The Tara Show - 2-20-18 - Hour 2

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Tuesday, February 20th

FBI fails again to prevent another mass shooting; Illegal aliens kill more Americans yearly than mass shooters do; What the Russians were really up to during the election; New antibiotics discovered in dirt


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According lady good morning terra player. I wish FBI ways have to is good at protecting school kids is they are protecting Clinton and the Obama kicked up a boy. What a safe nation this would be boy it would be so safe. And labor protecting Clinton and Obama to this hate so much attorney in that just says. Not time for other important thing is it's. Unfortunate. I was left speechless and you know I'm so I was over the weekend by I just literally I was just I was enraged. The the FBI got a second to tip. On the shooter yeah and very detailed he's finishing his ship a school. He's gonna he's I I think he is he's young he's he's getting guns he's doing all of dad's. I call me a lot of detail here. They didn't even bother following up which is by the way against their protocol now. They did this body here's a headline New York Post FBI admits it did investigate tip our alleged school shooter last month. This didn't invest he didn't followed didn't fire a fire and didn't pass onto the field office. Even though its own program to date FBI's own particle says he should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. You know and I am so sick. Of this story. I am so sick and her for what I just what time is shooting only I would like to hear from the FBI. Yeah that we knew about them we did everything we could aided. But we went to get to warn from the judge we didn't have enough. Okay. I get. You can't stop every one of these yeah but what year you didn't even try. And I see the amount of manpower that she would put. Into this vice application. In these cover ups. Into investigating trump. It's outrageous. It is absolutely. Outrageous and it's just and we need to learn from next. Is doing that's agree. To gun control do not agree attorney your god because they have no interest whatsoever protecting they don't they don't care. They don't it couldn't be made it more plain. Dennis. And I wanna read from something I posted this over the weekend and knowledge or react to this. This is a young quote from me FBI. We're all sick that this is happens. We wish we could turn back the clock. What's. We know what would we can't do is make sure we learned four from it get better and it never happens again. Was that Christopher Wray over the weekend head the FBI. Now those James cone between sixteenth and he was talking about the Charleston shooter now. And the background checks grew up. That led him by a dike that was really the FBI if they had simply called the Columbia, South Carolina police. He would never got a gun as people would be dead now. Enjoy once again we hear what we didn't you just need immediate here to the F there's got to give that no. Here we hear in this some people do I need to give apartheid's. Well I mean you know it in the future if one of the eleven and instant Charleston had a gun. With them then I can be allowed to me because the FBI screwed up again. And this level of some specificity. With his kit. Third I killed there might about the first one to win and we plot posted online. It's very easy he debunked that I'll yup they say hello we don't we we we took the name Nicholas crouse and we are we sure salon for a database and confining people. Montrose was called his house 39 times. You Tony he's not in law enforcement databases. Not true. You're ice. Steagall law enforcement and in what ten guns in the year before he did this that's what I've heard him ten guns. 39 calls in two years to his home including for assault. Not what a lot law enforcement databases got you in second in line. Once this young man do for a living because she certainly. I know you want to back. Now I mean of course we don't know how what kind of guns where we're talking about here in the media is trying to imply that there was some type of military style arsenal going on here in an. An animal thing about oh well you know he'd he left a message on FaceBook but we couldn't verify was simple. Bull I mean when I go to present post on FaceBook fate and faced ansari at message on that you took Brighton post on YouTube. My name comes up automatically. Because it is my FaceBook and Gmail accounts. And knows who I am if I don't wanna post in my name which I don't usually on FaceBook are on YouTube I have to manually override. His did that. It automatically posted in his knee he didn't bother to erase this and a guy who signed his name any YouTube comment. A by the way I'm Nicholas crews. His name was raid they are you of the highlighted part words in you know I break his its music some. All they didn't need anything else but that to find him his social media accounts were riddled with the violence he intended to commit including himself self mutilating long long. And this solid rock you know we couldn't tell if it was him you know boldness to connect yet anyone who's decent on the -- you knew this idea and what I found him. I'm breaks last week down. In under three minutes using one of the commercial programs I subscribe to I've been using since I was reporters seldom. I find people all the time it's a long story for two brides and I do you seem to do background and I'm gonna tell you everything in three minutes I I where we're gonna go to school