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Monday, February 19th

Dan Wos, author of Good Gun Bad Guy joins to elaborate on gun regulation. Bill also looks at Trump's stance on gun laws.


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All right the Eagles have vanished talk why is 803471063. To common sense retirement planning text line. Is 71307. Now. You know you you you know exactly where I stand on this but you know what I am as I am a radio broadcaster I'm not researcher. I've never done any studies on this I've never you know I can't I do running commentary constantly spent. My guest. He's a researcher and an altar and a musician and he drives a really mean looking Corvette. Joined now by it from Saratoga New York. By Dan laws. He wrote good gone bad guy good morning sir. Built for eighty it's great to target and many say South Carolina is better off for having you but let me say one more thing. At but you know I I hear these talks about you know most gun owners wanna have an honest conversation we will never have an honest conversation with lying. Deceitful. Anti gun radicals who have a political ax to grind. Yeah well you know they won't come out there one of animal now. But we know about so take us back if you would it where did we get this whole notion. That is such a thing as a gun free zone was possible. Well as far as I can see this we have anti gun. Left wingers who always talk about this thing that they like to call common sense well. In 1990 Vick got one of their common sense. Restrictions. It's caught it was called the gun free school zone act happened in 1990. It's the exact. Comment census restriction. That got these kids killed in Florida and gets these cute kid killed in every one of these school shootings it doesn't make sense. And I can give you a cute statistics but that's that's the gist of it. Wasn't that proposed by Joseph just shoot to the do or Biden senator when it's a bit. It was it was pretty it was seduced presented by by Joseph Biden it was signed into law by. George HW. And and then it's you know it is a thing where this group from the time they signed. That bill into law. There where. The frog from from that point 990 to 93. Which there were packed. As many. School shootings as there were in the hole prior decade. So what it would look what do you think it logical person as they will say this isn't working you know we're we're on we're making our children unarmed helpless. We're giving killers free rein to come in and shoot the place up and kill people and they have no. We have defense what do you think a lot of thinking person would do this it would consider working now what they didn't they doubled down on it. There was another gun free schools act of 1994 that just made the probably worse now if you go from that point on to where we are now. School. Issue being loose. Has increased dramatically since then so. Obviously doesn't work into the cause of the problem you don't and I has said this before if your dog keeps attacking a cat you don't because the cat. But that's exactly what they wanna do and this isn't about saving lives it is about protecting the kids for them. This is about political positioning they don't care about the kids if they did. They would do something that speak out against gun free zones. Do you think it. Is this something. That was put in place of the they can have more chance you know fast and furious when you look at past appears that was put in place. So they can do some border state. Gun controllers have figured change some reporting methods that some mental more than three rivals. And they did it anyway even though they got caught with passengers do you think this was put in place possibly to have more than shooting. The bill that's tough question you don't yeah you have to be careful when you say things like this but the evidence which show that they don't. Really care. That's as far as I'll go insane and I know where we're where we're going with that with that question we should let the people. Think about that or for a minute and let people decide for themselves because that's a serious it's a serious. It's a serious accusation. On our part. The evidence which show exactly what you're talking about. That it's it's such an. To say well we're gonna leave this to the states now which it basically is in place for that but. A lot of these states like new York New Jersey California. In California they used to have the concealed carry permit used to allow them to carry in the schools like. Like LE EL when they get away with that even though nothing had ever happened. Regarding concealed carry their so I mean some of these states are just never gonna implement Steve do you look at that and say well. That's an unfortunate problem or is it just more of an indicator of the way those states are rod. Ab absolutely I I agree that's that's the problem and that's probably until we start voting some of these clowns out and that's what we're gonna have to deal with but I think it's. 00 but not only awareness. And by shining the spotlight of true. I need anti gunners on the left wing anti gun radicals shining a spotlight on it could stood input. They love too they love to listen let's listen to us talk about. You know the AR fifteen and because that's exactly what they want they want a spinning our wheels in the mud. Top talking about all the sucked the it's