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Thursday, December 14th

Most Googled items of 2017; Texts show Obama’s FBI goon squad colluded with Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russia in attempted coup to prevent Trump presidency; Studies indicate sex gets better with age and marriage


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And late good morning Sarah irate what I favorite things to do because it's a real pulse on the country what they care about. Topic Google searches of 2017. Puzzles scary yeah a little scary scenario. Okay where people care about the most top goes surges number ten net believe this is his big deal in my house. Although it fizzled out fast Phidget spinners he's fit and yeah. Yes I remember that for fifteen minutes but it really was fifteen minutes. I'm home page how to have the coolest ones cold in her fifteen minutes of my kids dead and all the spun out of control yet. Cute very nice number nine Aaron Hernandez former patriots players went to jail for murder and took his own life April now memories. Hurricane Harvey. Which hit the Gulf Coast back in August them. He said he top ten Google's searches online and figure torn seventeen number seven I believe the solar eclipse that was a huge deal yes. Especially your yeah number six. A bigger okay. Now left and editing nemesis so did worse or is this is gotta figure in the public's mind this is a bigger deal than solar eclipse. And hurricane Herbie and even Phidget spinners to where I noticed. Yes of course the Mayweather McGregor fights all of that OK yeah boy that was a big disappointment wasn't it. What you know I gotta say. You don't see I just stated premise was stupid I would see Mayweather in the Yemeni were. Fighting according to their roles now not a greater trying to box now. You know now and and you know it and it may it may see it will remain awesome it osment Mayweather had agreed OK like are you didn't confide in my turf on my terms. But none of the come fight on in the MMA on your turf on your terms now. Which they've destroyed boxing forever now. The site of McGregor on top Mayweather. Being is facing because that's exactly would have but what happens. We we would know which is the better sport in terms of you know just Brett the fighting skills but the gonna start in on the mountain. Armed OK SO Mayweather McGregor fight. I still consider Mayweather Howard but whatever the Las Vegas shooting number 5 am. There for the Super Bowl canosa pres there armed these innings he's did top searches for disease tuning in a top ten for 2017 on Google number three. Tom Petty. Passing away now. Welcome back to part of that may have been because it was so much confusion. Yeah I was dead was alive yeah I mean because there was there was like a day or so they are where. We we really couldn't get the right information as to whether he was in no actually. Not with a C longer or just you know hanging on life support. And the family got a little irritated which I understand it and good grief going through a situation like that and then. You know it being all over the the views and you know he's dead no he's not dead but we may die soon but okay Staten. Yet that was heartbreaking. That was literally like the week my daughter started asking for Tom Petty songs now as we do in the car I players on surprise news on. And she's really into on Tom Petty to rendering and right now we'll Cyndi Lauper oh goodness sign some decent decent stuff yet that's what's good on the she was just devastated that Tom Petty now. Dinah and she just found him and they died you know so this incident to her was immediate and the music lives on the music lives. Fine him peace free phone out there somewhere. Number 20 my school thing. Until Tony seventeen Matt our. Okay lose weight that was late in the year financially if numbered true now a number one hurricane Irma. I'm okay. Says people care about is she usually honest nothing political in here. Yeah your mom you know I mean this is just kind of major events 2017 to really nothing political witch who would who would take notes from Roy Moore. In oh. Nothing nothing in their like them to know these on the top ten narrate let's jump to the Eagles advantage chuckling Charles from Anderson Hank. Tape era I don't understand the reasoning logic of the year previous color. If they get the agenda. Is he cute little trot. Then why would they sit on something that could. Wait to me preaching to twenty night I think that that doesn't makes it. There's been great maegashira. Prevent trot from the content present. You're getting rid of up to. List program trot from bill and Al Hariri in India. I think that's what's going off. Yap and you know and this is like a great spy movie which we now know for sure there was an attempted to with the FBI. We know that I mean when you had them talking about talking or you know balancing an investigation as a insurance policy against the risk that trouble be elected by the country. And if Hillary Clinton as and it will we know it thank bat that we really have no is that yet we know nothing. What we know that there were dislodged or and so that. Congress. Played ball with taxpayer dollars to be used to cry out. People bit. I'll sexual harassment charges against. The complaint against Condit will we know what he says thank you based in Butte did you ever hear so I could even imagine. I