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Thursday, December 14th

Trump tax plan; SC economy rivals CA in bottom of national heap; Texts show Obama’s FBI goon squad colluded with Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russia in attempted coup to prevent Trump presidency


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Alicia Nelly Ella to sub just trio can calm because I've I've got a cold I'm. I want to see if I was contagious but heck he. These are barely slept last night because my throat is killing us Vienna. So I impediments at colder most contagious within five to seven days after the symptoms start to kind and he she don't want a full waited. Getting too close our team Yankee to contend for distance YouTube Chris probably for next week or so look at it. I mean it means you don't step into the cave here yet there's nowhere circulation in your mouth this true that's true at all that's why you have that high tech door propped yes there. On my knees unibody Mac but Dillon as a door propped. Then an appropriate use yes because she did the chair wore out so much. That hurt bonds rear end to sit in the right now yeah and in a sunny many leather on the cherry more than just the holes where frame the barbs like why it's for many years. And and so he had to put these old pillows on the chair to right himself comfortable right. Well you know but by Bobby is they bounce a real thin guy no more padding and he does not alive. Put a little. A woman in today's environment I am not making any comments to get OK you know I would if I should not do so cycle anyway yes so I don't I only one pillow and into sort prop the door open with the other one. Them exactly and in this is what crash racquet these texts and people will your rich you would now. They come into the studio now this spring for a chair exactly. Or anybody back but pillow out. Queries so anyway. Well as far as the contagion is concerned I just realized that this is the last time I'm going to be with few for the rest of the year. You you you you're gonna do it I have tomorrow off and that all makes week off and then we have Christmas stay off. And then you're off the week after Christmas Jim Bohannon is going to be filling and and us I'll be back for a few days they are in the takes more time off from the first year and so it'll be like January food would be January before I'll get a chance to be back with yourself. Just take this opportunity to talk about. Briefly how much I enjoy working with you you're the smartest hard working hard working as person I have dealt with in this industry all period. Now and I thank you so much that means a lot come from you moment. I mean that sincerely and it's just a Hispanic fast three years and I'm looking forward to hopefully thirty more. Yeah I know there's no I mean that long to save for retirement. I never really seriously now thank you so mostly you guys do an amazing job back there in that in it in the newsroom and in he used had so much this guy. With Howard you know every morning to coming in and you know you guys all being here and it's just the best please remember worked it's just awesome for the big families parents minority. So send thank you thank you very much. Well irate show ring FBI thing Manning again seg but first. Eight Republican congress and this is the best we can do. Corporate tax rate cut to 21%. Top individual tax rate down to 37% from 39. Is kidding me. Lisa something out. OK so yeah 21% and take which would we had to move it from twenty to twenty member trump an original one of fifty. We remove it from twenty to twenty want as we have to pay for the tax cuts. Okay at any time ever in mr. Bailey did you ever hear them talk about cutting one of bloody dollar from the budget. Not a word I don't think anything is ever cut all the ever happens as you get a reduction in the rate of increase which Democrats always refer to that as they cut. And out Republicans so well you know and a bowl of admit that what you're actually increasing the budget or at least keeping at the same you know cutting. Well OK and this in perspective okay so we so we had to. Raise these rates back up rape because we how can they when Nicole this 20000 or close endemic hundred billion offering. I abilities and it that's like a sneeze. I mean six billion dollars alone went missing in Clinton's State Department. Four billion won missing from high. Merrill remedy the chief legal counsel for had we not sign off on the hard on a report now with someone and ask me to hide six billion dollars the big clay into hard that would be. I've given my I'd give it the old college try to so much money. You know I would surely please visit so we have not discussed a cutting even a one a bloody seventh. Not want it would be easy to find out. Money to cut we've run through that before I mean he's cut. You know all of the education programs at deep you know Department of Education. Because they don't actually teach anybody anything they just administer. Well you know how how about we leave the money here and we'll administer ourselves and how about letting states do what is of their responsibility and something that is not. The responsibility of the federal government. There's no provision for education. At all within the constitution. No