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Monday, February 12th

JIM BOHANNON FILLS IN FOR TARA: Trump’s idea to have a military parade met with varying degrees of enthusiasm; National pride and immigration policy; Accuracy of political polling


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Good morning upstate seven past 8 on this Monday morning on the twelfth of February. Lincoln's birthday. Present Wednesday as a week from today and this is the terra less Tera show sorry about that but she's back tomorrow. In the meantime Jumbo here 1063 WOR DB of states talk station. The Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. 1803471. Of those 63. Glad to have you with us this morning. And also of course the comments of retirement planning text line. 7130771307. And we got here we gonna users CE. Let's really make the liberals mad and have a parade on Independence Day. With 1000 tanker trucks to celebrate our independence on foreign oil. A a good idea. Okay another Dextre the left doesn't seem to have any problem having gay pride for it will that's true too there are some things we're allowed to have pride and others or not. That's that's a good claws and celebrating your country. Or American exception that would be cause to see him to understand these things. Attempt yet politically correct lobotomy performed on your head. A military draft says this Dexter would really straighten out the Moline meals and illegal aliens of all genders and our midst. What they're supposed to be an armed forces day. Marchers are an armed forces day I don't know who's memorial days that are Tuesday that a a draft. There's something. Wrong. When free people depend on others to defend them we treat our military all week we don't. Spit on it like they did back in the by David Vietnam era. We treat them like honored mercenaries. We are so glad that they are defending us. The software Adobe that's bad for a country. Both. You look at at the presidents who served in uniform. Truman eyes just going back at Ford Truman Truman. Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson. Nixon. Ford. Carter. Reagan HW bush all served on the active duty military. Since that time the combined service of all our president subsequent in the thirteen years of they've held off the sponsored trip to give me in the yeah 45 years it will office Clinton. W bush. Barack Obama Donald Trump the combined military experience of all those people is that the time that W book. In the Texas Air National Guard honorable service but. Would you put people in public office. Who never served in the in a uniform for a second of their lives never make decisions about the military there's something wrong with that. And that's what we have that have tended to do in recent years. Too many years ago quarter of the US senate had served on active duty of numbers about half that now. In 197780%. Of house members had active duty experience and that number is 90% and dropping. That's not good for the country buffet we're going to have won if riposte to address fear not far too self indulgent ever to go down that we ought to. Eleven and 1063 WORD. And another Textron have a problem with people being proud of their Japanese Russian Nigerian etc. So yeah I'm proud of being an American and sad for those who don't share that ability to be proud yes me too me too. Here's a question I don't have the answer to Jim just received my property tax bill for my truck. A notice they charge for arena debt consolidation. Wondering if you were you listeners could you explain what that is. It probably is exactly what it sounds like it's a special charge attached in this case to a property tax bill. For a consolidating debt on the arena. It's its own self explanatory. There's a problem of course with taxes that are. Aimed at a particular. A source of revenue or a particular problem to be fixed it's a lot like goes state lotteries for the revenues raised are to go to education. Which you think well there for wheat we've. Accomplished good goal extra money for education. Not the way usually works you know with the way usually works is that when something is earmark like that for a education nor for highways or what have you. The state which is strapped for money. And the public not wanting their taxes to go up the state. Says oh well we got an extra let's say a million bucks here for the sake of argument next a million bucks for education. Well that's a million bucks we can take out of general revenue for education so the result is education. It's exactly the same amount of money and the state has another million to do other things about so. Noting that earmarking. A particular tax for any particular reason. Often does not work out too well. Let's see here but the book did you text meals talk line phone number because you'll see the numbers say the numbers of that list. I can't get it I can't write it down quickly enough okay well you ago. Your Ingles advantage talk like news. One minute. 800. 