not about begun. It's about political positioning this in one of their causes genetic they have they also. They also have the via fake racism cost to push it won't make that. Larger than life and they also have. You know the six sexism. Cause that they like to put these are all pieces in the puzzle this is for political gain. Now we talked about this you an idea today we were looking at Danica and immigration. Is that sort of it's hell. About the way they really operate because they've been all about doctor and and trump is saying well what we got 800000 today what. I'll routed at two million IDB amnesty for to me and I want Wal-Mart closed the borders I want control the border wanna end chain migration. And it's not about doc anymore as. Now they don't want to say to kids does those sweet little innocent children. They want open borders and if they can't get open borders they would disregard those kids lied they want to open borders you know as well I do what they want to open borders. Well I think they think they would all be dimmer. I think they look at California. I don't the 1986. Amnesty what's the percentage of them settled in California. Was like 60% 70% of settle settle in California and that we're California girl. It looked sadly it into the obvious to logical thinking people but what we're trying to do it trying to have an argument about. Saying missed a console logical perspective and and they're not is big really just. They've they've just are using this incident in their political fight. Now. I wanna get into this will. Let let's let's just keep on hammering on this do you see the same thing template. As far as the way the lift approaches everything they they have the fake. Calls that there don't really care about him there out there and banging the drum left and right. Called because do you work and whatever the whatever that the cause of good days at their at their popular table is. Every one wolf wolf flock to it and will preach the words of that particular cause to why pursue you know this. A wooden what well it was why we always seeming anti gun. That's up at all although a ridiculous. Anti gun groups or don't you have any idea what they're talking about. And this is why we see this fake racism that they're trying to make a larger than life looked. Bill I go to the same places that you go to like go to the post office to grocery store the bank. I'd hate white people and black people. As far as I can see. Get along just fine we say thank you we hold the door for each other. This race isn't saying that's being pushed so hard just does not exist at any level. Of significance at least at any level that they would want you'd think it exists. Real quick before ran out of time. Tell people out and find good gun bad guy. I noted good gun bad guys dot net. Or good gun bad guy dot com or search good guy bad guy on Amazon. He's you gonna stay with me for one more segment. So now. I don't know where we are on time right now is Obama the bit in any event I'd yours your other making the rounds right now we're kind of reception are you get that there. Telling these blank blunt truths. That would the reality of people are cheer me on and I'd never thought. That I would be. In this type of position which it's pretty cool it's very uninteresting. This was not my intent I'd just. Slow kind of wrote themselves and what happens is I think. When your honestly people I think I think people see that. Oh. Andy the other part I mean used the cat thing I've always been I've always said. Well if you're gonna make the gazelle more effective you don't hold them down by the neck consult as reckons they now you can defend yourself against the lions. So note that as being defensive men being protected by being the times the size and. But I think bill I I think what I think. It's their political positioning that hold them there and they know pathetic people people logically understand that if you. Opened that school up to killers and you and you purposely disarmed people understand logically. That this is that it didn't happen and well. But their political positioning is in such they they are in such. Under such control. Of their political position their peers they don't wanna be shamed this is part of that this is part of the deal they have to support the use this and other. The so called clauses. Just to be in good graces would there with their political agenda. Now which takes us back to that bad question I had asked. You hang on Foreman will be right back talking to Dan law's author of good gun bad guy you're listening to 1063. WORD. Angels have vanished talk live as 803471063. To common sense retirement planning text line. Is 71307. Talking to Dan Wallace he is the next match they recognize Second Amendment advocate and spokesperson he speaks of events on radio cross country. And regularly guests on NR ATV do you have a favorite host that you hang out and aren't too. I don't have fear they're all great. Idea idea can't show later in grant show and I just think of that there's been tasked. You don't get to get on co Leona warship. I haven't tactical and yet now I'm looking forward to the hopes of. You need to tell him that I got you first because I got him first before he was called. And now as a what would you think this is all gonna go because it it seems you know the the Las Vegas shooting lost. Look at the narrative when way