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Tuesday, February 13th

More pressure on contact sports because of overt masculinity; ACLU defends illegal alien’s inclusion on transplant list; Lawlessness of illegal immigration; Sex and relationship trends by generation and nationality


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You see is laid once that. Can imagine this illegal immigrants in California get to roam free while children under the age of fourteen arrested. For what you ask for what I ask play. A ready for this time tackle football you've got to be kidding I'm not. Joining the trend seen in a handful of other states California Democrats. Are trying to outlaw tackle football for kids under the age of fourteen somebody needs to throw an interference flag on the her note. The bill they're used by assembly members and Karen McCarthy. And the ring Gonzales of Fletcher. Was sold as a way to protect children from brain injury by establishing minimum age to play. Now you know if we're really concerned then we need to. Restrict kids from using skateboards or roller skates or ice skates. Bicycles tricycle you know cycles. Sideways. You know anything where there might be O a possible you know head injury you know were really concerned. Really concerned. I should adapt to ban a lot more on because at the Washington Post I am member this had this a while ago. That the worst sports for a brain injury. Were actually basketball and girls volleyball. No way usually if you said soccer. But girl's volleyball girls so I don't realize that gets that gets intense but volleyball is not known for its. Head injuries yet Washington Post reported and the reason for that is because home you know volleyball player on hard court. And so mom girls as there you know doing his big jumps to slam the ball. They come back down repeatedly again and again defeated jars your whole body including their head gives many concussions over time. More I guess cheerleading would have to be. I cheerleading to was in the top line yes they're all you have a guy so that's you know yeah you know when they're going with this bill. They'll take up football first because until an apologetic email what day exactly. You'd just nailed it right there that's why it's the first target. As so minute when you look at the last impact study this is like Aaron six months ago we made a big deal out of it on the show. Because my daughter plays well in buffalo to see export no it's not. It's actually one of the worst in fact when we started they require you to get a concussion skin so that by the end of the season they can prove that the confession your daughter had was from them. CY eight CYA exactly. So I mean yeah I was wondering about that too okay if girls. If it it was like the third worst sport and was like boys bass pro ball girls basketball and it was exit only jumping in swimming under the court you know and in your whole body. Gets racked him in again and again again every time you do including your brain which then bounces against the bring case rate whereas football not so much because think about your running up and on the field. C take hits those are really bad for your head. The shark jumping boom jump boom jump boom jumper and girls and girls muscular Turkey control they they it's it's not strong enough. Today ticket they take a harder hit when they land back on the ground. That I about a so it went in sports. Bring send women. Into combat. Don't want to band combat to. Only would it but it is dimming imported. If that if girls volleyball causes that level because girls don't have the muscular entered to handle the repeated hit hit hit and their feet landing again and again on the floor. Which is hard doesn't absorb. You don't racists know what artificial intelligence and our robots do that yes. Yet that may be I don't know. Anyway by have a number for sky net. Ari so there you go Ari but moving on EK gotta love the irony of this. Is the 49ers player. Ruben Foster one of the dealers kneeled in protest buys our mission against police violence and brutality. Was arrested Sunday and he makes a great San which by the way. I am hoping I would okay Ruben yeah proven his conduct to go from one of those right now. OK Lester was arrested Sunday morning. After cops responded to a welfare check call someone called 911 distinct target because it was black attorney imprisoned the screaming. Bombers that yet at its neighbors heard arrested. And booked on domestic violence. Threats and the possession charges. Arrested for Thomas or he's he is against police violence. But apparently not domestic violence alone catch it just depends on who's doing exactly. Syria are meanwhile. I'd say what we see signs this every day in drives me insane that that illegal immigrants literally at least socially. And yacht in the ninth circuit is literally. Getting having him being allowed to have the same status as Americans right thus making and nullifying making American citizenship useless the world residents were not citizens answering your residents of the United States of America. Wherever that is Saddam because you know what defined borders snow now know you wanna do that and of course our laws extend you know. All everywhere right now no we do know. And or prosper hospital. How did illegal immigrant on Tuesday after they realized. That she could no longer be on a little trip liver transplant list. Because she had failed to require proof of lawful presence for the transplant services now. She's not lingering in the country she was ahead