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Monday, April 23rd

SC drunk driving fatalities way higher than they should be based on population; Pundits who criticized Trump’s mental stability forced to reverse themselves in light of NoKo nuke progress; Defensive gun uses ignored in gun debate


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Late good morning terror shocking stats on driving more shocking says as to say and driving in South Carolina it really is more dangerous here it's not your imagination. And the reason I bring this up is you know maybe if I can just save one life the via reminding people you got to be more cautious here than anywhere you've ever German. Because these reds truly are more deadly but these are some of them I shocking set the stats are seen to date. And you had you guys had some of the song in the news earlier yes column. We get killed here we have today in terms of people getting killed in failed DUI crashes we do it twice the national average year third highest in the country this insanity. And I've noticed something was brought a couple years ago I I pulled the death stats for Greenville county in. From drunk driving near John drug tallies and I pulled my home county of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina which is more than twice as sought to decide the size of Greenville county. I'm in population kind of over a million people there. On and was shocked to find on the near identical number of people killed a year in Mecklenburg County as in Greeneville even though Greeneville was less than half the size of math number. And so decades you drive here you you know you the odds some some contractors and plowing you are toys twice the national average and it's staggering on any any good at them. And didn't give them the line listed here are from the study that Burton we're talking about despite having less than half the population of North Carolina. South Carolina had just 23 fewer fatalities and when he sixteen as a result of drunken driving so it's. 354 fatalities for North Carolina three here at 31 for South Carolina. So we know we share it we should really be about an ad about a 175. On if people here drum turned at three did they do in North Carolina and said we're at 331. I mean this is say it's a huge problem it's a staggering problem. At this rate drunk driving South Carolina won't kill 3000 to 310 people in a decade. Issued kill half that. Is this is real bodies real family shattered. Are really serious problem and and this stat that I I quickly read down from your news report. From the newsroom she's reportedly. 33%. Of traffic accidents here involved in at least one alcohol impaired drivers I heard it does not surprise me that's. Insanity NEC not even knowing one's been killed by drunk driver well you probably know somebody who's been in an accident. 33%. Involve at least one alcohol impaired driver obviously clearly our laws are working here. Now if we could stop drunk driving and have every single person that gets in a car use a seat belt. We can probably do away with at least half the fatalities. In the in the state at least and then just guessing here yet half. Well I mean if we just lowered our drunk driving. On alcohol ER are perfect they're fatal drunk driving rape to the national average we have half the fatalities here from drunk driving. Armed so I mean this is just it's easy huge problem and and you know me I've been tarred and of these stats every time every two years since I've been here and there's never any rilya moved to do anything save lives in the state it is absolutely maddening. Dutton dug in. That's correct. Call on outlook shirts hair thanks. On yes I owls are. Back in 1990. And it's a great girl I remember when department of public safety first formed we talked being bringing bill. We have approximately sixty I'll state troopers. And that's in 1994. And direct trichet on our I guarantee you there there's nowhere near that many state troopers anymore and I challenge. However compare that. Q how the population. But it didn't bring a bill. It it it's great. Because. They troopers. Nowadays that we go from one actually another actually another and they actually don't have a whole lot of enforcement ties. And I think that's one of the main problem is lack of law enforcement actually. Arm and I don't know the actual stats on say troopers but on got to be worth looking at you're saying I'm state troopers what 65 action act actively from time patrolling the Greenville county when you word they're starting in 1990. It's starting in 1990 when we topped out at that number is not talk like 199495. And there are the numbers. Are steadily declined sparse troopers. Bought it. But voter population has. More than doubled since Fatah. Any interest in a phone call to make two finality is that I. It did it strange statistic. We have the numbers compare. Absolutely. Absolute what advice would you have for people drug and driving out there in terms of what we just heard about drunk drivers and human. Tick tick twice the average national average for for tallies she east. Our first call it seat belt so don't say that's second to put your seat belt and eight. First serve or scrap material. They do wonders for saving lives are another thing is just. It change your drive and there's too many people that are distracted by myself among. By all checked by in Everett and take those few minutes when you're driving to upload a song you're cheapening and that is. Driving safely