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Thursday, December 14th

Studies indicate sex gets better with age and marriage; GOP conspicuously silent on chain migration and diversity visas; Texts show Obama’s FBI goon squad colluded with Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and Russia in attempted coup to prevent Trump presidency


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At the end of this segment with this is a good giveaway. Your chance to win it Star Wars movie tickets for December 15. That's tomorrow Friday this is the one a 63 WORD. Screen it's private screening anti Hollywood twenty in net Greeneville I mean the phone number call right now don't call yet. It won't count it's likely to 2414334. That's 241 at 433. Forced to put your phone. We'll take it first caller at the end of the segment after I announced that it's time to call me the force be with you of course. If you are selected it will be because of the seas are the tickets are looking for yes they are. Our home so they might did some commentary on my didn't last segment speaking of the force. On new study is one of the biggest they've ever done 6000 people that followed them from freight seniors. On sex is the best. You not noticed look at American popular culture you have no clue sex is the best at age 46 peaks at age 46 best to your forties. Now this is this a sharp and best among people who are married. Or in long term relationships. I'm definitely over the hill and has no feeling out. All downhill course here I an alias in India India to really turn red and all of I can hear you turning red dork when people want but don't know but I the reason I bring this up. And I text on this tester rates steady showing that contrary to pressure from popular culture sex is better after your married and when you don't have it's too early in life. What was the reason you didn't want kids to hear that message. An and I gave an adult warning what gagged it if he does say dissects word on the show parents freak out. And turn you off because they don't wanna have a conversation on the way to work a big day just barely can get there as it is so mean again it. What sex on so I did it factory twenty every day that's when the dear dear you pitcher official don't content worn on the show you may get hit with adult content but I still trying to. I'm still trying to carefully the but but you're right that is a good message for kids. And an what is so fascinating about this to me is just that it not once again another study that shows. That everything that Hollywood is selling and are popular culture is selling about morality. We just wish to be the biggest killer of sects ever. Is actually the opposite it doesn't make you happy it's not what leads to long term happiness is not released a long term satisfaction is not any of those things. Once again we find it in no way area ancestors did it. There was good reason for. Lots of good reasons for. And you so much about it everything you today they want you to believe. None as sexist as without commandment don't get tied down to be measurable all one night stand here and there and it's I was Alicia on television and that's the best kind of on net. It didn't know. And so are popular culturally is not reflecting reality. Not really that people live in a lot of people believe this stuff in a broken because of it they ends up on happy. Because of it and it's a brash it's a capsule marsh as his interest in that sixty this is in the big studied it down to 6000 people. It's pretty mixed up there yeah. And the tragedies all signs yet to huge sample size 50s60s. And seventies. Who agreed large percentages. That EF forty you know for the best but Saddam definitely better than twenties and thirties. So there you go out. There you go morality and happiness are not necessarily mutually exclusive in fact sometimes they're highly compatible Graham always trying Korean homes wrecked she'd tried to leave. You did not want to hear what she had to say. Dexter is wade asked are you present it to twenty years of marriage I figured out what my wife and I like the most how should they spend on this study to learn that. To save him a lot of money well it's a liberal academics to see shock now this shocking oops and this is this is not what was expected. OK meanwhile. Com and colds are mailing list as she normally does talking about we don't know where the GOP is going wrong. Arm in terms of winning elections Roy Moore election Alabama all of the skies of that the way to win an election and I don't approve this is to run our immigration. It's one of the few issues that increasingly larger we documented this in polls on the show armed groups of Americans across all political police systems agree on and re losing this would darken. And so she cannot she lays. This out. And for the last two days on fox I had to watch the president of the United States alone by himself. They get the leaders of his party to please eliminate the visa lottery. And the chain migration that's an. Actual point. But as you've heard virtually nothing but crickets from GOP leadership and and pretty much anybody and now I've I have seen a few. I as usual mention Jeff Duncan I've seen him mentioned the situation -- I mean immediately immediately Jeff Duncan is on his FaceBook page if you're if you like this major friends with him. You'll you'll see this come up and he's