The Tara Show - 3-21-18 - Hour 3

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Wednesday, March 21st

GOP budget spends money on Democrat pet projects but not on Trump’s border wall; Obama campaign invented the techniques Cambridge Analytica used; Stark examples of what happens when armed officers confront school shooters (or don’t) still can’t convince SC lawmakers to budget for school safety instead of advertising; China offers free trade with US in response to Trump’s tariff threat


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Lay good morning Tyrrell once again. Re Republicans wedding Chile absolute. Last two minutes. To pass a budget so that they. Government has shut down. Did this on purpose I think they dislike the excitement in DSL adrenaline rush you know as adrenaline register. And then you can claim we have to compromise of these Democrats because no choice. But what is exactly. Is no. The GOP's bloated one point three trillion dollar omnibus donation call the GOP's gazette maligned everybody. It's Paul Ryan's. Read thanks. Amazing we don't have a Democrat we don't have a democratic presidents used to use. Barack Obama is an excuse for funding everything Barack Obama wanted to. We don't have a Democrat as president which I I know speaker Paul Ryan is very upset about after trying to get that Democrat elected. In the Pennsylvania special like Stephen doing emailing for him. Found which by the way he still has not answered questions about it was his leadership speaker leadership pac. That did the mailing on behalf of the Democrat not Republican in the race which is unbelievable. I'm touted him as a real Second Amendment hero and he just nearly got liked they way speaker Paul Ryan. Is set to pass at this these second largest spending bill in all of US history. Behind only Barack Obama's trillion dollar failed stimulus package. The bill funds. All of the Democrats requests. For the budget. I'm percent they get everything they want. Another increase in planned Planned Parenthood an inning ending EnerNOC. You say that they were running the house wouldn't you real but they're not so what are Republicans getting out of office. Nothing. Not not what we want anyway the bill listen this is the kicker at the bill funds all of the democrats' priorities. But will. Not likely find trounce. Border well. She I thought that was a Republican priority. In sensors a Republican in the White House and a Republican this is speaker of the house and with the majority and Republican majority in the senate. Why would that not get funded. Beat us they want the borders opens they like the lawlessness. Now here's a thing a call right. Par Ryan said in generates when he seventeen actually we're gonna fund is did the ability to be done by the end of the year I was in 2070. Then I am in need next. Com you know last minute spending disaster a decision they had to make you may. And they put enough money in for the mock ups that you're seeing from visiting is very Lilly can't go to border while with Abbey's door with a fully funded by the into the lament August rolled around. Do you remember this and they had to get to the tax cut debate. And tolerance each gas could not get the tax cut debate. Have a government shutdown over the wall to same times and so sorry maybe she he could not get it done twice and think he'd products. He was gonna get done in twenty to. While last I checked it's Tony teammate. Derek who were full quarter and we are yet dispensed said the spending bill funds every Democrat requested priority. Most of the more funding increases for their pet projects and plan parents of a bank will unlikely fund the trump border while. This guy who has a 20% national approval. Our speaker Republican leader. And rat Fink all right. Even worst initially. Com Brad think won't let anybody see the bill. Outside of leadership and understandably Kazaa people knew that he was doing there might be a little bit. A set. This is representative gets from Florida talking about do I can't even I'm getting a lot of the rim to look at it. And I'm sure regular Republican House member I think Lou Dobbs in today's at the grandly completely sums up on the stage of the GOP. Leadership race here take a listen. I came in its turn audio line. Okay owned. OK we tried this against. We have situations where you have a massive bill put together behind closed doors I can tell yeah. Guys like me who were just rank and file members. We don't have any concept of what's in this saying it's all being done behind closed doors and so it'll be unveiled maybe tonight. We're have to go through reed were meant to calculate how much money's being spent it's just not the way if I had to do business. And let me tell speaker Ryan did go to hell I mean here this is an embarrassment he is he represents. Only they've done the US multinational interest on K street he doesn't represent Republican thinking he's not a conservative he is a in my judgment one of the most erratic appropriate people we've ever seen in this leadership. We'll here's the problem with these omnibus bills and and you know once these things are getting off the ground there really does Tim Howard K street because they want. The Christmas tree they wanna put whatever they can stuff it in there knowing that this vehicles that trains leaving the station so they can hitched their wagon so this thing when they're going to be able to do and that's why you need to actually do budgets do individual appropriations bills that the promises like Groundhog Day same thing over and over again. We got a call different play at some point not to try to get some better results. Yeah well better results for hole you know Ryan is serving his masters for a time share. Taxpayer here's the no no no right answer Brian's master that's taxpayers they just pay the bills. Let's be clear him it is business roundtable it is the chamber of commerce city is K street he sold out a long time ago he sold