The Tara Show - 12-6-17 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Wednesday, December 6th

Religious freedom vs. gay rights; Trey Gowdy defends Robert Mueller’s performance despite mounting problems with investigation; Healthcare horror stories in the midst of bad flu season; How long to leave Christmas decorations up


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Running late good morning terra you know this Supreme Court argument over in the cake yeah. I grew up working for my father and his business he is a wedding photographer or write a really good went and he was in high demand and so I mean my father worked six days a week. Every week. And he used the money from that wedding businessmen for if he inhabit he couldn't pay the rest of of his bills my my father's had such amazing work ethic. And he would you wouldn't be unusual for him to view on peak season to weddings on a Saturday. And back then you know this is when those cameras were really heavy yeah and show he would pay need a Kerry. The other cameras behind him and my father I would CM. And he would be covered in sweat like you know debate the back and assured the front and center you have to leave his. Jacket on does that look awful you know you don't wanna re hiking you Larry for the sweaty photographer arrayed. You know I mean he could be covered his weapons unused on you would do the most amazing pictures of these brides I mean he could take. A woman god bless her. You know I'm sandy and daddy day and yet and he can make her beautiful she could be mean he was an hour's air brushing and that's when he got a lot of money to do these wicked he's wedding Amy rule and Yoni. Or Photoshop it was my dad was a one man Photoshop and he would go to print to any professional. You know retouched plays an and we did that in Tony my dad was always consulting with me like you he was just you know to hammer me it's little torn their got torn down dad that kind of think. And we you know we what we work together and I worked for years starting when I was on my dad's business. And so I was from higher with every part of it child labor child labor is so wonderful and by the way. Yeah I do but by the time though I I was Stein I was able to have to pay a significant part of my college education or you. That was in covered by my dad. On an end to the good weather Brett was covered by my dad was paid for by the wind is Soyuz is critical to our current tour come into my dad is a very deeply religious man and he's also very very loving person. Mr. caring person. I know honestly. Maybe besides my husband and he he would have gay couples even then coming to him. Who had been referred for commitment ceremonies. And so might now my father could not do that he felt religiously. But he would bend over backwards to find you the best photographer that you could find there weren't there a couple people he can he competed unit friendly competition with but they were basically some of the best photographers in town when you hit hard my doubt these two other guys that's how good my dad was this piece used. Unbelievable and he on he would change into his competition. Bomb knowing that the public hurts business and then you know that's not a referral he's going to be getting that across the couple thousand dollars to do that he would command even back then I mean 2800 dollars is what what which plunk down just aren't you know for the lowest package so. But that my dad I what's my dad throw literally throw money out the window not to do those weddings but he. Would make sure you got a great photographer and he would set you up with one and he would Colin connects you and do everything so heat there was no hatred and it there was no discrimination there was no. Neither was seen any judgment he was just eat you know he just couldn't do it. And I I would hate to think my dad had to give up that business today if if the Supreme Court he's retired from now but if the Supreme Court had ruled he had to give up his business. That is a semi to college. You know that business made it big gap between you know the mortgage and and well what was left over that that we hadn't that we needed that business that was a something might die did for artistic expression purposes. He you know is to meet to meet this is this is personal he treated his people very well we never had a compete and complain no one ever accused us. And I really want it my dad was setting up with someone else who would never let you know why. You know and he would make you feel batter morally judge panel on you know I got the screen of the photographer and are able into the that they so sorry Pete you know here why don't we sit up or he. I and no one ever went away feeling. Abused in anyway. Somebody did that and I remember it and I was I was very admired him for his commitment to his beliefs. The Kazak custom real money may present I tens of thousands of dollars does he gave away. Bombs and and so you don't you can do this an eleven way and not be hateful. And instill comply with your religious beliefs and it's yours needed destined to Supreme Court. Looks to me like it's headed at toward making these Baker's bake the cake I could be wrong about that but I'm just counting heads here and Kennedy yesterday. Yeah he's a swing bash them Kennedy is the creator of their right to self identity which in his opinion the gay marriage case scared me more than the gay marriage part. Because he put it on equal footing with