The Tara Show 2 19 2018 Hour 2

The Tara Show
Monday, February 19th

Bill Frady talks about Universal background checks, leftist views on firearms, and protection in schools.


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Op the second hour of a nice crisp morning. Here in the upstate of South Carolina the Eagles advantage talk why is 800 reports of ones are six degree. The comments as retirement planning takes line 71307. If it sounds like I have a busy throat when you're absolutely right. This is the terror show I'd guess it was bill operated we've been I've been trying to talk about this one ball. That might would've prevented a shooting courses. You know I'm just trying to. And jealousy. Well they wanna point out. Let's talk about some platitudes or punishment they want better background checks. That. Like I said that that has without violence in places like Chicago what they really want is they want something called the universal background which is where. Com right now if you buy again from a federal firearms licensee you have to go to bank. If I wanna sell. And you wanna buy it. Well just what I own it's like to whatever I won't win now July so I I don't seldom speak Lima and also has been let down. So assembly thing I have sold one but you know. I really know him. But. I actress. The universal back Rogers and about what Dustin was talking about the auto play those work is if there's a national gun registry. Right now in New York cabinet they have state gun registry in like in Albany. If the sheriff's department there they scanned the newspapers for the obituaries and then they compare that to me no list of people that own guns. And some might die did have a gun permit well they wait for weekend respect for the dead person on the go on their demand America. That's how registries work. Now. Some background checks we can fix background check system that is you know Devin Kelly was. There's millions of people not on the background object system should be buying. He's not the only one so that could be next banning so called assault weapons you've got a better chance of being beaten to death. With a five gallon jug of sour. Then you do being shot by any count. Any camera. So anyone seriously proposes. That that. They also need to demand the ban on gay handguns at least has to be you know consistent with what they're saying. Pelosi has admitted that she likes the slippers. And now. You know gone back to junior weird 1968. While looking at gun's magazine do some research. Back then senator Thomas Dodd from Connecticut. Has ruled. You know he has said it would I would be for abolishing all gods I never saw any sense for guns anyway and it did not go backward by saying so I hope someday the world will say destroy them all. That was in 1968 this isn't a new thing. Well it takes I cannot keep up with us. Apparently deployed yet he did take an uber I don't know how that happened. I'd programs I've I've took a lot of the riser recently but I don't know how that happened anyway. Alive it no one is talking about taken away your guns they've been talking about it for a long time mess the end. Or at least the beginning of the end game mess why some of us will resist giving any other inches at all. So if guns are stalemate. What about identifying some sort of common factor to stop killer before the strike. Sort of a department of he crime minority report yeah. Lots of conflicting reports about his mental state is temperament politics ideology letter being brought out by simply yeah. By some symptoms right gotcha and people are naturally curious about these aberrations and their miso. Much some information gets out that it turns out being accurate as they do and all cases. There's still a lot to learn. About this kid about from news. The only relevant ideology here is that he was twisted and evil no one in his right mind advocates killing innocent people ever ever. Speaking of right mind about the fact that everybody news thus suspect was a likely school shooter. I mean. The partisan party gets to me because. If I know that's the cakes. I would be watching now for the I have been targeted a couple of times and when I get targeted. I typically do not sit around going well I've been targeted yet again. What's on the Olympics to. I actually start looking for them to show up. Is getting out there and not taking the threat seriously yes I know and that so many prior to owes it to sort of known to the idea of a fire actually happening. But at the same time who wants to die. That way. We don't know what league we could have been diamonds tempting to believe they could take suspect out of general populous and save lives. But all of what grounds you it that's where you get into another slippery slope about you know due process. So. And despite three interactions cops had was Elliott Rogers and ease the Vista. He still proved. And as a matter fact. It Roger's not only was visited by the cops three times he was part of the California gun registry. He is covered it registered and registering a guy having a registry means that and that and that moment. In that Polaroid snapshot of the moment when they look at me and say. Well we know we begins dark and you're good person. Okay. I guess of me