one of the few that actual responded to him you know almost instantaneously. Two are all going on day to day events. But yet his forty you know one himself the president agree with that that he needs to do something about that but from anybody else now have we heard me of our senators. Have heard many other congressional Republicans and. And I can she be floored by this is is what I've been saying this is a winning issue make it Democrats vote to keep that visa system we can vote and then run on it. Because the American people overwhelmingly are with us on that particular issue eliminating these diversity lottery abject terror attack over 60% of the American people help it weather happening in the middle of liberal cities yes. These are winning eight yes issues when probity and you know what GOP leadership knows wanna prove to you all one and did October 26 2006. Democrats are surging in the polls bush is president it looks like they're gonna when congress. Bush is desperate what does he do on October 26 2006 he signed the secure fence act into law. In a desperate Britain bid to hold on to congress. Now what what what must his polling have been telling him if he did that what they done earlier that year. Well April of 2006 they tried and failed to pass amnesty remember that in a raging. GOP voters that's for the Graham misty appellation yes for our seniors and as the senior senator. Rate so that they have obviously it's world's image it's October 26 Bush's literally two weeks away from lose control of congress who landslides in the Democrats and what is he doing. He signed the secure fence act of 2006. Why he knew it would work. Didn't work did it because Republicans hadn't forgiven and I remember how bitter we were by amnesty. Backtrack and I mean PR NC couldn't raising money we were full for the fans aren't none of us work but that's what twisted it because he knew was winning formula. Rate what happens Democrats when controlled congress an ankle to goes through listening and breaks down in explains. That amnesty cost Republicans control congress clearly bush knew Ari would assign a secure fence act. So fast forward to today we now have ice is coming to our shores on the diversity visa's. And here's Michelle market. On Fox News yesterday as he was impression I can't. It was just seven weeks ago with feed truck jihadist who also got in here through the diversity visa lottery and also benefited from. Then they chain migration insanity. That we had people saying no we know we got to get ready day we gotta get rid of and I'm so exasperated. My friends because I've been calling for the end of this program for the last fifteen years or. Fifteen years ago it was Hashem hot day after he was a visa lottery winner through his wife who had been denied. A sigh Lum and yet stayed in this country because of the golden ticket that his wife's one. Walked up to an Al Powell and Israeli airline counter and gunned down two people. And back and we had bipartisan agreement yet we got get rid of this program that makes no sense in it in a world of G hot in a world where every last one of our immigration enforcement agencies is completely overwhelmed. And and both parties a shrug their shoulders. There could be in the legislative bills standalone bills to eliminate the diversity visa program for the last fifteen years they've gathered dust to. Now obsolete or she's absolutely right and now we find this out and in and I'm telling you this into one of the most powerful things that hump is able to do. Here and we're not even eight I think it was yeah full impact of the ladies day after day after day these statistics have been hidden from the American people by George W. Bush. And Barack Obama are coming out. The coming out from the basement we're finding out what was done to this country. Pomp and how much danger these two presidents put it and and it's terror it's terrifying and it's horrifying and it's out or an Al race listeners when this is one we know before and we would never know this number. Were it not for a trump being president. She is had brought him on from bright part chain migration. Imported 120000. Foreign nationals from terrorist funding countries since 2005. Previously unreleased data from the department Homeland Security yet tolerant I release what the heck is going on there. Reveals the scales which for an relatives. Of immigrants to the US so these are the relative the emigrants from these terror harboring and sponsoring nations Kerry here this is an addition to that. Have been able to mass embrace the country bomb in the last decade through chain. Migration. Again so these are just the change Caesar not to originals. Home a 120000. As she's terrified Iran Syria Sudan. A home. Yeah why why do we even send our guys to foreign shores to fight these people's eyes why would why would Bob yeah. Sadly that's that's a question that needs to be asking and like I've been saying for many times we're really not serious about fighting terror and this country we are not serious. When you see statistics like this. And and they want to give this is not anti immigration this is not anti Muslim. This is talking about people that are flooding into this country from an area that is rife with terrorism. They have nothing in common with the western culture and western values. Too many of them detested this country. Why would you wanna come to a country that