out of the conference you sold out to Republican Party he sold out this president and he would sell out his mother based on his record of twenty years in such little accomplishment they're an absolute favored. For all of his dearest friends who write big checks. Well I couldn't said that better myself just Lincoln this guy's been listened to your show Tareq or something and just felt really good to play that. But dumb you know with when when we look at what's going on right now like that that the race in Pennsylvania never answered how how are rejection of no this rejection of the Republican leadership. The Republican leadership they're the folks who doesn't do not want to try and agenda the V Democrat who ran in that Pennsylvania district with the help of polarized. That's iffy to publicly you know the Republican again Paul Ryan did his his pact did the mailing on behalf of the Democrat. Com it that Republican in braced everything the Republican leadership stands for. You know free trade with China is bad we don't want used charged cherished a treadmill doing think. I mean the whole job agenda he rejected the other guy embrace the term agenda the Democrats did he want. So this right here all right this is why Republicans are going to lose the house in the mid terms if they do. Because the public is not stupid. They know what the GOP stands for and it's the same thing the Democrats stand for K street lobbyists. Chamber of commerce corporate interest shipping US jobs off shores for the practice for the profit multi nationals all that crap that's been ruining this country for a long time. They know it and then go out to vote for Republicans. They're not. They don't offered to vote for John yet if they could put not Republicans. And and here you have your evidence and we missed this is a mess Ozzie they're gonna do this why bother even show up to vote. That's a vote for the Democrat what's the difference. LC one that asked the question that a lot of people are asking yeah including Lou Dobbs different Mossad. Good friend that's outraged Democrats get everything they want. No border while funding. When Al for the first time in polls in recent months on the majority's American people have been saying they want able to walk and that's actually what Republicans ran on end. You know why I would. Be hard pressed to say that the speaker himself might not have been issued those were to sometime in some campaign speech well I hope they also ran on remember. How Eric Cantor. Who is defeated in his district used to be the number two million was number two announced on number two Republican yeah and he was laughing about how you wished. Everybody you're getting near Obama cares so funny to be unable to Beverly eight years. It was funny we consider that every time we re in yea I guess what car Ryan also did funneled billions of additional dollars. To the Obama Caremark is coming translate. That would be to the health care companies. Who should be allowed to go broken gamble obamacare. As the market dictates he's keep animal life. Ski mammal life. Expanding the funding for obamacare while telling everybody. All you do is out there at primary time we're turning killer Yvonne Cano and we just don't. Has. Obama Kayla made fashioned as beautiful baby blues might the camera and look like such a nice guy when asthma. But all of that choke him going to the police but to bang my head play spot on the wall. What do you start caring about your reputation. New city apparently begins. In kindergarten. Children begin to care about their reputations by age thought. To be good or bad thing depending on how far you take. You be known as a good person you proud should be a good person I mean if you don't care if people thing to be as good person that comes be dangerous Prioleau loses site. 803471063. Text line 713. 07. If you take it too far to Wear your final rank isn't you know need to be doing. Okay see this. The cat orange county sheriff's deputies just can't get it right. The early lunatic brother. Of the Parkland shooter. Who also is banned from campus well so he's been for. Now let me go on the campus. Decided he'd show up anyway. He said he just wanted to see the scene issued when a sick. Thirty skateboard through. Terrifying a lot of people. And you deal that. Nobody. In DeKalb County as sheriff's deputy was asleep. In his car. Hit. Asleep in this keystone cops. This is due to bad Yogi Bear commercial on this liquor cartoonist he wanted him. Unbelievable. Are a lot of other unbelievable stuff going on to we don't usually turn to the view for wisdom and certainly don't turn to make McCain but she mailed yesterday on India. Confronted the other women on the view. Ask all of the due to how is it that what Trump's campaign did with Cambridge and America. Which which has now been described described it is stealing voter fraud profiles and doing all of this kind of stuff how was it any different from what Obama did able to. In fact it's identical and what Obama did his works. Because the Obama people generated their own app. From the campaign was the Obama app. And it would the addition download it. By downloading it you agreed to give information not just on yourself and your likes all that Tyson pals on all your friends. They had the information. Of over a million people that way. Cambridge analytic did the same thing they built an. And they got people who downloaded sit and answer questions about themselves. They and you agree out they can have the information. On the process fails about the information all her friends to. Exactly what Obama did it was good Obama in Cambridge analytic. Is that the about a campaign actually did it with Cambridge analytic death they did it in the you're joint fourteenth. Before they ever had any contact with traps and it is the truck people did not build an app and go trick a bunch of people and Eleanor into. What happened was Cambridge analytic. Probably read the book written by the