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Monday, February 19th

Misleading shooting statistics, government fixes on firearms, arming school employees, and analyzing student behavior.


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The Eagles advantage talk line is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. I'm gonna get to that right now just minutes there. Amman but here's one best home defense is a shock to crack shot most people think. OK listen. Shotgun is a fine weapons may affect with a double with a solo boat here. Launching what 836 caliber projectiles somebody. So much more cute and fuzzier than in there fifteen. The problem. With wracking a shotgun and is that when you racquet you tell us tell the river maybe wherever you war. Where you war and if I was gonna do judges hookah. A couple of nice PA system. And maybe and vote Bill Murray from meat balls at zillow home invader if you do know we each are going to be covering for you know someone that. If I was gonna go that route and got too much military in me I wanna be stealthy in the camp and I also don't wanna go death. And you haven't lived till you get out there and discharged weapon. Inside a building that's so much. Played on the chat room mile wide wide arc the leftist calling for gun control after. You know. Why they on the call for this after a mass shooting master. Nash this is opportunity to them this becomes a low line for. And then the old media tricks they use to manipulate public opinion the problem that is that it's become so familiar. The Second Amendment civil libertarians are able to expose. And debunk and even turn them against products and the horrendous school shooting. In floor. Was immediately seized on by the media political bowl of progressives to activate a propaganda machine but other than lifting the spirits of the gun remembers. Heat tape is put aside from changing. Former president Barack Obama rolled out the old slogan. Common sense gun control legislation. Conveniently omitting any mention of what that would actually looked like. And the message then and it is now is that we have to pass something. Now otherwise we're not gonna feel good and otherwise you might see the downsides of the ark for plants. Then you get the added urgency provided by a brand new highly misleading statistic. Coming from every town. Where we have eighteen claims school shootings so far this year which has been debunked by anybody cares. And that assembly alarming figure to be totaled only about counting accidental discharges harming. No one a suicide car partner school and other generations the scope of bones. Adam from technicals talk about they are to dangerous there. They've the doorman. I. I I think everybody talks a lot about they are shifting and honestly I don't see any different from that. So on and rifle sir any any kind of rifle hookers. It's a semi automatic which means as best you can pull the trigger on little sleep through it right so. Why is that any different from our create. Well or any hunting rifle out there I mean I use and they are shifting actually are bitten in and use it for sport. You used to hunt ducks. Do use the hunt ducks 'cause I'm always beat. They are nobody hunts ducks who they are fifty million Diaz and hunt out. What should duck pinkie probable don't go labor that it should dude you're not witness okay it just Oakland eat eat like gonna take out the year Utley at. But it's different there than England at four out later. They curry you know it got. Capacity. And it was they're realm from not millimeters out there and you can pull it not millimeter. And pulled it off between so I don't in the argument except their. Maybe it looks like. What their call and an assault rifle it looks like a military weaponry or what they're using in the B. You know. That I get the weight parents are parenting their children we don't have any counter. Partner in school anymore and you're drawn over the future. And you start their match in the last thirty years old wooden like grant not bad I was in school. That he would and kept it and at worst fear that aren't sure anymore. And and that was called in to run out for adults who would they wanna do. That at the mine to. Reality reality and in and when their plane only gains seen in movies. Getting our participation. At. There are over there and they can't control anything in their environment and do whatever and when they're on the they're gonna make other people on. Also. And apparently there and a little more we've got more hair and it evoke on that and all orders to go on out there and that which could go into criminal hands. An equal amount of order and protect ourselves. Down the way that the you can't do that and I mean. It's a logistical impossibility veggies Bartlett. Or whether they always to hookers. Little. You can you can you're seeing bring out the weapon any can they can look pipe bombs really easy why are we just heard of their coasts and I'm glad you had the weapon. Got attacked. The recent Internet and while he poured doing that and why you're at Purdue indifferent. I think a lot of it had to do with the way society is running right now on the way first goal and right now I don't think patent thing to do weapons and weapon country club hunter here. And it's not been an issue. I would I would really like some did you study and see. We're from 1999. Forward I'd like to track the progress of social media. And in this kind of attack. There and see how that works out what kind of correlation media. I think a lot of people wanna get I do in this two and he still can't they see as saying come and out of it and women in jail. And a prison in their their common warts and Trenton. And and they're they're just content with them because they were outsiders and society anyway so they're going they're getting into them. I think these kids there are RCA and movies too much and they're they're they're relating they're all loud with the movie because parents are out the picture. I don't know the guy idea I grew and I am I. That is the that is that is that it's a multifaceted answer and there is absolutely that and it's not we gotta we gotta try to go after the calls yes. That's how and it. We could we could get these all week got severely they would get volunteers. Even though he is from the VA. Coming in in Sydney school and you have a hundred people are not just a volunteer so we don't have the pro money into this we can just try and see what happens but when volunteers in these schools. And help and protect the schools don't work and throw money at. We yeah we we need to do two things when you try to prevent it and then we need to tried to two short circuited when it starts to disrupt the