The Tara Show - 11-14-17 - Hour 4

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Tuesday, November 14th

Fat white dude claims he identifies as Filipino – Transracialism or cultural appropriation?; Turns out men and women are different; Congress considers Trump with nuclear codes a threat but ISIS members with permanent visas aren’t; Women less likely to receive CPR than men; Transgender man beaten for wearing MAGA hat


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OK am I need your help to soared to Sally I'll do my best I carry its thinking cap find. I tell you about this guy and and he's in USA today okay. His name is judge do. John do judge you here they do Jack duke he is say blond haired blue eyed. Person. Who claims she's Filipino. Our camp and he's actually Filipino he was born name you're isn't his birth name is Adam. But he identifies. As Philip Powell then of course yeah right he does now he right around town in a tuck tuck. Which is his purple car he drives it's an Asian derived vehicle okay semen Philippines like I. And he said did you know he never really felt right with himself until he started watching History Channel and he started CN you know. Accused cable news and stuff on Filipino food no offense he finally phallic you know he was home this was he this seats Philippine. He really believes that he has he feels that he has any trans racial and that you know after Rachel goes all the hold trans racial thing went in went underground. You know people kind of laughed at a pieces is a real thing and so he founded a support group for other trans racial people. Tons racial transracial that you were transitioning to another race and a guy yeah. OK so here here is it his his story. Yourself all the time and bold the funny thing is is that it's. You know I had to make sure that it wasn't just mean because it's just need it and there must be something wrong or maybe I'm just not keeping anything wrong with you. Maybe I'm just strange. Not he's no you know I treat the crew and health you know getting our message out of the bottle. And people started to joint. People started the message be about you know their reflections of themselves. Mike Hanley knows about my trans sexuality but they don't know anything about this it's just my mom is kind of an older world person. And I just think that's something telling her something like that is just too wild and I believe that we all have the freedom to pursue happiness and our own ways we can pursue. OK whatever so he's come to a Stanley is transsexual but he thinks they just can't handle list. Effectively Sosa Filipino I'm gonna come out that I am trans am. Don't let hate police is now the volume brands and but I never wanted to saying he thinks they don't offend you now. Shaker hood scoop big screaming chicken Obama and I am trans am lake lake before the period where they were childproof flat rate yeah exactly old ones up now and at night yeah okay. They say is a lot of the Philippine he's a modest cut tuck. Now he's easy restaurant because easier he's Filipino so she speaking of wheels and he wheels right. Whenever you know I'm around whenever I'm around the music on around the food. I feel like him in my own skins and I'd watch the History Channel sometimes for hours. You know whatever whatever came to bat and you know nothing else and treats me more fled. You know things in a. Yet so USA today's you're asking is this transracial general thanks so what was USA today source ask you how this goes raid our answers are to transient rate okay. And so they say they usaid if you look at FaceBook where we found judge do. Group should dubbed it transracial are popping up with dozens of members and nearing their membership is okay now John do in this tucked tucked in his tax cut yes. Biden and and say here's a college she says your view so those are homeless or religion raise certain culture. Really they are inside we have to accept that. Geithner but here's the problem and Libya to the problem with USA today. This is a problem for left and I try to resolve this. Men might question judge d.s intentions or say that he is a perfect case of cold cultural appropriation. No way to. We will have. Cultural now OK so you can appropriate. The other gender. But not another culture and not another culture. Ned that I did think that before a limit so this could be cultural provision which was a big number I mean they keep you're white chick in CLU can not open. I talk track is they beat you and they literally beat you. Edition Darren for fear of your own safety the death threats so I mean you can't color officially appropriate. Or in chief cook book comes for you write a sack me and just actually happens across the country race show you key into that will what are people then. Who say eight. That there really Filipino. Even if they were born with the name Adam when blond hair blue eyes. What would that is that cultural preparation and if it is. Then is not strange gender isn't gender appropriation. Wound up there you go there you go my head hurts I can't and what if moderate Republicans are didn't could be considered