The Tara Show - 2-20-18 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Tuesday, February 20th
New antibiotics discovered in dirt; Age of consent in SC; Interview with Catherine Templeton – Candidacy for SC Governor and issues facing SC

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According played good morning to a lot of people are reacting to this. Might want to tell us. Your hand sanitize your T here this. They just found a cool new class of antibiotics that kill MRSA. And Joan to develop. Non immunity. And guess they found them can't imagine dirge church in dirt. All right yes. Not that and that now this is not a joke I was in the keys out to eat. Have scruples today new study per ad they do always have published Monday in the true nature microbiology. Reports discovery adding new class of democratic extracted. From I don't microorganisms living in the soil they don't know what we know where which microorganisms. That produce it. But the new class is called now accidents. That kill several super bugs including. MRSA. They actually put this. On rats. That heads Emerson infections killed. Filled rants no Mercer Mercer okay I'm not threats. Alum so yes on you know maybe. We as kids were on to something. When we read my advice now kids got washed her hands in the dirt on military at some of the police out. Okay do you see this or over the weekend I did it this is OK it's just interesting to. From a couple of perspectives. And how boy her parents proud Alyssa heat and Taylor. Career high school teacher biology teacher. This couple shares deputies driving around in Simpson bill they noticed eight cars suspicious this this suspiciously parked on the side of the road. In a weird way so they pull over to see what's going on they find any half naked teacher. In the car. With her student. Male student. I she's 27 he is seventeen and she is now charged. What do felony. And giving eight false information to investigators she initially gave them the wrong. Am not a Smart thing to not be Smart thing to do 27 years old and and newlywed got married in August. Okay well. Yeah could be an opportunity for divorce attorney yeah again oh geez. Only can Ari so you say about this. And by the way on day of Paraguay agency published of the husband's name and where he works what to do that again I don't understand why many listed in the Alley at risk ceremony would be able to find and I'm not saying he didn't do anything the victim here yeah and I can go to work today. Poor guy guy. I don't understand why that would be necessary I mean. You know it's it's one thing when it's the individuals involved and and you know we don't report the names of of miners. That are involved in crimes now. You know that would obviously like the town (%expletive) that changed when he was charged as an adult. Right and and so that policy changes south on the radio network in the station as well let's or policy we domain juveniles that or. Arrested for crimes generally. Unless they are then charged as an adult. Curious about today just interest me. This is this another one of these cases that we seem Britney when I was in school you'd have very rarely occasionally but very rarely see if he's in charge and was also is a guy. It was very rarely a woman now and now there is this discouraging news in three this week of of women. Young also is John also he's good looking down. Females with masters. And I this is this is I don't think there's anything new under the son I suspect this is going been going on high schools for decades but nobody got busted. Now and and now I mean dish it but it's amazing and they're just the predatory nature of some of these teachers. Sort of brings in the question and homeless onto anything. Yeah. Interest me about this though. And I don't think this is an offense her it's not at all but it just sort of makes you wonder and ice wondering about this is back when I was in Charleston. There was a teacher there mom who was 27 this is an Elvis time and the victim. Is charged. When the misdemeanor. Forget together with heard the Vick was eighteen. So she met her anywhere other than school it would be totally Kosher. Yeah but inside there is a different law yet there's different lines when ten. The state passed the laws saying that it was a felony Fareed teacher. Bomb you know to Dick young deep hook up wearing with the students. Bomb it's now I'm particularly seventeen under them. However what she trusting teeny. Here and ice what are seasoning if they if they are this incessant dating young people. Yeah it's I did he is perfectly legal fray 27 year old woman orient in the city South Carolina to data seventeen. Is the age of consent legally in South Carolina is sixty. We should be 27 dating a sixteen year old. And I wonder why did they go to school to pray you hearing they can go to. Sports practice for another score he you don't have simply gives you step and I just at a annihilate it just seems to me act. I would think that it has more to do with the fact that the relationships. That you develop with. That the teacher student relationship that you develop and that necessarily someone getting who has say a sexual predator getting a job as a teacher so they write them. You know apply the the that the student body so to speak. It just seems to me out to be consistent here if we don't. You permanently lose your teaching license in South Carolina you are finished. Bomb but it just seems to me that we should be can this one listed another thing may be some libertarian who should be consistent if seventeen and 27 doesn't work with a student and