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Monday, April 16th

James Comey’s book is a felony but no one cares because of his Deep State protection; Trump contradicts earlier positions with attacks against Syria


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Running play good morning Sarah. You know they say that famous people desk come in three years yes I have heard that yet and working in radio all these years I swear it's true I I did say you I really. I think there's something to that idea out on the and a first tee here it is again at the venue you watch the news and it does so we've just had a three for. And unfortunately I loved I I absolutely loved full metal jacket Alia. And Rambo let go of course love sliders jacket my husband. On full jackets star. Director malice Foreman and radio legends are built. Down he you aren't bill. Was a one heck of a broadcast yes. What Lisa broadcaster but he talked about it no Saudi talked about broadcasting is what you talk about it's how you talk about it and he was an absolute. Just just a legend a genius and I would listen to him. Found still did it from time to time just for his delivery and set them. On an and it you're listening to good radio you do you think you haven't heard a delivery and setup that you have. A need in relation where because the radio was so good Art Bell was a master yeah I had to set up one of the best in the business arm and is imagine you can see it because he was talking about space aliens you know and I mean how they probably are in your backyard. I'm when he can't make anything fascinate him. And he was a great great broadcaster in you know in any old style to it yes real story teller. Absolutely with the with all the polish on and the new sound yet telling a story Seth. Really sad to see him ago. Kim. Quite a career and you know honestly I don't think that he will ever get the the really the fame and recognition that he should get because of the time park a time of defeat that he was. You know normally and that was the overnights. Period but. Still line I know we have millions of fans and you know left a mark definitely on this industry and really a lot of folks that you hear now. Or on the radio and attribute some of their. You know their appreciation for the industry due to the efforts of our failed. Absolutely be you know what they show when not afford to the daily. The sister had to be dark out to reiterate atmosphere bump for the delivery. On that ship. And and how many times Larry while I McCaskey to Medicaid but you out there how many times. You turn on our bill of the Sicilian sea some due to pass the time many twenty totally sucked in and you're wondering if it's true yeah you know what I mean like how many times Citi gets it. And a couple times I start Goodling staff after laughter who is. Trail is that really true. So yes he can really psyche and missed fascinating read. And you are a lot of stuff going on over the weekend lay each yeah would you think the big thing is there's so much or know where to begin rationing exists. I really have no idea where to begin you know still trying to take in. The whole situation about the the attack on Syria. You know. I guess what some of the never troopers from our saying. I want to believe that our government is telling us the truth that they have the proof that the Syrians were in fact involved in this. The fact that this was an effort by the US the UK and the French. Lends a little bit more credibility to it I certainly don't believe any of the arguments that the Russians are trying to say the British set it up as a rule is obvious place to sound track map I don't by the man came by not on this. And in this whole situation where we have got the continuing basketball match between trump and combing. And you know I'm getting a little tired of of trump getting back into this but I'm very tired of calmly I'm please just go away. And I and I think it's interesting you see where he shows up he shows up on ABC news'. George Stephanopoulos. Clinton administration. I mean that's where he shows up. And does his interview for his forthcoming book. Right right when there are a million more dollars which is month nothing more rarely than a collection of memos that he ripped off from the federal compliment probably was an opt for us. T and Deere is the problem you would do you have a net and that absolute spectacle. Other man to. Om and you know released at least four maybe seven we know it's a Ford definitely classified. Memos by his own admission Hammond into his own admission part the second. On every one of those are felonies. Walking around calling a president morally bankrupt yeah. We have a guy who has perjured himself before congress a minimum of three times each of those are felonies. All I don't know how he's there were mad that long term. And calling the president morally bankrupt a man calling limit president like a mob boss a man who come meet on despised as average was never able to find a single crime. Committed by the man. I know of seven right now that coming commit. So I mean and I think that it's price probably on the order of dozens honestly by the time we got to the bottom of it. On because this is a man who directed the FBI under his watch to destroy. Laptops. And devices of