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Monday, April 16th

Why Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBLie; James Comey’s book is a felony but no one cares because of his Deep State protection; Global warming protester commits ironic suicide by igniting himself with fossil fuels


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According Elaine good morning Sarah irate I'm gonna dedicate this segment. To Raleigh elite can get mad when I use the term FB line. Imation man. My you know what. You get you GE get over FT here this. She is the weekend. And you never Angie McCabe the number two really is number two at the FBI who was fired for lying. Right after recommendation of the FB lie yes they're mad as general's report yes I was getting inspector general did the investigating it was sent over to the FB lie. And I am and their office personnel and they recommended. That McCain be laugh at fired for for lie so the front didn't fire him nobody put you would think that if you only read the Washington Post for the New York Times it was. The dynamic as just another attempt to obstruct justice. Note and the FBI recommended he be fired. On a Bellini tribe doesn't have much sway down there. But the FBI saying this is turning don't like much OK so the inspector general has just released to the report of what exactly McCabe did it to get fired at its hair raising. Com basically here's what he did. The inspector general's report after a long investigation concluded that Andrew McCain the number two at the appeal I like to James coming. Yes that was one coming wasn't lying himself. Two FBI investigators. Why deal under oath. To be inspector. General while under oath. And even lied about his lies to FBI investigators. When changing his story. This is the guy we had days of media hysteria. Over the firing at this very valuable man. Sort of weekends. You know the guy where I wondered what would happen after the schema what would the media do when they Bay Area this thing at. Or would they doubled down. Com and at basically they double down Washington Post. Headline. Sure haven thome made mistakes. On but that's not why they were fired. So I. 08. At a story goes on basically what it does show that I did even he may have you don't have to lie a lot and drove it's it's okay. And they usually KBK. Is the guy who guides. General fled. For lying under at Flint is now lost his house he's so attempting to are you running under oath he was lying to the FBI which is also crime you have to be under oath. And injure McCabe and ran that investigation they got planned for airline the FBI. Crime did you. The whole time at the cave is under investigation for lying under. In two separate investigations of him by the FBI and investors investors are mosquitoes are. And yet comedian's offensive. And you lose it the top of the FBI is starting. Is absolutely I mean there's no way around this this is a judicial Weitz director of investigations Chris and thank god for Jewish judicial watch. I'm director of investigations Chris Farrell I know Lou Dobbs. About the inspector general's where you like this just tried pages. This is not the one point five million pages totally inspector general has on the FBI's various investigations. I can't imagine what those look like. If this is any sort of you know hints that the nozzle liar and we'll talk about McCain got a liar cult like it is. What the report drugs how it's useful or beneficial for everyone. Is that it now documents. The absolute state of melt down of crisis. In the leadership of the FBI. You've got leaker tell me and lying McCabe. And they've been running the show for how long. How many investigations so they tenth. How many people think politically targeted. They tried this clearer. A national election for president. This is a level of of corruption. There's so insidious. And show corrosive. I don't think the FBI recovers from this and ask yourself how many other FBI directors have gone out and written tell all books. Where there's sort of sanctimonious. You know self righteous justification. But held a lead to god confidential meetings the president. Any other FBI directors come to mind. No they don't. This this is probably the most serious tragic corruption. Of law enforcement agency because it's government. In our history I and the of these clowns still walking around loose well should be indicted. Yet they should be indicted. You know I'm no doubt about it interest in what you do the way that you put this two that the Washington Post in the New York Times were. Writing things in such a way to defend the actions. It's cry job of these crimes it's it's not the job of the media the media should simply be reporting. What's going home. Now they're there op Eds if they want to defend the actions that's that's fine but in their reporting that should be simply reporting you know. Here's what does this person is accused of doing this is what the impact inspector general's report wasn't. That should be the end of it. But of course we know how to write headlines and do that in such a way to. You know. Push a narrative that's that's waits to. Is amazing we have had Komi try and fail when he was had a the FB lied to find a crime the term committed we have had Mueller tried and failed thus far. On he isn't investigate and not investigations this country must be launched because of evidence of a crime except if you're trump in which case you have four no fourth amendment rights. He's the first president to not have any fourth Mehmet writes one of the few Americans who doesn't have fourth commemorated this points. Does is amazing. Hum but great cheering me on the says it would