provision for the. And here's the here's the obscene irony of all of this to to me OK look I I pray that they pat. This bill because we need to our business is to be able to compete on equal Freddie internationally 21% begins to let ST that. Com we'd do if we repatriate 15% of the economy it's gone and keep the rest of them from queens come at a tremendous difference. It is clearly alive until the lights the lives the dreams and hopes the wages of a whole generation of Americans a case I want this capacity to misunderstand. But it's pathetic what they're doing here. The backdrop here now alienate they'd outlaw we know we have to raise the Reagan because when you another hundred billion dollars to go to find it not willing to cut anything OK and we and I read yesterday. That the revenue into the treasury has just shattered another record. Shattered another record now bread and projections record setting winter I think intake in tax dollars treasury and yet we cannot consider cutting. Even one duplicative programs and that's and that's with out a tax cut yet. It's that is with the current tax rate was gonna tell us extension of the economy because we're talking about doing a tax cut. It's on it's it's absolutely it's it's outrageous that we can't do better than us in Australia's. But there's a lot of great things in here at the plan would increase the standard deduction. For couples to torn for thousand dollars com. And you know Sony need there's a there's a lot of relief in here. But still I mean it's knee caps this this is like my husband's arm gives the advantage to these large corporations he competes directly indexed. And it's on on that account for the Democrats are correct him and give it to him when there could their current miss her so little guy to help the bigger guys that's a typical Republican Wall Street junk. But. I'm I want all of our companies to be able at least you are being eaten didn't. Corporations will be able to compete on an equal playing field so we can begin to domicile them here again. They had to flee Washington sisal prep play this patent pray this passage just. Even though it gives a significant events to my competitors personally. A big F Americans continue to go OK you know what I wanna help the country taken one for the team I'm taking one for the team you can own a sock to teenager off here. So anyway. Thanks a lot coached yeah really you know thinks alike. Just a minute would you move to California. Company served for. California economically. For greater sunnier places. Economically like Texas and well you've heard that. But is economically all the different from California. Of course it's just we we we gotta we gotta going on here accompanied Sperry and cal four is it when you hear this. Blew my mind it'll blow yours to lose pursuers says about South Carolina. And the job Colombia has done. Managing it but first. Charles. From. Carolyn I guess. Stylishly. Can claim that G after rebate checks straits. Such as this that the court protect what they want this which looked great architect of the election in order to 08. And called for port to extract. They're really into next gut and caddie expects. Before that. Prove that it is what I used to sit in the world. And who owe them. Thursday cut to the point even at the lower rates to take in far more actual dollars. That you did it before you got the check that. So I. Can bottle or. By the way or protect the art double checked it everybody's doors for the corporations like the corporation or at the corporation. It's just that individually to the began with the has stretched it it's not constitutional it's certainly should be. Aren't yet an end it this is very well documented we talked and talked extensively. Online dish show. About busting university. Economist took a look at the trump tax plan the original one to 15%. Corporate tax rate Charles and you're in your right about that. They found that it would more than pay for itself would increase revenue into. The pair of coffers. Com and it would do more than that it would increase workers' pay. That's rate would mean at least 4000 dollars more in income every year for the average household. That's. I mean that is Pappas I again and again this is not conservative think tank this is Boston University. And Chris they wanna tell you that. It's just gist. It's really powerful when we finally is a country are able to compete as speaking of competing I get to this. Get what I'm about to tell you. On is gonna blow your mind and gonna have a hard time believing it. So once you where this came from this is a step on FaceBook page on my FaceBook page. This is the federal government's Bureau of Economic Analysis beat EA dot go out pace is not as intense knocked her purchases. I know liberal group this is the federal government they put this report out every quarter they've been doing it. From I don't since I've been talk radio component. And didn't this one measures growth in each corner right now if you head to gas. You're against you've heard Arnold companies companies fleeing California right. What state. Would would would be even if you had to guess would with would you guess that South Carolina economically doing way better in California. About the same or worse in terms of economic growth growth of our