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Monday, April 16th

Trump contradicts earlier positions with attacks against Syria; James Comey’s book is a felony but no one cares because of his Deep State protection


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Right now sensors like British Christa say we did play we didn't start the fire. Is out of control. It's it's totally out of control where bit not married 803471. As extreme tech finds 71307. Just to poke a bit. And provoke a response. Headline right now on Fox News US warns more air strikes on Syria possible. Some asking his question I during the American civil war what and inappropriate for Middle Eastern country had pulled out their ships to decide and the guns kill people. If not is it okay for us to do to rehearse today in the Middle East and why does the fact that we bombed chemical weapons factories making different this time. Last time it is Syrian air force base. If our next targets are not chemical weapons plants are we still on the right for interfering middle east of the hearing answers below our own my FaceBook page and interior answers. I'm a tech sign or you wanna calling 71307. Or toll free 803471063. Haley. Thank you good morning terror so what do you think. I do. I am still in review. You know I I am. Very skeptical of of pretty much everything that comes out of that so that area of the world and about the analysis of it. And so I'll be honest we I really don't know why am. And I need to be so ambivalent but I'm I'm not. I'm still unsure exactly if we have the correct information on who's responsible for those things don't know there is gas attacks. And and I and I hate to say that because I'm one of those that I want to believe my country. I don't want to believe particularly eyes secretary defense map assume I have a lot of respect for. And so I sort of lean toward. You know accepting what he says because. I just have a lot of respect for the man and know that he is. He knows that every decision he makes is gonna put people's lives in danger. Period in the story. And those are. American lives and and also formalized there's a concern there for collateral damage but of course is main concern has always should be for the you know for the lives of the people under his command. Absolutely and charming she is kind of a matter of a scale are really keep going year. Last time trumped you know was one and Donnie he's hit the air force base that kind running. I think it's interesting to go back and read talk from sweets to Obama when Obama was the willingness. With this here's some trumped tweets we should stay the hell out of Syria the rebels are just as bad as the current regime what we get for our lives and billions of dollars. Zero. Here's another truck tweet on this morning it's 113 remember all these freedom fighters in Syria wanna fly planes into our buildings so he knows who they are. Here's another one. From him led the Arab League take your cereal why are these rich Arab countries not paying us for the tremendous cost of such an attack. On the here's another one again our very foolish to our very foolishly you're talking to a body not attacked Syria if you do many very bad things will happen and from that fight the US it's nothing that we are risking world war three. Here's another one from trump August 292013. What will be we be getting for bombings here this is one the Red Line was crossed. And a policy about not knowing bind listening interest now whoa we get for bombing Syria besides more dead in a possible long term conflict Obama needs congressional approval. And Obama did send troops to Syria troops were in Syria American troops were in Syria before trump never took office yes they where. Com. Here's another one Russia's Russia is sending a fleet of ships to the Mediterranean again this is back in 2013 Obama's warned Syria has potential to widen into world war caught a while worldwide conflict plenty said that. Like me trump knows. And this is another tweet from him many of the Syrian rebels are radical jihadist terrorists on any islamists who are murdering Christians why would we ever fight with them. Talking about on their side. Fallacy was another one. Obama must now start focusing on our jobs our country. Health care how many great problems forget Syria and make America great again I did did you see she's gonna make America great again slowed and 2013. This was obviously something he doesn't have a maritime breaks tea yet really. Of this great once again the press here's another one from trump and 2014. The so called moderate Syria rebels pledged their allegiance to ice is after Obama's address we should not be arming them. Nominees read about diet. Well that. The shares of things turn this is one of those situations of that was then this is now. And I'm like in this situation similar to where Obama was with the result of the Bush Administration. With where with regard to troops in Iraq. And I think that the Obama administration quite honestly and I think that history will show this completely blew it and of course led to