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Tuesday, February 13th

Jeff Sessions accused of white supremacy for making the same reference to American system of laws that Obama did; Attempted murderers given low bond after brazen daytime shooting in downtown Greenville; Obama admin used Carter Page like a virus to illegally spy on Trump campaign and Congress


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May good morning to Harare just reminders so. You get anything and picked up yet for the way historian and. Is Valentine's sensing I am blessed in the fact that tell my wife usually tells me I just got myself this for Valentine's so she does this yes she is she picks out things that. That she wants and she got sort of got herself basically. What I would've spent money on so. So they're there early some other film now most of the some other stuff going on but you know yet. Absolutely. Yes or rim logo says to me don't feel it's and we just got a lot of money into pitches on occasion that we just not a monies would that we don't do anything for Valentine's. We won't do anything OK you promise yep which means he's gonna show us bright with flowers and Tyrus of course and I'm feeling credit watch now. So I have learns no I've learned I've been married a long time I've learned. That just ignore him and we'll both get something for Asia don't get into that on Valentine's guilt. I know now he does he's iPhone through this before fell for this one of the first time I had to learn a fill for. He got me something after swearing that we weren't gonna get each other anything until now I've I've learned in the Lincoln camps not my hand on top of the Swiss post work anyway. What do we do. Yemeni do you agree before hand and I can get each other something you know I mean both partners and right uphold the of their end of the deal I would think. But Mike is an iPhone does that force and I thought the deal was that you say that in the you do it anyway I what he does this to me every year I I don't know why doesn't. Yeah okay I know will be the same if we decided not to get you know something for each other than we did anyway now wink wink nod nod nod yes. What's up lead couples have disagreement Lee ends are they should stick to it the majority of married couples won't be doing anything for Valentine's Day. 54%. Okay well. So. If you're one of those I guess I don't feel bad rap sheets I. You've got the maturity yet okay meanwhile. See this what happens when they don't teach history in school arm or people fail to learn history in school pride she happened to Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions is speaking at AI sheriff's conference. And prom he he said this line in the C can guess what the problem is with this line. Power girl went deep leftist media thinks the problem is with this one quote. The office of sheriff is in critical part of the Anglo American Heritage of law enforcement. Mercy yes so we have proof that he is a white supremacist re use or the worst Anglo American up. Which means what people orient them. It doesn't necessarily. No action doesn't at all. And Anglo American. Legal system Anglo American legal tradition that refers to England right. Which is where. Our legal system came for exactly exactly it's specifically. And refers I am to about thirteen but in the thirteen hundreds they are the first courts. In. What are ram now the British Isles and so most of the common law natural law basis for our judicial system comes from where angle. Lisa angle it does not mean white folk. A mean Anglican Anglo yet it didn't they didn't beaten the British. Can they were pretty light yes are right they work we can change that even though I did see recently. There's an article out there saying now that the first. English natives were actually dark skinned dark haired dark eyes oh no the dead blue eyes. Well regardless lies yet and the dark sin yeah yes yeah so maybe they weren't letting go after expect. To think about that. Okay nine I don't know anymore yeah I don't either OK so but this today every man to carry offensives in this is Brad proof that jet Jess sessions is a lot of things that we and I want to say on the air. And that a racist is not one of them. Alum but done but anyway he is not the first major politician to refer to our Anglo American judicial and legal system. Q who posted it on the senate floor. On the senate floor could have been Barack Obama Barack Obama. Called it the Anglo American legal system for the year and a half he was a senator yes. From. A yes and and it messed because he would know that having bend the law school. Again who think about you would say yes again a lot of our law is based on British law. Anglican. Anglo law yes. Matt white glove right. Although a lot of white the that's telling me as I I they're confusing Anglo Saxon ride an Anglo American yes. Guy at that Google for once before they get outraged exactly. And just channel you know just you know. Well it's is this like we you have so many in this country that are going out of their way to find something to be offended by because there's virtually nothing. That's a first world problem isn't right summit offends me. This is offensive here I found something at you like the actual offensive stuff in our society nobody cares about now. Like this she is the artist who painted the Obama's