report. Yeah the the it is Sutherland Texas one. That narrative went way record to that was because against rezone failed in Las Vegas and the national instant criminal background check system. Failed in in Texas. What what do you think this one's area. Well I just I hope we can get to the kids and then help them see. The truth about this stuff because capping the media is really. And really indoctrinated them with this anti gun. You know propaganda that it isn't giving an example you know what I'd like to start getting to watch TVC. These kids and their. Pitchers as they are fifteen say no guns no guns and all the stuff they believe it into the anti gunners and they believe this stuff. They believe they come to the cause of the problem they don't understand because they have anti second radicals. Teaching them. And they have strategies and that's gonna talk about my books but that this thing is what one of the things that's really scary and I think we need to address is. And they are teaching people to blur the the to blur the definition of privilege and right. Up privilege. Is something that's been giving. Dynamic can be taken away by me and it's it's a form of leverage. He used privileges. With your kids you know it's well you didn't need to dinners you can't stay up past 9 o'clock I'll take that privilege away from you are right. Cannot be taken away a right is inherit or god given but look at what's happening now you'll see you'll hear people say. You know public support this Second Amendment but I think we need common sense gun restrictions well bill you can't do both you can't. You can't support my right to keep them there while restricting my right to keep comparing an and here's the thing. That the people who say this nonsense. They believe that because they see rights as privileges. Well you know I would give that a whole lot more credence which you made reference earlier about having the honest discussion. You know that the common sense thing that was a Barack Obama production and nobody's ever told me what that means. What what what are we talking about comments okay because. I don't do you know I don't know I've I think when they don't it is a total fabrication of it but you know it. I don't comment says these events it means that if you don't agree with whatever this. Thing is that we're presenting then you'll have no common sense and people don't want to do things they have no kind of sentence. And even worse than that people don't want other people that think they don't have common sense so what do they do belt. They go along with the they go along with whatever. They can't catch common sense too because well. Then I the end and I look like I like kite that makes sense because nobody wants to look irrational. Well I mean. It isn't so much I think about looking irrational I had does somebody called my show over the weekend and he asked me if I took responsibility for what happened implore. And of course I don't take responsibility for what happened in Florida I didn't do it. I and a another 150 million people that own guns about nine million of which are ten million of which are air preteens we didn't do it. And are they responsible are they responsible for fast and furious the left because that killed how many Mexicans. 'til two law enforcement agents. Other responsible for that either responsible for weaponized in the IRS they're responsible for weaponized in anything out there the FBI. All the spying is going on are responsible for that they don't take as we don't blame me for that they get to take responsibility for everything they've backed. Yeah but this ball. And that's the thing that it has been and yes there are wheels and then talking about that's up but they never will look just move on to the next. Next attack. And and they don't care what they believe in their wake as long as they. Do their job and tarnishing. Gun owners you know creating fear among people to fear the gun. And creating hatred and anger toward gun owners that's that's what that's the other two strategies here in this in this fight. The thing is though the thing that they ignore. And out you know I'll I'll I'll go I'll go this deep on it if they were on if if what they said about us is gun owners was true. There would be no gun control is out there too as we would aborted take it error. I mean it's it's it's an obvious point we we we engage in debates where the we try to talk to him about nothing but. With the fact is that many of facts out there and we can bring to it they always go ad hominem they always want somebody's kids the dire somewhat. That's a great point you know the kid the kid king is one of the strategies that anti gun or use all the time is the shame tactic is that. You know gun shaming and they used the top or in the gun scenario for the toddler in the gun scenario Hillary Clinton is that a lot. It's where they want you to think all these cute little diaper bottom babies across the country are getting killed because there irresponsible. You know gone older parents are leaving loaded. Guns just lying around the house. But the truth is that the actual numbers are ministry also that there are six times more children will die in their back drowned in their backyard swimming pulled back from accidental gunfire. But when that last time for the top muscle pulls you don't so you have to ask yourself you know I'd be really