the development and the strengthening devices. Because of the early termination. Of the Americans coming out of Iraq before it was both militarily and politically stable enough to to do that I'm not sure it ever would have been able to. But there's no question. That tell the Obama administration's failure early on. And the negotiations and apparently on the he handed off to vice president Joseph Biden and there was no status of forces agreement that was agreed upon and they made no effort. They made no effort to try to negotiate that because that's exactly what happened if you go back and look at it. And so that we had the early termination basically of the American presence they're and that led to the development of crisis and loss of territory. Two crisis. In the Iraq in the nation of Iraq. And and led to the current crisis we have so. Yeah what bush did that that's what Obama had to deal with and then he blew it. Well this is a situation that Obama has created he created this line in the sand over chemical weapons with Syria which he completely blew completely blew. And now this is a failure of Obama. Foreign policy and American foreign policy because of Obama and and also because of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as well they're involved in this. So now this is what trump has left to deal. And I and I and I know it looks like it's its it looks somewhat hypocritical what does look hypocritical for him to be criticizing Obama. About this win now he has to do the situation but the situation is completely different. And and it's not just because he's president now because this is the situation was created by the failure the Obama administration and now he's got to deal with the consequences. Tears in a situation is completely different and when he was Freddie Mac. I do say that is different yes because he's having to deal with a situation he did not create. OK I sewage is sent. But is it identical situation though similar very some because our aside was accused backed in Iran days of using chemical weapons runs out. The UN couldn't could never on will add then also with that sir I they did it but see at that time what was being discussed was like a full on invasion right. I mean that's what was being discussed with the deep stable and that's what age that's what Lindsey Graham and John McCain a war. I'm afraid that's where we're gonna end up today an adult except I'm like you don't think so I don't not now says I mean I. Let it's really hard to argue against the destruction of chemical weapons labs on the no matter who is running in the middle exact you know that's exactly dad's. That's really hard to be Bryant still have to be a real absolutist in terms of you know not interfering in Los were attacked or something my dad's like how many and a coral here it. This thing so about that in MM I'm glad you brought that up because this is important. And and I heard this phrase being used by Nikki Haley and others but normalizing of chemical weapons that is important I know this is getting deep in the woods and all kind of international relations and diplomacy and everything. But it is important. Four nations who claim to be civilized. To follow. This this edict that we do not use chemical weapons because chemical weapons are meant to kill. People and and many times meant to kill innocent civilians and it basically a weapon of terror. Because the explosive canister doesn't do that much damage to the to the geography there but of course that gas is released it is indiscriminate and it kills women children men anybody in its path. And that is a type of weapon to where you were not really it's more of a terror weapon then it is a military weapon. You know we can go in there and we use our Smart bombs and Smart missiles and tomahawk missiles and stealth aircraft and and blow up military targets and yes sometimes sadly there's collateral damage and this country always does everything you can to avoid that I believe that. But the use of chemical weapons is to intentionally cause. Civilian casualties and excessive casualties. With out any real military objective being destroyed. And I just think it's important that this nation stands for that and then apparently the UK and France stand forward as well. And that we don't allow nations like Syria or North Korea or Russia or anyone else to use those without there being severe international consequences. Thought talks it and this is sounding very PC in global list I understand but I do think this is an important factor in where this country stands and what president trump has dawned. Both laughed should be applauding what this president has done right now because that's one of the things they talk about human rights won't. This is human rights issue this is not a national security issue other than the fact that at some point. Our troops or our people could come under attack using the same weapons if we allow this normalizing of the use of chemical weapons in any type of thing get. And you know locally honestly because I think he's very bad to me this is almost identical