guy and about Obama campaign who describes how they did it. As till other businesses they'll build their own apps. So while they Obama administration are the Obama campaign did on purpose to target people and get their info in the exact same way the trap campaign is lebed is now being accused of doing. He originally did did that and built a database before trump ever hired them. Every used dep. So he was not present. For the sketchy way to build a database. Whereas I'm in the Obama campaign. Obama was running the campaign he's dot Garrett. When they did it. Here that media. Christian texts. Yeah we can't have information that ruins a good story now can't. Not to send the public would know what was going on an energy stupid to really know what's gonna happen to get the can't be trusted to make the right sorts. Of decisions. And media has yet for the we understand. May McCain and nailed this. On the which I'm shocked to say this is a bit long but she need to hear. You need to hear what the left says is the difference between when Obama did it and trumpet you ready for this. I don't completely understand this scandal now in the sense that this has been happening since 2012. The Obama campaign did this brilliantly they used I'm. Micro targeting and data mining is faster Eisenberg actually has a book called the victory lap there was an article it was turning to a book that showed how the Obama campaign. Utilized and targeted voters in the exact quote is a new political currency did predicted the behavior of individuals. The campaign didn't just know who you were you exactly how it could turn you into the type of person it wanted to be so the double standard RC right now is I'm against this. As a whole I agree I think this is very just Doby can I don't like our information being is I don't like the idea. That we act FaceBook users are the target and the product if they're using to manipulate us but it happened with Obama and it was lauded by the media as the genius another trump campaign look at. It SA or Cambridge analytical and we got I micro targeting Indians I. It's different though because if I how well in my opinion I think it's different in the sense that if you're talking about a political campaign yes trying to reach out to voters with. Your own messaging what's happening. Court exists at Cambridge analytical of this scandal. Is that people are using. Other you know users have profiles. And feeding them miss information. About some kind and I let second. I had so it's back on that let me let it and it's a little older I just don't know. Not all done I love old I was I am just saying we're. Red Sox. I've read you know I want I don't want to hear what you all have to say but it's hard to get when you bolts on the site. Yeah and a half so so when you're feeding them misinformation. There's a misinformation campaign and when you have. Chick you know news organizations like Fox News. Pushing this narrative of the of the deep stage pushing the same narrative that Russian boxer are squishy on social media. I think that's very different than a political candidate. Pushing his own message to them. Some aren't Santa got. And then there's times in one ball. Eight well irate it was the same but I'll see it was did because a bum luck was not lying. We said if you like a dark you can keep your doctor and that your health insurance 'cause she would go down by 2600 dollars a year. When in fact in live three years they doubled but anyway get as he did not snowing but he trumped. But when they did promise yet trump was life. Mission is to say about why. And if you asked it would be well thank pit entrance as a good guy and we know he's not. Said lying. Obama's message is so much better. Did they might have done at the same but just two hour. But he did directly. Charmed the campaign had nothing to do with the apt it was launched an all the data was gathered off FaceBook before trump ever hired them. Where's the Obama campaign did directly. Yeah habit you. Doesn't mean it was so good it was just so nice it was all lies but it was nice they weren't nice slice. The really sad thing is. That clip probably actually made sense to liberals it was an addition. By the way former employee of FaceBook. CNB parent you list. She's the former play a FaceBook platform operations manager. Clay it says the company's horrifying misuse of user data the idea Cambridge analytic up. I I said yesterday before this even came out because I I actually know a lot about using FaceBook is way up and done it myself. She said that was routine if FaceBook. Companies did it all the time. I know that's what I said yesterday. I know this because my husband's business buys it that is that. So does every other industry in the entire country when they advertise. Marketing companies sell this every day. Coming up. Dear member Kim John. And offering it to unilaterally disarm areas dying yet. Hey don't these missiles meetings I no longer need them. He said. Yep and even. CNN's Erin Burnett had to admits that this would make him a great president I'll trump you can pull off. She sounded like she needed anti depressants when she met through which when she admitted that. Well truck has just pulled off another. Epic. Achievements announcements will be wanna call it of that magnitude you'd she with a lot. Annie did it by doing what everybody else told him not to. I think what is coming up this is so exciting I Sonos and I jumped in my and I chariots react. Kept waiting for folks on talk radio scene I was across the country to make a big deal. Every leader miss did or didn't get the significance has no idea what they're talking I don't know what is I don't why this isn't a bigger deal. They'll play when it is coming up in just minute but first we have something we had a today for the children I mean no this really actually is for the children. And our state legislators is a told you. They'll boys at the Colombian. Running Columbia current snow. We can't