of others who are really in the country the air American residents. Citizens and now. Okay well that had then law. The blondes are the rule standard operating procedure in organ hospitals but waits. The hospital is done an about face after the ACLU. And others applied probe public pressure. Wheeler dealer director of the American civil liberties union of organ. Not de Santos. Responded woman's we steal letter. Content policy fuel and cruel and inhumane. I'm pretty cruel and inhumane to whoever I need to deliver ahead of her yeah that was American citizens but it's gonna get it and because she's in their way. And if that person if there's somebody this and further down on the list. That did not receive that transplant. And met their demise. Dude two that's not being available than they should sue the ACLU. And whoever else is involved in this decision. Com I just in big keynote and again. And up and it kills me and you is we we do care about the American who will have to wait. There's no cruel and inhumane. Well we're in a post rules society now. There are no rules it doesn't matter what the constitution says it doesn't matter what our laws are. It is depending upon who's in power. And and who was enforcing those laws they can choose not to enforce the rules don't matter regulations don't matter. Found they say they had had threatened to sue. Ahmed because this constitutes. Get away for discrimination based on residency and immigration status beyond your point. And I should I. How is that discriminate are we supposed to go out of across the world looking for people who need transplants and let's let's go ahead and give them to anybody that that is out they are just know regardless of where they horror or who they are or the you know what their status is. She's out of what 43 year old forty should show a mother for arrayed. Living here three decades. Why don't go to Africa and find some 21 year old woman who let you know she's had four children and women she hasn't had children yet that's not fair keeping her how long. Three decades OK so she's been here for thirty years is. She can take time to get on a transplant list but she can't take the time to become an American citizen apparently no outcast that's just a bridge too far yeah. I I hoped it would it be integrated bicycle picker of these that you know now now that they know where she is at all. They know how to find her and her address now I'm sure you can ask for hospital. Who would camp right meanwhile was and this Democrat attorney general's. Are pressing. Trumped officials. Not to include a citizenship question on the census form know why you think that is a this one count everybody. No the Jonas is in ship questions onsite in the oil out there and doesn't say how well you know. Dead that weighed congressional and you know districts will be under represented ha ha you mean the ones with the illegal immigrants will be under every set count everybody. Race or you know you look at this a different way they don't witnesses ensure questionnaire because of we found out definitively that there are in fact forty million illegals in this country. We would flip. So it's a lose lose for them. Under the Atlantic citizenship question. I'm. Going to as a society come Lee where a question are you are you not a citizen of the United States of America. On the census is via a will Wear their now. We're there now. And they add another question we be needing a liver any time soon as we can help you with that. Shooting those advantage tough trying to to talk to we go to talk directs from Greeneville hit Rex. Say terrible. There are elections last year or year before last I called. Two. Jim I would provide strong and or my opinion about the immigration status station so some first generation born here in the United States. And I was telling you guys about how one of my very dear close friends was killed. In drunk driving accident by an illegal immigrant. And who wound up afterwards disappearing. Curling team and there are many in my little group three must. We'd take care relations two kids we also money were costly every week so that they're well taken care. Early late last week we all want to getting a call from her and she was trying to ensure that the detective on the case and former that they found the individual they're chilled her husband. Q and another state and he was under arrest Byrd later on released before they can get there because. They couldn't do anything for detain him because you know any legal emirate. So but he can't he can't abide by our same law and stuff. Well when I'm it was a sanctuary state they released him I would stay released them. California I was California okay I'm surprised. Net assembly until late he killed her husband Eddie have an outstanding charge for that. Yeah do you actually had a house saying charge are counting a court. He was never charged with a thing yet because he never took the court. Guys chests are they solid they've gone in charge not the am vehicular homicide or whatever they charged him with. Well to make matters worse he was sitting in general good turnaround. Try to shaping our DUI. And this city killing one person he kilogram history. Why are young young husband and wife. In their early twenties and beer wine and a half year old daughter. While I OK I remember your last I remember the last phone call Iraq's very clearly. Could you email me and you know they're eighteen newspaper whenever you need we need need there's nothing ironic of the parent there killed. Sites are down our contractor