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Tuesday, November 14th

SC Sheriff’s Association terminates Will Lewis’ membership; Payphones still make hundreds of millions of dollars a year; Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to investigate himself for breaking federal law; Mattel introduces hijab-wearing Barbie


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Well and good morning shrink to increasingly M I allows our guys tightest the content isn't. Hinting at how will Louis UC it is South Carolina sheriff's association that we just terminated that yep will lewis' membership. Citing conduct detrimental to the interest of the association and the office that sheriff. So I they say don't you know one act to the moral police. Prime time but we can no longer and are allow our badges to be tarnished. By the actions of others who was sent a clear message shores citizens we shares we will do what is right all the time not just one it is convenient. They said the statement that cents a a great goal. They said that Joseph Louis afforded due was deported due process within the association the trick is not to offend the charge of conduct detrimental to the associations show. And a birdie to mount. Yes. So he continues to lag to hang on well I'm from a legal standpoint he has there's nothing the requires him to step down. Since news which I broke well a broke wellness and has been preyed on everything that they have reported that Paris. Ben. Now confirmed is still a few things they reported that haven't hasn't either way is saying that Don the investigation. That is being done by sled has moved into the financial around. And is looking a financial improprieties we don't know if he actually did that I don't give the impression that he did if he did not but that's what they are reporting and today have broken every aspect of the story. Trying to be so. Matching that makes they're reporting true but it you know is given their record on this story it's compellent. So amazing to see how long the sheriff last. I mean if if you know me if if they can't find anything illegal on hand AM he may end up serving out that term if he wants to say. Now that's. I I don't know I've confidence is not high on land when. Just. Alley and then not finding what and you know I mean that he'll finish out the term I mean I'm I'm just I think he could be days away now right but I I'm just. I don't know I'm just. Is is a lot of this is gonna depend on this you know forensic audit that the green gamma counsel's gonna do. Because if they can point to and make a case. That. Money was spent too. Directly. To benefit his relationship with a woman then that that could be something that could put enough political pressure where. He would have to go ahead and resign. But at this point it's on him. Yeah idea and that and that's my point is you know at this point it is still on him a leader it really is. And in the way. Had Greenville county council hired forensic audit yes that they're doing now on it sheriff's department. While they're doing. Neither fight tooth comb. Expand that to the Transportation Department texture pointed this out the other day and. Point out all departments rain and but to be good idea well what did you see out of people's money's being spent manifestly not I go I went to get. And in theory that. And and honestly I think that's something that should happen on a regular basis and sandy but. The as. Councilman bill pointed out those things are expensive the more you look into the worst in the cost more time is gonna take annoyed that they could find the savings of the problems I didn't think they probably could too but they don't even know what they spend money on. I think your about you know I mean duplicative programs the front panel could grief yeah. Okay shocked my system I did not notice what's given us this morning. Yes that he can can you tell by the beginning of the set and away went on the coffee decaf. Okay. Pay phones still hundreds of millions of dollars a year and why. Bomb plot a couple of reasons and personal according to vice dot com. Just two years ago pay phones across the country made total listen it is 286 million dollars. They actually get every phone pulls in around 236 dollars per year. Which means they you know are used at least fuel for a few calls a day. And you're seeing people use them when they're around phones are down. You know interacting forgot the charger. They're desperate now and they also use them now wanna leave a record. It's all white Iowa State. Yes you know edit this its attention mama but that's what it is on the issue mom is the one you have on the side. You know that I need anybody know that you did not yes it is a moment you have on the side So Taguchi now that's not. That's an option I don't have no like I didn't like went but I surely educational Lopez do you think if she hits the street. I have to the street there. I feel well