economy which which I guess. He's got to be better right. All those rules and regulations. A high tax raids we have high tax rates tuna. Home. All of that we wish you guys you you'd get an idea I mean I would never wanna live in California economically that would be awful right. We practically do. Wait white. Listen to. How bad this he has instant that portal. Growth rates for the country in many different good news first okay. This country is on fire right now real domestic product grew at SC can't growth in the economy GDP where we want cult. Increased in 48 states and the District of Columbia in the second quarter 2070. It's awesome as according to the year at US Bureau of Economic Analysis. OK. So where. Are where is the economy growing the fastest. Which could eight point 3%. And 20% growth in coming at you North Dakota when you're likely reliving the eighties. Wyoming seven point 6% Texas six point 2% Oklahoma five point five. California. Two point one. Now what makes the difference. Between a state set on fire economically. And California. Well let's read from the federal government nationally mining increased what eight point 6% the second quarter. There was a leading contributor to growth for the nation. And industry fastest growing states of North Dakota Wyoming and Texas in the second quarter. Mining contributed to growth in all 49 states led by increases in her way again. Oil and natural gas production. Food and drink well how does South Carolina stack up. Every doing bad in California rate. Beer. South Carolina the economic development arm penis up. No we don't believe me. South Carolina's economy blue the blue get really honestly pretty much it grew was limited sank 2.4. Percent in second court. California's group two and two point 1%. I repeat that south Carolina's economy grew 2.4 percent California's grew two point 1%. Is practically continued it we we literally are it's like we're living in California. And it has a stack up. South Carolina. Economic growth almost dead last in south. We're 2.4 percent the only state doing worse than us North Carolina with 2.3 media comparison Tennessee three point oh Georgia three point oh Florida three point six. We got Mississippi three point oh Arkansas 3.5. Louisiana three point tip what are we had a cancer 2.4. 2.4. Roughly on par with California. I'm not making this up. US bureau of economic and elks. But you'll ousting he cedes. Now coursing angry until they grit goes on fire when we're doing well here in in act now to number could be doing a lot better but we're doing well people are moving here. But there's a lot of pulling his back look at this this just came out Bureau of Labor Statistics. There's something called the labor participation rate it it's the best way to tell how employed people yeah unemployment rate is kind of useless. What's a labor of force by labor participation rates after I that's the percentage of working South Carolina wins apart State's workforce last month. 58 point 8%. That is the 45 worst. Worst. In the country. Ominous state ranked 45 of the fifty states mecky metric 58 point eight town know. From a high of 59 point four under Henry McMaster it's declining. By contrast in South Carolina in 199068 point 5%. Of working its results were employed workforce pays 58 point eight. Declining from 59. When MS yeah and we have folks in Columbia. Who lived they wording of their gas tax rate almost verbatim from the California gas tax hike legislation. Is it any wonder why. And you have these politicians. At the top. I in his run for governor who will not even discuss exploration. Off our pests. We discussed. Not in Africa wit what can we just two weeks we just go out there and study with the villain weren't really wish it was that no we can't get into what can do it and I know. And I ask one of the gubernatorial candidates Kevin Brian by the way. Gets this wants to explore a test must go buy into it Texas is doing he gets it. And I ask one of these two gubernatorial candidates Kaplan Templeton. Kick Joseph. We what are we just chill and an idea. When anti income tax on taxes. Well she says people tell you can do double we can't afford to. Text to without. Texas with six point 2% growth. Economic growth or what is president 2.4. 2.4. But wait top. Ten beach vacation destinations in net then nations are ranking it as a few weeks now. One that was listed among. Go to Texas where they drill for Oriole and it doesn't affect their tourism one I go to. I wanna win folks we need gubernatorial can't who gets it wants to win sip. Desist Celek could you. As does this mean out John Bolton former ambassador for George W. Bush used the word last week. On television than that for you this even came out. Yet pierce track and say that we set the stage here what list was so disappointed to movie. Yeah this guy Peter struck not just an FBI agent. He's the deputy director. Of on. Counter intelligence for the FBI. He's number two at this is a guy who's got his hands. On the country's spy apparatus. And get in anybody's phone wants to. Com if you know. He can pursued him yeah he did emas appealing. Rate missed this is who we trust operate this stuff is back any sitting and his thought his boss's office. He's sitting in FBI deputy director into McCain's option whose OK let's