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Wednesday, December 13th

Roy Moore loss a huge win for Uniparty establishment; Five traits that help people live longer


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Play good morning Carol well this one has begun going down. As we pretty jail led spun has begun like I wouldn't spend that has begun I know it's pretty good. When it's in only 606 AM and that's already rhyming. Area means cop sees it kicks in and I'm firing on all cylinders was pleasing doesn't start till 7 AM so. And we're ahead of the game today. All on debt perhaps winning is Centene Alabama holy cow. I mean not the kind of thing that I thought would only happen and it. Once amnesty passed and they held illegal signed kept about it now so. Read you know unbelievable with seeing where seeing happening here the city happened to be is not going to be the real story ominous now. Com and I'd feel too confident yet either. Yet know they should. This was a very very very weak candidate. Hill quite frankly and if you want a look at who did the most damage to Roy Moore the media inflict a lot of its. They still. Even that when lying through their teeth have a lot of power and that's what this proves. Their power has been dramatically diminished as we seem polls again and again and again nobody trust them. And they still do have some power and so you know. They threw up anything that would stick here and it works but the person who did the most damage to wring more ultimately as I've been saying for weeks is Roy Moore. On that Hannity interview was devastating. And every time I talked about in my talked about all the allegations against him largely have been discredited. The only problem is that Roy Moore volunteered. That he did pursued teenage girls. And it that he would ask the mothers you know permission 88 points. That was sinister agreement at one point as I've pointed out Sean Hannity and mr. Bannon backed off him. So this was a really really really really bad can it. Com and so EU can't take his commentary on any thing more than that really. Although there's an interesting thing that happens here when you start breaking Neman numbers in this race. You look at the winner Doug Jones the Democrat. If you is you know openly in open abortion supporter would not back down on his abortion views or soften them anyway to win the election. And bomb it if you look at and he won by about 21000. Votes. From the right in total. Was 22000. And there you go yep there you go so this is not Republicans margin of polls rejecting each romped. Is state that he won by over 60%. A year ago with a snub was going on here this is I enough for Republicans and turn out to be about twenty to 22000. At peoples in psyche and vote this Doug Jones guy but I cannot. I can I can't vote for a more I just can't I have some moral fiber left and I can do. So that's an annual Hollywood infer a message here you should look any deeper than that that's what the message what's. I thought it was funny I saw one article from last night authorities say hey there's two victories for Democrats there you know Jones be more and that and then of course it was a Virginia governor's racist like. Guys do you not remember that. The Virginia went for Hillary Clinton by ace six large margin is yet and resist the not even close yet and the margin Victor was not that closed up for the Virginia govern from the governor's race. And they're trying to tie those two things together because of horse danced the span is that this is the end of the trumpet error. That dumb you know he's lost to support the public's walking away they don't like him he's a bully he's a racist he's a homo folk he's a you know you know sexual harasser Irv Gotti Gotti out of although the usual. Talking point to the trying to drag out. But that's been a sort of begun and I just thought that was funny article that last night. Hit a referencing. The victory for Jones and then of course trying to tie that to the Virginia governor's race Richard you know completely different issues. Alia. In and then they'll throw anything out that they know can find at six. People in Alabama have not changed their minds. 54%. Of Albanians. In the MSNBC exit poll think abortion should be illegal. This Democrat. You know is a pro abortion guy who's taken money from Planned Parenthood he's had their support past. So I mean this is not alum people in Alabama changing their mind this is them saying I just I piceance. Poll the lever for a guy like. Roy Moore and and what's interesting is Luther strange if you look at their students know what to know this for certain. And I'm not you know trying to go back in Monday Morning Quarterback here but you know Luther strange probably would have had a better. Thomas daily range what do want. And of course I I would still contend that were it not. For these allegations against more and in his son tepid and denials particularly in that Hannity interview which and that that's the one that sort of worried me the most. I mentioned it every time I'm Julius and you know within Astrid Don Moore and people Samie on the tax on get mad at me for calling him a potential pedophile but I know an awesome space to column. When he admits that and that's a problem and it obviously. You know struck home with people of Alabama they just couldn't do it and who were it not for bats more most likely would've won here. Yeah I think you hadn't done that Hannity interview began his mouth shut and just you know completely died especially. With. That you know Gloria Allred caught lies last week. Bum about the yearbook and all of that