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Wednesday, December 13th

Politifact’s Lie of the Year is actually the truth; SC economy not good compared to other states; Energy exploration in SC; Roy Moore loss a huge win for Uniparty establishment


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OK if you don't feel like you're living and the novel 1984 you will after this Slaton and time again. Political facts has their lie of the year out have you seen this. I heard you talk about that earlier this centrist thing let me know they do this every year the big lie of the year. Okay the big lie of the year according to pollute a fact. Is that the Russians didn't influence the election. Right. And that's alive book collide here they need and and a little woman yet and the only person who believes it they claim. So much feature is down trap. Everybody else knows and believes. That the Russians influence the election that's the lie of the year end the evidence is they buy some ads on FaceBook. Wow they are should I rice some laterally out yet it's so you can give it to me. We never see not one at one iota from our Intel agencies we Dave they gave yet to explain how they hacked the election. On an only god as they bought some stuff on FaceBook. She. This could lose FaceBook sales staff I guess I guess and of course they leave out the attracted to a Quaid quite they would divide actually advocated for Hillary word leftist causes no way way employment then how does that help prop. See these questions that you asked. If you just don't get it. To understand it's a group that did reap the Russians hack the election you'll have to ask you mark snow okay it's a lie of the year. The light near the Russian election action is a hoax and trump is the biggest liar of the year according. To pull it affect. I saw listener palaces now mentally they're okay RE yep but nobody's pru died yet maybe we should remain nimble and a fake ever really your little false. Politico gentler folk. So there ego. Ari meanwhile I did this back up Kazaa remembered it. And you know and it cannot holidays we've had all kinds of reasons from the media we ever being told that we had this attempted terror attack in New York City. Alone that it was online radicalization big problem you know YouTube's cracking down Nelson and Amy who can we can fight daddy was he's radicalized online. He was angry. Neighbors say he was nice you know not nice guy was disgruntled. He was brainwashed by crisis. Yes not bad. In fact. Yesterday we had been police commissioner of New York say this is the new normal. And yes she's he got a big city can expect to be blown up by a terrorist is totally normal. From okay. So I don't bishop. Re here are among the factors they are not listing. This is not some conservative blog this not Jihad watch this CBS news. Poll 26%. Of US Muslim CBS news 26% of US Muslims are OK. With bombs. Wait what. Yep younger US Muslims okay. With the suicide. Bomb thinks. One in four yen US Muslims say suicide bombings to defend their religion are acceptable at least in some circumstances. Although the most American now Muslims overwhelmingly rejected tactic in the pool and are critical of Islamic extremism. What sport is a lot. It's a lot him. It's a belief system is documented this is CBS. That is the one thing they don't is it possible. That people learn to made bombs because they believe bonds are okay. We can't say that yours homophobic OK then what does that make CBS. Aum. Are now in case you need to see this for yourself to believe that I have re posted 2000. Fairness from 20072000. Sept CBS. And while back wasn't he one that most obvious thing that can explain. What just happened here. It's a belief system. We scored them share and then I'm blown themselves up their finally. I mean I hate to say that I at a much harper to good good people who. Don't believe that you're Muslim men who are good people but I can't change a fact that's CBS that's their poll. Bomb she southern palm stories of people are reading about. So it is not me it's not cheap I'd watch it's not a homophobia is the truth. And truly how in the poll. Of Tennessee confessed to over the top generally speaking. So. You know text during its polluting hacked at the day in 19841984. Yeah OK. It in the meantime Lee. This is a are you really ought to take a look it there's if you want to understand the reality. Of south Carolina's. Our economy and employment situation. And how we are lagging in the this we're right in the south. Where are also lagging a lot of the nation. An economic growth here. Ali we've had some really great successor Jim greens a lot of people moving here you know fourth most popular midsize city destination all that people living yes there's like good things happening I'm not saying that. Bomb but when you look at it this is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. That's a federal department okay this is not some some right wing blogger at economic analysis it's upbeat EA dot gov OK. So after realize is that this is the latest growth. You know second quarter growth situation right. South Carolina's economy grew 2.4 percent. Two point Forbes had a expect this to Georgia not so good 3% Alabama 2.5 Mississippi three point Tampa Florida three point six. Kentucky three point seven. Tennessee three point out. Arkansas 3.5. Oklahoma five point five West Virginia. Formerly the economic armpit of the nation four point what are what are some credit 2.4. That's what she called abject. Think. Raped a bunch. Pencil me. 2.5. Pennsylvania Venus talks. Unionized until. That's prospered at the state is economically. Here's eight good measure of damage tell you why we're screwed payment and as these gubernatorial candidates don't get it and lose my