political appropriation. Because if you're moderate or not. Not really Republican because if you look at the at the what the platform is for the Republican Party there's really nothing moderate about the Republican Party platform it's very conservative if you actually look at the platform. So then with a heavy political appropriation and would that be wrong yes. You have your trans political. Transport. Your transition into another political party I. Yeah. Which is so he's proved when you're going from right to left. Contest is appealing Jenner is guilty of gender appropriation. One and it did talk truck. We're guilty of coach preparation. And I is a white girl cannot Wear hoop earrings. Guys. That would be coshow appropriation nevermind a fight yeah it would would've been a priceless Tina then what. Then it. Internet now. I I'm still fascinated with the talk talk I just look this is contingent it's is an office referred to as the auto rickshaw it's basically a three wheeled vehicle. It is if you can judge is he more obese Witten he's not going to be sweating diesel plenty. He's a corner a real rickshaw you on saint does that of this you have to pedal list re actually motorized you know sack he does not identify as a person who's in shape you can tell by looking as though he is not an athletic appropriate. The tier I live in this is texts or live deny it Subic Bay. Philippines this vehicles aren't called tuck tucks are called Jeep needs. Well I've seen so there's several different is they called it an auto rickshaw and India or rich on Pakistan. CNG and Bangladesh. By Jay or by judge. In Jakarta. A B Mo went Bali. Let's see tough talk work try shell and Sri Lanka tuck tuck in Thailand and Egypt. Can just trying to see in the Philippines tricycle get the idea moto taxi hello moto. Well looks like culture appropriations made tech straight and hopefully doesn't live in a trailer when morning he might wake up confined himself up on blocks like most of the jury there. Now malisse and lately the trans ams have been doing pretty good on the automotive auctions America. Have they really yes they have they're they're quite valuable particularly if you get some of them like early 19707172. That the big 454 and 455 Pontiac and so. You today is that talk about your matchbox toy collection trans and slipped around him the real the real thing real. Okay yet Aaron mrs. Rogers which by that a Jewish by the matchbox toys which honestly is really cool crash I should appoint that yesterday. So OK so anyway. And video while we're at it I mice will take Lee in major career risk because heck why not great though yeah okay. This I know is it can be how icons for Cilic if I were to Google I would get fired for this. Literally I would get fired for this. Rob I have a feeling Steve's probably down to struggle diamond sales I don't know. But some I'm I'm presenting this information so and for important that we should get this out OK now I am anti it's not politically correct and it's gonna scarce going to be okay because you never heard this before. But. There are now it's a list of a five scientific ways in which men and women. Are different. OK and I know that's a radical theory men and women being different just so why is just it's it's all yet XX his own arm while they're. Yet six is only as a frame of mind as we know right. So I mean I I don't explain this Bryce I tell you bank has it's a lot. The difference is number what are her grades are different. Many B Seve these two women men women and beat an 880 that's why is that women have smarter he says lack. I wish Mason less likely to survive heart attacks which is totally unfair. Blood clots are more likely to block an entire blood vessel that's why some women are Q&A reform hard text ornament out women have a better sense of smell. I'm sure that dad developed because of the oppression and massaging my that we just don't know how has to be right that had to be would have. Meant it about nine million cells in their olfactory bulb. We have sixteen million and mentally I would say the sister what I when I was pregnant. I cannot even stand to be like near the front of a gas station. Because the doors went open and I saw the hot dogs and they would pull me over into my hasn't Billy McKinney was Mohammed moved cock its. Anyway met. Literally have thicker skin. They truly do. Is. A bid of up to the T Dem and upon your hands men's game is four millimeters thicker than women that's pretty that's a lot. So mean these are differences Salinas is in their can't explain how this has happened. Women more. Yeah we just stare at this area just rule and I. Running down your face and it met averaged eleven links to many women averaged nineteen. That's because extra testosterone helps guys maintain an oily layer on their eyes the tigris a record. It's no we don't though. You know if you buy you guys have more testosterone that probably is part of the misogynist to putt for a day. Men digest food twenty top percent faster than limit now because we got eaten raw bar yeah maybe. He's got to go out and has more water buffalo ironically the woman's gonna present the