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Wednesday, December 13th

Republicans are willing to sacrifice their party to stop Trump; Jeff Sessions issues secret “ethics waiver” to Robert Mueller; Left learned sexual allegations are effective smear to take out Republicans


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Played good morning terra. I am I meant to get to this yesterday and shame on me for not doing an I just was so lives by the story. Of these four hero police officers. To rule you know there didn't the first boom goes off at the terrorists. And they are afraid pedestrians are running from the explosion near the Port Authority bus. Terminal. And home you you've got Antonin dis is a Port Authority police officer Anthony men and Manfred Dini. He was a former canine bomb technician in the Marines and not a job for the slight heart. Real alone he was the first of the four Port Authority officers to you know rush out to as everybody else ran away from. Explosion. Armed and so today you know he's eaten feed. Terrace is RD bin hurt he's still got his bomb strapped to them. Arm and cellular three other officers he'd Russia Jack Collins Sean Gallagher and troop Preston can imagine what it takes two to business. IG just as human beat. On his case is special kind of human being to make a split second decision and and I eyes somebody's only once he you fight you know you learn who you are in life. But what you do. And how you act when you don't have time to thinking that your gut instinct that we'll tell you everything you need to know about what kind of person you argue run toward or run away and most. Run away they did not they saw wires and a cellphone I said the spokesperson for the police banana not blunt benevolent association. They didn't know if he had any more devices on him and at that moment they may split second decision that they jumped on him. Like throwing your body and a grenade bead on exactly they jumped on him so he couldn't detonate and eating out they had no idea what the condition the bomb was at all for jumped on him. That is just amazing got Mandela could be heard in America that's what that is. That's who we are and I am just so moved him proud of of them and you know once again. Once again. Another. Officer and other selfless good human being has had to clean up the mess at personal risk to their life that Washington is up. Once. I get your and rat is a total. And complete. Outreach. And the same G Heidi. Post on FaceBook. Before the attack trump you failed to protect your nation. Notre silly personal Washington trying to protect distinguished. Definitely one of the few yeah one of the few I mean I got to credit Jeff Duncan has done donning a ton to fighting credentials he has and digit it says a lot about the Republican leadership you wanna know you any doubt how bad these people are. In terms of just basic humanity. I think Jeff Duncan cannot get a bill through to remove. People aren't here watch list who art in that country and another visa right many of which had thinks I hear it. Why would you not. Want to remove somebody that is on the list terror watch terror terror watch list get them that is here on an expired visa. What what possible logical. No reason could you have. For not warning that to be done you want to FEMA to go to who has a Democrat votes in red states of political purple its good to do things we want to do. So mean you know what I takes over country what when I say the stuff about the Republican Party I have played Tammy Bruce same GOP was trying to lose this election in non. In Alabama and it sounds a conspiracy theory know you gotta watch if you watch what they do and don't listen to what they say when Paul Ryan's bad those puppy dog blue eyes to look good psychopath. You can fight he sees a psychopath he's very calm as their missing lady or this is this is who they are now let's listen in for a second okay. But could this Jihad does have a point not a trap but about failing to protect a country. Okay is now banned all of the house who has been 67. Weeks since eight people were killed with duds. Rolling truck bomb there. But it by edgy high and we know how he got here along with his 26 best friends for my says. Put it where day. Where where where where those people and a chain migration. Diversity visa. OK any party that wanted to survive would have had taken any political. You know easy political. On you know dunk shot right there. Get rid diversity visa program to get rid of it. Political wind easy political win majority American people are with you in poll after poll. Easy slam dunk rate they're the kind of thing that Republicans would have taken. You know years ago used it against the Democrats make Democrats vote. Make a bone they can vote to keep the diversity visa program. This is sixth grade level stuff. They haven't you really lead they haven't had so much as a committee hearing. To discuss. When Milosevic lives is worth getting rid of the diversity visa program committee here in. Allen. Sign up for discussion. They've done nothing. I'll bush I mean I try mentioned it yesterday and I'm chanted yes good for trop if he said it's gotta go the got a Gagne set yet