giving your goal at your destination. In one week. Yeah and there's a reason I spend so much time on this even eat in and thank you so much Doug as though I get hate mail from her you group on your whose morals and producers are drug that's not my point. My point is to try to keep you alive by telling you fight by emphasizing. If you leave here you must drive like you drove nowhere else you're not criticizing the driving now you're simply pointing out the statistic and yes this is typically. It is that's what's the driving as it is the behavior of certain folks who want to continue to drink and drive who do not Wear there seatbelts or driving distracted. Those are the folks that are calls in the racks and you've got to drive. With more attention to our alertness and you do anywhere else and and I hated it is important to point out though that. Yeah I mean the comparison your making here is saved as a as an area that has twice the population and we have the same amount. Of of these types of offenses and statistically it should not be that way of of dumb deaths right of them drunk driving decimated that that isn't seen. Now when you when you when you look again at the size is of North Carolina it's twice the size of South Carolina now part of from Charlotte Mecklenburg is the fact that most everybody is stopped on 45 and 77 yeah okay but so if your drug can hit somebody. Notable OC collision especially in I'm. It's been five miles an hour right yeah and and you know that your rate that's that's absolute part of it where is our highways are not as clogged up. As as players are has all had to eighties was often even though we have 85 running through both calm but what yap text rates. Back coming eastern tribes to South Carolina are legal immigrants. That's an excellent question with as much destruction as we have going on here almond and it's not a a hateful or hurt woeful one either again my research in Charlotte show that 20%. Of those at any given time in the jail in Charlotte where illegal immigrants who were in jail for drunk driving. They make up a substantial part of drunk driving population at least north of the state line and I did you again that's 20% at any given time on average of those in the jail for drunk driving were illegal immigrants cents. As staggering I text her race check Hansen are talking ambled drug drug sender chip on their yeah I look at everybody gives away outta here I said I've never seen anything like that. Text your rates which show any ambush percentage drunk drivers were here illegally and want to know that we'll probably never get the answer to it. Another Chester race now Hoover is available here there's no excuse leave your car at the bar. Another texture race. But really isn't drunk driving problems South Carolina has it's a drinking problem bingo. There's no usually Libby consuming that much at all yet club but drug but driving after you don't have to get your car. And track and jagged text your rate sits here how come no one is talking about banning alcohol or alcoholic beverages drink acts will lie in of the talented and the guns myself BMI as well go ahead. Well I mean and that's that's the right question here because and and we know that that's not going to have ever happened. Because we know the folks who make the laws and the folks who vote for the people who like who want the laws want to continue to be able to to do that. And and what you know I don't like criticizing folks who drink that's fun and you know there's you know it's that's fine but this when you drink in excess. And then you to risk your life and everybody else's alma highway by driving that's the issue yeah. It really is text reads you're my family's been hit three different by three different repeat offender drunk drivers over the years and say that's. I wanna lay this to defeat of the legislature to because the legislature makes the laws they make the sentencing guidelines they do all this and of course what do you have more years making the law. Let's go look at the Judiciary Committee. The members Judiciary Committee every single one is a lawyer. Every single one of them when they're not the legislature and I screamed about this is getting people killed. On is actively working before a major law form firm or affirmed that they Ari partner it. And these are the people who appoint kiss to the judges when that law firm comes before the judges whether it's a legislator himself who sits on the judiciary in their moment. Better in this category I Ord as the law firm. Guess what you think a judge is gonna go tough on their client your your mind because they're going to be back up for reappointment by guess to the Judiciary Committee. This is why people are dying on our roads by the way the same committee does does the drunk driving laws. And almost every one of the law firms. Odd that those lawyers there'll lawyers to sit on that committee you're also state legislators every one of them. I think but to represents drunk drivers there you go and sort drunk driving laws they start out great. Com as they did with so what was it Megan's law I lost my mind over that one and then there's lawyers get a hold of it may weaken it to the point where it's meaningless. And and literally cost lives in the state this this is a big part of the problem is that the state. Our lives our courts are set up to enrich offer apps. Com not. To protect people from drunk drivers that's. Big part of reason that you have these repeat drivers getting away with it