I mean I I think he might have even pulled the soft but I I think he did himself and no I mean not. These questionable. The whole issue of he had never been been involved in that I don't think that any of this I mean I mean we will be talking about a more victory tonight period that there would be no. No two ways about it. Yeah I think that the closeness of it. And the fact in an issue pointed out that the number of write in votes exceeds the margin of victory. And plus is more is pointing out and I don't this I don't think he's gonna get there's not going to be close enough for a recount now anyway. But he's talking about maybe the military vote from overseas which is not been counted yet some amateur about how absentee and an Alabama how they handle that but. If there's if there's votes out there that have many counted yet and the margin of victory 121000 votes. You know say. It probably take a lot at this point it's incredible race by Tom you know we'll we'll see that's certainly his right to have their the recount. That he wants let's jump to Charles in blue ridge. He wants to weigh in here. Says that that that the real winner last night was Mitch McConnell. And. Yeah great now I agree I agree no an anyway I'd go for a step further Charles. The real victory here let's not per I forget who we know for a fact. Poignant the royal more allegations eat and be implanted way more allegations a wash imposed originally. It was. And if they have to lose the senate where the presidency to do it they're happy to do that. This is. The very best thing we can we've got. We've gotten. Nothing but what if this is what happens had police say he made some mistakes in the campaign as a lot. Have any Democrat could make ten times but mistakes since and nobody would notice because the press. Wouldn't play audits and and we're talking about the Republican the rest do in this case. Did it. If you haven't sold his soul to the devil in the Republican Party this is what they do Q did did this to Joseph Miller in Alaska. They did this secret McDaniel in Mississippi guesses bet they did dictated to us Roddick in the primary and runoff and it now that's. Did they gay gay gay couldn't make it stick. But had been the and they just came up with this nonsense he deflected every bit of that people didn't know that it that it had been all totally deflated because of the rest. And health. I think this that this is a watershed moment. I think people that are telling the truth in the media and elsewhere. Got to start being physically targeted at this point. I think they got to start taking people out because they had that emboldened by this that they would get away with this. And and I don't feel way elevated his. Charles you I feel as if you're standing behind me looking over my shoulder at my show notes because that's exactly where I was going next you have. Apps I notice you have got bush into and I enjoy your emails thanks for sending them every day. Column I hadn't. I tell you dig what they've with the media is arsonist and Charles is nailed deceased on the show forming which eleven ministers you guys because they they still pay me and you're gonna work. Armed. Yeah I'd I'd much rather listen to a good show done by folks like Charlton went on my myself so but anyway event but she but I say that on the on the air they her ring in the text line and Tony get back towards you slacker. Let's you know that's the haters went to excellent but anyway no what what they have learned to hear this is what the media just got from this is a roadmap to give ten feet trump. That's what they've learned here here's two valuable things and learn from this election that you confines. Any drug addicted to violent personality. Fraud committing person who's had her children taken from her by her own mother. Throw her up against the wall and never claim that somebody sexually abused her assaulted her whenever. And and and nobody's gonna check nobody's gonna you know but break parred eight you can get away with it right now they learned that let's listen let me tell you how what they learn from is very important. They're gonna look at the 20000. To write it means that cost Roy Moore this election. 240 say they had gone your way and voted for Roy Moore he would be the senator today. And they're going this way. What how we can pick off trumps support among people who simply can't take it moral. And they are going to start throwing any flu see they can fines of up against the wall no matter how. How totally. Under incredible. She yes. Just like they did it. To Roy Moore. They learn they can pick off trumps support and the press it that's the lesson they'll take they're all reading the New York Times. This morning when buried down in the article you see the numbers. That's why Roy and more moral loss it was because his own net supporters. You know went for the write in candidate. And in addition Chara they're going to do this to trap they've got a road map now the Russian thing isn't working and that's what's gonna happen. Well. Look when I when my listeners to do the show. Because I've some really Smart listeners and I'm still unpacking what Charles said in the last segment because it was such a great call. A white it was second part what he said because he absolutely nailed this lot of people missing this this morning. I'm not my listeners but a lot of people missing this morning this was a huge. Win it for the establishment. Understands. Why everything seems to have gone so wrong in the last seventeen years. Fifteen to seventeen years and I'll never forget the pole because it was so telling. It was actually immersed