concerned with the with the deaths of children or only those deaths that you know include that has the somehow related to a gun. It ought to save the babies they want to get control. Well things you did with the children and changed it to where now they include people up to nineteen years old. And and Brittany is a dank banker territory. For the statistics yeah and and then Barack Obama also changed a mass killing from four to three. What you think he did that. Now because it's well look at what every town that's we've had eighteen school shootings this year. So you know and I'm waiting to see where this goes I'm wager out there fanning fanning the flames of truth that's a good thing. That try to try to do this I can. One more time report run out of time had we find you can find Dan at Dan was dot com DA NW OS. And from there you can go to good guy and our good guy and bad guy. Yes good gun bad guy dot net or good gun bad guys that come. Or search it out and an Amazon could conduct got so thank you so much has been it's been great talking always great talking. Likewise thank you for coming along with the I appreciate it. So. Always like a different viewpoint first curve eyes on the problem. It's the same. It is it's gonna be the same thing at the same template they use the they use these same template to try to impose climate change climate control. Which is really just another way area of development and news. Money denomination. Health care. They really wanna have single Payer because that's another way to say slavery. Gun control of course is key to all of that you've got to be able to have that. You gotta be able to disarm the nation and ornament and here's the thing the only thing they can keep it in the way gun control. Is what we give them. That's their problem. We have to give it to. The problem I have is the thought that we might. We'll be right back to listening to one a 63 WORD. Ailes a vantage hotline is 803471063. The common sense retirement planning techs like 71307. I see this text I worry that trouble cave in this does he did with the so called dreamers. I don't think trump caved with the dreamers. I think. He used the dreamers the way. The left use the dreamers although he sincerely meant what he said when he said it. And I want you think about what he's sick. 'cause the reason he did it was he knew that the let was not gonna go home with. This it was a hand of poker. So he offered aggressive in the last segment he offered. There's 800000. Dreamers under protected and daka. He said. I'll give you one point eight million to me in order recent and then. But I want wall of one home I want or sick or sister I wanna stop chain migration. That was enriched your ball and he knew the left was not gonna go along with. And now the dreamers what's happened with the dreamers is a dreamers and looking at the last saying wait a minute. Here's the problem. With kids. You guys are back in the senate like you said to work. I thought you had our backs you're not you're you're just use and passionate and now the dreamers are starting to support trawl. Moon month does that mean now the other part is this we have a right. No matter what the left wants us there together and say well you know we're we're we're part of a global world where part of the were citizens and where would this for that we got borders the reason we have borders. Is to have sovereignty. Now I know that Hillary Clinton was they're talking about some sort of hemisphere union I got that part of it I understand the way that works. The idea is that these people would come in and want more entitlements. Which continues to run up the debt deficits all of those stepped up Black America is coming out against that they don't want that no. They're starting to support drop in numbers higher than anybody else on the Republican side in a long time. A lot of leftists a lot of Democrat leaning people in the northeast voted for trump because. You know what they got to pay bills to. And now the dreamers would start to shift that way. It was very telling during via state of the union. When he had a couple of pairs of pants of their whose children were killed by MS thirteen. And the Congressional Black Caucus sat on their hands when he. And he you know officially recognize them for what word saluted them for what they've been through. And this is a black couple in of these black black parents. Black American parents and a black congressional caucus Congressional Black Caucus where they sat on their hands. Wait a minute. Got a question for. What about your people isn't that haven't yet what what happened to the identity politics and he just snake that app from Monday. What happened would that. So. Drop the thing about from what I like about from there's no way to predict what he's done. Now I I saw on Fox News which you know what fox news with each passing. Packages. Grow listen listen hammered of them but they've got a headline at their drop indicates he would support. Background check legislation. That's been proposed it was in the sand it. For awhile they've been talking about fixing the NI CS Barack Obama proposed fixing me and I cius. Lots of people that NIC yes is like a high performance car. There's been driving up and down a road full of potholes and now everything. Everything out there is. You know that the high performance vehicles been torn power. It was ever a high