The Tara Show - 4-20-18 - Hour 3

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Friday, April 20th

Comey memos released exonerate Trump but Dems predictably lie about it; Two cops killed in ambush don’t get nearly the coverage that Starbucks trespassers got; NY governor Cuomo lies about heritage to pander to illegal aliens; Liberals admit to not having Republican friends


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Playing good morning terra are instead. And Jimmy gave the number two former number two at the FBI he really was number two. Met Ed good use at last 24 hours that the am inspector general's office has read fur in his case to federal prosecutors for possible charges and and that would read that would require us somebody forcibly opening Jeff Sessions mouth and ramming snow goes down his throat so he could wake up. And is very closely. And actually do something. And case show possible charge and this isn't it this involves. If you if you and I wouldn't do what any engine arcade game when he gets hard to trump didn't like him no actually no. They release part of the inspector general's report here's what he did. He lied to James call me it's no big deal James coming lies to everybody. Two FBI investigators why don't under oath. To the inspector general who was investigating those lies under oath. And even lied about his lies to FBI investigators. When changing his story so if you lie about a lie is it really alive. XP now through dealey thoughts on terror Russia. Deep. But it was doing so they didn't mean ray referrals for possible charges. What Harrison's means of perjury here rate that's changed in we will get him on that the what do. The ice his signature is on the two warring. Application. Which it went where's your referrals for. Weather accord to purge themselves the British press federal statutes. You're reading about that lately now. Not a peep. So okay. May be Aaron of sessions were transitions weeks of may be out monopoly wanna see it. But we're not gonna go after him on the actual real important crimes here insurance through an perjury I'm all for you know I mean make it a free for one dealer something but. This you begin no that's not the big cried here that's that's not. Mean listen we we we now know about defies it application we know they like when it led to courts Juli is by the president wears a referral free. To meet this just looks lake. A distraction. Well and also I think essentially the coverage. Obviously Fox News bright Bart others are reporting this. You have to look for it on some of the other news website and as I did on CBS news and it was way down the page. And of course there's thing as well you know this is something that happens occasionally is not that unusual but it's rarely prosecuted. And of course I go back to the line because no reasonable crossing Brenner thank you mr. Cummings. They're reasonable rescue scene is a rich need they they. We got 46% of the American people per rally variety Erez music home saying call me I'd be prosecuted. 30% say no can see Reebok has not this year so he's got to be fed to the sharks. Sure some have tried to app now we can't Virginia Tech investor real crime here and as you know edit that crime. Leads very quickly and very directly to door of Loretta lynch. Our former ram you know attorney general and head of the department of injustice and ultimately Obama plus all land today if we do that then of course the whole foundation of the hole. Russian investigation loves to collapses yes yes who can't do that. So we're gonna have to find a very small. An important thing. That McCain did and that's the distance to. Iraq I think your master absolutely right this is they're throwing out there throw on the dog a bone here. In real time Grammy Award I'm nor I nor in dark. Meanwhile outrage upon our arranged piles up. All egg and rib kind of run Desantis has absolutely. Nailed this the week they raided entrance attorney's office. Illegally you can do that if you confined to re judged like somebody's best friends with Hillary Clinton in officiated George Soros is wedding you can read anybody for anything one. He gonna get the attorney client privileged documents. Com at for referred for Carlin rate. And this is come on the theory. Number Cohen paid a 130000 dollars during Daniels it's on the not only illegal theory which is never been tried before and prosecution United States of America. That because Adam Cohen used his own money to pay stormy Daniels and a because that payment happened during the election. It should have been recorded as an election donation rate. Bomb that we tried before. But don't exist ranking right and had to deal nearing get didn't get the documents. Because Carlin he handled all of the lady accusations for trot he handled the Billy bush ta be handled all of Arista they are going or get that stuff. The attorney client script is good need to add delete it before the election. Alum it legally or illegally we keep before the election claws and platinum. Signaling get this separate on and not a legal theory that OK maybe a 130000 dollars that he says Spencer have been should have been you know kind busy. As a campaign donation maybe they'll get that standing or maybe they want but honestly who cares because they got all of the attorney client privilege stuff that can lead to that's only me okay now. That again to Madonna Hillary. Hillary used ten her campaign ten million dollars in campaign cuts. Tested to Americans too weak and not firm which has by the way