The Tara Show - 4-23-18 - Hour 3

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Monday, April 23rd

Waffle House shooting yet another example of law enforcement failure; Government routinely fails in its duty to protect citizens; Student who should have been in school killed during anti-gun walkout; DNC sues Trump to continue advancing the narrative after Devin Nunes proclaims Russian collusion investigation was started with zero evidence


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Played good morning sir OK so. Ma or we're gonna hear this so Waffle House shooting a story beaten to a pulp. Today Daria and I it's gonna go on and on and on. Om and the angle that they should be telling it at you know from is not the eight. It's additionally craziness and yes. If you ahead at the grounds of the White House trying in an area you are not legally allowed to go through without authorization right. Secret Service stopped him and as they should have been to these cuts including the AR fifteen used in a Waffle House shooting. That is not his first brush with the law shall we say this gentleman has a long history of some rather bizarre behavior. Exactly. And he was acting an abort bizarre fashion when he did the shooting at a Waffle House because he was buck naked except for the jacket he was wearing. A waste of jacket doubt that he used to reload. On and then as he ran from the scene heat through the jacket off and ran away but naked so this is obviously crazy percent. Unfortunately they confiscated guns as they should have. From him because he's nuts and he had an amply demonstrated that now and I had a problem with taking the crazy people's guns empty you know you don't have an absolute right to them. Al much. They gave the guns to his father. For safekeeping right and died. Who apparently the sun's not fall too far from the tree in terms of having a lick of sense or maybe be a little knights gave them guns back. And he's gonna face some serious charges he should be out I agree absolutely if you. From what on earth the father was thinking how can even fathom. Gather there's no question. That. If anybody that has known this gentleman just based on the had to you know no business being art. The question I have now I'm waiting to downwind for somebody to report this bomb was it illegal for his father to get the guns back. Is that standard procedure or just giving the father at the guns on you know after he's caught on the White House. Grounds violate the law I items I'm really curious about Arnold. And because the DeWitt they'd be aiming way to spin is running already this morning. On national mayor calls for gunnery far rags yeah having these assault weapons scores in private hands in public again this is not a typical case of an assault weapon quote unquote they call. It an an assault weapons are left is anything looks scary to them yeah it's pretty much and he got a rifle with a scope on it Iraq. A more larger magazine than ten rounds straight I know this assists in his insult weapon unless you're a liberal and just whatever skiers and then you call it a weapon of war yeah web award assault weapon that's at that point you'd you do that show. And again this is not the typical case of the typical average person. You know going getting an AR fifteen India do we miss this is another nut who has managed to get his hands. On again who never should net. Am so we're gonna have more details obviously is they command can be very curious to find out I'm all about me all about that as I can tell Lee he's still on the run. Yes that they cannot catch and I was just watching. Love from Fox News they had one of the reporters here from Nashville saying that yes he is still on the run. And the but apparently they have a lockdown order for Nashville area schools. That they are saying that obviously you know students are going to be coming on a class but no one. Other no visitors will be allowed to enter or exit the school. During this lockdown period for national city schools. Take straight to the naked man with a gun starts shooting at you best to you have a gut yes it's it was as they wanna take guns for a they can I I don't mind him taking them from from truly bonafide crazy people. And it's pretty clear crazy if there are part of the U White House grand you're not allowed legally this is almost like Parkland all over again there were numerous opportunities. That this individual showed where he did not was not in his right mind should not have been allowed to have the weapons. I mean that there were numerous opportunities if if the reporting I have seen from the Associated Press so there's you know some questions there if any of this stuff is accurate. Once again there were numerous opportunities. Where the government once again failed to protect the citizens of this country. And you don't have to take away rights. So that constitutional rights from law abiding citizens in order to do the job. They had numerous opportunities to stop this individual virtually nothing done. Are we surprised no and we kind of fright or we are not a not miss the operation we're not. Meanwhile two other stories you're not can hear anything about from this first one. Louis freeh really these CDC study it's full on average study is out the one that they never want you to see showing that people use. Guns defensively. Three point six times more than criminals use them to commit crimes. Can you imagine if it's a big guns what absolute chaos this country would be I can't even begin to fragment and we can't tell because people stop crimes with guns like this woman. Terrified green Belmont comes home from dropping offer kids finds a man who should not be they're hiding in her closet in her apartment. After he breaks it. Suzuki confusion about who he was Greenville news reported in Isaiah Urbina suspected burglar. But the uncle says she actually works in a nightclub. On this guy had been obsessed with her had been stalking her. And I'm she reported him to the police multiple times and he ended up in her home and she killed them. She found and where in the long Quinn Ramon all learn an arrow and he charged her and she shot him to death with. Citizen defended their right to life and property exactly how they should have. And then according to the reports we've bred as soon as the shooting happened she exited the apartment and called 911. Yes. I'm so so you are so far as well as we know at this point legal use of a gun in self defense. That happened this week and who do you want her nearly as much about it. Now it happens all the time this joke doesn't it doesn't fit the narrative. That and a citizen that had a Lee as far