you hate. Why. Home maybe you have the four nefarious. No plans for that's for that country that seems to be the only logical conclusion you can come to but it it is in my tracks nothing to do list. The fact it's your presence had this from us and didn't tell us the truth about it. A home is even more disturbing. I mean literally or how much can you blame Obama when he just picked up where bush left off. You can't and it in a weird way I understand when a bomb the Democrats would say oh you just to see you don't disagree with him is just because he's black. Well we were screaming about this under Obama and I forgive me for losing my voice and I got a call but bush was doing the same thing now but she's doing the same thing is grim about it. And so army on account would have to get into Obama. He's not wrong. He's not wrong we didn't scream and pushed it. Although in all fairness he had so much of this from us now or were fighting up the truth in every the FBI to Homeland Security to this flood I mean you know is preparers when the tenth. We just 120000. Foreign nationals from terrorist funding in sponsoring countries. Alms is 2005 those just reunification its mountain now so they are. There's no reason for them to be here they don't possess a degree we needed Toney southern Texas qualifications which of the risk so they convenient for him. And certain of Americans to pay for their lives yeah. Now granted it hasn't been. On a scale like 9/11 but it could be how woke me. Never forget the Department of Justice. Under Obama hiding from us the chemical weapons labs and how against the war. And held economic court case someone of these guys is gonna have an agent it's gonna kill a city that's coming it's inevitable it is absolutely inevitable. But you know it but don't get Canada's it would most of America is still in the beginning learning phases we were never allowed to know what the problem was by bush. Or Obama this is part of the healing process it is. A lot is still reacting to the new study best sex of your life. In your forties. How high yeah yeah. All Mac and the best sex reported by married people or people in long term committed relationships. The opposite. Of what liberal popular culture would have you believe. Okay some of these text I can't read. Because me roll my eyes. Sector right threesome sex is best at 46 now is the new generation she's doing it for the first time deluged. I'm extensively to your mom's basement 37 men and that's when you get an apartment cart you know that added that yep okay. It could be that but it takes your right well eight more years of getting better able congratulations sir. Straight Sherry immigration is just in am pop unopposed invasion come take spoils from we people that claim their weakness is compassion. I text your rates you're assuming the GOP wants to win I don't know. I listened GOP wants to lose that's been my line for pushing this past year. Tester rights did I hear it correctly Muslims are arrogant enough to feel they have a right to dictate he practices. At a Catholic school yes they want the religious decorations down. I was printed by the way. Now this become a liberal Simoneau we can't have them because somebody might go boom. And that's going to be based on the did the charity FBI and C and for united Bernadine us and he was triggered by Christmas tree. Which is complete lie although the FB Larry. Wasn't triggered by Christmas tree. It can do it was a cheerleader practice walk around member inside school 'cause he's an inspector for the can't take this is a cheerleaders are close. They thought he might tree he he he had considered bum Bana high school. Going killing spree in high school but changed his target. Triggered by Christmas tree. That. That's just come in line. Further in an area. And where it was coming you said that. At 803471063. Text line 713. 07 summing epic rains today I'm I'm really working hard to get the mauling I get bonus this. On this one comes from representative. Jim Jordan. And he's grilling ride to. Residents to remember Robert Rosas scene is to guide the department injustice who reported Muller prosecutor. And doesn't seem to care that mr. Mahler is currently you know ignored at congressional subpoenas. Nellie nor debris didn't tell congress about the presence of those texts by Peter struck. In violation of the subpoena essentially that Mueller is obstructing justice Rosen seems fine with that Aaron Ambrose Justine did this he wrote a letter and trump advising him to fire call me. And we for our economy turns around. And play Muller to investigate trop for fire for for obstructing justice by firing comes. As resisting. Yeah he's stooge. He's a little more than a criminal hack. Joseph Jordan is grilling him. Presidency is number two at the department of in justice. Listen and see but we can pull the plug on Muller at any time and it's the evidence mounts that. On these. All investigators are not only buys beyond all belief but is that they have a strategy deliberately of taking down the president. And as we learn that department injustice. Had eight she Chris ethics waiver with smaller. Is secret by the way they want they want is so Molly doesn't have to be ethical he gets away because he sees a good guy he's like killer. Like laws than to play her ethics complaints to Africa so Jim Jordan is grilling Rosen Steve. Here yesterday it's at today's fifth or