that way forever. So what I must say I'm not is in my same assumption should be done him. No there's only one gun law. That at least have the potential to make a difference. But it is being infringed upon by the gun free school zone rules. Broward county public schools which film to congress is part. Explains on its website no person shall be authorized carrying a weapon a firearm into any meeting of the public school district and school athletic event the idea idea. No one's allowed to do it. Our certified law enforcement officers are exempt one working within the scope of their employment so even when they're all Judi Dey can't. Carry Canada. OK you don't sell against people you know or don't know why are you too important because you don't sell on does that mean I shouldn't. Do you not have enough is that why you don't sell them. I don't cylinder people I don't know because I can't do a background check on. That's one. And I'm never the ones the ones I do so likes and civil law enforcement. But that's my choice. And that you know if if you wanna pick a fight let me get on the phone picked up by women do the right. Note that there and so play in the game me. Okay. The one law that would change all of this would be to allow nationwide. Teachers to be York. You're listening to 163 WORD. The common artsy mayor Thomas says retirement plan. Takes on his 71307. The Eagles have been his talk line is 800 reports of one's 63. Let's do a little experiment shower I'm gonna play their stupid little game. And we're gonna crack down on the sick people. We're gonna crack down all the sick people. And listen. If talking. Is indicative of them Watsco that way so this means. That when I see Madonna. The next embassy Madonna out there with a LaMont admits to Boggan on him. We need to hooker and Booker because she's gotten out there and made terroristic threat to the president state conspiracy to inside right all the Sosa. When you sit on the rubble of the White House she meet she's clearly dangerous and he's been that way. Or how about Johnny Depp. When he declared that maybe it's about time that another actor assassinated president. No more Jack Sparrow for you Johnny. You need to be cooling your heels with a all of it you know all of your you know blessed to save a lot of money and having financial difficulties. We should not tolerate the likes of comedian Kathy Griffin. When she holds up a rendition of the bloody severed head of president from. Or late night host Stephen cold there. You know. All of these late night hosts really need to go back and look at certain statements that Johnny Carson used to make recruits say you know my job is to entertain not to be politicized. Yeah I could do that. But if you're not guess what. Opens. We should not approved. When New York City Shakespeare in the park depicts the assassination of an actor looks like trop we should rest all of them including the direct toward snoop dog. Marilyn Manson. Where the singer shooter Carrick in major resemble our president okay that's fine. We got a pair of nice net you know bracelets for you to. These are how to hate guides to get to be broadcast to millions of impressionable young people but they mentally and balanced Florida shooter. Potentially. Motivating them to imitate such anti conservative files. We need to rethink what it means when comic Larry will more jokes that he wants to take the pillow they used to kill Scalia. And use it to tell all of Donald Trump's oxygen. When Bette Midler tweets where is Rand Paul's neighbor when we need to. We need to remember that if socialist you know be socialist Bernie Sanders supporter he stalked and opened fire at a group of Republican lawmakers. The other playing ball. He was an it view ideological leftist fanatic. Who might have killed all of his targets but it's the least Steve's release had a armed security detail with. And he got dealt with the instead. Leftist views that favor coercion and government that. With the emotional. Emotional advocacy of mindless hate and violence this toxic alchemy makes people raw. And should be prohibited. And they also should be prohibited as well. From possessing firearms. Yeah they should be forbidden for employing any armed bodyguards. Is he might carry the witches and you know unwilling to accept the rejection of their views by voters' ballots they now seem eager to remove trop and other Republicans were bullets. From the violent environment they're trying to conjure up an any rational person would see this is anti democratic lunacy. Which could lead to news civil war which would end so very badly. For the leftists. While you guys are sitting there trying to figure out which into the can go up against my shoulder will we will know already what would. That would be really bad day in Baghdad. So. Do we need to continue to wink at this violent insanity. If we're going to disarm somebody could be disarmed the loony left. Kind of like that idea I'll play this stupid game animal with a now one of the well the new responses to every school shooting now is to cave. In anybody's head who sets and our thoughts and prayers of loved ones and families of the much better to politicize it right there and get out there and actually try to consoles. They