official portraits. On earth official gays and for the Smithsonian. Which is traditionally done for the new president and Presley wring out. Has a kind of sidelined think he's black Jack. His staying when he's not not painting people like them is to paint it black people a black women specifically be heading wade women. Oh lovely and well there you ago. Black women are the powerful angels of the earth conquering BWAY doubles. This totally not racists no just for the record it's toll now to hit today while wiley. Likes to paint they should see these. That's what did you are at once again I was I did president George W. Bush. Has official Smithsonian portrait painted. Or Ronald ray or whoever now by somebody some wide gang who likes to paint might people be heading black could even imagine there'd there. There would be there'd be a public lynching their week in. Its. Why I just I don't know why we tolerate this double standards are supposedly tolerant society. You know. It's just. It's a destructive. Charles from blue ridge good morning. The can make it just decrypt. It's social we've got an official high ranking officials and Republican administration who doesn't get tired. No matter what he does and he's blackmailing congress. It is threatening to reveal. Personal details. If they release the document that the American public badly need to know. Either way I don't think we got the holdup document go oh going into it we're hearing it. Stuff about how the Democrats say I had that read a refusal and then that some stuff was removed. Plummet before we have a side I think that's how the Democrats are able to get away was saying it's been nothing burger. But that the idea of owning more at what both. Both sides say yes the American people he shouldn't be edit this guy that committed a major clapping should be traffic hit it. Please let him around Rosen seen antigen system cannot yet. It. No one deliberate lack nobody has no wonder that ten years after Obama's first election was passing it meant that Obama budget. Don't listen I'm Betty added that any administration. Will we have. Lacey I think swim I'm sure as you'd think their blackmailing all of them with their emails and text. I can't really get up and about the pass anything they want that and I'm anything they want but didn't destroy the country will quit quit quit with the and within budget debt debt debt. Senate is that cost but I and actually yeah. Peg you what you know what Charles. Anything's possible these daddy and the more that I hear coming out from DeVon newness and the intelligence committee I'm I'm just throw my hands there. You know what I thought was possible has just been blown away so. Buddies write it but really did you how long. This insane four trillion dollar budget 25%. Of bats. Current. We're just borrowing a trillion dollars that's all what I mean there was nothing we could Qaeda NASA now of course nothing. There were no duplicative programs anyway. I've got a few duplicative programs I think ups. Okay. Race. What is barn but never dies and government agencies. This your race. It did sing it any and all information gathered by an illegally obtained Pfizer warrant could be would be inadmissible in court of law putts could still taking political punch down the court of public pain. In two big part of the problem here. Tester race. Numb. Tier I believe a good wife the show the good wife showed us a glimpse of how the spying and worked it was eye opening have to check that out. Heard it's actually pretty good show. And I would talking about is what's happening is that over the weekend which was remarkable. Couldn't wait to get in here putts today. And tell you about it. Feminine as is the head of the intelligence committee and went without him we would not know what was going on in this country with a five Sorenson with all of that stuff with the spine. And we lit up this weekend Burris who was remarkable and and repeated every hour today. Because she needs to know. What the FB like did and what department just did it exactly how far reaching. It Weis. They did a lot more than used Carter pace to spy on trapped they used current pace is by congress. And avenue and is laid out an interview over the weekend. That it seems like a lot of folks maybe either mr. or mrs. significance off. It is absolutely mind boggling what they were what what they did. 803471063. Text line 713 SF. The time of this this morning tip. Have a dual justices. Holy care holy kept in this in a readers and do it I Arab little local and national and llamas an okay. Is key minds what what are prison in Donald Trump. That the level at which he has spent her rest. Because somebody somewhere claimed that he had some connections to some Russians. Who may or may not have colluded to fix our election he has been investigated at the highest levels fourth congressional investigations. The Robert Mueller investigation. They still can't find anything. But boy they are looking. Contrast that to this. Enormous last week. Broad daylight all of our news broad daylight it's 2 PM on Wednesday. Zero meter section of north main street and Rutherford road here in green. Rolling shootout. A home and out via bit what happened was a number of individuals five men were arrested. Breezy ended daylight she and they just decided it executed. And you know what it's some big outcry the frost