free speech. On an ad opens I've said explains in and you know Jonathan Turley decent walk professor explained that while that opens door for contest between free speech. And self identity what does that mean while you may find yourself in prison. For not going along with you know the preferred gender program. That's what opened the door for New York City to you know pass a statute that says you delusion business license for not going along with today's preferred gender prone out. On that's really scary and omni would we Kennedy didn't comments he was making is that we're hearing this yesterday Kennedy felt. That state Colorado went too far in ordering the gay baker and all of their employees to implement. Remedial training diversity training he thought that was too much. However. He expressed concern for the plight of the gay couples who might be refused services. Bomb AS drug administration lawyer of the federal government would feel vindicated in a widespread women developed to deny case to same sex couples. If you prevail Kennedy said could the baker put a sign is window we do not bake cakes for gay weddings. Home and and would you not think that was an affront to the gay community. She Kennedy's going with that there is no way Kennedy is gonna find for the baker I can tell you that not after creating the right to self identity and you know we're Ginsburg and Sotomayor yet you know they are so count that count buy and I'm really afraid of where this is Canada. I am really really afraid of it because it is a short hop skip and a jump from that to the minister has to marry them. It in that is exactly where they're going minister provides service he gets paid for it. He could see where this is Kelly and people say I'll come on terror they can do that now that's unconstitutional. But. I mean we went for it EU US. It was equal protection. Under the law may not equal rights under the law right. I was we are clearly using words equal rights. That's not our constitution says is equal protection. Under lock them so we've created a whole new set of equal rights. Which is unbelievable talents where we are now. That's. What that Supreme Court ruling did. And that the whole issue here obviously is going to be. Does someone's first amendment's religious beliefs rights. Get trotted upon by someone's sexual identity and there are right under current US law. And Supreme Court rulings to participate in the you know the of. Gay marriage. Really bugs me about this in this this last couple weeks that we've been watching the debate on taxes that rate. Is we we're probably have to we're all equal under the law we should we all must be treated equally regardless of who we are. We moral judgments. All the time yes within the left eyes. In fact they encode them into the lull me to be an example the idea that upper middle class people should pay more than. In taxes. Com in some cases they will actually get a tax increase that will fund the Wall Street tax increase which makes me just see red tuna went. Com I'm still with the package to pass all tax cuts are good let's get as many as we can't but it makes me mad. So me all the time left to say oh you it's pat if you make too much when did you when Obama was asked. Com by a liberal journalist but you know every time with cut taxes the revenue into the treasury goes up. So should we cut taxes when he said not now it's about fairness it's a basic question of fairness. So moral judgment right there down and so the news saying that the men taxation is about justice not about funding the government. Rape and Solis about dissent if you truly for this equality under the law that you set everybody's every mission of the cake baked for them on demand. Then everybody you should be consistent everybody should pay the exact same amount taxes were illegal and Laredo. I can make judgment. Where concerns people who make warming I mean same percentage of your income and the same amount. Rule. Now think about it yeah that's a moral judgment that is you should pay more. You don't deserve to keep that you didn't earn Nat feuding create that would they tell us that's a moral judgment right they're against one. I mean these the same people in college campuses. Tell you better bake that cake we're gonna burn streaked out. My guess is the right to do that we'll work welk. Is that nobody telling us. Pension pure had to go to had to go through to speak on campus. I mean to me at Indy he's formed pledged conservative I PGA's. And an enemy so the and they literally are now out there justifying violence against people they disagree with that's a moral judgment yet these are the same people telling us. Vehicle and Lori let's be really equal and log and we all pay the same taxes no. OK then you do believe in quality and like you just lead in calling for people who think like you right. No it suited his protection was not too moral judgment. We don't treat people equally under the law in this country. Eight it's it it it really scares me where this is gonna go with just like serves. Certain viewpoints are encouraged to be heard and accepted and other viewpoints are not allowed to be spoken. Mean look at that we are the first amend amount literate crests taking down across the timing of this is going to be the red now. Look at look at conservative speakers who won a speaker of the campus. You know it is fine for you to have a professor that may write an article talking about why people should not even exist that