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Tuesday, February 13th

Attempted murderers given low bond after brazen daytime shooting in downtown Greenville; Obama admin used Carter Page like a virus to illegally spy on Trump campaign and Congress


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Good morning Elaine good morning terror RA I apologize in advance if my voice gives out today I am of fighting a cold and homeowner began karma come or something I don't know. Muscled physical yet Brad ramble logo is going to get tested for straps so we'll say move OK yes so I I don't know on the you know how it is. When you won't come are off on vacation for one day you don't wanna call in the management bill request a stay home another. So I dragged myself awfully death bed this morning to come in here I always a trooper anyway well you lie down. I'm a server. So yeah I'm yeah I mean unless I'm lying on the floor. You know clutching my Seneca generally command unless the bleeding or any other fluids full stop you're here right and then an an and it ended that put it just kinda like him hum EC season my losing again and as saying in any given time yes so I am known around here for being tough yet solemn and there is I come into is because. As you know Lee Alex jet that. And I can Wear the same outfit twice a week and then when women fact that you can't hostile a tone of a -- because because did you notice I'm in this I'm in the studio you're in other studios down and I'm days were I don't see anybody down. Here arm and so I've you know I aimed and I can make anybody sick or I wouldn't commit nearly all Jews decide inference we don't go through the main ones yet. So if you would like to speak meets me today email and call me in my self and a record just sending email don't stick your head here are low because I would hate Peta get this it's measurable I appreciate your interest in my health. Yes oh yes absolutely. Right. Well speaking of interest in health com okay you remember this last week because she did a lot of reporting on it only has her dead. Brazen broad daylight shooting. Lastly to him. Came with a suing him right Wednesday last week right near the intersection of north main and brother Ford rep referendum yes. Okay very clear Greeneville police say the case was conspiracy to commit murder. It's pretty much you know really he can conclude when you should demand in the head. Man shot in the head while driving. Okay. That's that's consumer would mean what is that worth say in bonds. If somebody like that bond noted. Attempted murder the guys still in critical condition. Was this. And this is a Greenville news so my Beecher does not say who the judges so I'm gonna make it my mission today to find out who the judges who did this set bond for these three geniuses. At 7500 dollars 22000 dollars and 32500. I'm okay this is Labonte who works. Depending on the bell bonds and you get fueling have to put down ten to 15% so if your bond for nuts right what was it again attempted murder. Is 7500 dollars you went to come up with 750. Maybe 15% on an island and depending on with the bell bonds and wants to do and who the higher. Police Steve Ken Miller. Lights for the suspects to have higher balance you think yeah yes rice said yes think. OK. Let's bonds could possibly could be attributed to affected investigators. Didn't have as much info. At the time bonds were set. No I think the only thing you need to know is attempted and murder them it's now I know would I know what Miller has is is doing it. Worked with him for years including back in child wings captain. Com and you don't you don't wanna take off judges you don't wanna pick a fight with a judge because then you're gonna get all 7500 dollar bonds on you know on murder then. Tell you what he's doing. Home. Judges have to be fair and they have to look at certain criteria I'm not the judge I don't know with the factors worked. Com. I can't imagine either you shot a man ahead. 700. OK let him. Cindy father Ellis 20032. I mean again that's a bond only when she by the time you walk out of their what 3200 bucks now and it that should be would you get. For robbing a liquor store. Down not attempted murder. Yeah I agree that's when all of this came down I was thinking you've got to be kidding me. Because all of these people and are involved on this there's like five. Suspects that are involved five there were arrested they say they could be more. And you know this is a shooting in broad daylight in downtown Greenville. Cart. Cars shooting in bed and brought Dutton got down you know broad daylight downtown Greenville to Camden I would day week is pretty busy don't you wonder you could this. And hit somebody in the head yes not a guy you can easily as you know I mean yeah. All on so well I mean that it's. Raised them. That is brazen and to send this message are you kidding me now. The men and they add all of them have bonded out not surprisingly even a small amount of money we're talking about here they are all on house arrest with electronic monitoring and as great at all. Com and what that means is that if they step ahead zen and they basically geo fence. If they step by the jet is and please will be