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Tuesday, December 12th

Analyzing Alabama special election; Facebook friends that we never really friends


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Your reg clean. And it Lindsey Graham advising folks not to vote for Roy Moore rank them well I mean my decision I'm not voting for Lindsey Graham and I'm definitely not voting for senator Skype ever again. So there again now and aside. I think there was some of my statements this earlier this morning or been a little bit misconstrued I was not saying. That I would not support more or would you shouldn't vote for him. All I was simply saying is that I think that the the degree of difficulty that the party will deal with will be slightly worse if he wins that if you loses either way though I agree with your assessment. Either way it's will be very tough but because that is going to be in there may put in a very tough situation. But I do think if he loses your right. That is going to be tougher for probable cause and the media will immediately spend this is oh this is a loss or trump this is repudiation of front policies trumped errors over you know that type of stuff. Yeah and I just went snow for the record. I'm even though you got beaten black and blue on the tax plan might defended him. Want thank you for the casino on what a set I think that might. Previous statements this morning were a bit misconstrued maybe I maybe I just didn't do very effective way of communicating when I was actually trying to like it across there. Well no I mean it and there's gonna be a loss for the Republican Party if he wins or if he loses I question is which is the bigger loss he wins or if he loses in as a tester is pouring out I mean. You know to this nation is RD spending this this morning. While Brodeur loses his defeat for trump into everything about the things I will be nearly forgotten. And mommy to be called you know hey this is the beginning of the Democrats taking the country backers aero numbers are down even in Alabama no come on that's not what this is about. It's not. Bomb so. End he added there's not a crushed your cheer again it it's an intangible but I think the biggest story the last two weeks has been that that the RNC. The fundraising arm of the Republican Party has effectively been taken over by Tron yeah she's not control it anymore. And we saw that because they donated to. Roy Moore and a woman by the way any RNC resigned over that yeah and they reversed their position because at one point they had pulled money from the more campaign. And then when trump came in and said okay I'm gonna go hit him back him in the party came into. So when you got the party's fundraising apparatus feeling important part of the party really arm. In direct client conflict with the leadership in the senate and house. And it was Mitch McConnell is super pacs that you know raise the thirty million dollars most of it to try to defeat Roy Moore and put into strange and in the primary. Com you've got to complete your pre group creation of the of the party leadership and ultimately of the bushes and their fund raising machine. And so if it is something into it here air and most have not really touched on his drew more wins it will be an absolute utter incompletion leading to feed for the GOP leadership. And it's gonna mean nobody's gonna wanna cent of their money on that campaign finance report has to compete wrapped around her neck and they can have the bucket kicked out from underneath them with it. In a primary and show if if Mitch McConnell who can raise endless money from the chamber. It if they candidates can't take a dime of it because it could cost them an election he is rendered absolutely powerless but more important in that. On the bush folks are rendered powerless and the wheels the Mac nation making his neck nation of the ribbon. Party is where all of it is east is it is literally becomes trumps at that point but as you said at a terrible cost. Found because you trumpets and going to be tied to remarked this is this is why we you know we see we saw Leo and it all on The Who she's come back out yesterday. Now on until 'cause you don't lose after the election one or more white. When I saw that I said ideology shows says two things that internal Democrat polling shows that Roy Moore is gonna win. And they are preparing. To tidy that she's back to trump all the accusers. Who have had their say over and over and over and over on television not dampen her and now they're demanding that trump go. You know today ethics committee I'd just like. Roy Moore. And Al Franken as it or tried Thai Mort who trump with a win that's where that she's were brought back out they think remorse going away and that's what this is all about. So there's a heavy price to be paid here. I'm by trial. Who did not Roy Moore in this election in a primary people forget that. But so all of that is Illinois. It kills me about this too this is is just that on a personal matter. All these so offended people from senator Tim's guys to senator Lindsey Graham LO leadership of the party don't seem to give a rip. That we have now learned de de George H. W. Bush is