to the Red Line Obama faced. On I think that the left would be praising. Trumpet probably never will they never know I mean they they would totally be on the side Republicans will actually side with Democrats really do the right thing but you'll never get Democrats who think Republicans are doing anything and he will never happen with Donald Trump. Yeah I think would we nice she's gonna be if he goes beyond hitting chemical plant it would be really refreshing for him to go ahead hit the rebels chemical plant here that would be very most helpful if you would do that there's one in too much right near where the chemical attack happens. Nobody out that's not widely reported you know I mean take up their chemical plants and it was the high height of hypocrisy mean that we didn't take up the rebels chemical plant you may loosen the coordinates the. The message the message needs to be. You know hey ice is gets to use chemical weapons in Syria put aside does not know anything nobody can write it. You right I agree with and we need to an infant immune or dining let me play this again for you this is Carla DuPont. Leader of the UN commission of inquiry. Bomb in 2013 and once and and you know every who investigate chemical weapons he uses. Well when when they say is our guest is people who are his people the rebels will the rebels been doing that too so says it is so she semis. Some. Can make their weapons are used in the T put and then being gusts. What appear to our investigation that that that looks used buys it openings by the remnants. And we had no no indication. Tool or. Dozens of government CD again to put Toni TO decision government excuse to commute can witness. I was a need to be stupid like that and the first to the first indication we go out they lamb boxes views of the a man leaned up by the opening. Yes and you never hear that side of it. Let's let's let's be unified where we are not to where we're from we're against the when the rebels do it and arrogance that we outside doesn't. And I agree with you there because you know what we've done this before we called the opponents in Libyan rebels. Don't bomb and we went in there and we we literally bombed the water lions and the electric. Lines which is a horrible thing to do to people in the media that the civilians we did this do. When you illiterate desert earth guy if you can't get water. And we bomb them because they would not allow the rebels to come in and invade their city's well gogel who controls Libya right now. It's nicest. Ice dissidents in smaller jihadist groups you know challenging them. We bombed races into power in Libya and we called them the rebels and we wrote a sob story about them and and and Hillary. And Obama lied. And that's my fears whereabouts of the two week we believe it works so well in Libya we're about to try to get in Syria will call on the rebels everybody a good tears in their eyes. Nobody'll explained the rebels are a bomb them into power to. And and it it was an absolute disaster in Libyan now ice is has a base from which to operate. And you kills me we were so it's a renter bombing Qaddafi when he's trying to kill the rebels who were crisis in al-Qaeda while bombing Libyan now that ice is controls lynch yeah. Now and they have a base from which operate we seem fine with that don't wait like we need another mortified terror. Well I mean it would be a better place to be borrowed my god they're selling black people and slave market talents in Indian litigate. But is zero there aaron's there ice is a candidate by people they are some of the most racist people on years. To sign up his sleeves slid marksman. All early Obama could bring black back display markets and only as a horse finally this we just pretend Libya didn't happen it's the same memo in Syria although the rebels. Though the same people they weren't Libya ice is an al-Qaeda and I an eight you know if we continue bonding or implement power in Syria to. And then we'll all pretend we didn't do it and sit a watch and I don't see a second time. So I have trust not going there are obese is trying to. You know get the deep state office back in. You we can all agree it's always good to got to kind of chemical weapons factory that we agree on yes. I source celebrity death come in threes. They do. I haven't gone our tragically. Full metal jacket star or aren't we. Ernie. Director might loose form and he did one flew over the cuckoo's next nest on day is. The people vs Larry Flynt. You know stuff like that very famous guy. And are now. Gone. Famous conspiracy theorist loving radio one's legend and just an amazing broadcaster. An unbelievable broadcaster does the spooky overnight show Callista did this the key overnight show coast to coast all three will be. I will almost certainly be missed that's for share. Tester raced here I just wanna Sam sat near the alpha male all alpha males Gagne has passed away Olympus style my prayers go out who's him. Yup. Married so I'm gonna jump back into this. Is amazing the bias. By eight this FBI director and this guy literally profiting. Off the publication. In