educated yeah I kind of figured that was it because you know obviously there would be record the call rate. But there would not because everything these days is done digitally in his own computer and everything is monitored. They don't Anna Sega probably you know. Playback your that your phone call but you know if you do it from a orchid divorce attorney and our opinions on the account yeah I'm Santa. Yet they do subpoena that stuff now. All of my. A certain green tossed okay. Because seem to see pay phones anywhere from what I just Tina Meyer our eyes just Agassi is humid there in active like they're just you know. Archaeological. Relics of a has time I'm put it O fer I stopped counting at 83 in green mill. Froze pizza unpleasant for drives. Greenville little fear in college street just when there. The pantry and wade Hampton is one near. Sitting among the mall a place I cannot even remember I did not know I used a pay phone how gosh I was probably college. Tempting myself event. But yeah no one is gonna have been at 2030 users but maybe yes. Text your Rachel Weston really find it perfect example of the could she mama huh it. Texture it's just think if he forensic audit of bickering bills a sheriff's office reveals improprieties the SE DOT. Will never get audited all hell no I look at. We. Are this is this is South Carolina. We used to do fraud investigations. Had DOT we've been restricted newness and we used to do performance on as we normally do more. And they were not well received so basically now just focus on the. Now if that meant. Audits of the shares to permit them idiocy TNT. Boy where felons working as contractors even though that's illegal on anyway Ari so. I don't like going on what we think this whole thing. With sessions. Considering a special counsel to go after Hillary. Consider he's could consider yeah. I will be surprised if it actually goes forward. Not that it shouldn't it certainly should. Because if we were truly doing an investigation into Russian collusion in this will be a part of Ian Koran investigation. Because that's where the real collusion occurred. I'm. Well didn't you know I'm in Jeff Sessions of course is the head of the department of injustice. An and he's our attorney general and so so far he is assured us. That even though Ryan rose is seen his deputy attorney general is directly implicated in potentially breaking the law. In the uranium one deal to be okay if Rosie is he remiss if roses he wants to decide. If he wants to investigate himself but this is such as well guy at all. That arms he could today rim that this is sessions. But I would like to remind you that deputy attorney Rosa starting and directly sue Verizon criminal case went in he would US attorney in Maryland. I don't think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct do you. It would be his decision he's a man of integrity and ability if he feels that Diaz de. Listen no reasonable prosecutor. Including rat Rosen Steve what investigate route Rosenstiel. As we know OK get hit she's. It's here's a son is all had to see the headline eat and what its rate is so great everything with Hillary's rate it's gonna be rigged and I only had to read down three paragraphs to find out. Who will be deciding. But this special prosecutors can't be appointed. Any clues as will be one of the decision makers. Kate. Who run red Steagall tag that. Because it is a bit too obvious to me answer. What would you use speed. To rule out by not telling congress about uranium one could've broken federal law. I Dino whose. Signature is on at the document's. Burying all of the information in the Iranian one Russian case from public view making them you know. They basically classified documents he can't seem you know whose names on that Rosenstiel. Since being darn it. Funny and it's just funny how pretentious committed occur and I darn skippy would sign the documents to keep her from public view would you no kidding yet so I'm sure that mr. resisting being me. Upstanding guy that mr. sessions says he is can be totally capable of deciding whether to invest in south. Question you know you have trump is a great guy ray why should he be able decided. Whether he gets investigated by special counsel. Didn't get the volume on the concessions too bad none on. Now but he's got great character sex said the trump had great character would trump was ready. What's changed him. Everybody should decide on their own special counsel to investigate themselves right there's a new American right now like that yes we create them out of thinner every day. You've got to keep keep up the lead changes is is this fast. Your race pace. To leave my knife at the airport when I forget to take it out of my pocket. Awesome. That's a great idea for the fees plus more pepper spray. That way my head now my husband buys me the end here had to pepper spray plastered. On that things are so it should pepper spray like fifteen feet. It's for when