3471063. That's 1803471063. Always joked time here on the text line why do the French a large trees lining the main avenue in Paris answer because the Germans like to march in the chained up all all mine. Oh wait there's more the French avenue battle flag as a white cross on a wide field they use it often. And enthusiastically. And today. Hey mister B parade July 4 no posters allowed no license via live duck of flags allowed military may have loaded weapons at a well that is an incident but as the as the military march that loaded weapons. Today. They Jeb I am all for a lib tarred freeze though the show yeah out of there a year their their their hours except of course for those who are here illegally but many are here quite legally. And I'm prepared to persuade persuade them. Oh here's a here's a tough when you're Jumbo I. Was spit on in Spartanburg in the 1873 when I got home. Jerked about in the in the fellow's blood the Gerald and countenance. I was not literally split on I must say that when I got back in Oakland California. In the may of 1968. Which was great lebed back stateside nightcap annoys. I was glad that we arrived it in the middle of the night. Because we were out of there before the crowds could gather that morning outside of the of the main gate. I might have been spent I'm. I was I was glad. To get the airport in San Francisco before. The crowds. Gathered. Let's see the detector Paul five forces Jim going to war without the bridges as important as going hunting without an accordion. A a a yes absolutely feared that the that the. I. It's. It's too bad that there's a problem that many people have with with. Having pride in their country. I'd be impulse for that. It goes down to the basic impulse. Of of liberals in general. Frankly you know and this will help you understand a lot of what liberals do. If you keep in mind the basic impulse of liberals. Everywhere always. It is. To. Prove themselves Morley superiors to because superior to other people. That's that's the prime motivation that's the the central liberal Matra. Enough. In one sentence here it is it's not easy being better than everybody else that I try. That's what they're all about. Granted sometimes there's so driven. To the notion of proving themselves morally superior that they wind up doing things that are really stupid but are morally superior at all. But that's as part of their problem. That is the the principal motivation that we are talking about here. On live morality. They must demonstrate to the world how much better. They ER. And everybody else especially EU. That's are driving motivation more important than money. As it was is more important self esteem but it's their source of self esteem. I. Am morally superior to you I am better than view. It's what motivates what drives them it's why they're able to so looked down and other people because they have deemed you. To be morally inferior to them. That's that's that's the whole basis. But you've got that down than the rest of what they do pretty much falls in line with that. And they are under the view that when it comes to nationalism. And it. Jingoistic thought I'm delighted that that's just so it's slow twentieth century so twentieth century. Don't know they they look ahead to all of humanity. The in the liberal point of view of the whole world. Is just one mass of equal people. Have the same viewpoints the same intelligence the same work ethic the same. Willingness. To work concede it the right of others to speak. And to hold differing viewpoints. Except of course they don't really believe that both. It's not part of their where there Matra moral superiority. If you're so morally superior. A sometimes it's just important that only UB heard your your so superior. That it that it. Right and and goodness is is somehow compromised if it other lesser viewpoints are hurt that's really really get dangerous. Keep that in mind. And you can pretty much understand the liberal viewpoint aren't. 1803471063. As the Eagles advantage talk line 1803471063. The remote talk about the mid term elections and of course the the generic polls that have been taken. It. Now the idea of a generic poll is to remove personalities. And individuals from the process and just find out how people feel about the party's soul you have polls. That are as. If you wrote we're to vote right now in the 48 team mid term elections would you be more likely to vote for a Democrat or Republican. And there have been various polls of course. They have a lot of the number of people though less super. Then a Newt Gingrich for example. As the alarm he was alarmed backward. The gap between the generic Democrat and the generic Republican. Was at ten points it's been worse than that back in December. There was in some polls lead fifteen point generic deficit which is an awful lot for real candidates to make up for. If Thursday he fifteen plus percentage. Tendency. On the part of the electorate to go vote democratic as opposed to Republican it's hard for even an excellent candidate or an excellent. Incumbent to overcome that. But there's an Obama Pall over the get those two points. So what has been a changing one reason very possibly. Would be people having more money in their pockets were looks somehow better if the tax law has