The Tara Show 2 19 2018 Hour 1

The Tara Show
Monday, February 19th

Bill Frady hosts on President's Day and kicks off with the fallout from the Florida school shooting, stopping the shootings, mental illness impact, and gun control.


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Good morning upstate. I've been watching this. Watching all of this stuff is happening coming out of Florida. It's spreading all over the United States. Very interesting moments were saying you know I don't know why we're expecting it expecting anything different but like carrot for example. I believe this is Katie tour. From. From MSNBC. There's little ditty she had to say it's stupidly should play. According might get it wrong he could not have hot and nine millimeter rock not like he's not. Hot. Which should want it want I want pipelines but it can't legally behind a lot. Had a weapon. Is out not to matter and he can. I thought about it but it can't buy this single yeah higher I don't know Peter. Why isn't the lock. Federally regulated and it's not. Secret Service are getting up and it. Or. Not. Cards and sports you people but. It was a top that we. Forty. People. I heard dead and I was just thinking yeah. I know I know where this is what I know where there wonders to. Now the harsh reality. Of what happened in Florida as far as government being able to stop it. Is that they would have to be clairvoyant. Or they would have to be given some sort of unthinkable power. To pretend. That they're able style. And these gun control arguments whether relating to restricting access to Ganz are banning them for certain people or for everyone. They're very misleading in these cases because the only authority capable of implementing and forcing. That kind of restriction is the same authority that makes a determination of all of the wall to be restricted. And that is a textbook example of conflict of interest. Andy's debt is specifically prohibited by the constitution. Which still exists today despite Adam you know all these talking to were smattering I hear those kids. I hear those children in Florida that want on this thing they wanna stop this what they and and I don't. But. There are states out there and there are taking. Taking. Have taken steps is ten states out there the alarm. Allow teachers to be our our. And does this mean that even the crazies folks ought to have unfettered access to a gun now. And sadly that straw man argument will be echoed endlessly in the coming weeks because you know crawl made to Wear that it happened. And a and just say you know if you have an art and hurt us. The mentally ill thing that trump supposedly rescinded that was about. Social Security. Recipients. When they got their check and they decide suspended along Lotto ticket and slim Jim's. They would be appointed a financial produce leadership. And that person basically became their their pay master. And then off of that we've decided that now you're mentally deficient because you can't handle your checkbook. Which you're under Social Security around him you know you're receiving a Social Security benefits. And then you be reported to the NI CS system and what he did was he removed that that was a new thing. They did that in the VA as well mats about to be emerged as well and this is that means. The people that are mentally ill canals on the Biden. It is ever meant that. Now. Whether we described an incident like this. In terms of clinical psychosis. Or in terms of bird good meal fact remains there is no government solution to problems. Of some sort of social deficiency. At Dez not bridge the rights of some or many or all. We should review our systems and we should have them apart cracks. Do wish that truly deluded of the dangerously unhinged might fall through but in the end what will we do with the information. Who will be empowered to act on knowledge gained. Will counselors and school psychologists and social workers degraded authorities is suspend or revoke constitutional right. Should someone alert the authorities about a person once or issued will due process be a bridge in the name of urgency. We ACLU or some other group leaped to their defense forcing drawn out court battles over supposition. Leading the accused to prove a negative for the government to prove intent without action. The state of Florida. He was a treasure trove of opportunity. For intervention any intervention that might prevented. That would require a government official to predict the future and to ever ever gates maze rights. So like being accused of child molestation being branded as too unstable for gun access. Or eating being investigated for wills stay with the ended individual for wrestler like for employers and neighbors and currency. Would that be a handy tool against a political rival. Yeah. There are some crimes. Where the accusation is an up amid the look at how the meat to things on. Until Christ returns are always be those among us willing to export the darker angels. Of our nature is this a door. We're government can safely pasts. In a free republic. Will the potential for abuse and inevitable confusion. Result in yet another unreliable government function for which. We will have paid handsomely and lost liberty and privacy. And the attacks like yes clocks or semi automatics to. That's what I like so much about that little clip. All guns that are made in India in the United States unless you make again yourself. Which is perfectly legal. Are regulated. Here in the United States. All guns are written here in the United States. The solution to this shooting. Lies in the ourselves and we have to address our own deficiencies of character and we have to eliminate. The perversity in the license and our own behavior. And we have to you know do something like create ourselves. In a way where we become an example for these children. Last fifty years our society has become a bit of