teacher than we are going to raise the age of consent the state. For relationships with people you know. Adults who are in their twenties it just seems inconsistent I don't know. That we treat that try the trial as someone who can ides. Consent. When. They're seventeen and it's a teacher but which he said we treat him as someone who can't consent at sixteen was not a teacher. Russian can consent and the thing at sixteen but hey that's just me. Especially sixteen year olds are these days they're much under the main hour when we markets I don't know I think is in some ways they are in some ways hurled. But anyway. Doing herself proud that well went around the world to them an excellent yet pre OK Liz Taylor lives and. Yeah I our name's Liz tempo she's. I'm not for one of two married name. Anyway and I'm sure she's quite an impact us. Well Ari joining NASDAQ appear in just a little bit I I believe captain Templeton is downstairs arguments broke units were gonna have her in the next break. And it and I ask for folks to send in questions. For currently so what levels he was she has to say. Good running Catherine Templeton. So morning Karen how are you didn't I just a price that was that there was no lets not thank you see anything past the part of my. Traffic yes yeah you get a good look at their Greeneville traffic this morning. I'd tell you lack easily slip on a friend of mind that started the term and a lot out. And get it there right from the though green Volta anywhere and it only takes ten minutes longer than that says. Yes yeah. And especially if you have to go down would you Fred Perry was so I know you were doing this a phone conversation abacus is still trying to get your wanna dive in real quickly. And an ask these questions you undertook some tough questions last time you were here so I'm gonna let you sell yourself. To the audience today and what I wanna start with this. What what is in your opinion. This rapid fire what is the number one problem or biggest challenge facing the state of South Carolina in European. Corruption. Plain and simple every issue that we have to deal us whether it prisoners dumping their offenses or are. You know have having trouble asks. People making it easier that economic out and collect welfare and ethnic our top jobs at good epidemic. Whatever it is until we change that people who are making the decisions and serving on. None of it going to get solved because whoever we elect needs to go to Columbia and have our best interest at heart and your. Mom. Outgoing. You know glad I was just gonna ask you on and speaking of the crash in Colombia which is pretty legendary now we've watched you know these indictments. What is on the wine. Thing in your opinion the number one thing. You can only do one thing that you would do or change. To stop the corruption in Columbia what what are we need to do that we don't we don't have now. It is pretty simple and that astonishing that not already the law. If we elect you to serve. If we elect you to go out there and protect our money that happens and Armani is that you can't have any money for yourself. And in South Carolina it's legal itself Steele is legal to appoint York tunnel on your daughter in your life to eat fourteen commission that has them. Yet they can't contracts for the for the Stanley and legislators themselves. And and I wannabe a wannabe rock clear. The pin and everybody in Columbia but the one I'm talking about never talking about. In fact to they were then it would been meeting of the legislators. Earlier this summer and they you know they so well. One of them said you know I think I can't support after advocate she talked about corruption in Columbia. They were Q other legislators. With that Gelman they achieve not talking about me. A lot dolls. That we we have to stop allowing. The people they serve us. The make money offer it is flat when I go out there I'm not taking a paycheck it's not about the money. And I'll get out there and and serve and come home and live under a lot we create and it's not about me. It's some is your first congratulations you've just won the governorship it's her first an office first morning all of printers moved in your rate ago. What is on the first what is the first thing that you do. On day one man because I know what I would do I couldn't wait to get in there there's a couple things I'd love to do what is the first thing you're gonna date. The first thing immunity or an expected. An executive order that prohibit anyone network and the executive branch from arrow lobby while I am the governor. The second thing validated it clean out these boards and commissions at all of Brothers and sisters and China. And the third thing now do that in public counterintuitive. But in order to get anything done in the state of South Carolina the governor has big sheet at the table with the legislature. And I have I'm gonna make strong deal I'm gonna make deal for the for the state for the people that I represent. Eat immediately Brad Brad and even let the people wait in line even with the people we don't agree US. But we have to get something done in near the like everything that the other side said the tactic in the Egan made all of it. But you still have to get things done and call every legislator and ask them importantly. What are the three things that your constituents that they were you represent the local level. Need to know need and want died in the states her role politics you want you're sure that the first health for the people walked. And then we do that thank you what else. Spreading to Katherine Templeton she