The Tara Show - 11-22-17 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, November 22nd

Fusion GPS paid journalists to publish fake news about Trump’s alleged Russian connections; The Hill reports FBI helped Russia and Iran in huge conspiracy to corner the global market on uranium; Drinking and driving in SC; Fears of sexual predators posing as transgender proven true in UK jails; Roy Moore accuser’s story is falling apart


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You may good morning terror while it seems day in day out day in day out we're learning ninth and very little in our society is actually as it appears. All of these big name folks movement going down for Ellis harassment and you wonder where it's gonna end. If you know the stories keep large you just predators in its industry after industry after industry. It's it's hit everyone from the media ads image sign in. And I Netflix set means you're on an on an on an line. And it's been amazing where we're from we're fighting we always suspected that things might work like this but we never knew for sure when now we know for share. On the blinders are being ripped off in America and this is part of the team that's not sexual harassment part which is the dirt and the sleaze. This is coming out right now. That fusion GPS. Hey did journalists. Who re ported on need tramp Prussia collusion and put that in quotes him mom. Paid them money. There are paid by fusion GPS. Not to push their house in other words let's put out this fall story and then pay people to repeat it yet now confusion GPS is admitting. Some of their bank records became public history is admitting that to OK we did pay journalist. Understand this was her hour Russian research on the side. Now have an editorially heaping helping of Russian researcher on the side it. Yes I should only have. That the principles of this liberal reporters at fusion GPS leaving your job too good to hit job on the president. And this group free a while working with the Democrats. And I refining our reporters and pay we don't know yet who. That tell those names are still blacked out. Redacted and redacted. For what national security reasons I'd imagine except I don't think we national security he can be may be. Personal litigation reasons yeah. Possible charges. So odd that's to be fascinating to watch. Am I would I days it is this normal pay journalist decision not about try her I mean is that that's normal do we do that now does it but they just. How many pain is to journalists get this stuff I'll put it this way were no payments have reached this office with. I was just say you are not doing it regularly at what we're doing it right. We should be driving nicer cars and so house's stance you know definitely I know how you get these payments. The Agassi on troubles rates are sort of Australia yet. Until that's going on and then an attention is against aid to because I thought this was the huge story history and I and I don't think that it is quite hit this is hard is it it it it shouldn't have. This hole did this latest installment from the hill. I'm showing it was much bigger than uranium one that this is a very extensive. Operation by Russia and also by our random to corner the entire world uranium market. This is not going on here is in candidacy is and other places on that this was eight military operation. Aimed principally at ice. Com but also a controlling it and that the FBI knew. They knew they were going about it with racketeering. Bribery blackmail let's and they blackmailed. Bomb and an all these other legal practices. Yet the FBI said nothing to congress about it as not I'm not just uranium deal Lee which is one thing that's that's Hillary. But five other additional deals. On that helps the Russians to gain control uranium a gain influential positions with in the you're the you're uranium in nuclear industry that this was this was you know easy beyond uranium this was literally ate an infiltration. A barn it's industry. Bomb and and an attempt not just soon T security uranium but also to get our secrets they knew it. And they did nothing about it. You know. And this to me goes to a bigger larger picture here. There is the narrative with liberal progressives. In this country. Then all of these countries are really our friends. That we can be nice for these people. That we can do things together we would just collaborate and and stop over arming ourself and ending you know what do forcing our. Enforcing our forces and then our influence into areas so we have these people would leave us alone and we can trade together and so do diplomatic things and have you know nice. Polite relations for these countries. The the reverse the real truth is is that the nation and not the people but the nation of Russia the nation of China the nation of North Korean the nation upon our enemies of the United States of America. Period they are enemy some of which that we choose to do business with I eat China and Russia. And until we have people in positions of power. That are willing to admit that. And deal with these countries on that basis. We're gonna be and a severe national security situation and that's what brings you to this whole situation with uranium wind and other issues like this. Where we are basically handing over. And allowing access to. Resource is that we should be reserving exclusively for our own news. And we should be doing