a sewer. And now we wonder why people getting sick. And the last thing we need right now is a solution to to by the very politicians. The back to the toilet in the first sports. As far as this tour is concerned it would be so refreshing. If from time to time. Some of these journalists who've never seen a gun. Analysts are walking down yet another on some street New York. And they see when the end NYPD was one of their holster that's only time there were seen one really seen one down in the wild. Never fired one. Don't know anything about it I think before you can do that kind of commentary. You should. Learn a little bit about the subject matter I don't know when we get back let's talk about the epidemic. Generally. You're listening to 1063 WORD. The angles of banners talk line is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. Then. You know when I'm. I'm I'm trying to figure out what has changed. Because this was happening in the sixties and seventies I mean we have the we had. Sure we had shootings we have a clock to our shooting that was that was. Horrific. But it wasn't happening with the dream regularity did it seems to happen nowadays. But then again even the regularity that we're seeing today is still a very rare occurrence and here's the problem. As I see it right now as we get into this circular blame game. Is there an answer within the bounds of the US constitution. That does not. A bridge. You the first and Second Amendment. That's my question. We do know somethings now the problem and the reason that's problems for people like me and you'd be surprised how many people like me are out there. I can read this it's stats that are out there today. And I see where these things happen I know why they happen. I know why they happen and don't want as long as they did. It's very simple answer. Now we have some potential answers and in the case of adolescent young man. They will follow it clear psychological pattern they are the angriest. Most alienated at least self controlled individuals today. That we've probably ever sing. But team killers and not only dangerous people Las Vegas sure. It was in his sixties and that full story has been told yet that guy. On one hand he he had the foresight to set up surveillance. Video surveillance in the hallway he took his time about getting everything in place and then when you look to what he got employees and I mean when you're when you're Leaving Las Vegas and I was in Las Vegas through X. When you want to airport. You've got behind these tanks which were. One of the targets you suppose we aiming at. And you can see Mandalay bay in the distance. And anybody that knows anything about the AR fifteen notes that the crazy shot to try to tell. Yeah at that point at that distance AR fifteen is an eight to 23 caliber. Mortar. And I don't know how high you have to aim. That weapon to law around out there and they need not hitting with precision. And you know you're you look at that you say on the other hand the guy to this time to handle this but then he had a these bumps stocks on. And you know say which one about the bumps are people wanna hit things don't put bump stocks on the weapons. They wanted to target they don't portable ops are art because the M 16 am four. Is a much better weapon and some moderate than it is an automatic. We refer to the automatic selector switches the channel switches and a squirrel bouncing all around. But I digress if teen killers can be spotted and stopped. After time. This media can change in fame and make no mistake about it this is part of as part that kid in town built kid in the local town bills tortured. He's watching him while he's in jail he's been looking up things on the Internet. About mass shootings so these guys are feeding something went on and do some runs. AR fifteen as ski areas that maybe. There are weapons that are much more. Deadly. In terms. Of what that wound it's. Much more daily. And yet everybody. Because of the fame. Of the media fans. Well the group now better school security is crucial. The average loss of life in the shooting of this TARP and waiting on the police to show up is eighteen. But when there's an armed citizen in place two and a half. Referenced the clack from a small incident we're. Young man named Millie faced a guy with a they are fifteen nick had a Glock twenty to forty caliber pistol as soon as a guy who they are fifteen who. He was out gunning down Nellie. So and as he saw McNally there with a gun to oppose him. He exited stage right and shot himself and access hole. You have a plethora today a train veterans. Walk in the streets lot of among employed. They can be hired by school systems for vial. It's not an unsolvable problem. If we don't get into the circular blame and that's right in the text in the takes on the same work because he was shooting at target about a hundred yards where pact after that initial volley though when people sort disperse he stopped him. Because that point he was not aiming at a mass and adolescents is the most turbulent period of life. And analysts boys are at greater risk for psychotic disorders. But also let the lesser pathologies consume lead to disaster and of course let's not talk about psychotropic drugs showered. Oh no it's not the taking of them that is the bad part I think. It's when they get in erupted. Which can lead. That can lead to problems. Now the text line how about the mental illness veterans. Which mental illnesses that. Are there 26 million people walking around mental illness shaking my head. We know that in reg teenagers and a hard spot school counselors and teachers should learn how to do that. Counselors like other psychotherapists have a legal duty to warn when they run and patients who pose a risk to themselves for this James Holmes. Your raw or shooters wore the New Hampshire. He had been noticed by school psychologist. They were getting ready to warn