The Tara Show - 2-13-18 - Hour 4

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Tuesday, February 13th

Media’s fawning coverage of Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Winter Olympics ignores North Korea’s atrocious human rights record; Sex and relationship trends by generation and nationality; Obama admin used Carter Page like a virus to illegally spy on Trump campaign and Congress; Patriot prayer events shut down by counter-protesters


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Accordingly good morning terra TC. Some believe what all this coverage. Of bomb camera. Tim Johnson's. Sister. Barrio at the Olympics now. I just fawning coverage I have absolutely wonderful she is Iman it wasn't just one mainstream media outlet. It was all of them down I hate and I don't know what the talking points out on this must been Democrat party or somebody's elf followed them. Mom I'm okay here's the New York Times without a word only flashing smiles Kim written songs sister. Outflanked vice president Mike Pence in diplomacy. These she was just awesome there's a talking point that's that's what this is about. Yet that she just she did so much better his Reuters North Korea. On judge who winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics and goes on with how wonderful she the sister is. Kim Jong-Il and sister is still really show Winter Olympics as CNN. Com. Well let's see. Nor yeah here's one assists in the CNN North Korea is winning Olympics and not because of sports. They called her the on this is that CNN and he Yvonne cut trump. A North Korea. On this is a New York Times without a word only flashing smiles Kim Jong-Il and his sister outflanked yep president of parents in diplomacy. Her quiet friendly approach while in South Korea photograph for photographers repeatedly captures smiling seem to endear her some observers. Okay. For a while she ran that country when her brother was sick. Am including her concentration camps. Where if your political decision you disagree with temptation there for three generations. So you your kids and your grand kids. Greinke is finally get to get out. This country. Where a member of their military recently. Was shot I forget how many times multiple times running. At from his country over CD South Korean side across a minefield across a minefield. And they found on an aid worms in like I mean the doctors like we did we've never seen forms like this in his body. So you would rather be shot in the back by his fellow countrymen and run over a minefield and spend a minute more and North Korea. And yet this is too was traced. Aren't. Typical park received from the media. As particularly the left wing media and and this is all we go against Mike Pence who they hate because he is a Christian man he's a Christian white male. And and he is not ashamed of the gospel and you know whenever he has an opportunity he'll let you know about what his belief Sar. He does not impose those on other people but that this is a part of the hate campaign that's going on against vice president Mike Pence right now. In an hour Russell was making some comments about him. But I thought was ridiculous. Here's another one from New York Times is exactly what you're saying while mr. pence came with an all message that the United States would continue to ratchet up maximum sanctions against north. Korea until it dismantle its nuclear arsenal ms. Kim delivered messages of reconciliation. As well as an unexpected invitation from her brother to the South Korean president moon. Gee you think they might reconcile 20 I don't know do away with their nuclear missile program which they do not need quit starving their people. I'm open up their of their country to the Internet and to outside influences allow people to travel freely between countries. You know stop shooting political limb and ended enemies. Stop is assassinating their own family members and other pieces or parts of the world like they did in Indonesia. I mean shall we go on and this is the kind of people that that the New York Times and the elite media lauded praised. As she is sitting up there with a Cheshire grin like Hillary Clinton and NRA meeting. It's just. She's served on as their minister propped a propaganda and has run their concentration camps. Other Uga the I was and I told Italian island and they should be applauding got a powerful woman now there's going to be able to tell you that trump is like Hitler. But she's totally cool. I know she is awesome they want vilify trump because he doesn't quickly enough denounce someone who is accused. Of us spousal abuse. And they were vilified him and think he should be impeached because of that but yet they will laud praise upon this woman who has had a hand. In the destruction of the North Korean people one country. That clearly outright murder yeah and starvation yes of people and torture break and I mean let's not forget it is the small matter of threatening to new Guam down here recently Hawaii Hawaii wash my pension adjustment much nicer area. Guam things Phil Lee lesson is going to learn from people here and there. Like Dylan. We know you didn't unit. Wade went. I mean what are these have threatened to kill Americans. Like within the last six moms. Now. I'm anxious it's unbelievable this is CNN okay. And she does she is a arm she's an icon a feminist empowerment and you know that. Jimmy Tim Yeo Jong. Is he perfect counterpart. To a bond trump. Experts say her visit for for the winter games is calculated to answer the expected presence in markets from at closing ceremonies. She plays