is running for governor. I'm used to say that you are the true conservative he only true conservative in the race. Why is that the case would what sets you apart and nation the only true conservative. Yeah every politician that run through the office or any other is in its value. What the issues are what they believe I mean everybody is pro life everybody prior constitution's Second Amendment. I'm yet everyone knows that we needed fuel to read it education safety we all know all the things that every politician will say they're going to shrink government deregulate. Cut spending. I actually did it. And that's the benefit of being an outsider and I owe anybody anything at neverland op but I don't need any think that. But I also found a somebody entity and the other day and being just dangerous knowing just enough to be dangerous to the aircraft. Now on and on governor Haley cat that whenever our that our people she got the help make it great in South Carolina. And as a result I got four years of our receipts for the correction to the way. Don't look at my record got a web site Catholic Templeton dot com and they eat that actually deregulated we hired one is for bureaucrats. At stake are right you never hear that. We actually shrank government we get 68 million in a way to get eighteen months. And created better service mean. Politicians are gonna tell you a lot of things don't take our word for goes see what we've what we've done. What are ASCII Catherine on one agency we spend on a lot. A home that has not has not found been cleaned out on is the SE DOT. All of this show and it served annually we literally have legislators in passing a bill to they can remove the auditor from the SE guillotine put him in in and other agencies or he would stop finding fraud. And corruption we had contractors. Convicted of fraud in the federal courts who. Came back months later and were working again in violation of the fraud of the court Warner. What's right specifically an Emmy and an Indy unit you know a lot of there's a lot of other issues there was specifically would you do. To clean out the SE DOT because that's that's a mess. It that you start ever you abolish it eap. It describes in any incompetent and I think they're inning in a way you have to have. Eight director of the VAT that is appointed by the governor that it accountable for the governor that can be fired at a governor one person. Could you we have the money to right and what we we have the night before quite frankly. And that it did Phillips expect issue. Chicken engineering issue you have to get all the politics out of it you remember what I said while not Earth Day. 100 executive order after the lobby in a special interest credit prohibition. Was she cleaned out all of those son in law. And the daughters what that are sitting in any position that enclaves. John hardy of the Department of Transportation. Bill is senator Letterman's monologue and why aren't I the services are not imminent given that the beta South Carolina. It skyrocket three million dollar in company earning dollars a year. And then David stay contact I think it at that they've believed finally interstate to tell you at all of chick filet. Later his son and dialogue. On that not a lot but they only made millions of dollar ballpark taxpayer dollars. Abolish it start ever. Tell Katherine temple since she is. Or running for governor. Cavern tumbled ten you you say you're a conservative on which candidate in the race. On keeping taxes need to be cut in South Carolina and specifically by how much if you do. Absolutely absolutely and I've actually done the math and you know politicians will say let's let's try to let Adam. Let's go to Q percent personally contact the need to be tried by Q percent and they can be. The next thing we have to attack at property tax it is outrageous that people or their entire lives. And they do and they pay for their house. And they retire on a fixed and come and then they have to pay every year to keep their house the property tax that you never in your mouth right. But can he continue to pay one of the things that I am on record saying that I would do it out but short on everyday. It's an increased sense setting pensions so that people over 65 your grades. Get the first 100000 of the value of their hand exempted from property tax. Ten meaning that no I'm out of it can add the income taxes as first the domestic or just wanted to get when we work we should keep the money in our pocket. How much are we cutting income tax. IQ percent by two percentage points should be two percentage points lower. Correct he did it feel like four point 95%. An and and not create. Not create this sort of a lack of also an area where we're getting a different way. Right is that I'm afraid this tax panels printed out I'm afraid that they are going to raise taxes on some in order to lower them on others. Sure to be in theater that's pretty easy you'd get cut spending is simple. If we can't do anything were to take the same page for our we have money left there are and act every year that I've I've paid attention the government we had a surplus. And what they did they recruit that Florida. At the end of at the end of the session they start going on a Christmas Flickr they have money left over instead of returning it to instead of cutting spending but again. Catherine Templeton on the it I would look to see somebody go out there and wanna cut spending an end Mickey Healy did use did did the line item veto but very she's cut very very little Katherine Templeton. How how real quickly how would you cut and how much