you wanna use your gun. So whenever I was treated thin air because it's always in my purse free puts it and I don't throw line they take it from me. Com and so yeah have to remember that you put the pepper sprayed by to hide the pepper spray blaster at the airport Gucci had. Or pay phone. If you will. Text rates. And where where NATO. Sorry skip at question is should the senate takes the nuclear launch codes from the president would not be considered too. I considered Acuna. By the way those he's doing and and a and a specialist time on the story this morning she couldn't she can understand their real state things in. Connors because you know you see. The they're having a hearing today to do nothing but Rick when he's a people mentioned called I just don't have time to its tax reform there they just they don't have talked. But they have time to had a hearing on trust I'd I'm not making this up mental competence to have nuclear cuts. And they're bringing an actual members the military to testify. As did GOP leadership about whether trump is mentally competent enough to continue to possess the cuts. Estrogen doing to you why by the way that is he had such a great foreign policy torque that he just took and you just rave reviews across the world. Om and his re approval rating is back up to 46% of that they can't lab that. The key to can't have that. And so they're going to humiliate him but these hearings upon his return. All pequot ice. After it does but you say. Curry is threatened to new Guam. Should just firing off the map they threatened to new Guam trusted this and now this is why they're having hearings and work. Career best not me getting what the rest of the United States. They will be met. Whereas fire and fury. Like the world has never seen. He has been very drab. We got a normal state. And as I said they will be met with the fire fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never seen before. Here's the New York Post law makers at this senate hearing on tribes mental competency and fitness to continue to possess nuclear codes. By the way the shin dig again hosted by the GOP leadership they run the senate don't even bother to blame Democrats this. Lawmakers will all really discuss the president's trip is actually fit to hold the nuclear football a military term for the device that carries the military missile launch codes decent. Despite his new guy displays numerous ransom square and the escalating rhetoric in his speeches. I do I do not underestimate us and do not try S trump said. Last week during an address at South Korea's National Assembly console which I went really well so I got to cover that up. We cover this up. This is the first one of these hearings they've had since 1976. So they even Mattis mad dog and see you dude pastrami and he's nuts so or his supporters. Aren't you sick he's content to have the nuclear football here's what Madison. I am. Just I am. I wouldn't be enough CNET and I have a hearing right. We have a hearing are taken way to get away from that they Mardy take away some of his ability to I'm cut foreign policy deals. And to Delhi and they did remember that in the bill. They forced him to sign because they passed by veto proof majority. Forced to sign a declaring that Russia had metal narrow election. So they they literally printed in the tax reform but they put together a law. Dated blue Billy leaves a lot and signed initial law and encoded the Russian collusion in the law. This is what he's Republicans art this is who they are. They're at war with our prison yes but ultimately he's just symbol there really at war with you. This is there waves slapping you across the face and saying you Edie it's. You idiots you elected in eighty. And never got to restraint look at what the only adults and rip. Text your outrage of these military guess testifying to the senate the same ones Barack and I Barack Obama pushed into leadership going shredder and picked. Takes a racetrack sounds a lot like general Patton can congress just go ahead and knew themselves. Nervous jester race. Terra please don't ever want to get the flu shot before using a pay for a phone so says Barry from Greer think thank you very. Question for him. Think would happen. Is. A doll was unveiled. Show warning kids and counting. Diminish am very Christian family they had twin children. Yes and bring the women dressed so much and and they would talk about the waited they. Dressed they would they were skirts. There wrinkles. Home. Clothes that work kind of large number in a larger than probably what most people Wear today. Teens. As informing if Barbie had unveiled. The twenty kids and counting bravado for Christian girls. I've known. It's Christian families including in my own extended family where women dressed this way I have had very highly pre Vatican and Catholic family and home school. And you gobs of his diamond upstate New York they live a very. Closed life in terms of interaction