not been rated. And then they passed it on the Christopher steel. Who also pap ultimately they believe we are yet passed it on to the Russians. At a minimum we paid for what Russian intelligence. Which was fake with which to take down president OK there's two ABC violations there I know this because our Arenas they went camping number one. You have to report every lasting can dying of how he spent that campaign money they didn't. They did not report what happened to the ten million dollar streak one that's illegal straight to you cannot pay a foreign national with campaign Florence. They paid Christopher steel. Straight three they much they laundered the money through a love firm which again and did not get graded. What I have is I don't I don't understand I mean it's just it's just so outrageous. And it's day after day. After day here's representative Ron Desantis brilliantly pointed this out. So here's the issue I mean you notice they're supposedly going after Michael Cohen for an FEC violation. Because that is non disclosure payment now that's not really a theory that's been that's been tried before and it seems a little odd to me but if that is potentially an offense. Well is it came off watching these payments what they did was they paid from the Clinton Campaign took a law firm Perkins co lead and then Perkins co week. I paid fusion GPS Christopher steel that's how the dossier was developed. So they effectively disguise the fact that they were finding the dossier that's not the way that federal election laws are supposed to work. You're supposed to disclosure expenditures so if you're going after Colin. Why isn't anybody also looking at how the clintons handled that. Yeah we know why. Do we know why so we're going to try to invent. A possible violation of campaign law a process crime ate a process Chris nobody has ever prosecuted for his before. All know was ever try to before when we have actual FEC violations. If you have campaign funds he just say where they are in your report are they in a bank account which bank account. Who's managing member how did you spend and you put a pencil with an eraser awesome you that a document that. Million. And understood her law firm and you can't she pay if they did Christopher Steele he's born national his break. And hinted it's illegal here's. Think if if there had never been a Moeller investigation if that had never been no for an open men afford would have been any trouble. Flynn probably would never been in trouble Colin would never been and any trouble. I think he's going on your thing about this yesterday and this is an effort among other things. Agassi is a lot of things. But this is an effort to ensure no one ever runs to representing a people and I spent. Because everybody around you will be destroyed and that's that's the point I was trying to make yes which you know brilliantly figured that out yet in my fog you way of putting it but that's exactly right. You're not gonna take out the president but you get everybody around him and make sure that anybody that alive allies himself. With that individual that outsider is gonna be taken down and taken down hard thing about it for instance who picks rate. She hires three attorneys who she could go before the congressional committees everybody entrance inner circle has at least band before the congressional committees or had to lawyer. Except of course need to Caylee because she's working for the other side Nancy like her she's not can be charged in crimes or investigating. But I am everybody else is had to learn and and then you keys and we'll talk to any means final or he had to get Giuliani would because there will be rated. And then move on they're gonna have to be dragged before a congressional committee how multiple lawyers I assume what messages hears you if you ever day year. To run represented American people that we won't investigation into bankruptcy. Count on you and everybody around you having to hire lawyers at least to deal with Iran parties investigations never mind a criminal once once again and the deep state vs the end outsider they will break and bankrupt you even if they don't find it. Anything. Any irreparable reputable lawyer. Who worked for truck now don't. It's just want to sell the Komi emails are an armed them the you know the memos that are coming out basically are showing. The there was no obstruction of justice Stephen Coleman is basically admitting this group that we Mino paraphrasing here but bear basically he's saying that there was no. You know obstruction of justice there's no pollution we know we've already determined that because there's actually no evidence but yet Nancy Pelosi is tweeting out on these Komi memos prove that but that trumped obstructed justice and so that's a that's what's going on and so of course that's what gets reported on CBS MSNBC CNN and everything else they say oh well congress. A co museum on memos are showing that up trump did obstruct justice no no no no that's not what actually happened that's just what. The east House Minority Leader tweet it out falsely. Yes it's it's actually nest and then in the bid to please can girl to crazy think I only did they tell us. On truck was surging justice by firing could he assured just as he wants slim as he he's an instructor of justice. Diddy stop the litigation twin investigation nobody what to says insurance and just meanwhile we haven't break yesterday. That. You know the department justice allegedly he's caught up at McCabe the and telling him to shut down a