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Wednesday, December 13th

Roy Moore loss a huge win for Uniparty establishment; Republicans are willing to sacrifice their party to stop Trump; Jeff Sessions issues secret “ethics waiver” to Robert Mueller


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Hey good morning Terrence narrates. What do we start this morning. Rim or loses Alabama a state that trump won by 62 points. 62 points in Alabama. Well I so uncertain that the SEC two point so. Not a stating Democrat typically should win. My. Home and a lot of reasons for that. Chief among the and that. Some people are Republicans just couldn't stomach voting for Roy Moore it's not really that much more complicated than that I don't think I mean when you look at GOP turnout compared to the presidential election. It was at 50% Democrat turnout was at 92%. Is a huge race that got a ton of national publicity so we should had a much you know she should have done pretty well. Om and animist telling number I think is the writings that it at this point at least it appears that way more. Lost that race by 21000 that there were 22000 Reagan's. Now where they you know he ran in the candidate who's not on the ballot and the rating candidate was supplied by the your party and he's one of them. Home and so you know that's did to what happened here it's not any deeper or more complicated it's not a message about prom dates. That the beginning of the democrats' turn around it's not any of those things. And that had not been for those allegations I think more would've taken this pretty easily. Via. Yep and when when you look at this I was led pulling this earlier that you hear Hillary did Democrats and they're gonna go run for the next couple weeks galaxies began turnaround this is a rejection of Tron open. All of that it's it's not com if you notice one thing the Democrats are not talking about the talking about winning Virginia. That they could've done that nurse lead Hillary wide by five points is directed to get back from trumpet out. Yet the fact that they won the governorship Darius is not a victory Amy what we're gonna win next California. I mean nobody saw that coming keys are and. Yet know the next. Leader is ridiculous raid seed going on. What things you're not hearing immediate talk about and you would be if the Democrats were trending out there. Is battleground states continue to trend Republican since the election including Iowa Pennsylvania Florida and North Carolina in neck registration. Some thing that has not happened trending red since bush is first election George W and this is and you movement they've been going in is since Bush's first election they have been going in the other direction estates. Ahmet this is new and so you don't hear Democrats talking about registration note that. It's because they're losing that battle right now that's that's the enthusiasm for trop. So. This now this is not a sign it does not match what's going on with registries as match anything this is just as. The fact that GOP voters conservatives in the in particular are a more moral bunch they are and they can't stomach this kind of thing. Missing more complicated than that. I think scary part here though is that the US has just been given a roadmap to defeat trump. And we're gonna do is you'll look at this as a how can we can get these GOP voters to stay home if we come up with more tropical disease. And that's clearly what they're doing this week. The new Russia investigation is falling apart it's done more and okay implicate Hillary Obama. And the FBY than it has trump there's something you don't in the mainstream media I want to keep this going so badly I am wondering at what point. They're going to stop paying attention the investigation. Not that in the media isn't just Berrian had an in have been Pope goes way condemning this is this isn't it's a mess for them. On this this what's going on they answered a look at how we can get Republicans stay Hummer would confide in a flu disease on that's what they Ann and by clues I'm talking about accuses a trump. That's what's going to happen that's what they will learn from illness and you're going to start to see this happen in every highly contested Republican race. And here's the interesting thing about this about the the tropic users. This guy has been in the media. For decades. Rich. Powerful. Bill in the media well loan. Why is it that the only time these people have come up. Has been win. That there's an election and not a primary either an end. Wonder has been stories of maybe they're being I don't know some settlements along the way if this is somebody had to who engaged in that type of behavior. Analysts and go back if you wanna go back to the Billy bush take hey listen what what troubles saying there was disgusting. But that that notwithstanding. Where where were these people all these years if that's what he was doing. And and there's there's there's nothing there's crickets are silence there's just nothing but here. So I just don't understand how somebody would that much money bed bigger target on their back hasn't been sued or there hasn't been a settlement somewhere. Along the way like Bill Clinton I know exactly who I would make and think well maybe there is something there. Cap and bingo. But they found this works and showed they're going to do it knowing they can pick off a small number. Of Republican trumps supporters and it's always that margin in the middle that makes the difference because this nation is so pretty much evenly divided in many cases all along political lines on on some of these major elections. So all you've got to do is gullible some halfway credible. Accusers. Not even halfway credible you can go find it check. You know down we'll mentally ill drug user fried. Whose own mother took her kids away from Merck and say Roy Moore grocer. And not