case actually it EA is pro because women have smaller C makes they have less stomach gas. So I mean just a few signs that men and women may be different we don't we don't know what it means. We don't we don't know I careful Chris you you get fired from Google for this. Austria so I'm I don't want to lose my gig here in and a comic at three mouths to feed you I heard when I'm merging with Google's they got very good I checked before I did a segment. Case there's no need for the top executives at the company to come back from vacation to fire into for the entire life. Christina so so Dana crisis averted stay out on the golf course you'll be fine. Real trades here and and my email address terror Atlanta 63 W or. Tyrannies trail genders and they Filipinos. And speaking Indian Elizabeth Warren. Should sue the scientists who performed DNA analysis for the testing this is their male or female or Indian or European. He would signs the niners against but don't you recap we laugh Angela would be funny they they actually do in the series. Did they not. Yet DNA as a crime don't think that could happen. Don't think I don't think it could bite N let's look at this amazing. What are the useful idiots in our society our I mean you can reduce anything is the new hip hot thing to liberals and he will go for it hook line and sinker. Witness. Said any 7% is a poll of Democrats with a four year degrees. I think sex is not determined at birth. Too many can't I mean like. Questionable what prophecy would witty DNA test of the child and what if when it would be into it. Determination right. Three yet afford college educated Democrats seem to believe that a man to be a woman it Peta says so. Regardless of his biology genetics and genitalia. Escorting the Pew Research Center. These same people folks who will peachy. They know they will drag you out of your taco truck and beat you for cultural appropriation because you're white you're selling tacos and god help you. God help you if you have hoop earrings and what you're doing it. If you're a white woman there of those things read your years. No I mean you AM no probably sexual appropriation jet interpret received no this is. How we say different. How is it different. It's not they can't explain. That the parties science. Can explain anything. I mean to alarm you about this. To talk about how that is his country in terms of what we have subjecting ourselves to in in terms threat that we now know that hole. Yet Methodist ever from last week diversity visa he won the diversity visa lottery every when he killed. I mean I had to severance or the truck driver terror attack New York yes every when he killed lost the diversity visa lottery but who cares rate. Blake is a ban on the diversity visa lottery commission member. The diversity lottery has almost no bank there's almost no shot background checks no vetting. Com and there's no real way to tell this is from Kent testimony before congress. If the person comes in from these terror sponsoring and harboring nations are actually who they say they are. And have a little bit short history. Bites there's no way to know if it's really your work history because these countries this award tournament's opening is no way to verify you you couldn't do if you wanted to. You have no idea if you're taken had a nicest. Or you know some guy named yet. Or Mohammed or something honor. OK so even my you can't fed ended the diversity program unlike you know some further visas. Has she is such a little mandatory betting that nobody really tries anyway how many think we've taken. This is terrifying. This is like sit up at 4 AM in the morning terrifying. Nearly 30000. Diversity visas have been given to immigrants from terror states. Again we cannot thank them and on this particular program we do not even try. But we barely tried. Thirty thousands foreigners from state sponsors of terrorism. Countries have got a visa since get this. 2007. It. You can afford command and hit he'll. And dawn mongol horde chiefs. Heck he's clearly they are. With no idea we approve. President trump wants congress to an approach sari. Why is programs still open running. Additional may be will be and bump stocks. This. Only and got around to we're too busy trying to nuclear codes from trump that's the real danger know these people are we can't bet and I am listed as statistics released by the White House show. Bob as you just think if mark rubio or Jeb exclamation point we're in the White House to get. We never even known that two truck drive in ice is limited. Was it came here adversity v.s and it would kept from us we don't know that because trust president thank you attribute as well these days font on your knees and thank god Hillary's not the president. This will be going on and on and on. Statistics released by the White House meg maybe it's still win with Republicans in charge. How hard is it to just end this program. 