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Thursday, March 22nd

GOP budget spends money on Democrat pet projects but not on Trump’s border wall in order to depress 2018 Republican voter turnout; Psychopaths run our country


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Adding late good morning terra well head. You can really really honestly just last at rat king's latest efforts which are quite good. Bomb and there is a message this madness of your job has hit the floor this morning over the G hat. They called a GOP budget honestly Chuck Schumer coterie and it all on why on earth the GOP leadership would it slapped. The American people but mission partly their base across the face like this. But this budget. This budget was designed to mock president trumpeted their great job of it. It is somebody new to begin with it is the second to largest spending bill of all time in American history after the stimulus. Com. It's it is so it's breaking records that way its largest budget ever created the budget funds all of the Democrat priorities. Including. Sanctuary Cities but does not find charms well. And also planned finds a Planned Parenthood. Com. Ryan's budget does provide 641 million dollars for border security. Euro funds for the while the border security doesn't boards. Is on upgrades. And stuff that was already planned anyway it's this fence repair its main insist that kind of thing that we would be doing. Anyway. In fact in the budget. They went so far as to in his surge a provision that will block trump from building all but 33 miles of the wall. I will reply yes and he'll get 33 miles long so great what do we have two under bush he promised us a while we got what was his seven miles. SM last February's 700 some 1700. What thirty some. Some hundred miles so well I dreaded having to be honored Italy is is it 17100 I I'm not sure I don't know where I'm thinking that it is the seven to 800 is the sensible part of it it's not like you know that maybe just water nexus where might be out of remember I don't know but it was 700 something alien. But Jack yeah okay let's just go with 17100 arrested just just for the heck of it. On this okay no we will be up tees we started this with bush promising in the Rose Garden in 2006 we gonna have a while he didn't mean it. Any leader undermine the wall. Com by a only you know they they congress later nine months later the Republicans like a thing back in the bills and what you don't actually have to build while we can use. Censors will just film them come over the coming over the border and not stop them but we'll know they're here. Armed and so they do they offered bush Cheney could go the quality that bush took the other way and they spent on hundreds of billions of dollars on absolutely nothing that they then scraps. On cigarette in the end we got seven miles of border well. At that whole thing for billions millions us or this would keep trying to just 33. Miles of border while. Com and so that's an air around funding for Sanctuary Cities is in and it takes all the teeth that the terms threats on Sanctuary Cities have been pointing out that. Republican leadership is dead silent on Sanctuary Cities they're dead silent even with a low hanging fruit well. There releasing criminals back in the Sanctuary Cities not just illegal immigrants but actual criminals. On the Republican leadership could care less their mums the word on that they've nothing to sage comes out there by himself fighting the fight. Com and bad show Ed the the most outrageous thing a balling here. Is that while trump could not get his border wall. Chuck Schumer. Democrat leader Chuck Schumer got its title. Did you see this idea now is he wanted this a tunnel for his district in New York it's an underground tunnels a good bridge. Com and show half a billion dollars was provided for that so check if the tunnel. Trump gets no well. On and they are I mean they are laughing their rear ends off and at the US chamber of commerce this morning an in Paul Ryan's. You know inner sanctum Mary in his office all right this course the speaker of the house allegedly Republican but not really I here's freedom package chairman mark meadows. On this. It continue to find Sanctuary Cities we continue to fund Planned Parenthood and we don't build the wall make yet we put money in for a tunnel. But I'm not very optimistic that there will be conservative wins in this. That's the understatement of the day and giving thanks and vote but the got to thank Kimberly spotting the fight and pointing that out yet I can still pay dearly for that. Knew we just won't see the way that he will that that they were punish him on the Republican leadership we think initially. It's it's just wanting youth encapsulated this perfectly I mean that's exactly what this is my have been written by chuck Shimmy must you know I might have been written by Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi. Actually yes I had I was one point one thing. What we're