mind. Ridge is go go we're in a row one was more South Carolina stupid from these people. South Carolina labor participation rate that is the best measure. Of employment it tells you what percentage of working age south Carolinians actually are working. It's 458 point 8% as of last month that makes us forty out of fifty states. Yes. And our labor participation rate is 58%. Yup fifty point eight. That is an and is not that's not good and no it's not it's a much better indicator of real academic employment because you know as you know. After HW monkey to. And with how we measure our planet don't count those looking for jobs are by contrast it's 58 point 8% now 45 in the nation. Bad bad bad bad by contrast this measure Regis high is 68 point 5% during the 1990s. Yes. I could not good so I pay wit okay are so what let's let's stress therapy what's why is South Carolina. So screwed up in this department or how could we be. Better. We were good this is a federal government report and re entries is not from some political group or or any by Peru Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce. And you can see why trump is having the success that he's having when I read this real gross domestic product GDP that's your con has become. Increased. In 48 states and the District of Columbia in the second quarter 2017. That's sounds good. Bomb real GDP by state grad second quarter range from eight point 3% North Dakota. To native point 7% in Iowa OK well real yet. Kerry so while some more corn there will what most are OK what's going what is driving this was a lot of things stride his like good things don't want. I'm we're seeing growth across almost every sector by. Nationally to me. Ain't having it here and mining increased 48 point 6% Pena. Was a leading contributor to growth for the nation. And particular industry fat fastest growing states of North Dakota. Wyoming. And texts. Mining contributed Griffin 49 states led by increases in oil and natural gas production. So minding also includes oil and natural gas production yet fracking and its lackeys and it's all of that stuff. Home so I mean when you look at Texas six point 2% economic growth compared to South Carolina 2.4. The only other state in the entire south. That it that lags us in economic growth is North Carolina 2.3. Everything stays ahead of us in a Democrat yes. While yes. And sit right up there are terrorists. We got so what could take is to six point 2% like Texas we we got naturally as we gotta have. At you know and and I did it hats off to catch and Templeton after Ramey thrashed her on the show now in a very polite way right she is now command said that she's four. Studying as Larry's she's for expiration Africa from ICC's she said Denon a sadistic she's listed to it. Bomb but our ears in Columbia. Are are really holding the state backed this is an arm pit for economic growth we don't have to live this way this just sheer unadulterated stupidity. And it I mean I am got the map right here. Were it why are we lagging in the nation to be a break. Bomb but we. And that's because. We don't want to do what it takes to win but Texas there is a tap today in the beach destinations in the whole nation. Gulf of Texas is in that I forget what it is six cents. Don't see you explore for oil low or they do and I coast there they might it now they minded they drill it they extract it right off the coast. So Montel these morons in Columbia. Didn't monitoring her wit. This is we don't have to. We get a Columbia and Washington out of the way. How bad is south Carolina's economy lack lagging the rest of the country. Ticks your race I am looking at this federal government. To report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. US Department of Commerce so this is Adam BA dot gov spent her agency is not some partisan group. Why don't they put this out every quarter I just go pull looking up. It's always a lightning this is particularly enlightening. Economic growth is South Carolina lagging the rest of the south our economy grew just 2.4 percent. I should the only states. Fur or worse off than us was north Carolina at 2.3 percent text rate how I would compared to California. Glad you ask is and you looked great on par. Would be socialist republic of California. 2.4 percent economic growth that means our economy grew 2.4 percent. The second court 2.4 percent economic growth for South Carolina and two point one for California. Georgia's grown at 3%. Tennessee attorney. Kentucky three point seven. Mississippi. Three point oh. At this Columbia Francis is this is tax hike in. This is having some of the highest tax rates in the nation. All of them collectively. When you look at it. Income tax. And this is just the general economic destruction. But it's also this. We don't have to live this way keep telling you this South Carolina was stinky 2.4 percent growth. Mean. 45 worst employment situation in the entire nation. Had you ever had you ever got a good mentor Ken has managed. No they don't plan to fix this fix the economy again Nina. People like Texas. Texas. Six point 2% growth compressor is South Carolina 2.4. When they do their. Nine for oil natural gas they track and Oklahoma 825 point 5%. North Dakota. Normally there nobody does but for eight point 3% grip you sure well they're fracking. But West Virginia former economic armpit of the country four point 1% growth. It is a testament to a trust and when you see these economic numbers you see wage is turning up you see all the things I'm talking about. Wire wage is turning on jobs are being created wire jobs being created. Why is there demand a wage rage growth is always the result of a demand a higher demand for workers. Well ray here's spells out in the federal report nationally mining increased two point 8% 