where the dude he's a girlfriend was a social media. I can read other social media comments I can finally social media pages I can find every email you have every phone number you never had. Everything connected which he in fact should be illegal honestly it got that much in our attack. But as long as you can get it you pay for a tilt I can forget his message box lunch you know believe what people confined on you that would terrify you. I know what people post I know what they say. I held my husband occasions business find people let's find clients were going looking for them to markets and I'm and that's why music and and I still use of my reporting days and it anyway and get its fifty bucks. And I eyes so I found him in less than five minutes on Friday only 29 Nicholas cruises in the entire country that spell your name like that. 2929. Guys guests didn't have the time no and power to city don't have the time nine other people that. And I mean all they needed I should have better databases than I did. I would hope. I hope I get for what our tax money. You know for the mount attacks money that the FBI takes every year they know what's really know they've got something about a man. You pull him up every at every link tallest social media by it's he could tell it was their most them were pulled down by social media because he kind of won one propaganda eyes after but you can tell it was they're told they're late covering for me everything they needed. And I found it isn't just his name that doesn't. Even know what city he is and I didn't even know it zeeland MI and it was easy. Not hard. Not hard at all you can eliminate a lot of the because they're you know because they're older you know honor for other reasons but. Tom yet this is not hard that was a life they'd any contract maybe the FBI should recruit Cutera. Me to be such a loss to the upstate but I mean no way. Mean he did get a gig at fifteen guys like me sit around with nothing to do who could taken did they would've found this guy in half an hour and one TD didn't want to. And yet he asked to suffocate I noticed electricity but they're an illegal or tips straight. Now but got to be a very small subset ads like I'm shoot up a school. Do you very at an online in your running that's going to be a very small subset and don't want put this together. With missing Dylan written and we never says amounts are slipped on the on here are when it assays and we put together. Every one of these major sugars was known to them the post like clincher was known that he was reported twice including by the guy. He went to a gun store I wouldn't sometimes because he was suspicious he knew something was wrong. He was reported plays co workers to the FBI. And not sent. Not nothing and you know I if they should Selig we surveillance for months we tried to stop them. We could we felt OK I get a sometimes we you know sometimes our fourth amendment rights which we never want to let go of are gonna get in the way of that to limit our free societies when the prices we pay what they can track. When the south toward Education Department to take over because we've got a story here. Where in the middle one's a middle school student wrote something on the bathroom floor and they were immediately kicked out of school they already figured it out. Yeah and then last week when day one and in last week's Spartanburg authorities arrested. A high school kid who posted a pitcher himself on line with a high caliber weapon. Joking about Florida right after the shooting right after the show enemies they could find him I don't know how they did it. You actually do I could done any car you think may be South Carolina investigators are better than the FBI. Anybody with a spoke you know dot com account continuously. Anyway and I was hit until around one cousins congressman by everybody but you can do you have to pay for the upgraded version but you can do it. Mean in fact you pay just to see what's out there on yourself. I just done. It's amazing the secret lives people live when you start nosing through there will. CIT's. Nevermind did not want to see that but anyway. I'm OK some of the week any major blow to the FBI governor Rick Scott says. Investing your left generate a rainy still. Resigned he shot and good for governor Scott for heaven my net political guts to say that he's right yep he's right he's actually right this is an absolute disgrace. And yet somehow it's true that gets the blame of course. It's it's not. Those advantage tuck and a good to talk to Quincy thank you for waiting Quincy. Hey good morning Harry don't care. Hey Jack I just I was told that point I didn't hear a Google search. On the number of Americans saw this letter opener illegal aliens. Eluded DOJ FBI report. And on average illegal alien in this country. Kill over 4000. US citizen I just wonder if that's something that. The left need to be aware of. Fords and I yeah that's reporter I have not so I'm very anxious in nineteen you hang on and end producer Chris so. It gets her emails I can see can I can healing from that is at 4009 the year decorator. I there it is the poor are looked dead if I believe that ran from 2003. To 2000 and I'm OK and it it's been on average. It's. Or over fourth down about 4100. A year and I'll be glad I got PR but what you might want the link I've got it in an email and act and should attribute a grand you can look at it. Yeah definitely wanna see that I'm that pretty much compute with what I've seen meaning when I was in Charlotte 20% of the jail population not to prison jail population any given time and throw it list. Illegal immigrants most of them for drunk driving me mad is a staggering number one in five and you look at 37% of our federal inmate population. They're not eat in they're not legally here in the country. 