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Monday, February 12th

JIM BOHANNON FILLS IN FOR TARA: President Trump’s plans for 2nd year include immigration reform and infrastructure refurbishment; Fight over various classified memos raises serious questions about how FISA courts work


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Big day on Capitol Hill. The presidents of play him on immigration. Is going to be debated that is the path for citizenship for one point eight million dreamers. And I'm curious. The extent to which. The Uga trump base doesn't seem to feel that is a sellout some do others not so much. But it is something that I I've noted before and that is that this is largely a Teflon president with his base. That. No matter what he does. It's a deemed to be always just Jim making deals and out and finding the best path forward. Who works for me was when he was say during the campaign but. We'll see I have said before. And I will that will say again that if you in fact have border security. That removes most of the major arguments against the dreamers provided. They are the last of the lot but from this point on we will largely determine who gets sick and how many Y. And for how long. If that was the case in the argument against these dreamers regarded disappear we could grandfather the men and say OK but there won't be anymore. But the problem is that they exist today. As living incentives. For everybody out there. South of the border who wants to send of their little Jose your Maria up north to break our laws. And as long as they can do that with relative impunity. Then it's. Frankly a bad idea to let them stake. So the yet. The president's desire for the wall tied in with the dreamers. Is very vital it's important. As I say I can live with that but thrilled with a but I can live without it. Yes they're here through no fault of their own but as long as they remain an incentive. To break the law to do so fairly easily. And no that's a bad idea. The president also is looking two introduces one and a half trillion dollar infrastructure plan which is quite interest. For slower not talking about one and a half trillion dollars. It just outright federal expenditures of front no indeed that would not via one and a half million million dollars. There will be about that 200. Billion dollars in the federal seed money loans to get the ball rolling along this post will be. A private sector. There were a bit about fifty billion dollars for a rural infrastructure. Where there are some serious deficiencies most notably. With the Internet connectivity in the light. The year permitting process would be streamlined by the president's plan 222 years tops. And goodness knows giving permission to do things as a major impediment. A few areas is the bureaucracy more able to gum up the works that in that granting official permission. In many cases and no reason other. Then to say see we told you we were important. You've got to get our permission. And that leads ago. And through all of this the spending of there is included eighteen billion dollars for that aforementioned wall that's over a two year period. Which is a good start. It's it's a good start. Of course also. The of the memo battle is continuing the latest Baird. Is that the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff of New York goes to the FBI today. To take their memo over read actions. There's little doubt. That Craig out he's been right from day one on the issue of the democratic memo. They are whatever else they may be and are not stupid. They knew. That if they can find a way to blame president trump for not releasing their memo. That it would be to their advantage. With the dough goes out there who don't pay attention to stuff like this. And it probably has been. And so they deliberately. Included things in their memo which would force the president. To keep it from being released until certain things are redacted. So. They had there they're fun. And again for those who don't pay attention. Cover up I'm sure is a word that soon going to be used to that regard but the president had no choice. And it's for abundantly clear the he had no choice and that the Democrats knew full well what they were doing. They deliberately set this up in such a way. That it it was going to be impossible to be fully released. And in regard to that memo by the way this Grassley Graham memo. Is picking up. The the newness memo. Big time Chuck Grassley. The chair of the Judiciary Committee in the course and Lindsey Graham. Future is that important subcommittee. They've put forward a memo that backs up in fact points out that the Devin Nunez in many cases under stated. The case. For how it was a set up job for the five accords we need a full blown investigation of how. He finds accords came to grant warrants to spy on Carter page in the first place. And again stop and take a look at how this would be played if you were the issue on the other foot. If they're Republican administration had been in power. And and use our own verifiable. Hearsay evidence. From a completely suspect agent of the Republican presidential candidate. To calm of fires accorded the Grammy he warrantless bottom associate of the democratic nominee's campaign. You would not have heard the end of this slow the greatest political scandal ever oh. Blah blah blah blah blah. The issue is entirely on the other foot this is exactly what happened only in reverse. A democratic administration the Obama administration used a verifiable hearsay evidence. From