pattern. Because when you're when when when active shooter is active the disruption comes when the second yemen's injured news. Absolutely but were too scared to even trotted talk about that we wanna talk about get rid of all gone Orwell some of us are. Where exactly who you know who talked about that an impossibility. That that ball and thank you so much I am a call you sir thank you. It's. You know. Looking at the tools. And that's a good point him in the chat room if guns kill people enforcement people fat. Pencils make you park your grades you can't spell because your pencil. Anybody that drives a car you guys are all responsible for all drunk drivers it's not about the two. What gets them there in the first place can can we look at that I fully agree that we should do things to stop them when they start. To get out there and say we're gonna pass a law and it's gonna go away. Yeah that and in your Livan and a and it and world it's cut it to construct it's not that something real. There there's no law is gonna stop any US there's no sign it's gonna stop any of this is no public policy. The stones. Start any of this you think. And let me ask you this. In order for the government to fix it wouldn't this mean it. Because it. It is that the the supposition I'm gonna roll with here government calls this thing happen and of this summit via there was a yup that's right bill they go right here on it. You know back in in 1979 when Gregory from high school. The JR OTC. At westside in Anderson. Did live fire practice. And if you want to go learn. Gun safety could but you could care you're gunning you car if you were going hunt later on that day and we never had managed to stuff. None of course we didn't have FaceBook users so I don't know. Is there something with that I don't know. We'll get back on the Dan rivers beginning loser ground already. Give us an enormous 63 WORT. All right eagles' advantage to all quite as negative reports of one's at 63. The common sense retirement planning text line 71307. Us go to TJ yes their time before. Hello it's very good to hear your voice it's always. Matt cleared. Some of them for Salmonella issue a couple times love this one to ask your opinion on. The celebration. Of the American male and how much you think this kid. There's all sorts of reasons why these things are happening. But there are very very pure and if you were. Out. Opportunities were mailed suspensions school. Two and indeed guy. World war war war war war or not. We do education and being taken out of a lot of these schools you can't play football anymore and so many schools. Let me. He's seeing any connection with try and let. Take these opportunities away from. Monetary get frustration out but it just I mean we have a lot of energy as kids. Yes. It's been a long time since I had a child in school what was my youngest son. His teachers want to medicate him. Because it was global. And he was a whole lot of little bull. And you know IE. We resisted because you know. I was looking to have some drug addled auto Mittal on his vial spring I can elect him away watts. To your point. You know when you look at certain things where. Some of these things agent they. Some of these causes is sort of prostitute. Harvey Weinstein you know with his with the way he was doing things and everything I can understand the meat to culture jump up. But then you've got people like garrison Keeler who loses leftists as they as long. He Dutch woman on the back and they and public radio out of Minnesota completely erased his existence. So is it getting to the point where it's harder harder harder big guy it is what exactly why you're in school and sometimes in the professional workplace too without doubt bit. You know I think that is at peace proposal I just don't know what. Well as usual it's always good period we certainly appreciate what you do it was like. Sort of Joseph on gun control yes sir. And they how brush it ear everybody. You know. Ryan's but it solicited it and they did they exceed it it's the government. If there we look at these. The top of the FBI. They get this guy you know Trotsky is but it or sit here you know crying for the government on what that there are no. The government can come up with the not it's not there's not the government can do that it. No and you know looking at. Aside their incompetence was they didn't want trump to be elected right. And they could not do it could not do a big enough smear campaign to get him down and he's fighting them successfully with Twitter. So look at them the same can you solve this it's sort of you I see your point exactly I don't exactly turned around and expect government to do anything but every time I think the government should do something legislative two words. Post office. Bit of a lot what they've been doing what walked it off cheap people in front acting out equal. Yes there and it is absolutely ridiculous. I thank you reject. So. I can see where most of your coming down with the one exception supported them. And I embassy teaches you wanna medicate because their boards is exactly why hesitate arm. Too many fools in that profession listen the whole thing about arming teachers. This this is the reason to armed teachers. Because they are there. They will be there and this program works. And the only teachers that are going to volunteer to do it are the kind of teachers. That you might like and even if they're not attempt to judge you might like if they're willing to defend your children and school. We sort of go past certain things. Because they will be there. When this event unfolds. The leopard that things that produce Jew institute department. Homeland defense is something they did a study. And they found out that the best combination I have. Is to have school resource officers and armed teachers you have armed teachers you would have to be in each hall way. To hold that hole. Because a hallway. In military parlance going down a hallway like that we call that a kill box. Call it kill box now if you have communications. If the teachers know from which direction the threat may be coming this person is in a bad situation. So we have to look at what what what's coming out of this in ten states right now today we're not gonna see school shootings. In Ohio where they've implemented the faster program they have one guy that brought it to school or gun to school and a faster trained teacher. Instead of shooting this individual. Talked him out of his gun. That's not something you can teach. And the the supposition that you can't teach teachers how to do this. What are they like some sort of special class person and I just. They don't have like one compartment in the brain where they can do something I thought we were entrusting