30000 foreigners from state sponsors of terror barely batted in this country is to assist when he cut 2007. And it had an effort they can't take action. I got fifteen years ago this program would ended bid ended by now. And Democrats are well it's twenty years Democrats Republicans have been followed reach out. To put up press releases about their votes and to. Yeah eyebrow and 30000 potential terrorists where she. Drop in the bucket. You can see here hey let's talk about this nuclear codes and whether that maniac trump should have them statistics released Wednesday by the White House. Net who saris statistics released Monday by the White House. Should it since 2007 the program has given permanent residence visas there's a basically almost impossible to. It's very hard to send somebody home when she of one of those out perm residents visas green cards to 20739. Iranians. Cut opus 7002 and 32 Sudanese any parent twelve Syrians. It's fabulous. Fabulous. A this from the House Judiciary Committee report in 2004. Quote what do mean national security weaknesses that experts have identified. Is in the diversity visa program. It's the lack of restrictions on emissions. Let's just keep. Wanna. First there are few restrictions on the countries from which applications common diversity visa program is second under the program successful applicants are chosen at random. Yet we chose with Genesis and 26% at 26 of his best friends who buy into and what six years. Second under the program that they by the way. They'll be able you are piece of follow up reporting here after the terror attack. Did mr. rice is when is the veto visa lottery and Aubrey twice it's in his best friends. Or family members of people he claimed were family members they don't check. You should see if you actually are a family member you say York. Any swear and apparently purge Al local theaters. Your race is heating daycare. So anyway. The two women diversity lottery to not necessarily have any ties the United States. Bomb. Yes so it's it's very exciting I come here. Not hunted down 28 1986. Mean Suri was still be in the news. We wouldn't really know where they were we would know where they worked we would be in your view their employers in their neighbors and we would know what mosque they went to it. It's like it's just disappeared into the ether how do we find out who the 26 mr. rice is brought an. Nan and we moved onto an historian and none torn analysts probably their fine and discus. The terrorists brought them in doesn't mean they're bad people. It doesn't. Look we are falls falls this country by the way I wish would you be willing to wager. A year from now the diversity please programs still insistence. We've got 5050. After 5050. Text your race. On the common sense your chairman planning tags like mr. Sharon. If they fire you we will list them you're one of the coolest ladies I no sign George from Malta and so I wouldn't surprise me text your rates. It speaks growth trends continues here in Greenville fighters now traffic on which are fruit will be fifty million. Yeah. Think that's about it feel like get them out of it actually is that. OK to generates a man was born men. Will never have a baby nationally that is proved to guard did not making men and think he was a woman well. You US the HR department Google mail don't have no I take for a text reads terror my mother used to work in the delivery room at Greenville general hospital there was never any question. What the sex of the baby was. Speaking of stuff that I had a right edge. Did they okay new studies out okay and you know what you want to say it's it's it's unfair to misogyny and all that it's killing limit. And under really is killing women you know why because the women in Dayton you when may have a heart attack. People do CPR on guys say this yes I saw that and yes I I can sort of understand that women are less likely than men to receive CPR OK we'll. Since you know this okay this particular study's been carried number of a publications are as when it's flat fasting to watch spin on it. Out of the summit street is like Garland is led does it matter you know I mean probable mobile when you about a lot. But its right to the heart of the matter how much news bright and like well. There are no way and really just passed that note down missing you don't go to a woman who's passed out the secret thumping away or just because you Lisa for the you LeRoy more you don't meet. And down he's telling Joseph what do you or don't offer. You know even forty years later signing. You eat you antique indeed they just did not do it's it can be kind of daunting thinking about pushing hard and fast on the center of a woman's chest and said doctor Benjamin. Bella down and this is not a time to be squeamish she said because it's a life and death situations just put your hands are mustard we get to. Well I'm the problem is mannered 23% more likely to survive architect because we do well but you know what this comes from this is in our society this this is the you know extreme anti white male things like well you know what if she's passed out I can't touch her but she's she's starting your why nobody can make its yeah. The last well the good things about these automatic to fabulous you know. So automated what he just drag her there to defibrillators one down on the break for an always and