remember who McCabe it's. McCain is basically common criminal. If he accepted bribes from Hillary Clinton and you can call and anything else. Don't we have that Hillary Clinton. Server gate classified. You know info story breaks FBI launches an investigation. Into McCabe is in charge going to be that investigation. Within days of engine McCain being put in charge of the investigation. His wife gets a call from Hillary's head fund raiser haven recruit your run for the legislature. She says she was cool awesome. Change you know my husband's investigating UA TFB Aaron I don't know how you have a conversation went back. So McCabe but and the wife going to sit down reminisce with. Hillary hedge fund raiser Terry McAuliffe and then governor of Virginia. He's so they're meeting is documented right there on his calendar. And they cut a deal where Hillary in McCullough for I'm gonna raise 700000 dollars was wife's campaign while this is literally the week Andrew McCain. Is taking over the Hillary Clinton you know investigation. So Peter struck is sitting into McCain's office. And it McCain's wife's already well on the take from Hillary fundraising machine you're sitting around having a conversation. These guys at top of the FBI. And Peter struck tweets are text his lover at least cheating on his wife went. About that conversation that he's having with Andrew McCain again whose wife is just you know ultimately would take 700000 dollars. From the woman. Enter fundraising apparatus that he is charged with investigate. Here's latex Peter struck I wanna believe. The pats you threw out for consideration in into McCain's office that there's no way trump gets elected I'm afraid we can't take that risk. So literally you're sitting around. Into McCain's office as his wife's eyes is an intimate his wife's on the take try to figure out how to stop trying to trump does what they do with the FB line. Then there strut I texts. It's like insurance policy in the unlikely event he died before her fourth. He had it on August 15 that's the month they went defies court. To try to arms you know get the ability is second transplant truck. Check it also texted him. Which struck lover page also texted may be your man to stay where you are because you're meant to protect the country from this menace. I can protect the country on many levels he texted back again this is the number two counterintelligence official at the FBI. This is terrifying. She tech he text back later on got Hillary should win. A hundred million to zero. This have a tough luck. This is who they are. Then she texts to struck. I bought all the movie All the President's Men. Figure I need to brush up on Watergate chanted the risk of trumping elected tomorrow possibility given have to fix things. As Texas and and that is terrifying folks. Thank you don't mind the whole time this donut struck is leading the investigation into Hillary. He is not just they don't like trump he's leading the investigation and Hillary. He is doling out immunity to two of her aides. Who lied to him. Lie to him the charges he brought against Michael flight. Now we left Lem off why whom Aberdeen insurer or else he gave him immunity so no other prosecutor can ever come after them in the future and it would have to tell tell. All of this while his boss is taken money from Hillary's fundraising machine and they sit around an office trying to figure how to stop trot. And he's let Hillary off the hook for the same thing aegis nailed 14. And he's drafting con he's memo. Trying to figure out how to get Hillary at a trouble before he's even interviewed the seventeen key witnesses in the case. This is your FBI. I honestly is is like a goon squad really is something I expect out of an authoritarian regime it's a joke. It's an absolute joke. And she. Yesterday representative Jim. Jordan did a great job. Of just nailing this to the wall. As he grilled Rosen steam. On your either pull the plug on smaller by the way struck he's the first guy Muller comes to a higher. We need to go after trump is understandably need crooked people go after trop obviously. Take a listen. This this is a text message from mr. struck to miss page. Recalling a conversation at a meeting that took place in Indy Andrew McCain aides office deputy director of the FBI. And mr. struck says this I want to believe that Matthew throughout for consideration in these office. And there's a break. NASA says that there's no way he gets elected no way Tom gets elected is that wanna believe that. You said that the meeting and in your McCain's office I would've believed that. The videos but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. This goes to intent he says we can't take the risk get you know the people of this great country might elect Donald Trump Plaza we can't take this risk. This is Peter struck head of counterintelligence and FBI. This is Peter struck who I think had a hand in that dossier that was all dressed up and taken to defy a court he's saying we can't take the risk. We have to do something about it. And don't forget the timeline here either mr. rose's time. Peter struck January 10 he's the guy who changes these moderation letter from gross negligence criminal standard too extreme carelessness. July 2 he's again sentinel the Clinton interview room. July 