nothing that makes it easier for them to the despite because everything that the government of Russia. And the government of China does whether it is military diplomatic or economic is done in opposition to the United States of America. At one point the undercover and partly who's testifying this weekend at how to bury our Thanksgiving. Armed SA notice that says yes is he really went to the FBI incident and listening wire why these deals to still be approved. And he was told by the FBI agent that it was because of politics. That they've got Russians. Recorded on tape from this this criminal enterprise. It the FBI to your credit actually indicted a couple of these people but not the main principles. I'm you literally had the ad the Obama administration approving visas for dams they can come and go. Call on it knowing that they the whole time the FBI knows what's going on on any you don't have rations on it tape. Recorded. Using a racial slur to wrote to refer to Obama and joking. About how basically easy it is to what you know it much easier it is to get him to sell as country out than any other president has he meant to resign. Yet while he's not you know in on something to you know I don't know maybe it Democrat means never having to resign or say you're sorry. So this semester and he is an absolute outrage that Robert Mueller continues to work for the federal government in any capacity. He needs to be before. Congressional committees answering questions and some law enforcement agency I don't know which one. These sit down with him and his lawyer for a very long conversation I believe the deep state is not just deep terror it is abroad. It is and yet this guy. To. I mean he he either. It and made it there's still refusing to answer the question. They Charles Grassley has asked bomb did you ever tell congress. Com of course is question grassy area knows the institute no they did not and the day they're looking for any proof from the F Gadgetell comes as they did didn't they broke the law. And then here's the interesting question where when he was yet and it did this skinless so big it's beyond covering for Hillary. You add this looks like they're covering for the Russians. Of course one non an an Obama. I am a big is this she just you kids what Sony did they tell Obama don't. If they did tell Obama sure looks like they're covering for the Russians how do you explain that it's a massive plot. I'm so not only you know get they'd corner the market on the uranium. But also owed to infiltrate our nuclear industry getter secrets. Uneasy trade secrets and others or. You know she your are you come to the Russians you didn't tell Bob are you covered for Obama he didn't tell congress which is it has is one of the tea. And you can't explain ways and yet this guy is still allowed to go after our presidents. He's a great little. I don't know how do you explain its. I I can't I mean he's treated as if he deserves respect he deserves you know ankle bracelets is what he deserves. That is so religion. When we caught. The they there's plenty georgians and they worship in Iraq illegally shot around uranium and we were afraid they were going to let you know bad nations stuff like that. And the Russians want a sample remember that right of uranium they want all that they wanted to sample of it. And Mueller personally flies to Russia to drop it off to head the FBI. You couldn't send somebody else and now it's so weird the whole things stinks to high heaven. I keyboard invest he's somebody fresh collision it should be Mueller. And the guy who appoint Rosen steep. An even worse the hill newspaper. I'm amazed by this is their liberal publication just took Jeff Sessions to the woodshed. Documenting how he's lied to the American people multiple times over the last week as has the Justice Department airline about uranium one and in the timeline on these scandals. Ahmed also reporting how Reuters. And the and even talk about how it's kind of collusion between the Justice Department the FBI to cover this up. It's all in the hill article needed this is a bombshell. I'm unwittingly to this to explode on the news and it isn't it hasn't I don't with the dealing. It's it's it's. Quietly being shoved aside. Well I you know the more he hears right I was sick the more I look at Muller doing this in the speed at which he's moving against trump and how deep now is in the trump empire. On this guy has more and more and more incentive on a daily basis to go after a president to keep himself by a prison. On the he has absolute motive to do that and sit to launch of you know a fake case against our president he scares me to death. Com and he needs to get mad and I'm a bit higher dot com by the way was predicting that the reason that trump wants tax reform passed so quickly. He won it on his desk by Thanksgiving but but it it did make its arms are coming. Arm is because he wants to fire Rosa Steen Mahler and may be sessions but he can't do it Tilley gives tax reform battle you know ignorant everything yeah. Interesting theory there who lets interest it it is an and I I think it's I think it's a good theory and I think trumpeter move fast. Because it's gonna be who gets to first. Add things to be a really interesting year coming up. Wheldon getting ready for Thanksgiving. Your family doing that. Yet beat you know I didn't this space to be the most traffic on the roads in the last twelve