that is that beautiful kitchen down there there's this one down there so. Did you have a heart attack up here I'll run down there you go get it for. That because yeah I sort of got the results in my heart that I can I don't know how one in any limit on cash it's never good when the doctor looks at a goes boom that line. On EKG it's supposed to be there now. Awesome I didn't give me a heart attack were. Nothing she says now can be nothing. Encouraging you push go outside check out. I was sleep for the next three weeks that's the problem and take me to get the results stock of the week to think the stress of that could lead to a heart attack. Mention to a torn wishing chink in treatment. Hello Blake if you go Evelyn okay you know for myself and producer Chris just a word of caution while we're on health topics. Didn't question television may increase your risk of a dangerous blood clot. Outlook this year in the seated position for too long yet that's exactly it those who watch T often are ran a 7% higher risk of developing aid Venus trombone we embolism. Or BT for short armed and dangerous form blame Clinton say to lower your risk. After each episode to twenty minutes a single activity. I heard of I heard of PSA onetime Ian Anderson Jethro told the lead sinker in the wildest. Had had debt deep vein thrombosis or somebody brother yeah exactly. They're leasing airway was a seven was standing from L a lot of people don't actually that was his so that was his classic post that he would stand 11 leg while he was playing the flute. Onstage. Hit texture is your I've never had a woman to have booed from the center for just. Is this he's speaking. May maybe the thinking about he unseen from oh what was that thing that sports tiger was in. Total retail recall total recall he says could wreck all. It. And there was so there was the scene there where there was a woman that let's just say that there was three. So there was one centered so. Om and baggy bad news for you ladies if you are using this as an excuse. Me study sex is not likely trigger trigger a heart attack. See you have to find in new excuse. For a woman her 44 pert plus for both older and yet for both it's very it's very likely but the prospect of sex is likely to trigger and it. A year that grandfather is then. Actress has been married for Larry to anyway. Oh boy text your race. And to use an age ally is that defibrillator have a yet Houston ADM the civic defeat it and and if you know you have to remove topic and brought if it has a wire. Well OK okay I could see removing the blouse I don't. And so on where you've got to I can imagine what kind of problems and why would cost. OK well. In as best I know you're in the wire in the brother yeah how I understand okay now balance sheet you know what until I learn something new every day on the show. Something I never knew before the problem is the under wire will conduct the electricity blue to the wrong place we everywhere is he got back to leave a mark to the armpit I Internet. He muttered. Italy tattoo you have there are no I was just wish I just artists are coming under wire got me. She takes generates the Red Cross supreme CPR method roll the person over and keep them in the rear end. Somehow I don't think they are crossing is that. He another mother organization and have. And amp. Hey Jerry Jarrett did Sonya my my my point oh he made in this question. Knows what. With all the wash abortion coverage in the community and on more and more notice what we're not pocket. Cash a lot of things. No it was on your list. Life you don't notice that it's taken up a lot of air in the room and we're not talking about Hollywood or liberal you need. People like we are. Yes that's true good point that's true but our time and I Hillary Clinton either. Well yeah I was working and it. They have obviously the washing process so much time and resources they can a lot of crime. Researching the right more now I'm not a fan or what more but it just seems to me about it just struck me Howell. If there are backgrounds work report on how can we still messed. To get our agenda more. This is that seems sensible that they're using the you don't let a good. I don't know whether what some termed a lot of good crisis go to waste strait yeah yeah yeah. Instead it forward an agenda that may be liberal wing media assets that don't finalists on night. Yet it I don't know I think there's definitely an agenda here. Out whether royal or more is guilty or not does Mathers total attending mica said earlier in the week I think this has a lot to do with the fact that you got trump on what is being a very any affect you mentioned this point to this morning. Trump is on what's gonna be looked and is a very successful trip he did make any big mistakes he didn't stored in the nuclear wars. And but apparently there's some trade deals that are going to be announced and some of the things are going on the going to be good for hopefully Ross and for other nations as well. And you know what we're not hearing about this because these the left wants to spend all there energy talking about the Roy Moore situation and it's just