criminal investigation Clint punishing now that's obstruction of justice. Actual obstruction of justice and we callers C investigation. The department formerly known as justice ray Bentley prince ring exactly prints like where's the investigation is now. Now an investigation that that's when you really sure justice. By asking me investigation to be shut down is that at the whole reason that we got Muller appointed as well he fired. Colleen and in the next surgeon just OK we got the Obama Justice Department column McCain and threatening him to shut down Hillary Clinton led criminal investigation exactly why we appointed a prosecutor. Or you know special counsel promoted wears a special counsel for that no way can I know that's what actual obstruction of just us. Actual instruction as we have we came back before congress to explain that one. Where's the announcement that nowhere. Where's it means a special prosecutor again c'mon this is exactly where we appoint an Muller. And now it looks like the Obama Justice Department it wears special prosecutor nowhere where the calls the special prosecutor nowhere. Once again whatever crimes they committed they send somebody after truck. For. I'm like I always say whatever those Democrats accuse others what they've been doing themselves it's on eight it's just it's it's mind numbing but you did get a gun and dared don't indictment cable. And hoped that satisfies the American people down and they can keep everyone else someplace then. Why the big violation here eight remains. This 72 violations where rim they reason Samantha power's mind to go email search the trump campaign to find out what they were doing. Another do defies court they were involved in that that is the biggest crying here. An ear is not had to go went on to investigate. And if we don't get them for that they will do it again in 20/20. Could they will do it again they're probably already doing it now. We know why not too. Nobody can years. It allowed entry didn't blame for how you look. Tell you peer rape. Well that's intolerance isn't. Eight subject to media is endlessly. And endlessly. Obsessed with. What we hear about this week he consumes America. To let guys go into a Starbucks. Drastically and three times. They don't think they arrest. Why do managers do it. Nobody knows we've heard from him yet. Eddie is presumed to be a racist even if his name was announced. By the media tried and convicted. Vilified. Destroyed. Assumptions made even though no one can know what the manager was thinking or why he did what he did nobody really cares anyway it's just it's consumed in the media. It's consuming country for entire darn weak. These men are rightly or wrongly we can debate that were arrested. After refusing to leave. But they killed. Are still a list. And there's likely to be a pretty big payday in the near future if you followed the coverage of this meantime we are having a Starbucks is having green meal. Diversity training for all 175000. Up there in employees and. If you're not take a free Starbucks coffee you can now walk in there and tellem you know you're completely black he's walking narron and anyone. Reparations. Or whatever. Again those two guys who are in the Starbucks are not dead they were really erase arrested and hurt their feelings. But to Florida sheriff's deputies are dead. They wanted to a restaurant to this week. And they are profiled because they had the uniform on and for no other reason. And they weren't arrested and they aren't alive and they're not facing a big payday they're dead. Slaughtered. On the your lunch break. While sitting. And it Chinese restaurant simply for wearing the uniform while eating at a restaurant. Eight her horrific act. Of intolerance. Bias. I hate crime. Or should be. But I can't see damages on Monday and get on lexis nexis and watched the coverage it is this weekend compared to the number two the coverage of the Starbucks situation. I can tell hum how many news reports were done on by looking at Lexus I guarantee you. These it did the killing of these to Florida sheriff's deputies under lunch break simply for wearing the uniform will not get 110. And the coverage the Starbucks situation did. In 81 not care they will downplay it they were not used words like bias. Intolerance. Or. Calm you know eating. While sworn. Like they did for the Starbucks guys. See that article that shows the hazards of shopping while black what about appearing in public in your police uniform. There are dead. Excuse. In public in a way that never used to happen media we have had. Officers deputies at film line duty. As is has been off season deputies that's not new. But what is new is they were always in the past dealing with suspects who ended up killing them for one reason or another they pursued the suspect they pulled over the suspect they Ritter acting in some way with the suspect. That's part of the hazards of the job you know when you sign up for. This is different. We're seeing these over and over and over and over again I stopped counting after sixteen about a year ago. Officers in public in their uniform. Nat dealing with the suspect someone duty some not some working overtime whatever they're doing. Approach spy suspects they are not dealing with and have taken no interest in and executed simply for how they look. Because they're wearing me before. This is Obama's true legacy his bloody war in perhaps his legacy of hate it rolls on. And there will be no talk about by bias or intolerance. Or they need to be tolerant more than