could imagine anything that's going on and contrary no I had no idea was as bad as it is Charles. Yeah that's right and that this guy is gonna go all blocked the big show me your reporting much longer are not bankrupt gonna come out on top. But a lot of quite put in wonderland. But. Thank you don't pull it out I think you've I thank you very seriously hold up to me that it's come down here or long last they're got a lot rightly said. That there is a reading these would probably not information. Why why would he not release the information they're acting talks if he didn't have a reason and the reason there's. There's an investigation going on. Now let's see there seem to gossip from Charles sessions to simply say that he hasn't. They just stonewalled it and even if there is an investigation going on doesn't matter congress has the security clearance to see it. Congress 0% said they had to burn. About the investigation going only refused speak there those questions trying white. When I won't talk about investigation. And let you know replaced by the seriously. Very. That would be great and her to not talk about it until Taylor attacked come up. Yep but that the thing is they they haven't done that they simply just stonewalled they haven't symbolism investigation haven't done that. Arm and they could still put a lot of this stuff out it into it doesn't matter there's an investigation because again these didn't congressional committees have the classified. At clearances to see it they don't have to put in the news. But jumped it this is just this is outrageous I mean this is is sadly this is the number two. Arm in charge of our. You know. And at the initiative number two baton at the FBI in charge of our our car intelligence. This is a guy with his hands. On the wheels of power and all of our spy apparatus and he's tweeting to his girlfriend's. I wanna believe the past you throughout for consideration in Andy's office and he's the number two with the FBI. And they this is you know in Deion McCabe. That there's no way trump gets elected but I'm afraid we can't take a risk struck road it's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty. May literally planning this to it's it's did take trump out with this Russian investigation. Just think if this to save the country from trump just think of the sect. But he was reversed and he was 2090. Mike and this was bush era FBI folks who were talking about trying. That Obama is no way Obama's gonna get elected and then when he is just like we go do something to stop him. People I she's earlier in the show we would have been brought up on treason charges people would be imprisoned right now now and then that's that's the political climate in which we area. And the Republicans we've been fine with it. They were going right along with it they return the throw random bus. For the lawbreaking. On the structure struck again he's the number to carry intelligence officer in the countries not just an FBI agent. This texting to his girlfriends who he's cheating on his way put. May be your meant to stay where you are. This is her texting him I'm sorry maybe you're meant to stay where you are because from into protected trump did the country from now menace talking about trump. And then he text back I can protect our country many levels. Yes so much snow there is honor among the adulterers there yet we really show I mean this is. It these people. I mean this is not just well they were against trump so we had to fire no no no I don't know if this is of people planning a coup witnesses people planning to take down a president. Or somebody who's a candidate and to listen to one. Arm and you all of these things that any evidence of a crime because they believed that god or the universe has anointed them kingmaker. That's what this is that this is absolutely terrifying that he denied at the same time struck is. Working hard to get Hillary off on the same thing he charged Flynn with. He's fixing to Hillary investigation he's changing memos. He's getting off the hook he's you know helping write memos to declare Hillary innocent before he's even interviewed the seventeen key targets. And the FBI. Is colluding with the Russians and the Hillary campaign. To use opposition research to get a fight the war to spy on trop. So he's on the when he and getting her off on the crimes he's investigating her for and on the other hand colluding with her to full defies a court into giving them a dossier to let them snow and giving them like a warrant to spy on trot. All the while talking about how he's got to save the country from trump. I admit this dwarfs what are greatly. This blows Watergate a way. His flight. Is is what didn't happen. Well I you know Ivan scratching my head has as have many view about tree Gatti. And his ongoing support for Robert Mueller. Even as Muller here especially Mott Gary and his committee. By not only with hold. The texts these outrageous text where we're seeing the heads. Of the FBI plan. An insurance policy take trump out 'cause they feel it well the people in this country. Including once they make fun of that they see shopping at Wal-Mart are just too stupid to be trusted to elect the president as they can give you by the way. Yet they they think you're too Don. To be trusted. They can actually smell you at Wal-Mart. Here's what Peter struck. Number two counterintelligence agent at the number