alerted they'll go arrest them and then they will on petition. I'm to have a binary event and if you can find them if you can exactly leading knows exactly and so mean nothing's. No and if this is again this is gang involvement there's gonna be deer deer will be retaliation going on here you know I mean if you're locked in your home they know where to come find you. On this he just don't let a cake pan. It back to back in North Carolina I fought this fight for years and I finally won it on and that was against very liberal politicians and rally. Did we we literally used to be able to bond out on and first degree murder or attempted murder. And finally after case after case after case after case of somebody committing a murder. Bonding out even on house arrest and the going in killing another person com they fallacy you know what we're gonna denied bonds. For murder and attempted murder and they do that North Carolina. A lot of people think he can't deny bond that's not treat it that's the law in North Carolina and the it it needs to be a law here at this is absolutely ridiculous to week. We are in over our heads before letting people out who would do this in downtown Greenville on 75 and alma. Forget that at 32000 dollar bond is again yelling at a come up with probably rat man 3200 shopping. That's this is just not can work you know if you wanna know what the price of life is there you go it's pretty easy business. It's it's pretty cheap enemy I would think. I'm as liberal as some of our politicians are nothing is more sacred here in green building downtown. You know and I mean in in tourism and promotion is downtown and Jonas have if we don't hear about human life. Should we care about our tourism industry embrace our business life it's luckily all because nothing is more precious GeMS and I would think. That we can get some of our you know middle of censored too you know even left to censor. Council members. Upset about this. You know maybe some of our our legislative map members is upset about this between you just can't hallow the she outs like Vegas down to count. You don't need any town what oh come ride the swamp rabbit trail of what dodge bullets can adrenaline surge but hack. What the heck. And I decision dishes from what she and Lee I I've lived this before that I don't wanna be and I told you so's person but I am but I am IID so eerie to me how. Greeneville is tracking Shirley in this development. Com and one of the things that happens it is happening Sherwood too is gang members won't may have to where police departments are not prepared to deal with them. As well as they earn some other cities. And you know I didn't leave the absolute. And in Charlotte to the tolerance for the gangs which went on for a long time there was a ruling she would out down I 77 in broad daylight. Rolling it went on for miles. As they shot Asia and Asia with automatic weapons ask us to watch boom what police full allowable what the judges suggests Walters I. That was the problem in our justice system. I'm Sumi eulogies guys by now that is unbelievable. To me. NO is suggests that it's from art you know our state our city if this is the kind of thing that's gonna go on downtown I'm not taking my kids actually get cleaned up. But and think about the message showed that this since the law enforcement. Think about this yeah. You know you're risking your lives arresting and investigating and finding these people. Who won't just go down the street shooting at folks broad daylight in downtown green beloved a major city in South Carolina. In the middle of the day with cameras everywhere witnesses everywhere they don't care. You know and and and what does that say the law enforcement why should I risk my life for this when they're just gonna turn right around what these folks out the next afternoon of that day. It's not worth it now. It's it is absolutely not worth it and while house arrest does help. They can't always get them fast suffer I've seen no several murders committed when I was in Charlotte on PSP one house arrest. So. Yes Jack Quinn the vaunted Dodd twenty. Chris Lee Collins nineteen of I duck creek in Lyman. They these are they're charged with has meant his brisket murder I'd demos Sabina Beasley 22 of Greeneville. Xavier Miguel Concepcion. 22 of our lean drive in taylors and Justin Du'Shon Miller Tony to a fair haven corn Greer. Young man young woman you know late teens early twenties guaranteed is game related Alia. Abby. Can be no. You no shame this is. Honestly we desperately needed had to gang conversation in the city. Charlotte get at a hands we you know had won the highest murder rates in the nation from mid size city in this is exactly exactly how it started them. And they had getting any they had to get old sensing they had to get a hold a bond to control its. And unfortunately the one person who got that and was fighting the fight was so glad to see it. Was our sheriff. You know has since gone quiet because of his own personal them and a controversy this. Shall we say yes. This is such a shame to me that time. He'd have been all of this into Atlanta as such a shame to me that we lost that voice because of disputes personal behavior with everyone to