doing right here too many points out the lack of intellectual curiosity of the left in the mainstream media. What we have here terror reservation is conservative talk show host we got a Republican president Republican house Republican senate suppose. And what are we doing we're attacking the Republican supposedly chief budget. And you never got bad during the Obama administration from the left you never had any intellectual curiosity or any intellectual creative criticism. Of anything that was done by anybody in the Obama administration. That there were never ready controversy. There was never any scandal there was never a probable that he thing. And we will we went on that that road for eight years. And now with the Republican majority supposedly in a Republican in the White House. And what are we doing we're attacking a one point three trillion or whatever one point four trillion dollar budget. That the Republicans supposedly have Britain which basically does nothing but fun everything the Democrats want. And you getting the intellectual honesty here. Of pointing this out as something you don't get on the other side. Right you're getting now on conservative talk radio because. Com here at least on my show. I don't people do different things across the country but at least on my show exactly mom you're gonna get the Amman district about both sides of the aisle so at least best that I can bring into an imperfect are not perfect but. Yes I mean will hold them responsible to it we want you to be free and prosperous and making it stands in the way and that we will we will report on. What is Paul Ryan doing here. Well being an establishment leader met him in yep he's doing Nat and I he that the chamber of commerce earns him as Lou Dobbs explains in a place more that. From a loop yet go live earth when he told Paul Ryan yesterday on fox our business to go to help. Yeah she said that those were his exact quote polarized should go to hell plays coming up the next segment. But Paul Ryan actually doing Hewlett's really of the emission from it which is hard even for me to do it because. I see those put beyond blue eyes and then he he blinks a slash that I swear he adds a little on the spirits go before he goes on the air c'mon ladies gotta be honest he does it. And and he dispenses just like to me I'm just mad men and and it's my bulk. And what is he doing here let's look at the hard cold facts. As it is like strategically. Like the chamber of commerce would look at it not for the nation. Particles sag member what. The Republican leadership. On packet that he runs brand the largest pro Democrat mailer in that Pennsylvania race. It's the best proof today of what I've been saying for year. Paul Ryan is working as hard as he can to lose the Republican majority in the house including his own position and it sounds knots. But I know laying out the facts have been doing that for a year and there's no the conclusion that you can draw. And so he and he runs a pro Second Amendment mailer that they send out on behalf. Of Dundee Democrat. In it that race today and subsequently wins by a couple what was when he went by the couple under but several hundred us. So why is the Republican leadership trying to defeat Republicans in general elections in Pennsylvania to humiliate child. You begin to build. A wave for the Democrats so that the the Republican Party can lose. In congress and in the next section says sessions they cinema explain what what to say turn what they're doing this so why would it Paul Ryan. This is a member Paul Ryan's. The shock of the Wall Street Journal and they figured out Paul Ryan's obamacare replacement plans literally set the cleaning premiums to skyrocket into any time in the weeks. Of the vote on the mid term and they would skyrocket the most on middle class Republican voters. That was not an accident the Wall Street Journal was shocked and a wiser Republican Party reading their own demise in this bill on purpose. Eye to eye color his suicide pact then I'm still right on an out and now you look at call right why going into the mid terms. Would Paul Ryan fund. Chuck Schumer urged half a billion dollars for checks tunnel. And none of the border wall and fund Sanctuary Cities. He knew exactly what the headlines would read today he's no he's listed. Why would he do it. Too depressed. Republican. Turnout. In. The primaries. He is trying to make you as in raged as possible. At. All of the GOP. In congress. All of them. Because he knows by doing it. Conservatives hopefully we'll stay home that is his goal that is the goal of the US chamber cart. Keep conservatives at home they are so enraged. Because why don't you have no choice is to be a vote for the Democrat. Are you gonna vote for the US chamber of commerce cardinal Karl Rove selecting duped. They get ready to vote for him not after this. And that's exactly. What they want this budget was deliberately calculated by Paul Ryan to (%expletive) you. Off and keep you from the pole I noticed I