changed and you're starting to get more money in your pocket that's not a bad thing. Not a bad thing more money. Is that funny how we yeah we so often wind up actually decided that we are not morally superior but we are looking out for ourselves. And we are looking out. For. Our families. Of course not morally superior view of the left but. Nonetheless there it is. So. I I do feel sorry as one text or did for people who were unable to show pride in country. A they considerate a throwback to tribalism well. We are a tribal world or parts of the world that are tribal. But do we are for the most part they world of nation states that's reality now there and those who made out like nation states. Those who may worship nation states. But from the standpoint of this discussion let's not really important what's important is. That we do live in such a world that's reality you deal with reality. We live in a world of nation states. It's like you tribal back waters like places like Afghanistan or Somalia places like that you don't about two. A deadly in the news wall because of the other tribalism. You've got to be a nation state to be taken seriously in this day and age. We are also not a aid world of of everybody. Subscribing to one viewpoint one set of values. That that's not true doesn't doesn't. Exist that way. Doesn't exist that we or world very different people. There have been very reliable public opinion polls have been taken in places like Egypt which by the standards of the Arab world is relatively. Sophisticated. And relatively. Moderate. Compared to a lot of them where you fight overwhelming support for the notion that if you leave Islam. You should be put to death. Seriously. That is is that people are willing to tell that to a pollster. Usually if you holding a somewhat. Radical Aurora. Off the wall view people are less likely to tell. Pollsters that we know that the people in places like Egypt for model shot I've actually ya if you lose leave the religion of Islam you should be put to death. Recently another religion to join Islam that's just dandy. We are not all one world. It would be much better world if we had some common values. Quite frankly but we don't again. Among got to go out of the realm of make believe we don't we don't. That's why in a world of nation states every nation has the responsibility. And the right to. To determine who gets him. Every nation on the planet seems to build except this one. We've taken an outdated inscription on the statue of liberty. And assumed. That it is somehow Lola. The way things ought to be not really. Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Guess what were up to our asses and huddled masses strokes. I know too by the way. We talked about some of the a more conservative voices out there. Who are not too thrilled with the idea of a military parades like senator John Kennedy Louisiana. Bob O'Neill. These seals who killed Osama bin Laden and here's a Democrat. Who thinks it's a brilliant stroke politically retired general Wesley Clark who of course the red. As a Democrat for president some years ago he calls this a brilliant stroke politically. For president trump he went on to add military people don't like parades it's a big pain in the neck. You'd much rather be training somewhere and doing exercise is about what. You're going to actually be doing but he added to the country not necessarily a bad thing. Clark says that the political level there's a political logic. At what president troubles requesting because people like to see a parade. People like to see their soldiers on display it makes them feel good cubicles that 1991 parade the last such parade. After the US victory in Operation Desert Storm which she viewed on the sidelines. That was of course. Led by Asia regional Norman Schwarzkopf Clark calls and thrilling moment it was different because it was a celebration of the success. Here we just. Be showing off the hardware and the troops but I'm very proud of those troops are very proud of our armed forces I'd like the American people be just as proud. A Clark. Adds if I were advising president trump I'd probably say you don't need to do this we probably would have said yes but it would be a brilliant stroke. And he's probably right said it was market will be brilliant stroke politically for him. I know one thing to Clark had said. That. People. Like to see a parade well some do it they like to see it so much. Why is that we've had such trouble. Getting people. To. At ten parades. Wives have been such a dearth of attendance in so many locations. That's an unfortunate fact I recall after. Nine elevenths. Idea made a call on another program that I do. That we yeah. Start once again demonstrated. Our patriotism and that's that was after September the eleventh. Of 2000 and I suggested that the that veterans day it would be a good time for communities all over the country including those which had given up. On veterans day parades to hold one again. Until that there were some parades were in fact. I held subsequently. I'd like that was a part of that but. Whether there was or was not it was a good and very