would you cut. Which cut more than he did. It was a much week. What we have never had a governor who's actually run a state agency. And the best thing about that is that I'm able to get on asking about asking how they roll it up. There's so much weight and everyone other agencies. Would cut you got it. I did it already and it took us a surgical knife could not hear that I'm not gonna go and like Obama and say OK you know. Everybody cat that not that amount of money. Some harper at some of our agencies may need more in certain program. But you know I found out how much is it wasted that much pork sweetheart deal. When Allen entered a wonderful artists say that senior state over 609 dollar budget cut it by 10% the first year caught it. I didn't ask for more money. I wanted to figure out where we were spending the money we had to. When I did that. We got money anyway legislators sent money to it anyway millions and kept passing it through different. It's kind of a trek and that's that says that I'm dangerous then to the establishment aircrafts. We will be back in just a moment with the gubernatorial candidate Katherine at Templeton. Get running in Sydney now ladder who is Katharine ham and she is running for examiner and good morning Catharine. Good morning. Hammond gets a little closer to that microphone there you go. OK so we just saw the shooting that happened in Florida a lot of folks asking me to ask you how do you feel about. Arming teachers in schools should teachers be able to. Obviously background check it's okay aerial that kind of staff training be able to continue work or their weapons in South Carolina schools yes I think is a great idea you know. As a mother of a child calm that I put on the bus every day in and hope that the public schools keeper safe. And as a candidate running for office he has never been offered money from the NRA simply because I've never run before I guess but it. I can say cleanly without any problems. I am I have a concealed weapons permit and it makes me feel safe. I was this weekend at a school function it was there was a scrimmage for one of the spring sports. And as a sat on the bleachers and a on the field that I was not familiar lashed with people from four different schools around the state and Georgia. I felt very vulnerable. And the only thing that may mean. Feel safer more secure was for the knowledge that I can walk back to my car and get my. I am 38 if I needed to you and so that the debate about taking guns away or at all. At all. Prohibiting. Kerry is it. It's the wrong we're looking at the wrong thing it's an expedient political. Noise. And if the only reason I have a concealed weapons permit is because when I worked. For governor Haley honor cabinet. We made so many people mad. We wrestled so many fathers we fires in many bureaucrats we've called out salmon discretion. That sled actually called me and told me to get the concealed weapons permit. To protect myself says you know I don't light we have to pay defeated government for what is already are our god given right but our constitutional right however. Don't take that away from me. Speaking of signs bomb we are one of the things on the show for a long time his Ben how out of control judges are we actually had I don't know if you know but was cut from Templeton. Wish shooting on main street hearing to in Greenbelt broad daylight. 2 PM. A rolling shoot outs. And fortified guys are out of jail right now because the judge gave three of them 7500 dollars bond which he's failing encompassed 750 bucks. 10% rate well yet now that James was one of many we're gonna profile on the judge today we have a rapists. This is written about the state who got fifteen years for burglary the judge suspended two cents to three years which means he doesn't go to jail he just he's on probation for three years these judges are out of control. They're appointed by the legislature we do not elected them into there is absolutely no repercussions for them. And as you know the committee that appoint them sequentially orders that apply in knowing their firms appear before these judges. Do we need to change that and elect John just settling the legislature pick them. We needed change it I'm not sure we want to lag. Because any get the judge you can pay for bright you know bid at those big law firms just give them on the campaign money. And we see now already in Colombia was you know we have a governor right now he's taken over a 100000 dollars from SCANA. Yet is supposed to you deal with a situation where they've taken two billion from last. So with the judges you have to stop the activism and it we just an again another situation we saw in Columbia. Rick when do was indicted for all of this corruption in this conspiracy in the Stanley take millions. It got off with probation four million dollars. Forming inflation that you judge appointed by the legislature but I think what we have to do is take sat out of the judge's hands and make the laws so stringent. That their criminal penalties that they can't. They can't they can't you know use their discretion. To suspend dissent and soared to create we have got to make no laws tighter. So you would let though legislators still appoint them what you would strengthen the sentencing guidelines. LA or does the governor appoint them not to not the next governor because as you know running for governor people look at that as a power grab not apparent. It is to governor appoint a like the federal government does. You know they they're now a lot of things out a tape from the federal government as a good example but it