as we know legally obtained weapons used that in self defense. But yet you'll hear all about financial situation boards and I got to say. Hats off it too good to the young African American gentleman who disarmed the guy. And I love forty says he said if you're gonna kill me you'll have to work for it. I know and I agree I think that boy this is no snow flake here at Lisa and AT&T lineman or or works for AT&T. And die he's the one that single handedly took the stand the report I heard earlier this morning was at the gun jammed who's trying to reload he wasn't sure why it but he knew that was his opportunity. And he rushed to guy knocked into the ground was able to get the gun away from a and the guy took off. Now seven rewarding at four people dead but he stopped this from being any worse and this guy's and I'm telling you this that's the hero here that is a hero. Yeah I meant that these could have been worse actually swap shooting has to be fake news because while the house has a no conceivable web policy. At this sign on the door would have stopped him. Right yeah I get the circus. Now the chicks are great they don't want to catch him yet they wanna heightened sense of danger increase this. Another restoration Terry he is not on the run he is on a streak. She's OK she's crazy. Text your rates. Yeah the walk us incident is not occasion we need more gun control but that gun control obviously does not work. Well it can work. Went as police said people pass of the chance again and again and again to enforce the laws we have bent and that is the dorm you shooter that's what is so frustrating for me and get away with. It we have laws in place that are not followed procedures don't take effect in and you don't. Do all the things that you should be doing in order to stop this from happening it's it happened in park or and it happened here. And there's many other examples we could show. But it's just. Path out of just a YouTube you completely ignore the fact the government fails in its duty and his responsibility and in the procedures that already has in place but yet you want to take away a constitutional rights law abiding citizen to defend themselves. And me it's shooting after shooting after shooting I mean what would go back to Las Vegas. CBS news reports over 200. Of his financial transactions Taylor cheered for geared for Arab town. Was tournament before. Flagged for being right possible tear him donations by our financial system before. The shooting. The heck was he able abide gotten snow. And what are you know 200. Slims tour has slipped guys aren't aren't dead yet just like dead guy did down in Florida now this guy will be to same story over and over. And you know what does the media. Is not hyperventilating. About taking the guns away from. People who are mentally ill or making sure our laws are aren't forced. No they they they are singlehandedly obsessed with taking him away from us and you look at Charleston shooter again right that is solely the responsibility of the FB lot. Federal government did not respond to them a three day period and he was allowed to my weapon and he should have been allowed to exactly they they were told they had called the wrong police department the FB Eli was. For the background check and told here called Columbia the Columbia police department. They never bothered him. So you ran out of time there wasn't enough time or any big time when it mattered they didn't bother. He should never been a able to buy those weapons thanks to the appeal like US. Ice is same story again and again and again this story's not getting Alley in a sense of frustration. Yep police said senate and federal rankings as being naked man who shot up the Wal-Mart deal warmer DO Waffle House. Drinking is parents are authorization had been revoked after his 2017 arrests at the request of the FBI. Authorities have seized four weapons that return entering teen's father who said he return to his son one of them was the air fifteen used in the shootings is just. Ethnic stupid here. And what follows is what kills me here's just one of the headlines Nashville mayor calls for. Dining control was after Waffle House shooting. Here's the mayor and David Riley he's saying Democrat course. For a moment let's be honest about what happens he sets as a liberal says when they're about to let you. Let's be honest about what happens. Last night innocent Nash billion this award terrorized by a man than they are fifteen let's be honest some people's see these weapons is having. A purpose of terrorizing other people's happening to much enough is enough when he comprehensive gun reform. To address mass shootings domestic shootings accidental shootings and homicides. He said it would just come together for this in for the greater good we can take these weapons of war off the streets and and off the streets our country. I'm OKC's Joseph that's totally different thing than addressing the problem or take and is what they do. The less ignores the problem which is crazy people getting guns report repeatedly because of our government's repeated failures. And they go straight to taking them from the people who would have Ben defending you from the crazy people with their guns. Our would've been defending their homes like c'mon did here in Greeneville when she shot the guy she found in the got closet over the weekend. So when he says let's be honest about what happened he's not. What happened here was an absolute abject government failure. Again. To get time the guns out of the hands of crazy people. We have laws for that we don't need new laws that the laws we have would have worked just fine in Vegas. What do weren't just fine in Florida. Here we go again. And what they do they completely ignore the the issue of the mentally unhealthy getting guns despite the laws we have and they want to come straight on after hours. After breast. Which is a tacit admission they're never gonna get the guns at the hands of crazy people nor do they even have much interest in doing so. They want your gun. Quite frankly. So you can't challenge that. That's what this is about. They don't care how many shootings there are they don't care. If they did it go after the actual problem they don't match. Mike in Greeneville good morning. And Mora reached. Once you're just all need a little bit sluggish and our doubt Obama. So it'll it's. Auctioned at malls include all week. Not forced an important. Haggard incompetent. Scramble for more money more and more walls rest are all. Apple don't know what drugs or Obama that looks. Understand. Why are all. Yes and when understand the way government works you understand implicitly. This is another example Mike of the problem. And the problem is this you cannot trust the government to defend you using existing laws. Against crazy or evil people with guns you cannot trust him. And show Virgo or go you can certainly and I can be able to trust them when they get our guns. And that's the message. And the march for lies kids. Yeah yeah begun just does it do I just yeah well defend you. No. They have failed utterly defenseless the big shooter again. 