years. Highest number of Americans according to a survey by replaced by expected to take a Rhodes. This is his gas prices. Homage Jenner and generally good economy. Even though last year by the way gas prices were lower than they are now with a distinct common good economy gas prices surveillance and government and jumping in the car. 51 million net people will travel at least fifty miles. So about a one's going to be nuts out there finally be worst period for traveling. It turns traffic congestion spent 335 today. Which makes sense to bring in our work earlier hit the road for Thanksgiving see that there were tragically early yep Thanksgiving traffic so. Planned for that if you can get off extra extra early I would do it. Or you know what if if you can't I had to sway go later tonight. Nick is going to be nuts. Well there's what does family that won't be spending. Thanksgiving. Together this year. Speaks he's so mad South Carolina. As I read this you consider this. This is from business insider saved it from last year what causes the most fatal car crashes each US state. South Carolina number two in the nation. For drunk driving. Our capital causing the most fatal crashes we drink and we die. And it heading year we have the most fatal crashes per capita in the entire country usually when number one of the tune into every year since I've been here. It is ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And the study by Mothers Against Drunk Driving earlier this year the showed that we had one of the lowest conviction rates 22 full twenty points below the national average. Which is also ridiculous. The laws that we had here in the reason that this is this way is for one simple reason. Because our judicial committee which makes these lawyers and deals with neutron trying to laws almost all the members are lawyers and most of them are GUY lawyers. That's why we have you know some some relaxes laws on the books and the reason we have lax laws here is other punishments or any worse. Or any you know any lighter it's not that. It's just we have these ridiculous at a lion's lake. And you know he's got to be standing in the picture every frame is got to be you know he's got to be able to be fully visible on every frame it. Well but he still fill the pretzel as well as what was in the fray. I stupid stuff like that we play games like this in South Carolina he's so angry. This makes me angry too and it Knowles signed toy they should year old David Newell. And just taking. Aim an exam and was headed home on his moped this is in Columbia on rosewood drive November 15. When this shellfish drunken lunatic Charles Davenport 24 years old a fellow USC student. Nailed him. From behind act it's time. Davenport was grossly. Intoxicated so much so he had trouble standing we got outside the car. And driving twice the speed limit. As he hit Knowles moped from behind this pickup truck. So where's Davenport today. This happen on November 15 where where is. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. Well tomorrow. Tomorrow David Newell will be buried tomorrow on Thanksgiving. He's not with us anymore he's got to get to celebrate with a stamp. But trust Davenport. We'll be home with case. Grossly intoxicated driving twice the speed and when you know. Why. I Tuesday judge Deere truck heights our. By the well these judges are appointed her statement it's collect the most is saying they're but they're appointed by the Jewish company. You know the committee with the U Tyler's CEOs works. On Tuesday judge Deirdre hightower. The process is not quite that simple but the committee is the one bird that did they have the most sec on Tuesday judge Deirdre high tower. Sit on a 75000. Dollars for Davenport mean dealing had to come up with 7500 to get out. At the ominous green detention center. That's despite the prosecutor just Gholston. Big and a judge to leave them behind bars. She so she could go home and spent Thanksgiving with his family. I she does that the judge hold seven port without bonds. Adobe also allowed now let's and his mother in Georgia after bonding out. Judge order the Davenport where GPS monitor and submits monthly alcohol testing and drug test monthly great. That's Al. Regis. It's outrageous. Q and is this an annual lets the mom of the victim. Traveled from the failing him near Washington DCB or injured son's bedside along the sister and along his older sister Brady and longtime girlfriend Rachel Thomas. She said he had to be taken off. Life support. Dom on Thursday so that is dated debt would coincide with his older sister's birthday on Friday. You mentioned. It's fair. That he used to have a lovely holiday meal while we grieve the loss caused by this man an annual says. It's beautiful day in South Carolina. Senators. Beat the girlfriend Rachel. Grew up with David Maryland. Toobin inseparable sustainment. Dated in high school and been playing futures together. They maintain a relationship when he left for USC. And living together over the summer and it just like a puppy together just last week rates said. Newell and asked her he gonna say yes when I ask you marry me rang. Her breaks the breaks my heart. Anyway people look for love like that their whole lives she said. DeVon putting Ford took her life together away before even began to wonder stupid. Decision. So stupid. Yeah one about the judge any judge who suffer just because they don't answer