and he dropped out of school myself well that washing our hands and it. We need you have an enraged or mentally unstable teenager. It becomes horror for them hide their feelings. Even in English essays stories high school teachers should also have a duty to warn because constitution is not suicide note. Students are privacy rights of school should be able to act in local Korean tennis when things. Now research on school killers also showed stronger evidence for immediate contagion as the motive. So that every media shout out about one school killer also helped to trigger others. The skirt. OK you ought to pick up the phone call them their old wild west. OK let's go to we got time I ever got time to do Minnesota Tommy on the phone and most are rough schools should just certain. The longer you know that the government I did yeah. We get it done the dollar a year on the call security. Why not put that money into the schools are so you know I mean in the paint on money they're all. I know there is. Spend money across support. The bettors that time tar out on the teachers are teachers let's. Yeah I mean it may not matter what used to. Armed an Internet security schools will make an arm and pictures that courthouses. That folk outs without it won the war and they're there's just. In 100 aside from schools. Well I mean I agree with that I mean in Ohio the real difference on the faster program with a tree 15100 teachers. And these teachers are you know it set up in strategic points of the school they have communications at trauma first aid training. And they a they're not out there to be you know soldiers are cops they're out there to hold an area and defend an area. The military and as. You. Israel and how they protect the schools from the there's. Hottest coach in and have there been any. What they're so well that which. Wesley hit here's what I'll tell you about this they don't care about actually stop. Jenrette the begun rivers don't actually care about stopping any of this. The same in the same vein they don't care about the Dak I dreamers. They want the death they're for the doctor dreamers as long as they get it. As long as they get to keep open Borders Group together and say. Our tea royalty all doubled the number of dreamers were going to give amnesty to. And I want to secure the border then you notice that they begin to him and haul out that. This is all about going after guns. What you're hearing today politically is all about that. To that the only on the conservative teachers because Democrats are well see everybody everybody that is armed is as a teacher gonna screw is a volunteer. And you know. The the pro there's ten states that currently in implement this kind of program. And there have been no issues with the teachers and there have been no shootings in schools. Where they are present. The sort of exist in meat eaters for as the met public is concerned the cops know they're there. Cops don't prevail are. The it's it's a great program. If we could just implement all over the ports. When we get back we're gonna talk about that one gun law that would have made a difference. To listen in 1063. WORD. The Eagles advantage talk line is 800 report 71063. The comments of retirement planning text line. 71307. Let's go to the phones Lou as waiting to talk about the Second Amendment yes sir. Good morning well first let me drama I'm a proponent. The Second Amendment I think any old law abiding that it. Ought to have the right just they want to accuse. The owner not a weapon. Jeter result of Spencer verplank or whatever else they can support but. I'm I agree if you 90% of what you that if someone that they are crystal ball. And that person right there a way to trap where they look at it going to a school and shoot we are outlet apricot. Dutch law. But when a person professes to be for pressed up for special school shooter. The police are called to their house 35 to 39 and now here period. Can pay a dividend is willing to call the FB I believe their name and date this person is dangerous. Then I'd say that that piece of some type agree that that person. Mayor may not be able to buy a weapon but certainly they're kind of impact and it can play. Stop someone that not a case all the buyout arm yeah it's gonna beat up because once you're capable isn't containment not hurt. But I think we're giving weapons to people openly. Am not giving weapons of people I note that Peter shooter few years ago app stuff two or three movie theaters. That allow concealed weapon. 626. Theater that did not out in 080 right due potentially. Bear arms stopped burst shooting and. Right. I'm not disagreeing with anything you said as in the case of this Florida Q. Yes they should have done something about this but you know they had warnings about James homes are roar shooters that they they will get ready to commit him. Eric Alexis the DC David Yorkshire shooter he shot up car. Because he blacked out and a moment of rage and they just said okay fine. And any shots from around the receiving which was Tyson for somebody below above him and I said okay fine. And they were calling the DC naval yards and you know disguise having conversations we've microwave ovens. So there is a disconnect somewhere there's a disconnect somewhere where they give this good information we can't go out there and like in California they have something called the gun violence restraining more words you can tell somebody well I was in the sky for eighty. Any sounds like he's crazy talk about having guns and everything and they would show up and I would have done anything and they take my guns. And that's happening in California and Connecticut right now. So I see underground. Well but but one thing I wanted to say that people don't want begun. It's gonna make anybody feel any better for personal use of struck the moat around it. Or use the bomber fire get a person's terrain and wants