a patently suspect agent of the democratic. Presidential candidate. In this case Christopher Steele being mad agent. And use that as the basis to unifies the court to grant a warrantless spying on an associate of the democratic nominee's campaign. It's it's incredibly amount of hypocrisy involved here. Grassley grid memo Roberts claims in the juniors memo that the Obama Justice Department the FBI used to anonymously sourced Clinton Campaign generated. In you window about facts in you window. To convince supplies of course issue surveillance warrants against Carter page and in doing so but he concealed the Clinton campaign's role. Trump campaign had cut ties with page shortly before the first warrant was issued in October reported sixteen in the warrant application. Was based on wild charges. Of a corrupt conspiracy between the trump campaign a McRae. When blah blah blah you love. And a warrant meant that the FBI could bodily sees Carter pages emails. And other communications going forward Brittany pesky emails and text of the may have scored IE back when he was in the truck campaign. This verification by the Grassley grey memo the new in his memo. Now has about without more corroboration on the steel dossier the basis for all of these charges. Looking back. At this Chuck Grassley Lindsey Graham memo which totally backs up the Devin Nunez memo millions by the way now. Is pushing for release of the democratic memo under the theory that nothing disinfect like sunlight. And people aside from the shadows but it will. Reveal just exactly the hypocrisy. That is so out there. The Grassley Graham memo. Does that familiar as memo. Was in fact rather mild. We need not only a full blown investigation Novo why you Obama administration but such a shoddy application to the fires that court. But. How the court a judge may be is what it's for judges rationalize signing the warrants on what possible basis. Full disclosure is needed here. The largely applications court proceedings the whole McGill up. Now. This memo is composed in support of the criminal referral recommending that dossier author. Christopher Steele be investigated for making false statements to the FBI that is a felony. If you lied the FBI. Initially. This memo was withheld that was released with the extensive rejections because this contents were largely classified covering. Submissions of the fights a court the secret tribunal established of course. Back go by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978. After the release of the new nose memo. Senator Grassley Graham stepped up their efforts to get more information unsealed the that the public can see it even if they prefer the press. A prefer not to cover which unfortunately has tended to be the case. Last Friday of the Nunez memos sort of the Pia. And the Justice Department had significantly relied on the unverified. Steel dossier to obtain. Buys the warrants on Carter page. In the week that followed the House Intelligence Committee Democrats have their. Media echo chamber bleed and about how things have been taken out of context. Of suggestion there was plenty of other evidence. To establish probable cause of paid was acting as a Russian agent. A few of the other evidence tended to be a story about the dossier in other words. The dossier was used to verify and corroborate the dossier. Circular reasoning in the extreme. It even implied that Nunez and company had deceptively reported committee testimony by the FBI's did deputy director Andrew McCabe. That the steel thus it was essential to this probable cause showing. Roger and so much about that. And yours aggressor agree a memo. On this critical first finds application which would explain what we're not hearing much. This was the basis for the warrant was granted on October 21 of cloudy sixty. Quote from the Grassley Graham memo. The bulk of the application consists of charges against page that were disclosed to the FBI by mr. Steele also outlined in the steel dossier. The application appears to contain no. Additional information. Corroborating the dossier is charges against mr. page although it does cite a news article. Appears to be sourced to mr. steele's dossier. That's true. A news article about the dossier. I can verify that the thus is correct because there's a news article that quotes from the dossier. That the dossier. Verifies that corroborates the dossier. Sure. Okay. What's coming across are wrote. Comments of retirement planning text line 71307. Year. Having. Rosen Stein appoint Mulder to have the Russian investigation is like living Hannibal Lecter hired Norman Bates to managers motel well there's. Heard about a truth and that. Let's see here I've continually amazed that a citizen lined the congress is against the law about a congressman liveliness of the citizens is not. Yeah but nonetheless you're correct. Of course that you you can lie to congress all you want don't do it under oath that's the distinction here. Maybe we should require members of congress to take an oath before they talk to their constituents. Okay. Let's see here regarding the infrastructure bill we were talking about here. Trump cannot give away his bargaining chips for a while they completed effective wall to build against federal money of any kind. Sokol Sanctuary Cities. Or state before signing any Darko or immigration deal he is doing that. And I have. Let's problem with that and I would think that is based us because while this may be Smart bargaining if in fact it's what he engages in here. It is a complete