37. Cents I mean so there it is it is got a lot of murders in there your your right. Yacht and I would look at that report and I'm paraphrasing. You can't put. Illegal aliens the comprise about I think it's street. 3% of the US population. Yet they commit 32% of the crime are violent crimes. Yet the numbers are staggering channel and break partisan as publish a lot of that we even know a lot of that Tom. Quincy console Wii and now Tron took office and we started getting the truth these numbers out of the department Homeland Security that we're kind of locked in before but dump. If if you wanna email me and thank you for your phone number or or you. Want to email me SN a great way to get to me to Herat at 21063 WORG dot com that's terra. At 1063 WORG. Dot com and do. Read my email. As well. Ari text line 71307. Thank you for your phone call Quincy. Why didn't activists. There we got Muller invading thirteen Russians in the media is an absolutely stare exe here's the proof they influenced. The election. They did in it was terrible and will never get our president Hillary that was no way to. She's hopeful that I used them are like how are first how much we talk about. Russian on IDP in the main focus of the indictment read the whole thing for the FaceBook ads. They spent a total of are you ready for this 3111. Dollars in Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania combined. 3000. Dollars. That's it. Hillary's campaign total election 800 million dollars. 800 million dollars. These I can tell you this. Under these 3111. Dollars spent during the election by the Russian patrol group. In Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all but 54 dollars was spent after the primaries. Are they anti UN on CNN. There's more. Byron York I nails this I Washington examiner total election spending this cycle presidential was 2.4 billion dollars. Total Russian FaceBook ad buy a 100000 dollars. Total Clinton trump FaceBook ad buys 81 million dollars so 81 million dollars between attempt contrast that with a 100000 by the supposed to Russians. Russian FaceBook ad buy in Pennsylvania. Which swung Tribe's way. Unexpectedly. We're ready for this 300. Dollars. This is what all of this media hysteria is about meanwhile we get thousands of illegal immigrants on the roles in Virginia many of whom voted no one cares. You delicate. Who which country did more to influence the election I would say Mexico Guatemala. Honduras with all the illegals are that are registered but no one cares about that. No one cares about that. Total FaceBook advice in Michigan 823 bucks. That's done. On to joke. But we do every hole indictment and a few Brad I recommend you read it it's like thirteen pages but it reads fast. It's not hard to read I was so baffled by these for the strangest people. Date they came to America should they could ask people what State's attorney. And they learned at the purple states. If the Kremlin is gonna Ryan an operation to influence our election do you think they would know that. You read RT. Yet they know politics really well read our team rests at times. They would have to send people here figure that out. And yet he let's go hi how. Ridding do. They support influence election not with so few people. Want what they did. You massage explained it. He's is this confirms what they had WikiLeaks Haddix they had they had done suspect for long time to the Internet research agency. Which is the Russian group Muller indicted the thirteen. They were trying to grow their audiences by mimicking popular means. And things we're most popular thing on things on the Internet the the time going was Bernie trumpet no. So they glom Donna that they also had cat appreciation FaceBook pages. Whatever was popular they are gonna mimic black labs Matta was popular they mimic that why. Because at this. Because assigned says in his makes completely complete sense but was not to influence anything. It was to build a large audience as a socially active communities to spam them on behalf of anyone willing to petty returning money. Anything not just this on sale next. There's a FaceBook executive out there saying next. Vice president of FaceBook Robert Goldman. Washed it on Twitter over the weekend this is the guy in charge of the ads okay. Here's what he said. He says there are key facts about the Russian actions they're still not well understood it. He's a very definitely swing election was not the main goal he said I've seen every one of the ads they ran every last one. The majority of the Russian and spending after the it was after the election. We shared that fact talk to my FaceBook. But very few hours of coverage because it doesn't align with the knee meaning media narrative of trump an election again this FaceBook executive rubble when the guy in charge of aegs. We why. You're you're saying the main goal. I have seen the Russian ads and I can say very definitively does that swing election was not the main goal we what we do it was. It wasn't. That's why they re and the majority of them after the election why because not. Hillary was cut. There are capturing people's information so as to spam somebody. Here's more rob not Goldman on FaceBook. The single best demonstration of Russia's true motives. Is the Houston anti Islamic protests they organized. Americans