he's he's trying he's trying to say is countries trying now. So I mean my dad used to always coming Ellison the people said you what would they do to tell you everything you need to know and and that's how I look at the Republican leadership. On these are people. For whom is a step too far removed people on a terror watch list who are here on expired visas or you know just there's there's definitely tees grounds to remove them and are American citizens. And they're certainly not can be moved by the death of eight people on our streets. They're not going to and so that's who we're up against. And when you put at that point you watch I mean four officers have to risk their lives and throw their bodies IG Heidi. Because Paul Ryan forget fighting intestinal fortitude to turn his by on anybody to say they need to save this country forget that doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to take up Jeff Duncan spoke. Another slam dunk for the Republicans to make it Democrats vote against it and using it against them you know. This is why we lose this and this exactly the tactic that they used against Republicans and use it effectively. Like always I and I'm just I'm so frustrated with the lack of fight in Republicans over anything. Republican leaders fighting glee well he's not fighting their try to conserve or American life our borders and safety they're funny conservatives are not fighting yet. The Democrats a friend for control party I mean how many Democrats we have. Bomb come out and defend diversity visa program looking like 48 people died it was only eight. I'm concede the campaign commercials now make a vote to preserve a program that killed eight people and brought 26 including 88 in about ice is member. Make them vote for that. None. It's even when my team. Who they are for don't lose sight of who. They are. And this morning you know there's a lot of T national we just what did Luther strange and in old man when we wouldn't be facing this Luther strange is one of them use one knows who's never gonna hold committee hearings on why eight people died. Believe me on every important issue Luther strange would have voted with them and then become home. And talk some smack about abortion and guns up and got himself reelected and gone right back to Washington to be undermined his country so don't don't get yourself all tied in not over we similar to Luther strange at age in there there's and we would've gotten anywhere with him. Blake put you know it just really frustrating to me today. By the way. Middle of of all of this that we have going how we in eight slow motion desperate battle for control this country it's in such slow Mo. They it it doesn't really of the draw mock that it that it perhaps shouldn't. On down avenue and as head of the house Intel committee. Has or heard investigators his investigation go into physically go into the apartment of injustice. And removed the documents congress has demanded. Congress has oversight those of their documents they belong to them. I don't and the Department of Justice will not turn him over so he has sent them into physically remove all the outstanding documents. Maybe somebody does have a little fight in them maybe there's one person so we'll see I I can't I can't quickly update on that are the big imparted to work. They're finding FB light air waiting for him I don't know. I don't mean time. You know what else semis will pick up Walden there at the department of injustice while they're doing media you know vacuuming up those documents that that congress has a right to. Do you realize the department of injustice secretly we. Gave Robert Mueller an extra wave. So he could investigate try. And ethics way at six. Waiver that's when you have a conflict of interest Holler has so many I can't count them all. Including having to cover up for his own illegal actions in uranium wind. A by not informing congress that break bets against the law. That the department of injustice Jeff Sessions or but gave him an ethics waiver. So to be unethical. Critical redone. Yes well you know what Politico to their credit filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the ethics waiver. A waiver from having ethics rape this this this is a Washington. Add. To per hour that would be ethical. Listen department of injustice why stop now right and yes they won't turning it is that we had a secret government documents. I did this. Sure sure just what we're here and honest prosecutor and they trade an elevator shaft I mean what. Sheikh ethics waiver to permit. Mo to be unethical. It's secret. It sets it's totally secret. Is from the people who think subpoenas and plant them now okay Sumi you're watching a desperate so much a battle for control this country. In this battle and rule and law is at six. Lie is perjury that any any Beckett their way. So I'm glad I still rolls on today. Not. Thanks to DeVon newness and get some. Good luck again. At a lower. Okay a lot of your reeling this morning from the Roy Moore Lars stats show a big loss stacked. That hurts that's more than flesh wouldn't especially considering went out on a 51. A majority of only 51 in the senate we could barely get tax reform through. I