the form of may now number one best seller on Amazon for which got have been advancing millions of dollars. A classified. Memos. Each of which it is a felony to publish much less release and no don't touch this guy. And so he has made history today he is the first member of the he stayed. Also the first headed the FBI. Two I apologetic plea publish classified material. And profit from it. And honest being sore from and profit from that. Be a talking head on television and this terrifies me because because I'm telling you what these Steve staters know those memorandums were classified. The memos written about classified. Meetings that he had. With try. They were written I classified device. He admits to the inspector general they weren't classified. And yet he is publish them and use them as the basis for his luck. This say they are multiple crimes right here at least four of those were classified he's no different and Hillary Clinton and yet he's done a publicity tour. Rather instead Empresa. And so the message is being delivered here. Animation of the political class got Gregg Jarrett sadness that I have to say listen these they did the same thing you did. You got judicial watch horse congress. Write the weekend. Connie in my hair and I think they're really. And stone cold silence he's breaking the law by doing this and the scary thing about that is. What it's telling any state is. You'll be rewarded. For meddling in our elections as the Intel community does in Russia. Will be rewarded for that. You get a million dollar book contract to lead love an immediate. Breaking Lovett so what average a loss sometimes is good. Don't do it when you're talking about a Democrat candidate my gosh will Barry is six feet under the jail. But that's what companies doing right now and it's terrifying to watch. He is normalizing. Interference. Through the use of law breaking by the deep state. So a source that I easily say listen nobody's indicted put in prison for this. We are going to have deep state interference all of our elections kinda like this. Well I can't know why aren't his senate race which could control that. You know the fugitive which party holds a seal holes senate too early slipped so I've heard committee stayed what elite. Using. Means that were only supposed to route out terrorists panera being used to terrorize the political class the American people what they stay tuned more and Shirley Miller did eat steak Fries lick that's illegal hitters president of the republic. Sorry democracy now with the company line. He came describe our country with a line. It's unbelievable. It truly is 803471063. Tex 17130 senate and NS. This is done fry this did this is an interview with members of Cummings family. The day after president trump is inaugurated. Guess what his wife and daughters are emerging in the what is march. This is CBS covering this. Saturday January 21. Masses of demonstrators taking to streets among them a family of James cone. My wife and girls marched in the women's march. Day after president trumps inauguration at least my Ford or is probably all sides of my kids wanted to Hillary Clinton to be the first woman president I know my. Amazing spouse did. I want a woman president really badly and I supported Hillary Clinton a lot of my friends worked for her and I'm Justine when she lost. The next day. That was come he's way. I was devastated when she lost. He's Jimmy need to put it out and they're just one days. They are. There out of control. And you know BC com CNN and their reaction the most is a good especially integrated all give Matty saying bad things about trump how crazy this Pat Garrity nominal you should be afraid when you see him on television. It's a scary. We have DC is profiting. Off the publication of classified material. We've gone full aren't from leaking the president's phone calls with foreign heads of states and beginning of the end of of the singing nobody pursuing the leaguers. This didn't see any out real indictments yet. To hey I put out there in a felony dinner at a profit from. This is terrifying. Text your race to progressives are very unfit commoner teacher should take what you liberals better wake the heck out. You wake up. Because they seal until. There every. We would this you don't the next step is to show you Bernie Sanders fans down. You'd think they're not applicable go bosh on your FaceBook pagelet they have mind they will. You think they're not gonna go you lose. All of this idea of the surge methods we've given them that finally to constitution some ways they're using illegally. To find dirt on people like Bernie Sanders and keep people like you. You know at a power when you don't wanna challenge in the global lists. Like Hillary Clinton you think they're not used this on you they do away with using unless you're next you fight with us we're gonna lose the country. And is going to be all of us. Okay and Syria are Ralph writes to me it's here at minus three Debbie Doherty Terry is she like boat we are on on both sides in this conflict because both sides are bad actors now. Rather