an important it the okay CNN actually wrote this I kid you not she plays an important role as an informant for her brother. While an FBI informant the and form on should do now exactly. Tim tell you Johns profiles the steadily rising since Tony fourteen when she's made deputy director of the propaganda and agitation department. After a V workers' party. Agitation department you know I guess that's where in fifa works the careful of those agitated workers I know really. And Kenny John is the perfect counterparts who talked about the markets front trump. And it also is a signal that North Korea is not this crazy weird former cold sit at the Cold War state. But it has young women that are capable and the future at and are the future leadership. And a con constitution are they after my this is CNN and yes throughout the mines yes of course. I mean how he went out you know I'm we will put at the end there. Otto warm beer unable to go unavailable to comment and quickly went to heck now. They just kill an American isn't it yeah. Fur for allegedly taking down a political poster. Him and then not to greet you would love them I mean you're so good. This is saying media that thinks nothing of our FBI or CIA and listening are members of congress and in using a spy powers to intimidate. Sitting politicians. Presuming you know I hate is that he used to this kind of authoritarian regime I mean you know my and in that must be just the way they think they should be. You know I'd like to see them go spend some time all the players wouldn't like to say. I'm seeing how well you're treated. As a member of the media North Korea. You know social of that what we have one of the bunch yelled pull Otto warm beer and go what goes stay there for awhile see how that works out. No we're too busy. Andy and human rights abuses are meaner actually gambling but if you ever read about done there is eight there is a person who escaped one of those concentration camps for political textiles and it talks about. I'm just the way that three generations of of a family will be tortured in the news when most horrific things have ever read. And where's the balance in all yes where's the objective journalism. I don't of these same people would tell you they're terrified Russia. Now I'm Russian I mean I can double check the break he's not recently threatened to new Guam no. Messing your good people who are anything's I mean these are the same people who are just actually petrified of Russia but they think that North Korea is awesome. I think it's better. Expect do you see this pants. Was criticized because when the North Korean athletes came into the stadium he wouldn't stand. So. I'll take a very iron them out like debate. So you know NFL players it will not stand for our own flag are just fine then but the vice president who won't stand for the nation. Whose athletes stand for the athletes of a nation who has called for the destruction of this country. And that's bad. And a nation and murdered a US citizen in the last year via the last calendar year now he wants fans aren't them. They got you won't. You stay in our country and it's killing US citizen like show what message would that set it. Our yea you know it is just like it's a salad well we just don't like them they did you assess. While they deserve our respect. And I know they don't you earn respect you don't deserve it you earn it. So let me be yeah it was interesting about this by the way on EEZ members of the black caucus that boycotted the State of the Union Address. I can decide in my stack for about a week now do you realize arms that four of them went to Cuba. And fond all over the Castro's. Going out now speaking of another dictatorship that likes to murder and torture and imprison its political enemies including and especially black people yes. Horse you're discriminated against in their country and so mean not to offend finally neared and I didn't read the team but anyways budget statement say that they put out while they're in in in not Cuba about how wonderful Castro as. But yet they're offended by truck somehow. Iowa was a mess it trump would just start putting people in prison for your political view then need be cool with a Democrat I mean I don't know. And get it. Sitting doesn't manage it heartland we did talk to Allan in net Spartanburg hey Alan restarting your Carolina talk about so I am. Younger people having less sex. Those ET and 230 what's up with that do you think. Well they know it going to go to the number one that they be they don't have the social life that turned me. Our older people do it. Can they because there and they are basically stopped behind electronic. There from the ages of school I mean they are separated they had no time. In there I don't either school to get together they don't have any. Voluntary group activities that I can tell there's nothing to beat the young people to do is talk about. I near normal not one thing that they are the chances of being entertained my stick sticking not a computer screen doing something. Rather than paint a pretty street corner all kinds going to morning. What what is there where where can I go to actually. Good point I mean did. Believe they've they've got rid there isn't anywhere well then sit to hang out and and Pakistan shook their social screw that that's what I'm thinking I mean. That they have been society's changed so much in the last that yeah it's it's actually standing. Tennessee is met with my kids am Alan like just you know as a for instance. Almost AM and what would just listen not sex but just from a social skills