certainly at least less the pendulum swing back and forth C have defense lawyers. And plaintiffs' lawyers right now we just only half. Linas and trawlers are all almost exclusively. I know there's some great judges and I am I really believe that however you're right about the process mean we we have some out there who work. They're beholden to the legislators that show up in front of them and make money off of them. Techne Katherine Templeton cap I have to ask you about this. Bomb last tenure on the show you indicated that you would be open to exploration off our coast allowing expiration Henry McMaster has asked Donald Trump to. On shut that down. Which I think he's nuts because he's never been elected and we should get to debate this issue as he and Lisa legislature at the if not during the governor's campaign. And I don't understand why government master is so opposed you just exploring. To find out what's out there and I you indicated that you would be open to exploring is governor but better elsewhere that you had kind of changed your mind on that. Where are you are you open to exploration are you open to drilling what is your what is your position Willy will you rescind the letter from Henry McMaster asking prompt to. Not explore upper coasts not allow exploration where wary eye on. Is silly it's it's some it's funny because I think he might be the biggest advocate for offshore drilling that I've ever met. Thumb when they seen the numbers is he doing up to 50000 jobs in one sunny bright bright oil announced or Elena Sebastien says Erie here it is I support pres. And charms energy policy and am happy that he's opened up opened up the Atlantic for exploration. Here's the thing that. Government doesn't mean you can't do everything and this is going to be a private sector investment deal and the oil companies are drilling companies. They are going to go first to where we know already that there are huge oil soars off the Atlantic so. I don't think South Carolina is in play now that said was what we know now. You know we believe that there's about six days of oil you and I talked about the fact that we're not sure about the natural gas. I am open to exactly what you said. The legislature on a look at the we ought to debate it. It's not it's not in play right now from a private sector perspective first Elena Dino harm and that's what is my biggest hesitation. I wanna make shoe are. And we first dawn murmur tourism that we don't harm in the taste but it. But your solution is is great and we haven't they've been debate. And we talk about because we have time. We do anything it brings more jobs to South Carolina anything that makes this more and energy independent as a state in the nation is good but first we have to do no harm. So. We jury sent hundreds letter asking trump not to allow exploration not fraudulent renowned comet exploration. Would you rescind it now you would think that nowadays it I would say that we eat so you would ask you continue asking him to block progress right. Darkening Katherine Texarkana happened Templeton. She is to us this morning alive in the studio. You won and mining now for one more segment of last TOK awesome and I wanna point out as we did this. That Henry McMaster has been invited on the show for for a year. Told us a year ago that he did not have time to talk to us not January February march April may June or July and I never once criticized the guy not once never said a negative word about him. Would not join us still will not sit down so cap on any any. Politician willing to sit in the hot seat as I see the state. I get credit for that. Well thank you if I mean you're afraid of your constituents as I can't answer questions and you shouldn't elect me. Awesome thanks for joining us will be back in a minute. Katherine at temple CNET with us this morning shopping advice she is running for governor and governor's race is on. By the way will be talking. A lot about it. Coming up Cavanaugh an insurance covered. Everything is there's something that you wanna do passionately that I Nona. Q about that you wanna sell yourself this morning to the folks in town until then when they should vote for you. You know I wanted to know who I am because that's the most important marker of of whether they can trust me or not whether or not I'll make good decisions for them. Yeah I I am I am the only person running for this office here has rotated shifts in a rural county. On my first job was now we've Mellon tangential. And I got permitted. See you a fishing trailer off for the fair play in Walhalla. Hit it. So when that when when a solid information look like it took my money that I say then went to law school. An hour right here in Greenville for a for a law firm fighting unions all over the United States. I've been in the private sector my whole life. I walked in the government because governor Haley asked me to fight for jobs in South Carolina in fact. When president Chung got elected. He asked me he publicly on consider me to be his secretary of labor and privately called mini trump tower going to tell people I was there before Carly in Kanye. The guys in his team call me a triple threat the call as I have worked the cries I have fought the government and now. I have kind of front receipt and I can't and see what I saw out there. Sue sue me up there I'm never running for anything else I've never done this before. Com but we're gonna win mess because we've elected outsiders. Locally and nationally. We want a fighter who wants money will stand up and have done it over in India will pick when governor Haley. Asked