie filing had to come out and say trump was under FBI investigation. All this committee member's name. All their staff knew hundreds of people and yet ally lived on with the media reporting as fact that trump was under investigation by the FBI and treating him like a lunatic. When he suggested he wasn't. He was delusional we got to take the nuclear codes away. I know and see you doubt. It just her perspective you're you're watching the Republicans now allegedly appear to work with trump on his tax thing. You want evidence of how much they hate this man and how determined they are to take him don't you know what is going on to Maine senate. Did you know what to do it. The GOP pick they have on my you. To confirm trumps nominees. Get the more than a hundred bills through that congress that the house has passed that would make the economy in the country better known now they're taking time for hearing. And whether trump should have the ability to authorize nuclear strike because he's so scrambled in the brain. That he cannot be trusted with nuclear codes decision GOP leadership. You think they'd fake. Accusations against Roy Moore to stop trump. This government take in the nuclear codes away from him because he's not mentally stable. He is more mentally stable than anybody in the GOP leadership. So when you look it was to stay here look at stake here he got mission as his get yet Mitch McConnell. Head of the GOP it's thirty million dollars. His Pak grace most of its you know party mice chamber to chamber money to take out Roy Moore they failed it was an absolute humiliation. And you watch Bob Corcoran from Tennessee and you watched Jeff flake from Arizona. Ballot not running anymore why. They're in a low twenties and approval rates among their own voters. In your state. Ms. Collins at 18% folks. He's done and he's done is headed cynic he's done politically and he knows you think he's desperate. And the only way to stop this is to stop Steve Bennett from coming into his state in cutting and literally cutting him down into east. Some excellent place got left. Who else has that plane left Lindsey Graham Lindsey Graham is less popular in this state and McConnell. Flake or worker. He's a 14% approval with his own voters. He cannot win a race. You only thing he's he only hope any of these people do this is why Lindsey Graham is writing a whole hog on this thing same Roy Moore she resigned. While testifying about the great character Bob Menendez in court. His due he's got to they've got to discredit beta now ask yourself this thirty million dollars in opera opposition research in that primary. Could not stop where more. Where were these women. Well I urge you did that copper research. You know back through every single person anybody has ever known her entire life. That's would that mean that is the. My seeing Roy Moore is innocent he be some rapists lunatic I don't know and that's the problem. These people lie at such a level and they had so much to lose and they're so desperate. That he or she they're totally capable of this. They're capable of absolutely capable of this it looks like a desperation move that's why they didn't try to primary they knew it was a trip. They thought they could beat him. They learns otherwise. Now other desperate. I concede excited it was the Washington Post Co. truth about this would say what the promise here. A real reporter. Would looked on the social media pages of these Jackie accusers in a found the one woman he said oh yeah award from Biden and Hillary's campaign. And printed that it would printed both sides he didn't and you tell me don't know what's on your social media page car right. They didn't. They don't have any interest in tones or I don't believe anything they say about anything. And so funny odd chance they could at one point telling the truth I would never know. I know what you know they lie about everything else and the level of lying in this country you listen show every day. Almost everything that the mainstream media presents is a light in some form or fashion. When he comes to trump politics. Russia and control this country. So I as he told me this morning I'm having a true journalist a crisis this morning I never been here before. I mean normally five women come out and say hey this guy did this. And I'm like well is consistent team has done today and like. Passion. And how. Anything is possible that these people we never knew how evil they where anything's possible. Anything. There is a no I too big no conspiracy to why did they won't go to at this point to preserve their empower. I I'd ironic that it was a week ago yell last New Haven China's were more thing as a waiter anti blur all Gloria Allred is involved here then I'll decide where I think. When you're Canada's cooler it. Right and here. Zinni Ingles advantage intact and haven't talked to Larry from Greer had Larry. Say Kath and good morning a reform like one point when Bill Clinton. Did what he did donation had Iraq to be a break outraged about it. However the people of Alabama all the ones that have directed. In it or not they're a little more. And number Libya according extranet to usurp that power not like a strong. What do you think ultimately happened here Larry you think it got its lethal I don't believe them or bring more. Believe the people of Alabama are Smart enough. To see