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Monday, February 12th

JIM BOHANNON FILLS IN FOR TARA: Trump’s idea to have a military parade met with varying degrees of enthusiasm


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707 good morning upstate good to have you with us today at 1063 W a largely be upstaged thought station where the Eagles advantage to apply in this 18034710638. And the comments of retirement planning text line 713070. We'll check in with both here shortly. But. You love a parade. Haven't we might talk about that just a bit. I would note. People like four years. Here's a quote with the war in Afghanistan winding down now's the time to keep with longstanding American tradition and kick off a campaign. For the first New York City welcome home parade for troops. Who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who said that idea. Chuck Schumer and on the Senate Democratic Leader. To require that interest and also. In agreement with that by the way at the time was of the of the blahs heal the mayor of New York City who even would further. And last year he floated this idea about a parade. For himself. Quote what I think about how crime's gone down for four years. Graduation rates up test scores are up more jobs and Everett are history I think wow just that quick profile if we can do it anywhere would want it. You know settlement. They'd be having parades out of the streets well. If you'd be some of the differences of opinion for my personal thought is that I would be quite happy to settle for every community in the country. Having a Memorial Day parade a fourth of July parade of veterans day parade that would satisfy frankly beat. Rogers of what are your your thoughts my about to the notion of this parade and. Actually I was talking with a few friends amount over the weekend and they were talking about this and being that tell you would assume to some of my friends are conservative Republicans some of we're talking about you know what about the cost involved. Would it not be better to spend that on homeless veterans or the VA or or something along those lines. And and I think that's a valid point and and also there was some gentleman who had actually served in the military said hey. These guys soldiers don't wanna participate in this in what's gonna it'll probably be in the summer it'll be hot you're gonna have people and there's so I uniforms you know out there marching around the yellow wanna be doing that and you know all the prepping got to do to get these tanks ready to roll out on public streets they've got to change it tracks all this other stuff. And I think all those are valid points. But I do think that probably what trumps the thinking about here. Is something that honors the US military but also inspires American citizens. You know we have an all volunteer army we do not Kreutz couldn't script people any more into military service. It everybody there is a volunteer. And one way that you get volunteers is to inspire people to serve their country. And if he had display of American military might and it's organization and its soldiers and sailors and airmen. If that inspires more people more young people to be able to. Make that commitment to put their lives on the line for their fellow citizens and to serve our country and our military. You know maybe that's a good investment. Deb I could go along with Philip both halves of that argument I served in the military had no we were never great fans of parades and yet sure right. I you have to change albeit treads on a tract vehicles to go down a paved street. Or even concrete street without causing damage of those things weigh a ton of we have no question about his expense or time. So true again if we just had a parade. In every community of a reasonable size now. Every Memorial Day fourth of July veterans that would satisfy me. Well a lot of that happens particularly here in the south and in the upstate. You know I know there are several communities that have. You know armed services day parade simply that's close ones having green boulders veterans they praise and a one and Anderson where they. Contact the Fed the Republican Party local party there is involved in you know getting veterans and on their floats and and you know trying to help organize that things are there are many communities that do that already. Yes or are. Unfortunately idea about relatively new full time in the upstate and I can assure you we are blessed in that regard amen to that by many places in the country where they haven't had such a parade for. 101520. Years out. But I I do yeah it's a sad situation. And I do think it is some it it could have some value. Because it it would be an inspirational thing I think for some folks to the may one you know had shown interest in in serving in the military. And SI think from a recruitment standpoint maybe you might have some value. You know I had some folks who were talking to me they said what you know. You know why we want to show off all the stuff they do you know those some sort of a sense of there's maybe we should have a sense of humility because of the superiority in the power of the US military. But it's like I was elements that you know what I think that our enemies already know exactly what we have been some of whom have seen them up close and personal. Yet because the hard way yes is marvelous end of it. I would I