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Monday, April 16th

Trump contradicts earlier positions with attacks against Syria; America started the civil war in Syria


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Played good morning Sara OK here's the question that during any American civil war wouldn't have been ever free at if a Middle Eastern country had partnerships to decide and begun telling people. If it Nat is it okay breast either reverse today in the Middle East. And why and visit actually bomb the chemical weapons factories in Syria. Make it different this Tut last time we hit a Syrian air force base if our next targets are not chemical weapons plants. Are we still generates for interfering in the Middle East is from my face the page love to hear your answers of below asking that on the air as well. Damon Damon in traveler's rest is up first hey Damon. Good morning Terry thank you for having accounts argue that the show thanks for maintaining your honesty and integrity Walid do that I appreciate that pretty deep and as well informed. They answered my answer to your questions and I and I heard a couple there and I just want to run through on this it's complicated. At. I gather in two days pay large debate my oldest son came home from college and you know what a weekend without the things happen in the crash happened and with that and movies and comic book and all these other things but to get to the point. The stars are civil war thing. I think somebody dirty text it and but it can help. You can learn chemical weapons biological weapons didn't exist there wasn't this. He needs from international agreement that was being broken. So I'm gonna have to say no let that that those were older older times different times with things that really. Affect the world so vastly and so very quickly. As far as changing populations since that pulls an economy is so. I'm gonna have to say you know I wouldn't be right. The argument the debate detect haven't much sun belt would track close. Outside voted for tropical like trump like restore and I voted for him simply to fix you can't understand you may not be the best person in the world okay. But now he's the president and here's here's my imitate my opinion I'm locked. He went against his own neat though he'd back slid against his own words and he knew outlook. He knew what he would look like and he knew would it would sound like when he did it. Please join now what are you southern Syria. Yes a truck nukes he knew he was gonna look like couple OK and and yet he still stepped up and put America's Berry's first. Put the treaty to Berry's first. No chemical no biological weapons known nuclear weapons. And he stepped up and did this against and can we don't like the rebels we regeneration next reads we know we know who they are. We know that you know they wanna kill us we understand this. But the fact that somebody is using in the end and that leaves the question why it's complicated so why don't we bomb home. You know when when the rebels are using them but aside does well the side. Supposedly. Is supposed to be responsible. For that region. OK so if he uses some he held accountable and responsible whereas the rebels are rebels we know we are we don't like it. I don't agree with everything that's going down you know everybody says I wouldn't do it. Not me bad call. And tell you gate in the office and you find out you're responsible. For the rest of the free world and putting this country first but now tropic the president. This is not Twitter this is the real war. That's my opinion. She says you're really interesting take him in debt onto specimen has troubled me greatly I mean we dared the rebels have a chemical weapons plant near Duma. So it is a shark and they used to it I know the brand has documented it an and is such a program because they're ice is an al-Qaeda and as we heard Ted Cruz explains seven. At a denying contingents that make up the rebels. And our ice is or al-Qaeda that's who they are. She gets to sing take it yoke I was kind of said we didn't condemn their use of chemical weapons that we content besides you right you may be seeing that decides it incumbent country leader so. He should be irresponsible and that's why we don't condemn when I discuss. Look at Russia uranium want OK I ran to Syria now what are you building now you're letting the people come in and stay there. You know we know that they wanna kill animals yet here fighting with them we're fighting with them everybody's it's complicated. This is not Twitter it's the real world so the only thing you can say is that everybody agree were allowed to use these now. So I'll I would say to president trump is keep your actions consistent with American values don't backside on this. Even if it contradicts what he said before his tweets from before I was reading is yet just tuning in this is what EN I wanted to tell what you're referring to. I read eighteen from tweets. Criticizing Obama for arming the rebels are for aiding the rebels comment from you know wanting to bomb Syria out of the Obama ultimately didn't do it. Including