wouldn't we had 52 let's hope they get that wrapped up by the end the year before I Jones is seeded. By the way this makes it very easy for McConnell to kill tax reform by waiting until Jones is seated. But beat Wall Street Journal rightly points out. This is a disaster on so many levels. With mr. Moore is to feed nearest the GOP's majority margin to two to 149 was given me even more leverage. Even more leveraged individual senators who migraine stand. Dom but it's also devastating. From from the point of view of you know getting a conservative Supreme Court nominee. It says according any busts in general their right about this. Com voters should now know they have made. Adding they have now made it conservative Supreme Court nominee less likely if justice Anthony Kennedy retires and when he eighteen. Senators Lisa Murkowski Susan console hold the balance judicial confirmation power and watch the media lobby them and waves. And I read this the good news is that mr. Gore's loss may get the GOP a better chance of holding the senate majority next year. Tony eighteen Democrats were primed to make mr. more national symbol sexual harassment to drive turnout among women. That's true so there is a small upside. Here. But still. The big thing you need to remember this morning and this is what this is the lesson the meeting will take it from this. This is the last. More loss by roughly 2100 21000 what's there work 22000. Radiance. And it was people Hugh went for the you know party global list radian candidate posing as a Republican. Com because they could not vote for Roy Moore I would I get what I could vote for remark I get. Nobody did more damage to where more than run. That interview once Sean Hannity was devastating in every time I talk about a my meaning in the spirit of honesty I have to added that while all the accusations against him factually have fallen apart. For the most part. I he did admit to pursuing teenage girls after getting them this is that you commission that is devastating he did himself a it was a bad bad can it. And I grew them politically have been a bad candidate but here's the message they'll take this but they just learned they just got a roadmap to defeat truck. They did and here's what they weren't enough people enough Republicans can be peeled off. If you make enough food she allegations that matter searcher at. They will go for riding to the Democrat they'll go for rating candidate even her charm that way that's what they learned that's what was learned here. And more Ingram. Absolutely. Nailed the implications of this on her show. Last night. It's curious. Don't you think how this accuser issued a call for an investigation. Just is 59 house Dem but this is the trumpets users ads released a letter. Demanding a congressional investigation into these allegations against the president. Sure it's all just total coincidence. Well here's a reality congressional Democrats know that time is not on their side. While Roy Moore was still on the headlines. And the meat to I this was still all the rage the liberals had to move to had to make their move now. They got the booming economy got consumer confidence rising you get these trade deals being renegotiated. If trump judge is getting confirmed. So looking up for the president. So the Democrats needed a new storyline. And this is it. But my friends do not be fools. For the party of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton is sexual misconduct crusade has never been about protecting women. It's about taking back power. By any means necessary. So that Muller's impeachment report is at least somewhat tainted and the president is scoring some big wins. Damn if needed chum in the water this is it. I let them meet their own if they wish but they cannot be allowed. To kill off their political adversaries with unproven allegations. Well known and men have been accused. For a long time of being big babies when they get sick. About the new steady day. You're internally justified flu symptoms and do hit you harder it's not your imagination. Yep that's because women's immune systems do a better job of fighting viruses demands. Where Emmett women are different in men. Did today today is that what you are saying because sack can be very controversy they aren't tell that to. The judges in these weightlifting contest they keep letting biological males compete against women it. Mile while insisting there's no difference. Researchers in Canada found a placenta is really new hit men harder and they hit one. And women's means is to do a better job of fighting off viruses because an increasing antibodies than men's because they've extra estrogen. Apparently this all goes back to evolutionary biology early men needed to be bigger and stronger to survive so it was more important for the body to breeze extra testosterone or not bother with making enough estrogen to fight off. Viruses this and they had to go to the water buffalo so when to eat. It's been men's evolutionary purpose. Rich from Duncan good morning. Hey good morning terror there were some pretty interesting quoting stats that came out last night I guess we heard this morning I wanted to. Do your sake not let in the arm