momentary. Situation we've since lapsed back into world ways. The south is different from the rest of the country the south is not afraid of patriotism. Not afraid of parades on the light. That soon. Too bad the rest of the country that feels saying boy. I noted that. When the boy in the techsters talked about it 1984. For Vietnam veterans and that's that I I missed that I was in Washington at the time. And I would have taken part I suppose that I have been invited budgets at who was for Vietnam veterans. I did take part. In a Branson Missouri homecoming for Vietnam veterans was the parade as such but just a great homecoming with concerts at. And rallies on the like. I was sea of sea for much of that. What was it two days August 2 days it was about stage for ever seems like. But that was there was a made him look out of over a 100000. GI's XGI's. And and talk to the fact I got to introduce. The most popular Dempsey of the entire gathering Ingrid crone our original good morning Vietnam guys who of course got a huge ovation. So I noticed Branson. Did a wonderful job of honoring Vietnam vets again by the year 2000 we were getting a little longer too little gray a pair. A little missing a pair in some cases. But I would subscribe to the adage better late than never yeah better late than never unfortunate. The slate but it's still better late than never finished a bit out of here. Let's see here. Yes Jim you're right about taking pride in our country we don't know how good we've got its ban them from Michelle. Who says I think the base doesn't like the GOP. We just like our president we want winners but ruling up in the fetal position well you've got to. Considerate of the Republican Party consists of a lot of folks of different viewpoints. So I'm sure that the media the base for Donald Trump like some of the Republican Party. And I would remind you something the base for Donald Trump is not enough to elected dog catcher the base. Plus an awful lot of Republican voters as one elected Donald Trump president to veto only had his base. It would have been a landslide loss worse than Barry Goldwater suffered in 1964. And so vehemently keep in mind if you want to win. The fact is the that you cannot do with that base alone aren't enough. It's something to keep in mind there and here's another thing here any military parade could also be. Interspersed with first responder units police fire EMTs that you know intelligence agency allowed OK at a but the Dextre could you explain how we ever take polls seriously again. Yes it's because. They are more often right than not they're not perfectly right but the polls that indicated a narrowing for example the last presidential election. Yeah troubled about but it was in a squeaker this nonsense at all landslide to landslide. Just figuring the electoral vote below that was the thirteenth closest presidential election Everett which means that there were 45. That were of a wider margin. It was close. And the polls that indicated things were getting close when was the last time we were totally shocked. By virtue of the polls. Obama winning by a substantial but not huge margin over Mitt Romney and John McCain. The polls had called the W. But winning his two races in very close races over John Kerry and Al Gore polls are right more often than not that's why. I know that maybe people don't like polls but the fact is the polling methodology is pretty darn good. Really is the fact that telephones are no longer tied to specific geographic locations of problem proposed. Monday morning February the twelve boy we are squandering Claudia eighteen rapidly going to be Election Day before you know it here and a steal that turns out. I'm hopeful that the tax reform bill will help to turn things around which at the moment. Don't look all that encouraging. For Republicans remember when a new party takes over the White House has happened last November. Traditionally that party loses seats in congress have their first mid term elections. That probably the Republicans would lose some seats in the house and have a huge margins there so any significant laws. And you could see speaker Nancy Pelosi not a pleasant thought but it could happen. The senate of course is special this time around. Because of the fact that of the 33 senate seats that are up in 28 team. 25 of those are democratic seat scouting and two independents who were really Democrats. And of those 45 Kenner from states carried by president trump. So it's very possible for Democrats might. Take the house may be but lose the seats in the senate. Which would still give you divided government. If we give the Democrats an actual power base I would like to think the American public would avoid that would be helpful. Let's see here to the tanker polls were strikingly wrong gimme a break mr. Jim well. Name one time and in recent memory the the poll was completely. Out of bounds also wall wrong note the polls and cloudy sixty were showing a tightening of the race. Democrats were cautiously optimistic but there was reason for them. To be concerned as it turned out the very good reason they're not perfect they did not