your of the problem in the world that's fine. That goes on but if some conservative speaker wants to speak on a college campus there's riots. And then you Ellis yeah president right it's weekend haven't exactly securely via this equal treatment. Underline this country number what is is not real not the constitution. And number two this is way. Oh we have equal to be equal and the love with him when it comes to a cake. She'd enforcing guy a guy like my dad to violate his religious police who are papers kids' college yep pretty much. Irate well. Then we're gonna have equality in taxis to know. And the current. Here's the problem. Think in general Flynn who is now Ben. As pled guilty to one count of lying to the FB line. If general Flynn was not aware that the cricket FBI agent. Who want interviewed him. Was to remove differ by this. The case can be dismissed. Yeah credible as a lot of problems here in lack of problems. You list off the problems for you that Robert Mueller Harris. Let's go back to Iranian want. And violation of federal law doesn't tell congress he's investigating the very people whose deal is getting approved in uranium one. That's federal law that's a prop. Another drop. The subpoena. That the intelligence committee issued to mr. Mueller. Heard the text. By agent struck. You know the ones to his mistress. In which she you know made clear they were in favor of Hillary and not in favor of trump. Yes the subpoena covered them not to not turn them over. About a way to DO JC's new apartment injustice. After tremendous pressure is going to release Thursday after hiding and promised thank you Jeff Sessions. Natalie did not turn them over in response to subpoena. He town of counter existence. Yeah it's a problem. That's a major. No no. We murder case. She's thrown out. Never forget one in not brutal murder thrown out North Carolina. Narrowed extensively about it because the prosecutor did not. On. Make available to defense exculpatory evidence. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that proves that he could proof. That the Turk is guilty of this proposed guilty is Haiti's. Prosecutor didn't turn over. Prosecutor fired guy gets off that. He gets off that. They had confession in case. That's a serious assess. That caller did. He didn't tell congress now here's a question can they tell Clinton. Before or he had to deal with them. Yeah I outcrop to line. Because if they didn't hide how well. Wow I seem local prosecutors go down for less. You EU can't see you can't do that. The question. Being asked only on Fox News this is our heritage Foundation's concept Von spoke koskie. On Molly's professional conduct. Look here's another issue that nobody has race. Apron a prosecutor has an obligation under Supreme Court a lot of turnover any evidence. Bearing on the innocence of a defend it. The question is. Did Bob Mueller let the Mike Collette is a lawyers know that the chief witness against him the FBI agent had been removed from the case for bias. If he didn't do that then Miller was guilty of professional misconduct. I'm betting man says no but definitely somebody needs to look into that and then Lisa bloom I think his surname that was the other FBI agent that he was texting. Say she's. He let his mistress lady at. Says a whole lot of other things about. Unprofessional conduct of agents that the FBI and it is now. Courageous. Yeah. Until headed show airs on net Fox News that is outrageous she's right that is outrageous. And a prosecutor Paul people ought to know how outrageous. That is looking court. It's it of it if it's. An inch is unusable in court at this point. But I just lit up the case against mullet there. Since daddy are representative. Is on prepare. Ursula get until the pent less guy you know that. But it Mueller is he's not been forth things economies stonewalling congress right now. We literally in reference indices are my words were we doing we merely have the guy a investigating trumped. For Georgia justice actively obstructing justice. Not only not complying with subpoenas. But not telling congress about the existence of evidence. Track wow. I had tried there is no local prosecutors could get away with that. In this country. But Mueller seemed to feel pretty comfortable doing so trick daddy is asked a similar Big Easy is it timing he'd be replaced. But some unless criminal. I continue to say Robert Mueller Beers. Here's our fellow citizens best hope. For finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation being very good. Not. Is so it was quite a million minimum 500 dollar donation to either Hillary or Obama to what get on Mueller prosecutorial team. Summaries thousands that doesn't bother you mr. Downey. It is a body that Andrew Weissman. Performed two writing about him. When Sally Yates. Home to fight it president trump got fired for it he sure on. I mean this this is. The backroom Hillary campaign Hillary Clinton Campaign squad running Miller investigation Muller investigation. As a what do you say mr. Ghani. I continue to think Robert Moeller Beers. It is our fellow citizens best hope for finding all what really happened congressional investigations don't have a reputation being very good. June. He was asked if bomb. The FBI should be found in contempt carton mow to be found in contempt of congress he would question I'd rather get the debt I'd rather get to you for me I would too. They would answer a question. Mr. Gotti bread vs we'll have to speak so Enid the end