play. Actually don't or we don't have another voice and we desperately need one especially in law enforcement who's not afraid to take these guys on. Tester race and thanks for the warning if your illness 'cause I just bring my radio would place all the great idea I just can't go a day without hearing your voice hope you feel better all thank you. Ticket kids to be great wolf lodge over the weekend. Even there with the ball. Cost floods but a lot of fine. As well so yet in Charlotte to Anchorage in order park and we discuss their weaknesses I think a third time. Yep and comes to kids if they need certain targets with their report cards and all of acted they get to go because winners have parties. And then that you know in life when you work hard. You to play hard to. Good things tend to come your way off an unexpectedly somewhat kind of create ads for them and that's what we did we had. Both of them had two really good quarters. And so my daughter and my son academically so well we hit the wolf lines to celebrate played hooky for a day of my kids' teachers Allison. And and yet. It's been interesting to do this arm we make a teen project in our house. So the whole team has to win we they'll have to hit you know there. Academic targets that dissect them we wishes its its straight day on oral. And I tell them that so we can't it be and we have to work hard together and if there's anything you don't know you can't do then is your responsibility to come to me and I will. You know do whatever it takes to figure out how to doing teach it to you and help you with the but that's your job in my house. And if you don't do your job. You know you you lose privileges. So calm but but if you do your job you do get rewarded so that's what we did. Is actually kind of cool dynamics. My son and daughter yell at each other if one or the other don't feel like they've done well enough on a test but at the same time on the regularly studied together on the way to work. I was with my mum on the way to school has been driving them into flash cards and quiz each other that kind of thing. It's kinda cute ways wanna get on the other if they don't have an answer the question are not trying hard in office must not trying hard enough it's more like it so. But they both did it they've pulled through met and so we went celebrate that now we have a new goal for the for the next semester. Any camping trip with a horseback grade through decades ago so hopefully. They saw that last time we were up in the smoky they wanted to do it so I that's the goal for the next few corners if everybody achieves but the whole team's got to make itself. Interesting seeing and I guess we are good times. And great family ties so nice to go there because it's really would be 88 it's very humid inside if you've ever been to great wolf lodge. And you cannot take years cellphone in their free lifetime now because of whack it out. I can think your computer Needham has been tried Casilla to work always get. And died to see if frogs appear computers and you literally cannot have the electronics around your children. And so calm he's had to put it down and focus on them and you know that just happened or else. In our modern lives unfortunately so was need to be able to do that for the weekend 803471063. Takes like 71307. The next segment. And say what's going on with the spying thing. With a foot defies aquarius thinking are all your eyes the dossier wanna hear about it mourn a record talk about the dossier. Where your heart about what they did whit. Which is increasingly. On net be leave fumble. And I'm a break it down and we probably have heard anywhere else. Like any hint what's coming. Donald Trump. His campaign staff. Trump tower. The trump tower server. Only the beginning. A what was by. Using Carter page. The fan identifies a warrant through that dossier. And over the weekend to DeVon and DeVon muted if even just a Ben weeks ahead on this a lot of the time sometimes months depending. Am able to tell you what the news is gonna bring you can figure that out by watching DeVon new noses. He's ahead of the Intel committee be emptied his. Every is careful he'll tell you what's coming if you listen. And he'll roll it out essential way. That poem she isn't giving you the underlying documents just yet but shall know what's come Mombasa tell you what's coming. And it's simply mind. It's going to be it's going to begin to rearrange the way you think. About your country even more than perhaps. You're already experiencing. And text your race. Satiric gun laws and ordinances. In that downtime Greenwald and stop criminals determine issued their guns from doing so I'm so shocked. Tester race. Mr. problems come from growth and local real estate lawyers chamber of commerce early global is on immigration. They don't care about the problems growth causes people. Just the dollar that is there to be made. Now it takes your share I would say if you try and robs the liquor storing music garnering knife that would be attempted murder to a few percent of weapons. You and you may kill someone you don't even need to fire the gun used and I just showing is enough. Yeah I know we have 7500 dollars bonds for attempted murder. The highest bond