what the New York termed the Washington Post. That Republican assessment and the Democrat party are trying to do not believe no more willing and well yeah hit and it ended its stake if the senate does what he says they have correctly. It's a valiant and I believe that there are distinct. Apple and along the route for the people of Alabama. So you mean if the idea Alec this this they died GOP yet this is they apparently had yet. They're with at and this what this is about Larry. Yeah you in your sees them going quickly I think if this happens on has to happen is the staging GOP has dissipated disavow Roy Moore. And even he wins the election the results are Nolan Boyd. It's way it works there. He is going on here. Said he didn't do it I would never want disparage a a true victim I'm saying. That there there is so little credibility anymore from anywhere politicians in the media. On and we look at the mag sheer magnitude of the of that lies they've told us last year you you just simply can't leave anything they have to say. They are entirely capable of tunes Roy Moore. Saying this whole thing up at at this whole life and they are applicable lies they've told us. And lay it if you barometer. And the reality in Washington you know you CDs congress members naral shuffling around. Lindsey Graham some of our congress members saying I don't really wanna work which trump on taxes we really do we wanted to distinctly American people and I'm I'm telling you all the ways they're undermining the tax bill with these poison pills. And I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist. But if you want to see. What's it that. The willingness to undermine. The absolute willingness to destroy a president who could save their party. And how bad it is up there all you have to do is notice. What's happening today senate hearing plans. They're gonna have a hearing on whether. Senator Pete this is run by Republicans I bet they're having a hearing on whether trump is mentally competent. To have the nuclear cuts. Do you think Mitch McConnell I'm not gonna let him get a tax bill through that helped him win in twenty trying. Now he read the destroy his entire party than let that happen. Was how out Regis. This it's. Biggest hitters should this honestly my truck. This just slim when you when may have parent who is he mentally competence not to have those codes. Know what they're saying. Bunch of idiots who elected he'd be too dumb to know who you should vote for the punch it Casey's mouth breeders. Window lakers. When she first idiots you made a mistake now we got a deep got a whole OJ and make sure you president does to start world war three. This is a GOP leadership folks do you honestly he fame their goal let him get a tax bill through your body mind. Lawmakers on both sides of the Allison your post. Have raised the question in recent months following president transpiring fury threats against the hermit kingdom and either heated moments with Pyongyang. They're having a senate hearing on whether he's mentally competent to assess the coats. This is not happened since 1976. Since you said this technically not a single person on the planet who could stop trump from oak ordering a preemptive strike on. North Korea not even congress many fear that a momentary lapse in judgment or need jerk reaction. Could lead to all out nuclear war this discussion is loans overdue said senator Bob Carr primary is there it is. Is statement military experts was it bring it military experts. To withstand and weather are proceeding it is so mental that he can't have the codes. Professor like a party that's on his side. Does that sound like utter disaster went all out war against him the American people for pallor. Don't forget who these people are. This is what trot said the prompt us. After North Korea threatened to blow up. They don't blow up US territory how it was any president their right minds poster react white. This. One's career best not me getting what the rest of the United States. They will be met. Whereas fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. He has been very drab. Beyond a normal state. Yeah and as I deserved it will be met with a fire fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never. See before. Keep in mind these same people when Obama was shipping twelve billion dollars on pallets. To Iran which they by the way have since used. Not only for their nuclear program it appears also for North Korea's. I a lot of it has been funneled Serb TV Iranian army. Today you come. At a hearing Obama's competence access net cash by the way broke a federal law. We have federal laws against ain't paying a ransom he broke the law. Today I'm today's censure him anyway have a hearing on his competent. Not. They are Rihanna is a designated State Department sponsored terror. The daycare now trump is promising did to hurt one of our enemies before he hurts us and and he's not mentally competent they think these same people folks. Military experts. Are going to it's still flying at these hearings today I trust me competent. To have the codes. This hearing new setup by Republican leaders in descendant. Lawmakers will ultimately discussed when you feel president trump has actually fit to hold the nuclear football. A military term for the. Advice to carry the missile launch coats. There were mocking you affect