get over the over the weekend meanwhile the people investigating him have committed crime after crime after crime which should initiate criminal investigations. These surgeon general's investigation is a process investigation. Good we still have a criminal investigation these people is unbelievable the trot the president there's no crime we know have. He's under investigation these civil commit crimes and literally watching coming profit off this crimes. Com for his book and there's no criminal investigation it is. Absolutely stunning. Your your your main man your bud Greg Gerri I nap on Fox News. Quinn is out. And he's right. Four of the seven net memos. That he uses as the basis for his book if not all seven we death Leno for. Bomb of them are classified air leaked documents they violate federal. Law each one of them is a felony and it keeps saying isn't it terrifies me to diss deep staters are watching coming he's got a number one best seller. On he's literally selling classified material. On the he's taken it with him he's not allowed to do that and so what that he stays learning is it if you steal classified material you violate the law on the way you use it and write a book. I you get to do it's for you get to get rich and as long as should taking out the right person and it is terrifying that he's been allowed to do is because. And we're gonna have analysts interference by them for I guess fun profit. Whatever in our elections. Here is this is say back and forth. I just Freddie investing in invests in general's. Com is British he's inspector general's investigations Komi. Okay should I interview with designing Heinrich K Heinrich the merit memos that she wrote you wrote did you tell all nine of them. Did you write online enemy in a way that was designed to prevent them from eating classification combing no. And online and on a few of the occasions I wrote I sent emails to Mike. Chief of staff for others on some brief phone conversations that our coast and I would the president the first one was a classified briefing. Is a memo I classified briefing with the president. It is classified. Although it wasn't in this gift it was in conference room at trump tower it was a classified briefings so I wrote that on a classified device the Y started. Heinrich says guys you come he says in a car that was classified laptop that I was working not classified laptop writing a memo about a classified briefing. Is classified you can't do that. And yet he's written a book about it he slots in front every once he's profiting. He says you. Rate and it's terrifying. To watch it is they displayed we I think of of power and corruption by the deep state. If your flaunting their lawlessness. In the third regulations go to federal regulations. And the privacy act as well as the federal records act. Anything it's in the course and scope of fewer employment. Is government property. And every FBI agent signs a document that says when you need government. All of that is the governments to remain behind you were not to take it with you. Can't we took that women seven presidential make any difference that he created the documents himself now now everything you do in the course and scope of your employment. Is government property he was acting as the FBI director when he spoke to the president he wrote about their conversations is clearly government property. And he stole that government property and including according to senator Grassley for classified. Documents which would make him. Just as guilty as Hillary would listen and then were you referring to the memos or something else. But I'm referring to the seventh presidential Memphis. Again you're memos about classified briefings he had with the press day. She's walking around me and Telus decried the president is grim on the praise it is a mob boss. On day it would Wear his words over the weekend the some believe what he does it off unfit for office morally unfit to be president now. Since you guys who are having big conservative seven felonies. And yet Tony and his sidekick is but Mueller can't find a single crime yet they'll manufacture one but can't find is it a crime yet about try to justify the fact they're investigating the. It's something about him that this creeps me out on an am I remember which I want you both have been crippling yet but I mean Komi particularly because armor watching those hearings they had in congress finishes by just watching him. His attitude and mannerisms like something is not right here this guy I'm sorry talking about unfit for office he's an evil look on his face. His face is evil and looks evil. Does. But you know hey. See that look a lot don't that we. Do. But ready 98 great Jerryd you're right he's right what is different between Khomeni Hillary Clinton Clinton Clinton I mean it would be. You know thousands of times he's come he's just probably. I don't know 74. Who's counting grades yes just the tote board we're not sure is certainly not the department of injustice that's for sure. Right so why isn't anyone stopping Kenney his job is to tell Mahler the tramp or witch hunt. Is over one number of people can do it including rip van sessions up there at the ahead of the department injustice but he won act. Which is so why are in the middle of a constitutional crisis in this country. We are and it's scary thing to watch by the way. You know coming did an interview with George Stephanopoulos. Yet. S and you know it if it had been an a more honest interview had been a more on his version of the interview what would Barney Fife. I've got so we have to ask ourselves a decent. What would it fife have died. Here you go. She's come need breaks his silence or