and was 32000 and has sounded a lot but but again if you could have bonded out of anywhere hoping haven't. You really need to come up with ten to 15% to of that to walk out the door and all of these guys for one who committed the rolling in 2 PM last week on Wednesday attempted murder on the north main street shy guy in the head guys in critical condition. They're out. They are out. It's not putts. They are outmanned potentially walk around with us now there on house arrest. So please get an alert if they you know. If they take off but still. They are still out. When there's that there's no fence there. If they decide Iraq. At some of the work out long term. If we worry very small code on city that wasn't growing. And wasn't getting international attention may be but it is in there and cut it. Can that do I not watch is in Charlotte word spreads with these gang members. Had dinner is summoning in Allen that I said he 200 dollar bonanno is out ammonia words and word has already rippled across the country trust me. Trust me. Just a year ago all the Smart people were mocking Donald Trump for being seen enough to suggest the Obama administration had surveil those secret wire tapped his campaign. What up paranoid lunatic base and get off Twitter. Yeah now we know what actually happened. The question this point is how many people in Trump's orbit once it spied on by the FBI. Yup and it's a big one. How many weren't spied on by the FBI. Crazy stuff coming out this weekend you might not appreciate the significance of if you understand exactly when meets. Gotta rewind for me here to tell you where this is going. When. The Hillary campaign. I mean the heads of the department of justice and the SP lie applied for that buys a warrant to spy on track. They apply for under title one. And that's a critical distinction while the media has not explained. Title one is used to after spy networks it's the highest. Com. Class a war that you could possibly get. As a means is if they took out a title 1 morning. And you came to see me. Downstairs you want to leave his bid people often do notes or something like that. On and you add title and warn any. But because you had made contact with me. They could then spy on me they have to go get another war. Biggest fan my phone calls my emails my texts. All of and the Britain's high of one warrant. Is to unmask. And spy upon spite marks. It's it's to go minds I so would would they do what they're saying is look at color pages buys Nino whose whole network it. As anybody Carter page comes in contact with. They can spot. She have to understand that to understand what they did here. Big confirmation over the weekend a lot of mainstream media missed. DeVon in as head of the Intel committee who would know he's seen all of her. Intelligence around us are a lot of anyway it would at least what he's able to get into the FBI and the DOJ. Admitted to thinks. Here's the first one and it's significant. It's actually. Huge. Carter is who would when you look at when you take a despised by warrant on somebody that you tell the Carolina we think this guys is a Russian spy or a terrorist. Where both. We we have we we think he's tears would have to he is so dangerous we have to unmasked. We're we're gonna have to go find his entire network seat who all is you know. Cooperating with him. To do something to hurt the country. One problem. They knew current page was in the spot. He works for the FBI. Determined treehouse broke this last week we were all over. Gemini and as head of the Intel committee confirmed it over the weekend. So this. A guy so alone to the FBI they don't have to spy on him he works for that. In fact. He had worked with them to catch other Russian spies. He was there out he was their informant. Here's a guy anyway I know we think this guys would only his win despite no. He was your ass. That's critical Siegel an at and a tejada used it. This is what's terrified. You know Carter paid is an interesting individual. OK but he also was a guy who who cooked cooperated with the FBI back in 2013. They used him in a court. Case. OK so what does this mean the FBI uses him as an asset uses him the spinal despised because he's got Russian connections. Uses them it uses him to point to plant listening device Stephen tell me they did not did they do the whole time they know he was a Russian spy and Allison he's national security emergency now. They should get the warrant on Carter peach. So they could send him into the truck campaign he's one of their assets. They needed somebody they could trust and control. Think about that. The next came out on the weekend cart page. Did not enter. Or make contact with trump officials until after the warrant was taken and I think about that from. That's knots. The word was all about Donald Trump. It would created the impression with the phys judge's ultimate wildcard page as his Bihac could be. Big spice hunting down the country and what he said he's OK if you don't remember Tron was a big part of the dusty. Her separate paging you know Donald Trott. At the time they took out the war. So what Jimmy Carter case. Is they've weaponized they turn into a virus basic. Sentiment to a healthy community. They took asset