so I'm pretty much every bit as bad as Bill Clinton and he's admitted they at least clinching this in doing in Friday's wife. You know HW dies. He's scoundrel he cheated honor he has actually complete disrespect to her with women he acts just like. They say Roy Moore did and we. Dubbed bush is Clinton the first round this Roy Moore stuff including stuff that is now been completely debunks with these guide me we had texts. With the bush keynote what's left jabs campaign which is now becoming hit machine against term goal for the little harsh polished. Will leasing disk came from the bush folks this is a desperate effort leaked to maintain their grip on the party. And this is they are willing to lose this election. In order to maintain their grip on the party Nazi go to trump and it's slipping away and so it is slipping away trump right now and Roy Moore victory would very much solidify that. On and that's dads would this brawl is about and so when you see Tim Scott in Lindsey Graham taking sides like this if you wise to start opening his mouth he just. Stay quiet. You know I mean and that's talk about the stuff this is there on the bush side. And and they're fighting for the people who raise the money for them. They owe them and that's how it is so this is as much a fight for control of the senate. As it is a fight for control of the Republican Party and the bushes are going down hard. And yet if Bill Clinton I would be so frustrated by HW because. Yani liquid Clinton got dragged through a study just as bad but he's but the limit there's so outraged by Roy Moore. I get these same people Tim's got. Lindsey Graham I mean patient is admitted doing the stuff with women he likes to just get notes. Gravel have been a soft about say Graham have been that does the right front apartment complete disrespect what a piece of total trash. And yet where's the condemnation of hw. Where he was thing you know what he should die retire from public life at least the what media has said that about Bill Clinton. Where these holier than mouse on HW know where. There. They studies every present Astaro balls would get from there we'll share come line. They're hypocrites all of that. This is at here struggle for pap sweetness and try to say about that well and I also think it's interesting that really this is. Do these struggle for power is going on on the other side of the aisle to. I mean I really think we've we're seeing a sea change in American politics where the you know though the bush machine on the right and the Clinton machine on the left. Are fading away. And it's a media I vacuum there yup yup and I think that the right now. It appears to be that a more conservative style of leadership seems to be. Rising in the Republican side and a more progressive liberals side of the Democratic Party seems to be rising there on the left. If you know his country's whacked it's very simple they're Republican Party used to fight the Democrats until bush just took it over starting in 2000 and they really took it over when they kids all the conservatives out after Reagan. You know his term authorities W Kaman and then maybe kicked out of Washington ever since by the bushes and barred from the party. As they recruited these people if you went along with the Democrats to stop opposing him that's when country got whacked there was no opposition. To the Democrats. On an undermining of everything conservatism ever you know stood for. And so we need the Republican Party to fight again and the only way to do that is to get rid of the bushes and the best way that I can think. To make a a big Stepan that is for Roy Moore went today. And utterly humiliate what's left of the Republican leadership. Makes him completely powerless and if they cannot stop a potential palace file from winning. And you can't take their money because it will tar you and you lose the race. What would they have they can't raise money for you they came to be associated with you anymore so I mean we just be a big step today for more one but you're rightly at a terrible price for Republicans palace salute to the nation. I'm a mom watch president either way and I just I just tend to think that the to me it just seemed like the damage is gonna be a bit more severe if if he wins I think you're you're sort of signing on the side effect that if you lose it's a little bit more severe. That's the only distinction there between. Between our opinions yet and and like I said I'm I'm not once saying that all you should vote for Morton on at some. I with when you look at where we are not I agree with your assessment on this when you look at where we are to me. The fate of this nation. Is is set right now in the senate Mary Ann and the the possibility where the future of the trop administration agenda is going to be. He is is hinged upon this spoke largely today. And dads how serious it is. We have 52 votes right now but we really only have 46 to sell them to some these Republicans are big rhinos and others are just. Looking to undermine trumpet any cost to the American people on the economy and our future they don't care. On the small hateful people and show and we really can't we cannot lose a single vote