5 2016 that's what Kobe has the press conferences we're not gonna prosecute Clinton's okay we're not gonna prosecute. And then August 2016. We have this text message. The same month that the Russian investigation is opened up the FBI August 2016. And my guess is that the same months. That the application was taken to the finds a court. To get the warrants to spy on Americans. Using this dossier that Clinton Campaign paid for Democrats paid for faking is all dressed stopped taking to the court. If you guys paid Christopher steal at the same time the Democrats are playing campaign retaining. We'll if you took the dossier dress and a lot of identifies a court. And use that as the basis to get warrants. He goes on to say that's vague promise representative Jim Jordan. Keep in mind the whole time Peter struck is planning with his girlfriends had take trumps out. With the number two at the FBI. Planning had a clear Hillary. They're teaming up. When Hillary campaign to pay for negotiated takeout from. This is sure FB post in Iceland just taken out of office the bottom you know Florida Hillary campaign consulate. And the best Bert well I'll play the next. Risen scene who could pull the plug I'll miss. Shrugs a shoulders. Sammy Davis Simmons is a New Yorkers will begin this is how who we are. This is your FBI thinks this is a goon squad at straight adamant authoritarian regime is what it is. An adjunct to the Eagles advance our client to talk to Rick from a Duncan he wrecked. Straight Derek thanks stick McCall. A Euro club. I've I've kind of heard the case against Don Mueller you've been presented at some more one. Did you hear about national fox broadcast networks and you got out to you got I'll wonder if it's happened it's true what doesn't trump fire sessions right now what day and age. New man player Al Rosen seems. Fire player all Muller and and and it's not the trumps don't let but I don't think you went one up believes. Some of us up this being. Thought talked about suburb which is coming to new. Or are much of a copy and you are looked at what our callers on its huge turn to wreak. Pop up a couple of guilty man afford GOP plan guilty. You'd think that after two weeks after foreign firms and aired. Stress to these guilty at their current. Well a couple of things are a couple of things on that day at the chart questions is a really good one the best answer. All I can either one that is their they're desperate to find instruction in justice. All and show the best instructions are sustained to come up with would be trump. Getting rid of all these people and closing down the Mahler probe because they don't have anything trumps actually done any rush brilliantly pointed out yesterday in which one of these guys. And number of commerce congress any member of this investigatory team. Sorry Nadia out Biden could could withstand this guy's pretty so trump can't shut it down. Com but it in the wit about I mean he can't politically Egypt he could personally here's another question for turning. About cooled and opera prosecutor may be shut down any any what you can someone. That sought favorable to count nobody. Notre I think truck congress are used to start impeachment proceedings against them that's what they want to don't. They don't have the counts they won't. They won't get it until next year all of 2000. Make it even though so it it will totally come up the wheels of congress. I'm as as they do insane over this. Artwork and now I am no where they're they're not gonna they're not gonna carry the water for a President Obama should be impeached I I think I think they trump wants to come out of from another angle. Here's a question for you wanna focus on you rich here's one of puzzles me let's see what you think in this. You know at that trump right now he can declassify anything he wants is the president. Trump could release the dossier. He can release all the notes around a dossier he could release what every once around this bogus paid for by Hillary Clinton's campaign which we know as a fact. And by the FBI he can release any of it but he hasn't. Why. As the fastest way to get these guys in an orange jumpsuit. He would look at it yet to commit to assert such stop the mayor. That after they drove around after the out Washington Post in the chimes and US stated day at MSNBC. Drill drill down they're gonna find some mop arch about the record spook not all of it. But some of us can it be true lover of its allure of worst and that goes. I thought of that richt. That's that makes sense except one small thing. If any of that we're true. They would have long since used it against him they've had this opera remain you don't know what they what you did they would you do well absolutely used to date they haven't. Did which I mean they can't bear. Rigorous summer ones set the all big smoke screen. App and then cut down grows. Pop pop up and up close down goes man up or down goes where you set the exact same thing fired that. And you don't know what's gonna happen over the next three months and doesn't end by the end the year this gonna drag prop yet to 2019. Well it'll certainly be interesting to see. Rick what what does well here does a lot of questions that haven't been answered that I don't remember the answers to in an and I you know either.