The Tara Show - 11-14-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Tuesday, November 14th

Roy Moore stories sounding less credible as more details come out; Legal double standards for Hillary and Trump; Senate hearing over Trump’s mental competence shows GOP elites’ disdain for American voters


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Elaine good morning terra. Well if in fact is Roy Moore saying. Ray Moore is of course the guy who. Made the mistake of defeating the union party in the primary in Alabama now including a little about that. Yet he got a TE guide to Ahmed 39 dollars spent by them to try to. Prop up. Luther strange. Didn't matter one iota and show that was huge victory. Referred for band and for Steve Bannon it was a huge victory for anybody who wants to see the party out and it was a humiliating slap in the face to Mitch McConnell. And the so bad after Roy Moore wine that we know we are reading GOP. Donors. I mean like McConnell donors you know party donors you did they are meeting with banning. That's how bad that wise. You know any that you've you've got Bob quarter dropping out you know the race in Tennessee because he Kerry when his siege of god Jeff laid dropping an Arizona because he can't win his seat. And so we don't we look Roy Moore I like to move back a little bit and say you know I I don't know what he did or didn't do. But she got to look at the whole totality of the picture I think of what people stand to lose. If Roy Moore wins and it is literally. Mass effect. On you got Mitch McConnell at 18% approval rating among his own voters in Kentucky trumps a 56% I mean Mitch McConnell had a dissent. I I seriously doubt he survives next election I mean you've had cork her inflation drop out and married to prove in the united twice in approval ratings he's eighteen. You've got Lindsey Graham he's of fourteen. In South Carolina and you get Graham and you you look at flaky Crocker dropped out it it would approvals in the twenties gray gray cannot make it. Was Steve Bennett on his heels he probably can't make it back to re election. You know in anyway even without that the only chance they had. Is to dis credit. Bannon say that nobody will listen him and if they don't. They're gonna be taking out one by one by one by one. And their and a total panic now would people in this much of a panic. Fake. Accusations of rape molestation. Would they do you would think that aren't paid they have a good reason to do an and when do we watch to be happy with Roy Moore I have no idea who's telling tricky out. Exactly you have to under an animus say that a front. I don't send me texting you're dissing these these these women. No we don't get to be believed when you don't see anything for forty years right off the cuff with no questions asked. When that so many people in politics have so much to lose literally the you know party has. The loss of the party control of the party and all political power at stake here and there's been numerous opportunities for these accusations to come out against Roy Moore because he has been and Alabama politics for decades. Decades and my other question on this or at least to me you're looking at potentially mean could who's right right shot on the she got Lindsey Graham watch. He needs to discredit Bennett because. Bet it is going to be in South Carolina taking him out. You know I mean that they like golf are putt putt course at 14% approval you know when I'm say in any issues. He he don't they have to destroy Bannon. And so everybody here who's weighing in about moral purity and they're trying to save their own hides so I mean he is thirty million dollars. Of opposition research money. You know they spent thirty million bucks trying to take out Roy Moore. You couldn't find these women with thirty million bucks. Before the prime. Sears does seem an odd doesn't it through weird. And we EU opposition on research on that level I mean I've seen it done politically IIG a it they go back to everyone you've ever known. They put a team on me. And they in fine just before the private to meet this smacks of absolute desperation because they don't have another move if they're doing this may be Roy Moore is a jerk and creep I don't know. A hard time believing it doesn't come out before the primary. And yeah before before the election doesn't come out for. You know 3040 years depending on the case. I set a hard time believing all of this given what's at stake in you have to understand what's at stake here. So I mean I know in talking about this earlier. I'm truly at a at a crisis point her in our country right now in in my gut because. As a city early five years ago ten years ago I don't now five women have come for a day he is got have done something and you know even if it's near the Russian empress reporting it today. Our defense these are the people who have lied to you and lied to you and lied to on a massive scale. You know telling you trump was under investigation by the FBI. Treating him like he was a man you know I'm Emmental incompetent for for you know questioning saying you're claiming he was an under investigation turns out he wasn't. They all do it. All these Intel committees knew it. Other staffers knew it hundreds of people on the hill and any member Marco Rubio the senators saying well I you know is amazing nothing that hasn't leaked out here's the truth. They're capable on a massive scale of maintaining a lie. As well as large as the president is under investigation by the FBI almost every part of the Russian. Conspiracy story has been retracted by the Washington Post almost every part of it. Com and so you have to you. Be very careful. On because they lie and as they don't tell us the truth on anything Lee and they rely on such a massive. Coordinated. Conspiratorial. Scale. Like