reversal of what he campaigned on. Kick those dreamers out. That goes back to the trump campaign under surprise. There there's such willingness. On the part of the Trout bass who on the one hand castigate Republicans every time they back away from a campaign promise. But the Donald Trump could do no wrong when he does the same thing. By that interest. And somewhat inconsistent. But personally again if he gets the wall. Iron clad nailed down. In the argument against the dreamers largely disappears I can live with that that's fine. But not a list that is the case. Does the government the the texture does the government already have the one that trillion dollars for infrastructure sitting around somewhere. Up up up. They don't have the money for a cup of coffee sitting around somewhere. They have debts. Well forty trillion dollars worth of indebtedness no it was in and one half trillion dollars sitting around anywhere. Bags same government who stole it and steal my retirement money. And your point is well taken. And goes out of borrows aluminum body and tells me it'll pay it I'll that they'll pay it back that government shouldn't be spending my future money and anything but how to pay my idea. I dollars back. Well that's certainly true. But the point made by the techsters right on target does the government already have one half trillion dollars sitting around though they don't. I don't think that this is a grandiose infrastructure plan is when to go that far and I think it's a good idea that it doesn't. We haven't unfortunately like so many other things. Neglected our infrastructure so much of a lot of it is falling apart. And you can not have bridges and roads on the light causing people to die. You've got to fix those things was we could have been fixing over the years who were too busy building bridges to nowhere. That you have to fix a lot of this you don't. We just can't afford an awful lot of this. And not only will probably not wind up with one and a half trillion dollars for infrastructure but he shouldn't. And I think wiser heads will prevail. I certainly hope so. We just can't afford it there's an awful lot that we just cannot afford. Anything beyond. The whole notion of safety. Should should be ignored. It should be a source of pride and every community in this country. If you have old school buildings. Old a re news. Old libraries. Maintained to be sure not. Death traps not peeling paint maintained. But warned that should be a source of pride in the gate Jordan not wasting. The nation's money. We cannot afford building palaces to sports teams and frankly palaces. For schools either. As long as the kids and adequate textbooks and a computer the support of the of the things need to actually learn. It doesn't matter if the walls are old. Or if we're not winning in the architectural awards for our schools. The good thing we're not. We're we're spending far more we can report and its infrastructure plan is. Target number one as far as I'm concerned that needs to be cut way way way way back. And remember president trump ever addressing. Debt or deficit words were not in his vocabulary as a candid and order in the first year in office. Those need to be made clear to him. With the techsters are up to here. A path to citizenship for dreamers. Will not be the end of next we'll be weekend break up the family so we have to allow parents to stake. That'll be the argument and that that line has got to be drawn here and now. We heard about the international flop house. And absolutely. You allowed too many people in those who are quote family members this is not. A case of people coming to this country will never be allowed to go home again we'll never see their parents again are there there or whatever road people followed this category. No. You can see the but that the idea of dragging the min. No. Absolutely not if if they if big around them means so much to you than state stay where you are get out. Go back. Fine no one's keeping you here. I'll guarantee you know what is keeping you here. If it's that important for you'd have immediate proximity. To those other family members and go with our blessing have fun. Starve to death on the local economy where it is that your going. And I. The that the extra is exactly right. Sure next will be we can break of the family. And all kinds of other excuses always excuses will be excuses and excuses and excuses for your whole idea here. Is to fundamentally change this country by importing new voters the left does not like the voters who were here. You have a tendency to lose. With the voters who are here. So they wanna important new ones. Who will feel grateful. To the left and will vote accordingly. That's what this is all about. That's what this is all about and a path to citizenship. I don't buy that that we normalize their lives that they have what amounts to some kind of make a lifetime but. Residency permit fine. But no I don't see any need to make them citizens. I don't see that the point to that at all. OK question remains how many judges were used each time a fives a warrant was requested or renewed. Or was the one judge shopped him says that Dexter. Excellent question. I'm not sure of the extent to which when of trying to obtain a flies a warrant you may judge shop and certainly many. Many other types of warrants are obtained. Through judge shopping habits something we all learn from watching. The law and order TV series and in that particular case that the users pretty accurate there's a lot of of judge shopping that goes