two agent charged our intelligence at the FB I'd say just went to southern Virginia Wal-Mart I could smell the tribes support. His own girlfriend texted back yep out to lunch with redacted. We both hate everyone and everything that's what they think if you Washington. You you're not a match seeing that we're not telling you now on talk radio to gets all fired up it's what they seem to view. You're too dumb to be trusted and they have to come in and fix the situation. And this is the guy Robert Mueller Brian. To be part of this team and and later fired. This is a guy who mocked our congressman trade area everyone else on these committees. By knowing not responding to the subpoena that covered these texts but not telling congress about their existence. I was not happy that our congress member last week when he could get to smash shack instead praised Muller. For essentially mocking him astray and obstructing justice. While I defying congressional subpoena and doing one thing a prosecutor should never do and that is withhold exculpatory evidence. Which we still don't even know it for my Flinn knew this any of this. When he cut a deal with smaller steep. And so I not get a dowdy pretty hard for praising Muller. Especially after dowdy. A couple of months ago. Not what I'm told a smallish team broke the law. While will say it is the only conversation on how with Robert smaller it was stressing to head home. The importance all of cutting out the leaks with respect to series investigations so it is kind of ironic that the would violate the law and make no mistake disclosing grand jury mrs. material is a violation of law also has a former prosecutor I'm disappointed that you and I are having a conversation. Because somebody violated their oath of secrecy. Yet twice Tre getting would go on to say he still believes Muller is the best guy for the job in its applicability as a Muller Natalie essentially lied to them about the existence of the text defied their subpoenas. I continue to say Robert Moeller peers. Here's our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation being very good. Bizarre to me. But no audio female called mall Gary's office. Enraged by that and it appears that Garrity. Is listening. TO. He talked about on having it too. Go back to South Carolina and explain this whole thing to south Carolinians. As he grilled mr. Rosen steamy yesterday it is today's epic rant and when trade daddy does. Stuff that is inexplicable and not in America's interest we're gonna him over the head with a bully gets it right we're gonna play led to Chris we want to present a full and complete picture. So good for representative Trey Gabby yesterday. When he he said this for the records the sellers at B Corey it's. So this agent in the middle of almost everything. Related to Secretary Clinton and president trump. Sent pro Clinton test. Anti troll attacks to his paramour. In response to being told may be he is where he is to protect the country from that menace Donald strong piece ahead. I can protect our country. At many levels and then he said Hillary Clinton should win 100 million to nothing I'll think about that mister deputy attorney general. That's pretty overwhelming victory. 100 million. Zero and what I read there alas my what I call was this conflict of interest furry. Senior agent the FBI can't think of a single solitary Americans who would vote for O'Donnell trial this is the conflict of interest worried. Special agent assigned to many went on without warning not to belittle trump supporters must saying he could smell them. At a Wal-Mart. In Virginia. This is the person we needed to avoid a conflict of a ventures and he said this makes oral fully deserved to go and demonstrate the absolute bigoted nonsense of strong. But it wasn't content to just disparaged Donald strong. Yet to disparage. Donald trumps family. What he said mister deputy attorney general says the deuce Max are about to come out he's talking about our First Lady and children. This conflict of interest furry special agent on the F beyond. So we were told we needed to have an object of impartial fair conflict of interest free investigations always openly pulling. For the candidate yeah role in clearing. And he's openly investigating a candidate videos bias against. And manifest not enough exists trump is an asking idiot. What the F just happened our country this is the same man who said he would save our country. What happens when people who were supposed securely conflict of ventures had even greater conflicts of ventures and those are replies. That that's not a rhetorical question. Did you nor I nor anyone else what ever sit. Pete or straw on a jury we wouldn't have him objectively disk passionately investigate anything knowing what we know now. Why and we know what ahead of time and in the last question my final question to you and I appreciate the Germans stations. How would you help me answer that question when I go back to South Carolina this weekend. Billions entry I got two or representative Jim Jordan battering it and that was from right roses meaning the pull the plug by the way on this corrupt investigation at any moment. He referred MC IG's office there investigate recent statements. Over and Dover and Hoover. And tiller. Well there's Hollywood and there's a real life. And then there's a liberal Hollywood. And what they want you think about. Which is aimed