have no stinking school resource officers. So wrestling forty to sixty million dollars a year. Anthony point six billion dollar bridge which Ford debt. This is a representative. Design mansion where we come where we take five million bucks. Out of need. Tourism. Advertising budgets 35 million dollar for 25 million dollars for the children was it's just a down payment. And so we're governor and Herman master deserves credit for proposing is good for him. Five million dollar now up notorious a more important than children children's lives and what are the 320 million dollar of surplus we got to share. That'll be reoccur. Find five million dollars out of that. They need as a down payment it'll it'll begin to put them in the lowest income schools. You know what yeah at 325 million but 320 some million dollars. Go ahead and paid a full sixty for the first year in and 49 you have to drop in the bucket. I would you know it now not children's lives are not as import as whenever we just start to spend that on where. And it's very deep very low in the tune of okay. So they killed they killed in the budget. Stripped out not even a measly five million dollars to begin doing this for tickets. Sitting recent these people critically sick pat I have is edited zero in him they have complete contempt for human I mean it's just took care. And it is the children do not have a lobbyists that can subsequently contribute to their campaign fund. You know their campaign because where's everybody else who want to chunk of that surplus guts. Give this works. So there won't be as. All resource officers stand between you and your child's strange killer susser. Might help Jacob Paula council but we don't care about things like that. Now we've had one of the shootings here in the upstate new school resource officer would he be alive today. Legislature doesn't care and doesn't care find out. So they killed and shame on Jay Lucas speaker of the house shame on him for allowing that to be pulled out. I put my name and a document like that I be shamed he should to be Shea he should be Shanda shows facing public ditto with Hugh leatherman. Issue elementary is right to some sense site but he won't he has and so far. And care about children they don't pay their lobbyists and pay the apparent. We chance today to get a gun I'm between your child. Children of the state. And a shooter. Again held by a person who has been through police training the same train all the police have to go through before they can take it out on the streets. That's what this bill would get. What is says is teachers other school personnel would have to go through the same. Train of course that the police do and pass it. And did the approval other school boards. To concealed carry in school. So did training is good enough for the officers we trust them with a gun bags then I'd be good enough for teachers to. Alice goes says is not the local school board does not think it's right for them to have armed teachers arms school employees and I had to do it. This they want to they can't trade that. This bill says you owe it to say legislators these geniuses. Who refuse to put a school resource officer in your school. Because they think it campaign donations at a twice. If they kill but come on let's have this bill. Is sitting in the education committee right now. And is voted today. And sponsor Philip Lowe who is out of Fort Mill area good for him represented a Philip Lowe. Call me a sale let me know on that they it doesn't appear they have the bus and kill. You Seward killed there kind of ironic don't you think. We give me a difference in that today we've got four of state legislators that will have a vote in the education committee today. We need to call them. Until then you're watching what they you know I I don't know how any of these guys plan about to be nice I have no idea they they may plan to do the right thing let's let's say given some back up here. Represented Joshua Putnam represented every Allison has Spartanburg representative Jason Elliot at a green vocally and represented Tommy stringer at a Greenville county will be. Of voting on this they're on the committee. So I have put up there office phone numbers. On my FaceBook page and on any 163 Debbie Doherty FaceBook page so that it's right therefore yeah. You can go and call them we Marty filled up their voicemails. I'm pretty sure we really do but this time so you have to which left nine but would you do that for me today did after the key as the state Kim a fighting chance. Now. Yeah I did as well. Legislative attacked viciously attacked. He's a vote to allow teachers school personnel be armed after they go through and pass the same training course the police officers do. And get the approval other school boards and the principles. As in neon edge house education committee this afternoon if this does not pass the subcommittee in the subcommittee does today. And the regular committee. Elect get house play event. And just not get a house full event. Our legislators who have literally killed the last chance we have to stand between a lone lunatic gunman in markets. Yeah but the but tomorrow they prefer is the one here in the upstate. Until Jacob Paul no school resource officer in that school. First guy who shows up as of firefighters just gone off duty has he heard about it from some ladies in the front office who called it. That's the model our state legislature the first shame on. We have a chance to change that today we had a chance to save minutes are shaved minutes off the response time which could say blessed certainly did it in that Maryland's when a school resource officer. Let's watch training killed the killer before he could kill anybody else. Because he was there that's the first I've been there a strained a person with police training with a gut our state legislature is standing in the way that right out inexplicably bizarrely. You can change that that. You can change that slows let