performance vehicle to begin with but all of these lists there all you know these are not designed to technique and you. They're designed to make it harder for mean you'd get certain things. I'm being told in the chair rim there's going to be more shootings. Five or six today I think is what you were saying well. I certainly hope I'm you know one of the things I'm not. For violence. I trained. To fight violence. And that just talking about guns and step by execute that and train these things. On a regular basis with a swat team here local. And dad. It's it's not about being violent it's about meeting violence with force and only enough force to stop. The violence. So I certainly hope that we don't have more shootings on the rise and I'm almost certain that we do as long as we have gun free zone we're gonna have. We're gonna have these kind of shooting Cisco to Mike from Landrieu most talked about gun law yes sir. Record two programs one. Have a question troll just a minute or land. Or peculiar revolt in the structured as a school doesn't matter. Took the report now in place other politicians and news media. So that you've done what it took. The laws passed to restrict use weapons. Orders chipped to 26070. Years old. All the suddenly Turkey to an independent and so stressed well we don't do. I don't know you know the the Brady campaign. Got this couple to see you lucky garner for ammunition sold to James Holmes in a row or shooting. And it was a frivolous lawsuit everybody knew it and judge threw it out and then the judge him the parents with the legal please. We're looking gonna which amounted to 200000. Plus dollars. And in exchange. While the Brady campaign did not pay those legal fees for me completely deserted him of that I think they gave the job. But they get played by these organizations out there and the sad thing about its. Is it doesn't matter whether it is a automobile wreck or falling down that elevator shaft or. Being shot in a mass shooting like this when what are your loved ones get snatched from you there is no closure. It haunts us for the rest of our pace so they're out they're saying you gotta go get you some and some of these kids or other listening to it and I've you know. I understand him I understand they're looking for they don't owners don't targeted. Put this cute crude Kindle during the school the first place and popular web and a cup what about the administration in. Its. So there's this possible search for it hit in an apartment. When it was supposed to be allowed in their but he he's been expelled from school he was allowed in there with a backpack he came in there were multiple taxi took a number to get there. He knew where to go. He knew about where everybody was that time and had himself a little fire. Well actually look at the administration schools saying how the world took somebody didn't do that. That much damage to a dozen makes testament. Well you know I look at some of the stuff if I'm that worried about some. And I'm gonna try to be aware of where they all. And I'm gonna keep trying to get them removed from the equation or get them neutralized in some way. Getting out and saying well we think one day he's gonna shoot the school they what do you do on the lunch. It. Well and keep it worked out those computer and off to a Ortiz. Thank you sir appreciate echo. So withdrawal. As far as we drop the NI CS needs fixing them that and I don't know that we're gonna see him I would not characterize anything he's done has done as Kate. He is the 21 century equivalent. Of a sandy Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan used to take everything to the people via TV. And Al TV doesn't even pretend via objective and so they they would give him time to just get that on their own Twitter. And that works. It works and they don't know how to fight at the it's so this is such a the way he does it is so it is sort of ingenious because every time he does it. Via never robbers they go into connection. I'm waiting to see bill crystal's head pop on TV just any older like in scanners. Remember that maybe scans of guys have a wait and see Bill Kristol and I'm way in Syria. Not look important bill crystal's. You know he's a cruise director. We get back what do we learn from all of us. You're listening to 1063 WORD. You guys talk like 800 report 71063. The comments at retirement planning text line 71 threes are seven terror will be back tomorrow. So everything goes back to normal. I'm gonna give you a statistic. With the ease these types of shootings. 60% of time when they're disrupted they disrupted by an armed people. Sort of like that train maybe that is coming out. That those three guys and I guess it was pairs that disrupted the got PAK. Disruption of the pattern is in. So what we've learned. From. This event. I have nothing but respect for law enforcement for the EMTs for the firefighters I think there'll brave I think they do their very best protect the community. And when something like this goes down they are not the first responders. People on the scene on the first responders. This is this is a game of seconds this is where the smallest of the tales changes. He come. Complexion of what's about to happen. And when this is going down. All of these great people are minutes away. Mike assistant football coach earned by cyber hope I Oprah pronounces my name right. All he could do was she old