the rush ally. They can mean yeah. Would more well it be awfully convenient for him to go down are they lying. Maybe 100 telling the truth but I have no way to distinguish truth from reality anymore and anything more hopes. In this country. And that's a crisis point for me I don't know about you wild crisis point I think for the country us when we. Cannot. Put full faith and confidence. In what elected officials are Tony institution and any any institution with the federal government GOP leadership now. Tech stories you know party squeals is the swamps are strained. Another tech stories this new woman has a fantastic recollection of what happened in 1976 and he locked the door and she couldn't get out. Majority of the cars had manual locks. It childproof locks in the seventies Tibetan now now I don't think he did. Only in the back in the course the other a lot of cars if they. A lot of cars now days that have power door locks do you have a lock feature where you can. Fumble lock out the other. Electric door locks but right back in the mid seventies. Most cars didn't have like trimming don't like all high and I don't like so Lincoln's and you know had electric door locks at that time that I remember. Tech stories you can bet the farm to judge Moore had not won the primaries he would not have been accused but he is guilty unless he can prove his innocence. And yeah slight last week a lot of keyboard texting you leave you talk about remark which talked about this trying to cover dysentery and I should yeah I dressed to Texas and now. I don't if you days deceive blur our heads. What firms involved here don't know everything you need to know what don't worry if they're here are now whereas if you're right on cue them. So I am I seeing that these lunar mining act I'm seeing that I ate. I. IQ Tristan Davis our institutions anymore and you know ten years ago would it he'd ask me he's the GOP leadership capable of visits and now. But I was naive. They are absolutely capable of this and much more so. Throw my hands in the Iraqi telling you Bree asks three more of these accusers if you want. I'd I must I I I literally I don't anything anybody tells me now at this level from these outlets Leander Slaton on my sister had a fascinating to mr. doubt it is but. Now it's still a long way to go because December 12 is when that it's that special election is. What's interesting here too and you could see what was going on if if this was Astrid Turkey's attacks. A Bayreuth more wood and would be this in in the way I guess it works in Alabama and was down Fox News talking about this is that if these state party disavows issue. As there you know representative Indy race even if you winning it at the ballot box the election results is known for. While some room so are you need seed is pressure on the party from the Rick places. To get this completely disavowed. And then and and banning his credibility is deeply hurt. And they do the one thing they wanna Juli which is send a message to the people to break their will no matter how you vote. Who you vote for who you elect you cannot change the outcome of anything this country. And they know people will quickly lose interest in politics if that happens and things go back to the way they work at least that's what they believe. Sitting does advantage tuchman and me to talk to will from Greeneville will. A military dictator called home on display is point out there nobody knows if they think GOP's to a total water. It was the same thing that they did to army came on back in the think comedy you know when Brooke almost over reelection. Well it doesn't matter if it's true or not well which is now the questions out there how do you answer questions be like. It you know all the delegation locker retain no one single prosecution. No one single settlement you know I don't know of anything that come on that is just simply. A man's wife was about to be in ruins because of something somebody put out. Is this just 5% Amy's book to a total stranger and say an eight. Don't you molest little kids. Is not that it's true it's not that there's any evidence is just now the questions out there because someone asks. You were not true. And and well be careful here because I mean I played I again more emphasis I don't know what else would not I don't know it's. True or not yet actually yeah wanna be turbine. It you know with the media mean they don't they don't even you know it's very rare that anyone even. Follows up on task and you know we're tries to get to the actual fact that you know which just oh well so much say in the book report. Exactly and and you know it's the way they did when you resent you know you genuinely trying to get his facts mean we knew the Washington Post reporting. On these women in one of the women all of rehearse FaceBook page she's guide. You know anti trust that anti Roy Moore Roy Moore sent this political. She's bragging about working for the Hillary campaign she's bragging about working the Biden campaign she's pictured with Joseph Biden. And come line. Union Jack Gramm this woman is why you didn't look or social media com look at the claims your making. Any reporter worth their salt who really wanted to get the in the answer these questions was oh by the way you know she worked for the Hillary campaign is translator and she worked for Joseph Biden to. Aum as did many of the trump accusers if you remember they worked on democratic campaigns. So you know they wanted to included that in an effort to be fair and it's the bottom of the true that was not included. And so you you see this aegis will use I. I lost trust and every American institution I don't believe anything until and mark. It's terrible in the you have to include that notation worked for recruitment campaign it's