this tweet many of the Syrian rebels are radical jihadist islamists who are murdering wish Christians why would we ever fight. For them. Brian I understand I understand completely because given the chance they may kill one of us immediately onsite. Or just for our religious beliefs or the color burst into any of the things that we ate in this week we despise this is humanitarian I understand that. But the fact is born are using chemical weapons. They shouldn't be nobody should be. And if we have to what trump found out because he might remember when he was on the campaign if so why are we police in the world. Somebody else needs to step but couldn't this will be UK and France they came and they that we got your back you know that was around nice we appreciate that. But the fact is that America is that there is just probably not gonna get done efficiently and quickly. And we have to make up our mind trump has to realize that this is in the campaign anymore. Forget about your popularity. Rolled the dice and do what's best for America American values American lives. It's standouts for the treaty that we agreed with with the rest of the world that you disagree with the treaty that apart from the look at the Paris agreement. Member Pittsburgh Matt Stairs OK if you don't like something get out of the but in the meantime if it doesn't matter he's very good base you have to do what's best for all of America regardless of their intellect on the subject. I'd ask you one more thing know Dana I Suisse which have to say because it could call at all. Ted I tried to play that idea from Ted crews from 2013 and he's warning Obama do not because Obama is still apparent hole in the same trees intact and I do not. Bomb Syria without coming to congress Ted Cruz said that is unconstitutional and then he praised Obama. Ford is content is about ultimately did go to congress and didn't end up bombing Syria because congress was so opposed to a player real quickly in a and I had could he have this with Ted cruises points of view on Obama. Why is it different now for trump why should try to not have gone to congress late Ted Cruz demanded Obama did over Syria. Under the constitution. It is congress that has the authority to declare war. And that he needed to come to congress to make it a good thing it gave the American people that thought well give them credit. He lit senate already outraged that congress. Big and that's Ted Cruz on Obama on serious when he got ahead. And I have reasoning behind. A bank and in my reasoning is simple. Com it's going to be an astounding Yasser everybody in congress and it's there a fool because it's already a world treaty. It's already a world packed it's already written in stone the writings on the ball you don't do that. So if they say if they say no and they say they represent us and we walk around here because with them. Now we're not soccer constant anybody these people authority attacked us on our land. And here we are protecting them I get that. Besides besides fighting with people for control that essentially it's band together it would just come together to kill us immediately so I'm not. I'm not buying into the politics I'm not worried about that and more about American people there are states these are values and the president protect. Protecting that instead of the veto it all cost in you know outside the trop I'd do on most things I don't like this I don't like it Alter our topic is based like the don't think it makes cents but I don't think the world makes. And it's like a said it's not putter is the real world and out just leave the set I kind of get back to work day and I really love your show appreciate you guys speaking so much. Well wolf thank you so much for your phone continent and my team in my father my butted heads only can he was visiting me over this we have friendly debates could have an informant here's my my dad's one of my best friends. Obviously every missed knew not all weekend long. My hasn't shaken his hand smiling. As we debated it out over the trend our name pop always brings along many counts. Of that Kramer yeah. I guess I did drink it would ginger ale so big Jim Israel's going to be stalking me on my phone for the next I don't know six months eight months ten months again they're broke down and bought another final. There was word that his dad was in town. Text your racing good collar college Damon about his argument is missing. And the economy and gas and oil yes it is spring him more to that later on explained what's going on with Syria. I'd have a special rights yet to protect the constitution is the foundation of American values Damon made good points lead throughout article one section tip. Yes say here's a Bradley led to approve the bombing of Syria well probably would is not good enough need to run by congress. Drinks cherry it is never business what happens over their teacher her own stay home. Text you raised your Ted Chris was simply pointing out the facts something trump seems to have a lot of problems with. Well I mean you know I'd Ted Cruz was holding Obama off. To a standard he's not holding TomTom