sixth. Ethnic rants. There's another text message my colleague reference it earlier. Where mr. struck says. I can protect our country at many levels says with all the you know Lee he can Muster. I can protect our country at many levels this guy thought he was super agent James Bond at the FBI. This is obvious. I'm afraid we can't take that risk we can't there's no way we can let the American people make Donald Trump the next president I got to protect our country. This is unbelievable. And I'm 110 mr. rose's time I think the public trust in this whole thing is goal. It's a cease and you got two things you can get. You're the guy in charge. Here's to get picked Muller here the guy who wrote the memos saying I needed Marconi. You're the guy in charge you did disband the Moeller special prosecutor and you can do what we've all called for. Appoint a second special counsel to look into this to looking at Peter struck Bruce or everything else we've learned the last several weeks. Yes congressman and I can assure you lose that I consider very important to make sure. The thorough review is done and I inspector general's doing a thorough review that's how we found those text messages as part of that review. And yet you say you've given that it's like fifteen times and yes and yes. Are you concerned. Me this is what a lot of Americans believe in right now and I certainly didn't. That the economy FBI and Obama Justice Department worked with one campaign. To go up the other campaign. That's what everything points to think about what we learn in the last several weeks. We we first learned they paid for the dossier then we learn about Peter struck and lastly we learned about Bruce or his wife Nell. Mean this is unbelievable so. What's it gonna take to get a second special counsel to answer these questions and find out was Peter struck really up to what I think he was. I'm think it's important to understand congressman we have. Inspector general has 500 employees and hundred million dollar question. And that's what he does he investigates allegations of misconduct involving department employees. That review that he is conducting is what turned up those text messages. It will also involve interviews of those persons and and other witnesses a. We're looking forward to his report and we network mr. Horwitz and we're anxiously awaiting that report. But that doesn't dismiss the fact that the country things we need a second special counsel twenty members this committee the judiciary kitty with primary jurisdiction over the Justice Department thinks we need a second special counsel. All kinds of senators think we need special counsel and what's that pattern you have to have what kind of text messages you have to see if we say it's time for second special counsel. I wanna assure you congressman. I think the attorney general explain we take very seriously the concerns of the twenty members knew whatever shut up. No you don't really this is the guy who would have to appoint the second special counsel. Could care less who do careless how crooked the people on the first special counselor. There's government folks. Garrett to sell by the roots or will never have a fair election and we hope we won't have a fair election again it's impossible with these people in charge that what did you. In 2018. With a hat with the senate hanging by one seat. We'll be on everybody's phone lines leaking phone calls why not to Jennifer for a guy when it. Haley Ammon led jump on Everton Ingles advantage it's hard client to talk to Thomas from Brevard hey Thomas. Ankle monitor particularly true. And it usually just father and mother and cling to his wife and racial become one flesh Genesis chapter three. Given sexuality it was created by god the father. For help pleasurable mystical bond Google land and warm and together. Not primarily for procreation glucose babies stay until until after the Dorgan leading. Secondly. We need to have critical intelligence seat and law enforcement agencies tampering and elections you've held a tyranny in the story. Full stop to quarterly so that you astray and I think it. I'll let you well what goes through things together Thomas. Thank you for your thank you for your phone call. Sound you're talking about the study he's referring to the study earlier for those just tuning in on that these dead people are having the best sex of their lives in a forty is my. A home and that that the people who are doing that 46 a prayer apparently peaks on people who are doing that more than happy ist. Arm are married or in long term committed relationships. Just justices should. This is should be. But exact exactly as we are told and it's clearly hammered into us again and again and again. You know it it in from every direction in our society and that morality is the at any of good sex. That morality is. You know you know known and I know you it's it's it's one night stands it's no commitment it's. You know me I commitment to me that's that's what happy sexy shown as on television. And it's all the surveys is this the bottom of my mind that that we've talked about on the show at least since I've Ben here and how people are literally. I they're like Pitt they're now not even windows third date to have sex for the first time. What's funny man that wears a mystery that's a little chase. This is fine it used to be fun and you know I mean. And come into this and and that