get. Your duke. Thank you get my info from Chris Chris Chris someone I know about this site and this is definitely some should be covered it by you know by bring our daily caller whatever amount I need to get that to them that senate that's insane. I had. Mr. bell finally gotten ridiculous. Introduce America. We're shouldn't show America you're bored you're raised your urus sit sit. Yeah I mean you're right you'll meet you won't come first before anybody else occur under this country illegally. They wanna come here illegally how are you abide by our laws and incorporated condensed. How many more. Which could take a 1000002 million million committed how how well it'll be eight American children being killed. Peace force something it's finally talked. What is good trade everybody are open up that I betrayed dish in the world all. Well. Wrecks on the upside. A business. You usually get at Arabs can make you feel other Busan Atari greatest you know what's actually going on the country and and most of your fellow Americans had no idea until trump and if you've listened and at all to the show. You've heard me talk a lot about how to poll numbers are shifting on illegal immigration including among Democrats. We now have a plurality of 48%. Opposed to dock not just amnesty but doc. On and that's because prison time speaking out about this he's educating folks they made out like him but for whatever reason they're listening. And so for the first time the American people I think are getting me information they need to make these kinds of decisions I that the state of the union speech was huge in terms of people seeing me. What was a couple dozen illegal immigrants that were brought to the city the state of the union. So we're. I I I I isn't trying to make you feel better grab wrecks in that. Now people are beginning to it did the first step is for them to find out what's going on this country which most of them did with Clinton know with illegal immigration and and I think people argue are slowly getting to where you are Rex I think that. Overall people of patent. Do what relationship did I Miami first generation we're quite folic Moore came from Mexico. He was here that is papers seem very mad mother. And global I cable I mean first generation. Very personal apology blood born here in the states. I speak both languages fluently. I don't understand what it's all about putting people. A charitable they're just let me know what they're set to establish is. It is simple fact of just just. This simple fact Obama. Lite to kills eight year old country. I agree with I didn't make Governor Brown the very first Governor Brown back in ninety. What. DK in my school gave me a certificate for being the most improved. Student stated California. Now if so it has become garnered so erupting like Robert. Kissel did not in the shadow of his father. The man is an absolute disgrace. And a waste of human key and throw out something like this could go. Our challenge is only heard it no just just being taking care of. Anyone excited with that individual odd such matters is did. Just not belong in this country at all let alone the ability to breathe American error. Rex I I couldn't agree with you more and I is it is my hope to an end in it appears we're going to stretch I can't say for sure but I it is my hope that we finally get to have at least a mid term election about this issue. Other way to track this is framing it with old stuff that he's done. So bomb idea I am I'm so sorry tell you your friends in which you've done for her is amazing. You're exactly the kind of person town who know we want to have an American. The way your father did it if you would hang on the line and and just get. You know breeze Chris say you know you're information -- intensity and find out who this individual is and don't look into his background. Great reminder to self tomorrow is a Valentine's Day. Soon forget sweetie. Stay Valentine's Day couples. Marriage. This interesting seminal o'neals are getting raped. According to the study anyway. What real import the highest relationship satisfaction rates of any age group. We went. Yet people have a lot of negative things to say about millennial spoke interns it turns out they excel when it comes to having happy relationships. New survey Harris Interactive and found that overall 64% said they were happy in their relationships to 19% said they were not happy. The habeas subcategory of millennial also are those 25 to 34. In their relationships. And they said they were the happy is due to their willingness to cut prize and go to couples therapy. Then. Interesting also millennial soared twice as likely payment. Millennial soared twice as likely. To. Fight wit or significant others compared to other age groups. But that might just be assigned of their relationship dedication. Twice is likely to fight with their significant others compared to other Asian best interest it. Another and a happy is in there committed relationships of any age. Any interesting had a pretty it was a study but a year ago on that. That the least happy couples were the ones who fought police. That at some level if I MA says if you walk around holding stuff and you know you're angry over some little thing or whatever. Best to cut just don't get it out. Threw down what every got to do and then you know. Getting out reopens in that market around C get secretly fuming at each other. And they are fighting hurts it's painful takes a lot of energy takes a lot of mental energy. I own but it it also greatly improve your relationship as