aren't criticizing crew is I'm I'm just re playing. What Ted crews had to say about Syria. He can hear it from somebody other than me. These thanks Dave and neck. Dave in Greenville is on the line hey Dave. Good morning terror. I have great. I have a totally different I guess third straight honest. The liberal global list have tried everything in their playbook to get Karl. Are they tried they tried everything gracious. You you name you name it they've tried everything only. And this is their last resort. To have truck start or turn marked the CAA hole bush. They have weapons of mass destruction. Attacked him because there are weapons of mass destruction. This is there a last resort. Before they go to jail. The deep stays last resort for the go to jail oh yeah okay so they are sharpened to a war. Okay they did you Larry is he's saying they want to put trap was trying to ignore. That will ultimately what he will ultimately lose or make him look bad. Well we are sort of the role played very did the worst weapons of mass destruction do in that direction come from. CIA. Are. While it came from mama a lot of our Intel sources negative got to stick got a terribly wrong I mean. I they say what. A ten day do you believe there they're now saying our governor is now saying that bomb day they can they had been selling noted that is side did there. Did the bombing. Om. You know aren't. Met Doug Mattis came out last month in an animated hey you know member racked last year when we bonds. This Syrian air force base actually we don't know who did the chemical attack that we bombed them in retaliation for an he admitted that last month. So I mean I AV is no honesty here after the first Ted he would have first to tag trump did do I believe that he knows now decided to chemical weapons intact you don't. Well I believe he's hit appliance which was this Smart but I knew it was it was instead of hitting people or their military. Because it preloaded on that they're in Russia where the Q well we're gonna cut back. And then also married child there any push or since who. Yep and and that was really your rate I I what I choose a side I I agree with you on that part. And a thank you for a phone call that was actually brilliant there's no way to Russia can hit triumph back for hitting a chemical plant. It just doesn't work. My son that's what he did it was so grip especially because. The did the fact that the attack was coming was warned about in advance before able to get out. So you're not you look at their vital. As investing trump cards on here. If he had to do something. Here's the problem that. Headline Daily Mail 2000 sanction more or sites in more air strikes against Syria decide declares it died it SI dare use chemical weapons again. The background you did. Syrians are fighting over. If you don't and it would you say on television. What happened a civil war in Syria opponents. What about 2006. There was no Syria war is civil war in series of very peaceful. Odd because aside I had so brutalized the Sunni jihadist in that country nor a lot of them anyway that they were no longer trying to impose. Sharia law. On Aaron the other folks in that country Christians. Jews Jews. On secularist. Aloe weights and the Shia Muslims died aside pretax. So artisan Alley. It's a bits it's kind of mystical. Branch of Islam. That Islam doesn't recognize they consider them apostate and they're very westernized and Alex. It's weighed on cedar wives and burgers you don't human facial hair. And a very very very very westernized. On and suicide has fought Sunni jihadist attempting to impose Sharia law as cavaliers before. On and so in 2006 the Bush Administration. Advise the CIA in a couple of other departments. Began typing messages into series. Encouraging the Sunni jihadist. Radical what hottest. That Saudi Arabia supports to rise up. Rise up and try to site and we would support them. We would support an an arms. Logistics all of that but they've they would rise up and try to overthrow aside they would have a shot at imposing Sharia. They didn't put that the talking points but that's what they were saying we can't. There's no other recent rise up in Syria as they did. I would be an armed. We weaned on even at one point started looting rebel fighters from Libya this is what document in Los Angeles Times in Syria. We Christ this civil war in Syria we get. They were afraid to fight before because I'm white but her entire family. That's why does towards your we started. We get. And fighters flock from all over the world come and fight. In Syria as had Chris explains. I'll play free gigs I know what I say it is stuff you think I she's making it upside I know you got to hear from somebody you trust. 