and a Lindsey Graham seamless is gonna try to run our next 12018. We barely get that tax package through with 52 Republican votes. I delicate deal with 51 at the conference committee if we don't get the text package through we're dornin Tony eighteen anyway. You know. So I mean I just think they'd they'd. I just I think it's to be a price to pay I think we need to vote. I think we do no matter. Who Roy Moore really as a present them too much at stake right now. You know and any mind here that the UQ given your moral purity thing. But I mean the left has infinite chances left to wreck the country we've got one chance left to say if it is it's now. You know he's so let's save the country and then we can work on our candidates being morally pure as the wind driven snow once we've won the country back. Com we know when it's when it's not too late anymore that's might take you agree with Lee am I wrong here 803471063. Tell me where I'm wrong. It was one that makes for good back and forth text line 71307. The Ingles advantaged her coming to talk to steal from sensibility think Steve. Well a bird colonies lady you are out really on American and not respect you very much but. I think you presuppose Roy remorse guilt. Just because he's been accused of something let me give you up an example. Why they've let on my way to work every day up vastly different places where they are similar age group. Two. Stations. I've smelled that and I'm disgusted by exact goal I get out of it. But I wonder about the folks who actually live and work in those areas are they used to that. They used to that smell and I think that's what's happening with our prayer with our. Press corps in net and also the government I think. Attempts got Wendy Gramm a perfect example of that date given in to via. Whatever it takes to get my money so I can be reelected. And that's the stench that asks mallet that drought past where they serve. And did just records the of bombing in an IUI judge Ito could listen all hours in the show but we've been over there were more allegations and I picked them apart piece by piece by piece tiller is almost nothing left to the he did date teenage girls and I asked her mother's for permission didn't say how old he was when he did dad but dad gave Sean Hannity paused to. But as far as I'm concerned that's all they have that's factual. At this point most of what's been lobbed at him in his face you know by people who are completely not credible on because of things about them. That we hear in the media has his hidden and and kept from us so I wouldn't say. I believe the accusations. Against Roy Moore I wouldn't I wouldn't go that far a stretch war. Or. I know I really at least speak for himself Chris Wright did you know he'll be back on in a bit late as Steve. I'm an important part is not whether ensure night. When it comes to what is when I mean no Steve. It's that he could potentially be a pet a finalist thing is on him whether fair or unfair and it's GOP leadership cannot stop him if they if if the if the people of Alabama choose a potential. Huge master next to that because of Gloria Allred just got caught the latest light lately I did this week in that may push him over the edge coming push Roy moreover. On again the fact that he might be one if the people of Alabama choose him. Over. The Republican leadership. Their power and Don de Paris finished it'll be the final humiliation. App for that. They are so toxic no candidate can take a dime of the money. And if they can't raise money they have lost control and that control goes to the guy who controls the RNC purse and that's trump now. These remarkable it is. The RNC knew who headed the RNC member rents previous rinse previous spent most of the primary attacking trop. It was unprecedented. The party never does that attacks their own candidates in the primary. Arrest preakness was on a day in and day out day in and day out trying to defeat this guy. Vincent as they became friends and he became terms chief of staff before he was Sarah mostly dumped office should ban. On Supertramp to have Slade the RNC. Gain the upper hand and now control it had been donating to Roy Moore that's a sea change. And that an insulating not only would this Fella defeat a huge defeat for the bush people and Republican leadership for a more wins and completely discredit them. All it will also preserve that desperately needed vote in the senate has again if we can't get these tax deal through. We're gonna get crashed into when he eighteen anyway. And I doubt trump wins reelection. So you off your turnaround like Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott with you you know you all all flipped out over all my personal associate it was a sweet tour mourns when he eighteen. When you were worried and an associate has switch if we don't get this tax plan for. That concerns me more. Thomas from Greenville good morning. Homeowners can now imagine that I want everybody to understand the perspective in parts of the people now about mom from Alabama and have made the home here in South Carolina. And that but I imagine you. Been with us for forty years and we've known that you didn't lovely articulate