to you in the state. They don't they instituted judicial committee staffed. By legislators who happened to be DUI attorneys most of them. Do you think all Singaporean man home for Thanksgiving candy some campaign donation my way. For my future political career. Could you support my bid for the State Supreme Court. Shame shame on that judge. Five or random facts and he's in a while and now it's time score. And fans ran down Max. Never in reading family yourself as a relatively new development people had been raining in reading for approximately 5000 dollars politically and socially acceptable three alone and not allowed to the group the last 30400 years and sense. To breast you know only had one look anyway Kelly we know. Real impact number is silly string was a mission originally created in the 1970s when tennis I was trying to invent an innocent didn't spray on. Catalysts that random number three. The budgets for days and confused six point nine million dollars. And about 16 of that went toward getting it right to all the sadness songs in the movie the hopefully this next. I can't remember how crazy mr. Anthony. Rinna pregnant for the music video. And it's been claimed the most time on MTV is a sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel I see McCain had a running in the loop. Still remember that song was on the radio to Powell all the time. And final factor for the state of Texas to have the population density of New York City every single person in the world. But house. So I lived there between yeah. Would proudly I wanted it's. Brands the so yeah. Ari seen on the text line on a new British study remember when they told us. But it if you if you disagree with the idea of men or transitioning to women. She green. Changing rooms with little girls sharing bathrooms with when you hear just intolerant and your ignorant because they're not sex offenders they're not there to prey on women they're the air because they have a legitimate. Physical need to be there. And you're you're intolerant. You need to examine the way that you think and become more educate. New. Headline. From the UK. Are there a couple of years ahead of us in this whole transgender thing nearly. Half of the transgender inmates. CNN that their prison system are sex offenders. Ouch. By the way there is eight liberal feminist group. Campaign to keep an eye of the women's prisons. After a two time rapists who is now transitioning. Managed to get in to the women's prison saying he was a woman. And to be getting assault assaulting and harassing the women in prison. They say the policy does not take into account women or writes or concerns they're safe. Yeah and you go center early bright was vilified for this. This is it we did the chamber or put a couple hundred. Thousand dollars chamber. Circles I should say a couple 100000 dollars and taken him out because you want to pass a law here in South Carolina he proposed a law that said this is is don't half. To go along with. You know. Gender. Creative bathrooms I don't know. This state if they want to they can they can do whatever bathroom Condo they want to let whoever they want into the bathroom. But don't have to if they don't want to. He was completely vilified remember everybody was afraid we lose a basketball and turn dimensional that. Treated like a total pariah. For suggesting. That this might make. Women unsafe. And now we finding. This might make women unsafe. The study showed about administered showed that transgender man had and where sex offenders add more than twice the rate the general population. Facts are stubborn things. And just because they'll come out the way you like doesn't mean your ignorant intolerant. And means reality doesn't always fit. Whatever the liberal left is dictating at the month. So Smart policy is now put a group of people Bush's defenders at twice the rate of the general population. It'd should have therms in the changing rooms with most vulnerable segment of our population and that's considered Smart. Go of this country. Sure it's good girls in North Carolina just Kennedy used to seeing I was Charlotte Observer wrote that. They debs an editorial. They told little girls North Carolina just had to get used to seeing naked men dressing rooms so what's the big deal what Charlie is great points. Charlie Rose is just ahead of his time. You know what. It wouldn't Democrat why would exposures ascension that. Why. She just tolerate it justice expressing to figure out who it is. Tester race. Where does go on the truck driver and a Jeannie strike judge in Columbia state judge. Part of our legislator legislature who let him out. So that he can go spend time with his stay normally after killing a guy drove drunk ads he drove pledged. Fallen on drunk and just driving twice the speed limit when he hit and killed. The ad dynamo pat. In Colombian judge let's him out so he can spend Thanksgiving with the Stanley the victim's family is burying him on Thanksgiving. Tester race. May should be like Gerard butler's character in law abiding citizen the way to Democrats legal system. Yet or maybe we should just it would have been planning for awhile which is go to war in the state next year when I'm are big issues I'm not really be focusing on is her drunk driving Los. Others going to be a big push to change and make it tougher to one of the things we're really gonna get into. Next year really really looking