would do that could concur with that with those that talks as well those are valid. Considerations here not I think in a valid would be the DC. A City Council. Washington DC City Council which of course is controlled by the Democrats. That the would. Certainly would put the brakes on any such effort and and I quote the beer death squads Calder opponents traders and treasonous and go spots like military parades that from. Phil Mendelson the chair of the council. He military parade in our District of Columbia is not part of our country's democratic ideals well. The nation's capital has had many a military parade over the years and I would guess what got to mr. Mandelson who apparently doesn't know. The death spots do more than Calder opponents craters or treasonous or like military parades best buds. Put people. In jail for no reason yes this spots up for example fire the equivalent of state governors at an appointee is all we're just what Vladimir Putin did in violation of the Russian constitution. Death spots issued executive orders in violation of the constitution oh sorry that would be Barack Obama if he meant when he has changed the employer mandate in obamacare. A constitutionally so maybe mr. Mittal some needs that reminder of what Israel's body dead spot don't. I'd love to see a parade I really would I I don't care to margin wanna get to that I've been intimately but that but but but a and we thank you for your serving all right Lee thank you. Producer. Yeah I I would I would love to seat. Parades at the at the times that that we just indicated that Lee and I were talking about Memorial Day. The perfectly fine day. July 4. Of also love. Veterans day which is by the way much. A more parade friendly time and in most parts of the country November. I have marched in and I've barged in very cold weather and I emerged very hot weather either it's fun OK either respond one time I actually. I used by the trombone and I marched in the parade in which idea idea always that oiled my slide. Not your standard troubled oil but with cold cream over which you sprayed. A little bit of water from spray bottle. If you better slide action but that it was so cold that day that might slide for a close up a for the entire parade. When we Barbara's list to play I just have to bring mine up to my about the pretend to play. The slide was frozen solid soaked. I understand what people are saying. But but some parades are pretty important because even the Democrats would would acknowledge. Jim Bowen for Jarrett today. With the articles advantage talk blinded 1803471063. Wherein we find good Josh calling him from Spartanburg. A good morning Josh and what's on your mind. I got two things different didn't help patrol. Answer the people who will vote for him next time. I happen this year would have to operate it they have plenty of competition it. At all. Are all right very good thanks Josh appreciate your thoughts there yacht it'll be curious to see just exactly what would be included such a parade. A lot of military hardware I'm sure and dub it can be pretty impressive stuff I mean what's the let's face it if you can brief thing back to the well the last such parade we head that was in 1991. That was for the return note from the the gulf war. Was pretty impressive I got a chance to to be there for that and I must say it was a removing. And meaningful in in my view so yeah I'd be delighted to seek. What would be included such a parade but for my money that there's no time paid to this. Let's go to Memorial Day when we ought to be having parades anyway anyway in my books okay. Let's see. We may have covered this trumps great inspiration is France's military parade yes it is and I didn't mention it again. Because I thought that was fairly well understood. Again France by the way which is a free society by the way does not North Korea it is not. Russia. Despite our disagreements with friends on occasion it is a free. Society and I love the comment from the callers should have trumpets yes exactly effect that I'm sure it will this indeed all right. And it's he didn't of the Obama regime says those texture put out a study that showed the July 4 parade with soda. Were bad because it made people feel too patriotic. And beer Republican. That wouldn't surprise me I don't recall. Such would be hard to find a study that would it would show that the bit that the other than that from the standpoint that of patriotism is bad. I dare say that that's probably true. Of that in fact. Parades dude can do that make people feel more patriotic journey not too patriotic but more patriotic. And possibly beer Republican because all the Malarkey you hear about Democrats who love their country so much. Some of them due to a certain extent but it is not. At the extent. The level that frankly the rest of us do and there are more than if you were willing to give passing mention. To the United States which they view is just another. Passing nation on the roster of 190 nations of the United Nations. What they do not go in for very much would be exceptional as of Donna we're not exceptional. At all but just another country. And we should subordinated debt to all things international. No we should not. At the very least not until all things international or on a par with this country which will not be the case for a century or two. And even then I'd into the specifics before I go along with that