relations between men and women. Come up with a good word for that by the way. This is the on. Adult segment of the show which for those of you know we have new lists are torn solar time always starts at 820. That segment any twenties -- the kids are in school. I wanna keep this as family friendly as possible while still telling you it's actually going on the country which many days this struggle as crews are society's got. So. What I always assume your rights when he. Factory tour when he we have more adult content that means to be adult content every day most days there's. Nancy is still pretty clean air but I I like to to warn you for gonna discuss an adult. Subject. We're gonna do that at the end of this segment has it's and laughing looking at this but what does Hollywood torturing. The way it is. It would do nothing about what is the message and I think it's crept in our society between men and we would always say happy is when you're going to have a relationship. How it's going to be it's no command man's. Fly by and I need. It's all young young young you Hugh few straight that's our society. But what is the reality. I'm great study on this coming up and of food segment that by the way if you're forty or over what could you hope. But first here Rio I predicted this I predicted this when James comes said that the reason San Bernadine usher did what he did was because he was triggered. It is for you because it was forced to see it Chris mystery. Any county Christmas party god forbid. And then like. What are we find out from the wannabe terrorist who attempt to blow himself up in New York this week cowboy guy dice on pitcher Chris strip I got I can't handle it. Okay. The head this is like what are Hillary colored dog whistle is like a dog whistle for terrorists. OK so now at and liberals but and I repeat myself. Armed yet know it if if they say they're triggered by the Christmas tree instead of laughing. An inviting them to leave the country they sailor take Christmas do you. And I told Jordan begin to see this. It's going to have. Folks saying we can't have a Christmas tree could someone like you trigger. But those students at Catholic university. Are demanding new gay Catholics. University to secede is live at Loyola. University Chicago 60% Catholic Catholic school are demanding. That Christmas decorations. Be removed. Either that or they want the campus decked out for the Islamic holidays. To. This is received this critic and you know what is is Great Britain I'm telling you you just give it five or seven years you just what will be toned down Christmas stuff someone like it triggered. I go boom. Starting he did. Can be started. OK so. Let it would be like yesterday in congress is what we learned we learned that the only collusion going on with the Russians that thus far has been proven. Is between the FBI the Hillary campaign the Obama campaign bomb and its. Other department injustice. As the only collusion rush inclusion to influence the election has gone we now have a text back and forth these. This high ranking FBI agent from the field felt it was his duty. To save the country from track. And you're missing the significance of this. Of this text. Album because there's two parts to it. This is this Peter struck guy and he's he's texting his girlfriend leasing nine I got a Wii Wii music getting insurance policy would cannot you can't cannot live with the risk. That trouble be elected president. Any refers to when they discussed this. Hit. An injured McCabe the number two. At the FBI. So he's in McCain's office and they're talking about why can't we really insurance policy draft trop. We were really can't think there is that a win. He's sitting across from intimate Qaeda number two idiot who still is the number two with the FBI and they're talking about this. Think about that. He's already gotten Hillary off. The FBI has already smashed and destroyed the blackberries and the computers that congress had subpoenaed. Peter struck. Under call me and into McCabe. Have on Ari given immunity says Hillary's aides so they don't ever have to tell the truth to anybody. Since critic could have totally covered at the crime there midway in the process of colluding with Hillary Hillary campaign in the Russians. To trumped up allegations against trumps that his byline. When this conversation is hat. That's the scene I'm setting this was a play that would be it. As a number should the FBI overall. This fits doesn't. Enjoy McCain is sitting. Across from struck in his office now and McCain's wife. Within days of McCabe being assigned. To investigate Hillary for the whole survey thing classified data McCabe was the head that they had Diana. Struck was number two. They're sitting around McCain's office now McCabe a thirty bend to visit. Hillary's top fund raiser Terry McAuliffe. And got a commitment to the 700000 dollars for his wife's run for office they're good bunt please invest about is investigating call of two and Hillary. There are also around plotting. They can help Hillary. And take an insurance policy. Against trumping elect. That is the meaning they're referring to in this text when struck text I want to believe the pats you throughout for consideration. In Indies opposite sandy McCain. Whose wife is already on the take from Hillary 700000 bucks I wanna believe the type EZE into the bright. I want to believe the past you threw out for