Hillary's inner staffs there were under subpoena by congress that is destroying evidence. Go ahead try that your criminal case CO works out for you but Tara no reasonable prosecutor and have her blob blob. At what we need Lee is more reasonable prosecutors recent unreasonable and usually easier and better and resemble prosecutors. This state could this conversation. Com by eight Don James that kind of need and I'm mister Heinrich who was grew at a gluing grant grilling him on that the memos when he was being asked about this in moves in the FBI was under investigation by the inspector general's office. Heinrich says the memos that she wrote you read you did did you read online and in a way that was designated to prevent them from meeting classification. Tony no. And on a few of the occasions I wrote I sent emails to my chief of staff Brothers on some brief phone conversation I can recall the first one was a classified briefing. Although I wasn't in the skiff what's your record to do that it was in a conference at trump tower it was on a classified it was a classified briefing. And so I wrote that on a classified device. The one I started typing them heinrichs has got you this is the transcript Connie finishes in the car that was unclassified laptop. Okay sure classified briefing check you wrote notes in the form of a memo on the briefing check. You wrote it on a classified laptop check. It was classified according to a federal NDA law there is no way around that there is no confusion and yet. And yet and this what disturbs me so great really with a lid is what the state is seeing right now can your people don't know what to look now because. They have to work for a living they don't have time to surround Parse this a daily to an idea but entree with deep Stacy right now. At coney is on right now for the moment. The number one best seller he's got names on number one best seller he's been given millions of dollars in advanced. What he is selling are classified memos the violate federal law in a felony manner. That's what he's selling and so if you're indeed stay would you have just learned is. That if you. Go get classified material you can sell it for millions of dollars. You get to do the media tour you get to have fame as long as you're attacking a great person this is what the deep state. Is learning they all know this is illegal they all notice. And I visiting symbol mean one of their. Or wanna come these prosecutions remember was that submarine. You know would coast does the navy Seaman who took Rangers in southern nuclear submarine out exactly depicted depiction of the panel that's illegal. What I felt him is his fault he's now working as a garbage man he spent a year in prison he has no military benefits he's broke he took a picture. Of the panel. On a sub Marines. Okay come meet has broken the law here. He admits this was classified he admits he's memos were classified he wrote this really December green chief. Taking the simmering panel writing a best selling book about it with pictures of it all throughout and then doing immediate torque. Can do that right but coming just did an adjournment of the deep state what is terrifying here. Is that you just been told not are you legally Aaliyah Allah do you wish you were morally justified. If you hit conservative for somebody represents conservatives on and you'll get rich. And no one what I shoot that puts his country in just apps were in danger. Going forward and our elections being tampered with. By people who wanna get rich yeah I'm not Russians think that people are on. We can't handle these people if everyone's afraid to prosecute them. So young wanna think it scared him as this weekend it was watching Komi profit from classified material. Which by the way Gregg Jarrett. Out brilliantly points on the play out as some Somalia from your from your bud. Rea real quick. Follow me any real quick here Greg share it. I think I got a broom it's going widger I think you did you and you know I mean I you know I I I can easily fall in love with his mind too so I just yeah I'm a bush on your early like his stuff I do I do I love isn't liked. Here ego Gregg Jarrett uncovered meat is just as guilty as Hillary. In the federal regulations code of federal regulations. And the privacy act as well as federal records act. Anything it's in the course and scope of fewer employment. Is government property. And every FBI agent signs a document that says when you leave government. All of that is the governments to remain behind you were not to take it we can. Could we took that with the seven presidential make any difference that he created the documents himself now now everything you do in the course and scope of your employment. Is government property he was acting as the FBI director when he spoke to the president he wrote about their conversations is clearly government property. And he stole that government property. Including according to senator Grassley for classified. Documents which would make him. Just as guilty as Hillary would listen and then were you referring to the memorable something else. But I'm referring to the seventh presidential months. They go. Again today is he'd be one party doesn't add league and ED documents were written about classified briefings he was having with trump. Can