there that he's you know in Milan heels are telling these pollsters well you know we sort of that I had to wait if I have for compatible. And yet the thing that makes you happy missed. Is not the way and they're buying into that they're cashing opponent and the things that make you happy Easter are actually the opposite. So the activity that you engage in the least. Is what you were most worried about compatibility. Yeah I mean as opposed to the head daily interaction. Was another individual with whom you call have a tape that's the important aides. Words conversations relationship stuff like host yes. These are on the bottom line is an and left isn't sells us again and again and again lies a pack of lies and a bunch of empty. Promises the justly due lonely. An unhappy. And I mean about it and it would you ever have guessed day. The best sex of your life that you have on average according to 6000 people is in your mid forties with. Unmarried partner or somebody you're committed to by watching television watching movies would you ever guess such as though you wouldn't you would insulin. Ominous flooding tradition buying into bomb okay well this is just cutting at this just come out. Eight movie. But its worst tracked it Chuck Grassley thank god for him to them head of the senate Intel committees senator. Has just tweeted this the FBI those answers. About the insurance policy text against trump Victor. We've talked about that perhaps shortly Peter struck. He's texting that you're he's number two power intelligence FBI used architects and you'll need an insurance policy keeps scratch from from winning election to his mistress by the way too is met mr. not his wife now not now that woman who is this. Wife Lisa when she sends mr. struck back study that we just a few seconds I was trying to tie the two together yes Lester got that in the interest of national security we will send that mr. struck me you. Anyway I'm okay but listen to what they were doing. Okay he'd he tweets FBI as answers about insurance policy against compatriot. And if there's nothing to hide why it would senior FBI leaders. Used secret phone use that can't be traced to talk about he'll free. I'm somebody got hold the data. Actually doing. What they run around on burger phones like Jack Bauer 44. Exactly trying to figure out how to get Hillary Josh. Now one I hope I hope that panorama of charges now. Now argument Africa where that would violate Freedom of Information Act stuff that would mean you're keeping it from congress. The same thing Hillary was doing with discern pretty much else out an airline to get a try to figure out how to help heal. I think this goes. Lead is this just died they get away with this. Did you these people and it remained ensconced at the top of the FBI mean number two engine McCabe openly took bribes from Hillary's fund raiser. And he still sit there short answer is yes if they get away with using to get women don't certain. This is part of the deep state. This is what must be protected. This is part of the bureaucracy that is built into the little biased than that is our federal government and at a certain level of party means nothing. Insiders and outsiders mean everything was again it's not the fact that Donald Trump as a Republican or at least ran as Republican he is an outsider. That's what the problem is he is outside that inner circle he is outside the deep state. He is trying to reveal the deep state. To the populace and let them know that we do not have government for buy enough the people. Unless. And we don't know yet Lee whose side the inspector general's office is on. In the Department of Justice we don't know if their job is to just through Peter struck under the bus in order to save Mahler in the rest of the FBI or if they're genuinely. They're patriots who mourn at the bottom of what's going on in this country no matter what the party is the person involved. Com apparently. He's metres one point two million at doctor and to forgive me I'm losing my voice Kazan and sick there's one point two million documents in cash. That outline the full backgrounds. Of the whole FBI investigation into trump fires court Hillary all of it. And they just sitting there the inspector general has gathered them. They edit basically they have now all of it. And is is an investigation into the DA the department of injustice and the FBI. So. Com if this comes to coach what what will we know about our country and to secure worst he like we've seen some of the text. But what went 300 something. I think I think you'll wind up with things redacted things they'll say national security never seen at all. I must inspector general's office is honest I and I don't know if they are. You suggesting. Distraught now. Is China does he know the whole time this investigation's been going since January. And he's been setting them up. Or is he told leak in the dark horror and whose side is sessions on our internal pentagon question. I'm not sure of that anymore. Neither. Does some crazy kind of spy movies or not. Yeah well I mean but the thing is sessions apart of that deep state to. I know I never would have thought it now never order that is a big shocked me a ball on. I'm not totally surprised and disappointed I'm not totally surprised. How many years have you been going to big box store downside is these Salvation Army bell ringer now. How controversial is that it