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Monday, April 23rd

DNC sues Trump to continue advancing the narrative after Devin Nunes proclaims Russian collusion investigation was started with zero evidence; Student who should have been in school killed during anti-gun walkout; SC drunk driving fatalities way higher than they should be based on population


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You play good morning terra are too big news this morning bombshell. All the biggest news is often not reported as the biggest news anymore in America which is why you tune in here to find out. What's heck is it going online. Bombshell. This is huge and I don't know how they're going to Barry Adelman they'll find a way I am sure. All this could we we've had a hole what over eighteen months of Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Marcia Marcia Marcia yes exactly. Then try collude and we know it will find the evidence. Eventually. Will will will go ahead and find the evidence big contrast over the weekend. You've got the head of the DNC's sitting down with George Stephanopoulos they're now suing trump and the other Republicans in in everybody for stealing the election from them but keep you know by the Russian collisions so. The head of the DNC sits down with. George Stephanopoulos. And has asked the one critical question. The U one and questioned the only question and even with any sense would ask him. You're OK you're now suing them well a lawsuit suing for damages you'll Osce election. What's your evidence. The trump collude with the Russians to steal the election. Stephanopoulos. Never asks. Well Stephanopoulos is nothing but another Democrat operative right who used to work for Clinton right exactly are a contrast this with Maria Breyer Romo. Bomb on on fox two is asking DeVon new units over the weekend. Where's your proof. Where's where's the proof that trump colluded with the Russians and avenue as head of the house Intel committee. Who are they now closed their investigation into Russian collision because they can't find an. Although newness has said he'll address inclusion they found was between the DNC Hillary Clinton's campaign and the FBI. On to embarrass the president without a dossier right so at a dead Muniz is asked by Maria Bartiromo. Ya dig deep did you ever try any intelligence. Any evidence anything. That trump colluded with the Russians now this is critical because you have to have some kind of evidence. That there was collusion. In order to launch an investigation and ordered who wants a special counsel investigation ordered lunch an FBI investigation you have to have. So to disagree lake then sit around. At the police station here in Greenville and a little like that terrorists and age as you would get a four I don't know what do you think. Money laundering mad too hard to do it to make an Evans reflect how do we do bank robbery K bank robbery will start today. And they just want CBS he can't do that. In America you have to have some you know witness it saw me do aids says they saw me do it my car was in the area you got to have something. You definitely went to a bank. I did go to a bank city there are well it was a years ago the guilty as charge see Agassi in escrow I have not been inside a bank in a couple of years. On and showed yes that's a process nobody's got me in a bank they wanna say a dated six months ago. Our role makes a stuff but you can't launch an investigation into anyone in America based on that. You know while we think she'll she robbed the bank why not look as she looks like the kind of person who robbed a bank we know you can't. Do that. That's why everybody screams and yells. One and eight aid a black person. You know it's a crime happens in an area rape and as a black guys walk on the street grade this this is this theory that the media ignores when it's -- and his black guys walk on history. And they grab. Why did you grab my it was a crime. Now you can't do that it's hit you hit you debt you you cannot do that that that leads right pleaded charges of racism because you would know you gotta have more net. Yeah have a lot more and at least he looks likes you he he has exactly the same style of red white and blue dreadlocks is the guy who just drug debate okay now we're in business. Now you got something. From now you got a pretext they have no pretexts which. Well over the weekend. DeVon US has long have been seeking. The original documents. That launched the trumped Russia collusion investigation what did you hat. What what piece you have to have some you have to have a piece of evidence of some kind. That would lead you to launch this but the Mahler investigation the FBI's investigation called. The Obama DOJ. Never had any evidence that trump was working with the Russians they started spying on him and his campaign and his family. Anyway. This came out. Over the weekend DeVon you know has finally Gatt the original source documents. They had nothing but the dossier. That Hillary made up. That Komi new and has admitted over under oath of former director of the FBI was fake. That's all they ever had everybody is once you know this for a long time except the mainstream media they do not want to know. DeVon Nina has got the source documents cures we told Maria Bartiromo over the weekend. You joined us for weeks ago all this program at that time you say you want it to get the electronic communication. Probably the department of justice and the FBI wanna that electronic communications to understand. Exactly how the trump admit an investigation into collusion even began. You've now since seen the electronic communication yes. That's correct so it took us a long time to actually get this what's