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Thursday, December 14th

Texts show Obama’s FBI goon squad colluded with Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russia in attempted coup to prevent Trump presidency


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Running late good morning terra well I can only say that I'm just an and I know I speak for all Americans. So go that. That we have to goon squad at the FBI to protect us. Bomb from our own stupid mistakes at the polls but that is for not Smart enough to vote for the right person. That they can fix states. They can they can help they can work to save us to see these text message and Peter struck this is absolutely. Outrageous. And by the way I mean this they had. They are right on the cusp of beyond the Watergate level stuff here than. And when you're you're literally. Looking at day in and day out the FBI. Colluding with the Russians and Hillary them. To take out a president. That they felt. Bomb was the wrong choice by the American people. And there are blunt about it their texts and shockingly went out it would back out for mentally adjustment we did these detects by Peter struck you've heard about this now on he's texting his mistress which I'm sure his wife was thrilled with. And he's he's is he is the deputy director. A counter intelligence. For the I'm sure. He's an idiot yet he's he is it not. Some guy. At a desk at the FBI that's that's not who he is the decent of people. That have their hands on the country's security. Spy. Apparatus. These are the people those of us like me who got blistered for years on talk radio for prince posing the page react called called a liberal. You know Newt accused of of opposing bush. All all of these things this is what I was afraid of this is exactly it this is what so many callers on conservative talk radio call and complain my manager about but there she goes again guess Patriot Act lovable others strategize decisive shouldn't have. You know right now I was afraid of ice as I was afraid of these people and I was afraid of them for exactly this reason and here we get. I really wish I could do just one show. In general market that I was in and say I told you so because here is I knew they use it this way here we go. So I mean these messages are shocking. They are they they're there inexplicable. Sure here's what cake and sent to substitute dead that if you're you know if you're a working American and here is trying to make ends meet you don't have time to follow all of this are really appropriately catch the outrage. Which the media never seems daily. Okay they're sitting around Peter struck deputy director of counter intelligence. The guy may. At the levers of the country's spy apparatus guy who can get in your phone anybody's phones he wants a say you know a candidate for highly contested senate seat. Ever and he's sitting there and Andy's office Tuesday and at Indian McCain. There's not any McKay let's let's refresh our memory who end any McCain is Kate is the deputy director of the FBI and he's in charge of the Hillary. Investigation. And show what's Hillary you know server thing comes out. Many hits the papers and he is put in charge of the investigation. Andy's wife within a week to call for Hillary's chief fund raiser Terry golf we went to recruit you to run for state legislature. As does not seen Eddie told grade and nevermind the fact my husband's investing you guys are investigating you guys at the FBI so Andy. And his wife within two weeks and the announcement of the server and anti being. Assigned to investigate Hillary Clinton. Is sitting any officer Terry McAuliffe. His chief fund raiser as he promises to provide them with 700000 dollars to run her campaign. Otherwise campaign they even try. Serena and he's sitting there the guys investigating Hillary Clinton. And Hillary Clinton's fund raiser is fund raising for Andy's wife who he's just can be recruited within days. Of the announcement of the investigation Harrelson. Around their butts right. And if your how to save the country from trying to break is that's their job that's what they decide that they got to do with the FBI right here's the text from Peter struck. The guy Sidney Andy's office did they discuss Andy's wife's campaign and the money Hillary was providing in that meaning or no I guess I guess they didn't meaning maybe you did who has. Nobody spies on them they just by asking here's what he texts. I want to believe. Again this is the deputy director of the FBI's counter intelligence unit. I want to believe the pass you threw out for consideration Indies office but there's no way trump gets elected. But I'm afraid we can't take that risk. But dancing can't let that sink it. And then consider this. It's this is another text if immediately following it's like an insurance policy. In the unlikely event you die before your forty. This is in August 15. This is on his fifteen B month is believed they took the dossier. Hillary paid for the colluded with the Russians whiff. To go figure out how to get trapped you know and AMP insurance file today and think he'd win but you obliteration. Better make sure. Earlier that month. Page the pair more of struck. Texted this may meant to stay where you are because you're meant to protect the country from that menace. And he takes back this is again the FBI agent who is the deputy director. Of counterintelligence for the country and get your phony and get my babies are you there who knows I can protect our country on many