well. MRSA fighting I mean you know calling into the names and being an intern doing stupid stuff like that I mean am I mean Harriet really do legitimately hashing out differences. It's hard thing to say somebody listen I I you you can't be doing this. It's it's a antics election when you let out there minute comeback for the long laundry list of the stuff that you do it. And that's painful. Anyway interesting that millennial seem to begin this Rick. Yeah and it's hard they think this is because I they have waited longer to get married concerned their you know their parents and I can think. Also were least likely generation to settle down for the first for it would the first person who came along and awaited for their true love. So they get. Meantime. Here's another Lebanese. What's up with Dennis. But still trend when you consider and we tell us what about Japan how mrs. How would put this. Good sex and Japanese sometime. In a blow your mind. And now I will. 88 days society that is increasingly. Excellence. Large percentages of people into the double did snowmaking into the twenties without having had sex. Many into middle age. And the government actually try to figure out how to get people together. Or mean CB and just the beginning of this year. I miss because this is a conservative study on his by the American Enterprise Institute. Fifty years after this is set for Valentine's Day fifty years after the sexual revolution sexson America is in decline. Americans are having less sex. And assured Americans who say they never once had sex in the past year is rising. And perhaps a surprising the revolution sexual behavior is being led by the young. We talked about this on the show for a couple of years. Yet baby boomers more jab more promiscuous and gen next gen X more promiscuous than their kids. I started did you Graham I know it's hard but dipped to believe is true. Least it's that isn't legally know why but he lied about sex mean we have been more Smart cop lead content comfortable talking about today there were back then. Although the sexual counter revolution began bad before they need to movements. Arm American adults on average are having sex but nine times fewer per year in the 2010s compared to adults Italy 1990s. That's 14% decline. Is sexual frequency. Oh likewise assured it also reported having sex not at all in the past year. Rose from 18% 1992 point 2% from torn fourteen to 2060. To something is up here. Similar trend is parents among younger men and women in the early two thousands about 700% of adults between eighteen and thirty had sex at least twice a month. To several of those big numbers as to be drug okay so early 2073%. Of adults. Eighteen to thirty had sex at least twice a month that fell to 66%. And a period from 2014 to 26 to. I said big that is a big drop. Opponents and the big drop and it is decade. Go one at a Stutz and his I don't know did you news. A 1930 year olds aren't doing it. From what twenty two doesn't 120 net to bracket from 22400412%. Reported having no second proceeding here. As 1830 years old. A decade later. The number rose to 18% to meet up from 12% to 18% those in that that's a big jump that is a big jumper a decade. Six is also done among teenagers which it hasn't I'm not I'm I'm not promoting promiscuity don't get me wrong. Ed but this is no judgment society as a when you see this happening in this across people all kinds of relationships including marriage. Six is also down in teenage years which I think is good I think you should wait. Something you're mentally ready most teenagers aren't I don't think having been in mice offering what Owen. Earlier this year CDC. Reported decline in the share of high school Susan said they had a they had ever had sex. From 47%. In 2005 to 41% Sony fifteen. I say is a six percentage point that's a big need if they keeps phone like that well. Sexual activity among teenagers fell the most between 2013 2015. About this is interesting about the same time the sex took a real give among eighteen to thirty year old so this is not just kids. As adults to her excuse me adults chip. So many interesting. Home that you're CNET and I eyes are people say you know. So anyway I'm dinners enterprises to is looking at this raised by helicopter parents these young adults take fewer risks. As a group they drink less drive less. Hit the sheets less. And do drugs with they go much lower frequency. Today's Jenna also got a message of you know thing MTV's sixteen and pregnant the sex and pregnancy at can be a threat to them an average of let's good. I think. Fascinates me about I is this a good they. As to say because again the way that this study did was done with the CDC inning when you look at that big drop in the hallway and not a sexy year led eighteen to thirty year olds are having met. That includes non married and married. Innocent you look at it for moral eastern perspective if you marry while many Nantes on a silly Morelli was go or not there's something more interest in do you attack I don't know. And if it's a hedging he did you would this to a Reese poll in the economist illustrates how a young adults are now more concerned than her older peers about sexual assault more likely to be behavior related to sex and dating as troubling. On. Young LC United States. Or about twice as likely as American 64 and older to think it commenting on a woman's attractiveness was sexual harassment. Describe an all this as the sexual counter revolution. Douglas Murray as a spectator argued whereas in the 1960s. Sci freeing up of attitudes