our tell intelligent conservative. And then out of blue somebody says here the. The opposite all that it'll be hard for us to believe that we've known or more per. For many years we've bloke and he's a right to manage good dancer which really are trust. Just swallow that pill and that's why people of Alabama don't believe what's being sent down because it's just her. Two incredible its just opposite of what we've known her and that's why album people have a hard time. Well with this and have now turned with the decision that to make a bit. Are you from Alabama not earn. Yes I'll come out of town manager Gary green on the yeah I love example. Now rolled out everybody I can't side. To look mild reality though Blake I saw somebody driving around with a massive Alabama sticker on the back constructive didn't go well it's breaks. It slowed that's that would have been handed a map out Alice they can that would be in my life all Lloyd tones. Always attract was intrepid dead that is a brave thing to do spears written on the state. 803471063. Text line 71307. Just in from travelers were wet arrest wants to weigh in hey Justin. Eight aircraft the architect my call so I'll I had a question I'm a reluctant you're inside and maybe open. Yeah not many would be there and ordered both work. I totally agree with what you're there would lead brilliant. Well Powell which it would seek going to be your a couple of road go. If you winter he loses well. So what happens if you BP my question is what happened. If you win and we do this. This beating in the end he is expelled. If we get another word immediately to Charest is going to be there know what what happened that triple play you have just played it out what will be the next step. Lindsey Graham explained it's Randy governor of Alabama with them reporter replacement for Roy Moore. And end any idea who that. It would be you're alert. Graham I'm I'm betting I'm sure it's a global as the work that out. Rucker are not girl. I know and unfortunately. Saunders went to some not a lot of good stuff does that mean Travis gonna pay a terrible price for this vote if Roy Moore wins because. I mean that's that's why you saudis were incredible force yesterday when they did Souza solemn the press conference demanding the ethics investigation of trump. You know trust accusers yesterday. They can't do it credibly after Roy Moore wins and showed me it means the Democrats have the polling data they seated Roy Moore is going to win and they are preparing to tie trump to him. Bomb and then send three of them to the senate ethics committee for investigation because you're Russian thing is working. And if they'd find some kind of financial impropriety by now but they haven't been able to. This is this is an and so for that vote. To save the economy repatriate 15% of our. You know economy here give a whole generation a chance at competing on fairgrounds in the world tax wise. I have to get this tax custard Trump's got to pay a terrible price for that seat it's a terrible price there's no. Good thing that comes at any us. Text your race morning Daryn a lot of respect for you only do but I have to call you on something. You calling Roy Moore I had a thought and I I should potential pedophile. As only for the purposes of how he's publicly known and what it would mean if he wins. It actually. Held. So us defeat the Republican leadership in the bush controlled the party. That is arbitration is as bad as it is whether it's deserved or not that was my only point. I think he has he has such a documented in skew excruciating detail. What is wrong with almost all of the accusations against him in and they have fallen apart pretty mightily in recent weeks. These two did to women accusing him or are completely and credible every single one of them have for reasons that I details here and I'm not can go into a gag. Does that mean didn't do it's possibly dead. They have an anywhere near prudent and olive garden is caught in lie after lie after lie and a machine after a mission north after a missed shot defending Roy Moore. I'm just saying for the purpose is here of how the American people look at him and how Alabama bam a voters look at him. Can money LA indeed the typical voter is not as educated issue where they don't have near the knowledge you do. Are months behind us here on talk radio. Until I was so. That's it. They want to jump into this terrorist yesterday in and what he means because he means a lot more than just the story that you've been told. McGinn that in just a second but first Phillips from Greeneville monster with two way and they fill up. Good morning term. I don't want saying that. How would it would do an investigation all all these women that are. Bringing up these forty year old an allegation and see how much all of those eight there and you know check they're offshore bank could help. Brick house. I heard only someone sale enough. The radio this past week. You know up pat I'll look at well a lot but these are forty year old. Accusations. That nobody can verify. The Calder forty years so this is certainly is just another example of this all in the sense of it goes on to protect ourselves. And when you