prefer to whip up just Ericsson urges to pass reams of laws. Immediately. And if we don't pass them they were all complicity and anybody stands in the way of their idea there there there there their desire. Well there's there's a litany of names biko. Were cold or have low beam robot. And it's ironic since of leftists tend to be the ones always salivating for more status inroads in that. Law that there was the now not. Not some old time he's saying of a bygone air. We need to march we need to protest we need to scream in someone's here with a megaphone toss excrement on car windshield and pull out somebody here. And only then. If we're willing to do that can we join their very sophisticated. Club. More laws. New laws requiring you might get an insurance because when you drive your car to someone else's car a gun is like that. Or Hitler in bands are just you know coast. And large capacity magazines hipper sounding if you shortages high cast. We got a band those things. The least of exciting new ideas it never ever ever ever ends. And then there's thousands of armchair constitutional experts who merger of the FaceBook force like red coats. Obama was one of them. These pros know their way around the rhetorical tennis court while they read up on the Wiki and drop copy paste bombs. As our founders dropped cannon on corn Wallace. Yeah the old well regulated business aspect of his hope you PP used to. They've been steady real good so goes the endless rounds of the note came through discussion. Between the status and the liberty minded back and forth. They'll show well regulate what part don't you understand about shall not be infringed the other side says the start to sound like. The old less filling taste great but like commercial. Then your ears begin to die. No one. Seems to want to find the real tall dressed in choosing questions which are the most obvious ones why do we have state utility farms called public schools. What we have buses that resemble the ones used by Tennant penitentiaries. Even the chow hall at a prison chow hall and the caller cafeteria endless rows of lockers. We got him nowhere in real society does a school represent anything that we will ever experienced on the outs. It's it's not real it's a false world nothing organically true about it. And they won and metal detectors and armed guards. Pretty soon it will be. Every Oprah's. We're gonna put sniper towers other team. The thing about schools is the entire structures built on state for property tax. We've become batteries that generate he purse the largest state run mafia in the world call public teachers. If you don't pay apple lean will be placed in house ranchers you pay it. So. Just don't nobody goes to their pensions and their are richer than anyone can imagine outside vehicles. They need high head counts that money is tied to high attendance. Truancy laws are still shadowy threat and spoken the kids require reminders in the form of state guardians. This is a money game and if they have a troubled kids they force a kid go to system and the make clockwork orange him. Those kids need to meet the school psychologist with the pants are also options are pushed on the direction. Enter big pharma we major kid in the classroom even if their eyes glaze over like maple bars. As long as he can at handlers try Ater all. So is it any wonder a little Johnny seems to be consistently taking out his aggression. At the very restitution the makes him feel as though he is in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Pink Floyd wrote about this Alice Cooper wrote about it. Suicidal tendencies are well they'll talk about this fall's world of the state is public utility camp of indoctrination. And having keepers to run their lives and it's not an excuse for what these kids are doing but as perhaps violently alternate explanation. It's a matrix. Of sorts of social. And cultural institutions. This is a way they've bankroll their status drink. We'll be right back after listening to 1063 WORD. The Eagles have vanished off line is 803471063. To common sense retirement planning text line 71307. One of the things that is a big mystery to me is the fact that we really haven't learning lessons from all these things. Since 1999. Columbine happened and you know with every every resulting outrage since sandy Virginia Tech. You know Marshall county high in rural Kentucky right before this happened and if park and we haven't really learned that much and the places where these where these things happen. They apparently have a learn anything you now we do these things like when I refer to as passive defense. That is you know door jamming devices they've got iris scanners and other I don't know exactly whether this you can buy. Ballistic panels you know armor. Body armor that war fit inside of your child's laptop sleeve of their backpack. Which is fine. As long as you have something like level three plus because he's a rifle. Salt body armor is just gonna get shot through anyway and the the problem with body armor is that it only works if you're being shot. In the body. So. That's what I mean by a passive defensive. Measures. Another thing biggest loss to us and I mean James Alan Fox he's a professor of criminology. At