levels talking about trying to. Then checks got Hillary should win I know a hundred million to zero. Page. The woman the mistress then text to struck. This is in this is said the monk before in July 2016 she was worried. About the anarchist Assange is would undercut Clinton's campaign. Com that you know would we know the truth about what they really think about the American people because their emails would come out. Page also suggested shortly after the election that trump might be brought down by scandal. She's she's texting the guy in charge of the term pressure MS gets beaten. At the FBI. Brought bought down All the President's Men. I know bought all the prisons when you're in the movie the president's been bought all the president's mention register to struck. Figure I need to brush up on Watergate. You know on another time these people would have been brought up on treason charges. They should be attempting to this group. I don't she scooped up I mean when you have John Bolton former ambassador under George W. Bush go on Lou Dobbs and state were in the middle wicket. At what point to the American people wake up. These are bid he's a bush. Half the American people don't care benefits accrue. They detest trump and Republicans so much and the conservatism that they want amount they don't care they don't they're not concerned about whether or not anything's constitutional legal or ethical. Because that they view trump as someone who is not fit for office someone who. Stole the office that did you know that there's just no legitimacy they are to the opposition. And I think that's the great did to me that's the great difference going on right now between Republicans Democrats most Republicans. Tried to look at Democrats and their viewpoint and say you know what you're absolutely wrong on issues but you have a right to think that way. The left doesn't think that what they think you folks are idiots you're a danger to the society your danger to the country you're in danger to the world and you must be eliminated and should not be heard from. That's the attitude going on in this country. And there's no outrage over others I am so they not understand how quickly this will be turned against them at these people get power. Are you Bernie supporters. You think the people in charge you can let you be free people you think that. You don't think you're gonna live in an authoritarian regime you liberals you don't think that's. They will come after you as fast as they come after us if you threaten their power and you don't wanna march the march anymore. Yeah I let these people these liberals who think what I voted for burning but you know this FBI guys are right we had to shut trump. You beat you Hillary to go the DNC this time next does your phone. The snack you be any dissent I don't know where the left is honest. Court was some great liberals I hate to say that it pains me in the newsroom for many years I'm one of my love to his cancer now as my editor. And we can agree on anything but he was a staunch defender of the of the First Amendment and he hates he he he would hated this stuff old. School liberals. Used a different things like you know to defend the constitution and in the first amendment rights and the rights under the constitution and realize what the limits of government work but they've they thought there were further out of what most conservatives think but at least there were some semblance of of our respect. And noted dignity of the constitution. Liberalism is not that anymore all. And obviously a lot of people are missing including me most of the segment performance Obama so. Are are what people are missing in the picture you're there and we were looking in all of this the dim clearly planning to take compound Q okay that's scary but let's consider. What again the deputy director of counterintelligence. For the FBI. Was also doing is he's techs were being sent back compresses or plotting to take out trump is an insurance policy. He's colluding. With Hillary. And her campaign. And the Russians to write a dossier based on campaign. You know dirt digging. He's colluding with Hillary. He's also. Investigating. Suppose he's in vague it's you know he what does he was investigating yeah absolutely why's he in it big this is the got to remember. Struck was the guy who wrote the wording of the coming memo. Change did. So that it would not be a felony this is the guy who unkind to plea deals. With her closest aids out to make sure they never have to talk to the prosecutor again. This was the guy who didn't put her under oath this is the guy. True you know broad that part of coming member memo was involved in all of that decided letter off the hook before they had interviewed key seventeen witnesses. So when he's not investigating her and getting her off the hot seat that's the other side this he is literally plotting. We car to take out truck. As they pay for that matter and now we don't have we seen a receipt for that now. But they did it. They absolutely day wreck at rush brilliantly document today's yesterday and with CNN and and they are reporting they were flat out saying in April but the dossier was the basis for all of these Russian investigations. We know who paid for. You took a dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton union she paid for it. You're supposed to be investigating her but George too busy getting her off the hook while you colluded with her and the Russians. Despite Americans on an American citizen. That is her