Kenseth put on by the time it was my daughter's age I had Ben to a ton a slumber parties rate that's what little roasted. Aren't you wouldn't believe what I had to go through to put aside a slumber party together last year from my daughter. Just sue I'd his parents are so afraid and understandably OK if you like sinners and I and I criticized in the report are you have to really get to know each parent before they will trust you. Romney had to bring your daughter over for a party much less a slumber party so it was issue one is on a price is one once since it was a kid I've tried a couple times and was able to get people that. Come just because well we don't know you know we know we like to Garber we don't know you. On it's I had to do like almost a year long pre nup personal relations campaign with each of the moms to pull together five dot defy girls to get them to trust me enough to have them. At my house there you know and so we think by the time I was very is that. We can't just walk Contra popular member and then make that case xenophobic know you're out. If you we could in Europe and Japan external and well not stranger but suddenly you went to duke it speculated that our program cripple our group. But the fact. It's serious it's great teachers argues it's it's a change for the property works in and then my minor opinion. So you think that anywhere what no real quick so Alan you think that. The less sexy even among eighteen to thirties it's it's a pretty dramatic drop this is because they don't have social skills. I don't know many social skills. I mean it. I mean I tried to having a conversation coming and I'm not so I'm obviously I'm on the same old did you ever have a son and there's no right now are on the Tony's introduced by that. But there's so many people who lead these school and do not go to college. And many people they need is there's very very small section of people who look at your home and them. You know they might have friends who put it to get specially in this town and what they did. Telling you what do they do they can't that are at a bar because you know they're not from our country when you go yet they can't tell them. And you're cute though both are here. That takes a lot of money treated. Men are greedy you don't know who I mean really they were there'll be dark citadel and you call type things if you want people continue to hang out and they need to have somewhere. This worked well during two where they can actually mingle and you know. Got on. Yeah. Yeah I know I could I could agree with more Allen I can tell where you know my kids are behind that way where I wise is not a reflection on memory Miree finishes. He's sure to get you more. I mean I can I would Fuhrman on the order friend's parents' house is there was no big deal you know hey have you mom call my mom and look Murray has a pickle and mart moms would call and you know I would go they would go. Our moms lens of being friends that's just does not happen much anymore made eyes but not really not that I know what Ellen saying now luckiest. I own. It aegis in in terms of an inch is French and preciousness of transitory not to between kits. That they are. You amazed me about that night for instance. I'm not there is I I have been waiting for one of my children to have a best friend. My oldest is in fourth grade I had definitely had a best friend by fourth. You know even if it's just. Your best friends you know for a year or or whatever. Nor for a couple of your kids as young he'd be your best friend in elementary schools project ever for your best friend and in. Middle school like I get that. Alma just how desperate. But I mean I lose a seat that. A bit you know with my kidney and an anonymous don't get that ring is kids stay in these kids doesn't just like it's. And new Nissan cannot see how would each other they hang out groups and they play together and they have a good time you know there will address this not that. It's just that the French should stone seems to be Allen as tight as they used it. You know even you know within the same you know same sex friendships. They're they're just they're just not. Common I don't know why that is made his kids kids and spend so much time on the computer I don't know. Almost like it would as far as computers go. My and in this is a problem too because you know you gotta be really afraid as a parent of who your kids are talking to on line but if you keep your kids from talking to other kids in the class online. Other gonna end up as a you know I mean per right at least the American Stella. So don't message each other through games even if they don't have email yet they email back and Ford may say today do you stay in tides. But the friendships are a lot less they're a lot more surface. If that makes any sense. Shallow puts surface not as close. I'm I think in and say they'd they yearn for the close friends of sweet head. But they don't have that. And I am I what's up with it but I know exactly what you're talking about it's really hard to put words. 