know says that's Amelie out the next. Aid budgets. So friendly to Democrats. That's Chuck Schumer. Went out there and thank you Paul Ryan for says they did everything they want. Took a victory lap it was also moon says checks human. What okay. This is our take Fiji is different turn off emotion from an okay. Look at this like you're doing your family budget for the way that won't be way to turning mashup but it is like doing somebody else's family budget for a month. Check shares out there man he is taking an Arab victory lap he is in front of the cameras he is a laughing. At the GOP base. When image jumps. Engines Sam's was due and a. Why is he out there. Bomb mocking you on the camera. Because you're GOP leadership completely betrayed you again. By that I'm talking about the Republicans and in congress Marley tees. This could he felt good. Sure it felt good to do that but now. This is strategy behind it. What does all this meat. He didn't get picked up on foxy did. He did you see it celebratory. He wanted you to see. He wanted to particularly those of you who are conservative. To see. What he want that he doesn't want you at the polls. Neither does Paul Ryan. They don't want conservatives. Voting in the mid two parts. They doubt. They don't want. Why not. They want you to stay. Home. This budget. If it feels like a thumb in the I. That's not accidental. The point is too depressing conservative. Turn out. The point is to turn to depress the turnout. Among those who support. Trap. How can you ultimately take try about how do you do that. Think about it these Republicans do what their donors want and here's the Democrats. Even when that goes against the interest of their base they will always tears to Jews donors over the base OX. Even to their detriment doesn't matter it's a long term project and a. What do donors want what they want more than and we want an end to trump yes. But they want to target the conservative. Base in this country it's the largest the largest voting group. The biggest bloc is not easy to get Rinna. Don't kill off permanently. Where is it lit. In a Republican party's. A Democrat our lives and Republican part. Patty killing. Well think Abdullah the conservative base like the chamber thinks of it but to flee in a dark. And try to ridiculously but it won't go away. Specifically is getting stronger it's multiply. There what are social media that's what all of this but it's all related the budget social media. Mark Zuckerberg all of it. Is it yesterday we have a hearing on the outrage. That trumped. Use social media to get around the media which they control. Here's where help Republicans. And charge. And they admit they are mad it's a good old are they match probably of the Democrats are. So the Republicans weren't holding hearings here in raged. You got real news you used it to vote. You have contacted said damn. Again it is not the Democrats willing easier they're not charge of these committees. That was Republican. It's. Raking Zuckerberg over the goals yesterday. And piercing humiliating and trying to drive down stock price what to make sure there is no way that social media will ever be used to empower the flee again. Is only one way to kills flea. Gonna kill the dog and please not. Does Republican Party. That's what the donors want more than anything. And when you look at these conservatives you're going you these Republicans are they able why they killer I'm part they don't think like that I know I worked on the hill I worked at their I've worked on health for several Summers I've been criminal acts. Can congress members think donor cycle to don't recycle little cinquanta or five years who cares about five years who knows will be going on they don't think that. The donors want the GOP debt. They're critically finely tuned there's a party don't get Iraq but it's still ridiculously. As a when he saw what was going on you Sheikh Isa the budget on one side that was. Made by Paul Ryan's actually humiliate Donald Trump in the first place to make him look weak in a dead and he succeeded with that. And an Zuckerberg hearings the social media hearings the outrage that trump was able to do. Exactly what Barack Obama did but you know to trust fault not nearly as successful. As Obama was doing was faced he sucked up the entire social media platform. Herb Greg demographic the whole thing ever all the and information on every single American he got it off trampling a fifty million. And they were enraged. Zuckerberg would they were talking about yesterday. Told you tear a let your platform ever be used against her. To reach these conservatives were trying to kill the mock our own party what are you. Pat was a message she got. The match. As a part Ryan yesterday. Put this budget add to make you met. He doesn't want you to show up to vote. Because that's what he's done is one. He wants to lose the house he has been trying to lose the house. For well over a year now. And I have laid that out for. In excruciating detail. I'll