fine. That is absolute or conflict here you know here's the take it for everybody for us if they can do this to the president of the United States. What can't they do two year. What is some senator. You know what do we got a center right now 51 seats Danzig and wanting to senate why I'm sure if these people are still in place they're going to be deeply interstate. In digging into these guys phones. That the opposition and taking out senators if a president can't stop these people. How can senator hawkish senate candidate. What is to stop them from taking over political process I don't see anything lately and now only takes is an accusation. In this country to bring somebody down. Not a conviction. Not an admission. But an accusation. Can take someone down. When we can apply all of this the man who could stop it. Had nothing to say. Yesterday and those congressional hearings we'll talk about that coming up next. G Netflix subscription. Yeah well. They keep up with via. They just on the shamed. 53 people who apparently watched the meaning the prince for eighteen days straight. Leading up to Christmas I don't know what what's up with those eighteen days straight yet there's 53 them in the country. Culminating com company. An honest. There is a viewer who binge of the entire series of the office. Which I understand all of the office. Spot. In five to ten days. But streak that's prematurely did Netflix emailed. To see if they were okay. Because you know it is meaning they don't just automatically re up the next episode. Four yeah. Honestly the person said it made me feel better just about someone even stranger working customer support agency cared Obama mental health. It. They're Netflix is concerned about you could say no which are watching. By the way it if you left the office. Com what's the European version of the office when McCain in the UK it was actually the first one. Totally different actors it's totally different five toll us what was subtitles. That's how heavy accents where. But good stuff 803471063713. SM and a fascinating text at least to me anyway and the techs on. At me in the last segment at tech straight league just nailed it yet did. On Leno last said she serves a little bit low from the text once went to Shelby in black and blue earlier. In the week. Oh lead just nailed a text erased yes he did. We're living in a country where literally half the country. Would like to see the other half persecuted. Al beit broke out of control agencies they be fine with it like this text it was just like this Texas Kenyan people think likeness. FBI are correct. Trump is more dangerous to this country then the FBI. Wow. You moron. You blooming idiots. Do you honestly think. Would you see Hillary take over the decency. Do you honestly think if they take over everything. They're gonna let you pick a Bernie Sanders he do you do you think that. You think they're gonna if they do this to trop. And we we know they had to fix the election so Hillary could win and we know that we know was re whenever dogs. Not for me from you guys from from one yours. Who by the way is of racial and up like separates her words not mine. Do you honestly think Caroline Parise Anderson run on your side if he poses any threat to their. You think you represent you've. You need to teacher head at a MSNBC gutter. And get into the reality they come for you justice faster they'll come for me is good company perks to. He interacts. I think this text her I assure congress to start to a calm I had I mean I surprised I got a coin call you more on your face. I would be fastening into the psychology here this text or wants to live in authoritarian regime. There's somebody listening to the showed today that thinks that they think it will be good if people who disagree with them are silenced by force. Bike it. As an unbelievable to me. It's just. Text your rights and the population thinks that like terrorism as long as it was a successful or didn't touch my life what's the big deal oh it will touch your life. It will. Jeff from Greenville. The border terror alert. This opportunity to thank you for explosion there. Number one domestic terrorism certainly the most friendly. Most of us would never ready he had the YouTube on which Roy Moore thanks and not. Surprise change people of Alabama church render old stupidity but we're all so for what they did that better and know. Sprawled ever thought about this whole play the solution like wall to twenty point 6% of the population in Alabama and Bart which 48% of black people and Alabama voted for some of the girls cabbage bowl but Mubarak prequel to live in Alabama voted for real so called the whole bunch of world. So it broke. Well here's here's the thing that definitely. Let me down when ever came on the station I had so much hate mail for trashing the bushes I think President Bush's since two to 2000 when it wasn't cool and does anybody work and so for meat for the rest of the country against Kentucky where I've been for seventeen years. Is really really refreshing. Com and to begin understands. Some we know instinctively what is is wrong here this is why they rejected Luther strange and went for one more initially in the primary even though they didn't really like him too much. So on the suggested which we are we are actually making progress here it doesn't look like it but when I look at it you might very very wide very very long ones. On what we I never thought we'd get to where we what we are today. Where people would begin to be able to understand