call it trump victory but they call the race getting closer that's all polls and do the snapshot of the moment. And the methodology to forget those people in the business of making money. So those polls. The more than just. Just. Putting them up for the for the political. Pundits in the in the light due to it to take notably the couple's pulls out. Lately so polling and it fewer notoriously inaccurate. There's a name for that kind of polygamy is called a former polling company. Other texts fear. Advance screening of death wish fantastic movie Bruce Willis is also killed over 25 people a note to the same way I. Creativity in killing always good have only Peter Rabbit. Could have starred Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is is the fun that drove to watch him I was even actually aware of that text of there was a new death. Swisher out but the again NORAD had heard about that yet. Charles Bronson of course made the death wish movie. I. Very popular in the years ago so some some movies don't need you remake. But if Willis is involved I'm willing to look at that. Here's attacks need candy at the parade to get folks to show up you know we probably do need incentives. To get folks to show up. It's unfortunate but we probably do all right candy and he. Lets see. Other text her I'd like to the questions posed to most of the polls biased leading and it likely dishonest it's a safe bet in saw a moment. In not in others if you what I really accurate portrait of what's going on. Then you don't raise questions that way and other are what are known as push polls which are not designed to Poland they may decide to start rumors. Like how do you feel about the fact that candidate Smith has sex with civilly donkeys. They're not really sick of that is true they're trying to get that idea out of the public's mind it's not a poll of all it's it's rumor mongering. And of course here example to poll questions. Which if you are if you are trying. To avoid. Asking them honest question and really trying to push a point of view. Should a woman have the way to control our own body. Not surprisingly. People results were different for that question and the question. Should mothers be allowed to kill their unborn children same question about abortion but. Again if you have an agenda. And you will phrase questions and such a way. But I've seen many many polls for example just that topic just RU four against a woman's right to have an abortion. You can put the straightforward they are all. A biased. And dishonest. And the polls of course on the last election tended to be. In the forthcoming election will you support Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump were pretty straightforward in that regard. So. Another one no one ever polled me or anyone I know what I'm supposed to believe that I think none I can see we're Talking Heads would swear by an old Talking Heads whether. Was where about it. But. They couldn't have been any more wrong and all the polls did Merrill had Hillary up by 90% chance of winning LO well not a reputable poll. And Hillary with the not present chance of winning not as Election Day approached though they did not. Did not and the fact of his ever polled do. Well have you Rubin pulled for a a rating for television. Polling again uses demographic methodology where you can with reasonable accuracy of the accuracy that's given and the yeah. The percentage margin of error type if you could talk to a few hundred people get a pretty accurate portrait of what the country's thinking if in fact you pick the right people. That's the key that's one reason why telephone polling is such a problem because today's phones in the laundry geographically tied down a pollster. Back in the day when the telephones were geographic. Could tell you buy an area code and an extra Angel that's up and upper income portion of Greenville county. And the people there are. America a 90000 bucks a year and they don't have fancy houses and cars and they vote. 73% Republican. Today of course but look you somebody's area code and exchange bureau where they're from I have a cellphone for example that says I live in Maryland. So that that's a problem for polls to the mere fact that you have. Have never been pulled doesn't prove anything it is the odds of UB boulder very very small so I know a lot of people don't like polls but that's too bad. I have like information as long. As. As polling is accurately done with not leading questions and they can be very informed they can be very helpful. Really helped shape opinion that from Michelle probably if you are enough of the toothless that you can't form your own opinion that probably they helped shape opinion. But again. They're nothing that we can do. About vacuumed a goat goes out there if you are are so bereft of ideas and values. That go well a lot of people seemed like good god that's why I guess I do too. A little we do about people like that we're stuck with that we can't take about a shoot them. We're stuck with them but that's not the fault of the pollsters that's a fault of an educational system that is so obviously highly inadequate.