do a quick one minute summary Evan number one. The suicide pact where they would change the name of Obama care to drug care. On just in time Ford to feel good feel going into the mid terms. Where they would structured such a way. That premiums would escalate specifically on Republican voters literally in the weeks that the the letters would be going out going into the mid terms the Wall Street Journal was shocked to Paul Ryan would. Put together a thing like that I wasn't it was a suicide pacts are trumpeted the blame and they can lose the house. Paul Ryan bottle up tax reform for over nine months. At by slapping a 20% border adjustment tax on there. Would have what it actually crushed the folks at Wal-Mart. Trump others. On and no Republican can vote for it with that on there. Ahmed so it bottled attacks up prevent tax reform for most the first year is they wasted time. Took a lot of vacations. Finally comparison no dude what we're levels but we want to tax reform can you please Politico and Paul Ryan had to give that appeal wanted. He was trying to do I trample went. And then we look last week to first real contact and he differs real concrete evidence we have about Paul Ryan. He's literally funding the mailer for the Democrat in Pennsylvania. These funding. Say what a great Second Amendment champions the Republican it's that came up from Paul Ryan's pack. You can't deny the evidence forever. They're trying to lose. The majority. They're trying to get because it's what their daughters. But even if you're Paul writing why joined at the speakership currently starring Ben speaker. The so they look at Washington speakers Ari on his resume. You scene of the rivers adaptor for a long time he's and he's been wanting to leave why. Are you kidding me 80000010 of millions it does or is. He married money he's been chasing money his whole life. But heard ports only between two and seven enemy he shot about 3040 years that's of the chamber us. He's ready then speaker so it's meaningless to. If she can turn house over the Democrats. In mid terms you know how would that mean for him in the Stanley the millions. He gets it that's his job. If you can turn a house over the Democrats. He's not trying to. Ellis multinational companies profiting. Off their deals with China as they export all of our jobs. That it's continue doing that they get rich at everybody it's chamber gets rich will you get four and four and four and four they were stealing from me they still are. That's what's at stake for us trillions of dollars are at stake here. Is not just ideology such as conservatives. Is that trump was to crush their way of stealing from me. Doesn't this budget is designed you it's designed to make you mad she won't go to polls it's that simple right and did it on purpose. And mocking you is the target. Tell me about this Alastair Earl rages said budget EUR two on the text line 71307. They went behind closed doors. Regular rank and file members or even allowed to see it. And they won't have time to vote to to read it is no way it's impossible. 2232. Page bill. Leadership is this forcing about it and is 22202. Page bill and under 36 hours. Far from adequate amount of time to read and analyzed zone purpose. This is there from mark meadows who is the chairman of the house freedom Carnoustie 32 remaining conservative members of congress. This an insult to America's taxpayers as well as their many rank and file representatives who had no say in the omnibus negotiations. Getting Alvin cut out. This is so bad. Paul Ryan knows he knows he's due he's a tone deaf he's not. Done that. Unified today pegged fight to get to top of that heat cycle pass the European country and he hits this man down hill. Plus Sega pass up there or not. In terms of members of congress I mean that is slam I mean I mean at institute an observation. Spent a lot of time is a crime reporter around sec custody I just did acting passing me. And kissing me just being around congress register as an aside I did an interview once and I shouldn't on it. Huge mistake in fact I think back on it regularly and it chills me. As a kid knew ahead. Donna when she decades on a string of car robberies downtown Charlotte. We sent seven teams cross dress. Has been doing anything but I'd be when he he would cross Dresser successfully that he would look very pretty and he would look like a woman and so that would disarm his victims. He wasn't one. He was very strong. And eventually he just felt like I'd gone for joy right on a Friday night so he went to aid. There's a realtor on duty one as you know you go to and you go look at a new house construction or whatever and there's the put a real turns eighty. Israeli key was that like 6 o'clock that was our dark. Since that time of the year his wife like Jeep Cherokee was named Philip the new tags on. And Watson. Chatter dad took off and. Armed and this was a big crime in Charlotte is indeed took a lot of commission filing did it they were shocked at who it was a and I