across Farrow well. Who cares. And none porn. Shot in the head he still alive he's in critical condition. A taped police Greenville police chief Ken Miller. Says this was an attempted murder conspiracy canard murder clearly. What have what she would you call shoot somebody in pet. So you wonder what five men. Today. Well you think you shot somebody in the head in broad daylight in an attempt to murder and enduring Greenville where do you think you'd be weekly. Almost weekly. Locked away for the good of the public gray is too dangerous to be allowed back known. There renal bond. They're out on bond. What is. How responded we talking here. The judge set bond for three of the men. As Seve 500 dollars. And 22032000. For the is now that's so psychologically to dirge is not. Bail Bondsman we usually take down payment 1010% so what that means is you shot until now had you try to kill him you came up was 750 bucks. And I you're Walken. You're. And Casey everybody's 20000 UK it's usually about 10%. Fifteen tops. Depending on how well you shot the bell bonds in what program you're on. 2200 bucks. All of these five arrested on any conspiracy to commit murder charge. For. Our much. They're out. Which is thus far president Donald Trump. For merely being associated with the Russians. According to some people who have yet to show was any proof. Has been punished to a greater degree held more responsible. Then these fine young men who show person. Is it did it boggles the mind. The real news so I got in touch with Greeneville police chief Ken Miller. Who said he would like for the suspects who have gotten higher bonds. Transcended beyond. Funds could possibly be attributed to the fact investigators didn't have as much information that time the bonds were set. As they do Nat. Well yeah. Tenth but we still it was attempted murder we knew he showed that we need a shot it I never knew that. I don't Kendall. Is doing here or not and I criticized him to misunderstand. He's got to be very careful he can't pick a fight with a judge. Because that judge could could could really give his officers a hard time going forward. So I get at least you know he's doing the most he can't criticize this giants while training no lately. He did judges have to be fair and have to look at certain criteria Miller so I'm not to judge I don't know with the factors war. Well isn't such. Matthew Raymond hall Lee junior year. Seven are do are you kidding 7500. Bucks. For conspiracy to commit murder in broad daylight the ruling shooting are you adding your mind. Even the 22 thousand in history 200 get out. They got a lucky to getting that high. This is unbelievable and it ebbed and what help in Carolina where I come from. This is a big prom they had they had gang shootings and just absolute mayhem and and murder and it got to the point where people are getting is to start happening people would get on the easel bonds for murder what they did. Can somebody else which is that is obviously gain more re engineers could be retribution here. Even though it go ration each other. I still would have does it get out they BM Ambon from one Ehrlichman and and so what happened when eventually had to happen it got so bad the legislature had to take a Labonte for murder and attempted murder. And so now they sit cooled hills in their heels and until suffered 23 years for the trial as they should. They need they've got to change that state they've got to. This is re did Gillis. Anyway for the route the please you point seven they are on electronic monitoring. And their geo fence right now so if they go you know past the barrier the police will now and try to arrest them that's if they can get their fast enough and catch them. So the suspects steps outside ads on the police will be alerted yes. The best I can stop whatever they do in the meantime. I just know from covering crime in Charlotte I have seen people commit the crime of murder armed while at the with a bracelet on a wrinkle. Some five OK seven OK it's 500 dollars. Bomb it is a kind of bond and I to me that would be really low for like even a liquor store robbery. But we know we got her. So be hitting. Three Friday's semifinal about. We great point about this earlier this is a slap in the face of the police officers who arrested which is probably why Miller commented. Us like you risk your life to take out the kind of individual house Gary would be to have to take somebody down. They do every day these officers but this is the mean and they're my heroes they do I get it they're trained for but still. You dig down who's capable of may 2 PM. Wednesday afternoon north main street rolling and shoot out. Only a fine up they're back out on 7500. Dollars bonds. You kidding me. If we wanted to gain problem trips. If if we work to advertise. For gang members to move here. I can't imagine a better way to do it. Pitting those advantage should talk Clinton talked to Gerald Gerald. Hey good morning I'm glad it all we offend me network group called the most choking her. Initiating indicate what an object dependent virtually no. Her apartment 101000 dollar patients can't hear you great kind of figured that would. Wait you're a family member who hit somebody in the head who is choking her. If I help her coat which opener if she used in the bay and I'll defend herself. Guess that old golf ball efficiency at your separate. It