talk about Nancy gray and misty and a coattails god. Voted for Tim Scott the first Arab. But after trump warned that not a nation. And he wears you down bared and Scott Graham of Florida with Ricky Nikki. All the other anti retro curse how will never vote for him again. I'm old oh libertarian vote for either vote or. Alltel more. May agree amnesty. I would not vote for either one of them ever yeah. Because they are this fall prey are against Lee and all other Americans. So. That's just my fault so Lara. I do believe that. But saying we're throwing more though is you're all. Because. Why haven't they are all these things out when he was I think the ten commandments so these other hot button issues. And your your point is well taken I think language were saying earlier was he and his you know pet files continue doing what they do wire they're not I guess just in more recent allegations that. Yes somebody. If you're up that offer alive which is what I call me our colleges cited. Then. Worse latest and greatest accusations that someone yesterday or last year. Yeah these can be verified. And and let's do this again Phillip I mean that the quality of these accusations. I mean my personal favorite again is the one the Washington Post and New York Times in AB CNBC never updated. She said he abused her when she was it you know when when she was this was your twenties I can connect case but. Naming a bright more represent her mom in court as her attorney and help her mother win custody ever children from her. By presenting solid evidence. This year violent personality is had been found by psychologist had a drug problem and he committed fraud including members of her own family. The media forgot to leave that out. So let's suppose you control person up there is credible and take down more and more Ellman has no credibility. Whatsoever. She should've been left there at any newsroom she came into instead they just left those key facts out and then went bride part. Reported them and dared the mainstream media report them they didn't and for days bright part reported on how to mainstream media was not following up it was blacking them out right. So you take a woman with that little credibility. And and tore up against the wall with foreign Morsi shall stick. And it works and he loses today. Risky stunt every Republican regardless of whether he heck may even sheet. Everything like this or not they will be rewarded they will be talk that this works and it's never good and they're getting ready to do with trump that's why they brought the women on yesterday. There internal polling has to tell them Roy Moore is gonna win or they would've bothered. And they're getting rated tied to trump. You're gonna see Al Franken this week through our substantial refused to resign and demand that like Kim trump go before the ethics committee this is all -- so well scripted theater folks none of this happens by accident. And it's all about control party. And I'm gonna take Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott seriously in their condemnation of Roy more when I get one thing at a them and that is say condemnation and HW bush. And a request that he retire from public life. And stop represented the Republican Party sop thrown balls sonic and based on names. This is it I mean at least is a misnomer at least Bill Clinton had a good graces not to do discuss the women in front of his wife. Give sit at about HW he doesn't Frye ever. Sick pets he's admitted to over and over and over it and county fairs he had owner. Who Clinton Roy Moore story folks who planet this the key part understanding as the bush people did. Reading that detects the Jeb Bush campaigned on my last post you read online. They're laughing no demand due to Roy Moore. Does that mean that the accusations against more and more are true I don't know. They're pretty shoddy. But this is Lindsey Graham and Tim Skype. Who in the party has said HW should should hang his head in shame they're too busy saying I guess she looks finally they're going after the clintons. Could say should you hang out with who they really good friends with the bushes and the clintons their final with clintonesque behavior. Hw does it all the time in front of his wife who he demeans the process. Usually these people who planted this on Roy Moore. Are outraged by Roy Moore what a joke. Missing pure play for power to hold on the strings the party which they have control for fifteen years to complete that you in this match. So when I hear Republicans is outraged by hw. As they are. By Clinton then may be illicit. Instead is the bush is planting this stuff while waste no egos look for another photo op with his wife and some young Czech. They're all the same. This is a pure political power play it's all it is they're playing on your mentions it to game. Unfortunately the country hangs in the balance. Up. Kids in high school. Now we hear you dreaming I would now our friends years on FaceBook. What does that mean anyway and net. The take you here no one else nowhere else on the terrorists yesterday from New York. You can get me when I was 63 W a party app pet and by texting iPhone or android 271307. What telling you