needed not to assume house somebody thinks or feels based only on how they you know the uniform they are wearing there will be none of that day. Don't care. I did say was if you concert you're deputy today please I'd ask you this before and ask you again you know our target I know you know that please. Please don't Wear uniforms off duty. That we straighten his country out don't more than your child's soccer game don't Wear them to the grocery store change I know it's a pain. Change. Because this rhetoric by the media is driving miss an image she would target and I don't want that to ends badly. For you the way it did for these two guys god bless him. Suited takes time narrow we again know. This interest and Beriault. Reid should accept what is Starbucks in Ingles grocery store an ending yesterday Tim White men worked around and has said 1 am I here you are giving away free copy he said we're not giving away free copy I said I so earnings. You are giving away free copy. He smiled at me instead I don't care if you're mr. Starbucks were much and enjoy free copy ice smiled and said it went public when you. He did you're still not getting free copy as I'm glad to hear that because fear is fair rate Annie said rape I should his hands and he shook my hand. Not ands. And then it ends there. Al he smiled and I finished my grace your shopping. All I can save about that young man trying to tanner is a good dip for. Him. Net payment. Amen let go by the way you should know this. On an item in two. Not alarm you but apparently the world is going to come to an end on the 23. You believe everything you read on the Internet the end is truly your neurologist David need predicts that BO world blends on Monday. April 23 which is perfect I would I would actually have actually prefer and it's enough that if you're gonna do exist and on Monday damning were the holy to the Friday. Anyway. Others are including author Jonathan and so Friday of creation ministries. Says I need Izzy crank and that his predictions are actually not consistent with biblical stories. And either way I didn't personally if it is if I were the almighty. I'd like this plays out for years ago turn my hands in the air and said to heck with that I give up. It is a wonderful it is a wonder he has not done it yet in my opinion. And if he's got a salary this wonder oh what is he prepared to tolerate before he takes so let. And it being stinks in great hurry putting on. And his earlier. America is a place where you can be anything you wannabe and we were told that grown up. Well today America really is a place. Where you can beat me like Ty I talk about anything you might even assuming you actually aren't. If you wanna be. An increasingly everybody else has to play along. With what we used to view as your mental pollution. So itching to see how the media treats Andrew Cuomo. It was coming increasingly unhinged at the intercom is the governor of New York a parent we. He now identifies as an undocumented immigrant which you would would mean he would have to give up his job. But you know maybe not. So Conor OR has been telling people for about six months now. That he's undocumented. Abbott the other day but many citizen a speech today finally caused people to come unhinged here's what he said. You wanna talk about undocumented. And the way they tortured the doctorate children. I'm an Italian American I came from four Italian Americans who came here you know the Pope Italian Americans. Back in the day that pulled them swaps. Ignored swap stood for. Without papers. And undocumented. You want to deport an undocumented persons start with me because I'm an undocumented perfect. So I'm yes the governor is now officially. On documented. Problems with this. Number one. Walked. Does not stand firm without papers. Which would make sense to Sweeney easily come here without papers. What according to dictionary dot cat dot com is nearly twenty cents at twenty century term refers to Italians. It comes from the Italian word wop O meaning bold or show we eat and from the Spanish word wop O which means DNC. It does not mean never has meant without. Papers. But would fit products with this. Our MySpace and that here's Fox News a day earlier who addressed a group but union workers and said he was quote raised by import immigrants from south Jamaica. A neighborhood. In Queens New York. Raised but for immigrants from south to make what up actually he was raised by his father Mario 83 term governor of New York. Who wasn't born. In Queens. To. His grandmother. Matilda. Who was also born. In Queens. So how and room. Man Andrew the second managed to be raised by immigrants nobody knows. Since his father. The three term governor of New York. That was not a poor immigrant. Do raced and he was born in Queens in his mom was born in Queens. As well. It was a Torre there but I am I need to throw that in December penetrate. This is hilarious. Every ad basic act if his seat advocacy group make the road action. Is outraged that common Cuomo into apologized for the comment they say they actually are illegal immigrants. And they're offended. If I can imagine her from the pandering to be here near offended. A little illegals get offended. You're going to do anything I don't care if your fended. You don't belong here the fact your country and apply to come here the legal way. Good to dream and immigrants like meaning an integrator and illegal immigrant. To dream where's our men and stamina to amateur correct sentence from Akron to dreamers and illegal immigrants