forward to because I'm act quite frankly had enough of and sick and tired of the same handful legislators can decide who the judges are too in the state because most of them are attorneys. Some wrong with that. Something very wrong. With that tester Richard if it did was Hugh leatherman is family member that he liked driver would be out. Do justice system amen to that no of course would be and finally on LS story about drunk driver life isn't fair it's never going to be. Sorry. You have we can make it fair then yes. Well interesting to see what happens in Alabama. Even more interesting. If Roy Moore pulls this off. You would look both candidates are doing an Alabama Democrat Republican running for senate. There they are both running campaigns against their own party's. As the nominee of their part. That's right Roy Moore from the beginning his running campaign completely against the Republican Party. He now is making this an issue of whether the people will control congress or Mitch McConnell and Republican Party. As you literally have a guy. Running against his own party. Allen and that the Democrats. Distancing himself from his party casino one in my never anybody's Democrats Alabama. And he's running against aggression any his part. I think the implications Turks is really interest. If you think about it they point to sound real clear politics. That you've got Mitch McConnell. Bomb accrued on the headed the GOP in the senate. Deftly one of the top three party leaders. Saying don't elect this guy I don't to a niece go in these go a bubble bubble bola. If more or wind it's got to be complete rejection. Twice in the race of the GOP leadership. GOP leaders said told everybody to vote for with a strange they voted for they voted for Roy Moore. And it would be remarkable because. I daresay no politician in either party could could have survived a scandal like Roy Moore has had ten years ago. On especially now with the party leadership against them. And yet if Roy Moore pulls off the way. With a massive amount of baggage he is dragging behind him rightfully so fairly or night. And the people are so steamed. They don't care what Roy Moore did or didn't know they are more interested. In taking a hit out on the Republican Party. Real clear politics a great piece on is this Morrissey ascension to crisis and debt is debt. And it is the beginning of a revolution. Recent revolution people think violent the most revolutions are they just change everything. It's a big decent it's a big mass change of behavior or mindset by a group of people that change as a country forever. I I think this what would you be looking that he there's a what you do you here's a poll out I know I don't know does a lot of pulls out there in the room where race so to what degree assault. There's a pull out there. Showing that Roy Moore's lead over the Democrat had is going well here. Since the scandal. Not lessons. This couple more out there showing Democrat went so I don't know I don't know which is what's. But if you're pulls this off it will be a complete and utter refutation and a GOP leadership. And also show something else. If no power. They have not paid if you as a GOP leader. If you can't do win a guy. Accused by this many women doing terrible things. Because the people hate you so much they don't care we did. And I don't like him but they hate you. I I ask question what do what exactly are the GOP leaders leading headed because they party that point. So it's kind of state you're not just for one more and pose a salad trump wherever. Women harassment. Ban I know it's it's way beyond that I mean it in miss coming out of meant to but he just has set up a contest here. You know thirty million dollars could elect with strange in the primary in Alabama. And they flat out lied in those acts. And Jim were. So we learn no amount of money is gonna save you if you're associated with GOP leadership. So there are back for round two to answer the question. It appears that you are a serial abuser of women. Will people choose you over the GOP leadership. That's the question on the table. And normally use the instant that is gonna be dead this day. Doesn't he Republican yet you people still run a label on me Lauren fund raises a GNER and celebrity I mean at at that point becomes me list is not. So that's a summit table here and I think Mitch McConnell did not mean to set this up as a referendum on himself. Twice. Buddy hats. We think more current to be paid more Roy Moore. Mitch McConnell. And people going. That's a tough one. Star. Meanwhile. This whole thing's fallen apart. Le Roy Moore did or didn't do he has admitted to pursuing teenage girls so beat it as today. But we have people coming toward signing affidavits. I'm saying that the whole story told by that Laura Gloria all read it tax system completely erroneous. Including law enforcement one guy uses a word to Roy Moore is courtroom I knew we was I ate all the time to deal Hickory house in Greece posing a doctor from he's like he's never in there. None of the other waitresses remember him being in there either. And he's a history intact or behind a dumpster out back. One problem the dumpster was an outback it was on the side in full view of the highway. She says it was dark out backed by the dumpster. What was on the side and you would they receive an highway and it was well lit it just so much about this is just falling apart.