to hurt people. He's got Dorsey is gonna do it unfortunately they've done that nobody here. Yup and it and it becomes mobile but I mean it it's it's. We live in a society today where. You know when I was a kid I never saw another motorist yell at each. And I saw that happened five times yesterday. And there's there's no restraint on anything we do him. So what we've we've we've gone what we're I completely did everything you're saying I agree with everything you said the site. I'm just saying that when we get out there where we're going to empower the government. To be that harbinger of that that harbinger that our border. Deciding who should and should Lucian in their 13 in the crystal ball that's the only thing that makes us. But thank you for the colts. As being asked them sex line. To talk about this eighteen figure this eighteen school shooting figure. Which a lot of people have been quoting. Yeah Blumenthal orbit Murphy quoted at. That size Sanders quoted. New York City do build a glossy reporters share quoted at. This year she knows all MSNBC ABC news NBC news CBS news time MS and the BBC the New York Daily News and how post. The L quoted at. It's horrifying to think about it is an exit is not. The first incident of the eight team they quote. January 3 31 year old man was parked outside of Michigan elementary school cult would say is armed and suicidal. Several hours later he killed himself but the school had been closed for seven months there were no teachers there were no students. And there we come to the definition of a school shooting. There's got to be teachers and students present at the school. It's not about the address it's about circumstance since 1999. Column by included there's been 25 degrees. 25. 25 that we're gonna time that they're a grid. OK let's go to Keith from Piedmont yes sir we're gonna be for you. That'd be that spectacle that list and an end. Our mentioned something about. But he opened the court you can beat the public that yes. And apparently didn't make it EU. And the ability to be there to remind people that. The government lets not so people yes but let's stop I'll leave well. Yes. So that that's all true that's all trimming and see this is having a this kind of hurt conversation is good but that's not what's happening right now we've got a bunch of kids in high school who are rightfully shaken. There are shocked MM and they're saying they're gonna get out and go these marches and demand change. And there's going to be some people that are gonna listen service. And yeah. These are you going to keep the others out into the arms industry is absolutely bet that there. Yes well armed society is a very polite society you're absolutely correct. Yes sir thank you. The eighteen numbers is a thing news brought by every town. Which I never did I can ever forget who it is is it every count for illegal mayors are looking for the moms are demanding some action. To number wrong. That wanted inflate this this second incident January 20. 1 AM a man was shot this award event campus of Wake Forest University. The week raiders basketball games being played Michigan high school someone's ever fired several rounds from a gun in the parking. And it was after 8 PM so once again no students or teachers present. This is the kind of completion of data they put out there and do is eighteen tortured there's been 25. And was shot hey. That's when he five to mid. 98 that's the most fortified. The deadliest the deadliest of these. Was Virginia Tech. AK tour who was out there saying well. Maybe we should just you know blocks are regulated. The guns used in Virginia Tech by some who sort. Some court show season was a Glock 199 millimeter pistol on the walls Walter 2222. Caliber semiautomatic pistol. He kill 32 students and then himself and wounded. There was 23 nonfatal injuries seventeen by umpire. And mr. Cho was very well known to Romania was. He was very well and so on what's against my slips through cracks. And people pay for their lives. So and and I didn't. Let's say I have a feeling the FBI. As part of the political Jennifer going to we know they strongly support the Democrat party we know that they have been given information about suicide suicidal people. Yet they've done nothing. Well they have endurance up and they have been tried to create collusion between Russia. And the government certainly the administration certainly which I wonder. How much of that. Was distracting them from actually doing what was supposed to. Act I have wondered that quite a few. But. With all of this I haven't had time to get into the ones with a one law and we won't get into one well we will get into one here's what bulls answered. This is one they're gonna try to keep in the management now for some reason. Las Vegas fellow radar really quick they can't put out. They can't put out any information right now that's probably because there's a bunch of torque warriors circling. Mandalay bay Mandalay bay is gun free zone. The hotel I stayed at circus circus which was also a country's up and the thing is there is no way to church. So that's what's going on. In any event will get back to that one ball when we get Mac you're listening to 1063 WORD. Yes the Eagles advantage talk line is 80347106. Agree. Become central retirement planning text line 71307. On the text line bill this generation views these youngsters spectrum liberal vision. They don't see guns as a means of safety they see them as a tool murder these kids have been brainwashed by media outlets in the educational system. I expect by the time these kids are in their thirties or forties they will ban a lot of guns and were completely overturn the Second Amendment. The goal isn't to get rid of semi auto weapons to get revolt on tester was in the gun debate. You're sort of carried the biggest there there's two big groups that are getting into you gun ownership today. One is