with the outside world and they Wear their skirts to their ankles. They Wear their sleeves to. You know four mode for most of the year and it's closed called appeared to say there where this leads to an arrest. They battle where some of the happy is most peaceful people in government. You know fighting very loving family he its strangest thing the way a lot of my cousins worries that blaming me. This is my favorite artist who's that. Indicating. Well both so happy no television in the house all of us. Something to be said for living that life and for choosing a great well can imagine for. Family is telling some some time BCC families like the sometimes in mom or places like that you see and if they had debuted a Barbie just for that. Christian party. Modest party. We think three actual event. Absolute outrage right. Boycotts. Wasn't as extreme as the twenty kids and count what if it was just. My spur. As an example for Christian girls. They organization. Coming to a big group my daughter belongs to and just talk about it for for bad to be schemes talk about dressing modestly. Must party. Oh the feminists would lose them on. It's we denied. This is a Cosmo article from last year cosmopolitan. And near our race they list nine girls kicked out of prom because addresses for two tie aid to show too much claim page. And Herman is happening south Carolina school and high school that senses unifier humbled by the way girls you know where my stress. Story went national every once with duct. What is this the eighteen hunt has that. So. Why is everybody celebrating. This is Barbie. Have you seen it do his job barbies very sank. The job Barbie Barbie their latest bit of barbie's latest business venture. Com and in the Barbie. At the Muslim American woman who competed in 2016 Olympics where he shot. And it yep Mattel has announced now's the news yesterday. And be great women as fearsome. The company's adding the veil clad Barbie. To H hero collection Jewish heroes. Yeah hit but the times I had to look at some point sheer O is a girl whose hero Ichiro. I want to know if it was like about Sri Lanka's who knows rate I'm proud to know that girls everywhere can the Barbie who chooses to where he's. This is a childhood dream come true Mohammed. Who became the first American to compete for the US in the games wearing Hijab in 201620 element to this this being celebrated as a great. Moments in women's empowerment. You'll never ever seem to release a modest Barbie. Let us from Barbie. Christian birdie had to. An exit that did this does this job I mean when you put this on a park it in only person. This is not diversity. Diversity. Until US controversy. Because a lot of countries you don't get to choose. Whether you where he shot. You know just. You know. Trickle in now with Alan on in I ran. Or Saudi Arabia see what happens to. The woman not too long goes in Saudi Arabia. No not at all times of trouble first Aslan gorgeous tweeting a picture of herself a short skirt all hell broke loose. This is not. An optional. Piece of clothing for a lot of went. Whereas the way date someone my 'cause to stress the sixteen kids and a family by. This way so my cousins dress with the Allen skirts down to their ankles and those belonging arms they're very very conservative Catholics. That is choice. It it is a choice and so for girls who grew up that way and still followed backed. But where's their party. Of its repressive. That's your print is going to be your every year it is some so where some so woman is kicked out of prawns and high school woman for haven't too tired too short of dressed. And what happens total average. You we're gonna see more than this we are gonna celebrate. His job Barbie. When women an entire countries have no choice but to where. To be flaw endorse. Go try this in Indonesia see that works out for. I ended double standard is I know believable. And look at any stores will be kicking Mattel out there would be no barbies in protest of Christian Barbie your modest Barbie year what Cornel horrible lessons this sounds a web two women about the sexuality Iowa State job message sent. And you we celebrate. With some pre. It's just unbelievable. Text your rates. And I cannot read that and do you stuff I can't read. Text your rates. No I carry that either another chance to race. Think about it little Muslim girl gets one for Ramadan. Is that headdress removable. So no Muslim world why it's. Not so truth. Is an interest remove as somebody Google it and middle of sudden McCain. Another text erased as he shall Barbie come with a mustache. And she does this isn't ice is dresses up and his job before they. You know. Disarray it's. Get to. Come I can read. Please. Tech stories not sheer though it's Sheila princess of power she defends the honor of gray school no I think you. He's something else. Boy. Text reads we have a word that means a female hero did they mean here went. He got me. An history it's a better