into nine or 57% and it's my huge stack here. That now has a foot and a half tall com and 59 it was Santana fifty some percent of Americans said they don't feel. Like their countries home anymore they feel like a foreigner an Arab country. What a great way to describe that feeling to have that feeling was always that way your life was it now wasn't. Why is that where's that isn't coming from let's give them is a break. Between the way regular Americans feel our culture the way that we aren't a daily basis as we walk around in the world as regular people. And dumped the values and the things early to pursuing. When did that hasn't happened what what's the break what changed. What changed was the Tug of war ended between a Rangel left and always had a nice Palestine worn this country. That ended when the bushes took the party over the Republican Party and it stopped fighting. That is the only thing that is allowed these lead to get the upper hand to do things continuously that destroy our country because the bushes have always believed in his best of our borders where raced. And we were merged into a large world government HW explain that it's not a conspiracy theory it's what the bushes implement. An order continue implementing that and make sure they are no breaks for this country. No Tug of war again between right and left the bushes have to maintain control the party. So where destroy more stuff come front. How we have a text back and forth. The guy from the Arab Jeb Bush campaign he's a bush accolade he's worked for them for many years politically. Com selling is when more staff couldn't sell for money but giving it to the Washington past. Think about the timing of that for a moment. But the timing at the bush George annually morally outraged which they're not. One HW hits on women in front of his wife. At least Bill Clinton is this industry has the decency to do when Hillary's not around. You can't even say that about HW likes to mock his wife by doing harper he's admitted it. He is what Bill Clinton is that's why they've held around the globe for two decades. They're no different. Hw is gonna pass that much must make Bill Clinton furious. Men are getting in my Dutton never even my knowledge cheating on his wife he did it's well documented. That it was not brought out by Bill Clinton. In that race we know why too because you into ran against each other Bill Clinton had his own baggage so instead got a pass he is Bill Clinton all over again. As for the bushes are. Nothing would they just did. What the global is just it. If George genuinely morally outraged really believe that there must be something there with Roy Moore. In order to. Stop the damage to their party when can they brought dissent. We pretty. Right what are you early on in the front there have been complaints I'm Christa went genuinely conservative candidate who wasn't too sure. But they didn't did that. They held to it. They waited. Until. Watch. The only other choice. Was a card carrying liberal Democrat not in a moderate. And then they sprung. Think about that for a minute. No we knew they would cost did that their party. And we get gander what 51 votes in the senate. Probably dimming tax reform. But my back of the envelope count that is seen that the make of the senate now with Doug Jones I think they have enough votes with Lindsey Graham and John McCain flake a quirk or to force a vote on dot. That's a passable or back to force a vote on doc I think they have the votes now. It was razor thin margin before doc will destroy the country. And a Electoral College wax. So think with the bushes just did there. They literally threw. Conservatives in their party under the bus try to help Democrat win. Think of the timing of it. Again if they were more early concern which they're not looking hw the find that kind of thing. You won't catch a single person including the right just Tim Scott or Lindsey Graham criticizing hw for what he's done with women. Or asking him to stop appearing publicly in the name of the Republican Party as they should if they were consistent or not. This is a game don't forget this is a game don't get caught up the data they details of what were more might or might or might not a done done Mac. Tammy Bruce feminist lesbian and conservative nail Vegas. All on Fox News yesterday as. Race she didn't yet know at this time last night who had for sure one but here's what she set. And this is a test for the president I think what you've seen with Shelby going against it Jeff flake he's giving money to the sky. I think Dora the Republicans in the in the house in the senate wanna lose the senate I think they want the president's agenda to fail and the only way to really achieve that is to suddenly become the minority. That easy proved found. A deeply troubling thing you just said mrs. We saw that thru this I mean this is one of the things regardless of who wins this and at this point it looks like it might be mr. Jones. Is that that remains the issue that this is why this is occurring and I think part of the GOP base if not all of us should be extremely concerned. About the nature of what the GOP establishment has done in this process. And I and I agree with Larry look. As a feminist I am I an outrage that this also happens to be our choice right. But the fact is that the for the future of the country's at stake this is larger than Roy Moore it's about our families in the few. But this is also a sign of how awful things to become under the establishment I chemical or we have to do I. An answer about the M audio skipped their that was on the original audio on that I recorded so