what happens back. ABC news exclusive event starts right now with the chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. The day after you were fired. President is meeting in the oval office for the Russian foreign minister causing enough jobs says that depression has been released. What did you think when you saw that. If you keep on getting into trouble and break him all. They go all I really don't want to lose my name. And incarceration. Thanks to those who say you should have brought Hillary Clinton before a grand jury. And. When we come back and he's Donald Trump I'm fifty precedent to stay with us. And check stories are we Laura's result of hitting me chemical weapons sites with whom. Pat me. Tech story to German veteran and I'm still a transport but I do not agree with attacking Syria there are few if any good guys over there the political situation over there is clear his mind. That is sure is Nikki Haley sound so tough even I'm afraid not. Tech straits. What happens if trump breeze status as the gold standard. Would that keep us on top thanks for all your investigative work he can't established gold standard. In one work. And the reason that it it come in it wouldn't work as we don't have enough that we have been revealed since of the world that we don't have apple to cover dollar. That are dollars are really worth anywhere near what we claim they are. That's why when. Rand Paul wants audit fun you know Fort Knox in that nobody wants to do it. Text your race your honesty president tribe does need cheap to follow him blindly as conservatives we had can have different opinions without needing safe spaces I agree with that. Text your rights. Yours is they can't find anything on trump let them go back in investigate OJ Simpson. Not a bad idea. I read this one can hear again. Sure it's okay that's too much at least Barney new that what he was doing was honesty he even gave the governor parking ticket. In those days are gone and knocked. Married to your that this. Is actually happens. Did you oh man. Out burn himself today at over the weekends in net. In New York City in their Brooklyn's Prospect Park. A nationally known advocate for gay rights any environment died Saturday in a far hairy Prospect Park. Suicide. With his self immolation. Mention to wait as he wakeup call to save the planet. The charred remains of David it buckets. We're discovered shortly after sunrise I feel bad for the first responders. When firefighters responded the area 6:40 AM to the blaze in the southwest corner of the sprawling Brooklyn Park. Heed the the attorney left sees an environmental activists again gay rights activist I left it up behind I am David bucket. And I just kill myself by fire as they protest. Suicide. Handwritten note said. I apologize to you. For the mess. Ace second longer notes. Left to the first inside the envelope marked for the police. Says I might early death by you have fossil fuel reflects what we're doing to ourselves yeah it is a protest of a global warming in the fact that you know we want combat it he says. A lifetime of service may best be preserved by giving a life honorable purpose in life invites I Harold fold purpose in debt. I hope it is an honorable death that might serve. Others. He compared his Macau optimize. With the V suicides of those who set themselves on fire. A protest Chinese occupation of Tibet. The irony in the sense. He doused himself from fossil fuel. Them himself on fire with a pick. The equator which is what this guy and an. Fossil fuel. Could the man have learned managed to burn himself to death without the use of fossil fuel. When I suppose he could filter. And I now stacked up some logs in than what like a boy scout know the technique restart afire with Arabic. But the thing is it would take you so long and cries you know because so much attention used to be you have to build a massive. Tire on which to really catch soap operas heart kissed human being on fire without like you know accelerant. The parity is being without fossil fuels he could not burnt himself to death more than likely. Would've gotten far. Yeah everything. This is witnessed or show across I wrote it but nobody several times the first time I tried to convince myself it was a mannequin but then a fire department showed up. Bicycle lists rom and pavlik kick 43 Brooklyn says it's just some kind of statement. He didn't let me open right near the main entrance not some tucked away part of the park. Folks I'm telling you the left that they did the wheels are coming off the wheels. Our common the media has them so hits in hyped up with a was false information. The kill themselves out there. With fossil fuel is fuels oh the irony and the irony. Texture some Havoc home so like I was still in the next election yet no doubt. Text your right to buck kick the bucket. Was he delighted apart a crime guys played the party. That is no wrong producer Chris. A but I guess if what does it mean I don't I B raid I don't know how does ago. Are set so fun fire in Prospect Park protest suicide he succeeded by the way. Chart read up. Yet. Discovered before sunset DJ gay rights activist the best known was mad about. I know is a global warming he's also environmental activist. To himself on fire ironically. With fossil fuels. Need an accelerant. So we all wanna stay warm. But anyway. He are comparing his macabre DeMarre is so with the suicides are those who set themselves a fire to protest China's occupation of Tibet. And Zardari went. Text rates. There is any irony just allegory fossil fuels burned him why he thinks they are burning of the earth. The checker it takes to raise my thesis is true bucket was a flaming liberal yes he