'cause they know what I'm asking you believe is in it is country which her on fox all weekend and I know that's hard. Here is Ted creators. Explaining in 2013 to the Syrian rebels. This this is Ted Cruz explaining. This year yeah. Turns out in Libya we actually were launching strikes and we'd we knocked Qaddafi out by taking this so ragged play Enron when he wouldn't are we supporting al-Qaeda in in Syria to what's going on pool is a good guy who's the lead guy. Well unfortunate reality is there a whole lot of bad guys there. And any other president has been advocating arming the rebels. In Syria I think that strategy that they don't sense whatsoever right. The kind major rebel groups that are fighting right now at least seven there. Appear to have some significant time al-Qaeda. Animate this stuff out for Christmas is trying to. It's quite attain. So what happens. You back here so last week's Wednesday and trump announces that he's doing he's long wanted to do to feed ice is and al-Qaeda and the rebels in Syria pull troops. And he's met immediately with tremendous backlash from from the deep state from mad dog matters from the Pentagon Kamal from. Illinois your share widow Elena Citic and trip was not happy to wash imposed reportedly said OK it's there for a little while longer but not much more now what trump wanna pulled its troops out of Syria. Because this shot in Russia had finally defeated ice is to slash the rebels slash okay. And they'd given them a 48 hour cease fire in which solely because it in my. To flush them out like cockroaches. And so they given 48 hours to weeks country total victory. Defeat devices. Ice is ejected from another country we don't like so I will aggression of the defeating ice this is always to. And that's when a chemical attack capped happened that weekend during the 48 hour period when prices were supposed to eat. And eighty cents do you. Because China's vowed to attack disarm his forces. If there's another chemical attack there's a reason for assigned to attacking you he want. In fact the only card left to play for the crisis slash K al-Qaeda rebels was to hope for chemical attack are doing themselves a public got blamed on on a sock. So I had the US would commit. And so trump went from an a week how are Chris and try and I'm just telling you what happened. Turn one from a week and a half arguing it with the the Pentagon and Mattis wanting to pull troops out of Syria but his eyes he's been defeated. Unto doing it strikes and a chemical weapons plants which I guess is fine. But what scares me is spreading to do more strikes. Either with or without depending on which news report you believe an at a chemical weapon attack ice right now little wide to I got one card left to play. I go to my chemical weapons factory in Duma and yes this the rebels have them too we didn't bomb their attacker did win bomb Vera cannons weapon chemical weapons factory ironically. Just decides. And you any Asia chemical weapons knowing the west. Will blame it on a side that's what I do if I crisis I would do it again. She only card they have to play in we're used our air force. As there are forced by the way. Chris said that was a bad idea to when Tony thirteen we. Should be focused on defending the United States of America and why young that it went it. Sign up to join the military not to do it as you know you know search service al-Qaeda there. Here's a question. I am asking this to prevent Q a little bit to get you do the show they show is always better when you do it. Here's a question put on a FaceBook page two on my FaceBook page and shared on the one a six page you can come and their two app or a text line 71307. Okay. During American civil war. Would have been appropriated the Middle Eastern country had pulled up their ships picked decide begun kill people. If not is it okay for us to either reverse today in the Middle East and why. Does the fact we bombed the chemical weapons of factories make it different this time last time we hit is Syrian air force base. In our next targets are not chemical weapons plans are we still generate for interfering in the Middle East want to hear your answers I. Asked and some hurling an. I like this. Der or revolutionary war and to me made me laugh actually during her revolutionary war France pull up their ships and took our signed. Yeah in fact we won assert that the revolutionary war because of that they surrounded The British Army on your campaigns. We didn't have that we we we didn't have they had me. And Washington convince them to act as our name. So we invited them to help us in a revolutionary way they'd dangerous pull up and take a shot. Just as. SR has asked Russia. Invited him into the country we are not invite. Do we integrate a moral authority Russia's not a very great moral authority for certain. Or now. This is a hypocritical we shouldn't be doing it. Joining us right now all colored Zachary you're fifteen out humor and eerie teeny you call the show you go to the final line always because. I I is more important for meter reached next generation and just about anybody else Zachary what do you think about this. I don't think that we should be yet and why should we even care if you're gonna kill each other when our police force. We shouldn't kill our own soldiers as they have countries with each other parts. So do you think long no matter how many kids are gassed or no matter how horrible is or whatever the pictures look like we should stay out. It's none of our business. And and that and that's the