mention Roy Moore was the attorney for her mother and you don't even need it yeah you don't even need somebody credible honestly at this point you you don't need to. Com and look what you can do to trump and so they're they're you know they're going to do this he did the whole impeachment thing to Russia Russia Russia is failing an and a desperate and is the seriousness of the charge. Not to the accuracy of the evidence. At. Absolutely I could agree to do more. And in in the meantime I'm where literally watching a a desperate battle take place horse an AAA slow motion to by the deep state. And there are those two are fighting back I mean the crazy news coming out washing this morning it was gonna miss these should be the big stories this morning. Here's the first one congressman Jeb union as head of the intelligence committee has ordered his investigators to physically remove. I documents. From the department of injustice. That our congress is congress owns them they have oversight authority as Jeff Sessions has no right to withhold them whatsoever. Department of injustice is ignoring the subpoena he's ordered as investigators to physically remove that. Gotta be interest and. So we had that going on in we which this morning to find out. That I mean this. This or that they department and justice DOJ. Cool and cut 88 due to let Mueller. Who has so many illegal conflicts. Of interest. Here I mean nevermind uranium one is French becoming all of those things clearly laid out federal statues they should pardon him. Ethically from being able to participate in this and they knew legally that Muller couldn't do it. They knew legally that trumping court could defeat Muller easily because it is no ethics problems. And so guess what they did the department of injustice. Signed an ethics of weight far. Fur collar. And a citizen to be ethical. An ethics. Waiver especially when you heard those turns at six wavered at NASA knew when it snowed out OK so but it's not just an ethics Waverly it's a score. And so secret anymore is that Politico to their credit doing an act committing actual active journalist Mino Reseda. Com forty Ed. Stream of information act the seek picks her pretty on at least. And a department of injustice will not turn it over. So we now have so where would we have a secret ethics court secret ethics hearing. Which is Russia. What. China know. Secret ethics waiver. Was actually allows a similar to be unethical. Any gosh if anyone needs what only he knows. He burnt to lob and I telling congress about uranium one and all of this this the Soviet. At which by the way that that the Russians in their pursuit of uranium much bigger than uranium one and even Hillary I mean it was widespread throughout the industry told them nothing about it. And violation of federal he's he's in trouble and he would be in trouble in our country and so. He I can't imagine that ethics waiver study forty pages long. You could probably use it as a weapon if someone attacks in the parking lot that I've beaten to death being an ethic that simply went with a secret ethics waiver. He. Doesn't pick that story up from Politico. Thompson Jersey desperate every fight AD I guess is slow motion through. This morning. And now and we learn the guy the department of injustice. You know the one who got demoted. For his connections to fusion GPS Narnia. What is first requests defies accords by and trump as the night. He says the weight feel over to fusion GPS to write a fake dossier that he can use in the second one. How convenient. How how we use this given ethics waiver to today's tennis out like candy would you go through the door and they did she went around you sounds like it. Wow I I mean the illegality here every day it's worse and worse and worse and in in just that just. Yeah so on and your family. That's lids are really long. 80s90s. Maybe a hundred. What trades do they have it's sinks studies. Traits found in people who live or really you are really long amount time. And it's scenes you read this in the air where we are seeing a decline in longevity in America for the first time in over thirty years. And that decline in it longevity or telling live arm and it is me being led by a decline in the life spans of white people. Which oddly is also time to implementation of obamacare opening my one of the staff involved and it. And it's stressing we look at the five traits that make you live longer according T this is not a big studies they Don Imus is fascinating. He's a five key traits that more than any others. These people live a long time share and your attitudinal traits these aren't the usual you know health trees sweetie what are. They're attitudinal trades and they had a very traits that are going by the wayside in our society as we see the first decline longevity in over thirty years is fascinating listen to this okay. You know in a long time you had the straight number five. A strong connection with your family and your religion. Yet and does that number four living in real life and wanting it. We're in this suburban rat race will be doing some new car you you have a farm. Just taking care of it and keep in the brush from overgrown everything recourse to walk around and be in decent shape dust. Number three a strong work ethics that's highly discouraging fact called racist now many are universities. Strong current work ethic. Or won't carry it it'll populace longer number two I love this one because this is so meek stubbornness. Stubbornness. Look at what is governance. Well insistence on having one's own way yes. But this is a black and white thing. There's little wrote. Think about our society is now everything is morally equivalent. Well gay marriage and streaming it's the same thing. Living together and being married that's the same thing to one. You know this is really no no gray dome greater moral way Islam christianity is the same. Nothing