80347106. Through text line 71 Prius of the biggest obstacle on telling its into the close friendship is just. I'm young I can beat you technique as close as we order our friends is what would you do you go over their house to go upstairs and play in Iran may hang out all day. And he played these are again or maybe nine. When you play space invaders on the computer may be built forts are back. But want to Wear a reference to supervise any tips in fact they would be challenged to say exactly where you were at any moment. So I know he's talked about. As this is you do today anymore and hasn't been part is what Stevie and find it terrible things can happen to them. I can you reach adulthood without having no serious close friendships. They don't have those who maintain those by going over the people's houses building a relationship with that you don't do that one you know my. You know until. You your parents used to dread Christian is too big drop off a birthday parties. Minded. They're pretty firm you know John Spence in my class my mom does know his bomb she meets his mom. At the pizza place or wherever you know there have been a birthday party I was skating rink just me off comes back later picks yeah. That was it like that for you and think about this lately downtrend trip something in me here and it is trash up today Bridget race. You have a food tray for the moms. It gets is not leaving. Moms are staying at the birthday party. But he hits. I don't mean as a criticism. Pitcher if you know your fridge you've got to watch a few kids can just be leaving them anywhere I guess that. But this is why kids don't have anything but surface friendships. Anymore I'm your mom is clearly hovering over. Every friendship decision mention make you have and yeah I can see how that would lead to less sex. Long term. Good morning wave good momentarily Ari this just how bad this was. These people. Just. Don't watch television and ordered just in hearings about how the world worse or or what. Com but it's not just CNN Washington post's. New York Times which is fond all over I'm Kim Jong insists her. All analyst this is Whoopi Goldberg on the view. Okay Whaley. On my parents for not standing toner the north Koreans I mean. Wit U we American citizen should not wait at least a year before we stand on you. This did not want beer and here's will be. VP Mike Pence was in the stands at the Olympics where he seemed to be making a silent protest by remaining seated. When it north and South Korean athlete and to the stadium under the Korean unification flag. That was this the place to make that statement so are we just forget to get up horrible what was said Mike Pence said it was inappropriate to make political statements it's sporting events. Okay. It's. I walk out of the football game as well Apple's board kneeling at what I would say it and they in his country it in the wrong country you know what he would say to that he's. Yeah okay. So here's the problem here this is a liberal stamp. Moral equivalents somehow between North Korea and the United States of America. Usually consistent you know I'll stand for both men and honored them what what. Does moral equivalence between Alice in North Korean I'm close doors. There any similarity to the situation where you have as he paid paid paid football players in a single country. Play your game that is televised. And you have an audience there. And an international sporting event where absolutely politics is a part of it. I this you know and this whole Olympic thing I've never been so on these about the Olympics. Yeah I haven't either end and I'm damn I'm numb out of the Olympics not but I I do like the whole concept of you know international competition I wanna see the American team do well Lynette. And you know take a little bit of pride in seeing the minimum American women and men that you know win the the medals that's great and we'll see how to see every athlete give their best and we'll see a speed up. That's what exactly. I don't know the whole thing is become just one big Tom passing fast now that's and went went Obama is home in office it never is that he may never see it both ways I'm just rolling my eyes I'm just so over it. I just AM you know I just I'm so I everything yesterday politicized now sick and tired of me now all under review it's just how anxious are things are since Mara. Final it would take to get me interested again. But anyway I am I promise you this Saddam once in each hour on the Ky is and what DeVon UNICEF over the weekend on is pretty unbelievable he's the head of the Intel committee. And this is most important part of the Saturday because DeVon Unisys is funny way we have found telling you a couple weeks in advance what's coming up next. And he'll just drop these elements in different interviews that he does. I'm always talking about you know the intelligence he seen what it means concern. Did treehouse which if you wanna know what is going on with there dossier in the spying on tribunal that any new concern entry has some guy. He fulltime republics rate. Has been in this what are you guys this is plot had it has been on the Greg probably beat Dundee best reporting on this. Arm of anybody who's covering it including the entire mainstream media. On being weeks out ahead tongue USF means explaining what stuff means means I have to include Fox News not amuse me. A diet working part time on his blog. Arm has better sources better info. And the like is it is generally weeks if not months ahead of the rest of the crowd. On this whole dossier Russian spying peace unbelievable. Boyd DeVon you as a drop these since two. And here's Owens he would miss certain tree house last week broke that Carter paid eggs. Is not actually a dangerous Russian spy that they really really really needed this spy on so they had to go get that buys a Lawrence. He's well known to them so well known to them that he worked on as an asset of dinners to help bring down an actual Russian spot. On May 2013 in a court case he worked with the FBI he is one of their assets. I hate so were supposed to believe all the suddenly cart page the FBI discovers