called the electronic communication. As we know now for your viewers what that is is it's the original. Intelligence the original reasons that they counterintelligence investigation was started. Now this is really important to us because they counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our. Intelligence services. That are not supposed to be used on American citizens so we've long wanted to know what intelligence did you have. That actually led to this investigation. So what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence. A lack of intelligence we've often assume that in Washington yes. There is still Intel is they just made it all up and started investigating it keep in mind. Remember when I've been screaming about the the FBI and Department of Justice ignoring subpoenas from congress they just blew them off they've been blowing them off for months and months and months and Sarah last year. So that this is accurate then what we have here is a completely illegal investigation going on with smaller. Because there has to be a crime there has to be criminal charges. Before there can be a special counsel. There are no criminal charges there's no evidence of collusion which is not a crime to begin with that there is no statute against collusion. In the situation. So we have an illegal investigation the president going on we've determined that now that the according to the testing or they at least the interview the mr. newness has done there was program Maria. He's admitting that the previous administration began spying on the candidate Donald Trump. And his campaign prior to this election prior to him being elected and continued that up until primarily the on the almost the inauguration. Proudly still Protestants by an idea on this is so I'm. At the fire fights a war we will and that's what we never seen any evidence that defies orange Barbour suspended. Bomb and then they also have a seventy searches were you just go in and you can pull anybody seen on the delta still doing that you're sort of things going on your here's what they're doing the lawsuit. They know this is collapsing. This is collapse I and and so what they can do then is they can continue the narrative and move the story forward still claiming. But there was collusion with the trump administration in the Russians they can still have that lawsuit going form additional what lawsuits are gonna do always going to be continuance after continuous little bit wanna be in new York times of in the Washington Post. You know trumps attorneys this the NC attorney that charges of this charges a bad it'll conclude it'll even if they in the Moeller investigation to date. And I think the Rudy Giuliani I think one of the reasons they brought tremendous he's gonna negotiate an end to this. They're gonna (%expletive) because they have no evidence. And there's no reason to continue this going on so with a lawsuit they can continue they can move the story forward it gives them an opportunity to talk about it. Ad nauseam through the 22 elections into the 20s20 elections. If you go after somebody for anything arm with no intelligence. And you used spy. Our spy data are spy equipment to do it and you knew the whole time there you had zero evidence of this. That's a crime. And if you set up a private email server. At your home Loretta & Associates home. And were running classified confidential us State Department documents through it. That's a crime to guess what somebody still walking around plenty of people are who knew about it did it participated in it. Nothing. Crickets crickets. Here's Kevin in is talking about the importance of this. And this is even more critical let's just let's just at the highest level what what is this puts us about this was about eight counterintelligence investigation that was. Let them at them the height of a political campaign. When there you opened up an investigation using these these intelligence services. To spy on the other campaign. It is really serious stuff. It is is quite extraordinary so you're investigating the State Department does that mean it was Hillary Clinton. Pulling this to discuss strings I mean here you have Hillary Clinton's former secretary of state. She's the other candidate. Is she pulling the strings on an investigation launched. On her opponent her political opponent Donald Trump. Well we don't know that yet but low but I can tell you I can tell you what we do know we do know that longtime associates. Of Hillary Clinton. Including Sidney Blumenthal and another person and I think Corey sheer. Were actively giving information to the State Department there was somehow making its way to the FBI. I never mind that she used ten million dollars around campaign funds to pay for that. Never recorded it that's one went and did that breaks the Lari there. And that she paid the ten million dollars or campaign did anyway. I'd do a registered foreign agent a foreign national you cannot do that that is in another violation of federal. No investigation no. Nothing nada not a soup Chris Hillary Clinton broke the law. Her campaign did to create false evidence. That is now being used. By the FBI and the Justice Department and Mueller to go after trot. Mueller hashed to notice there's no way he doesn't know this now. He she said Downey investigation it's illegitimate. And then just minutes. The school block out. Craze claims its first took life you don't hear about this anywhere in America today here. But first let's go to the Textron seem to people have to say get some common sense and the common sense retirement planning tanks lined. Text your race your Rand Paul is dead to me if he vets. With Mike Pompeo but kids like pumped his confirmation as Tron