unfortunately I can't get rid of it but you get the gist of it there she gets it. So all along state and here they Republicans screaming about the Democrats and well you know the Talking Heads and it's not fair and the Democrats hinted they did this in the east that. The remorse no no no he really didn't this came from dog bush kids understand that. With tiny. Not at the beginning of primary folks after the primary was settled. That bush is put a Democrat in office they played on conservatives they know how to push your buttons they did it to maintain control apart. That's what just happened here. Really interesting. For the first time. In three decades we've seen a decline. In American longevity. Almost. All of because I'd been going up and up they know medical advances may have that kind of thing. And we see is literally. Since the implementation of obamacare which is part of it. But also coinciding it's the same time with what OB would epidemic. It's part of its him. So what's driving it I don't know but the study. It's fast and new study. Of people who are long lipped. If anyone long lived in your life they're tuition you know 8090. Maybe a hundred. What are traits we associate to traits you their personality their life. Mattel is solid as interesting that you're seeing overall Americans begin to die early and by the way the reason for that. Every other ethnic group has not seen a decrease in air longevity. It's it's mainly white people. Seeing a decrease in their longevity for the first time in over three decades and that's you know bending the curve down. Which makes this. Fascinating. New study of people rely on lived around each trait she saved actually pretty pretty large study the traits that make you live. Longer. What are that. This reads like a list of every trade. That is now demonizing America. That we have put by the wayside as are necessary. Listen to this fight traits that help you live longer number five. This is in order of which is most important which is most common among folks who live longest. I and it reaches researchers cities is so powerful they can you never come genetics. What are they number five a strong connection with your family. And religion. I don't know which is more broken our connections and their family or connections with god. Number four. Living a real life. I'm looking. Tristan interest. Was a Rolex involve. A lot of stuff yeah Abbott if you have a big piece of property we do analyze. Can you got a gazillion things to take care. All over the place. Your move it you got to even if you don't want Tito cleanup be I don't want and you know listen Upton met Manson of the neighborhood even if the neighborhoods farms numbers story. Delist it everything we've abandoned his country a strong work ethic. Number 20 I've got discovered. That stubborn is. An issue has refused to die. And it stubborn weapon or comment. I have a had to temperate. Sister is apparently good thing I am calling dead today and don't know what port I had to raise mean number one and then. A pot to tip optimistic. Attitude. Five fact traits that make you live longer. That are. Most common in people who live blogs and Asia Asian these are all five things that to some degree. Society's abandoning. BC stubborn is what has cited society abandoning stubborn news. Well let's see equivalency. Well nothing is really better than anything else no value and and you know no one moral values. Better than any other moral value don't be stubborn don't be defending the way that you don't be defending which are believed to be stubborn. I'm stuck anyways. It's it's all rolled up my just so fascinating we're seeing a decline nick. The first time longevity as these traits or are disappearing systematically one by one as if being eliminated from arson so. Currently that's a little too deep 6 AM eight hundreds 803471063. Text line 713. 07. Com. Yes so right so we turn our way more going down what are on the teachers teachers remember one thing you need to realize what what just happened here. YE com mr. Mora lost the race. An estate to judge Donald Trump won by 62% easily. Early had to campaign there. So this isn't a rejection and try and don't don't believe that that that's just silly stuff. If you look at this. Mr. her Jones appears to have one net by 21000 bouts are still some that we have to come in from overseas and absentee ballot between 1000 votes. There were 22000. Radiance. Who supplied the reigning Kennedy answered with. The act Republican global sleep yet there every corner to make sure the Democrat wins. There are yet. So what happened well we had enough republic Robert conservative religious Republicans say what we know what we just we can't do it we cannot. Both it is I and I understand that believe me again. And so they should know in standby IA. And rocket go for it for a guy who might have might have abused young women and as you're gonna go for guys who wants to kill babies. It was what they did. That's is that not what they did know what is the cost of this. The Washington. Despite his campaign now across the outward and Republicans mr. Johns will fit right in with senate Democrats. He'll be a real libel vote for chuck shoe were on any important matter including judicial nominations. Had he showed even a since moderation on abortion for example it would only one route. But he didn't. Mr. boards of mr. Gore's defeat narrows the G here's the devastating part post mr. horse to be narrow the GOP majorities margin. 