was just literally. Claiming there. At the end. Well that affected his carbon footprint OCL people very worried about that on the tentative very they're very concerned. About dead. We find with the here is. He here regarding the guy who set himself on fire isn't measured the carbon footprint you left behind so Al Gore consent his family dunhill. I'm not I have some big dog is an nets say this Armenia I would deck kind of Bernice. And the pollutants. He got to worry about he did. A text Lazar we'll be saved up enough carbon credits that we don't know. Text your grades. Let's see. But did kick the bucket yeah he was the way to the party. Text your race. Nor the camp. Paid your ma'am do you not remember when a guy burns some a lot and how Tony Forney Anderson two years ago I had so Portman marina. Most black that went on my mind. The detector raced here I am I the authorities certain this is a suicide a terrific way to die one when he left a note. Text your rights just another nut job bites the dust that's cold. Text your eyes at least they didn't play light my fire or smoke on the what don't you Purdue's Chris any ideas. Do not give he's probably looking membrane going to be the rest of the ship did she go. Text rates LO well I was thinking Chris should play you light up my fired so says miss Veronica L knack. Text your rates one of my favorite posters on my FaceBook page by the way. A text your rates weld a friend here I'm offering everyone or no warning labels and searching dinner at start cinema heard. From all the dumb pipes well Herzl thinner today. As Fisher. Married 803471063. Text line 71307. To see this. They are now more murders in get a free London. Then there are in New York City even talking about this for like a week now. That was according to be marchers in the march for our allies Marge is impossible we do your guns they would have to be afraid to go to the grocery story. Well no now I don't do you framing shots. While listen only I. She says guns in Europe. She'd do have to be afraid got being shot at the grocery store Chris I system tested that hostage situation kill fourth thing at the grocery store in Europe a few weeks ago. They are the only ones with guts which is what happens when you've been good from people from having guns only ice is has gone and it ran around Europe. New line machete attack every ninety minutes in gun free Britain. Record machete attacks in the UK have shot up by nearly five times. In just three years with the majority in the capital once it. The huge number of car by the way this is bright part the huge number of crimes committed with a deadly sort of like weapons means there's an average of tea and day. In the UK. Or one every ninety minutes. Holy cow. Figurs uncovered using trim information request by the Daily Mail show that police dealt with 2920. Crimes. Bobby machetes and last must now mean you have is go up like this in three like let increase of five times in three years it's a celebration. Go look at the names of the victims and the attackers just look at them they'd come around there you know on the same. It's what happens when you let large numbers on vetted people walking your country. London saw the ball 425. To hear about these machete attacks. Africa. We're Bogle Grimes running around like finds a nut cases and by the way what do we get a bomb them. A kilowatt hour. People than me. Aside regime. Now I don't care about them. That I'm not boil the waitresses had a lot. I just three years set earlier the deadly deadly blaze were used in just a hundred crimes a month over the same period now are looking at 425. Heart massive numbers. At this point reds say you know may not to have. Portly vetted her barely vetted mass immigration. I can't settings I can't impose system my FaceBook page. Every opposed to my FaceBook page. Is this headline FaceBook sensors and band's European news website for criticizing unlimited migration. I didn't have any thing you know personally bad about Amber's digging in part is nothing politically incur knowing corrects. About mass immigration Disney was no slurs there was no slain nun like that they just said mass immigration killing Europe where you would you literally is. Really actual fact London now has a higher murder rate this new York and London is allegedly gunning for. That'd try to band times. Those are facts. But you can't save that or FaceBook obeying any. I sent to raid a golf was and tongue between twin election. I to have a FaceBook page and we learned from. It's not just US concerted US web sites are being targeted Banda phase of the voice of Europe a European web site. Against unlimited migration an Islamic radicalism was banned and censored by FaceBook. No conservative thought will be allowed Aimee. We're one of the fan but I wish put words what used to say we I mean they're right up for voice of your we are on word are one of the fastest. Growing European news sites on FaceBook would at least 30000 people joining us every month. I Sunday's 5000 people joined us but those days are going after FaceBook decided to censor is suspended since threatens. Yeah I know what this is like I used to pick up about a hundred U likes a week and looking to do tend now. The agency might pay people texting me Nina I'm just see my new Cianci anymore yet look FaceBook is labeled me very conservative. In their internals so you're not allowed to hear from me. I used so that I can get your news well FaceBook knows better. We knew what do you what is she to show prep everyday you have to go straight to my FaceBook page a single II I sort a lot of it's up onto the one a 63 Dhabi already FaceBook page stay at. Yes and I can't I just take but