northwestern and Northeastern University excuse me I've talked to a few times of animal on my show. He states the very obvious schools are saying. They have been safe for a long time there remains safe. The odds of any child being the victim of the school shooting are extremely well and they awaited trooper read your child from such an attack. These two home school your child. You said Richard who matters have communicated schools the safest place for them because they have structure. They're neighborhood even their home may well be pilot uncertain Orrin safe from any student school offers a respite not equipped. In a lot of cases that is probably true. But once again. We still that they're still very easily easily implement things are going to be do. Now research. Shows that frequency of these actions and the body count has actually dropped over the past twenty plus years. And you know none of that matters right now because we're in the heightened state of emotional. Responses right now. Young people are far more likely to dial school grounds in a homicide her fall. Firearm accident a drowning or even while riding a bicycle than they are a school attack. Fox found when he's researching a book that in the years from 1999 to 2013. Homicides bicycle accident firearm accidents and falls in swimming pool drownings mechanic for 31827. Of the total. 32464. Reported deaths. Deaths in school shootings number 154. Or fewer than point 5%. So if you're young person and schooled that your eleven times more likely to die in a swimming pool than you are in a school shooting. Now few public officials with signals are doing a port job protecting swimmers. But these statistics suggest that we need more life guards at pools as opposed to guards at schools. See that in and see I don't agree. So Joseph phones Rick from Duncan he won't talk about the children wearing body armor yes sir. Assorted. They. Bank project call it I'd bet the caller I tired to talk about. Evan gets worse some kind of our protection and their bad. Shot. Thanks. I think that's crazy. At best Q what your thoughts are why we don't have meant school shootings. In other industrialized. Countries in their schools like Germany year. Not answered Norway or Italy Spain. I think it has to do why part of why I would have you know I have to find out how president big pharma is in those countries because. It seems like nowadays a school teacher to recommend it to a boy for example most boys. They seem to be medicated that the eyeballs with a psychotropic drugs. In effect gets significant lead drug related that these kids then become. Crazy courses and other countries. I don't know what the other country I don't I don't know the regime is like there I know here here in the United States if if if you if you if you're white passes away. And you're depressed about it right you're naturally would be writes you go to your general position. And you you're asking him for drug did not too long ago I psychiatrists would have that you provided you with. But nowadays they can write your prescription for that just as Jansport. It is seems like very readily available. Yet sort of leaning toward them the mental health. And on nests. It's not just the mental health so there's a lot of other things that are involved in two we have gotten to a point now where it's cool to be uncivil to reach it's cool to scream at each. It's it's it's considered hip to get out there and talk about violent things to do to people. So it's it's it's that's one part of it yes but it's not the entirety. Trees sank in there is eight. Porsche this that is due to the availability. Our guns areas country. No because there is 660 million guns in this country and is a 150 million gun owners so if that was the problem. We regard Abrams why ourselves out. We are so we're kind of all or not but. Their work it out until ourselves and our early and the country at empty. Or we become. Like Japan. Without shall brought low grade it just happens to coincide with date. Countries that that makes it difficult to get guns and virtually. Impossible to get me. Air about fifteen I'll weapon. Are you against they are fifteen sound weapons. Okay why. Because I think that it's very. Easy to part just a gut like that we can shoot many rounds. In a short period of time it's been at war. If that worked so you could get those you get a hand gun you would certainly still have school hurting. You wanna have seventeen killed and fifteen injured. In such a short period of time. You didn't hear the part about you know the part about Virginia Tech where the Virginia Tech shooter killed 32 people. Did with hand. And Eddie had an air fifteen he would have killed ready for your honor. I mean that's all writing it's how fast and comedy what's begun at all. Well he didn't have any troubling. It has nothing to do with Cummins and it has that the viewer comes at I've got three of these things laying around here right now. Not only met him. But I don't think I'll tell me by all means don't own and they are fifteen if you think that is the problem. Don't own one because there was about in nine million around him. Paper records maker and that and that's what to try drop the draw and I'm not going to school so. I don't. I