25149. Which will give even more leverage to individual senators who want to grandstand or satisfied sigh satisfied political constituency. Alabama evangelical Christians who support mr. gore. Over appointed Luther a point senator Luther strange the GOP primary should know. That they now have made a conservative Supreme Court nominee less likely. If judge Anthony Kennedy retires in 2010 nest now cause the problem there was did did the allowing Doug Moore I dug guy Jones throughput anyway. We judge Jones in the seat. Some wit we now have it dump basically. Evangelical Christian should know they have now made a conservative Supreme Court nominee less likely it justice Anthony Kennedy were ties and guitars and 2018. Senators Lisa Murkowski Susan Collins will hold the balance who gosh. A judicial confirmation power and watch the media lobby them in waves. Others look good news this morning I agree with the Wall Street Journal honest the good news is that mr. Gore's loss may give the GOP a better chance of holding the senate majority next year. Democrats were primed to make mr. more national symbol of sexual harassment to drive turnout among women mean point this out yesterday was right about it. GOP chemist who would have been asked about mr. Moore. Every day. Mr. Gore's loss is also a defeat for former White House aide Steve NN. Miss most devastating part. Let's let Christopher from Greeneville due to show good morning Chris what's undermine. Our terra. I want to start that I would only to restate in this country don't allow minors. And marry her date adult. In one way or another shock and there are ample and then. Nebraska we think we're the only state that don't allow what that being bet and Democrat expect that you'd say you can sleep iron men dating men and women with when men and shouldn't they have Jerry bet that it current trip content or a dole you know or adult female to be what minor male or higher being held. Picture that they expect that appeared right there bit of a political abet the nation or more nothing more nothing less and Marie. Every case that they've brought forward that would help branch in that situation. Oh. There are loads or reader will lie there was this seat by the liberal media that a Democrat party. They're a well Roy Moore Alps and the discussion that's what they did nothing more than they've battle one speaks. In the senate. All I thought hey Chris I'm not gonna go as far as agreeing with you on home you know minor little guy I don't okay actually execs hinted at but. But it leaves you have you have a point but again you've got to. Which we have does that put a fax with a facts are and this story was point planted in the Washington Post by the Jeb Bush campaign that is a fact. So the Democrats ran with Vince. All and eat you can see the coordination their once they had this from the bushes I guess from their rob a real surge. They were around CS did Democrats yes they did yes they're Democrats. But let's not forget where this came from this is the bushes did this they could have done this in the beginning of the primary and taken more out then they didn't. Did this way. I heard the Democrat party is basically what they did. A base they they laid down on the arts and pull out the Democrat party picked them up on what. Are they did an end the most pernicious thing again again about the bush Google it if you don't believe me that the texts are out there of the bush people are there are offering this knows more remorse story. Armed U Washington Post. Again if if if they were genuine morally outraged actors which they're not because they put open hw is behavior. Which I would argue is every bit as bad as Clinton's. Com maybe worst he does it from his wife. All they would have done this to begin in a primary they didn't. Because safely taken now Roy Moore around at that point they didn't they waited until after Luther strange lost to do this to insure the Democrat would went. And bomb that's to stop the trump agenda and and I played this from Tammy Bruce last night she was commenting on Sean Hannity show she's a flat out. This is the GOP trying to lose this election to stop the trump agenda set the trap Jan he stuck to drug take over the party stuck trying to take over departed bush is maintain control. That's what this is Reza power struggle between trump and the bushes. And at the bushes are the ones that got this going with remark nobody else media would not have come up with this on their own they did it. Not even throughout the rest of the campaign. She got to understand the power struggle that way the way that it really it's. A home and it's it's a really get it by the way I look at this morning to realize and live in 1984. Yeah you guys keep texting me it's coming it's here nineteen he had a book of the book to read read the book actually. 94 is here folks the easiest people to lie of the year which is always been DO. The Politico flatten the put fact lie of the year is actually. The truth. I am not making this up you lie of the year is according to pollute a fact that people debt Russian election. Interference. Is made up story. And they attribute the political lie of the year to a truck. Yet so one according to pollute fact it is a lie that the Russians are feared. Didn't interfere in election. I never mind that we've had everyone from the head of the CIA to Barack Obama say not a single vote was changed. Are we did was bison FaceBook ads folks and you guys that the Russians. Controlled. The black lives matter. FaceBook page is two of them the one with the most followers was actually a Russian duped and that page advocated for Hillary you know that right. Yet affected mention strange that they wouldn't mention they way to put a satellite of the year. Is truth. Manulife 1984 folks.