them with the education of our children. Despite what we may get out so we have to ask ourselves. What are want most we want our children protected or do we want. You know the thing about teachers and I get that that. I'm just looking at the end result we've got them in place they'll be in place when this happens. We want to be like this guy this this gym teacher in Florida. Do. Was killed while being on arm dollars try to save lives. By the principal out of sandy hook ran into Adam wants even you know what kind of courage is at stake. To run it somebody. Probably know when you're gonna. And you're gonna do that to protect these children now I think what happens if you add a weapon to the mix and a little bit of training. Think of what you got then think what you have in place there. We'll get back to the debunking and just the second I promise. You're listening to 1063 WORD. In residents talk line is 800 reports 71063. The common sense retirement planning takes line 71307. Audit. Other Charles who wants to talk about guns in schools that are. Yeah I guess that was approaching it from the wrong point of view it as a as a career. The government school teacher well outside NATO they don't want teaches government school classroom manager. What that what they need to do not ban guns in any event government indoctrination center. I can give you anecdotes that do that is to on this. He beat it get to this point that I do is under attack but it still doesn't tutoring that you're you're dedicated. From a government schools we'll wind up credit in a given they met course. You got it automatically to tracked by years before you can find something they can actually do and that's flat rout. If you wanna find the actual comprehension debacle back a lot further than top. I taught in the best private school for awhile and in Washington DC. And that everyone ready to give that have one point oh. Cumulative grade point averages got into excellent college is because they knew that a great they're meant simply don't mean anything in the government schools. Opt they have batted it wade Hampton high school had a graduation. At at at the school I taught these seek you have to hit to left Abbott three point oh or better for all four years did you graduate without. Yeah Dominic as a graduate without a political hit five or six cause related events something. That we have been. Good this standard where I might try it out at three point eight. Basically. It substrate Asia and graduate without it and four point two undergraduate. The high uttered the word straight day of class in college level courses but in the meantime I. How well out of the outlet at about 500. Graduate without it straight days. And that the majority of them graduated with a high out of and that often don't know what to think. The quickest way to get himself fired as a teacher no no good deed goes on the kids at a bank insist that they prove they can make it. Don't bet that that gets you out right away. Yeah or I prefer to think of schools public schools today is indoctrination farms and where do you feel about that. And that probably government indoctrination centers that I'd I'd crap that went just said that it it question too late because rules. And out that that the problem we inhabit it went way it would have a including debt debt. And that was glad my whole career. Day if you don't keep which I'll be doing right. Well I'm sorry you're not teaching still because we can probably usually those rights that protect her inside. I wrote I'm textbooks published seven and they can't they use those. They learn. Thank you for your call sort of by government. The indoctrination part I like the indoctrination form or the indoctrination center. It's it's not what it used to not use now let's get to. You know. Trump has come out with a an alternative approach to some of the stuff right now. He wants to strengthen mental health measures to identify and protect us from people who sort of range. As to walk to slaughter innocents in mass numbers or Democrats which are you wanna call on the mental hospitals in the country have been largely empty. At the behest of the progressives who bought into notions that insanity is a bruise walk means of oppressing people of alternative mentality. This whole roll of mass drugging of young males with psychotropic drugs that still something is being in in investigated now as we speak. Then there's the media's role in in as. You know Andre Simmons of via FBI's behavioral analysis unit asserted the copycat phenomenon is real. Even mother Jones. Noted that the column by an effect in which the infamous school shootings inspired 74 other students. Or school shooters to do. Wondered researchers have found it to twenty or 30% of attacks can be in fruits of previous attacks. Statements and writings by mass shooters service anecdotal evidence of the copycat effect is real. And the media's obsession when mass shooters creates more up. There's statistical evidence that team night teenage suicides have spread as well. That's why the media doesn't cover them exception is when a teenager brings a gun to school and opens fire. They want the publicity. And the media wants to dismantle the right to private gun ownership. And we're gonna blame an alphabet organizations with some of the stuff we should be blaming the NRA. We should be blaming NBC ABC CBS CNN. Right now they're all. Demanding something be done. About suspending parts of the Second Amendment and they have to face the unpleasant reality. They can pass whatever they wanted during the first two years of Obama's first term. When they had a filibuster proof majority in the senate maps we've controlled house so. They didn't want it did it was just as prevalent Dan. All this manufactured hysteria is not gonna amount to anything practical. Other than lifting spirits of people the president hate guns hate me hate red state eight rural people hate you. That's what's been. The ship is sailed you know banning guns is. They would just tickle impossibility. There is really just no way to do it. There there we have the static number you keep period 350000300. Millionth Prius sentiment. It's more like 660 millions of people actually done things like studies import numbers looked at manufacturing numbers looked at numbers of guns confiscated. They've done that kind of math 660 million. The majority of adults. In the United States only got. Yeah the majority of adults in the United States and got so all of this you know. We got a little bit of stuff corn all week we we have moments where we can learn from this maybe we should drive that coming up next. Author Dan was. Good John bad guy we're gonna talk about the gun free zone. You're listening to 1063. WORD.