was ever resolved to was do you wish ultimately convict her. She ordered an artifact. Achieved. In contrary it at all. For that or for something else. HR two would core group of domestic policy more for the governorship. Cup. Okay since then out 101000 dollars. Okay so she like actually shoot anybody in the head down. Our data sheet problem would have been better off if she is short eight block I'm here. If you talk arbitrator brought okay I'll probably would not take usually. All right thank you journal of course we don't condone violence on the show we're just kind of the absolute absurdity of this. It three out of five so vs just email I needed it be if you if you if you feel like shooting somebody in the head broad daylight on north main media BR guest. Within a week you'll be out. Three of the five. Released on 7500 dollars bond again if if you don't need to have on who works. All may yet come in about 10% of that. Feeling actually painful bond cubes gaunt. So many you really kind of blue it's America it's about setting up from our for attempted murder are you kidding me. OK the other two got a 20032000. Dollar bond responsibly big and it's probably about 2000 dollars. Or 3000 dollars depending. I'll fortified around. That's just wow OK again that is the work of judge Matthew Raymond Holley junior genome can pound back today. Thanks for your servicer. Unbelievable. Ari I did this so import images in every hour this this morning from bear with me as they do it. As you need to know what's coming. And what broke over the weekend. On an Intel has had does DeVon Eunice who I have the utmost respect for. Well without him I we have Amy and single handedly attempting to save the republic from the from the deep state. Without him I don't know where we would be is country. And DeVon has has a funny way of telling you what's coming next. Every subtle way in interviews com and then you know 23 weeks. Later you get the proof of what he's talking about but he'll he'll warning what's coming that's one of the ways we've been able to be so far out ahead of the curve here is as I watch. Outward at the transcripts for everyone on his side interviews until tell you what's coming before they release the stuff. I was he's an over the weekend was unbelievable. PO wasn't doing an interview with Maria Bartiromo and she can catch when he was sent. Or the significance of. A decent little story of the dossier and Carter page I know by now you're icicle is number but stick with me. Because this is nip. Well over the weekend avenue and has admitted to fix that are bombshells. The first. Is that Carter paves. Is asset of the FBI he works for the FBI he collaborates with the FBI he is work with them before on court cases. Many typifies a worn out on Carter page. So what do what does it mean OK well here's the V they took the worn out on Carter page under title one. That is the highest level of ties to warrant it's it can get and and a purpose and aid Taiwan ties warrant. Is to go after spying networks as what you do as you go to court to hate this guys despise danger the American people is working with nations of XYZ government. And I'm so we need to now spy on him winning despite everyone comes in contact with and ordered seal. Reveal his network so we can then your maker has taken. OK so that is a very highly dangerous individual. That's why you need defies a warrant to spy on somebody like that. But that's not your card page what's he's an asset of the FB lie you know exactly who it. He's a high high level Russian spy spy and he's B spy on he was their guy. So when they get to 10015 warrant. What does that mean. Well that means anybody Carter page calls. Emails. Texts. Meets for coffee. Anybody like that. That Warren and applies to them too they don't have to use upper Warren. So suppose curb page emails he Terry let me show. Bu. I can't qualify for full FBI surveillance. I'm not making this this this is how that Warren works at how seriously it's. Current page never knew or spoke to. Or had anything to do with the charm campaign team until after they got the size or think about that forget what was the dossier about trop. Well why she why would you tell why you included dossier on trumped in current page buys a Warren -- paging notre. And connecting with and yet. That's the architect Michael signifies a weren't on meet. I know Donald Trump. He simply didn't. They sent him into the trunk campaign. So every when he talked to in the home every when he emailed every when he texts qualified for what FBI surveillance. Ultimately they use it's do what surveil the server trump tower. This is total setup. That's works how it's much it's. Not early DeVon and has let us know that Carter page this weekend. It was an FBI asset not. A Russian spy as they told defies accord. They also told us DeVon and has also told us they used car to paint they sent him into congress. What when Carter page exchanges emails text letters. With members of congress where does when members of congress can go to curb page's lawyer. Guess who the FBI can now surveil. Members congress. Devlin Nina has laid that out this weekend it's devastating. You know Carter paid is an interesting individual. It was it was actually this when we know now has been declassified we know that anyone who was talking to Carter page. Was likely picked up. By authorities now