around. And goes on. I'm not sure how how you are able to shop for a flies toward maybe you are I just don't know to be stoked that you are. Will certainly. Everybody would do so. For whatever reason roughly was that 99 and a half percent 99 point 5% of all by as a war issue that could reflect. Either that the government is very prudent. In what the cases that brings to the fights accord to get a warrant a half or we demolish that all of this morning. Or could just simply indicate. That the other the judges have developed the robbers that menu to. Couple mentality. OK another application approved another application. Approved. That seems to be much more the case we'll talk more about what the year Grassley Graham memo points out about how. Buys a corporate stooges were virtually nonexistent in this particular case so. I don't know. How you judge shop for a prize award maybe you can. Another row texture on the use the citizenship notice here they have jumped the border and had a baby therefore they and their citizen baby get to stay well that has to change. That needs to change. That just jumping the border and dropping it kid and your eight point nine months pregnant and your coverage on the other side of the border most countries don't do that. And neither should we. Neither should we. Will we have the intestinal fortitude to pursue here I don't know I don't know. All right 218034710631803471063. Is the Eagles advantage clockwise in the comments of retirement planning text line. 71307. 71307. Looking so more at that Grassley Graham memo. A quick we have noted. The yeah. In adequate basis for granting the fires award in this particular case based on the Chris you'll dossier. The most news memos account. Is mild compared to what the that he could have said. It was much more information in the you have Grassley Graham memo suggests the following quoting from their memo and asked at the march 2017 briefings. A Judiciary Committee leaders. Why the FBI relied on the dossier in the fires applications. Absent meaningful corroboration. At a light of the highly political motive surrounding his creation. Then FBI director James called restated that the FBI concluded the dossier allegations about Carter page in the fives applications because. Mr. Steele of so what's considered reliable. Do with password with the bureau. First of all. That's irrelevant to. By his applications are supposed to be based. On. The government establishing the reliability of the informants who witness alleged fax claiming supported probable cause finding. The actual witness synonymous Russians in this case not steal. Who is not one of the witnesses not the source of facts. He's the prevail here of the facts. How much of those alleged that allegations is based on hearsay. The most vulnerable steps removed from direct knowledge steel. And Bob and and Russia since discovering her British spy I was blown nearly twenty years ago he has sources who have sources who have sources. And so on. None of the information is better than third hand. But to but more attenuated the mad and yet it was used as the principal basis for issuing these spies the warrants. But for the purposes of justifying a war does not matter. And a totally unrelated investigation involving corruption. At the biscuits international soccer organization the FBI judge that hearsay information provided by steel. Check out. So what's. It is Eddie trump research steel could not verified sources that he was now a former foreign intelligence officer who was then working for private clients. In the advocacy business not the search for truth business. So while on the fact that the FBI said that he was reliable in an earlier case is your relevant. Two holes buys a process under the law. At number two. How reliable the the FBI consider him they fired. Chris Steele fired him. For lying to them which by the way is still slated charges brought although that's a felony. So what they told the finds a court was. You can trust Kristi weekend. We consider him a lying SOB and we've fired it but you should trust him. Trust him. What's wrong with this picture. 1803471063. Eagles advantage talk line number. You've got to think the Democrats are gonna realize this is not a paying proposition. And the ship was heading to the FBI today to get kids that democratic memo redacted. It will be and the Democrats are Smart that'll be the end of the release or memo they will drop this concern losing badly here. Where is Terry Louis morneau missed the first three hours you know I should I don't know. That they don't give people who dale for a year you know who knows what she was up to. Something good I'm sure. Okay others who are texting us today here. I say give the dock is two years to get out of them deport. Two years is plenty of time DeLeon I'm sure it took less time to get here Angela yesterday it took us to advocate here that's true. Auto detects drive believe that if we make them legal they should not be able to vote for the first ten years of residency this will decrease the possibility. Of entitlements being voted in day one. It will also increase decrease the the desire of the left to get these people and are considerably give a darn about any of these folks they care about their votes. If in fact you really did that. And we actually had enforcement procedures like checking ID cards and the like. Nonetheless will be far less interest because you get right down to it this is a smokescreen left to give a hoot. About any of these people they care about their votes. And if they