toward sex pushing the boundaries this countersuing. Is turning sexual freedom in a sexual fear. Where nearly all sexual opportunities turning into a legalistic might feel. But how can a woman and her telling her she's beautiful. Heading till she's beautiful. If you might get slapped with some kind of I don't know. Charge accusation moon hash tags need to I don't know. And then there's the thing with blossoming young adults are living with the parents. And 22007. Before the Great Recession just 30% of men say 30% of men eighteen to 34 of the parents say 34%. So jump their two. So yes you existing refrigerate for bound to a debate again this is also happening with married people twos so. Victory it's. Smart you are the more you like to do it I really really Smart and that you are ticks your rates I blame pornography. Yes there's some of that too. This sure raced wheel chair I thought no sex was normal since it stopped after I said I did 24 years ago. I'll allow. I can we know it you counseling on that went. Pretty sure this is due electronics Smartphones tablets etc. brain is occupied by technology. I was preoccupied with some that. Sure is and think. We scared to be alone with the opposite sex we are vaccinated and Florida dated TV confuses us. WTA each. And finally remember the story you reported on the other day about low testosterone. Yes and to some merit soon. Here it is. Yet not this is what I'm wondering if the US is gonna turn into we talked about this on the show. That's been luckier now. As it now it's just July. This is numb the independents. Headline young Japanese people are not having sex nearly a third. A Japanese people are entering their thirties. That any sexual experience. Leaving the country facing east DP population decline. It's unbelievable. I'm a growing younger number of youngsters abstain from sex and avoid romantic relationships some men claim they quote find women scary. As aid poll found that around 31% of people in Japan age eighteen to 34 from the island nations say they are virgins. We want to 31%. 1834. 64% of people in the same age group that's eighteen to 34 are not relationships. So scene after this I stress as champagne assistance that we can't about the beginning of this trend here it's nowhere near as back okay. But is significant. This new study too much Netflix none of chill. Why Americans are having less sex angster regular and into the lead but beyond. Eighteen to thirty year olds. A home register we have pretty big decline just like a decade. 12% reported having no sex the proceeding your decade later. Had no number had risen to 18%. And this again is across all categories those in marriages those snot and marriages this is this is everybody. I'm endorsing this bicycle to a I think he's good a good. So he's now lifetime thing. Again 47%. In had to slide to punish your high school students said they had sex from a 47%. Said they had in 2005 to just 41%. In 2050. That's high school seniors. Think that's a good thing I that's fine. But then again in now if it's so you know your thirty. And now. I I don't armies as a whole Judd is this is the whole generation that it just for whatever reason can't do intimacy. But history it's much 11 year old son was perfectly happy dating a girl he never met never seen in a video and live to Australia with no plans ever meet. And so I researcher and found she lived in Florida no job ugly and had stolen her sister's identity. Moon. That's sounds like. More problem than we can deal with in this segment. Sure it's scary especially now why I. At tech stories share a few years I spent a month and Japan there was porn on almost every single TV channel 24 sevenths. Ha. Yeah that's it. Add text recent study found US birth raises super low levels it is. Not enough to sustain US citizen now levels the same reason why Germany started letting anyone movement there. The texture race. Social media is to blame to replace the chase the seduction all the stuff that made it fun. Texture race. There's a food that keeps a lot of women from having sex wedding cake now Kris. Certainly now thank. So says Jason by the way. Street so if they would comments on Amy and looks is that sexual harassment. And I know you have to ask me to movement people. I'd to. You got me. And it is certain though we're talking about are having sex. And the amount of sexy body declined whether him and marriage are nods. Here's what here's one way to bring that about your relationship. I'm suing you for Valentine's prized this isn't losing 50% of married people city wants to be going out to celebrates a Valentine's Day tomorrow. That I going to be doing anything. Yeah. Do enough. Married. Well. And missed my husband and I had this tradition every year. And if so for once I I I internally having fun for you he says let's listen it costs so much solace and make it and don't do we not doing anything this year for Valentine's. Does your husband do this to you you're like no we're not doing no we're not dating is an adult any day I don't want anything we're not into leaving for Asia. So c'mon shirt. No I needed this shot. And he gets me something and I can have something special for that once. Own and dumb I never gone for again itself. Yeah he's it always is she some Mexican and now I feel like credit. What it's I don't know. Text your rates got to be careful asking girl out might end up on the need to us. Yeah now. Street is taking years of but the US have finally figured out what Led Zeppelin tried Telus. The soul of a woman was created below does that mean.