like me. These fabrications. Our friends there. Illegals just. He has no idea what it's like twigs and undocumented person. You shouldn't either that's a crime but whenever. Received condemnation for his balls comments on social media including a from Which tweeted the definition of the word undocumented. As in net lacking documentation or authentication. Which Cuomo does Nat. He is in New York driver's license since he's. A third generation. American. Citizens. So Democrat you get to be an immigrant. Like no matter how many generations and your family were born years I immigrant. I say I had to be an immigrant my grandmother actually was an immigrant. Her son my father was up I did today is second self identify as an immigrant right I can be an immigrant be any knowing he really could be anything you want America. I suppose but in these are the people who want to rule us and then nots they are stark. Raving. Met. It's a game on the show constantly increase earlier we live and two completely different countries. The rates. And elect and if you're in the middle while you live in the kind stream. As to describe to you by any media outlets where you get your news and to your information. Now and information is increasingly different and better way to see days he does and today. Literally you look at a blood flowing sites and their headlines say Komi memo approve isn't. Some version of coming narrow approves and there may be collision coming memo truce. Trump intended to obstruct Connie. I mean I had faxed news. Saying the opposite. Coming never improves there's no collusion and it should be and the drug investigation. To America's. On one land mass. It's increasingly disconnected from each other I mean totally completely. Disconnected. In the two worlds that we live it. And did it for this disconnected. How can we go on functioning. As a country here's an example of this. This is dumb. This is this is so one of these artistry journalist. At Washington State part he's interviewing New Yorkers. Any rescue them. Yemeni Republican friends do you know. Any Republicans. Take a listen. A day we are at a Washington Square Park in New York so we're gonna ask people. They know any Republicans. Should be a lot of fun you guys have any Republican friends and and do you guys have any Republican friends yeah no thank god you guys have any Republican friends. Who now. Know it's all done. Probably not you have any Republican friends and now it's one the difference was among Republican. Myself. I don't gonna kinda extremists and do you have a lot of Republican friends here in New York no I didn't. When you think that is. I think. That belies a New York City. It's a much more liberals because there's so many different diverse people like you really campaign. Very big and then raises are based think it then it's like I have to be. Pretty open mind why do you think you don't know any consequence of. On my eyes feeling my New York I had more open mind and boom and the us. Make the no emotions are known as a leg to the noise just like mining and business and no less money regularly every. Well in LA. When the regulation round and democratic right. And I and I honestly don't know how thanks you guys are any Republican Fred. Another is what you think you don't have any help it's. And Tyler. You're public. Take that as a yes. I know. Like I knew. I'm not I'm not totally Hindu. You guys have any Republican friends that. Knowing. Why do you you don't open your Republican friends. And when it's. Recent daily yeah sega's sort of friends who are Republican. No no. Ill advised people. Those Republicans here Tony because it's very diverse here. There's no Republicans who can't be diverse. And reverse is why we have no Republicans. You Republican friends because I tolerate all people. Sees that I wouldn't be friends with one of those racist. Says the need to tolerate all people. That's why you can go Republicans are racist stereotype. An anti on my favorite. Anger bums did you regulate everything. Mash theme it's the Democrats who regulate everything trump has been repealing regulation after regulation after regulation pro res money economy's doing back. Well I would note that says I never talked to anyone who's a Republican. Country function like this thanks. Likeness. Me and all of isolation NTC like between two countries. That are side by some Canadians. And into what. Meanwhile. Is increasingly untenable or get into this the next segment to see this. Student 23 year old Christopher Lyle walks into a New Jersey college classroom they're having a discussion social sociology 105 ranked. So they're having a discussion about sexual harassment. The professor finds out he's Second Amendment supporter. He spends the rest of the fifteen minute classroom time screaming. Including christianity's at 220 year old student Christopher lack. Another student who was a liberal who doesn't agree with the student Christopher Lyle. Take this because he found at the professors. Actions so outrageous. The protestors caught on tape screaming ethic your life. At him. Asked the question after the class and the studio includes Christopher wild goes on to the next because when he's pulled out of glass. He has been reported as a Second Amendment supporter. And president supporter a potential threat shooting threat to the school it out his gun on him. You know he has gone doesn't say. And questioned by the authorities. 1 morning. One conservative. At one tell us. How you send your kids these places thanks. Honey do list.