their mocking you they hate you for electing this man a rebelling against them. That's who they are you doing this now. Because just had a betting up foreign. International tour he did an amazing job and his approval rating shot back up to 46% they can't allow this suggests why did you witness to. Don't forget. Who the enemy is and you'll understand everything going on right now in American politics the enemy is the GOP leadership. Hello this is it still time. And this is so needed still top selling expandable waist Thanksgiving pants. Yep. Sometimes accompany loans is new product that compliments the business so well you can't believe it took in this kind of figured out this one of those cases. Yep just launched a brand new product called the Thanksgiving dinner pants. It got a big expandable waist band and basically they would just like maternity pants. But to not for people who are pregnant hit this. Oh god bless America by the way and you get this for a ticking Thanksgiving dinner pins dot com for twenty dollars with free shipping. As he she grabbed some for the Selanne. Can ice gag gift. Carry text rates Tara who point eight type limit the senate they're they're hearing on trust mental competency today. To continue. To have the nuclear codes where they took away most of his ability to cut foreign deals. On behalf of our company country something that's ever been dying. To a prison. And yet they did today's won a Barack Obama sent twelve billion dollars on count pallets of cash to our Iran a state sponsor of tear. And do breaking the law in the process claiming he was paying eight made he was yeah a big pain a ransom. Can do that. It's against federal. They care. So why should listen and even have to send him. But this is designed to humiliate trump and an assistant this is an impromptu hearing in nursing aides because of his firing fury remarks he'd. He data to say he's gonna start world with threes nods. As we got to stop them. As cities GOP leaders and I had the senate hearing. Today in every military experts to try to judge whether trump is competent enough to have nuclear codes. Why are they doing missed. Weis GOP leadership should busy his his approval rating went back up to 46% he rocked it on the world stage of the last week he's an amazing. I just just an amazing job had a ton successes. That eluded the bush anti Obama. I mean you guys wipe an ice is off the map to callously it is been reduced by 90%. A bush and Obama could do then fifteen years with four billion dollars and 4000 lives lost you think it'll let trump get away with succeeding like this. So this is designed to a person and UC's all of the news nab. All right people from the military called in their all you know party they're gonna. She grinch up their noses and try to figure out trumps a maniac. And I bring this up as extensively ahead as I have only to show you. These people make go on the TV all American champion we're healthy economy in America people what this test I know they do not. They do not. Not the leadership anyway. They don't they are at war with him don't forget that. Tell you need to know understand the things happening right now in American politics sixth grader could do it understand the next. Text your right page here according leadership Mitch McConnell Robert Menendez must resign immediately. Now he's. Party candidate. No matter what is current study says. Tech straight kids here according to leadership however it's apparent that. Desperate I would love to see the bank accounts of these five women that are bringing allegations against mr. Moore again I don't know if this is true or not. And just tell you we've reached such a crisis stay in America. Where you can't believe this kind of thing anymore because it could be it could it could be completely ash stricter as the level at which they lied to us. Text your rates. Terry who appointed them tramps judge who gives a rip what they think is their opinion Allen Boyd. I think talk about the senators by technically according US plaudits but they can change US law. But it's you late. You folks you congress members in the state vote to take this nuclear codes away from trump. You better watch out next primary on say. As well know what side you're on with her about a litmus test to find out you're on our side or theirs will know how you vote. Text jury it's all we need to do now is find someone that would Q talk a sexual misconduct we get rid him rape. Seems like all the Ryan as just need an allegation there were more at situation fits the narrative and they limit such establishment corruption and I guess. The tech stories and let the what you call the women is the accusers a bunch of lists than say you don't know. I I don't know I'm telling you the truth you don't know either. So don't get osment beat me on the text like text your rates are misusing you know party thinks artery that one as a disarm Marines my strength from smarmy guy. Okay text rates kick in I got to go home I'm married to Marie teh story tape cheer on the latest Roy Moore accuser she says CBS I did he locked the car doors as she couldn't get out. Current orders can be open. From the inside with a door handle also she has mastered the Jimmy Swaggart art of crying those tears. Not no one ounce of three pounds of makeup on her. Yeah I don't know folks but I just I just don't know.