that one of their assets Carter page. I Souter total gore actually is a Russian spot. And they get investigating immediately. Seriously. I believe it. New is let that fly in confirmed data into the weekend a freeway that's a big deal sect. You know Carter paid is an interesting individual. OK but he also was a guy who who cooked cooperated with the FBI back in 2013. They used him in the court. Case the court case started in 2013 it ran through 2016. He was still working with the the FBI. In 2016 when they suddenly. The site he's a Russian spy. Oops. Rehab to get the highest level. Title 15 is a warrant on him. And tell one Al what that means is that that means that they can not just by Democrat carte page. I'm but it is Manning when he comes in contact when they don't have to go get in the defies a war so I've bombed and Carter page I have you know coffee with him they can spine everything idea. Emails phone calls tax all that stuff. OK so they they record and then cart page then I'm says he had no connection to a never spoke to Donald Trump before the war. Warrant was the size weren't loaded with dirt on trump. Carter page hi is a warrant application B look with dirt on trump if Carter pains had never spoken to communicate with and did not know Donald Trump at the time. Unless. The plan was to sentiment. So that everyone you touched or infected could be spinal. It's becoming increasingly clear that's what they did that was huge over the weekend for DeVon units drop that but then listen to list. Per page did not stop at the drug campaign. No. He went and communicated with and testified before what congressional committees. Think about that. That would have given a new has talked about this year that would have given them the ability. If they were willing to make the stretch and it's a heck of a stretch. The spy on the very committees there were overseeing them that they were supposed to inserts in. And you have been investigating. Take a listen to what what Muniz says he went Lisa how are your card pay you know you just go to the White House union you didn't he didn't just go to the drug campaign to get congress. We know now has been declassified we know that anyone who was talking to Carter page. Was likely picked up by authorities now that would include remember Carter page has been a suspect of congress. We have interviewed him. I think the senate has interviewed him. So so this is scary stuff right I mean that this would mean that they would have congressional communications. From our branch of government they would have anybody that he was talking to in the White House. Wow. But it makes it's sort of a broad net yet wrote a very broad net a part. All I you know when he when you look at it I'm just a string and some stuff together here. Keep your eye on this is your reasoning has said that he wanted heat heat heat in Europe to Maher Maria Bartiromo to get that part in he wanted them to know. About Carter peach being used to spy on congress members and keep in mind. That doesn't just mean all of curb page's attorney sent an email to a congress member of the mayhem that no that would mean that literally if he went and met them and testified then they they they could edit. According to the extreme letter bluster spying on punishment now would be absurd to do it that way. I mean that's not the intent of title won in those Demi yet to what it shows of the Intel committee and intensifies and that means the whole Intel committee is part of a Russian spy network of course not. But there's a reason DeVon you know has brought that up. And it makes me wonder. If yeah when night here at your buddy legally can Gregg Jarrett edf on fawkes night Aetna said he had to congressional sources who said that right Rosa C number two department of injustice had threatened to release. Their emails their text their meta data all that stuff mine members of congress if they release the memo. And members again how would they have done so well here you know them at any specifically threaten me Intel committee. That's where Carter page went to testify. That's how they habit because otherwise you have to get a fight the war. Funny how all that stuff winds up as an. It is to dies and it sure makes me wonder. If the steadfast you know ignoring by congress of so many Hillary crimes which nobody wants to investigate. And investigation many Hillary crime ultimately very quickly gets to. Wait why didn't see the FBI prosecutor on this. Is because they on the other under surveillance. But again what here's a think why would any FBI think they couldn't they that they big concern now congress I mean the CIA didn't. Mr. bill the senate Intel committee. That Lindsey Graham is audio scream and yell about it wasn't fair they shouldn't do it but nobody ever referred him criminally nobody did anything. I'm in fact it was so bad one of the CIA guys who was illegally spying. On the looked at these congress members emails and communications and then referred that to the justice department for prosecution and nothing ever came of it. But he's so I mean if the FBI watches the CIA. Spy and congress including Diane. Feinstein and Lindsey Graham and nothing happens except they say couples you know snit make it couples can be comments. Why would the FBI think they conspire and congress and the repercussions. Why wouldn't they do you. You know I mean this seems awfully shoddy mean come on Carter page. Yeah you know use him this way that's a huge stretch but what I mean why not why wouldn't it. Also I would think it could get awareness. Thank you wonder what's coming. What's