do it. Just as guilty as salary according to Jarrett but as she simply no room reasonable not scores or whatever he ever ever. Known and they wouldn't you wonder sometimes listen police officers I know a lot of you listen to the show. Has just make you feel. Watching a law enforcement officer B Hayes this way. I I can't imagine how makes you feel I just sickens me personally. Is it one and done in Syria. And there's going to be another. Missile launch sounds like Paris. Headlining in the UK Daily Mail. Trump will saying south the sanction more airstrikes against Syria if aside dear issues chemical weapons get. So bomb looking like from all news reports listening to him do you this morning word we're not done hitting them. It's not entirely clear at this point if we will hit Syria. Again if if more attacks are coming you know even without another chemical attack or if there is another chemical attack. Yeah that's gonna have to be the driver I agents it's. It's kind of hard to Parse that out listening to news but it but it sounds like there are more that are can't. That's a really Smart thing here in hitting in chemical weapons facilities or supposing chemical weapons facilities. I that is not a that is not an attack on the Presidential Palace that is not killing Syrian troops like we did last time when we. You know we bombed air force base and then last month and you know Matta submitted. Mad dog emitted actually we don't know if assigned to those attacks that we bomb them for less time. We killed Syrian soldiers in those attacks. And we don't know for so I did it. So they said he proof. Of the secret pain. Secret per. So what the line here. By hitting the chemical the suppose in chemical site to chemical sites I don't know. We'll take their word for and against. Made deep stayed happy on one side. They want more and more pressure they want to hold the war in their series they would prefer not to holding Kansas. And looks really trump is doing what he did last time from a dual a one and on his. And shut up the deep state. Get them off my back. You know. I got into it with my father this week and he was visiting me in an ice wage is not a parent parent an angry wearing can debate way. My father is so Fox News. Junkie loves judge Janine and crush honor actually can keep our own and. He. And Justine tell them this argues chemical weapons that aside he's chemical weapons it doesn't matter what I say any warning going on here is sees it was your your listeners alike need they have been. Watching a weekend full of people saying decide did. He can't go on there. And tellem. You know I'll be Stuckey tell me about Syria can't they not gonna believe you. The gist of that terra. I can't. He says you can't just a matter with the truth is that hey people see dead children on the television they watch read or understand that that makes complete sense. And they don't wanna hear. That the rebels. Are mostly Qaeda al-Qaeda and I says and they don't wanna hear that the rebels have been called multiple times using. Chemicals cared chemical weapons against children they don't wanna hear the DC rebels on whose behalf. We did the bombing this weekend were at just last week using women and children as human shields they don't wanna hear that. In May strong look bad that makes them feel that. They want simple. I did do a simple show fear an act I could put I could put things in the black and white good and bad category for you feel like I can do that. I could I could do. But I know the truth. Don't country. Knows her. In fact in a little bit here under read trumps tweets. On Syria. The tweets weren't trying to warned us. The rebels are crisis. And al-Qaeda. Do not attack. Serious you will be aiding ices and al-Qaeda is is it me this is our president. From my 2013 20142050. His tweets. Not meet him. Here's trumped we should stay the hell out of Syria the rebels are just as bad as the current regime whoa we get for our lives are billions of dollars zero. Here's trump again when Obama was in office remember Ellis freedom fighters in Syria want to fly planes into our buildings was not. It's crazy conspiracy talk trump knows this is trip he's written. Trump again. August 29 2013. Why don't we keep broadcasting when we're going to attack Syria white you would just be quiet and if we attack and I'll catch them vice Prez we did that needed a job. He did broadcasted but he attacked and waiting in expect. And thank god a Smart way we can get a retaliation from Russians are well worth three which is what are flirting with your fans those mistakes. Here's another trump tweet. At what Obama was office contemplating bombing in response the violation of the Red Line. No Adobe I would not going to Syria but if I did it would be a surprise not blurted all over the media so no he wasn't going into Syria. Here's another one from trump what the Arab League take care Syria Marlys rich Arab countries not paying us it's tremendous cost of such an attack. Here's another chance week. What will we get for bombing Syria besides more dead in a possible long term conflict Obama needs congressional approval. Turns sweet. When Obama was in office are attacking Syria warning him not to again toward very foolishly energy not detect Syria if you do many very bad things will happen in