the way our system works to really pulls the levers. And bomb that the people on our side of the aisle are not really. And representing us are good we're good people so don't let this stuff gets you doubt this is what progress looks like. You can't fight something in toll could see. I think got thank god this is I'm talking about the outrage of what the these FBI folks did is they literally plan to take truck down Watergate style. Thank god don't make you mad thank you do not for that. That she noted that Hillary's not the president that they failed and we get another chance this is what progress looks like we can't change the country. Until we know what is this like an alcoholic and you have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. Britney emissions stage. Or at least act a hey we weren't even win and we're AA building was before or that we had a problem. This is progress. Don't let me Q med but it did you hope it does me. Well looks like does a lesser called to do early on and nailed it. Worse than I tonight. When you cut the head. The deputy director of counter intelligence for the FBI a guy who's got ATMs. On the controls of our spy apparatus. Talking about his Russian investigation into trump. As quote it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty. Insurance policy. Get this the same guy. True then told his apparent more I can protect our country at many levels says. After she wrote she texted me meant to stay where you're at because your meant to protect the country from this menace. That's right I I doubt that was in his description winning his job description was hired to DF FB lack. But the most outrageous. The most outrageous part of this. Of the texts. Is this one I want to believe this is Peter struck. I want to believe the past few throughout the consideration in Indies office he's that Andy's the deputy director number two at the FBI that there's no way he gets elected. But I'm afraid we can't take that risk and risk to get elected so we're gonna have to going to do that C two days. Newton. It's their job to protect the country from trump and how many laws they have to break thank god the goon squads looking out for us. Eighties people. This is how. Bad it is this is today's first at the grip of so many at a IE north begin. Oh well I'll out by what did you see it did you see the text. I that he sent. About going about Wal-Mart shoppers and how they discussed him and how how he went to Wal-Mart and saw regular Americans. And he could just swell of support for trumpet and how disgusting we are. This is what they think of you this is the top of our nation's. Law enforcement. It is absolutely. Rotten. To the core. Here are some converse members reacting to that yesterday. Those Wal-Mart shopping from voters that Peter struck so derided in this text messages. How did they react to that didn't they have confidence in their FBI in their Department of Justice we have. Appropriate internal affairs officers who will get to the bottom of that. These text messages prove what we all suspected. High ranking FBI officials involved in the Clinton investigation. Where personally invested in the outcome of the election and this is disgusting. Unknown but accountable bias and there's no way that could not affect a person's work. I know there's no way. That this is beyond. We don't like trying to keep my what I gonna have all the text messages yet. This is. Hey I'm plotting to make sure he never becomes president. That's what this it is. Now keep in mind. Mueller the head of the special just don't forget Davis he did firemen artist when he came out. But don't forget be congressional subpoena covered these texts not going to mullah not turn them over. Or Mo tonight investigating trump for obstruction of justice process that permanent. No to mullah not turn them over that's problem number one number two he can tell congress of their existence. If you're an attorney a prosecutor may be in a police officers and one time core like I have. There's nothing Morse a prosecutor can do. Then refused to turn over or neglect to turn over exculpatory evidence. Mike Flynn know about this when he was interviewed I doubt it. They know about this week at the ideal of my own I doubted congress didn't. Why would Flynn now. And you realize. As a prosecutor if you hold back evidence likeness. They should be given. Nellie is an under subpoena congress. And holding it back your withholding it from congress for lying about its existence is what he's doing. Natalie back and you do this in a trial all. Chris it prick you going to be dis barred stripped of her law license and you'll probably go to prison. That's how serious this is if it was done in a regular American corporate. And they just casual about its cash to. It's. Unbelievable Sebastian Garko weighed in on the need to. To rip them all our investigation out by the roots which clearly must happen this investigation. Is the fruition appears struck texts reassures house to finally take his dad and I would takes. Just about replacing individuals it's about dissolving this team. Did is we now know this team more this team is manned by members of Hillary's so called for resistance movement. There's a reason. Written by lady justice is blind folded in this case she's taken her blindfold off she's parties when she's using that sword to attack the president had water. Crucial points. Where's Peter struck today. He the second these text messages came out. Director ray should have gone up to pick a straw. Taken