consideration in the Andy's office that there's no way trump gets elected I'm afraid we can't take that risk struck wrote. It's like an insurance policy in it and you likely venue you die before your forty. These top guys at the FBI sitting around playing had to turn down. Struck later ends up on the Muller campaign that the Muller. You know investigation. And when this comes let Mullen was right this is to immensely destructive this is a Q. And it just so happens that these text that I am reading you are under subpoena by congress. Well not only doesn't turn them over. He doesn't tell congress about their existence. Classic obstruction of justice which is what Muller is investigating Trump's for. I can protect our country in many levels. Stratex it. Got Hillary should win a million to zero struck group. Missouri help to turn got Barack. This is who is running this country. Folks and we're never gonna have a clean election again until they're gone all of them the whole top level the FBI. The question now is will that. Happen. An adult content warning is in effect. Grit and they know committee should look forward to it. That's great tutor study is the best relations how we say of your life. Don't happen until your late forties wade what does someone we've been told. Yeah fantastic news for all of you gracefully aging folks out there. This is a new and largest most comprehensive study on this. Our folks read story. The best Edberg. And they asked people and no volleys Chris 50s60s. Seventy's an eighty's they said their forties in fact peak for six. And that was the magic number. Now sure why this is Anderson Mormeck telling you this why is this important enough to interrupt his political broadcasts. Is this as as with so many things elect lesson here the second study basically saying the same thing at the university of Minnesota and Stony Brook university. Sex is like fine wine it's better with age. And it improves over the course of your life starting your twenties and into your forties peak is at 46. This is according to a study of over 6000. Of people they followed. Between the ages of twenty and 93. He told them for eighteen years discovered as they got older. Separatists the quality of their sex capades god better and better with each passing year. OK and what else that they fight. People who were married or in long term committed relationships. Enjoy sex the most. Where most likely to retort. Bella did get better and better as they got older it day enjoyed it more than you know overall. This is pointless let's let's rewind for just money. Is this message are getting from Hollywood is this the message you're getting from our liberal culture. For about sex it's a spread happiness of being happy is about enjoying your life. Now it's not what is it. It it's no commitment. Fly by nine youth youth youth youth youth youth right. When you're forty you're over you know your over the hill. Com not no need for commitment. That's gonna mess up your sex life. What is the reality dad was really. The opposite. It's the complete opposite of all the messages. That we get it. I'm into. It's the complete opposite a morality to think about it. As we know when you put this together with the other study this week what wasn't longevity. Usually these longevity studies look at what your diet we know what if you live over a hundred you into your nineties what you what did you eat. To exercise bubble ball and they took a look at something different they took it took a look at life attitudes. Notably she studies. What they find. People who embraced. Not religion and family the most live the longest. Top five things what was another one work ethic. Work ethic. These are things police values. Held at most universally by those that live the longest. What else status. What's governance I think about you breaking down severed this is not great it's black and white. I was right my way is right. There's no moral equivalence. All things are equal no it's not I I believe that that the way that I would I believe things some things are more moral than others that's the star harnesses. How well things are relative. So the same. Is long. Agnostic schism christianity they're all equally. Valid belief systems. All the things that make this happy. Lead to a longer life. Richard White a better life more enjoyable life. Do the opposite. Of what the popular culture tells us what liberalism tells us this not just moral rot. You say moral people go to sleep right. Morals the opposite good sex ring most boring. Now. We know when your escrow people. And you a funny people go looking for the kind of sex BC on television a hole like they did especially in the twenties and thirties. And you get Suzanne they're committed parents in the better. Ironic is it. Ironic as it is so he's not just about morality it's about rally leading happiness. Peak age according to 6000. People. SX they ranked 4646. Because she settled don't you know the other person eleven respect some of your long term relationship. Mary Edith. No. Care about another human being the so seeing them as a sex object. And the Marmol he's been a little bits he can actually figure I was gone but on but yeah. That again once again all the things that the left tells us to pursue that are gonna make us happy it's just a garage. Just arms. And the things are really to make you happy. The very things they mock. Interest in how.