finalized so so Zachary let me let me flip this on you then when. Do you think. He US should do get involved in you know warfare outside our borders or never. You put threatened. Our country's security is threatened and we should detect it and I think just killing each other to know we should do nothing about it. Some of our business. Okay. Very simply put I put second by the way. Assessed at 741 or are you use Jim beam scoring don't. On my way I'm your way and you you listening to talk what are you by yourself from the car. Now okay all right now. Oh so are you being forced to listen to talk radio or you just do it has enjoyed. I do it essentially that. Is awesome Zachary cannot carry asking Chris. I am mom I'm trying to get my kids on the same track issue how did you come to light to listen to talk radio. My dad got me into listening to Bob and helicopters you. Awesome. Com and in the beginning where you we have forced to listen did you not like it or did did you like it immediately. I didn't know what it was so I just started listening. Let's see what it was. On the Zachary I I bet you are probably one of the most educated on politics folks that that you know what is it like. Going to school and being around people you know your aides and hearing hearing your keys after listening to talk radio. It's just for your help keep thinking brain washed these days. No they don't know anything today. Nine down was Zachary thank you for your opinion this morning. And and thank you so much for listening to the show call me anytime. 803471063. Texan won 713 us. You grew its act crazy right. Love to hear from you on this 80347106. Pretext find seven no one at three as Seth. Yes some some change on the tax line by the way. Oh so you not happening not happy. With me. Orca. From the command comparing me Vince this morning. We find it since. That's where I hear its web just in we're playing scrutinize the president Vinny knows station and bought my CNN and or his parents channeling Vince Coakley. At a Texas simply writes good grief. Why flip to slip that I'm a flip the script get it I just took it to trump using his own tweets. On Syria eighteen of them in which including many how many of the Syrian rebels are radicals how you I Islamist untreated. Wu who are murdering Christians why would we ever fight. You know for them. Good question Mr. President. Only flipped the script again. I flip the script. Let's suppose this is the last Syria bombing last month Trenton doing. So that the chemical plant says so we couldn't take a chemical plant Middle East archer who controls because god knows who's instant fallen to. I have a lot of I have a lot of promise trump do an. I will promise he hits can get. So let's suppose this is it. We are done in Syrian trump does what he wanted Huey to have to pulls everybody out of deep state doesn't want to. Then what it's over was not. Is not over. Because Russia and Syria will then builds gas and oil pipelines across Syria annual art sum up NT Europe. They won't give Russia energy supremacy over us and over Europe and the ability to control them for generation. But it's even worse and that. Because right now our dollar is artificially inflating. There's tremendous demand for our dollar dollar a US dollars that is fake this is why we can borrow a tremendous sums of money we can print money and no one else can't. Because our deal is we act as Saudi Arabia's and Vijay had this air force. And OPEC sells oil. In only American dollar slid to change your currency into American dollars before you can buy toilet crewmates creates a demand for American dollars that is fake. At a concert the value for dollar if OPEC stopped doing that. You see dollar crash and Noah knows how much 1015203050%. You borrow money more now like we do anyway. Yet print it certainly. We be paying trouble. And this is the last bombing that trump does it trump does not allow prices IED rebels to get the upper hand Syrian bloc that pipeline. I was gonna crash being honest watch. One EC UE one a support crisis. Let them get away with chemical attacks like we do. Now don't you say no. That I planes going across Syria and Russia and Iran are gonna control it. There doesn't control the Iraqi oil that's the largest supplier of light sweet sweet crude in the entire world wheat are what we frak is not generally light sweet crude as much and Lou we have. It's a superior blend. They've more than Saudi Arabia. And through that pipeline Russia will controlled by Ali but don't control Iraq profit that Russia controls giving them control. Over Europe. We had a problem is today and it Washington looks desperately despite his 'cause they are. The Chinese have just declared. Their buying oil in American dollars anymore. They've launched beat Petra yet. They're done. All the oil will be bought and sold in Chinese dollars and will not be converted that's gonna hit the dollar heart. And if she area. Right is this pipeline through because Russia and aside defeat ice is that's who the rebels are. If they run it through they're gonna sell that oil and American dollars either. They're gonna go Macon is