his gun taken his badge and fired him from law enforcement feels well. In the nature Bob do apartment above the bureau think about what you can do these HR department. We've seen that in a mass trusting documents if you hiding the political identities. Of other people investigating the president. This isn't political bias this is corruption. The highest level low power Goldman. Yeah emails that he kneels at text rates paid here at you and Lee have hit the nail on the head this morning. I have never seen a time where people can even have a conversation together the right to left. I work with mainly minorities. I hate using that word came in talk facts. There's so blinded and so convinced that compass such a bad guy that they don't care if the FBI lies. If Hillary is it cheating as long as there's a Democrat in office yen this is a scary time in the country. It's a scary to but this threat posed this stuff coming out. Is the best thing that's happened this country. Since I've been watching this junk. I did generally avoiding the box office. Generally I went to see it couldn't resist. As great movie by the way. I read about my years ago so we're in to see it. But I'd come. OC Star Wars. But yet it meet again my my husband before the first two new ones came out got beat by all the whole star Orszag. And we yum binge them as a family over the weekend of one weekend and occasions when nights they date all of Star Wars might my daughter's my to my son. So I'm really looking forward to this I'll never forget how we went to a screening. Here intercom with you know we bear all of us were there'll has to my sales people marry who works here and we had crash witness and I know how crash we do at Kazaa was late night screening and trying to stay awake and arm also possessed enough to get. It was like four at the sports teams for. And then he sat there wide eyed the whole time. Since he get less is following this is a long movie the same thing. And it ended. And you know the lights come on in the current billion current clothes wherever. These are screaming. Bloody murder in front of everybody were like 88 troop threw down temper tantrum which he never hats he's a really good K. Ice it is an extreme rarity for him to do that. A piece. As my husband's caring man but he's. Who Lecrone to something and so embarrassing he's screaming my friends my friends. I miss my friends who taught him with the people in the movie. He wanted to sit and watch it again. So desolate can vote as what I can be able to make it this weekend. For the opening. And I maybe talking about the some poles this weekend I keep online it says it opens on the fifteenth. And on the eighteenth. So I can't I can't figure out which is which I'm I'm guessing it's the fifteenth threaten opens fifteenth yeah okay. This is just TRE TC opened for you sort of gimmick this week ambled over Christmas so this is going to be a big deal for our for the fairly weak we may even celebrate spring for some popcorn. Spend that extra fifty books. Was accustomed to make it sixty cents. So no spoilers here. Blake if you go to C a let me know. I'd like next week text me when you know we think 803471063. Text point 71307. Tech story the sad thing about all these investigations on by the FBI is an you don't watch fox listen to you what Tera you don't know what's going on. Yet what you know like during a revolutionary war nobody knew what was going on either. It was basically maxed 12% of the population fighting everybody else was now out on siesta. So you know what at we got this we don't need everybody engaged I want to thank you we never bad Bennett appoint America where everybody was engaged. Tester rates. Terry this is insane so black lately bison crowds why can't or want Tron just fire Muller or Rosa scene or anyone working in the executive branch. I wish if I'm not mistaken the Justice Department falls under. Well look. That would give them the excuse they need to impeach him this is what they're congress wants. So he's kind of stuck there. We've got this inspector general's investigation which I can't figure out if this investigation is to cleared the FBI by throwing struck under the bus. Or these are good people genuinely trying to get to the bottom of time will tell us that I don't know. Or this could be a trump and sessions thing which I'm concessions getaways and you leave nothing to do with this is completely credible. On this investigation is taking out top level members of the FBI. Grand aliens have been HR but still. So we'll see time will tell this could be sessions and trust investigation or could not be. It's I I don't know the first five flying so fast it's hard to say. Album but I have a lot of hope because every day more and more comes out about this tester had he ever thought about it if I'd tricking Nicki had a way. Our choices for president would have been between Jeb Bush and Hillary. None of the corruption being revealed now would've ever calm polite. Amen to that I would I think I think she she backed rubio in the late game remember that something that would come delayed either. Now under review he's one of them tip. So fascinating stuff I don't I got so much on his FBI stuff they have only begun to dig into it. This is another one of those days I hate to ask you do this. You don't wanna text podcast to detect slight because you're gonna get a breakdown on the show you can hear anywhere else in the country. Text podcasting to 71307. You want to understand this this is the only place to do that real.