we're literally company industry despite trolls who organized both sides of the did you remember that. There was a pro Muslim cited an anti Muslims had an immediate covered it extensively. Both sides organized by the Russians does selling somebody try it should electrons. Now we're trying to get people to sign on the so they could stand up for money yeah. Which is his home Mahler and I was kind of fall apart for not defraud cards but the rest is gonna fall partly the Flynn indictments gonna fall apart bit this is just Astroturf and news is almost doing. Takes your race. Hey here at 3000 dollars is an a whole hell of a lot of face agreed she so says eight page manager no it's not. He won influence an election. Many wanna build a community of like minded people. Around from Bernie Sanders Hillary and kittens. You can spam them for money yet it's about actor and that's what they get. It's what the lower left out of his indictment that's the problem. Here's some even have at FaceBook executive who has seen all the ads saying no this is being spun totally wrong by the media this is tonight's. And vice president of FaceBook ads rob Goldman. Unleash his Twitter account after Muller's indictment hit the wire. And he cinders key facts about the Russian actions that are still not well understood. By the media. He writes we shared Russian ads with congress smaller and the American people to help the public understand the Russians. Abuse our system. He says. He's is that he scene not Russian ads and they very definitively mean very definitively. That he can say he's he writes that swing election is not the main goal. Wait what. They did not try to influence our jock receipt now. Rumbled again this he's LE a FaceBook executive. He's the VP of ads. He would know. He goes on between over the weekend the majority of the Russian ad spending happened after the election. We shared that fact but very few media outlets have covered it because it doesn't align with the main median area of company election. Huntington's. To happen right after the election. And it was an absolute uproar total outrage and did it on top of the country was trop. Since you're kind of build a FaceBook mean you're turning a pivotal like your page. So that you can spam them for money. People who want target trump collections seem to be born try try to try supporters asylum T shirts you want to spam them. With millions of I know that your interest that. Operations like this. They differ money. To me to change the election. And that's our rob Goldman DBP at FaceBook is saying now people understand and it didn't appoint this was not to influence the election. That's why a lot of the ads spending happened after the election. As chilling as such is point out this mean this group has its hot pages like this they've got black lives matter. They've got Islamic pages they've got pages for people who like kid news. Whatever is most popular on the Internet is what they won't have to build community around. To make money it's about money. So once again I'm not telling you the trip in just say. Some of the crazy doing OK so if the problem with Mahler is that. If you stray if you are a foreign citizen and you're trying to influence an election. According to the indictment read Al thirteen pages. You have to register rate and federal like he did. They're not gonna get them on that. This is not what they were trying to get. These restaurants. But if you're trying to influence election you're electioneering and your foreign citizen right you have to register you can't do. Okay. Then why smaller indict Christopher steel. So Chris you have to indict the FBI to. You think Hillary Clinton Campaign breaks election yeah federal you can not. Spend millions of dollars without with a foreigner. To influence an election that's against the law. You know her campaign lied about the ten million dollars where she spent it because it would be illegal to spend it the way she did. Sending money to Christopher still trying to get the Russians are on trop. So machines current Harris currently inner campaign currently under investigation. Print CC violation. Her FEC violation skis and you can't do that that's illegal. So they broke the law steel broke the law by not registering. Fusion GPS which employ him broke the law. Perkins Cole broke the law DNC broke the law we know the FBI broke the law. Uncertain where is the Russian where worst Mahler indictment there where is his job not to study collusion. An interference in the elections. Where's indictment. Steele did exactly what these Russians did but on a bigger level. And the FB life took its. Televise the court light it to the size court incredible. And then late durn thing and a media. Why to influence an election an afterward to influence people's opinion of the president. So we not only did steal do exactly what these Russians didn't. The FBI and DOJ. Took his work and used it. Against trump. Natalie did use it against her remember drums. Or in terms conversations kept leaking he could not have a conversation the foreign had to say without it leaking out to the media. Those leaks still under federal investigation every one of them is a felony. Those are the phone conversations they gagged. By using a foreign agent who did not register. Today and spy on trumped illegally leak is conversations. And yet Christopher still raging he's our current nobody's and I and now we can. I mean the absolute hypocrisy of the dole justice system is stunning. It's absolutely stunning. A question. If these thirteen rations that