from. That fight the US it's nothing. Here's another one Russia is sending a fleet ships in the Mediterranean does that trump tweet Obama's warns Syria has the potential to widen into worldwide conflict. Here's another 100 no title trying to rebels are not to rebels they are radical jihadist. They they have put it kills me about seeing. Christie's this little kids in the in in The Who have been hurt by the alleged chemical attack by his side on on television that's good well asides about gut. But just once can they show the massive Christian graves in Syria and the Christians. Put their. By the rebels were now fighting and defending an acting as their air force can I just once show the other side just once give you some balance you can make a decision for yourself one time. Nice not to have but you it was one mass grave they found almost 151000 that in as a pitcher I'll never forget in my little pony. And daughter went her face was so low that there is part of my little pony sticking out and the photo affect grave it was partially buried. To a bomb in response that. Estimating your 151000 bison great most of whom they believe Christians and non Muslims killed largely by rebel and ice is forces that fight together now we did not. Which respond to over 42 people killed allegedly by aside. But when ice is wait to Christians are including catch on dean Catholics were very close to my heart their fellow Catholics. In Venice is the time Jesus. Wiped out of parts of Syria they Benny insisted kind of Jesus do we bomb now do we condemned now to we turn our backs yes. She got to look at the whole conflict here. Initials are gone and no one cared. Set maybe me. Couple of others who really follow what goes on their. Trump knows he knows this is his tweet from September 6 when he thirteen many the Syrian rebels are radical Islamic jihadist. Who are murdering Christians why don't we fight with them. I put the same question to try and today I have to to be fair. Here's another one President Obama do not detect serious is another trump sweet. There is no website tremendous downside save your powder for another more important day. Here's another 1 September 11 when he thirteen Obama's now start focusing our country jobs health care and are there problems forget Syria and make America great again. And my odds favorite one of the few trip tellers on who the rebels were was Donald Trump and when he fourteenth. The so called moderate Syrian rebels pledged their allegiance to ice is after Obama's address. We should not be arming them. I go a step further we ought not to be bombing on their behalf. Well that's a good news fury US kids are getting cavities. I never had a cavity. Lucked out of god could he fell way. Yep researchers point 194016 about 43% of kids ages two to nineteen had Kennedy's that was down 15%. From four years earlier. So they say people are taken better care of the deep taking kids seventeen to dentist doing that kind of thing. And healthy eating habits for kids. Now believe it when I see it. And something else going on there giver Donna. Volunteers session as I have spent a local children's schools or you could. Take over the class and teach violence as she can have a break a chemistry than ready you can maybe a little better protect the country. 803471063. Tex 1713. Seven our rates again go to detect signs take career and will open. Somebody's always dose dose and I'm on the tax on. Text your rates yeah makeup and you Tim. Makeup who's side Iran I think. And make your mind up whose side you're on I think trounced her. Never traverse. No I'm not calling in today I'm tuning out all check would leave for traffic and I won't read my conservative news shot. It's not like anything different than now what they hear on Fox News this weekend about serious thing I understand that actually do understand. Get a chance to race. The opposite love the way you call on both sides keep up the good work here look I'm always gonna tell you the truth to the best my ability I'm human so I will fail enact. At times. But I'm gonna do the best that I can and I'm gonna give a team the way it is I'm not gonna sugar coating if you want to sugar coated version of this go listen to some of the show. A solid view here. It's not. And you know that from the beginning. I have been every bit as brutal to George W. Bush who I think really made a mess this country in the world. As I was too Obama. Spend more time talking about the mess Obama's made because he was president time bush was not. But you notice I will always give you the truth. I'm not gonna make it into a good bad black white good evil for you 'cause the world link outweigh. It's not. And that's so are you in the beginning that I would say bad things about George W. Bush but over time you came to see what he really was a lot of you and I've had people come. I think Chauncey you know meet with me in public and ID public appearances is employed many mabus refuse to say about him but now the more I see the more I know I understand Terry thank you. He was the first major global list. Add to implement open borders policies to spread his his father aspired to it he never got around with the country wasn't right. You wanna know why we have tens of millions illegals here it was George W. Bush who started he made it