the next shoot what is the next shoe to drop here. Because I understood exactly what no DeVon newness was saying. And it sure explain the extremes silence by members of congress on some stuff for net. Your race instructor came up at a birthday party today and weighed on DSS to investigate you. Yeah. Sensor is Cheri Misch towards service mainly think of the Obama Smithsonian's portrait. There's no depth to it much like himself. Well this depth to the guy who painted the portrait. And I are thinking. Selecting a big they had their pave portraits done. Obama and his wife is the Sony did you hear this. Selected an artist who is black it's just awesome whenever we win or whoever you know whatever. Who likes to paint. Black women holding a similar severed heads of white women. After beheading. OK I would be heading was cut I know we sip I know was cool apparently is I'd miss this entire amid the ice is made cool then I don't know. What might be headed white people are you kidding me. She's under. Believable the level of fire this could be if he missed entire shooting at the level of violence the left is absolutely fine. As long as you agree with that. And the near praising North Korea. They create a bug vowed to obliterate plummets like 200000 people had Neiman six months. An island nation act now a lot of people will be fine she really try to understand them. You don't this couple. It's 14 year old woman named Nikki wants her twice actual boyfriend tanner price will solve all the stuff blood boats sail around the world. Okay here's Riverside my heard this you are saying great if sank two days into the trip. And Sinatra figures at the bottom of the ocean trafficker how to get back effort. I mean last I checked they still have insurance for boats rate. Today not. These have a boat insurance salesman on my show in nine was when my customers and trust and I know they used to sell insurance for votes. I guess facing an insurance for their vote. And get it anyway sink two days it Richardson now they're belly up they got an F than they normally do aluminum boat as they sailed around the world where they were going. Saint two days into the trip. Well sinister story went viral. They shouldn't go funny cat in this Ellison. They Murti raised over 141000 dollars. And last spoke caused by doesn't bind 5000 more repairs so liberty got more than enough to get in the bone trying to. Hey you know what and a couple grand extra for insurance how low. To simulate savings and something insurance. This time when I'm doing now I get focused for now they're still trying to figure out how to get their first boat and the water. You believe somebody keep these geniuses fourteen plasma I I can't I can't mention. And finally. This is just sign a good sign of the times. Jet and not just reporting this so you know. What is now takes. On the west pets. If you're Republican and you wanted to get a listening like a Tea Party meeting or prayer rally. Do you ever win on day in the. Met up on FaceBook and decided to having pizza party at the local parks is an LA. They just been implanted it was on out it was not a FaceBook page inane and people sigh when many people come as alligator not and a police had to shut down any nearby exit. To control the more than a thousand. Violent protesters who gathered to beat them once they found out there was going to be a pizza meet up of Trump's supporters. I should put into it for free speech and some stage is just debt. Asia's guy's done it's it's over. Here's another example of this this one's in Seattle. College Republicans at the university Washington. Invite members to page a patriot and not made members of patriot prayer a group in Vancouver wet Washington. To speak. At a freedom rally. I am to celebrate. The election trump. And promote their free speech rights. And press. As the event got under way supporters chanting USA USA and still listen to this. More than a thousand. Counter protesters this is Fox News reporting that's When in a thousand counter protesters showed up to oppose the event effectively shutting it down. I learn the thing I thought my vote was a hate crime said Catherine Townsend now five people were arrested. All on the protesters side. The rest eventually we're persuaded by police to leave but here's the thing. They were not able to conclude the prayer rally. So I mean I mean I'm Tony if you you live on the way I it's so bad now. In Washington in parts of California. You can not need and public. For god forbid a prayer rally or any kind of celebration this country a thousand people will show up and manage your life. I think you're ever in our Washington and a parade and the Republicans and then I had had a close my privilege you know dozens and dozens ears. An antitrust. Threaten to beat or kill them and they canceled the parade. So I mean if this isn't the silencing of free speech I don't know what is. You can turn a thousand people all you could mollify somebody's free speech rights. And they did. This keeps happening post if that it's a left effort on power oh my gosh scares the economy. It scares the heck out of me. Although they're practically in power now with sessions is our attorney general but anyway he start going after these people. No I mean when they went when they conspired to do this kind of thing to shut down people's basic civil rights. Takes your race. The DNC would not lead FBI searched their server after a hack A after have hypertension protection. From the FBI now I am not set with Hillary for using a primer email server. I'm addition had to protect yourself from the FBI ray.