secretary of state on any foreign relations senate formulations committee. And tear he should be TO also hash tag magaw. And other Dexter raised Europe president trumps a Russian collision investigation reminds me of the classic movie line that just. Don't need no stinking bad just. Text or rates. Good morning terra it is the FBI and the and Justice Department has tennis doing the injustice that others just don't seem to be able to get around to it. Text your rates. Pacer until the beast is the Smart pantsuit my foot that would be you. Where I get the real news so says Michelle Obama Michelle I should note for the record I do not own a pantsuit. Where will I ever proven. Ari Chester writes tear up. You are following a short one major area every time you mentioned ten million dollars from Hillary's campaign went to pay for the dossier these to be followed it with DNC contribution. And the one million from Obama needs Mary said repeatedly by everyone that will. And by everyone that will till it gets legs. The FCC should investigate this those are both election campaign spending crimes everybody's pretending. They're not so we're running around asking investigating crime that is no crime and web that we never had any intelligence. I'd you suggest was a crime or even happened. And you know these questions DeVon you know as is asking they go on another logical direction and start thinking about. OK if the Russian collusion investigation against from this as the big bombshell in the week and I this I can't tell you how big business. I I can't emphasize to you enough how big basis. That the Obama Department of Justice the Obama have be like never had any intelligence trump was working with the Russians. Zip zilch zero not. They had a faint dossier. That they knew was vague. That they knew was contrived by Hillary illegally I might add. And that was the basis of all this including the special counsel mr. Mueller. But they started spying on trump and his family anyway smack in the middle of a presidential. Campaign. It's sound it's aides say it it is it's shocking. DeVon you NASDAQ had a bead intelligence says leave the House Intelligence Committee has now gone NiSource documents that launched the investigation had nothing they had no until. Nothing. Absolutely not thinking coming people's doors have been kicked in now. And this. It's down. It is it's absolutely unbelievable. Are right so I am. Soup is that age child's wish to press there was a pro NRA demonstrations are bad and many in the country pro gun demonstrations opposing Charles. A taking place in the demonstration had been hurt or killed. In some American city. And buy a car whatever you think it would be a major uproar over that you've mentioned. So why hearing more. About this. A Parkland. Middle school sixth grader an eleven year old. Was killed on Friday participating in the national student walk out. Here's what happened this have happened in nine northeast El Paso. The Moret who is LF many years old was hit by a Ford F 150. Calm on the highway. Now what happened was and you we speculated about has had so many texts to this effect this is totally gonna happen we know this is coming out hats. And this is. Purely the fault of the school administrators across the country that have encouraged he's walk outs now to become a right to walk out there was another. Anti Second Amendment or count Friday. And so young child wants to walk out and they you know they they need he and not get you cannot stand in the way that these are this is their right their first remember right. And Elena got. And they did. So they had to walk out at a par at the Parkland in her school bunch of kids walked out. And here's what happened and this is a matter of time before this happened. There were kids legitimately protesting this thing they walked out group about a twelve to fifteen. Students. Well I had this boy this particular boy who was eleven was sixth grader walked out wouldn't. He had no intentions. Of protests. He'd go play hooky. So we used to walk out to walk out. With them. Except he planned to go to a park instead to a Marc says he is teach can't stop him because he was first member right I mean you can't stop I mean you can't. Tell him that he can't protest. Guns. Ashley baker it. They just choose. Not to. So he out washout with students. And seventy he'd go he and some of his friends they said the Bonaparte we'll get to park they have the K they have to go across guess what. The highway. He didn't make it. Didn't make it. Is still independents is school district superintendent Xavier de La tour. Say that there where walkouts it almost all the district's middle schools mainly to the football fields are. You know ending in moments of silence. That one didn't. He's dead. This is the NRA's far Ricky Davis CRA's fall when somebody dies. You concede this coming a mile and the idea that you can't interfere with their rate to protest nonsense. We had a kids in California school where the American flag it. Teachers to school on Mexican heritage day they were told to take them off his it would set the Mexicans and they might beat them. That was upheld by the Supreme Court. So you can tell the children when they're on school time they have no first commemorate these administrators told chose not to. And we've now had the first life walk tests do these school lock outs don't expect to hear much about it today that. Text your rates they dossier just like Obama's big burst of good. And now. It's not go there. Series are you have a monetize YouTube news channel like all of the YouTube that journalists are becoming pretty popular I think would be a hit. I'm really did you hear actually the management love. Would you YouTube allow me to