getting away really getting away with a getting waved again you know it comes down ethically. I have lunch if you are a member of a law firm. Prom and you are sitting on that committee appoint judges yarder recuse yourself you have no business ever making just a decision about who will be a judge. Unless you wanna Reese on your a lot firmer and turning your law license. He's don't ethically you can't but they do. And their firm's profit from and it's just it's it's it it's just sinking it just it didn't mean it makes you sick we we elect our judges. And taken out of their hands. Straight thank you for finally taking the same approach should take to gun control with respect two DUI it is. Although apple legislature and we of the best legislature. Lobbyist can purchase in the South Carolina boys and a trip talking about just again these staggering numbers. And that show I we literally what he large numbers of as you do your current literally large numbers of us are drunk. And on the road ECB will do stupid crazy things. They're probably drop out Venus or Cassidy I'm dead series. They probably are drunk. Staggering stat 33% of auto accidents in south Carolina at least one person is alcohol impaired. We're now number three in the nation for fatalities caused by a drunk driving. And yet we drive drunk until people Eddie staggering rate. We have a DOR fatalities here two times the national average. We 331 people killed last year I'm drunk driving accident should have been about half that. If we were at the national average. It's just it's insanity that's an extra 15100 people killed. A decade. If we merely drove drunk and crashed like the rest of the country does on efforts. Instead it's going to be about a 3300 people dead in South Carolina. And again did you can do to comparisons is just an injustice newsroom a study that's just come out. 354. People a year last year killed in front driving accidents in North Carolina. State that has a population of ten million so twice the population here we abuzz leads after August publish about five million. 354 people killed in drunk driving actions in North Carolina 331 in South Carolina so almost the same number. But North Carolina has a population twice ours and yet it's not nearly the same number of people killed from driving accidents is it is. It is it's staggering. As huge problem here and so if if it if you're like I mean you came here and use your like you know we've seen people do crazy things everywhere we live we've seen bad driving everywhere remember we never seen anything like this. Alex here. Com that's why a lot of pressure drop. Now who is drug that would be very interesting question. And we really want the answers we can get them by. Folks don't wanna step diocese but still a study that. But texture rates. I wanna read this one. Where to discount out takes streets my friends. My friends X and is they mean ex husband. Our our wife my friend's ex has six idealized oh it's it's a husband my friends experts has sixty UIs and still has his license. Tank. It's crazy. Text original light years of law enforcement I've made hundreds of DUI arrest however. Even though there's laws on the books to prevent a deal why. Being played down the lesser charge to lesser charge it happens every day. To hear and now I'm getting another might you're starting silicon at a self righteous North Carolina you know that's not my point my point is. And I know a lot of you are sitting out there you've got your kids in the car and you are taken to school and if I can get just one of you to drive more clearly here than you would anywhere else than I and save a life that I will. There isn't a lot of folks come here especially newbies and they have no idea how dangerous cities and our regs. That's not my opinion has not me trying to make anybody feel bad that's fact. That is absolute statistical fact and now little more dangerous staggeringly. More dangerous. You have to watch every one else like you haven't done before anywhere you've come from. Ted in net tells her hey Ted. Yeah Florida and there. Morgan. I'm here so thank you. I know of someone. Personally. Who it is not within the last six months Gary got. Buying. Pellet to Williams employee I'm sort of older employees. Greenfield category. In Malden police. All up by intoxicated. Every time or cooperate better ally and they were never given that they'd they'd never questioned I actually. Did personally so it. When I told them. They couldn't walk and the car. So I actually call the multi employee got they also are on the island. Innate in T ball this person up but we're at like 113012. O'clock at night. Cody awestruck are said what is wrong when you just heard the wind obviously intoxicated. It smelled like a bar or room in my dear big goal. And you let go well this concert got Mac there. And actually told me off by not only did it so I called it gases. The cabin. Actually told me this I'll observe whether they. Right up there he grain in them sell it and then also forced four years. I understand the problem went drugged driving is a lawyer who legislation and all that. In that state and I agree with you that is they huge problem. But it's not that that is the search no doubt they'd gotten. To deploy it where they say well you know no but what do anything about it anyway. So why bother. Eight I'm telling you it's not just the legislation the lawyer it's our officers. Cajun boy you're right along that I am I'm sorry go. I know what well and an Emma subject Zion I am way