just. While achieving why would you even do that to you clarify all those issues that you're. I mean seemingly. Journalist would have dealt. About a story when they see that won't even put it out there until. Those are clarified. You know. You've done your due diligence you're trying to be fair to both sides there's not understood there was not even. A rudimentary attempted that. Those sisters leaders restore Russian inclusion sorted out there and make sure nobody believes the law before it's out of a lot. Yes so you know I I don't know enemy normally this kind of accusation that this kind of wade would sinking candidate think what to put up against trump well. But these women that would have been hit. I thought it was toast. It didn't work. And didn't work. To the American people don't believe them anymore Arabs has been the case for Roy Moore I don't know if he's guilty or not I don't know. I would be ironic if he's not. Mean if he is a BP if he actually did this. But wearied sister point with the media's lies that when they tell us the truth there one time we leaders like I just slightly and I let the media has lost their ability to tells the truth. I look at and I got just the unit party trying to save themselves may you're you're really do I think we did no because I just don't believe them. Anything they said when you look at peak level. Of the collusion necessary for the lives. That they've gone to and it does look or Intelligence Committees right now investigating whether reporters were paid to spread of aggression conspiracy. We've got Democrats. They DNC. Obama. Hillary putting their own money into fusion GPS. To go collude with the Russians. I destroyed charmed with a dossier so they can illegally get the ability despite his campaign get the upper hand he got the FBI pumping money into that same effort. Rate all these people are known and still let me covers for them think they're capable. Of covering for Roy Moore is accused is too darn skippy there. On. And it was going now is not having missed a bombshell. All Russian meeting that Don trump junior had. Bush senate given how fusion GPS met with the Russian woman before and after. Now we find out they wrote her talking points in the Munich in the meeting host Ed the FBI was paying fusion GPS this is a classic setup. So classic set up. Media pretends didn't happen you gotta read about it in daily caller brake parts. Anil inflation go for the truth so where what why should I believe anything for the mainstream me. I I literally don't. I don't believe anything that they tell me. And I have no way to know if it's alike because most of what they say is. Meantime. Mason Susan Jeff Sessions department of injustice. Has said. Everybody's phone for this on our side always could appoint a special counsel though he's now is silly. So we speaks with Hillary Gil question is how. Well representatives Andy Biggs Matt gets an really covered explains how. Guess two is going to be one of the decision makers on who gets appointed I'm when we get a special counsel to investigate uranium weren't. Yet if this. Deputy attorney general of the department of injustice ride Bruce deceit. Began a true is Natalie implicated. In uranium one worked directly broken the law by not telling cumbersome back. You're Jeff Sessions was asked about that by eight Chuck Grassley at a senate hearing. Maria Ressa C news compromise she keep making decisions about whether you investigate himself. But I would like to remind mr. sessions June that deputy attorney Rosa starting and directly sue Verizon criminal case when he was US attorney in Maryland. I don't think you would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct do you. It would make his decision he's a man of integrity and ability if he feels that he has say. I have bell did you receive the any in this investigation. If. He's a man of integrity he decide what he should be investigated. But he's not mean no reasonable prosecutor whenever. Sierra during his see your last night I went last night on Lou Dobbs representative Andy Biggs was so saying don't don't by the special counsel thing. You've got to be very gratified to see who the attorney general responded. And played them why I am Lou I'm glad. Finally taking some action we have been calling for that but any concern because in his letter he said he's going to have a reunion part by rob rose's. I think reprocessing as part of the problem that is NIC into. We did the whole original sessions accountable and get him to give us a real review give us a real special. This in a real review this and have a camera. Here's what we go our and on the same thing Rosie seem decide whether rose sixteen should be investigated. Well you don't forget. Nor rational way she is so worn their heads oh especially approve. Right wrong what I'm sorry this is it I played Iran once this went. When when push comes to show we're gonna see that it was rod Rosie is staying. And I'm Bob Mueller. Lucian got those records Siegel about the forward Russian investigation. Because of those records were out there where they remain huge. Then it would be good judge Hillary Clinton well. I don't know how sure construction they actually kind of thing we're looking man it will once we did that Harry Angela chase. I'll just crazy did Jeff Sessions has to recuse himself from anything having to do with the Russians are Hillary. But rose steamers and half two when he's directly implicated in potentially committing a crime. In this very case. Race he stupid standards and what are we go along with the Christian representative Mack get through quick on the double standard. The American people are tired of one legal standards for the clintons. And that totally separate legal standard for everyone else in the United States of America I