Asian coming and the FB a the last eighteen cents right we've seen. You know the part about the number two guy. News breaks in Hillary's. Got a list data owner classified sir server debt classified data. Honor server. And so what his wife gets 700000 dollars within two weeks from Hillary Clinton fundraising and dead and not really mr. daddy. People have the right to assume the people that are investigating them or objective and have not already made up their minds. That's why we need to see this tax and we need to interview this special agent for the bureau's had a really bad. The last eighteen months and then then this. This makes it worse frankly yet judges. Which is why you riddled the head of the bureau. From the special counsel's office but. He doesn't agree so. Pictures you rewrite or are reacting to represented straight Gatti despite everything has come out. Including Muller. Defying a subpoena from congress and hiding it. The texts from them. Allison you call it the media uses kinder words but when you don't tell congress about the existence. And evidence that they have under subpoena what do you call it. I you're I'd be prison time. Much to smaller he's good guys who can expect him to follow the law. He's trying to do good thanks. To the brink a lot of good things. After all of a bad tree again he says that Muller is the people's best hope of ever getting interest. Okay. We just disagree and I guess. Tester it carries a jet you played just like fools get elected and flip to Sunnis who went to Washington. Another tester race. Terrell let's give Trey got a little credit here he sticks to his guns just think he played pretty and told us what we want to hear like Muller. Is great you decide if you should be investigated the vast majority of uninformed South Carolina residents wouldn't we wouldn't totally understand just how in bed. And write a controlled he really is and be fooled into voting for him again keeping up Trey please. It's just boggling to me that he would support mark's point that okay we 120 members of the intelligence committee calling. For a special counsel to investigate Hillary. Nancy do over. Of what Muller was supposed to be doing when he is an FBI that was an FBI director. So it gives you some idea of credibility. Situation. Hey what I'm giving a heads up about this just a little bit about this yesterday. As to sniffles c.'s mission on east are sniffling and sanctuary measurably so tired right Richard taught you could tough it out. Only went stone go to work. Given to little Coleman off Uga. And that's probably what a Lonnie joy Marietta. Thought she's twenty year old mother of two. Didn't do good. To lose in Phoenix since feel good. And so. She you know went home early from work on Sunday November. 26. On Monday she went to a nearby urgent care center. Waiting near after winning their first few hours she's diagnosed with the flu and prescribe Tamiflu. Says she you know goes home from work on Sunday by Monday she's in the clinic she is Tim Flint. But the next day she's dead. Aunt and an attorney is not to depress you this morning is this is heartbreaking story. Home no one was surprised to your Maria had the flu both for children were sicker earlier in the week. Early get a for Thanksgiving the little kids got sick in needles got sick her aunts and Stephanie Gonzales said. It traveled to our family everybody kind of got over everybody was find. Fine like everyone else or family Marietta thought she could sleep it off. But early Tuesday morning her health took a turn for the where she was coughing uncontrollably and at one point she coughed up blood. She would worry she told amount she was having a hard time breathing. And I she's admitted to hospital. They ever antibiotics. And IB trip. She quickly had gotten pneumonia. Lost consciousness. As doctors started chest compression is Gonzales who was in the room. Remember Gonzales is the answer was in the room with Maria's mom at the time recalls chanting fight fight fight fight for the boys. Mike. But the doctors told him there was nothing more that they can do she was twenty and she was gone so here's what I'm telling you this is a particularly bad flu season. And silly is make sure feel. You stir sniffling go to the doctor it's okay to fuel a little silly when the doctor tells you to call. I was party had one child and mind and my daughter's class hospitalized for the she still in the past spent four days. Which is really scary is apparent have to classes out the flu. And and so we had one appearance South Carolina we haven't had a lot but but but I and I bring this up because this is what killed my mother and emotion known better she was nurse she did the same thing. Sherry was weakest yet actress grosses but Jimmy she's fine she's about her life she can a lot of press sometimes. Up she got sick. And she put off for a couple of days and by the time she went to the doctor she had among. Well when Ji-Young when you have pneumonia like that badly enough that puts in a hospital this with the push to life. Nuclear level antibiotics. But Demi she okay you go hunt no pet don't work like Jesse nuclear level antibiotics at that point you would they do. The kill off all of the good bacteria in your body and so we get a hostile your every week and you can't digest food. Screaming get down our throat. And tell you that when they Yukio with the antibiotics. Anti not eventually less so much weight she had a stroke because skinny. As a sort EI