okay for Obama to do I can't change that fact and American sugar coat of forty. And when trump contradicts himself. Attended tweed of this we'd have to tweet at the tweet about who the rebels are. And that they're located in ices and trump knows it and I can assure the code that for you either. And I tell you the latest. And a way it's not just trump who knows prejudiced toward Tron tweets. Tweeting over and over and over about it yet again and Obama to stay out of Syria to to not act as OK it is air force cadets who the rebels are. It's not just me. They all know it up there on the hill here is Ted Cruz. On the blaze radio in twenty. River Obama was contemplating bombing Syria aims to send troops in Bonn Syria. Over his red line being violated the way they never did prove that aside did I attack. Fact is more than likely the rebels did given the kind of poison a chemical that she used. And the rebels have been documented by the UN multiple times as having gassed innocent civilians yet we never. Ever called him out only pretend they didn't do it. And so you know we sell and take sadly manages Padilla what yet can what are we bomb the rebels for for what they do with chemical weapons. But the chairman and CEO we pretend we don't know. We don't listen we did this we did it Libya as well now out now ice is runs Libby never only had to go save. The rebels in Libya I'll never forget Sean Hannity screaming and yelling about us leading from behind we should be in front of the bombing right. Controls Libya today Google look it up it's basically prices. And Saddam other jihadist rebel factions fighting for control of Libya we bombed ice is into power in Libya. And we starred me usually bombing Syria will do with their tip. I can't change that fact for you and it's not just me. Instead Chris. Wait white. Here's Ted Cruz is in the beginning of this he's talking about how we bombed the Libyan rebels into power. In Libya an any talks about how did the same people in Syria. Huey as is so little longer version of the first part they're talking about Libya Libya. Turns out and Libya we actually were launching strikes and we'd we knocked Qaddafi out by taking the site don't like it or not CBS news reported this of the rebel forces that included members of al-Qaeda. Are we supporting al-Qaeda in in Syria to what's going on all the good guy that was the red guy. Unfortunate reality is they're a whole lot of bad guys there and and you know the president has been advocating arming the rebels. In Syria I think that strategy that they don't sense whatsoever break. The kind major rebel groups that are fighting right now at least seven of them. Appear to have some significant ties to al-Qaeda and end. I'd give you one of the simplest principles of foreign policy that we are following which he don't give weapons. People hate you don't give weapons people who want it Chile. Well that's silly Ted come on what you're saying is don't give them weapons that can revenues among you really. It's. 23 king Ted Cruz. You blaming now. Here's Joseph parent who was filling in for Glenn Beck on the blaze that they are asking him. No one you know what to Siebel in Gaza in Syria. How we don't want a repeat that we backed up a rebel forces had no chance of winning Qaddafi was gonna snuffed that that uprising in two seconds we or the president decided let's lob some missiles in there and basically paved the way for the rebels to take over not that many months later they attacked our consulate they killed four Americans including the ambassador and we still don't. Don't really know what happened in many Ghazi nobody wants to see the serving Ghazi in Syria and actually the fear is that it. Went Ted Cruz said that. We should be focused on defending the United States of America and why young that it went it. Sign up to join the military not to do it as you know you know search service al-Qaeda there. It's just reject gruesome and yet he notes illness. Fox analyst at this contending this weekend that they don't while models. Hats off to Tucker Carlson and Laurie Ingram for attempting to tell the truth so here's here's the question I'm not I'm ASCII. I trust hit some chemical weapons. Facilities it's hard to argue with doing that chemical weapons never good hands anybody in the Middle East. But another charging more strikes. It's like you do the show here's the question okay during the American civil war. Would have been appropriate. Thing Middle Eastern country to pull up their shipped ships picked up picked site. And started killing people. And it's not much is it okay for us to do that it indeed gear reverse today in the Middle East and why won't hear from you 80347106. Straight. Does that fact we bombed the chemical weapons factories make it different this time. Last time we hit Syrian air force base until the Syrian soldiers are now we say we don't know if aside in the series actually did the chemical attack. In our next targets are not chemical weapons plants are we still rate for interfering in the Middle East. And what do what am I would have been appropriate Fords and Middle Eastern countries whenever they were called at the time. During the American civil war to have pulled up their ships picked decide and started killing people. A lot to hear your answer so what's difference