notion. But start. Quite frankly for all of the the show that some involved in and and and incidentally you'll sleep very few elected officials involved say dealing during the national at that they need to to be pretty good on that. Of that. Rooted brought Obama being an exception me never could figure out it was supposed to put his hand over his heart. During the year the passing of the flag but that I guess eventually got the salute them path. But you're talking about a party which has. In general the Democratic Party. Is not as patriotic and I'll say it from their point of view. But that they they hate the country necessarily. They just hate anything that makes us appear to be exceptional to standout number we're just another country. And to do otherwise is to perhaps. And make other countries feel bad to lower their self esteem. Assuming that every member of the United Nations is skillfully if humans and and are under the Dexter hi Jim from Michelle the Rose Bowl how awesome but was no kneeling whining spoiled dog works well that's good to know. I didn't see any during that parade. Whoa Syria of text to it to Tara don't count the chickens. Before they hatchery the Russian plane crash wait till you know the names of whom on the play in the go ahead. With. The ever. Artery disease takes us. Okay. Further from the same text there were two people tied to lose to Hillary of that flight the other it was tied to the creation of the currency and very good. 1803471063. What is a good 3471063. Is the Eagles advantage talk line. The comments of retirement planning text like 7130771307. Yes lots of trump debts and trumbull months. And all the rest of the instruments. Breaks wrecked a lot of fun. Even if you're in one of the temperature is not excessive. They can be fun as well I've enjoyed I don't have many parades in my life and I've marched in but I'm guessing. Probably a couple of dozen something like that. Burning hot and freezing cold at all in between. View the stock that the yeah the drum major it's of my high school used to use grizzlies go trotted down the street and in subfreezing weather. With those skimpy outfits and then a bare legs. The the major X women with the batons and course of troubled players are right behind the major it's. More about Richard the second. But the the the young ladies where I would to school. They would slather their legs with Vasily. I kid you not apparently it's a pretty good it's an installation. I gather. There are those of us who of course. Decided that we would help them but they they never took a settlement offer I mostly do help supply the vessel into that network. A note that the trombonist marsh right behind. The the major it's because of their slides don't you you cannot march that close to somebody when you got that big slide going in and out. And so we would be right behind the major reds will there was a time and remember at one parade Susie Winfrey yesterday. Lovely Susie Winfrey. And as the right guy and I was responsible for how close the line got to the major risks in other words. People lined up on media and it was my job that you didn't get too close to a major it's well. There are a lot of things happening during a parade and Ireland's a little bit closer at a time when the major has had gone to one of those routines they take one step back. As are calling habits are well. Susie brought that betar backbeat beaming big big big right on my slide like a machine gun couldn't move it for the rest of the parade. But liberty yes I would agree okay. The CB Gupta who's the idiot that organized this 85 northbound shut down in Spartanburg. A that was a parade organizer Dexter how Hampshire are so great about that hang in there it's Russia. That's worthy of of subjects a morning after talking about. Road work being done during rush hour that that is a subject that is near and dear to my heart and we'll look talk about it some more. Suffice it to say Jumbo for terror today. And we talked about the parade talked a bit about the battle of the memos. And the steel dossier. And sort of things that there will talk about as well in the time that passes this morning to take a look of course that the the rock star of the Olympics Kim Jong and sister Kim usual Mitt. At the North Korean evolved because some are calling her. Again like with a parade people need to understand the real differences between North Korea. And the civilized world there are considerable differences. There yes there are. And hope to talk about. Certainly in the mid term elections amid generic polls that Bob and friendly to Republicans. Check of some of the text is out there. So the fighters that are both Koreas hosting the games I know there was some talk of that. But in point of fact that there is not allowed. Under current rules the International Olympic Committee president Jacques rose. Noted that the IOC awards to games to one city in one country. And that they don't even have the basis for awarding games. A jointly like that they could change it but they never have so nose is a a South Korean games. The North Korean participation is. As a member of a united Korea's team in certain events there had been talk at the north Koreans had wanted for example. Two a share of the skiing events. But. That was ruled out as just logistically. Because it it was so far away from John Chiang. More than. About a 180 miles away in that would just not