were in fact denied that vote too and all of a sudden the left will be not so enamored. You go back to sucking up to other parts of their special interest that they have been shifting like African Americans. And the union members. I. Let's see here. And let's go back to the degree of Grassley memo here prospective. Because it's really interest. Who's in late October of cloudy sixty shortly after the first warrant was issued for spies awarded Carter page. The FBI terminated its relationship with steel could be lied to the bureau. But his contacts with the media again lying to the FBI is a felony. Did the Justice Department tell Levi's. Instead of the first warrant expired in January 2017. Three months later the FBI the Justice Department sought its renewal by again relying on the credibility of the guy will be just fired reliant. They toll plaza accord the steel have been terminated not because he lied to because he was guilty of unauthorized disclosures of information of the press. Up up up and steals agreement with the FBI was we would not communicate with the press. He made that agreement in the be communicated with the president way. Which certainly showed he was on reliable. Withstanding the FBI's continued insistence to the contrary he had just plowed will be agreement. By speaking to the press he would clearly lied about doing solo. By mid September of 4060 and at fusion direction even before the first prize award was issued Chris do you have spoken with a bunch of Clinton friendly press outlets. Yahoo! News that published a new story about Michael this kickoff back on September 23. Which reported precisely the information. That steel. Had given to the FBI about pace that he had supposedly met in Moscow with two top Russian operatives and discuss the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Now that how could the FBI and the Justice Department have not know that Steele was the source for the story. It's a cough explicitly stated that his account of pages activities was set forth in the intelligence reports on quote. Which were in the possession of the US officials. Yes the FBI. Was privy to intelligence reports. In the government's possession you better believe it. You'd better believe it. The purported intelligence reports steel have provided. As well as some others as well at the bottom. No report from a different source. Who have to provide the same exact information the steel have provided. Not only with the FBI have known about of the bureau would've shouted to the skies Bela here. Buys accord. It's not just steals dossier we have corroboration. Which they never did. They would use that if they had something. The plaza accord to the contrary was told the FB and does not believe that Chris deal directly. Provide this information to the press. Really. Ostensibly the bureau seems to be say ms. steele's not the source meaning that what their could be other sources. If the bureau's not managed to identify any of them if they exist you closed the resource was described in intelligence reports accessible bureau. And what does directly mean anyway. Was the bureau conceding that this deal might have provided information to the press in directly through an intermediary. Arabic and says will be the point of citing the obstacle of article is corroboration for steel steel have been is Chicago source. Even if in directly. Hey this is not good. Either way. Either steal lied to the FBI about speaking to the press. We FBI consciously avoided learning that Steele had spoken of as a compliment speculated that the courts. You'll probably not it's because of sorts. Either way. Steals credibility. Was a huge issue. Which put in doubt the FBI is vouching for his reliability. Which in turn made disclosure of the Clinton Campaign sponsors of his dossier. Even more important. And also steal don't forget gave a published interview the mother Jones the late October 2060 metropolitan not to speak to the media. And trying to soft pedal. Steals. Complete on reliability the FBI rationalized that he was not acting out of dishonesty bit of a fit of Pique over director called these pre election announcement that the FBI had reopened the Clinton email investigation. Fully get this straight. If you lied to the FBI. You can be charged with a felony but if you lie to the FBO because you're really mad. You get a pass really I wasn't aware of that a must remember to use that the next time it's. I've relied the FBI. And all right now. The yeah. Reopening of the Clinton email investigation was of course what the Clinton people blame. For their loss according to the bureau. Steele's pro Clinton partisanship. Induced him to such outrage such outrage. That he was moved to violate his agreement with the FBI would you think that might occur to the bureau of the Justice Department that maybe just maybe they ought to let the court in on this little TD tale about the Clinton Campaign is being the sponsor of steals dossier. No. And they kept mum and they kept telling the court that Steele was perfectly reliable. In fact they kept telling defies the court the steel is reliable even after Steele himself admitted to a British court this dossier was an all reliable. You know that. Beaulieu. Alia. Steel. In the in in derogatory some questions. Under both emphasize that is dossier is charges were quote raw intelligence. That was unverified and awarded investigation goes rolled direct quotes. Steele. Knew that the dossier was on reliable gravity was covering his own but to do it but he knew it. Are correct.