gotta interview them in prison. I sat down across from him and talk to him. And there are certain mannerisms they had when he talked to have psychopaths have talked quite a few. Club people who are called devoid of emotion. Human empathy. Things like that they answered mannerisms I'd be in their little tick she won't notice them unless you talked to a lot of and then you can see it's declares that the nose and face. I should never done that interview is about halfway through it. And I spent months writing to I'm trying to get it just to know why it was a big story and am I sat across from him that limited table. He's still that is cups. On his hands his cuts on CB is big guys are six feet tall and halfway through the interview that I did with him. This a little blond prison guard person who was action romance went to prison comes running interface is being gracious. He shields did again a year. We've thinking. You left alone with Kurt I'm reporters once story right. So he was a very veterans are you remind your money what do we do. She cut the interview often and I'd gotten permission from the guy that had guys that the Joan do it so you know I I was not happy to talk to more thought about it. And the guy the good Gerson. We series and I mean how she's a look to get sugar she said he could sugar even sugar out like one of those Sandinistas she's already doing anything. He's gonna get her killed. Because she knew he was. Used their chart stream like up. Very well spent. And your money he has so many people on the and that there on the hill that the the mannerisms that I can't explain it. If you smell a timer on the mile that's is that they're sick Pestrana country. A couple of good people sit. So you eat you when you lose you get mad you can't think they think like Q because they don't they're totally wired another way. They think you're very calculated way and they know how to push your buttons the second past. That's who they are. Paul Ryan's got logistics I can see him when he talks. Very charming tea. But anyway EEE pushes out there. He knows. You can make he noticed tooth 2232. Page bill that got under 36 hours to read nobody can. Mark meadows points out nobody who votes for this will have read it it's impossible. And even if they read it line for line somehow the could possibly understood that fast it would take weeks. Nobody has Woodson. Anybody who tells you how does increases in military spending your had to vote for. As just an excuse. Mark meadows says this is an insult to America's taxpayers is wells there many rank and file representatives who had no say any out of this negotiation no dusk. Chamber of commerce rights or legislation. But what slapped the people's faces like this heading into mid term as a campaign strategy it's horrendous. If you want to win it. If you don't want to wait if you're donors don't want you to win. This is a brilliant strategy. By Paul Ryan who is no dummy. Largest ever spending bill a slap across americans' faces Democrats got everything they wanted. Listen to this this is up from bribery Democrats are trying to restrain their gloating. Over their many wins in a Toni T none of this battle including new language to limit. Transport or walk instructions just 3233. At extra miles Leigh is right to 17100 miles on the border. We're feeling good about this a Democrat senate leader Chuck Schumer. US stepped up his opposition to abort a while since president Donald Trump was elections when he sixteen would accomplish many many many of our goals he added. Why's he doing this. I needed the about it what do you make Republicans mad at Chuck Schumer got everything anyone watching you shouldn't glow about her any human organics are people get mad known you know. His friends do he's just given. Here's the Republican leadership's doing that Chuck Schumer Democrats through and through spent his whole life. He's kissing goes right he was depressed Republican turn the message of delivering witnesses. It doesn't matter who you vote for. You won't wind. Yea guide trump through the we're still in charge. And it jumped. That Republican in your district. Unlikely is one us. If he is or she is not one of these 32 members of the freedom carcass. You waste your vote. You both for that person that's is good is voting for Chuck Schumer is tunnel. And a ban on strums while which is what this with this had half a billion dollars in funding. For John Chambers tunnel and and and only in new language to limit boardwalk destruction to just 33 extra mouse. So don't vote. Stand him. Can't win. Can't win anyway. Now I trust a terrible position evidence. Just had to say yeah we have some winds near misses out this is a what why would he do that he's in league with Ryan know. Because if he pounds congress on this. Who looks weak. Who looks like he found kink at the rest of his agenda through. Trap. John can Mehdi kink is agenda through he'd be done. The B is done as toast as the Republicans that Paul Ryan doesn't want your vote for the