28 point 6% he's between persists this massive. Us. And was the leading contributor to growth in the nation I told you. That this would work I told you this is what trump wanted to do I told you this I told you this for a year before trump was elected I understood what he was talking about. Hardest hit the three fastest growing states North Dakota Wyoming and Texas. Massacre there six point 2%. Compassionate Reagan. Prosperity. Opportunity. A streams in hopes and businesses in young people able to get jobs that's what America is supposed to be in it's it's very syntax is. But instead Hillary promised band tracking all of it. When he got to exhibit is a Dem nick didn't do well we can't have that. We can't have it. And in South Carolina 2.4 percent growth. But second worst for growth economic growth in the entire south north Carolina's 2.3 percent. And I can't get anybody put Kevin Bryant got blessed and run for governor grit don't get what's off our shores we could be there are folks. We could we don't be raising taxes. We be drilling. Natural gas. And you know I mean it if if we're not even willing to explore off the coast and we have these idiot Yahoo!'s like Tom rice or congressman from. Adam Myrtle Beach fighting mad. No we see the platforms to drill we don't even know that we don't you don't modern technology when he does seem to be steady wanna find out because you know what was off the coach you go nuts. You go absolutely nuts. It's so frustrating to me that the real story on South Carolina nobody can tell you this. Colombia has absolutely hamstrung us and kneecap to us and we don't we are evening name on the field to compete economically. And you see that the terrible price people are paying again. US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 58 point 8%. Workforce participation rate much better on some that much better measure than unemployment consistent. Precision working in South Carolina as the when he is actually have a job 58 point 8% that's not good. That's down. From the high watermark under Henry McMaster a 59 point 4% we're down we're losing ground in the state and they won't drill. It seems you may. By the way estimates on the number of jobs there's two studies on of their honest that this could create. Range from 120 some 1050000. No we want a stinky to this mean we just too damn dumb backwards in Colombia we are so frustrated is so frustrating. For a comparison in 1990 South Carolina had a sixteen point 5%. Labor participation rates 58 point 8% to. So you know. Well what are gubernatorial candidates comes out with an economic growth plan please let me I'd love to hear. This is so far off the radar. As weak literally drop off I knew we are pacing California. Economic Chris after I don't let the California. We practically live there South Carolina economic growth is growth in the economy 2.4 percent kelp forest two point one. And West Virginia. Four point one. What is this is Greg Washington the said the people's socialist republic of Washington can get a more liberal place and that rate. And if you're white you open a taco stay in the B to appeal have to shut it down because a cultural appropriation has Washington do two point 7%. Where 2.4. Game. That's socialist state for a that there really marketed 02 point 9% what are we getting into. 2.2. Did our judges and we'd. So all of these idiot. Who wanna tell you about who we need to raise the gas tax has economic prosperity. Well you know what folks its not working out they failed miserably go to the back door and let's get somebody wants to build a state. Economical. It's just really frustrated Tony. This link for you in a show OS I EB have to work by now I spoke to jump. Yes remarkably good pass check and nobody else in the war apparently okay go ahead. Think that really killed in the era is that's the whole resort we won't know tropical water out strong Asarco on. In order you certainly have the real we cannot great character even more than we are. And you keep on the beach police labeled little poll. Of Republicans moderate well it's global law to put the bush family into the bush party. Will never break free of the saying the orbit of taxation. In order to break free from the parliament exploration well equitable troop. Now got to get a governor of whom are award spared the the power in their. Because there are already in our political because people are sick people receive down your right now. No we awaken their ilk we promote what the plan to drill here drill now aware those eager to recent. They're packed with people took the use their air is dark liberating the people to be ranked from the government. We can do very well it's dark or don't call it recovered and and our corporate warming to 2222. Open dot. So quiet though. That property or OK there it is in the law where our tax rate or the burden that people pay in the state. 01 probably you'll feel out the nation and people who'll be there at their people like del potro and other or building a true. Is that you're being beaten there is the richest of the earth. It it is and it's enormously frustrating to me Tony arming appeared on Katharine Templeton but she has had some what have a change of heart a little bit on exploring selling cards that I mean how can ring master. Has declined to come on the show. But you know what when you have cabin Templeton telling me Wheatley you know we know we can't eliminate the income tax here you know anyone who tells you that is not dealing in reality. But we got what it takes to eliminate the income tax offer coast we got to go minute when you tell me no no we can't we can eliminate income tax explained to me how Texas did it. Validity in detect and they're going at six point 2% there economy ours has grown to 2.4. And you say