mean we have had a special counsel. Looking into the president for six months ahead of yet. You're producing any information. That suggests there was any collusion meanwhile we have the fusion GPS head. Needing wins this Russian lawyer in the day before and the day after the meeting with Donald Trump junior we've got Democrats. Paying the Russians to dig up dirt that isn't true about president trauma that is the definition of collusion. What's totally inappropriate and would be deployed Bob Mueller and Robbie Rosen Steve. In the mix looking into these things because they are potentially win this is rod Rosen Steve's name is on the signature block. Did seals from congress and the American people this important information about a Russian informant and it was actually mr. Ballmer who went and found that in. Yet in violation of law. They had tell congress they broke the law. Just let rose steam he. Can decide whether Hillary gets a special prosecutor he can't. You don't you covers up his own crimes and process that's okay it's fair because he's really good guy. You really miss you know what. Jeff Sessions did he not tell us what a good guy trump was during that election when he was campaigning form. Why doesn't try to decide whether he has special prosecutor. Why intricate that deal. I just. Questions did don't fall for the special prosecutor painted this is going to be raid did from a though beginning. Well let's see what the people think about this might go from Lyman. Dealings the. And not. What's on your mind. Top you want to call us and you'll previous segment. Are an excellent point about what is going on what it more and more. Remember not welcome 2012128. Was riding. The president on the Republican side. When he had averaged column of course nothing happened when did you numbers started to rise. And he. Did change being a legitimate threat to Barack Obama's presidency. And I respect that had he gotten the nomination the Republican side. You could not play the race card and you could be Obama. All of these women can go to war war had been exceeded Barack supporters and arts cart whatever. Like yeah. It kept pushing and pushing and pushing. And the minute and he dropped categories. All went back in the war war to disappear and you know. Another sound that was so to give the polish. Now fast forward to today and we'll talk more. He's conservative. Here's a question. People into the ten commandments. Is running an actual campaign. All of sudden here it is deemed illegitimate black. Can do. Politics and Alabama. These women come out of the woodwork. They won't do whatever they need to do so I want everybody decided. There and it or is to keep him categories. So what can go back. They're being politics as usual. And I would be willing to pretty much that our allies. If he drops. Out of relation. Tomorrow all of these women will disappear right back into the woodwork to slide in the case of parliament to anxious and you know a lot you know another sound that problem. It's been thirty or forty years ago and they did not think about it too late and so all of the American people pushed open. And they did OK if there was ever any time to stop him rate would it not hip Ben when Mitch McConnell is pac spent thirty million dollars. In the race I mean opposition researcher knock him is these women you're not the Washington Post found them and called them. You're not gonna miss him and Gaby did not hear it as he's running for office as he moves ahead in the polls net. But once he wins suddenly we hear I just I mean what when you look at this did what they have to lose if he wins. It's man or I'd just say this is an all out I saw. I'm conservative. Politics and asserted that comes along and attempts to block the vote. And plush comfort sort of I guess the last just gonna do whatever it likened him to shut them up and get a picture. Well I. When Mikey knew you were saying about Herman Cain remember that also happen to trump I mean those women absolutely just disappeared. Off the planet. Right out there and yet. It was a setup at all watched this. Because they cannot have any true conservative. True conservatives pushing true conservative ideas. Can't directly don't want our political all blocked. So they're gonna do whatever they need that BitTorrent site whenever they need the same talk to shut up and get them out of the picture. Match not the United States that I I'm not sorry. Well where is still a Mormon might and in here's the thing luck I don't know who's telling the truth here and Iraq can tell you I did. I'm just saying issue watches were more thing unfold. Wasilla to women have to say maybe we'll see some proof. But I understand you cannot trust anything you see on the television screen you cannot not anymore. This front Cuba the same people who fabricated the entire Russian collision narrative. While ignoring evidence. Actual Russian collusion buyer FBI in league with Hillary Obama DNC. In order to lighted defies court. Why I mean even it if yes decision for wind defies court that dossier fake. I mean all of it look at this bill look at the extent of the lies they've told you over the last year and ask yourself if what they're capable. And keep in mind that every GOP member of the leadership went along with them a lot of GOP's that weren't a leadership. In roaring actual crimes by Hillary in their face these people are not deterred in this latest. By the sale of our national secrets. By giving up twelve billion dollars to Iran a state sponsor of terror at the chief space state sponsor of terror in the world by the way among countries. According to our set our State Department never had so much is hearing. These people. Ask yourself what they're capable. And an an understandably desperate that they are again Imus is again Mitch