has any greater value than anything else. It's the opposite stubborn stubborn this is my way is the best way I know it it's my where the highway is a good attitude to have to ruin a marriage but. Think about with a flip of severed the says that's the way we look at things now everything is morally ambiguous number. Number one thing when trait that ocean live longer. Positive optimistic. Attitude. All things going by the wayside in this country it's always me me me I'm addict. Who's standing in my way feel sorry for me. Harry Dexter grades. As a triumph has all living former president's openly undermining his presence yeah pretty much. Text your grades for mine is asking exactly what the bushes did three ruined the Republican Party can you explain please oh my. OK you know here's the thing. I'm gonna have break this whole Roy Moore thing down in a much bigger picture than run more in the next segment of one more time I'm doing each hour is I have to remark and I was going on no one else is mentally this. This warmer you wanna hear a belly aching from all the confidence. The Democrats did your day there. Noted in the bushes today. The bushes did that's. This is a bush production. Was staged by. We know that it is a fact I have to text we publish. Onetime political Stafford Jeb Bush campaign and guys worked politically for the bush is for a long time. Leaked these warm app more and more allegations to the Washington Post. Could done it in the primary but they didn't. They waited until the only other possible winner was a Democrat. So you need to know or understand next. The same this for weeks this is a battle between trump and the bushes and a global estimates were common for control the Republican Party. And they will break it and destroy it and lose their majorities. And our chance to fix the economy and bring hope to a generation in order to maintain power you need to understand any more than that. But for the bush is going to Washington Post this would not have hit. And they didn't do it the primary they did it after Roy Moore was locked in. I meant top so the whole story again coming up in the next segment you can understand what's going on. Anybody says is the Democrats is getting it wrong digit did Sloan Farai. They're just along for the right that that's that's all they are. Not and they were given this one they were handed this one they knew they had it that's why you're seeing all this mean to junk. All of. An edit an attorney John trop. Again turn it on track. Add text your rates if you'll let me show keep up the good work on the sexual harassment topic being mile feel had been sexually harassed by women my whole life. So you guys did start coming out to. Tester is I was surprised when Roy Moore won the primary anti Mo Brooks was showing. Could the bush machine and Democrat party have manipulated the open primary knowing a sexual allegations against more we're going to be used as a weapon against his ex ad doesn't do what they did the okay. But which we here's what happened in this primary that Luther strange he's one of everybody knew that Mo Brooks. Easily could've won that race and wipe the floor with the giants he was conservative and Roy Moore the weakest candidate in the race. The bushes had this dirt on Roy Moore but they don't use it in the primary. They don't they let Mo Brooks and Roy Moore split the vote to conservatives. Rate hoping Luther strange will wit. Soy intake room where they deliberately wait. As a back up plan now Mo Brooks is gone Roy Moore is one. As a back up plan. And they in island am I going to Washington Post. With this stuff. She seem laughter by the texts. So that's what happened here. That's what happening. Takes richer or let your analysis of the bush is being the kind of run more defeat could you summarize it NA at tweed and a link to the video Tucker Carlson's guess will be nice to be able to share. Our I would do that later on today. Com. Is keep bad keep an eye on the FaceBook page in the Twitter account I will I will do that. I'll put it up on the 163 W already FaceBook Twitter to text your race yesterday you said. They warn your win would be a huge triumph victory. Today you say it it is say the loss is about more and nothing to do with trap which is it's almost you've been pretty consistent. And a huge triumph victory in terms of him solidified his control of the party. I I have been consistently saying that this would have nothing to do is from the fact yesterday I said to didn't back more. In. So no this was never referendum on trumpet said that yesterday. But this wasn't she is to solidify his hold on at the Republican Party and decisively defeat the leadership and and fortunately we were not given an opportunity yesterday. Or pay a dear price for. But the way. Wash eye Wall Street Journal nails this this morning. Would Witten were 51 votes in the senate that's gonna make it hard to get a conservative Supreme Court justice for. I mean the price for this is dear dear price this country will pay. Because of his Roy Moore situation. This. Minority report artificial intelligence machine can identify two billion people in seconds. Chinese developed it by ABC would tap ended two crime in China. Down almost nothing. In the big cities. Yet because they are using total surveillance. This is where I want go in this country he imagine deeds they would total surveillance. Tiny company developed this it can't identify two billion people in seconds on cameras. But this thing does is it it literally goes in two cameras. Home and consults the database. Of people's photos now this not new technology they've had this for a couple of years but it never worked his fast and it could never processed this many people or this many photos before. Chief executive and co-founder of the Chinese Government controlled company. Told south China morning post should this would have been