student and he yes. Ask yourself if you would do you would you do that to protect children that are not your home. He did it now imagine. If he'd been aren't. A match in the ferocity of his counter. Imagine. Him doing what you know listen I I I'd like to say I'm not about violence or anything but win something like this gets to this point. On the very best thing can happen as early disruption to the pattern of the shooter. And if that means blowing the shooter out of his unfortunate socks I'm afraid that's what needs that need to. Now. Department of homeland security and the FBI have something called Alice which is basically run hide and fight. And then you're supposed to fight or whatever you got racers. All this other stuff that's fine. If you're gonna get into a lockdown situation barricade debt or everything in that room in the class against that the war. So if he does get through the door than he's got into the barricade get through and then start looking for something not window out and if you have to drop amid break your lakes. Drop and regulates and crawl out of his out of his fires. Take. For granted to fight for your. Second lesson gun free zones art. They simply service places where terrorists are madman can rack up high body count. Israel. Provided are actors schools and kept her arms as well. And that stopped. Forty years ago that stopped they don't have anything like that it happens here. Because actually took the steps or national scale. And we're never gonna know coach Weis could structures that are just blocking both of his body. But his odds would have been much better. And don't we wanna give. Give anybody that might be in one of these places. Poll the possible odds they can to add to their. They're survivor ability to we want that happened. Now you get out there and say I'd I've never heard of a civilian stopping a man shooting. West because they're not mass shootings when assuming gets involved. It stops. It stops. So. And we're not talking about matters for the security of a school or business establishment for private citizen. You don't. You've got to look at everything. And you've got to be aware constantly aware of what's around you what's unfolding in front. One of the worst place that I can think of ego is a shopping because shopping malls or law all. And thanks to be unfolding just around the corner. And you'll hear it before you see it. And in trying to figure out weird is and then what are you gonna do and then what are you gonna do an inward monitor and most of you don't think about that. You don't wanna think about. You don't wanna think about that because. It's. What I hear I hear will bill it's just so sad we have to do this or hate it has to be will they if it is this why. It is this way. So armed. We have a Second Amendment here in the United States and in most cases in states here and in South Carolina for example. In most places you could utilize that with the consumer care permit program and then you can help yourself. Become more survivable. In one of these situations but it's not gonna be risk free. It's not going to be. Danger free. But there is no guarantee what's gonna happen to a few ago. So on. Getting out there and you know this guy was on the FBI's radar he was on local law enforcement's radar he was on the school's radar and still. He got it. I'm being asked why ices are noted doctor domestic like this ice is right now is in shambles so either. The I I'm waiting to see if the nightmare scenario which I'll talk about another day not today but. You know. Ice is right now has their own issues and thanks to trump. So. And I listen celebrities like came gardez in do you actually want to listen to Herm. When it comes to setting policy. She should know better because she was it terrorist and the folks that aren't her which she didn't know what was about to happen to her next. Paris and Paris you know but it's countries. And they broke in with guns nonetheless. Not to mention the significant terrorist attacks took place there where. No they don't have they are fifteen to available form they do you have the army Neeon black market where you can buy fully automatic a case. Which is what they did it. I. So. You know you wanna look at how dangerous these guns are here in the United States in the hands of mean you go to the FBI stats. You'll find out the rifles of all types of less likely to be used in murders and clubs or your own fists and feet. So on. And we should as second Second Amendment spores we we need to take. This next lesson at heart the only person or persons responsible for these horrific acts are the perpetrators. I'm not responsible for your not responsible for. We didn't do it. In a lot of cases a lot of us this moral compass. That would dictate that we get involved at sea and South Carolina I'm not I'm not morally or legally obligated to protect any of you. In the event something would happen in front that doesn't mean that's what I'm going to. That doesn't mean assassins and amateur. Come up embezzlement took place in 2004 and a token I'm talking about today and all about business and accurate. So. The main thing to take away from this is that one this happening. As officer's gun free zones there's going to be a victim's list in the making. Which is the saddest thing of all things. Keep me awake. Coming up next. Vince Coakley radio program. You're listening to 1063 WORD.