Alabama. More lost by sixteen points to how women. In general brought to state. And in college town Ers and you should. Huge swings. You look at Tuscaloosa county our University of Alabama from. Trump one met by. 20/20 points. Last year and and more lost by 1737. Point swing. You look at Lee County where you have Auburn University. One might need three. More lot spice seventeenth 4040 sway. And I wonder does the I'll just because. Of or remorse history and and once that what is what some of that aid are rebuke of the crop. And better in common and that's an outsider telling people what to do when he said he what are the gonna. That they shouldn't be listening to people to tell them what to do. I think that they got. They got a little second part of a national politics and I think that. Some of those meat too is beginning to take a little traction with young folks. And I think that's gonna portend. And it's gonna gain traction over the next year what your thoughts. Well I know I I I I disagree with you on most of that this is just rejection of warlords they couldn't do it they couldn't pull the lever for him. They could not bring themselves to elect a guy from you know who. What he quite frankly did himself in Rick I mean you went line. Sean Hannity and he admitted to having pursued teenage girls with their mother's permission and he did it the worst witness against Roy Moore. Was rumored this is not a repudiation trump they'd trample on essay by 62 points is not a repudiation. Abandon this is no reflection. On trump. Whatsoever. It's a lack. Found had a couple things going on here. Turn out in this election among Republicans was at 50% of what it was in the presidential election it was at 92% of Democrats Republicans. A lot of them stay home into their hands. If they wanted to send a message trumpet what a command voted for Jones didn't. And if you look at what's going on across the country. I need to get into this battleground states. Including Iowa North Carolina Florida and Pennsylvania continue to trend Republican since the election. Perry's record of big league at politics and has reported this. Is despite the fact Republicans in congress failed to pass any significant legislation. October's voter registration. Changes. Measured against last November continue to show a Republican strength almost across the board certainly in a battleground states the Democrats are looking at a very bleak picture. So you know our Rick need to take cover from that that's that's not what what is happening when you're looking at voter registration notice the media is not talking about voter registration when they list all the ways they're winning they list what Virginia. Hillary won at Haifa points it's a Democrat state it wasn't gonna go to Republican. No surprise there in the Democrat governor what if they weren't getting anywhere. In their and you know if if these states were trending instead in their direction they'd be talking about it they're not. Democrats are looking at a very bleak picture she writes. A reminder that these are net changes some states seem voter registration increases some decreases rules are purged. But he's a net gain or loss of one party against the other that's the key net gain loss one part against the other. All and so you're seeing these gains again Iowa North Carolina Florida Pennsylvania. So that's what's going on you're not hearing Democrats talk Americans are losing. Now could this be a change next you're sure this was purely about Roy. Moore. And that's all about. And why hadn't. One thing this is eaten we got to remember who is responsible here we lead we cannot prevent things from re occurring in this country bad things that we don't understand. And properly claim. Who is responsible. The left wing did not come up with this they did not. Weird to deploy more accusations come from where they come for. Can't they came from the Jeb Bush campaign. Long time guy Tim Miller who's written work for the bush is politically for a long time. Pitched the Washington Post on the Roy Moore allegations. And here's the interesting part about this when did he do. Heading to begin the primary. Because the bushes were just you know morally outraged I can't citizen times today. By Roy Moore and his. Alleged predilection for young women. Change to. It changed everything they didn't they waited until. They waited until after the primary. Was settled to make sure the Democrat what. But for the bush is the Washington Post winds have Dennis. It wouldn't have happens. This is a low by the bush is to retain control of a party they are battling with trump over that's all this is. You can't go any deeper than that on its that's where this came from. They come from anywhere as we got a tech straight year and number I'm looking at the bush did Dennis. That's who did it. Now why did not come out with this stuff. Before war. Why did they did they obviously pat why did not come out with it in different. Did you like Roy Moore. Because Mo Brooks was in the primary a true conservative who would wipe the floor. With Doug Jones. He was the one they were really afraid of Roy Moore and Mo Brooks. Who I wanted to originally. Split the conservative vote. Giving