The Tara Show - 11-22-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Wednesday, November 22nd

Prepping and planning for Thanksgiving; FBI emails show leadership panicking over their involvement with Hillary campaign; Conversational minefields during the holidays; Being thankful; Pronouncing “y’all” correctly


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Almost cleared leave you know things giving needs it almost is that a real thing it's yeah it should be a real thing you know yeah why not a trailer I'm doing today. I am going to be going home and cooking basically pine. And stuff. All day long. Do the pumpkin and via Apple's today. Kinda good in an empire so we're gonna have the idea is going to be smelling good and some some Ville know all day it is it's going to be smell an awesome and sent many. In my house now have you have you got the go vote journals Turkey yet. Yep all order to connect it. Good girl are nice to yep order casino rights hopeless I threw my hands a Bible never be able to took it could detergent and sometimes you have to just accept that. I'm not gonna give up on you there's always hope. You know there's you know new challenges I mean you're you're very ambitious and driven person and I'm sure that at some point. That challenge to produce the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. Will be something that that rises to us the level that you want to check to take that challenge on I'm sure at some point that'll happen. Money going to be this year no it's not good news this year it was when he is Miami my nephew I have cooked his things giving me offer. Price close to a third is like freedom and last year when I served the by jingles from Turkey he goes. This is the best Turkey I've never read it she's beaten mind yeah. I'll. There is that yes I too anyway. Survey of favored tries number one for Thanksgiving pumpkin. It's not my favorite but ramble on collapsed on comprised I make I make it in you don't do I make it his. His mother my my mother in laws went away it was made which is which is definitely not my favorite way but it's hit so I make it exactly like she made it. And their you know I'd and it's funny to us by mother in line. Is it is one heck of a woman and she. I asked her for a long time he's gonna sweet potato casserole that she made for him his whole like that he loads. And so I asked her many times you can either SP. I get he really wants it you know I listen Charlie now he's Cranium let me make it for an insurance I mean he's polite emails back you know well yes he Tesla the sweet potato casserole but. There is no recipe out exactly rates eventually. I took a hand on team. Can meet there should pay. You know what is so funny because two completely unsolicited a week after we got married. The recipes. Both of those things that are pumped in pi day her trademark prime comply and a sweet potato casserole arrives unsolicited in an email she's looking for commitment here she married into the family get them. What to expect they're really good that they really aren't so on yet and then my out my apple pie. Which is singularly committed that's awesome. Nobody makes apple pie like Eddie York secret recipe is you wanted to apple pie they'll just kick rear end and and have people meaning it will it will literally send them. It into a swing in time yes OK one time late night making the apple tirade and I hope I was dead before. And I realize I'm out of milk and cream and I'm really putted butter. Oh yeah I know that goes that's sent a man that was started Byron what do you put it. I had left was now at dean spec I screen. Now while there you go yes I melted down and down now and I used it instead the milk in the pride buildings that have been out being in it yes yes and then I as yet an and I take a lit you need to buy Vanilla bean spice I separate and I think a little knot but a little. And I put it in there now with a cinnamon sugar Manx. And a little bit cornstarch to thicken set back up Brian. I just seem that way you don't have to put the ice cream on apply its inland empire. Other nights you can see as compared to one source yes and so on my nephew has demanded that two of those being made one that just for him. It's a big boy has over sixty. IC Davies in last year he 82 thirds of it so of his own pies from in his umpiring and I'm going to this afternoon anyway. So boy is that good I really if you try this yeah I knew that yanked date that ice cream maker started going to fake ice cream. Like but totally figures because I he's got to go and buy a like you know your standard brand right LB inspect ice cream and I cooked at once and it would melt like like milk like they're trying to write up and I melted at one time and put in the time now. Same brand very well respected brand it was used. And it totally whacked piled up it wasn't real teary. At all now it was nasty out and show. I realized I had a through a couple of brands of of ice cream before it found the ones that still use actual dairy products instead of that fake cred now. So you can only do with sir nice is it and so side and I'll add that as you noted you're