we can't do it. Well I was I didn't they're doing it text is so there must be a way to do it. And my should be able Tony don't wanna explored don't even wanna consider. Close mine did that's how he ends up with a growth rate on par with California is like we hath. To the common sense retirement planning text line we got a text or reds. I should we ask Hugh leatherman ready a state senator stands on offshore drilling. I'm pretty good way to do it if we think we can get. Hugh leatherman this year in an offshore drilling company illegally you know that a little financial incentive Catholic I'd be willing to spend taxpayer money to do died because so. If you Arabia where the investment because then he'd be all about the drilling Maria just like he was all about the asphalt now. Tech sure it's your I don't agree with Trump's actions by our retirement has a 121000 dollars since I July 2017. That's nice. If you look at it Eric beat Southern California. Stewart Buckeyes then. Boy tester race here haven't been domicile in Tennessee for over thirty years. Hasn't been comes from Tennessee for it to pay no income tax low property tax. Nine point 75. Percent sales tax noted taxes card 25 dollars a year for license plate and cheaper car insurance something's wrong with the picture. I am I here in South Carolina why people are put up with this. Fried his Supreme Court Tennessee income taxes our constitutional. With the part means but anyway. Yes tech stories we want to current government to control the oil and gas off the coast. My aunt she would be no we don't want a corrupt government out. And then you do with whether we should get to oil and gas. Well yeah exactly they the only aspect of the government be involved in would be permitting. The exploration. And then the you don't obviously regulating. That that coming in and it would not be possession of the state. It was it would be hopefully be a private enterprise right. Which is good tech. I'm done something really quickly com Laurie Ingram made a prediction in the middle there were an Al Al Franken stuff last week them. That was right I and you can literally see it coming to fruition. Now on a plane missing that your reaction is on her show. Now before you joined the march up the castle. To castle Frankenstein a caption a monster I have a word of caution. They've come down with a a sudden case of feverish morality. But what it really is is nothing more than a political calculation. By the dams they have. Two paths to destroy the president. The first is the loan investigation the second way they're gonna try to destroy the trump presidency. Is the war on women you out that old saw. They have now determined that it's worth sacrificing. Franken just like they did John Conyers. Throw overboard to save the political Titanic that is their party. Now want what does this do. It sets the precedent for the Democrats to try to drive Roy Moore from office should he win the Alabama senate race. And to look this is the next step in the quest to in. Peach president trough. A case that was a prediction last week. Anyway such as the Democrats doing what she talked about their I think the Republican leadership is as well along with the bushes to maintain control Republican Party I think early it together. Maybe not literally and am planning room together but I can girl and I they all they are they are all fine with how this is proceeding OK here's Laura Ingram. Know last last night nailing this again. And let me tell you bingo. Like clockwork. It was a coordinated. To re airing of the grievances. That began. Just yesterday complaints by the same trump accusers that voters had already heard from before they elected our forty fit president. Then with a impeccable timing a quartet of the democratic senators called on the president to resign in the never mind that the president has long denied the charges. 130 years old. And that there was nothing no any of them. And in the dangerous climate we have today that the liberals have created. Allegations. Are enough to strip anyone. Especially any man of his career. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the de facto leader now of the get trump crusade. Amber heard voicing such plaintive concern for Bill Clinton's accusers. When he was appearing at her fundraisers. In the July. And what troubling women who are part of the truck administration. Seemed to leak of hedging their bets. On Sunday UN ambassador Nikki Haley had the perfect opportunity to stand up for the president really strongly. And call out this politically motivated hysteria. Instead she took a. A pass. Women who accuse anyone should be heard they should be heard and they should be dealt with and I think. We heard from him prior to the election and I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up. And women who see themselves as presidential material. Need to be heard most of all. Out she. That's catty little dig there was just a little bit yes US so Amish I think she's telling the whole thing out there and he allowed this if I see this is sort of a sign of desperation. Bomb there and they're not out there making the argument. They're not out there playing the economy and how to get better because that they have to try and talk about how to companies making is so so this is all the they have. Experienced your you're rot of the way to get he ligament on board with the drilling offshore. Would be to go into a family member or neighbor instill that lots of offshore drilling equipment sheet and today just are not sure drilling equipment company. Now that it. Would get it going in overdrive. Ego then takes direct your just explained he led the net asphalt requires oil today kids through the yes. You know bush married so. Anyway yeah show up but I don't Wear