between that and what we're doing now maybe there isn't your not. So the question then it is. This. And it could be asked of any of our Middle Eastern world's worst during American civil war. What do you have been appropriated the Middle Eastern country had pulled up their ships picked a side and begun tell killing people. As I imagine is my opinion I'm tired I'm asking it. As what prompts you do ship. If not is it okay Fred then too depressed to do the reverse today in the Middle East. And why especially there's no direct threat to our country. Does the fact we bombs chemical weapons factories make you different. Mariah intervening in a civil war trying to protect people. Blessed me to Syrian air force base. An enemy that we didn't know who did the chemical attack that prompted that. Again goodwill it put in Newsweek. And damn mad dog medics. In May last month we still don't know who did that chemical attack they say they know who did this kind of Marshall is the evidence. So lest we it is Syrian air force base critics charge are not chemical weapons plans of their something related to beside machine. And is it still right for us to interfere in the Middle East and would have been OK for the Middle East to interfere in our civil war. Love tear your answers. You can text teeny 71307. Or call me 80347106. Story. Tester rights terra I hate to say this but could triumphant honesty get in better with the GOP elites. I'll let you know is I worry more about a thing where your child was violently is a win was only approach post. I just ridge eldest tweets. Where trump admitted. That he knows the rebels rice is now pain. That they kill Christians. That Obama should have been arming them which he did unfortunately any shouldn't I go on a bombing run on their behalf well trump just essentially did or he will be doing it anyway. I think goes on the chemical plants. He's done before we gonna Syrian air base. So. Mom are are we in the race here where we're out we're more early in the gray we're not the right would it have been wrong for the Middle East to interfere in our civil war is a different thing. Edgy question did try to do this to get him better with the GOP lead I think the problem is trump also drew a red line interior heat in color red line. And these media is reporting that aside crossed. And so you know no matter how used to feel about Syria and now he's got a response. Unfortunately the GOP elites and the deep state know that. They know that that the best way they they desperately want to warn Syria. They want to put jihadist in charge in Syria that is the. And Saudi Arabia desperately wants to jihadist in charge because they want to control that. Natural gas oil pipeline that pipeline that will be run across your. The question is do we let the saudis and the jihadist controller do we let Rand and us aren't control. Because whoever controls it is gonna control the energy markets in Europe after this is all about. British using the rebels slash ice is as our proxy army there and that's why the is that morally right to what we're doing. Tester reason more people would kill limited the more they'll want to kill us true. Tech stories here are those who say we have to intervene when children are being gassed. How would you feel if foreign nations bombed abortion clinics in the US because of the murder of children. I'm just their reading responses. Right now. On the tech finds seven country SN IC couple calls on a phone lines I'm gonna get to listen exec because I got 45 seconds left and I don't wanna run into the air. In the break please hang on are you will be up first the next segment. Tester writes it won't be the same because the winner of our civil war didn't have the potential to attack eastern countries on a global scale with weapons of mass destruction. And a question was how would. We feel this is just what I'm asking. During the American civil war would have been appropriate the Middle Eastern country pulled up their ships picked a site and begun killing people so this texas' no it's not the same. Because the winner of our civil war didn't have the potential to attack European countries on a global scale with weapons of mass destruction. What you think 803471063. Techs like 701 at 307. Dorgan to get into that later on I it's funny when decides change how what people say changes. This Ted Cruz in 2013. As is when Obama. You were in Syria had allegedly crossed Obama's red line in in decided allegedly gasp people the UN later found it inconclusive they weren't sure if the so I did enter the rebels but people forget that. Anyway is so out bottle wanted to vomit and centrists. This is Ted Cruz warning Obama well well it's Nicholas. Under the constitution. It is congress that has the authority to declare war and that he needed to come to congress to make its case I think it gave the American people that thought that will give them credit. He'd let the senate already outraged that congress. Member Obama took it to congress and congress not only says heck no but holy heck now. An Eden and a bombing Syria that was Ted craze demanding Obama come the congress and get approval for this. And and praising Obama for coming in congress and getting approval for in 2013. My have times changed. Assists. Joining out delay of the lands here.