there's like the size accord about it and send him. Into the trap campaign. This for the many walk through the front for the tribe campaign they could then spy on anybody in the trap campaign. Don't what are they were talking Carter page you're not in the front desk secretaries at the CNK yes sure you know what Steven have yet to see in just a minute boom. She's by. Al or emails or phone calls everything. But it didn't stop there. That's the crazy part. They didn't just send Carter paid into the try to campaign. So they can spy on everyone in the truck campaign. They sent him to congress. Wait what. They send him to cut to think about this. Carter page testified. Home. Behind closed their doors. And in open session. Before what congressional committees. Nude as lays this out this weekend to these are two big pieces of not breaking usually hear more about this in the coming weeks is that just how mean as works. He drops this stuff for people who understand what he's talking about you'll see the proof a couple of weeks just how I've been so far at this as I listened everywhere he says listen what he set. The implications of sending Carter page into a congressional committee to testify under a title one more. Then means every single person on he's that that he talked to Carter Paige talked to. On that committee. The FT line is now entitled to go look at there emails they're text and a from Cox. Process that Furman. And these are the same committees investigating hoop. Now. The FBI. They used Carter page to spy. On the people investigating. Their crimes or what would be their crimes to keep an eye on that. They used Carter page. To keep an eye on the committees that are supposed to oversee them that they are supposed to answer to not the other way around as with the FBI did take a listen noon as drops this hints over the weekend. We know now has been declassified we know that anyone who was talking to Carter page. Was likely picked up by authorities now that would include remember Carter page has been a suspect of congress. We have interviewed him. I think the senate has interviewed him. So so this is scary stuff right I mean that this would mean that they would have congressional communications. From our branch of government they would have to anybody that he was talking to in the White House. They keep the lines. When he says they would have commission congressional communications they don't just mean pay you know committee aide congressman's office wrote to Carter page asked him to come to the committee. Now once you make contact and Carter page. The virus infection. And they can get anything you had anything you have your text or emails on any subject. Not just your communications with Carter page. Anybody he'd touched got infected with the fight the virus. Nothing about what that I think about as we now let's rewind frenetic. Is this cancer is a question I had a couple weeks ago an Anderson as Gregg Jarrett. On Fox News reported. That right resisting the number two when he is a real number two at the Department of Justice. Threatens the intelligence committee and a couple of other members of congress that if they release banana. They released Republican memo he would do what he would release congress members' private texts emails and phone house. How would Rosen Steen have those you have to go go to fight the war. To get them. There's strange stretch. Greg Gerri. At Fox News had to congressional sources on. He's he had to congress members told me that are right resists his Justice Department threaten and you put the memo I wouldn't release your text your emails all but we've got how to have. And speaks perfect cents. Of course they had. They've got new as a Z mouths they get. Get these emails phone calls texts when I was in there. Because they all talk to current page. And so when congress talked to Carter page. Your office sentiment letter requesting information. You were copied a letter to his lawyer. As a congressman abiding and committee both. They get right to get everything because they got what part of page entitled one. Weren't. So if I had bonded or you bumped into Carter page Christopher. And they generate all your emails. From girls. And texts and humid. She is works. So what did manage just Telus. As new is ducts. Couple weeks out before this stuff hits he will tell you what's coming. He'll tell you what's new is just homeless. The FBI used Carter paced notches to finance front and the White House and trams campaign. They used car page splash in congress. The very people. You're supposed. Who they are supposed to answered yeah. Where does descend from where we can get the unmasking. That's a whole separate. Special Sampras. The 70 to a mass we even talked about that. We don't know who did that included looked up her whose emails there were trolling through. That's Cummins who thought this could be huge it's huge and they're out of control. It's about the last segment. Held together as we do so often hear how current page. An assets. Of the FBI. We're working with them was weaponized send deliberately into the trap campaign. And into congress. To get the ability to spy on trump yes but also the congress members who were supposed to be