logistically work plus. The Olympic people have not checked out the ski slopes of that particular location. I would argue that it might be worthwhile. To let the the the north Koreans have oh maybe their own event. Like like co host nations did have a demonstration sport domain may be the North Korea could sponsor the the ten meter machine gunning. But that might be an event that would work well for the community to have people lined up on one side of the DNC of critical from the north of the south and if you made it through. Without getting killed by North Korean machine guns and you could you could get a medal. Something like Yemen and if you did get killed and you would give them a burial at a either way everybody wins which is the way it ought to be here right. All right what is a good 3471063103471063. The texture here oh how wonderful the left again this morning Jim bluntly what thank you very kindly appreciate that. It's good to us talk with the Lee Rogers from a great professionals. Who have graces 1063 WORD the upstate stock station got a good good crew here I'm a proud to be one of the he has the backing of people that work. Forty minutes before the hour of 8 o'clock. On David. Is often running could be worse. But the worst rush hour I've heard so far so and so far so good fingers crossed in that regard. Now regarding the whole motion of of the year of the parade that that we talked a bit about here. Phil Mendelson I've been quoted him a moment of the chairman of the Washington DC City Council. Who is. Off the edge of the world is so far left Phil Mendelson. I don't I don't quoted here I'd ever heard say it but I am pretty sure by knowing his record. The Phil Mendelson view of Barack Obama was probably. He's okay yeah he's a little too conservative that Obama guy that would be Phil Mendelson view I'm pretty sure. He's even further left than Obama on many issues. So we. Listen to his words guest spots Calder regardless traders and treasonous and does books like military parades. A military parade in our District of Columbia is not part of our company's democratic ideals un quote. Phil Mickelson. Are you got to remember who say. In any event there are a certainly those who who are opposed to this or conservatives who don't care for the notion incorporated. You have senator John Kennedy of Louisiana. And yes there is a senator John Kennedy Republican from Louisiana he said that America is the most powerful country in all of human history you know need to show it off. I would respond to that no you don't quote need to as such. But just noting what the Lee Rogers brought up about half an hour ago we were talking about this that is that in view of the fact we don't have a military draft. Which by the way we ought to have. But we don't. So we must persuade. People to sign up for the military. And one way to do that is quite frankly with an appeal to patriotism. Fine idea. And the problem with that and as to show it off well showing things off may not be particularly modest but I'm not sure that. But the same rules that apply to individuals applies to countries when it comes to the questions of of modesty. I have no problem if we in fact show off a bit. Where does the occasions correct again as I said if we had parades everywhere not just. Into the south or in the upstate in parades everywhere on Memorial Day the fourth of July and veterans day that would be sufficient. In view of the fact that so many cases we do not. I could I could understand that course former navy seal. Fox News contributor the guy who killed. Osama bin Laden rubble Neal has called this idea of Third World bowl cock up. I disagree it's quote Third World bull caca. It has its place. Again I would prefer that'd be limited to the aforementioned holidays if you plan such a parade. On Memorial Day that would be perfect which is what we gotta have been doing anyway holding parades on memorial. Okay. My son there's that extra my son just said from the backseat that he was starting to wonder if Jennifer it was a robot. No jumpers Aruba right. You can inform yourself affect I'll telling sub. She's not a robot. All right though the Dexter wasn't there an Olympic venue in Yugoslavia looks that was destroyed in the 1990s though Balkan war. Oh yeah. Yeah. Trying to be the name of that tonight. And you don't hear the second but the yes in the short answer is that there was a large portion of its. Was in fact. Destroyed in the fighting that occurred in the Syrian vote as well apparently it was Sarajevo yup exactly. So yes this suit is quite correct. All right. Well more text here let's see Jimmy idea came from France's Bastille day presents corrected did. And a recall anyone worried that France was going to try to take over the world wealth that not lately. Not not for the last two centuries anyway that's true which has lately you know play the mystery but French of course could. Take over. A bagel shop and they. If they tried to but that's another story for another time are good are good find allies the French that we won't put the data for this morning. This is 1063 WOR DB of states talk stations so that's what I'm calling for let's have this parade on Memorial Day. There you go president trump. Problem solved. Yeah let's. Let's have a parade but let's do it at the times in the lord have been designated. For a parade Memorial Day would be just by his puppet for all appear. The