primaries. His job is to lose the house. So that the Democrats can spend the rest of the trump administration impeaching a plane around playing games. There is all about this this this. Budget. Was not just to be trailed. A sell out to the donors. This is amiss sciele aimed at you do. Make Mac. Did get mad this landscape dispassionately explain this to. Get mad and Paul Ryan wins an alias. Well folks. Again don't let this make you mad because he wins. Yet understand to cleanup the swamp. Carlo Rhodes has been recruiting these people and killing off true conservatives in Republican primaries since the year 2000 when bush sent him out to do it. And they start Packers in the senate that way. Is cutting as years to clean him up one vote for trump is an attitude don't get mad turn your hands up and walk away. This is just the beginning of the fight but we have to undo fifteen years of betrayal. By the bushes by Karl Rove by the GOP machinery one vote for trump from you wasn't enough yet to stay in the fight. Common sense retirement planning tech sign that says congress has their own version of anti state Dexter writes yes they do. Type one is inseparable from the other. Now register I'd steer this is exactly where we need lead bright I know information these a vote for him as these other candidates is a vote for Paul Ryan. Tester rapes or why it did try not to. We have Ryan at the beginning when he had the chance and that is what we want to know that -- that is the heart of the matter right there. It was China's biggest mistake. My yeah my husband and in dire the best of friends and we rarely argue over anything because like to laugh because when we to argue and we get into some londoners. Most of the time. I yell and scream arguments heated debate. Most of the time is not a the Sox to a tee for dinner or anything financial it's tougher politics. And usually the minutia and one of the big come dinners we got into it over the last what year and a half was over Paul Ryan. Because my husband died in farm Paul Ryan offered to resign as speaker. I was happy is day of my political life that I can remember other than the day trump one. Turn turn it down. Don't know. This speaks to stake his second biggest mistake we also had a hunting arrow over two. When he did not fire company. Tom you do not announce did not ask for come his resignation over there be no transition period as he did so many others. Two biggest mistakes to be got red commie most of what is happening instructional mr. could be obstruction if the guy at the FBI investigating him and terrorizing him was not in the FBI. The leading Paul Ryan as that is because of a break. Trump saved polarized political life. The election was complete rebuke of all right and I really was doing. John knew that to. Rule. He would need both sides of a fractured Republican Party. These Democrats collectively even though they morning charged in the house the said they had more votes. Com then the two fractures side either of them of the Republican Party Chattanooga. I study a drop kick right in Missouri belongs and find somebody good work on both sides but he did. Every trump picked as his chief of staff initially. Before stopping the car and putting him out the door. Rents previous. Rent extremists and Paul Ryan are best friends. I mean at like she's claiming they really actually are they went to college to get. And so rents talks. Trumped. Into the all of branch Ryan was suffering. We got to work together I understand you've got demand that I get it I wanna work but he besides you know I had conservative roots acted like a conservative one time I wanna go back to that now. It was a lie. You saw how wrench previous was eventually drop kick right out of the drug administration unceremoniously. That's why. Suzanne Ryan sidled time it was huge mistake it was a massive mistake it was a mistake of an epic proportions on trust all the terms part keeping right Whitey do. You why he did it might my husband thought he should keep prize if Ryan was willing to capitulate I didn't thinks. And that the reason he didn't I know I did it. Because the wind is it happened the week after trump won the presidency. And com if trump had said yes I want grind to go he was risking and they are as backers which is most Republicans in congress. And wage is river only one person voted against trump I'm Ryan taking. Sending to this speakership last time. Had Tre getting nominated or nominated right. In a closed door session Republicans had the informal one not a formal. So what does this mean. The Cha made try screwed up. And why did he was afraid that it was fractured congress for even came in the door he wouldn't get his agenda through what he couldn't see was that that Ryan would black is agenda. For the rest of his presidency. With no great way to remove right. So yes Tex is right. Charms grew up an etiquette custom is agenda trusting them. Adding even he didn't realize how we have these people work believe me he has stepped up.