gonna try that on your apple pie. Use hearkens us okay. It's the safest in the. Jim has intermediaries. Real ingredients I don't know I never tried died in that I didn't do the managers and support and you don't know my my daughter is is a big fan hospitals daughter one Lowe's Charlotte. Big fan of been injuries I'm sorry I want mob by socialist by scoring I will Monday that I'm not purchase item. On a boycott just I don't. I understand and you're stronger person than I am I have been injuries one sweet from anti tail off now I can I can it's nothing it's nothing like it. Now I'm sorry has run draw the line now and most coveted. He's not a free anyway. Suing apple pint every third on the list it's our number one in my family. So. Looking for our editor Randy could knowledge on and there's expecting the most travelers on the road in twelve years it's going to be just wild out there I've got to say this okay. This has been one of the most trouble free mornings and traffic in a long time there's a minor problem right now on 85 southbound. But we've got all these mean media folks that are telling us about all the you know millions of travelers and traffic is running rolled policeman a part of that I think has goes wouldn't because schools out. Part of it but I mean we're so far not under the sentence would be nuts. This morning no real problem I got a real kick out of the folks over fox Carolina we're monitoring some of the local TV stations and they've got this live shot. Of the airport they got the book Chiron along the bottom all the millions traveling for Thanksgiving and the show the shot a GST there's one woman with two bags going to. This nobody there. This like I Shiller just won an open and that was our live shot that didn't a couple of times next summit NC as the one person account and it was a so. I think GSP don't worry about it folks there's no long ha it's not yet night I had at least. I get them or change the worst hours for travelers the speed today between three and five. Look at kisses everybody's get off work early to going to be the traffic but I know early flight problems a sparkling Giambi is currently yes so. Bomb you know it you're either gonna to break the trap to an end and a lot of this is these people are getting off fourteen if they're not going anywhere. They're staying in town and another Salinas is going to be nuts. Three to five days who can get up extra early Deanna where you know maybe say a little later in just avoid all masked it is is going to be a NASA they're saying. A strong economy and labor market this is AAA are generating rising incomes and higher consumer confidence. And that's why so many people are traveling it's a that the gas prices are loud yes. But 3.2 percent more Americans are traveling by car this year for Thanksgiving. Vs last year. I'm even though. We have higher gas prices to share them rushed to Jesse that. Live shot from LA from last night it's making the rounds it's it's have been on Twitter and stuff. Is for the TV stations had whether choppers up and had to live shot and not an emotion to torture which highway was but. It was nothing but lights headlights facing the camera tail lights going away from the camera and I mean for miles and I'm talking like not three or four lanes like. 85. There like eight or ten lanes in each side. Bumper to bumper for miles. Miles I know how high they were up but you could see miles of listeners that the headlights and tail lights bumper to bumper. For like 1012 lanes wide going each direction wow. She's down I would love them. Being California but forget votes the LA traffic man I'm sorry yeah now forget it. It's your rates with all the construction headaches I just figured out what SE DOT really means south Carolina department of torture. But unless pretty close that's when Nintendo is torture you're torturing our budget and our wallets to. Yeah what are what it takes to get ahead in life. Well this is what it takes to get ahead Washington. Can imagine that this just. It's unbelievable. And use this analogy before supposed. Main. Detective. A Greeneville. Police department detective. Or is working on the case and he was investigating. Or somebody who'd committed to large and after me medium may series crap. And his wife wanted to run for office the one problem she getting money into it they weren't rich people as a recent myself. Lose money. Who could don't. Know that risk criminal that I'm investigating right call them. Think I'd go over here. We reaction be to police chief eleven to do. Think he had a job if they were found out. Let's see exactly. How things work at the FBI and we've now seen. Exactly how we it was coordinated listen to what happened. It urges Wickham what I have for this would be like at at the local level. Or if you're being investigated by a local number our local police department and you try to bribe them how it would go over fear. Hopefully not too good I hope they're honest. These guys are. Lights has just gotten a bunch of FBI emails from the Justice Department the Justice Department excuse me. Showing leadership king over their conflicts of interest of the clay Nino investigation. A gate list house stuffed it's done in Washington. This is under free conceivable. Okay here's the timeline. On next. The music that Hillary Clinton had illegally used a private email servers and classified data. Broke on March 2 torn fifteen right. Five days after that. Clinton's chief funder raiser and foundation board member. Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. Also that the the tapes. And just don't recruit folks to run here in Virginia for the state legislature. Which would show white Orion. Now keep in mind at the time. Add to trot at the time. And your cape is the deputy director of an at the FBI. He's number two in charge. At the time. That this happened. Com. And McCabe was not only. In 888 when it was not only about to be a point eight as the lead guy on the Clinton email investigation. Which would happen in days he was also investigating. Criminally. Guess do merge it covered Terry McCullough. T McCabe he's investigating Hillary she's fund raiser Virginia governor Terry Terry governor Terry McAuliffe on a number of charges. Clint any email scandals broke in a news the last five days. If investigator and a guy here investigating Terry golf college hoops yeah. It's your wife. Sir can use good Democrats run here Virginia would you. I'd to. Should be on the ballot. What was your reaction be if you're honest person if you're saying for these are your job. Anywhere but Washington. And I just aren't you why you wanna followed. Deputy director any Gabe who actually serve as acting director after Conley was fired. Did you. Nominee best dating you. Did a great idea bring my weight down to your office. We'll talk. Within two weeks of that McCabe would be appointed the head guy over and Hillary Clinton email investigation. So literally Demi caves. Go to put Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe's office an awkward is that. You're investigating got. I guess Democrats did this I don't know. She announced her candidacy McCain's wife on March 12. The email the Clinton email server story broke on March 2. So when in ten days McCain gets called. Chairman Carl again who he's also investigating not as part of the Hillary email thing just separately it's deeper hole when other crimes. This should be a good MCM a budgetary an element investigating him for criminal you know enterprise. Soon afterward Clinton and McAuliffe aligned political groups donated nearly 700000 dollars. 40% of campaign's total funds to McCain's wife per campaign. Some emails that judicial watch just got me amazing in the world the way the world works this country. A third World Cup tie proceed not in the United States of America. Wilson now the Wall Street Journal. Figures that was going on here we saw pretty obvious rate. And so they pay they do an article I and so we came panics. An inside did that the top leaders of the FBI pentagon I do is look so bad. Headlined Clinton ally eighty campaign of FBI officials wife. Yeah it looks bad your deleted FBI official on that Hillary investigation and a McAuliffe went and you're using that they recruit your wife. Within you know it's suing time frame of the investigation. Beginning in an historic launching. And it looks bad rate Suter trading emails back and forth what do we do okay. First day OK off to investigations. He should be leading them. Not. What we did learn. Like ethical. None and a instead it is they would uncover. With McCain announcing he would recuse himself from the crime investigation. When no. And it turns out you know when he recused himself from leading Clint investigation. As Clinton pumps money into his wife's campaign 700000 dollars a week before the presidential election. Initially the Wall Street Journal's article stated I started a flurry of emails about mrs. McCain's campaign. As a there's an email exchange going back and forth and it's a play's director crummy okay British yeah hastily climate he's a CC's fine. Its stead now I'd say it's still in our corporate rental of violent. It's sixteen at the advent house government oversight committee chairman Jason Jason sent a letter to McCain. The possibility that a good interest might exist. Between his investigation of Clinton's emails. Terry McAuliffe separate investigation. And Hillary headlining a Virginia fund raiser. Okay he's investigating Hillary he's the lead FBI guy and a number two at the FBI. He is the lead actually lead at this point a an investigation into Hillary. And emails and classified data. That starts by the in March by jewel. He still freak who he's an aide. Is headlining a Virginia fund raise a forest when. It comes and Jesus to speaker. His wife is literally selling tickets to a Virginia fund raiser. For a campaign. That she was recruited to already by Terry McAuliffe the criminal under investigation buyer has to. He works and how awkward those conversations mystery. Yes hate Hillary no not not calling to ask about the illegally unknown how I teach you fun and headline a fund raiser for my wife. Sure no problem. Acing malice donated after the FBI had initiated investigation began meeting with secretary Clinton's attorneys