do it. To read we're going. Probably not. Are a lot of you are reacting. To be. Firsts. Victim. Anti gun school walkouts have now claim their first victim you knew this was coming. A sixth grader used to the walked out as an excuse to play hooky walks out with protesting students but he's not their protest. Then Johnston hall. Heads for the highways got a crisis with some of this President Karzai I would guess the part where they're gonna hang out. It and make it was hit by a Ford truck. Now I'm sure this is how the folds of the NRA. Do you know if this had been a pro Second Amendment. School prep for Denny and you know that never would happen because there is no way they would allow them to walk out free pro second minute. Mehmet protest I would not has had never mind that's a bad to bad example. When you establish that students had may First Amendment right to do whatever they want during school time. And lessons where an American teacher on Mexican Flag Day. Can't do that is the Mexicans might beat you up so what they do until the Mexicans don't beat anyone up OPEC now. They tell the American kids don't Wear the flag T shirt to public school in California. Upheld by the Supreme Court says schools absolutely have a right to tell did you not know you know you can't tax. You have no first amendment rights when you're on our property. You can yep play him on a weekend do would you want. But not here not well while you're under our care they just do the opposite of one of Europe's debt. Tim writes on my FaceBook page about this over the weekend I would sue the school system and David Hoggan anyone backing it these protests I could find. We bet David Hogg to see the you know the Parkland student doesn't it who's let all this doesn't even put statement animus today what you wanna bet. He let this one over the weekend. Got a kid killed. Guarantee you I can't find one yet. Guarantee you he doesn't even bother to comment. On the loss of life. Don writes the lockout should be against school policy. They are responsible for the children during school hours so yes sue the heck out of the school spot which she actually wrote the can use that word on here. Bill rates should've stayed class may be learn where and when to cross the highway. Again if this was an NRA counter protests in his walked out. They would be banging down the doors of the an area today. The media would demanding an apology for the death demand they have the crying mom would be on television. Are when his mom is a nurse at the hospital he was brought to. After this happened I alma as as a parent I would lose my mind. Can you imagine. They let these kids walk any and he thrill out all of placed around here we had schools in the state where they were allowed to go out to the field which is what they did here. A little not to feel well Bernanke c'mon you know school property no big Jenna got a right to walk out we can't stop them. While he went right to the field right over the fence in right across the highway boom debt. Is gonna happen again tip. A pleasant surprise it doesn't happen yet. Some kids kids are using in this this way 803471063. Text line 701 at 30. Seventh. So much going on this weekend. To see what happens at the Waffle House. In Nashville. And this is consistent increase story. Nate kidded. Gunman. They are fifteen. Got not a stitch of clothing on except the jacket he's wearing his he needs a jacket so that he can carry more Amylin reload. She goes up at the Waffle House. No night. Twitty nine year old suspected gunman Travis ranging who's nuts. Stormed a Waffle House. Com. He says says car for a few minutes before using a via air fifteen to fairly room to people outside the restaurant any goes it. And just arrest strides and opens fire Sheen a total of six people one enemy is in critical condition in one is in stable condition this morning. So that a total of four dead in next. A customer at the Waffle House season coming with a gun. Means immediately register as is mine what's what's going on here in size he's not going to be victim. I saw Reza guys reloading he had he tackles and gets the gun away from and throws the can always able to stop them. Stop them as far as I can tell Fox News I did do was just reporting about I don't know ten minutes ago that they are still looking for the Barry Arrington. Who escaped. But naked he took the jacket off. And ran. Now here we don't it was she no to federal authorities yes. His arrest by the Secret Service in 27 Tina for being in a restricted area near the White House where the public is absolutely Alan again you cannot go there. His weapons including the AR fifteen to know not get. His weapons including a were seized by authorities in 2017. After his arrest. So how to get back. Well according to police. The weapons. Were returned to rankings father a true genius. Who gave back to his son. Somebody was disposed to do. Folks. I'm telling you. The gun laws we have are not being in force again and again and again and again. Looking forward hopefully babe by noon to say it is in today's scene the father in handcuffs he deserves to be. He just got four people killed. So I look for the N Arabia blamed for this. Today by the way speaking of the NRA. You Eddie Getty cooler at any time I did. As they did it into the weekend because I tucked it. In me trash can. You're not being million products in our house. They have justice is outdoor sports company Getty has become the latest business to cut ties with CN RA. And Aires saying. That certainly isn't sportsman like. In fact yet he should be ashamed they have declined to continue come in America's. Young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities these activities enable them to appreciate