is an end run around OPEC they're gonna sell it probably I'm guessing you rubles would be my guess. Maybe some Syrian currency to inflame both as a payoff. What happens when that happens when most do in the world now is not sold at not forced to be you bought American dollars is a pet forces now. Doesn't crash hard. As they say the economy with. And I guarantee that's exactly what they told trump trump knows that everyday this week he knows. He knows if he does another buying run he is bombing on behalf of ice is he's ice this is air air force as crews set. But there's no I'm telling you this the last gasp effort. To force oil to be sold for American dollars. And I you know what I mean we'd stop it. Because the Chinese Petra yen now I mean that's so massive they're one of the world's foremost buyers oil and Arkin exchange American dollars it into America knows for swift. Our dollar is just it's just jobs. It it's going to be. But it would become pounded by at significantly by all of that oil seek his precious gonna take their oil natural gas. Sweet down to Iraq on the pipeline right across Syrian writer of tear. And that is AME Russia is the number two supply. Will be by 20/20 the world we're number one. It's a mess. He wanna know why trump is listening Indy state that's what I promise you got thrown Dyson build on what to do it. Ugly. There is a way out of this. The crashing of our dollar and it's coming. If China doesn't hit Syria again. Massive drilling by the US 90% of our reserves are off. Limits right now by the federal government. We got to get it all fast and pump this dollar because we don't it's gonna crash and a deep staged just trying to block the inevitable. By empowering ice is in Syria. So I'd play the opposite side too and defend the president. So hole I know turning to show up this is more complicated than just transporter Trump's bet. Bonds Syria over the way again that playing it now it looks like anyway they may be doing more bombing of Syria should we be doing at this. Criticize the president Som this morning here I'm getting a lot of shade for that on the tax line. Did did it in Greeneville you say I'm rights. Jerry you are right in just rules real quick and short you arrived about Henry Kissinger was begun started better OPEC. All playing in seventy parades and that and they've been supported. That's been the deal we protect the saudis and they make everybody trillion dollars in this is exactly also what got them Moammar Qaddafi killed. Up because it didn't have the clout that the Chinese haven't been have a weapon because he wanted to get all payment dollars and now that was the main reason we could kill mile an hour ago. But hell all over there in Libya Battelle of all this losing changes also. Back to the people that are a attacking you terra good gossip trooper Mike you pray love these people were Christians and they don't realize sort of legal claim to realize there's obviously only one over. That could possibly protect Christians if those. Ice this type fighters and stuff out there there may be wiped out tomorrow so you're absolutely right I think what we get back to carry a bigger. Picture if the dumbing down of our citizens every. The generation. Of kids in pants not ditch in the US constitution. The federal piper leading to the constitution and the declaration. Civics in American history taken that out of school it has been done intentionally. So as a result we get dumb down Simpson. Don't like the old prop up. Then in in the USS Carr. You know lord that you say at all box it means his ride if it talked about that it may try to let that I'm a twelve supporter and a lot when he's wrong he's wrong. And he didn't have any constitutional authority to go into Syria. But yet you might be case and if you win that would break and I agree with you there are still trumps support but he was dead wrong on this issue if people they told him the same standard we built Obama. Yep and that's essentially what I've been saying. At this morning. Markets had 22 year old college student you've got about 45 seconds you agree with and it will be done with the segment. I may holds over though you agree with Zack our our caller we simply need to stay out. Yes they'll be correct and why are and the LAPD actually goes to point total to point out that exact made was about how you know. It really is and I'll call looking at eight yet humanitarian issue play it there's a lot managerial issues going on right now on this world that we championed all been just as much champion Paul. You're I'm a strong supporter a lot of more than anybody any president we've ever I didn't agree with Obama only do that either put you know light last gate also set it. You either have a right to do honestly I think this pressure are you know a lot of ER. Like Lindsey Graham McCain the other war mongers and I don't agree with the one you're under circumstance and I think I I don't think we should be there at all. LaMarcus and thank you so much for calling in appreciate it on his way to college this morning exactly. The demographic I want hit young minds Marcus call me any time.