me help. The Obama administration had just said that South Carolina couldn't have all is dialing jobs. We didn't back down we had congressional hearings the media ahead as the AF LCI and see me personally. Didn't back down. And we want and we kept jobs here I wanna get back and finish. And and work for the people of South Carolina it idea lost my mind or this is the best thing is we. Just do it one way or the other loan now by Jean twelfth. Actually talking to Catherine and Templeton about running home for office in. Why she's running for office I ask you about this really quickly com and you did an interview with the Daniel island news and I know your song needed you did not support the gas tax. When they ask you about it. York unequivocal. He says the guest Tek she said with a mock gas but everybody wants to know where I am on the gas tax I'm not gonna tell you worry I'm on the gas tax issue but let me ask you this. And I told you could get home faster it would be safer and your car would not be as banged up as it is now. And you can stuck paying a thousand dollars that certain your pain right now and just pay fifty dollars what would you set. But he says toward tax can get elected she continues with all politics is all politics and I've had enough of it is adamant change of the of position for you or DE ED you were against the gas tax rate yes and not not at all. A change of position inside that was so long ago and that it was during Ella the title I can see as his bus solve the SEC text picture that's exactly what they call me if you may if I said yeah yeah visit this was during the debate when nobody knew what the bill is gonna look like when nobody knew Syrian abolished. The DOT when nobody knew where the money was going to go. And as it turns out they didn't abolish the DAT there wasn't enough reformed. In a governor Haley stood on her ear saying no more revenue until there's reform. And we were waiting to see what was gonna happen. I'm done the math I had done the math at that point. And it's it's good for people at a state to pay for our raids they use them I'm I'm good with that. But there was no reform and the gas sect still does it go a 100% to our records. So it's a time of of that particular in an interview a secure all the facts guys. Here all the things that they're talking about but we don't know yet. But we shouldn't be you know losing our minds of his or using your tax we should first look and see if we narrowed six. For the money we had. Dealing amount and that time if you took Armani and paid for a law enforcement and or teachers. You paid our debt and you pay your health care burden raids. EU we have money left over like us talking about earlier. We would have money left over Ian we can cut spending is just a matter of having so many of their he's been in business before he's not afraid of the politics in the cause of self dealing. Well the big thing you said sir and I got about a minute left frustrated with meet me with Nikki Haley now frustrates me with Henry McMaster he claims he was against the gas tax however. He never left the governor's mansion to lobby against it. He didn't do this on speeches he didn't do those things Nikki Haley there's several bills seat there were very close nullification of obamacare. You know she said she opposed the gas tax but yet we never heard the some speeches we never heard. In a governor is a big bully pulpit if they go give speeches to rally the people lobby the legislature. They can get stuff done and yet there is just sort of been this hands off well I'm against it but I'm not gonna lift a finger to do anything about it at a simple we see you out they hear. On the bully pulpit using the full power of the governor's office instead of just telling us hanging on against attacks and move. And if the governor's mansion though. I mean is anyone NA is near anyway he's gonna get to naming it thinks for a man and a shrinking violent. Absolutely. And that's called leadership. As any you don't put your finger in the air and wonder what what's right he do last of people and you do do what's best for the people. But at the end of the day you have to determine with the people what is best and then you have to can fight for. And it's hard for politicians to do that generally. I don't know why governor McMaster you know I knew it was sort of lob Ilan DeVito from under his desk and then didn't do anything to uphold inside. Antiques on the bill quickly. Pretty quickly after an answer agents on the bill but he allowed the you know vetoing a Lebanese area. So no way it is the best the best part about working with the legislature is not know where I stand and I know where you stand. And we'll go advocates for a dobrynin secrets. It's going to be actively involved in lobbying the legislature otherwise or governor's happens no I don't know what the point it isn't going up there and spending time away from masri children. If I'm nine point again fight every day for what what it is we need. And lobbying the legislature you can do without them admin master had been out there on the campaign trail saying noticed gas tax forcefully we would've had it when a patina. And settling would say it will be total us aren't good enough on so. And I'm and I hope she does if you get elected you (%expletive) this audio he said can please see you out on the trails Herat stags they did in the kitchen you mean. Support yes I am very best of what's you and thank you sit in the hot seat is the hardest interview in the state you just did it twice yes three times yes I enjoyed it thank you captain Templeton.