women. Lots and lots of women women will be the savior of the Second Amendment. The other group is our is art is at which whatever it is radically. Mullen vials when meals are really picking these things and it's an interesting little dynamic they're simply because. You know when I was a kid is you know my father we would vacation and wings on North Carolina or grandfather lived my grandfather would take me out back and shoot man shoot. As some of these millennial today don't have that. You don't have these the rural areas are few war. Women were in the sixties. So they're coming of age in a different and these are the guys that you look at things these would be ones that would be. Willing to get rid of guns but that's not turning out to be the case in a lot of cases now. Another school shooting. Whenever I hear that the first thing goes through my head is not that I'm good to be spinning so much of my time defending the Second Amendment it's going to be that we can learn. We can learn from the last school shooting. We should learn from schools should we should learn from from column and read and we haven't we're beginning to. In certain places 15 of the United States now let's teachers wore. So. Right now you've got a bunch of raging zealots are manifesting their hatred of those who believe in the right keep bear arms. Of course the NRA is responsible for this last for this past Friday when I was doing my show and I was only here nationally. I had a caller from San Francisco who called me and told me that I was responsible for the shooting. And that I was a safe list. And you know. We see the opportunistic and strident aggressive. Politicians cheerleading to journalists and the foaming at the mouse liberties. You that on and posturing loudly for new animals. Now. Debating these fanatics. Who are vested in this citizen disarmament. Is a wasted effort. Those of us who attempt to inject reality into the public discourse. I'm trying to you know point a few things out to those who may not have given the matter close scrutiny and retain some open minds. But that's hard to find I mean something is happening out of this hole opened mine thing. A lot of those minds are on lockdown and ask well what laws would have made a difference of the you know. At. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas ties. And we're giving the same all platitudes background checks. Well we've had a long time we've had for over twenty years now and I how's that working in Chicago. And from every direction right now let's go to the phones destined from and yes it's our commander. Yes there. A sort of the control. Oh or 4 o'clock or real. An article. Leo. Already. Auto worker pay a court date for trading because it. Should. Brought. Or. Let me take a story real quick that happened in the eighties back grenade towards really quick we had that we have the cooks come out to learn how to throw grenades. And one of them at one of those posting shots. Where we'd it was to detonate over our heads. You've never seen such a young man try to be like groundhog before we were dig in dig in the apartment anyway I'm I'm sort. It doesn't hurt. Do you you can if you call attention to history you're darned sure it is. Oh. No matter who took the currents Hitler took the cartons Stalin to return. And that helped kill millions of people jerk. And there you know who aren't about that it is both they're both the statement Richard Burton or go. They just administered or are they want me so it'll open. You know. Because it's gonna kill all agree that practical tool that won't Stewart what cricket that power to stop. And then don't watch the media it would block the way. But it is doing now he brought the total jerk and an epic its school shooting Burpee ago purpose. Different culture. And that belt belt so you hit the future carts the top Iwamura the book on player. And I agree with you all I agree on that day they certainly don't seem to be very interested in its doing anything to stop and. That it I mean it's very simple thing missed teachers I mean we can go it's almost get a car. And we'll offer to buy teacher's coffee and we'll say if given the opportunity you can carry a weapon and have the right training. On how to fight in a school how to defend a school with your hand. Would you be incident taken you'd be surprised how many people would take that that and go with that. You well I would be surprised is already seen it happening it's happening. To hide Colorado just got faster program. There's so many teachers wanting to take the training there having to fund raiser try to pay for the train. So on a bill what about a clear back policy a lot of arena's and venues have this it won't solve everything but I think it will help. It will as long as it's the law abiding. See. That cat that that's that's sort of a sort of have stepped if you will. The FBI knew about this are native Brothers who blew up the pressure they knew about that. They were tipped off about by the Russians. And I'm pretty sure the boss America on the probably have to clear bag. Policy a lot of people have that and that's fine because these guys were not transport well they had regular backpacks so they must have a clear bag but. My point is is that somebody who was intent on trying to hurt much people will do. And politicians notices is that now than. Ever six Alexandria happened. When all the Republicans playing ball Porsche. That was rammed home to these politicians. They understand there are no safe spaces. So I'm. I expect to something the come out of that and national reciprocity has moved forward out of a house but now it's in the senate. And that we've got this right here and I'm gonna call this a distraction this was an aberration against humanity. What was. But. We will finally get to that one all when we get back out of Bertuzzi and bound. 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