over the break I believe you Ted has been solid since then he heard it a drunk driver off the road. Gutter is she was driving the wrong way Downey dumb double yellow line street pilot got her off to read before she kills somebody. They never charged her. She was too drunk to get an in car or intoxicated Winona. Com and the officer who responded to questions sheriff's deputy greatness at county sheriff's deputy. Called her husband and let him pick and pick her up take or how no charges. I would've believed you before Ted is that sounds crazy but my has been seen. With his own ice. That was the previous sheriff by the way but judge this goes on all the time your I don't know why but it dies I seem to. They just let him go they let him drive home it's it's it is an attitude here of total tolerance for drunk driving I never seen anything like it. Coming in just a minute she's a mom just gives up Fed's goal Greeneville month. Every Sherry time is to find a man who should not be an air and who she doesn't know. A convicted criminal and turns out hiding in there. Her closets. We hear what she does next that's coming up. But first. The stream media has a lot of advice for Donald Trump over how she's easily handle North Korea. Roam their suggestions your friend again it up to any including taking away the nuclear football. He's too dangerous seas to deranged she's too out of his mind he camped threatening North Korea on Twitter. Obviously not equipped mentally to handle any kind of negotiation. Not doing it the right way not doing it the hard way. On and on and on you hurdle to break. Well guess they're saying. Now. The winning is so real even CNN can't tonight. But North Korean dictator Kim Jung and ahead of his meeting with trump. Has announced she will suspend all nuclear and missile tests but have you been paying attention today as switched the mainstream media has done their level best to keep you from doing. Trump is on the verge if he sixteen's we don't know yet if you will but he's gotten much further than anyone else ever has Tron is on the verge bending me 68 year war. Almost as old as he has between north and South Korea. Leaked out last week that north Syria and South Korea who are in talks now on our on the verge of a peace agreement we'll see if that's true but it limp piece greatly last week. Now you've guides. Kim Jong-un saying that you know he's going to disarm will see. We'll see if that happens. Abbott this more progress than anyone he's ever made an iPad and he's using China to do next. At explaining how North Korea works. North Korea's leadership does not taking whiz without first confronting and consulting chided to see if it is allowed to it if if you know he is allowed to NN. You know leader Rask would direction in which to do. Yep China's been menacing us with North Korea for a long time they can't do it. So they use North Korea they have total control of North Korea much their trade with China samba so it is with Russia they have total control as a do you ever in any. Debate arm when Donald comes ask how you know how you let you know disarmed or decrees are gone it's easy to get China to do it. As one act ten is absolutely dependent honest portrait. Crashed our economy if we cut their tremendous. That's how I do it everyone's treated him like he was any. Not anymore. List is CNN's stunned. Reaction. To these announcements from North Korea. Remember CNN is internal boost your crazy too stupid you cannot threaten to blow up North Korea in retaliation for them threatening to blow up Guam. Can't tell you gonna you know blow them up and they blow up wobble supposed to say have a nice day. Stunt. By the progress trump has made that no other American president elect time has been able to make. Finally I don't know it has decided to open up. They're new chapter for the PPR it. He is committed himself that happen denuclearization. That would help focus solely on economic growth and improving the national economy. Finally realized as fast forward is to open up the country and normalize relations. Keep fighting being recognized by the international community and this is an historic. Timely opportunity. Wolf I have to say. I am really. Almost speechless here at the pace at which North Korea has done this you turn. And this all started. I'll trump agreed to sit down first summit. Indoor garden. Can don't want is far from being passed decided the ruler of global for riots now yes meeting next week for the president South Korea. He came they reportedly making plans to visit him in Pyongyang's something that the Chinese president would never considered before. You have luck and prepare reaching out by the simple they're always summit. We can go Lloyd and the US North Korea is still working we believe the finalized the date and location or does this sort sit down with president talked. I've been speaking of diplomatic sources over the last week or optimistic. Believing that I think brought my speed of one US president who could figure out a way to break through North Korea. His announcement from North Korean state media does confirm a dramatic shift. North Korean policy. Commitment apparently who engage had to be for fox didn't really extraordinary development. Inter Alia that truly is will Ripley and expects to which free agency is credit. Not he actually paid attention to what was going on still instead of writing hysterical talking points. You might have seen the possibility but the best. A green bill my month. Returns from taking her kids to school. Here's insure apartment. This is a smell of Cologne that is unfamiliar. To her. And finds a man. Who should not be there. In name. A closet. What does she do. She instant. Now the great news is reporting that he was a burglar. They suspected burglar are there ports. Fox eight. Is your reporting that he is he was stalking her. After authorities said he broke into her apartment. 