this disorder and just the flu on top now don't be tough. All got in just especially to share meanest include this flu vaccine is 10% effective it looks like. We have an identical formula to one in Australia theirs is proven 10% effective if you've gotten the flu shot. Don't think you're covered you're not. It's almost worthless act like you haven't gotten flu shot. And I understand it just because general Stanley got and they were fine does not mean you won't get pneumonia. And you know just because it doesn't Chile doesn't mean it won't do permanent damage your body my mom lingered for several months. Ending date they were able to fix an ammonia but they couldn't fix the problems with her body obliterated it kilter and and so I am time Karen tell you it's serious it's not a joke. I'm particularly. If you're old dirt. And you'll maybe have the ability compact is stuff that she used to take its yours and click if you put yourself take you kids. They sniff I know even feel silly. So okay. Taken to conduct idea I do it every time completely paranoid has been rolls his eyes Primakov and this could turn on you really fast to connect and it did for her and so you know like just a heads up. Ann's. House stay healthy. By the way that this the reason you go to the doctor is this when your prescribe Tamiflu. You know once the symptoms are severe cant do much for you get it in the beginning it. I can help you when you are gonna end up like c'mon he don't wanna go to the doctor or the hospital with pneumonia believe me. It'll do permanent damage to alone step. And now it's time score. Ran into ran down Max. Some good ones today. High water food and water freezes faster than cold water what's cool it's called beaten Penn affects. The theory behind why it happens is that molecules in hot water are more stressed out which less than these energy faster and frees up. British virgin nineteen semi form any degree get Tony and Tony thirteen and a Great Gatsby both won the Oscar for best costume design. Rinna sag members three of this hurts MySpace. MySpace. I was so far far behind the social media revolution and I never even actually chewing my students. I went straight to FaceBook but whatever the case MySpace had the opportunity to my FaceBook. First home my shed five million dollars in 2005. They passed. Today. FaceBook is worth three. Have to trillion dollars and she and MySpace and I was and still on the Internet. Rid of a four under fourteen US states that are split the two times in Alaska Florida Idaho Indiana Kansas Kentucky. Michigan Nebraska Nevada and North Korea South Dakota Oregon Tennessee and Texas. And finally random fact five all actresses. Are orphans Millard to push is dire right after they meet his who has used fermented Henry. And female octopus is diet right after their big tanks. This is today's. I don't know it's surprising to me is to be good news to my son crashed. Who literally begins planning occasion not his Christmas lights display around June. Begin speaking of very important decisions as to what we will do. Each year. Which are spent too ridiculous amount of money on back in and of the day's coming Sony's 51. He's going to knock you wanna join mommy to put up the latest on him going be seen with mommy he's gonna want money drop them off find a school so I'm reveling in every mile an edit this is what we do together. I want to really collapse and. Brimelow goes listening he takes him down immediately day after Christmas. And it says that we won't. You know be those neighbors. But apparently you don't have to do new survey 50% of people said this sometime in in January despite complaints down with these group. Never dead second biggest group could January 1 succumb damaging reverses 32%. So this anything they can stay up till. February just 3% in December 26. So good news for crash can leave them repeatedly to mobile hear from him. Wood 803471063. Text line 71 victory. 07. Aaron let's jump on over the common sense retirement planning text line and see what the people thinking. Where it would up OK but takes straight there actually occupy not octopus is. Okay thank you. Texture race. Terra. There was an. Dear I'd Ted Terry Garrity did not specify which truth. Mueller was our best hope to flight. They're now motorists now dragging in Trump's longtime lifetime personal assistants and data crunchers. Like nobody is being left. Iran are on energy. That's great question what truth. Well was her best hope if I don't know this is the first special counsel in American history ever appointed when there was no evidence of a crime. And by what you want to speaking up. Speaking this is this is from the Washington Post. Acute GI. The key to cures the headline aren't. The question for collusion is over. As the desperate shriek. For impeachment begin its that the headline. They filled CBO Arenas. Here's the first graph the quest for collusion is over special counsel Robert a smaller. Muller's Russia investigation has not either through leaks were announced indictments revealed any collusion. And Democrats and their allies in the liberal mainstream media know it never will. This really is setting. This really is setting in among the president's clearer thinking foes. And they are sure this sort of obstruction of justice claim an effort to sustain the fight the president trap. So we heard from Alan Dershowitz. Harvard law professor. On this you can't get trump for obstruction of justice what this trade daddy thing.