McConnell is an 18% Kentucky. We've already seen them among his voters rate. We we've already seen Jeff flake and Bob cork or have to drop out there respective states because they're in the twenty eats. McConnell cannot win that reelection never mind control the senate again Lindsay grits at 14%. He's Dead Man Walking they got to take out Ben and in before he takes out then I'm up or there'd done. You think are not highly motivate you think they're not motivated enough to make up something like this they are does that mean it's made up. I don't know I throw my handsome in the air I don't know which can trust them that's all I'm saying. There would be even listening. Since the early hours I've got to get this in each hour because it's important. That you notice what's going on with this. As a puts everything in perspective. And it's easy to lose perspective what it looks like the Republicans. Are working together with Tron. In congress this trendy tags a former attorney duke how stupid tastes just can't get it on and Garnett. It's cell Harvard but just trying. They're all of the television telling you how much they're trying to think. Put sting bombs in these bills that severed ties and post is Mitch McConnell yesterday he's the head of the senate. Silly me his middle class tax taken that bill. I guess it's true he says the New York Times why would he do that. Because it's trying to kill kids. Triple win. And you want proof you want proof how crazy over the top at war with you and him they are and him it's you there really were with. It's you he represents and they absolutely real present your rebellion against them listen to this if you need any doubt. Piece of trash just come off of eight incredibly successful international tour as first president who's got China to blink in twenty years. I mean he's just parent in up his approval rating has skyrocketed to 46% anything close to Christie's good for president. And any near to pay the arrow to do so Jeanne GOP leadership who strengths argue understand find time to get tax reform to the printer very committed to. But whatever. Audience can show you stable again how a year until they just have not had talked guess what they're doing. This is an absolute outrage. They're having a hearing today in the senate which I will remind you is controlled by Republicans they can get rid of this they choose to hold instead. On whether trump is mentally competent enough. To possess a nuclear cuts. I'm not making this up. This is the New York Post lawmakers on but this designed to humiliate him after this international trip it's been very successfully and do something. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have raised the question in recent months following trust fire and fury threats against the hermit kingdom and other. A heated moments with Tom Pyongyang. Did this precious long overdue since senator Bob Parker. And they're gonna have military experts to testify during the proceedings including general. See you Robert Koehler. Former commander of the US does states says TJ command. On Trump's mental fitness to continue possessing the football. This is designed to humiliate him before the world. Lawmakers will really discuss what they feel presidential does actually fit to hold the nuclear football military term for device to carry the missile launch codes. Despite his numerous rants on Twitter in the escalating rhetoric and speeches. Tuesday's hearing will be the first time since 1976 the senator house now look specifically at the authority and process for using nuclear weapons. Now knowing that they would humiliate their party's own president likeness after a very successful America first foreign policy tour. T really think they're gonna let him post tax reform. You really think then. Is I've got to beachfront property in Travis rest I would like silly. Denied this is war. And you are you need to know is that they're doing next to understand the level of the war going on here. Com and today I mean this is this was not by the way. This hey this is why they're investigating in the fire inferior marks keep in mind this is a response. To North Korea. Threatening to nuke. While. Kill a couple of 100000 American citizens would be inappropriate response that you think that is a death threat against America. Where he'll just keep together enhance more mean no. This is an equal and opposite response from our president and for this quote they're saying he be mentally competent enough to have a coach we might have to take them away. What a career best not me getting what the rest of the United States. They will be met. Whereas fire and fury. Like that the world has never seen. He has been very breath. We got a normal state. And as I said they will be met with a fire fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never seen before. You want. Sit island we can give it at least not speak without. Clearly mentally unstable must have because they can and you know they're making fun when they do this tournament to find him thank you for you for picking up. You can you're an idiot mouth breather and window liquor. They do a book. The responsible people on room once and you have to take to discuss actually Zach until Atlantic coast from. You think these people really gonna pass tax reform. You really think that. Course not. Dexter right times female that weepy drama forty years ago after the fact. But these women also screams fabrication. Nobody's data said decades later these aren't victims they're actresses. Could be good chance. Add text or rates. Ads here every Nelson inverse is a more or did they even have dumpsters in the town forty years ago I don't know. Texture rates were should tell them this is all pulls I was yeah thirty years ago they don't Leavitt. How can this country.