34 year old Quintin Oliver who has eight previous criminal record. Was found dead with a gunshot when Jewish chest. At an apartment complex agreement county on Friday. Authorities individual returns to her apartment after governor shall drop from school and the insurer was in her closets. Not some where he belongs. The victim's uncle told WS PA she found her prior gun at a suspect after he charged her he says these works at a nightclub. And a suspect had threatened harm her and her children. He wouldn't accept that no means no. Said Douglas Sweeney the victim's uncle I'm sorry that a person died of this but it is what it is a person had no business. Breaking into someone's place. Assisting about this. This will never show up. In. A surge of gun in self defense. Stories. It'll never show at. This won't be covered more than likely meaning green length. Outside of South Carolina brake parts got a piece aren't because she's gone to defend yourself but outside that now everybody. Knows that bred part search results are now being repressed or completely eliminated. From Google depending on how you search. You'll ever see this I'm never hear about it. And it'll seem do you think I never used in self defense never hear about I mean they were you would right well now. Now you would. But wait there's a piece today about the best parent survey on Don you've never heard out. That's the CDC centers for disease control's study on this we talked about the study before. Never officially published. But still in existence why. Well because they like to results. What are the CDC finds. Got a three used defensively. Got a three used defensively bite victims about three point six times as often as they were used offensively. By criminals. So what that means is big news. Used guns to protect themselves three point six times more than criminally Jews guns it to commit crime. And like historian so many others like it that we holing all the time on the show. So I can show opened a surge because it's not categorized. That way. And those cities are only recovered on the local level. I'll never forget Charlotte there was a serial rapists that was terrifying be. Co heads of like UN CC. And so multiple women had to have been attacked and assaulted by him in the worst when a woman can be and they were frantic to catch it. They didn't have to. He crawled into the wrong co Ed's apartment crown on top of her she got her not her gun out of the nightstand right beside her and solve the problem. He needed as far as the parking night. Crawled out there before he died. And you'll never hear that story numb kids marching for our lies deliver talented. Now we'll ask him what to somebody like that did when the greatest everybody's been looking for is on top of her in her apartment. But she CG. Ice. Way it. Went when she she do that exactly. And what point. When he lets certain. He'll never hear from them about what she should do because they don't have. Any answer. The state. Three point six tie you gonna she's defensively three point six times as often as they were used offensively by criminals so that's not a conservative organization that the Centers for Disease Control. The federal government agency. Three point six times as often as they were used offensively they are criminals can you mention that this country would be like if we didn't have our guns. The absolute criminal chaos that is stopped every day by people who carry. That would go on if people didn't of violence. The mayhem and bloodshed I can't even fattening it would be huge. So huge is to be unfathomable. Anyway that I was out today about CDC study. Takes your original rock ads here shoot to kill or not at all unfortunately left and the mainstream media will never give this any positive report. You know pure. Seem to mind just go ahead in just fighting usually just to get chills and recently could keep them chart you can use those at least so let's back. Like knives. Dexter raise the CDC a study was withheld during Clint year's agenda issues. Yes it was was also withheld in the bombing years. Text your race at Stephen crowd or use the CDC the CDC statistics innovate college students in his changed my mind set. No custody learn anything I doubt it rain. Texture rates. So let me get this straight. Idiots who kill you Brody and kill themselves on a few ads is a big deal right now but those who drink and drive until other people is not a big deal in my state is South Carolina. Actually reflect stupidly any greater than it already does. And it just it was saint. Text or race. If why if I try and wants are as easy it'd be as you say they are here in South Carolina the officers know charging drunk drivers is wasted time that's probably the reason they let them out. You wouldn't surprise me either and finally. This takes direct my ex wife was very drunk and took off an apartment my children and I called the police and it's only they could send an officer for that. I gave to the tag number and description I believe me I've seen myself. I haven't seen it Obama has been has. Its nuts. Text your rights she wolves and shepherds boy natural.