shouldn't be Christmas gifts for the four. What what America 2017 where the site of the Salvation Army is now so controversial we cannot have a Wii my shield our eyes from it and your chance to win. For sticking around the whole show. Mannheim steamroller is holidays CD Christmas hill coming up and the next segment. Return have a Merry Christmas and happy new year Alyeska George chicken outs yeah I'm out now Amish you miss I miss to mrs. Russ I'll do that. Well to celebrate one as 63 double your knees Mannheim steamroller Christmas. That's right we are going to be playing Mannheim steamroller string about six. PM did your Christmas Eve and then come up through midnight on Christmas Day seeking keep doing great here. Com we won't free to your liberal relatives out when they come we'll get in the Christmas spirit I love Mannheim steamroller. I'm so keep it tuned to stations were going to be doing threw in a starting Christmas Eve and to celebrate. We're given away right now. The Mannheim steamroller holiday CD Christmas bill and cancer of their one of the kind cinnamon hot chocolate mixed. So be the first colored suit contests line 2414334. That's 2414334. Okay I'm still laughing about this podcast. I mean Vince Bobby Mack it's actually quite good when we don't get too can we really have a lot of fun. Arm and it goes up every Thursday by about 5 PM on 160 to be orgy dot com we can not come up with a name for the same. We we we just we can't and we depending on your helpless. And it gives something away to the person who comes up with a name and I am we've all come up with ideas that they did open cheesy. And desist is not quite radar and what we call it. All but it's a wrap up of the week with three people who rarely agree on anything and have a great time when we do it. So if you've got a podcast. Named. Bobby next time we should go it says here three amigos the three big egos. But another attack Aaron I'd I'd I'd I don't know I think it's it's it's good but insists it is on to something out there I sense. There's just something better and you guys are gonna come up with it because so when you pitcher Cory gets creative juices flowing on the tech slang you you always outdo us. So you gotta podcast idea. Nom for the trio podcast meet Vince and Bobby Mack. I texted to 71307. Does not to be right now by the way you can to a sentence or Bobby Mack will be on the lookout for that. Ari well insured can't write what what is Christmas week but you don't you go to a store shopper to parents who's out front. The Salvation Army guy entering the brownies yet straight into donations trying to help the people. I tell you what this country. Portland donut shop the holy donuts. Has Ronnie backlash. For a holiday promotion that in intended to provide gifts including warm winter clothes to children in need it because they are partnering with some Asian army. What is the problem with the Salvation Army while they are a biblically based organization. Which now apparently has become so controversial. A home that you cannot partner. With them. I guess yeah and you know the promise here let let me let me translate this for what's going on here. The Bible. Is or has not yet been censored to the point where it's LG BT friendly. And so if you are biblically based. You Wear their four discriminatory. As you go with this. So I mean a salvation our withdrawal grit case Salvation Army gives money to help the pork. Not anymore this is Portland. But still I mean look at the Red Cross. International Red Cross on demanding. Under branches across the world pulled down across. To controversy. As to switch comes first. I mean this. The only I'm at this is just kills me the only thing left we don't have to tolerate. In society. Of forgive me if I'm missing something. Is the Bible across and anything biblically based. A were Swiss tolerate the belief system. Of folks. The transition their gender I'll make up less than 1% of our society. But religious beliefs in god which are held by well over 50% of Americans not to be tolerated can't even be shown in public. In fact you can't even see the bell ringer for the salvation aren't as might be triggered. They kill me. They do they absolutely kill me. And you know it's you get this from the Red Cross the like as early in the arrogance coming from the FBI to. When Connie said member of the San Bernardino killer was triggered by having recede Chris history. At TI can't interest as part wasn't he'd been stocking high school but months before that taken photos. And creep. And it was nice room. Thereon research. Investigate Torre research prison is not her. And triggered by Christmas tree was planted tacked long before that had his wife said she won his dying glorious Jihad or FaceBook page which of we just read it. Nobody would died in glorious Jihad but we can't could that be unfair Whitaker anyway on the visa. Thank you bet you that colonies on as it was the Christmas tree and now what do we do we got Muslims at Loyola university's Catholic university want the Christmas tree. Can't have the triggered. And we Ben says this is a crazy thing. No one's going to be before Christmas doesn't mean Salvation Army in front Wal-Mart anymore. To a fence someone might be or not mentioning to someone who's hurt. We never see their face or hear their name to be noticed that just possibly someone might be heard is enough. To ripped down American culture.