margin of maybe three months. Hints. I mean addicted to plan a parade like that would take pretty much that much time anyway so and so do it. Have the parade. The yeah. Opposition. That currently comes in from the the parade from the likes of wood Chuck Schumer and the New York mayor built a blog she'll. There there are some differences. Granted. The the Democrats have been opposed to a paraded witches they put does unduly focused on a single person. And that's a distinction that congressman Adam Schiff. He of House Intelligence Committee fame has made to say OK I understand the distinction that they're made they're making for the record. A by the way the white house Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says the White House has made a final decision. A holding such a military parade but the the president is exploring different ways to highlight the country's pride for the military. Well good he should explore them and such a parade again they parade. On one of the recognize dates for such praise would be the perfect time the perfect occasion and help the president does do that. Remember it is always a problem. For anybody on the left anytime this country is exceptional in any way goodness those don't highlight it. You looks at the esteem. Of all of the Third World pieces of junk out there and pretend to be countries. In some cases you're talking about countries there are. There are a number of members of the United Nations would they vote equal to ours whose population. Is not as big as Greenville Spartanburg. A number of them. The look that up some time but certainly more than a dozen under. Again. The notion that all countries are equal in the eyes of the world Mulder knocked. Only only a United Nations are they considered all equal. So I have no problem in the fact that the first problem we ought to be exceptional. I have no problem in noting that fact yes we far. And by implication telling the world you ought to be exceptional. Well here's how you do it. You reward individual initiative if you provide personal freedoms you provide certain guarantees of rights you. Provide incentives for the marketplace and for free enterprise to operate that's how you get to be exceptional. Solo as an example for the world. I'm not a problem with the us pointing out that yes we are exceptional and you know what. I don't apologize one lick for being exceptional. If we stop being exceptional. I apologize for that. But as long as we elect the right people to public office that will be a problem was there for a while. At eight years of a president who was deathly afraid that we would be thought of as in some way exceptional not okay at a of that on overdosed another country. Just another country on the roll call the United Nations just 190 years so. I'm not true. And it's good to have a president who is willing to take note of that fact and emphasize that so yes hold a parade. I don't see any need for needing special. As I say to take three months to organize such a parade anyway. So do it for memorial today. What a grand idea maybe it'll serve as an example. For a lot of communities. But seriously the south. Has a lot of parades. It really does I noted. One text her. Earlier who had it taken note of the fact that. In the the yeah. The upstate New Year's Day in Greenville that we have a confederate more Tuesday it agreed balloon may. We have a lot of parades and a lot of of notations of a vote. Patriotic. Tendencies and patriotic it demonstrations and manifestations that's a good thing. Right here and it's the these same liberals don't even consider modesty about what they want to show off about this country to the world. All right to other Dexter Robert O'Neill is an embarrassment to all special forces of the seals especially broke all the rules of give you what happened outside the wire. Staying outside the wire wealth title considered an embarrassment at all. He's the national heroes judgment disagrees with mine on occasion. Another techsters AG about god and also French rifle excellent condition never fired only dropped blood spat at. The French still have surrender former from Germany in Vietnam left over from. Previous times of throwing down their guns. The and then. Density. A military bridge sounds like a good way to have a nice event without having Democrats around. Okay. The C. Okay. I somehow remember participating in the New York City parade up Broadway in 1991 to general Schwarzkopf it's Abraham Ted Abrams legs. Our troops and patriot missiles. Let's see here. Went through the canyon of heroes under ticker tape there was also a parade with the Vietnam veterans in 1984 of I can admit that military parade during his inauguration. Two KN OPQ and a nine replica of his paraded his inaugural parade when Reagan. Laid in state in the capitol it was a military parade when he left for a California internment. The parade for the Vietnam veterans was or what and 84. I didn't I was in Washington at that time and remember that parade there was one. Who have taken part I must say there was an I just surprised that I missed that anyway. Of idol there was. There was there was a great gathering for Vietnam veterans and I'll mention when we come back from the break I have the honor of opening MC a in Branson Missouri. That occurred he was a year 2000 anyway this is Jim bow for terra is almost 63 WOR DB of states talk station and will talks the more.