are wide that's. These new documents show that the FBI leadership was politicized and compromised canceling a quick email investigation. Yes they. Just. Thompson had a judicial watch who got a hold of the emails because no one else in the media cares too. It's well past time for a do over the Clinton emails investigation every cards and you is criminal investigation for misconduct. Get me to be investigated. Prison. By the way you all. Know the OMG. Remember all of this next time you get a speeding ticket folks remember this. OK I need do you get them get there inferred. Your family for Thanksgiving get ready for that. Yeah well if you don't have a slight. Argument. This agreement. Where I produce. New all new survey adds top ten things you should not talk about. He's cracked me up. To ten foreign policy. And that's easy number nine the environments. And very terrorism. Number seven congress. Number six topics to avoid. Gay marriage. Interest you on your religion is nod in the top ten. At all right about that he won. My parents who are going to be pretty divisive topic was not in here are never six gay marriage number five immigration. Number four and the economy one not to preach. She always saying guess what so many people do birds biggest travel year in twelve years sky b.'s you out there. There's the economy's in great shape consumer confidence is up people at Dryden and spend it. So no I wouldn't want talk but the OK number three healthcare. Number two. Controversial topics. People agree. Don't talk about this with the family. Number two personal debt. With depressing but I have had dipped controversial. Italy do an argument or anything number one. Most controversial topic as agreed to by the people who out of the survey is a poll by phone. Number one most controversial topic can guess what this is not religion. Is trump. What every you do know. Don't bring a child. Don't you might. Don't do it can lead to a holiday smackdown. So a related poll have people say drinking will make their family more tolerable on Thanksgiving. But 23% say alcohol makes things worse. Since we can agree on that can. We can't 80347106. Street text line 71307. To know you are most grateful for this time of year now does not say bodies. We're almost grateful for the ones we love for our family. Preference for those we for those we treasure I'm very grateful mark Furman wanna succeed W already family's wealth you guys really are family. But in addition to that and putting that aside it's going to be everybody's number one hobbies. What are you most grateful for right now. In our country in the world our society. That's maybe different. From which have been grateful for in the past. 80347 when I was history text line 71307. So great things to be grateful for. Right now. Factories alcohol makes a BB Morse the matter what it is. Great things to be grateful for re now. In our world. And we're approaching 3% growth we haven't seen that a long time we had that the last quarter. We've got that going on. I just is promising to particular Barron trump. Now which will be terrible thing. The president sign up did you get any deals you can fit our cal fan anymore. It's demolished the mice. Was under reported story the entire year. Road trip took opposite was supposed to be you know I'd b.s gonna take years years maybe we never demolished mullets gone. Less than a year later. I'm grateful for that. I'm Ritalin for the second chance we've got I think the country. And signs that I see every day that things really could end up looking up. I'm really excited about the. Tremendously excited about. We had record low unemployment rate numbers come out the last couple days that's good. So we're seeing that. There's a whole lot more to be grateful for. What your free 803471063. Text line 713. 07 tech street I'm thankful I had everything I need and nothing that I don't. Rile us up I don't mean to my garage and come by get it if you want. Tester race. And your family RA what is Thanksgiving dinner and what are we having. Now the way Turkey probably ever cuts. The restoration thankful for trump. I second chances country for the long for for the first time a long time. I really do and it's I really feel like it's because I'm try not trump personally. About because we filing management hedge it changed his country. I mean for the longest time we got pushed around 60% of us. On issue after issue after issue agreed and yet we would lose a pistol and if so did you see this. Washington Post edit so. Team owners. Seeing that they might nix the healing policy in the coming. That it might have to go. Legacy. But it probably is gonna have do you think. And less people in America for UNICEF. Yeah so I mean the result that's what happens. When you fight back. And we're beginning to see that for the first time in our society in so many different ways. And graceful and this sounds strange but I grateful that we are beginning to see our society as a really use that is a tremendous gift. Well I mean by that. Well I is what opened the skills on the ice. What Hollywood is what the media is we're seeing that day in and day out as he scandals break. And I can't fix a country with a deep state is all of these things we talk a little tiny can't fix a country. Machine or how bad off the country is and we didn't know that until troubles elected that his legacy are really think. He wanted to fix the country being realized how badly messed up the country was just exposing that gives his country hope. They did not have a year and a half ago. We've come so. Far. Straits I grateful for beer we're all going to get really drunk talk about trump and personal. Oh well. Media address. So that what I'm washing the news I know which one you are. This really letting up the winds can wait to see which does come up with 803471063. Text line 713. 