than choosing one we're inflicting damage on both. We are hurting a so I series is side by supporting me phony rattles. But we do not like it there rebels either we just countless arm went at this point but the rebels are not able to harm our interests in the region at this point. We will hit them until when and if they're able to harm our interests. What we are seeming to do is superficially to conflict between eSATA regime and the ice is rebels both are bad actors. For perpetuating conflict we are actually harming both sides as they continue to fight. And at this time both are losing. Now I'm not so sure about that I think right now sought winning I think he's winning out and I think he's one is just. I don't. At what cost and and what what to do when the dust settles. Yes I'm real problem when the dust settles. On and I suspect this is why can't trump was able to be persuaded to go against all of his tweets in the past. You know don't you don't defend her due to rebels there rice's they kill Christians all that is true they've done a lot Christians. Burns me because. I mean go to Google for that go Google mass grave Syrian 141000 and we have found massive mass graves are full of Christians. And I was right where was what you know where was the outrage where was the TV coverage now 42 from a chemical attack. Surrounding year compared with the rebels dug him. You know and we did not care about the as Christians Christians have virtually been exterminated. In the northern part of Iraq we could cared lest we do bombing run now. I mean how many years and I talked about this on the Shannon we didn't care. So you know Oliver tears of the children now I mean I'm sorry I just I don't buy it I just it goes right over me I you know I feel bad children died but. Far more has died at the hands of rebels. On in this war and and nobody has anything to know then in this news supposed chemical trying to be easy to say about it leading care win going bombing run. Sort hypocritical about this we we only care when you die if it's you know if it increases our our geopolitical power that's it. We will literal probably because like let's say this is trumps last bombing runs here. Because now what you are really is as did truck was set had announced he was going to pull on all of its troops out of Syria and we to have him. But this aside and Russia had defeated crisis and they even got to deal crisis that dumb a does cease fire and ice have 48 hours a leaf. Common and a reason Maginnis is not to help ice is the because it wanna go door to door reading about him by the rebels in Oregon thing never good can they were already using women and children as human shields. And so on village game forty errors when it it was no. And that's when the chemical attack happen this why such a hard tumbling and besides it BS and now the word now. And is no way is so does this packaged good guy. But because he knows it's gonna he knows time's gonna bomb and if he does it. Stunt before she he's what. The eyes shot is needed ice is is packing their bags they are moving out it decides country get he's won an absolute victory there and then aside chemically attacks people. I don't believe it it doesn't make sense it it it it would be absolutely self defeating the people weren't rebellion he warned Lou it was a losing the fight was over. And so I just I just don't believe that it makes no sense I I think that the rebels did this because it was a last ditch effort and I think we'll eventually find that out. I I really am I I'd I'd almost but the content in my 401K double or nothing because they had a reason to do it they they absolutely went on and they were desperate Hillary's rating can get is the comment. It and bomb them would be 222 crossed a red line to trump had to do so is finishing should trump does because here's a problem. Ominous is a real problem. Let's say trump doesn't bomb them again and we're done here and they they end up enforcing the 48 hours to two to leave the crisis is out of they are going on terra somebody somewhere else probably in Libya the go and aired today sanctuary that we created for them. By bombing Moammar Gadhafi at a power Ari when Arianna prompt but he's never gonna have a double oil and natural gas pipeline running across Syria. And it's going to be ill and would miss Jerry what's your really we started hearing and about Syria in January of 2014. And that was because in the fall twice thirteen. Russia. Entering and cut a deal with Iraq to extract the oil. And the pumping up to Europe. On this pipeline they want to build across Syria now a sudden. And we discovered that we hated Syria and that we wanted to I do demand an order to keep the pipeline from being though we started arming the rebels. I'm who're located in ices are our fighting forces as they've long then I mean we used al-Qaeda what you what became al-Qaeda bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistan leave a long history of doing this. And so because we did I I knew he would is sub department could never have a pipeline is gonna take the Russian natural