it. Grim rated. Absolutely. And painful really painfully anarchy heard me read from no Wall Street Journal about you know Haitian by the way this seat that we just lies. You know he's gonna have a two point twenties so if Kennedy retires and is clearly could determine whether we get a conservative judge you're not done. Home because you know that to keep people are going to be deciding there are too liberal Republican women so. You know this this was a big deal to lose this and in it was it's it's not good itself. True. Roland Reynolds Austin thank here. Jenna Bush campaign for not one of the washing in Paris. With this right more staff would be helpful if you all done it before the primary was over there. But then that wouldn't serve your interest would it. By the way. Christmas shopping season and your rap and appear oracle led stressed it around December the eighteenth some of that. Five net more days butter away knew this Christmas orders in your ordering on line. Yes. 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See who retire it totally innovative and they delivery it's a brilliant concept. Okay. Out played the epic quote of the day of really personally to say it's. On national television. Tammy Bruce feminist. Lesbian conservative and the dead raid on business. Another more election she is dubbed remark was sees me she's turkeys and she did not know when she said this for certain that he had lost. It appeared that way but the time that totals that tallies were not in so that's where the sounds a little weird but it's from last night. Take a listen. And this is a test for the president I think what you've seen with Shelby going against it Jeff flake he's giving money to the sky. I think Dora the Republicans in the in the house in the senate wanna lose the senate I think they want to president's agenda to fail and the only way to really achieve that is to suddenly become the minority. That is indeed prove found. A deeply troubling thing you just said. This is we saw that thru this I mean this is one of the things regardless of who wins this and at this point it looks like it might be mr. Jones. Is that that remains the issue that this is why this is occurring and I think part of the GOP base if not all of us should be extremely concerned. About the nature of what the GOP establishment has done in this process. And I and I agree with Larry look as a feminist I am I an outrage that this also happens to be our choice right. But the fact is that the for the future of the country's at stake this is larger than Roy Moore it's about our families in the few. But this is also a sign of how awful things to become under the establishment I chemical or we have to do I. Via. Is she's now. So you're just tuning in now I don't want to the podcast because they've explained in the show how the bush family has engineered this whole Roy king by leaking it to the Washington Post. Could've done it before the primary was settled. But that would given Mo Brooks the edge. And they need to run more and they're split the vote with him so they waited until they knew they can get a democratic. This is on purpose this was engineered by the establishment is in desperate attempt by the bushes to. I am maintain control the party for her in a country that's what they do that's who they are. Com and yet you know god is above my FaceBook page pseudo whole saga new this text message is very we we know that the Jeb Bush campaigned it is. Longtime political operative of the bush family X Jeb Bush staffer. Has admitted to planting the anti Iran more story in the Washington Post. So. We know did it and I know why they did. Yeah or sign in tennis together for you I don't time had a party used takes slam dunks to win. Or did it would it would take at least take slam dunks they won't take them anymore they're so afraid of when he. So afraid of winning on issues the majority of the public agrees with them all. I think our president Don truck he was just on television again on fox easily today. Begging this country police to and the diversity visa program. We did that cross save lives begging this country please did you immigration reform can't keep doing this chain migration went up about and we can't. Well it easy slam dunk for the Republicans would be and the diversity visa lottery. Never has there been an easier slam dunk making Democrats vote on that they're defending a program that brought ice is to our shores and killed eight people. Yeah that's dead that you use that to campaign commercial. Coming up here in the mid terms. Which like Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott usher is they're so worried the show very worried about that we have to get rid of where Roy Moore how to tip to slam dunk now now no containment. Do you ice ice like what seven weeks now 67 weeks now since that terror attack claimed eight lives in New York. Slam dunk would be to get rid AP's program. Diversity visa program which has almost no vetting they won't. They wanted to hold a hearing about it that's how little contempt they have for American life how afraid they are it would empower tribes prove him right. His approval ratings a bear approval ratings. And guaranteed and control of both houses Illinois staff to trump agenda and intended Bruce Nelson is to lose a house and and they are trying hard. We have absolute concrete proof of that now with the bush is doing what they did and waiting. Until the primary was settled. To take Roy Moore out pretty democratic. NASA plans to what they want. So she's your team Mitch McConnell you don't actually have to pass anything you can just went to the Democrats. It's a slam dunk on a diversity visa program and they won't take it. They won't take it because it would help them and they don't want that.