unbelievable just three years ago can imagine deep stay with this technology. Nor ago in order run we have to win this battle folks that's what's going on here. Not and we are watching this morning DeVon and as. Ordering his investigation he's chairman of the intelligence committee his investigators to physically remove. I documents. From the department injustice that they're refusing to turn over in violation of congressional subpoenas. So. Massive cover up going on there is eight ferocious battle going on between deep state and those who want to live in a free country right now. It's slow motion so is not sexy but is every bit a coup and it's a big deal. And it will determine whether we live like the people in China of course a bill that wave. Bite or really really evil people. You want to control us or whether we get to be free. So hats off then DeVon newness this morning for fighting that fight. I meantime over at tell Politico. They have had they have issued eight Freedom of Information Act request for the secret. Ethics waiver. That department of injustice. Gave without telling anyone to you mr. Mueller. She's we didn't have to have ethics or while he pursues trump. Why. Because he's got several conflicts of interest that violates federal statutes. He should legally be investigating trumps an agreement ethics waiver this is secret ethics wicker. Yeah like secret courts secret documents of what they haven't Russia and China. About it apartment injustice is refusing to turn that over to. They now are taking a position of Freedom of Information Act lodges not playing them but what the heck. No other law applies them either apparently according to that so this is where we are this morning this is a high pitched battle. Meanwhile trust attorney is calling. Four he's gone scorched earth here calling for separate a separate special counsel to investigate crept ties between the department injustice the FB lack. And fusion GPS. It's going to be big fight ensures all this is on the table. Com and if they wind you know in the country like the one I just described there with China. And that's a terrifying thought. Where the intelligence community serve Ailes candidates they don't like and destroys them. No need for fake accusers will go find that phone call from 1993 will have that one phone call that would distress make this look back we'll have. Things we say horse thousand best friend that we never say anywhere else half time and don't even mean. Well willing have control that pass until this is what is on the British Sony great things going on by the way I'm totally out. What is going on economically in the next segment she gives you so fired up this is why they're desperate folks. They are so desperate. Because is trump is winning and they see it and every day that he wins they get more desperate it gets more high paced and yell freak out. Until we we are very nice. You know at the tip of the spear here. But there's a lot of good stuff going on and by the way South Carolina now lagging in the rest of the south. An economic. And economic development economy dressed. Pat we we are literally bring in up the rear. But in this state. What a mess. And I would have to be either and explain all this Tia we we could be participating important times we just she's not tubes we have idiots in Colombia and explain all that coming up the first. You have actually dosed wood to explain what just happened here with the with Roy Moore I've been setting this up for days. If your video list all Republican pundit scream and yell but Democrats is not fair okay no it's not fair and a mile ICI organic but that that's a new. What happens here is a high pitched battle for control between trump and the bushes. Four controller Republican part. Addicts when his tee over the last hour a week or so. Trump had finally arrested the RNC. Controlled the RC purse strings from the bushes and they donated the one more campaign. MER IC try to take him out in the primary firmly Republican Party is not involved in picking and choosing winners and losers in the primary they tried taken out. As a he now has the purse strings of the organization that tried to take him out he did near that's a heck of it to the bush is are freaking out. They're absolutely freaking out at and I total ever remind you did that then the polled captured it all. I was like a year and a half ago. C a 5759%. Of Americans said they know they've they felt like a corner in a country that no longer felt like it's like a stranger in their country things had gone so weird. And that began when the bushes took over the Republican Party in Republican Party stuff fighting. There's always Ben is balanced tone war between right and left this country the right stop talking. When the bushes took over the party and filled with people who want to undermine our borders. Our culture. And all that stuff you know that story rate. And they had Carl we're recruiting this is why things are so messed up Republicans stopped fighting this is when everything tilt it this is why you don't feel at home in our country anymore. This is when the elites who share a culture very different from ours begin to take supremacy this is why you feel weird. All of it is because of what the bushes did the party that party needs to fight this. People agree with us majorities in America on issue after issue after issue after issue always to do was articulated we went and trying to stop that. So they're high pitched battle with Donald Trump for control party. And if true. Took that don't lose cited this who took the Roy Moore allegations to the media to the Washington Post we have to text it was a bush is. It was so bush is. Was it text Jeb Bush staffers worked aren't off the bushes for a lot of years. Break bread published texts. Nothing about the timing that he enjoyed the primary did that. Chris shot a morally object to mark is