question is the army's head removable. No I am but you can't carry her up to her neck in sand and Stoner if you like. For removing the Asia you can Judy do that because that would be incomplete keeping. With how that kind of thing is dealt with. In Afghanistan. I did tiger. So you'll see under there under the Hijab as those eyes. About his job part BP why we celebrate you should see the coverage this on the news. This more at this fantastic. Remember this yeah yeah yeah is so horrible but that piece of clothing is that it's not optional for many women. And you know I should let you don't us India IC is sitting in you know Saudi Arabia in Afghanistan closely that rate. I'd forgotten this. Think Barbie looks like. Featured this girl whenever I learned her name this is Frans November 282015. Headline. Fourteen year old slapped. Drank at school. Why you heard hey here. Think he would fourteen Centrino this is my fifty police fourteen year old slaps drag at a school bite her head year. For not wearing a Muslim he should have. Sword that happens now typical day in Saudi Arabia Afghanistan. You think. No Pitman high school in Columbia Missouri. Please Yousef who ZI Omar 53 on Tuesday was a school. Did it by a fourteen year old rough to about his and as he drove given to drive by saarc noticing she was not wearing her he John. Omar beat generate police said in a girl's terrified. Only by the hair pulling down a flight of stairs to access to SE assumed goatee Barbara hit by the here as she do. Traditionally we would dread women and a caves at the camp that way but now in modern area drag her down the stairs at her high school fourteen years old he then slapped her face. And pulled during to a car. By her hair. He was arrested. On on suspicion of child abuse a felony. Vulnerable. Anyway I've been knocked her to look what happened this guy for a couple years he vanished from the news after this. Yeah I think that that fourteen year old feels when she looks at his job Barbie and power. She thinks that she's looking at she wrote. The storm where they're using to describe his party she's she rallies and she hero. In she feels empowered thinks is the greatest thing as someone who looks like me. Or anything she wants to run screaming session won't be dragged by her Harry get. Even my front for women. In this country. Sadly. This is not an optional piece of clothing that we should celebrate. It's not. And so I gotta say about that I did just to see the celebration this mean we wanna throw up this morning. Especially since we would never do a thing like this for Christian women who want to having modest Barbie me Mike my cousins. And died dozens and dozens cousins being Catholic like am I mean they they never had barbies because she dressed inappropriately. Had been a modest Barbie they could I had one but the feminist would flip down boycott. It's a double standard here is insane and you know I mean gaffe discusses and it really worked up Norman Chris speier and in the banging my head against the wall text your rates. This is Joba. Barbie come in the genital mutilation to Edwards is sold separately and asking for a friend. Oaks. Tech stories how about Amish Barbie. Nervous Dexter race. For those of us who listened to Rush Limbaugh would that make us Russians a total totally Russians yet totally Russian. Texture rates. I am sure and I've depicted text it will give me fired from the shop let's see. Text your. I'm not carry that either. I this is nation that's what is Barbie is all about in hopes young girls will grow up to think this is normal. Unbelievable that any women woman that lives are free country on this earth would agree with this these people live. On the impression and suppression of women that is absolutely absurd yes it is. Text your race. It's his job Barbie married since it was nine. Oh boy. Barry gadgetry for 71063 text line 71307. Enough of that. Get into this later on today. We did this calling it actor Roy Moore again in the next hour Mattel what's going up and going on with that really what's really actually going on that. But in the meantime. Jeff Sessions. Attorney general and head of the department of injustice is allegedly going to investigate a special counsel to investigate. Hillary uranium one. Yet. I don't fall for that not an bed did that's just that is just theater that that you're not gonna see a real investigator ever really investigate. Hillary any happens I'll explain why you Carty told let Syria in net the next. Our something really risky ticket career risk. Yet act I am I'm going to make the argument I know this is crazy paper justices to just give me she saves and I know make the argument. That men. Are physically different. Then women using actual science. And energy that now that may be debt may get me in some trouble that's probably going to be the crazies cinnamon tune in clack are. That and to take a phone calls and your text to 803471063. Text line 71307.