gas. The probably Russian oil. I definitely the Iraqi oil which Russia's gonna profit from extracting for a rack to contract perfectly legal not a moment in Iraq chose them not us. On and then they and then tied it across Syria in our get up to Europe well that's gonna give TUZ trump word Russia energy dominance over Europe. On that's a problem. But it's a bigger problem for the Petro dollar on because and here's where Washington gets all hyped up about this. There's a reason you don't see other countries' borrowing money like we do in printing money like we do we can't because of the Petro dollar because we've cut a deal with OPEC to sell. Oil only for American dollar ship to convert your currency into American dollars and then you can buy is like a tax on oil and we reaped the benefits. And it artificially inflate the value for dollar by creating demand. Album we have big problem because if Russia is able to put the oil and the natural gas and put in is so in Europe he's reseller for rubles. On and show where she did you know received the dollar plunge you're gonna see congress unable to borrow like they could we certainly interview at a printing more likely could. And you're probably gonna see some decline in the value of the dollar I mean 50% 30% fifteen nobody knows this ever happened before. So we have big big problem is as sought wits. Evan I think the Russians have got themselves a little bit of a quandary here chosen as well here's the thing. But previously Russia was able to use their dominance of the European energy. Dependence upon them as a bargaining chip yeah that's goal. Number one if Europe needs energy they can turn to wise no problem. And also the Russians have got to continue pumping stuff through those pipelines so that there cash flow remains because without it there's no cash flow. Because as as people have been saying here Russia is nothing but an a gas station discusses a country. That's all we are but I see any problem with getting across the pipelines and the setting is fresh they can't use that as a bargaining chip anymore to have to do bully their way into European politics in European economics compassion he's a control European politics and am now have absurd energy dominance but that's but that's my point of terror is that they were. Their their dominance is don't. If if they don't keep it flowing their cash flow in their money supplies gone that there won't have assembled keeping of clunkers are going to be pumping the light sweet crude are wracking but yet and their own natural gas at the point is that the European Union's. Basically is an a stable energy situation and the Russians won't have that influence they had before because of the Russians trying to turn the tap off gas watch. US world are here we fled to sell it to. Except one problem. We would have died if Iran we had build the pipeline they begged us to build across the ocean but we said no we're gonna leave our energy in the ground. And we don't have enough energy. On as we're doing now to counter. Russian oil and Iraqi oil Russian natural gas and natural gas they've never been able to extract sweet never counted in their totals this right off of Afghanistan. On this and I'm seasonal energy equation in the only way out of fit on asleep without killing more Christians in arming rice's. Is that we got to go and get that 90% of on oil and natural guy that we have we got to get it we gotta get all and we need to build begin today. Building the pipeline across the ocean to Europe they may just do it they offered to pay for new. Don't know where our template. Awesome when I was just. Letter racketeering and in Russia pull it. We'll just do that said maybe this will be the impetus it'll get some of that moving in that direction I was certain site if I don't think so. And we could not just the fruit for Don Imus but we didn't have you will not save our dollar's value unless we do it them. And I mean it it it's gonna terrifying me to watch that pipeline go in because I know what it means for our dollar. But you know we might just before aboard anyway because the Chinese have just declared that they're not buying will anymore for American dollars so they wouldn't just give some weapon size and a well China no blow up though the pipeline. Running I think that's exactly. What will happen. I do I don't think I don't Edwards on the nicest of all I think he I think you have just nailed it we will try to stop that pipeline for your ears exactly that way to squash them. It's great to dig down Sweden can replace you saying that progress does carry Harry. Did you come on why it wins. I'm Ronnie and her brother Fritz and wants the way in Iran. There are good Lauren never enjoy a murderous Russians believe they're on the Middle East. There are no and you've brought to mind in an idea and I've had for some time. Aluminum backed up a little bit to the current situation in Iraq. Back in the nineties when we first. One didn't learn him you know we're the notion that pretty well. I eight on the whole are. Political situation in Iraq. I'm going back to. What