07. A bull every year ago this time. Analysts say F fourteen months ago this country. Was endemic toilet it's not anymore. In just less humid the things could change you look at this is AAA. Most trouble in twelve years why consumer confidence. It comes up. Employment sound so good I don't know the minus your family. And responding in ways we haven't seen in juniors I think it's awesome. A ticket phone calls. Connie other side text arrays I'm thankful to have a president who loves America again. By the late Thanksgiving is just the time of year we give thanks. Apparently being number one and in. And holiday when your most lately to conceive a baby. So be aware that. Although I don't know how you can do anything anti military to put you know ten. Deeper motivations. Gerald from cat pins good morning sir how are you today. How well mr. The vehicle. College football rob or week I'm so proud that its right to top gear. I won't say that although a lot of friction. In friendly to. We know we are you kidding leisurely causes a lot of friction Erin newsroom. Yet better when they're that I would be number one not trump. Attracts about that yeah blatant by technical or old all probably great. Thank you good and these. On Oklahoma on Gerald McClellan. Yesterday. I was disappointed and quite frankly a little bit hurts learn that I you know I thought having been a southerner from was my life since I was seven that might ya all. Was genuine and authentic. And I was told to stop saying it until I learned to sound like I'm from the south. You've got. Off similar scale to. All. That this is some authentic. If so break it up Kelsey a lot of Europe. They're you tell leak has she says no need to work and I thought I thought I had it down. Bagel which bush what you record. Irate what will thank thank you Gerald I nanny I needed to badge of authenticity from her own peace. Native. Irate John from union good morning. Maybe there are historically you do a great job and yet played. I want to come home you all to Thanksgiving dinner myself. I know all I need to pick. Up the road didn't get our. I can find ya all on Thanksgiving in my house thank you very very known well what they could to broker a warm. That this older. Yeah I had to read it may also cool. She's not overdoing it cook it this year we're all real I never heard breaking you're arm a shoulder holy Carol how did that happen. It was written up to. Ticket on the back steps to go with Caroline McCoy. Yeah allow cancer and he did good she took a man yes it took a medal that they give them not brutal way in which should be achieved volatile took a drop. Yeah it's been rough grow up to two and a half months. But without the broker norm we would put on the cancer and hurt it a little bless him and never yet. Okay that's why I have I'm doubtful umpire sort of broken all yup all well and John. She's gonna be okay she they founded the kidneys. He'll be OK you're not alone two and a half months. That go audience live but it would just they approve reject it. Al yet it's considered Don John. Considered doing Mancuso and what did you almost sure that they look real alliance buffer which everybody ignore it let alone know her. Boy tell pat tell Kathy I hope he does not include the embryo so Bible college. It's a free food off I mean John I was trying to do and put out Iditarod Gutierrez plus you Ellie in the driveway and Kathy can come on you need. Okay that Perry keep the car we're. Seriously let's say a preference. His wife what a blessing. Strangest ways home. Sure it's please don't start taking English lessons from the local she's be just fine. Thank you. Sure it's yeah. These have at least three syllables you sound like your from. To sell like your from the sun yup all oh I don't know how it works a series eerie all ain't that bad pillow well. And like tuition packeting skidding to terra leave Chris and your families who because of the blessed holiday thank you think you very much. I'm sure it's your your your whole head is too much L sound try young. If you want more southern authenticity love the show happy Thanksgiving just turn to learn I thought I had done I did not know. So we gonna complain of its excellent. Tetris you're I'm glad and thankful that god sometimes is not give us what we want I did not vote for trump I'm so thankful he's president. A couple things I've prayed for my life thank god I didn't get him get his infinite wisdom. Say a prayer for Kathy.