that would include remember Carter page has been a suspect of congress. We have interviewed him. I think the senate has interviewed him. So so this is scary stuff right I mean that this would mean that they would have congressional communications. From our branch of government they would have anybody that he was talking to in the White House. Wow. Now. Let's say OK so what does that mean. Remember when the number two at the DOJ Rudd resisting he's really is number two. Remember Greg your report artifacts these couple weeks ago. That run risen Steen threatened to members of the intelligence committee that he would release their emails phone calls and texts. If they release the memo documenting his crimes to ram that Gregg Jarrett had to congressional sources on that. And what would risen scene. And risen eighteen Justice Department gets the texts. And emails and phone calls a congress members who defied the courts that nope. Not yet. Think herb page to Paris. So they can spy on the people on the intelligence committee that the FD Ina DOJ are supposed to inserts it. Process that Furman. There's so much makes sense. And how they control these people. Common sense retirement planning heads planet we know. Thanks to raids. It's your ray said where's dad okay Tara dead might be the explanation for why tree dowdy is not running for congress anymore. I have no idea. On the club at the thought did cross my mind. Text rates. Ads you're really appreciate your covering what is going on in DC but to our understanding is amazing newness is not single handedly saving new republic. Sitting. There republic has been planned for decades old news. Turned senate taxed I'm glad somebody playing that that's that's good to that Linda if you could tell me who is say Cigna republic I will. Amend my statement and you very much for your tax. Straights that this has to wonder how many other Carter pages have been run through congress. The White House and good net goodness knows where also says big. Yup in fact that's exactly what ran into my mind this weekend. How many others are out there. We now know there are four dossier it's. How many others how long they've been spying on congress. Dexter rates. Tier I. That was really it. On you Terry you're undermining trump and the military Intel behind illness. The only reason this is happening is a group of Petrie in agreement patriots. Asked trump to run. Al and is saving republic has been planned for decades okay that's as I see the text for split. You're undermines company military Intel to handle I I don't understand your text I'm sorry. I think feminine as just an amazing job after somebody else I need to credit awesome Susan I know they'll name their name I well. Takes your race. Life is cheap. In the age TL sorry I mean Greenville. Again is confused now with Roland gunfights panel. Yet that is just something adamantly. In isn't it this good return of the shooting on north main last week and and and what the pond was orchestrate this is not into AM. Wednesday should. This you 2 PM shooting. I near the intersection north main street ready for rent. Think about that from. Well 7500 dollar fine no big to. What I'm sorry what mom with three little kids like me in the back carve out a way. And they worry about I guess not. I guess night and way. Body Max prominent. I'd and to get into this. The Quinton. Rick Quinn. Crew and really bothered to register as a lobbyist before he lobbied the state legislature. Which is illegal. Multiple charges. GTs guide. This could mean for a million bucks. Four million dollars was eligible on the charge for a year in prison. QA custom. He was find a thousand dollars and cents to 500 hours of community service. And Richard Quinn is C a longtime. Political kingmaker here in South Carolina. He's done a lot of legal things you can read David passcodes. A plea deal with him to get an idea. Of but yet behind a lot of people like Henry master all of that's. A thousand dollar fine and 500 hours of community service to make what four million bucks. What limit where did that deal. What do we get a deal. Good deal especially to do 500 hours of community service a thousand dollar funny four million dollars. Yet why this you get dead deal with the legislature. Harrell did we get here. How we get here. While the was Dinah by circuit court judge Carmen my. During contentious wade for a head hearing in Buford county. This guy for twenty years has been a political king maker. Armed who if you wanna legislation killed he would just call the people who we raise money for at tellem no no. And they would kill you legislation. This was a registered lobbyists that they even bother. OK so judge Carmen mollen says no no. Chris is too good for the license Richard couldn't. Mullen didn't see how she gets judge Janet works here. We for an. She was appointed by guess who. The legislature. Our judges are recommended by a legislative committee approved by the legislature now if Herman Marin McMullen and keep your job is to chuck. This a really good idea to send Rick queen to prison. Yes not no it's. By the way. This this problem with the judge who sent these 500 dollar bond for the rolling mill today attempted murder on north may street guess you play it. Legislation. Completely. Insulated. From the anger of the people these guys should be elected. It's just stay ecstatic and Charl.