Luther strange the etch. Rate that's what the bush folks wanted to wanted to global is back in. The Democrats that they run a Republican primaries. So that's why they didn't take Roy Moore out in the pride here. Before Republicans that the bush is they did you control this party for seventeen years and literally wrecked it. To wait to leak this until it helps the Democrats. And if you don't believe that the Republican leadership was on board flag you're missing the boat because they war. And Tammy Bruce now this last night on Sean Hannity. This is not a Democrat would they come up with this the bush is day. And this is a test for the president I think what you've seen with Shelby going against it Jeff flake he's giving money to the sky. I think Dora the Republicans in the in the house in the senate wanna lose the senate I think they want the president's agenda to fail and the only way to really achieve that is to suddenly become the minority that. Is April fan now with eighty deeply troubling thing you just said. But it's true. You can't look at the facts and either way. If Roy Moore had one. Yeah would've been bad for the Republicans running in 2018 I agree with definitely meant that the bush is lost what little grip they have left on the Republican Party it's controls. It's recruiting apparatus. There at a loss to Detroit they can't and ultimately that means to concerns that can allow that. So they literally were willing to trade. Supreme Court justice the country's future of the economy to tax cuts all of it. For control the party it's who they are. It's there and never forget this the bush is we're not morally outraged by remark you know I you know. Hw likes to grope women in front of his wife at least Bill Clinton at least she's not around. There is no difference between hw in Clinton other than that he got away with it. No difference. That's who these people are that's why this went down. And I'll get back to the show a second try to figure out what to eat. Lowe is sister in your house this surge from my house. That the average American couple spends a 132 out. Or is every year deciding what to eat according to a new survey about 21 minutes per day. I would you disown time patience when Cilic is cooking she took you have to arraigned. That means that by your fiftieth anniversary. Of the two young eat well and make it that far. US spent an entire 275 days trying to figure out what you're going to eat. By the latest survey also found and only 13% of couples said they never argue about food. This and I never argue that we have identical taste and it in in creating the kicking in exactly the same time. They like clockwork. I guess that's what happens when you're on almost exactly the same diet your body needs certain things I don't know it's weird but. Adding Larry 803471063. Tech minus 71307. I meantime. While the country's focused on me berries that she's. Chris thanks to be too skinny guy five days is more than a work here were not for Tyrus. But I mean it for the Internet more than serves yours for them I'd like that restrain them right. Boy good thing we have staff to make those decisions OK so anyway. I'm all this is going every it is the next hour a slow motion at Q for control of the country is rolling lawn in that the capital and it's so slow. That doesn't even at times seemed like what it is what it is what it is. And there's a desperate war to stop it that is raging arm and hit some highlights I'll expand on these next are you need to know this. Because I'm leaving my house to put together the way that I had you're still number one. Belgium's big story next year. Would be trounced battle with BF that FB lie an apartment of injustice we're seeing that are ready he's getting rain goes scorched earth he just needs that tax package to pass. So would you get on with. On the trance as chief attorney JC globe. Has just called for a separate special counsel to investigate crap ties between the department of injustice the FB lie and fusion GPS this is much needed. Meanwhile we got a text coming out. Bomb from Peter struck. Who had his own who she at praising Hillary Clinton and text to her back enforcing he would vote for her that she has to win. Doing this while he's going to Denver putter under a low fare. You know helping to draft the memo to letter rob before interviewing the seventeen key witnesses. All in having the FBI destroy the blackberries and laptops that congress had subpoenaed to no one can get damn. Giving Hillary's. You know Hugh mab dean Cheryl Mills immunity in exchange for no testimony say always been protected from telling the time you tell the truth. I'm you know basic love I just listed that two of those things are just list were illegal but it's the FB Larsson I don't care. I'm so his tanks are rolling out we had that going on. And that. What did you hear about. The sea current. Waiver ethics waiver that the department of injustice. Gave it to Bob Muller so he wouldn't have to be ethical. In the trump. Investigation. A secret. Waiver. To get around the his ethics problems Robert Miller's ethics probe shows she by the way they want to give it to politika. All that coming up and what I mean music in the next hour.