American tiger machine sports. And enjoy our natural resource is with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreation and educational programs. So there goes. Yeah Eddie has dropped the NRA ends we have dropped unity in our house. What about you 80347163. Text line 7130 cent. To the takes Lionel we get text is not only will we as sportsmen drug yet he will become the best advertisers. Four of their competition by RT IC. Dexter writes why did you Jackie a 400 dollar cooler and for our cooler. They re having that money just painted protest message on it I would know I had Leon cameras little course. An ankle we currently posting you keep your coffee and. Listening tonight. I can't in adults to be cup which is really what it is. Text your race had never purchased a yet eat product and I do believe they never will darn things are overpriced. Anyway. No yeah makes a lot more than just coolers. You panic your homeland products. I text your rates paid here are my friends is a teacher in Nashville and they had to send home in warning to all parents the school would be on lockout. Until late. Alan delay apprehend a suspect frankly I'm not sure how I feel about that doesn't seem like a great idea. T even have a school. A but they also say they would removes a lockout if they knew suspect wasn't in the area not sure how that works if they don't know where he is how would they know if he's not in the area. Just kinda thought today. You might be a good day not to send kids to school eight engine 3471063. Text like 71307. Perry got a ton of stuff going on here today. Promising more confirmation of what I've talked about for a long time and this is something that you know locally. I just don't think there's enough awareness of. I don't think there's enough will to solve to do anything about. Just shocking. Stats. I've been digging these up for years. On dry on how deadly it is to drive in South Carolina is truly one of the most dangerous places in the entire country to drive a car. It's not your imagination. He lived elsewhere you've seen people do really dumb things on the road dangerous things shocking thinks. That's not something that's unique to South Carolina. But I'm sure I immediately notice the difference in the drive. More of these shockingly dumb and dangerous things I'd never seen so many people do so many crazy things. All the time. Legitimate quest I'm not being sarcastic. Is because we're drunk. No I'm not I'm not I'm not laughing I'm not I'm not trying to be sarcastic is it because a lot more of us are drunk. Is in peak head is it there is a terrible alcoholism problem here that really is impacting our driving that is. Largely unique to South Carolina and maybe a handful other states. Music did a great job covering this this morning how are newsroom. FBI I as Terry FBI asked the tallies. Looking at my next piece for our next segment. Fatalities. Due to drunk driving drunk tried germs right Nadia I'll accent auto accidents in wage. Drunk driving is the fold factor. Two times the national average here in South Carolina that is staggering. And I knew it was a problem when a couple years ago I looked at my him hometown my count my home county Mecklenburg which has a population of a Milli. I'm more than twice the population of Greenville county. And it near identical number of people killed in drunk driving accidents and you're seeing this year again. When you're looking at damage to staggering. How dangerous it is here. This is. The Charlotte Observer writing about this see how high South Carolina ranks among states with the musty like death related deaths. We have a third in the nation for that. Listen to this despite having less than half the population of south of North Carolina. North Carolina has ten million population of five million population despite having less than half the population of its northern neighbor North Carolina. The state of South Carolina had just 23 fewer fatalities in 2016 as a result of drunken driving. I this a necessary she'd stay in North Carolina North Carolina ten million population 354. People killed. In turn driving accidents South Carolina is 330 went. She behalf. It should be around a 106. 5270. Five something like that based on population. Is 6575. Should be the death told South Carolina. It's 331. As is based on population. I mean that is gets stated in saying that they messed with that. This like that's 3300. People killed in the state there will be killed every decade because a drunk driving twice the national average. She behalf fat. Some and I it and I bring this or not to have said you. Not to dis out Carolina drivers I know many of us are great tracks. I see is more good driving in bad driving out that they're out there are our roads but there is more bad driving on our roads. And there is just about anywhere else. And particularly drunk bad driving he should we have got to begin to address this is a state we have to. It is killing thousands of people. Got this dad at a bar our news report earlier on the show. A staggering 33%. Of all accidents here in South Carolina involve at least one front person. Sending people eat you watch and doing crazy stuff. Here Stuckey maybe aren't used to PC and a places. There's a good chance they're drunk. And a lot more of us are drunk on the road than in other places. Eight significantly. Higher number is is indeed missy the the only way to do this folks is start taken licenses. Yes studied this your take of just take up. You almost got this I get a DUI. No license free here and demand good luck at Newark we wish you luck with that. But we want it. Duet. Did you get a bunch of drunks drive been an idea why lawyers say they're not drunk but do you I lawyers make our lives.