this on the air because I can't put it on FaceBook examine a content. Machete attack every nineteen minutes in country Britain not. The I'd rather be shot. Pretty sure I don't machete. And. This is so Iran Crist. So around. And now only see what happens when you encourage the producer. Texas race I'm sorry chair for bringing a piece on chariots of fire and this song by the way. This ruin it for me forever it is burning a liberal idiot on my mind when I hear. Victory to keep their rescue might rest in my dark humor to myself oh no please don't we love it here. Text your race. I can't do this. Akin to that is the only leg had to express myself on this show. Any time for the most part. Cherish former EMT hear a doctor told me burning to death only hurts until you're nerve endings burn away oh that's good. Only first and second degree burns hurt as to the thirty degrees don't. The third yes third degree at essar to prepare. Text rich let gay guy is on fire for his cars opium permit for that. Now. I. Potentially Jesse she must Ricardo Websense NASA are licenses to operate on the Internet just like radio and TV stations and regulate freedom on FaceBook. Text your rates Chris is Louis I'm hurting for you. Oh lord straight to your I hope they slay some days one and freaking piece is real. If England has to be pure rage for the rest to humanity get in about migration it might just be worth it. Text your rates they will take my FaceBook page from my heart life hands of soy fields are tipster. I barely get any updates from Milo anymore on FaceBook gets conservative they did it they got so Adam that got dice too he's off FaceBook now. Or is being go bust anyway. A text your grades went Disco. Is a very good take on this. Tourney and that happens. Who were not. Al here adapts a story I got off a a thirty day dale on FaceBook yesterday but that is the stuff to me added. That's the attitude I like. Canada FaceBook ciampa. Texture race. Which a liar by to join a video of a radical Muslim leader in 2002 singer going over properly England and take control of it without firing a shot sixteen years later when we get. By the truth which you can no longer post on FaceBook. Restoration just lost the loyal listener menace that. Well yeah actually but I'm pretty sure Chris maybe you're right him nasty letter and then you come back. Add text or is producer Chris the perfect bumper music Forte caught a burning love. By Elvis. Tech stories I guess Cheney urged his favorite music group was earth wind and fire. Brought it was because he couldn't night. Had set himself on fire which produced a lot of words no doubt this Randy hearing without the use of fossil fuels he couldn't do it's. Say get billed himself like you know higher or web room until I would miss a lot did you burning human beat and then you can use the you know the boy scout Matthew Gray we don't use a bit later Ernie thing. But if you go to parent led Beijing to sit there forever with Dick let me somebody would have attracted easily attracted attention he would come through with it. Can they noticed. Nobody is to get a headache could not kill himself without fossil accused the ire oh the irony text or beds are burning in the past favorite songs. It is what it is is one of my fear I love that song I loved Midnight Oil. You know I actually played it earlier today and that in one repeated yeah fiscal grudge keeping in the makes that. A tech sure it's fire starter by the prodigy OK guys. I love it Terry you said a botched. You know sort of firm signed into my own word there. History it's turning you off smug is beginning to clog my filters are rate. Text or it's deplorable dead his law. Her FaceBook page to she was hacked and FaceBook was has given it backed her FaceBook has given it back to her. Two weeks now something like that really she really got to back. I cannot read this text it's going down her and them to text one for humans to yell come down and done according. Matty here. Are you coming up. Try this one back of in Kissimmee airlines wrestling packed in you know what I want I like when you do the shows a good day feed into the show get perspective different in my honest. Question then. Mentally to prevent you. The American civil war would have been appropriate the Middle Eastern country had pulled up their ships decide begun telling people. It's not is it okay for us you reverse day in the Middle East and why okay. Does the fact that we bobbled chemical weapons factories making different this. Last time we had a Syrian air force base if our next targets are not chemical plants. Are we still in the race for interfering in police want to hear your interest below us where Roma face the pay huge. Ali it's a good answers and pays the pays I hear you as you do the show an 803471063. Text line 71307. Lot of great pose so my FaceBook page honest Richard writes it's not a car business. Another have opposed to Tom writes that's usually a libertarian viewpoint I don't even really say it was your view but I hope it is. I love my diesel I'm more nuanced than that he really littlest almost the whole showed they understand where I'm coming from on Syria I am for and against the president on this. Deal right stern or revolutionary worst fresh pulled up there were ships and took our site not look we didn't end well. This could kick. And is it by the way Washington would not one revolutionary war heads. The French got act as a as our navy and as attorney means round of the British Yorktown we we have been wee wee man fu Bard to this day that's how we got them but I mean Washington coordinating with them to do that. SR is not invited us to punish him in these sovereign country. Of Syria.