we did in Germany to World War II where we get. Well you right. The whole. Political structure there. It what if we had done. In Germany what we'd interact we wanted to reach virtually leapt not cheap in our 1940 try. Week. We did not do it today in that. Unfortunately we do we know that normally go look at it all don't interact. Rewrite. Oh well right the peace treaty and we should have been writing. That's basically it. Yeah amen to that and on the yeah and I don't know what all the answers are and unfortunately. Am glad charade in this kind of goes along with what leasing to a mean just leaving a lot of untie unfinished business behind us. Amen making a mass at the same time tempered by don't. I don't Lou what I would say though Ryan and in even filed Obama all you want firfer creating a lesson in the war in Iraq but he ran on that he did it after he ran and we elected him to do it. I hate dead I disagree with it but that's when he ran on any American people's ES employment office. Well he you know unfortunately you're right. Number one media and Bo form but yeah. That's so that is what they said Sony when Obama was sending a warn Iraq unfortunately he was he was legitimately X eight executing the will of the majority to American people. Per that election. It's well you know could use my own position number warmer world even more and landlords. We don't go in and do a clean job over it like we did after World War II was generally seen air time and yes we did. And wasting lives to. We seem likes to. Yes and yeah did you know the biggest problem here is Ron and in in colonists. Is it the American people can not make an informed decision on his because they have not justice is did she they've not been told the truth and not until the truth about the danger that our dollars and on did not control the truth about the L economic calamity that will follow if Russia is allowed to build this pipeline put natural gas and oil through it. Com and to get that economic dot dominance of a Europe they've not been told me that Henry human disaster out there. Our governor in India that these idiots out of myrtle these Willard to mobile we won't be able to see there. Figure of the platforms while you're there could be used the 30% of its value. An economy collapses. You talk about. We have to drill. We have to expedite drilling we have to get congress. To make it so it doesn't take eight years just it to do the exploration off their because most stupid bureaucracy. We need to open up the 90%. Of our orders in Ireland they're off they're off limits to drilling Reina we have to do it right where this dollar is going to crash. It is going to crash. And we can't he's bombs anymore to keep that from having did you have only been three leaders. In in modern history. 3COM leaders of countries that says you know what can apply American doll and Mary and megabyte will anymore for American dollars and slate dot and to that the dollar. Byte with my own currency. Three countries have done back. Three countries in Asia whose country said that. Saddam Hussein. Moammar Qaddafi. And decide. Coincident that it's. And what do we do. We came and bombed the tar out of them. We bomb. Rattling good drill for our oil and our natural gas we killed hundreds of thousands of people. That's our record. And when we you know what we believe we have you know an an an engineer defense ten years ago we didn't have the ability. That's a prop up the da de Petro dollar with our own you know supplies are natural gas or oil now we do. We SL we got to get it we got cell. Because we cannot continue arming ice is and defending ice is in places like Syria. And killing leaders in going after leaders bum who just want to buy oil. You know using their own currency. And the reason we go after them is to make an example of stems in no other country will say hey you know what I think I'm a Bible for my own currency to lean on the game's over and he's to stop now because China saying I'm not too and in. They don't they just launched the Petra yen Eric Close played our currency until we wanna print money and borrow like the US that's. Games over folks mean it's over and this is a last gasp effort by DC and I know I trams go along with this because. He doesn't want to be had deep Petro dollars Diana's watchful it's Diane anyway. We cannot keep menacing people with. Guns and bombs. Are to get him to fire oil and natural gas for my offer dollars. And that's you know I mean at any time here aside cassette okay okay okay I'll buy it for American dollars. I'll let America controlled tied the pipeline through Syria and the bombing would dance we got to find a better way and trump has a better way it's called trail. We need to get people and make disaster out of the way explain it to the American people how this is the only way to re in Slater dollar and avoid economic catastrophe. So many tell the American people the truth so that what they see on TV was Syria will begin to make sense we're not doing this is little cute little kids were attacked with chemicals. We're doing it to savor dollar.