it aligns the Leno only double your he listeners can't. Let's do this. Again you can fight it on my FaceBook page at W already FaceBook page appended the top of mind. As a check out the numbers are great therefore your convenience please call today but do it when you get into work. Do rarely because the voters later this afternoon I there's not a specific timeline but. You got pretty much I'm thinking safely until noon to cock. Dexter I'd stare at that it was an insult. To the Dukes of Hazzard blaze it was bust hug. He was bad the guys and gals in the Statehouse or crux. And no offense meant to. Bower lewd duke. My apologies to text your rates which proves everything I say we can do Willis will inevitably offend somebody I just don't know who. Armed. Ad tech straight or school walk out against legislators choosing not to protect your children. Great idea no wait. Children have no idea it just been completely disarmed and left like sitting ducks. In a gun free zone where by the way 92% of mass shootings current and presents which apparently is an idea or legislators like we'll see what they do with this. Texture rates I talk to your president DOS putt this morning is ES that buried. Thank you Josh. Text your rights here all the tourism money flows the chamber of commerce to allow out and even money to be diverted chamber controls South Carolina very sad yes adults. Jaber acts like he hit squad state chamber. And their donors I should say the chamber itself but the era surrounded donors that surround the chamber a quick hits why against anybody who doesn't follow their priorities is much like Washington. Take Dexter right dank U providing this information making everyone aware donning paying me that's my job that's what I do every day. I get paid to do it. And to thank you for listening. Text your great show slated to let me against the crossroads project yet cool over a billion dollars there and the state gets another barrel of crap. On our wonderful gas tax hike. Who what is nuggets. Million or someone around here at W ordeal with Monty campaign can do little company. I'm OK so the good news I love to deliver good news. When Ares and what can't have used her son John now. We have free trade. Ari there's a big lie when you're that. There's a really big line when you that we don't have free trade with China. As a PN and while we have terrorists on trial by god it's gonna make your habit escalation grabbed tray minority in a trade war with China you more. What is he arguing against terrorists on television. Start from the premise which is completely full that we Harry have an equal free trade agreement. With China and these other countries which is she a fair and we don't put any restrictions on and they don't. As a trash is putting restrictions like terrorists or whatever on them they know that's his script because trade war I know it's. We have the most free and open trade in the world everybody else takes advantage of us by putting restrictions on our products China especially. Is impossible. It is it is absolutely impossible for us to have a trade war on China because we barely send anything to China in a free trade me we can't start a trade war if we entree with. They share with us the entry without. China's one of the worst and we I was trying to dice. China blocks most US goods at the border if you want to sell goods to China. This is really the most pernicious part its manufacturing index for the most part. There are some exceptions this of course but for the most part. As Joseph when you many freshmen there it's more mad you don't just build plant you have to go on a partnership the Chinese Government so they can steal your technology your trademarked a way of Andino. I your patented two way of building things all of that and that's how they steal our technology Denny and subsequently bush you out of China says they'll be making around with your technology. That's how wet that's how works. I in recent years China has paid some lip service to opening our economy a little but it's been a joke. Until now. Folks this is on net the caliber of Kim Jung and going. That I they united. Trump is may not need these missiles after I would like to meet with him right away to discuss getting rid of the wet. This is on this caliber this achievement by trump but it's bigger. This would be. The largest trade concession a United States president has a one net from China in our lifetimes if it happens. And a coming boom times here in the US which of course Washington is post a get into that the next hour why. China at Washington is deeply invested in protecting China analysts twenty Y app at the expense of our jobs they know exactly what to do they know we don't have restraint. So what did you do. China to a greater reciprocity. China just offered. China had just offered. To open its markets. Quote so that foreign and Chinese firms can compete on equal footing. Now I am that's sounds like creature. Yen this. Switch comes proposing. Another HI I'm just proposed sixty billion dollars in tariffs on China. And Chinese came out this thing does two things are related. Yet he is sixty billion dollars in tariffs on China their economy will collapse we hold all of the cart here thanks so what is trump protest. Here's shape until the media is lying to you when they talk about tariffs. Did they used toward reciprocity now. Than relying they have no idea what they're talking about which trump is proposing. What Wilbur Ross is proposed. It's called reciprocity. You put its Y percent her fun Oscar point 1% terrified new you have no terrified as we have known sheriff when you. The Chinese went holy crap that I wrecked the economy. We have reciprocity we're gonna open our markets now they haven't yet. To continue doing it and mail Iowa. But they never offered. And they just did. Oh did he was threatened. This is awesome. Still largest market on earth if we could get in near with three axis like they have to our market.