anonymous is fascinating to me is you've. In your life kind of lose touch with rate some family members. I just happens the course life and if somebody were friends with Sinn. Elementary school or her high school an impact in late it's less thanks well in the past. They would stay loss for the most part when taking a lot free to contact Simon if he did it might have been a little weird anyway. Phone call in and blue from somebody haven't talked to a thirty years rain that's kind of stalkers. Well social media is bridging that gap. Phone call out of the blue would be weird fret requests. Not weird. Let's go looking for people you care about the pastor you just were interested in are you must touch with. And wait it's completely changed society according to this new study. That the number one thing that trips. Folks. Getting in touch with people that before the advent of social media they would never re connected with major life events separate trial old. The government debt third you know marriage or something like that and people come out of the woodwork in other fronts with you people you would have never re connected with before. And because this seaside eighty. In in society people have more connections are able to reconnect with the past. I read the study was very interest in by Notre Dame. From who cares about your big day impact of what events on dynamic social networks blah blah blah. That John Major life events not only get the most social media attention overall. But they bring out long dormant connections backing social interaction who before you never aware of activists. Tournament thinking I know what else is is it it is the case for you is the weirdest thing to me. All meet all all are you friends with like all the kids from her school. Did what they day a friend did you work may be different in them. Idea. If it were all front and here's the weird thing about this. We weren't friends in high school. But we're all connected up as of the more I am I look at the French connection showbiz is Sammy did he didn't know people who had never spoken. To some of the people who were kind of geeky in my high school are friends with them best buds the sharing life event. Spoke in high school it is the strangest day. And I bet for the study would never happened before. The county to do these people. Don't know I am an ice is what my hand my friends I. I went to a very exclusive private school ETC had idol and my daughter my parents worked their rear ends off to send me. Bomb and I was not wealthy I am trying to reach a same thing here and I had actually job to meet her recent through disclose Catholic school but it was very elite. And mom we're really fit in 'cause we had gone into the preschools and lived in the neighborhoods we didn't win we where we're in the neighborhoods anybody else Lipton. Om and the girls were the meanest the bush broke him but the girls in his sophomore year retry me apart we don't girls literally you know with voice we were through with them. They just to me into her file. So we did and and we did have warning system in nueva for the friends with boys things work with school we were way ahead overtime. We just great big group vote of guy friends that spanned two grades and they were wonderful we always had. You know dates we went groups soon to everything and never missed DNC never missed a homecoming NAFTA and the neighbor than just the nicest guys present from the cart president girls. I know was these girls some of the more drilling heat. Can't not too neat even just me personally but because they give me an alien is caste system mama say wouldn't speak tee than ever today rejecting because cinema to the time to get to number it's a really keen as to tackle attempt. We applaud high school doing. On. At all these girls know reconnect with me on FaceBook and where your you know what it was a high school. Miller commenting on tourism and pitch mature quick. And voiced sending employees that I was friends with certainly in there was what the boys that I I wouldn't. We're kind of Indians were sort of elite social circles whenever so much spoke to enormous FaceBook page. Heck but just some kid everybody else is pacing never spoke to sit is going to do what the heck is witness. People do it. I I accept different ship requests I've talked out of 5000 in my personal page or can't take anymore system in my dislike can accept as I don't want to Enoch is again I I would like to but I have to kick somebody off. And I tend to the boot them off such immigrants for rooms for like you know folks like you listen to show some of the most purse. Economic where you know I mean so I just Connolly mayor. You haven't got and what is up with that. It's just a string of why these people who never want to have anything to do. Now would we with certain other people and caught a high school why aren't why aren't they are under FaceBook page now. Like I look at some of the mindset or meet intuition and I tell you except to her FaceBook invitation why is she was brutal via. Banana I let does going on with you and are you baffled by it has idea. It's just it's it's weird issues is modern era we're never would happen before.