don't I don't think if there's any threat would follow like you or me. But my mom or more concerned about the kid in school. That has all of the signals. Bet he might be a danger other kids in the school and a lot at age eighteen. And you can buy an air fifteen west. Large. Large amounts. And you are you trying to say high capacity magazine. You know the Columbine shooters who are also terrific they use things like. Butane bottles propane bottles nothing was to set up. Bombs and they they didn't really use they didn't have anything like they are anything that. Is gong to be Musa Rick. Getting out there and fixating on the tool. As the problem is not gonna solve the problem. That's the end result. We're right back to listen in 1063 WORD. Eagles or bears talk line is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line 71307. I did not realize you were so well known Rick and fixed line knows you or go to the phones Brian in Spartanburg walls talk about gun control yes sir. English. Let me just first I wanted to reach the radio and regular. Or. Well. When he started talking about the big bullets I was like OK and were out. That we pick your relationship what he just sort of shown that he has absolutely no they would stop and pop element you know look he brought. Italy and on about period indication locked up. I have but the reality that is so much Ramel you know I haven't done a millimeter that it is not a bit store all those two handguns. Carrier total of bullish more than mine or pit during rush yeah and so far we have the say or get more bullish it more or Joel. That's that's absolute Ole. We're here the site that you can tech and they are beginning kilowatt won't regret whoever order a lot broker Stuart. That it actually bold what mark you as you need to study your arms out what is called a site that that it is my understanding. That respect the second hop piracy prosecution cares and is in the process of being a confirm that and approved in May at all. But you'll still have the opportunity to be a concealed weapons which are everywhere I believe been concealed here. Book called I don't believe that just in about it should Erica in Wheeler nearly. But here is that all there's all assist our responders. Obviously you can not accurate Donald school property along. Court crowd source or some weeks mostly will be the same. But there's a call to America or responders. We appear to carry guns all through school property. And not say that difference. Unless. Through it very clear at a local hospital here that have urged the best that I'm a positive thing that said. All while. Florida tomorrow at 2 o'clock go and and knocked him and believe that the mob. District board member right when we talked about it. I did vote responder that I don't I am very sort of popular people honored by the doctor about aisle without utterly wrong. The Jerry in my personal Omar storms go I don't. As they are responder. And it could work out so that those of us and our order that our pension total bill that would be able to legally carry almost don't well. A volunteer is that so we yet. Protection are huge fiscal this you did a great all there's not a bar well. Guns it's about common sense in particular people agree connect beards. I don't understand there and you know under this and that and that that he's talked about or in the middle there you know rocket that was to the old series with the Cuba's number out. But I'm up at the miked up or they'll understand that when you put all of it is somewhat better there yet. From now won't you don't regular adapter about it no doubt that from now Walt. Let me let let me let me jump to the next caller please thank you very much for your call. Mark wanna talk about high capacity Max. Yes sir directing it I got to him. Okay. I would. Countless Alltel. Bill out pretty get in or not one part. Apart while I'll spare a big problem. Winning in the bar analysts actor her hair eager that double barreled shot. We and in the bar Ankiel. Oh. Or they were right Lee. Hartley it and CNET and purpose. And a little bit of steel Hindus as much damage with I double barrel barrel are anything. As. With a higher capacity. Of viral. But you're exactly right you're exactly right thank you very much. Real quick let's go to out Kevin yes sir. Hello kept. Every not got Kevin. We lose Kevin. It is to Austin no Kevin and well. I'm sorry to channel three times our schedule mark. Yeah I as you know I I get this a lot. I guess this'll. I give us a lot about VA ours I understand you don't like they are. Let me say something about they arts of somebody hit issue goes to me when I was in the military I would have beaten my armor to death with it. Because it is a semiautomatic civilian version. Of the weapon that we were issued in the military which was the M sixteen. Read and have him for his back in the eighties we had him sexting. So Bob. OK if you're gonna get out there and complete data that come to the range at me. I carry different semiautomatic pistols one a which has a twenty round magazine. And I will go when a shooting contest and we'll see how you win that drag races well. We're gonna roll to the next hour right now you listen to to air show and you're also listening to 1063. WORD.