Mahler indicted. Hate crime that was not registering. As a political agent as a busy noisy Russian you know AG to register before you put Spain politics. It that's crime. From. Then show us arrest all the illegals the two dozen illegals Democrats broad as they're honored guests to the state of the union speech. Is now attempting to influence American politics. Didn't come Secret Service background check and using the FB Eli I was just predicted that haven't you jury member went Obama. Said that interview encouraged illegal aliens to vote. You're Hillary campaign. Kristen. That dark outreach. Voting program. Which is strange to stock has exposed the voting. And are there I can't legal immigrants they had legal family members who really is reaching out to the illegals it'd get him to get their family members to the day. And illegal immigrant doctors were running the program. As paid employees of the Hillary campaign to America. I've come so why does I'm when he indictments will come poured that. Earth they're not gonna come for that bird and we just told just teased. With your diet depends on how good you know that correctness of your politics are supports. Our age we were kids. Campaign plane and start making mud pies and a spot and you spice them up with warrants. We don't have did you do that. Only can see the day asks me for one of those little clip on him sanitize or sky Quetta tribal pact is one keep and the Haynes keep my hands clean. Her now. You can't. We'll never yes. Would be just fountain turn it. You'll never guess. I actually awed by this this is the coolest thing. They found a powerful news is Washington Post class so in my pitcher class of antibiotics. In dirt. They're saying this could be the solution to the antibiotic crisis. Is there rom printing will am. And global deaths from antibiotic resistant infections could hit ten million a year by 25 people don't find a new class super drugs they think they just found a new class super drugs. Publishing in the journal nature nature microbiology. They've found a reservoir of antibiotics in and Armon they had nexus yet. Produced by a micro Elba. Or microbes. In dirt. It's amazing this class of antibiotics called. Forgive me by citizen correctly and not a scientist I don't pretend to be now accidents. Kills several super bugs including the dreaded. Staff put carcass Ari Alice which is Emerson. With outs in Jan during. Resistance. Now before it's gonna think they may see kind of visited them a few years to get this to your pharmacy unfortunately. But the proof but it is every is proof that untapped antibiotics do you exists. In Terry. An amazing. Since the days there whereas humans and we're hunting we're gathering and recovered from head to toe entered. I tell that was a good thing. We were covered from head to toe on antibiotics to. And by the way they think there are multiple multiple. Variants versions of the days I just one it's our that there are a lot of them. I care an apparent is assessing the mount as students work by interfering with the process that picture used to build a cell walls. Bomb and that it it literally shuts them down. Which is awesome. When they used to Conway who's been previously unknown molecule from dirt. Successfully sterilize the wins. The bacterium didn't show any sign of resistance even. To three weeks of exposure so it doesn't cause the resistance are bacteria. And funny becomes a crisis in this weather in this country. Economically just the time we find a little oil and and developed the ability to extract it. We're running out of antibiotics or look look at what's in the ground spend the whole time an answer. We find these things that we needed the times we need them just as. And be some kind of intelligent design behind Nat. 803471063. Text line 71307. Adolescent this. John Podesta chairman. Of the Hillary campaign was paid millions by a now defunct Russian company tied to the Kremlin. Wish he illegally. Neglected to disclose but Molly doesn't care about that. He does and he now he does it. Up I don't Ford did that that he did indict him but am he does not care when does the does this so this is sit down. We CBS is Nancy at Courtis. To talk about the horror of the Russian meddling in our election. When she asks protest. This but it does. Begged the question how is it that these Russian operatives new to focus on purple states like Michigan and Wisconsin and your campaign didn't. Well of course we spent a lot of time and energy in Africa in all the states Hillary Clinton herself did not spend much time and we you know we had done. Tim Kaine was there are Barack Obama was in and she spent enormous time and Pennsylvania Michigan truck. And and we spent a lot of effort we see him more of. Home okay. Texture is your only got hurt my football coach would save some dirt. Brilliant man it turns out he was. Straight so farmers little boys don't get Versa go what Derek you know what what tickets of plane entered. Tester race. So does this now have to surrender their right to the dirt in my yard. Not yet but we'll see. Dexter writes good morning Sara I guess those mud pies Swedish children weren't so bad after all in did you ever simply you might play. And guilty. Guilty here. Oh my god and was nasty to wasn't. Yep tech story is true punts and are now recommending rubbing dirt you're open range this morning please don't misunderstand you. But still. Tester race to its dirt they semi automatic and dirt that's awesome Mike first guest was going to be darned bit. With the man entered the dog eat and yet.