overseen. The FB life. An apartment injustice. It was on purpose. I wish understand how Warren works with even Carter Picard page it makes a lot of sense. What they did. And it makes a lot of sense why Rosa scene was able to threaten members of congress I'm gonna release your personal text in emails. Phone calls if you release the manna. And I was like at the time how does he have to temple were to get to know we wouldn't. Carter page. Communicate with members of congress. And if you look at who Rosen Steen threatens. It was a couple of members of congress and the Intel committee. Could guard page appear before. Intel committee. Makes sense. As or starting to see folks how this works. But why in a national while the FBI is buying New England congress yet why would they think they could. CIA did it. Ever Lindsey Graham screaming don't. Senate so foreign relations and. Was overseas CIA they respond on. As they investigated the CIA Everest Lindsey Graham screaming about that was a fair. How well what ever happened nothing. Criminal referral OPEC investigation you kidding me. So the FB YYCIA. Is my daughter's constant care and now we're all gonna do is issue attack tersely worded statement. To what do we do it I mean why why wouldn't they think they could. Takes straight and now you know why no one is doing anything about it Ella well yeah they got all but because he's. How much power with someone come over you if they had all of your text your phone calls and your emails. They you everywhere you Ben and they had your meant that if you're really good pit person not much. But these are members of congress were talking about here folks. Texture or so since I contract to take contacted tree gang is up to persuade him to vote a certain way. Was I then infected with the fight survivor who knows. Just. But that's going to be coming I'm coming weeks I DeVon you know has basically just told us. He does. Tech series how. I push I is just unbelievable ivory rural white trump must be after stealing everybody almost everything all they could even manufacturer is there is the Russians did it. It was his manifest desk need to do what he's doing things got. Randy from Simpson bill. The morning. Got richer idea. I think church up front and I'm not. I understand that you know on our side we get experience of all rhetoric but I think it's kind of curious that now that. Result. Crawl on all all all over this stuff. That the congress was complicit. On both sides because we aren't here on it started this deal dossier that started. I think it's funny how now everybody's just casually for yet. But he had he or she actually did start that there are so deep in that wish they'd be democratic. What do Democrats came out what they're still does she take the Republicans sat their quietly at that Cheney ticket cheap illegal lower this game from when they start at all. You noticed how quiet Scott on that front. Yeah I mean for three and I'm putting that out I mean for you where it was and was persecution based largely on the still dossier by the Republicans and they were forced separate. Congressional investigations into trapped in Russia collision and zero into anything Hillary did. And bring you this Randy. All of the members of congress. But. Receipts one have to have to look it up. All the members of the house I think except wanna look up there when the most outrageous boats Aybar sorry and he was remember they stripped trump. Of his ability on to conduct for negotiations most of it not all of it due member that gaps well yet and they've punishment and remember that was in a bill. Bomb that they forced the president to sign because they have pre veto proof majority on that said that Russia had colluded. On to help trump when the election they forced him to sign that dang bill and they took his ability to negotiate away all of the based on the steel dossier in these lies. That's his own party did to him Randy. Actually kept it it's funny now the Republicans are for getting it. But that never happened. Well and why I say one more thing just for the record every member of our delegation voted for that from the state which I'm proudly embarrassed by. It. So I mean even the freedom caucus winner want Daniel let's trip our president's ability to conduct more in public policy negotiate with the Russians and everyone else that's still in effect. Because what it really comes down to it or concerned Ayers is moving the ball not actually be true to its. Whatever the matter. They Wear. But somewhere along the way it looks like Roy trump has gotten the upper hand either through just the disclosure of all this information war. Politically or by taking over the RNC in the funding mechanism which he mentioned to them over the summer he finally got control of it. That he's getting more and more and more power in the party you can see all the signs of that. Randy and so you know it's it's just it it a lot of these congress members are like magnets. They gist respondents. You know I mean to the strongest you know negative positive poll in and that's where they're going with Chara Alison they want the truth well Chad darn nice if they've started over a year ago. Good point that Randy im glad got a long memory.