these bushes are so clean pure like the wind driven snow they could and apparently did. Why they need Roy Moore split the vote with the real enemy Mo Brooks who should nominated Matt REIS. So that Luther strange their guy could quit. If you keep control part. That's why didn't take a Roy Moore in the primary they waited until. It would cost us dearly needed seat. Perhaps controlled the Supreme Court being ought to put a real conservative money at perhaps being able to save the economy they don't care the bushes. And they launch did after it was too late to take a remark that's what they did. That's where this came from don't lose sight of that. That's what did to. At a time and Bill Clinton I would I would be so resentful of hw. Again this is a guy who gross women in front of his wife at please bill has the decency to do when Hillary is not around. As an issue on repealing the reason it never came out Clinton could use it against him. I HW when he was run against some Christine doing she don't know or. H study is every bit as bad as Clinton if not worse because he's gotten away with it. Lindsey Graham Tim's god none of them what HW go away they don't want to stop throwing up abolished beacon for the Republican Party they're finally Tim groping a woman in front of his wife. Just like Bill Clinton he's no different that's what power for twenty years that pal around the saint. They don't object to anything or more Stein. If anything he studies probably jealous. So yes we seem. They took out Roy Moore that's what they did to destroy. Try. So investor I'd page ballas you understand this morning. And they know exactly do they knew conservatives would stay home and they did 50% of the turnout from the presidential election. They push your buttons that's what they did and they say they won district demeanor when the war. Detects lion. Straights here I love you but coward for not reading all the text especially the ones who disagree with you. What I Della was a disagree with me on the show every day but I I try to do a representative sample. My apology is I have too much I have you can you need to know today I I'm sorry I haven't done as good jobs and normally get reading the text line but I know coward. Regained his texts all the time you know that if you listen to the ship. Sorry read York's. Simien and a negative text may be over. OK so what what's going on in this country right now. Laura Ingram absolutely. Nails Dennis. In terms of why all of these you know we we brought did the trump accusers are back there's nothing new they're asking for senate investigation. A minute what is dried mainly. Exactly. What what is behind that it speak cars we're winning and their desperate. It's curious. I think how this accuser issued a call for an investigation. Just as 59 house Democrats released a letter demanding a congressional investigation into these allegations against the president. Concerts all this total coincidence. Well here's a reality congressional Democrats know that time is not on their side. While Roy Moore was still on the headlines. And the meat to I guess the still all the rage the liberals had to move to had to make their move now. They got the booming economy got consumer confidence rising you get these trade deals being renegotiated. If trump judge is getting confirmed. So looking up for the president. So the Democrats needed a new storyline. And this is it. But my friends doom not beef pool. For the party of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton this actual misconduct crusade has never been about protecting women. It's about taking back power. By any means necessary. So that Muller's impeachment report is at least somewhat tainted and the president is scoring some big wins. Damned if needed chum in the water this is it. I let them meet their own if they wish but they cannot be allowed to kill off their political adversaries with unproven allegations. Bingo. And you see today investors business daily. Most interesting part they're right the jobs report. Which was also noticed by the media at it's not is that it's not just a few groups seem more jobs opportunity it's broad based with minorities women men and even those in low income showing the best gains. For instance every education group ranging from those you know high school diploma does with a bachelor's degree or higher saw significant declines and unemployment. In November 2017. From November 2016 biggest draws for those were for those with the least education exactly is trump promised. The jobless rates or rate for African Americans dropped from 8% to seven point three for for Hispanics it fell five point seven to four point seven. Among adult men's one years old book unemployment has plunged from four point 3% last year just three point 7%. Now. But there's one thing. Here that there are deathly not talking about its wages. For wages the average earnings are rose five cents a member I lost my mind a few months ago in the wage hike when when the wage curb began to bend upward for the first time in in over a decade. I I actually freaked out my site because I'm from seeping like that in recent memory. For wages average earnings rose five cents an hour from oh or 2.5 percent from last year but economist Brian west bridge and Robert Stein a first trust bank. Add to the number ad that number to the change in total hours worked. To get what they called total earnings those are at least 34 point 8% from a year ago a C this is and how many can have which is right. We can't have any trust and went wages are rising faster in a lower income ranges than the higher ones for the first time in aids. Two from here. ET CBC is not a problem for you are high we love our country. But for the political classes big problem. For their donors big problem wages of the biggest expense. And a desperate he keeps his up he's gonna win. People vote their wallet first.