interesting that these accusers wait until. Forty years so you know and hints from when the alleged. Incident occurred. And bring it up pro ride in time for the election which is coming up then we do it during the week from the president this you know out of the country and overseas and in something visually wanted to strong points which is international negotiations. Absolutely knees have a lot of wins on the strip from particular particularly you know in the eight bed you know eight in weld. Eight and selling everything going on but I mean so he's coming back for media is blacking out and waiting for him and this so courageously that there are senate actually hold a hearing on whether he's mentally competent to protest TT possessed nuclear codes. That's an this is a Republican senate you know I mean showed issue what they really think. About him and merit absolute open war with him I mean who does that to their own president. The mainstream Republicans yes. Text rates do learning on fox and businessman or just blames Roy Moore for today's stock market decline of seven points. With friends like fox you don't need enemies. No you don't. Text racer you know as well as ideal of Gloria all red is involved in any case it's BS. And I take credit for this last week I should when your text meantime are rim is no wait a few days to see implore all of our red was involved. Yeah I know straight. Well we do know. Okay got a question for you. This is a brain teaser you ready what is it okay to beats. A transgender individual. Kids walked up to monitoring beaten down. And we've glee. If seeing is this a trick question it's never OK to do that ray oh argued yeah. You beer there is actually an occasion on which if you see transgender person on the street you can walk up to them and beat the tar out of and will not be national news and the animal care. And Terry Terry taking guess how that could possibly be. Larry he gave when trades are. If that transgender individual. Is worrying and make America great again hats. That's right. That's ray transgender Blair White a conservative. YouTube look blogger. At this longer this boyfriend Joey. Have been if you were and make America great again hat around. What do you think happened. In a seed shiner on him. Post a picture of his face he sees some man in transition DelHomme is their long here both eyes blackened. You think if this had been a Democrat this will be nationally of course it would. So she and his friend blogger and boyfriend Joey Sarah SARS and walks around Hollywood. We just physically attacked. After law onlookers know or suspect. That you make a social experiment videos seen it will be like Torrey trump cut in the liberal era my. That it in a liberal area skis and while they found out. This is trying to be edgy conservatives sticking it to live charge of Hollywood white said if I lived in Arkansas or something. Everything was just is interesting to where Hillary had nothing what happens here. I see people driving around with Hillary bumper stickers gonna be bad time. This week we have Whitney we are right we have to be tolerant are beaten. And listen to this is great to stop in West Hollywood the couple and it heat one of the transgender wanna say. Boyfriend. There wearing magaw hats. At your first up in West Hollywood couple receipts if you Aqua stairs but never all the bystanders were played. One to experiment in other areas parent went then went to Hollywood boulevard home and home of the famous walk of fame. If pull underwriting. A protest of president Donald Trump that was already under way. A talk a potter having a protest of president on trap quickly became violent. When he mail activists. In a cat had had. Snatched and stopped on SARS to set and white white sands. The police ended up getting had the actress arson whoever most of Boyd's fingernail was ripped off. So the choice is transgendered I had his fingernail ripped off and like the real fingernail not the frequent. For wearing maggot had. The crowd then descended upon them. One woman tossed to drink their face while others beat this hit. So you can see and she's yet this is is transgender man oh my gosh it's nasty to ripped off to finger old Shia hog rally with that lead back and it can scroll. Yes she's got a he's got a guess I don't know. Black and blue 22 black eyes. This would remotely inflammatory horror. Instigated Von to anyone the point of this video was to be aware a conservative symbol and a very liberal area. White send in for those you just Cheney legacy transgender. Conservative. Who wore the truck pat down Hollywood overseer if you go to vacation you know I would I would not take a truck packed motion wanna have your fingernails ripped off. Like your in some kind of Armenian torture chamber. So hope that heals but does it leaves car. He. She tolerance for you folks this time Sid don't dead dose tosses up. Yeah have an answer the question what is it OK to be a transgender man you would've thought it was no. Does not. Know when he or she or whatever is wearing. Aimee did that again had the you can become so your heart's delight and he'd be fine. Just.