200. Over 200 terrorism related transactions flags for possible terror terror connections financial transactions. He was still able to get guns they never explained. We know the story of the of the guy in Florida. We know the story to say I'm pretty shooters. She says on FaceBook she wanted to dying glorious di cat problem. In question wanna kill westerners. Department Homeland Security. Under Obama forbid them from looking at social media they would have found that. Gave her visa and guess what shocked she came here in kill westerners. I shooting after shooting a two shooting up to shoot they have proven beyond a doubt they will not protect you from somebody with a gun and Healy said you're gonna have. He you to risk your life run at a like this year did which is awesome that he did that. Or are you gonna have to have your own guns do it yourself. As the two options that is what we learn from the shootings is simply a matter of spin that's not being spun. By the way those marches. Have claim their first life. The march at a school largest this was inevitable first you could see this coming from a mile away. A part Clinton middle school sixth grader is dead this morning. He left campus on Friday. During the national school walk out beginning another one led by the David Hahn character. So you are shout with the other six graders he's eleven. Except he can't they stop to the field. And did their protest it was like kind of fifteen of them or something he can't go in and a couple of difference. They said they'd cut school go to park knowing that nobody could stop them from walking out during a protest because the liberals sure are school systems. Will not permit it. Have you bridges and you leave school yeah I don't read Willie did read over the law. And right across the highway. To the park where he has friends had planned and hang out for the rest that they weren't into the done protest they gear they want to play hooky. He didn't make it across the highway. He was taken to an area hospital where he died of renal and 30 AM is in a passer a northeast don't pass. Out by the way now the music. What is not a weekend don't we can't blame this on a Denmark has no would you guess he was not a part of the gulf war he was here's not a participant who we can't can't yes we can't. He used the gun lock out. To blame a key knowing full well the administrators the politically correct administrators would not stop him like they wouldn't say it was a pro life walk. Or pro NRA walk out. He's dead. So I'm anxiously awaiting. The from David how or may just so does sort of express two of carrying about velocity human life c'mon we're restricting about a. Here with a kid. David how really cares about human life the kitty got killed. Let's see he cares about that my guests here have a word to say about it than fifty agenda. In their credibly after. Organizing it the Friday school lockout it was. Three days ago another one of these school walkouts across the country to protest the existence of the Second Amendment. And kids are also protesting their parent's right to own a firearm. Now this lockout. David Dodd you know him. You've seen on the news the act kid from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas who has gotten missed the facetime madness while the others including. No of the new one brother who lost to sister have been virtually. Edit right off the television screen because they don't have the proper views on guns. Organize the walk out even including have to age Twitter. Video quick video and where have you know know your right generates a lockout should know and you you should they shouldn't stop you little by my can punish the Dave Barry to stop you have a right to walk out. I am on an egg in a month. Eleven year old got killed on Friday. Walking out now the media's excuses. You know I knew part of the guy and here was impart the guy and you know protect yes he once. He used the gun protests to walk out he walked out with a group of about fifteen students. Nobody stop them because I mean if you it's it's now become an unwritten rule. That if they're protesting guns can't stop them. Did staff cannot criticize Ellen how well he did. They didn't care about hanging up the gun protest he used it to get at a school knowing nobody can stop as David Hogg had explained honest America. He's pretty well right over the wall they were on the way to hang out apart there as the name play hooky except he never made it across got hit by a Ford. He's debt. Now David Hogg who were supposed to believe just cares about like you and I just really big and human life and say let's cares about. It's happening northeast El Paso. Think he could be bothered with so much is a tweet a statement. Of comfort to the failing so sorry this happened oh heck now. He could careless. Couldn't care less. And I can deduce that are looking at his Twitter feed there's no way you can hear about that's. Is there way. People atop and one unknown face on Twitter page see this I knocking your word from. Your from here. He's got a kid killed. As he really interesting to see if these administrations. Across the stare across the country or state. Knowing I travel has now been killed using this. Using this is an excuse trying to go out. I need some kid was gonna do. New Hampshire about going to protests whenever I'm gonna go have a deep had a day off my cut school monies to mess around. You knew some child was gonna get hurt now yes. Is that can stop the administrators who claim they care so much for these kids daily Marca. Even in these kids have no First Amendment right to walk out over anything. I don't care what it is. They don't that has been well settled by the courts the administration can tell them no you're not doing this politics honesty on schools. Supreme Court has ruled on that. I'm but administrators are turning from a blind IE with this some land these kids walk out another place and when you know another. Instances they went. 803471. A 63 text line 71307. By the way. Absolutely cataclysmic nuclear bomb shell over the weekend and I can't tell you enough. How big a deal this it's. This story this this should be the biggest story in America this morning that it isn't it speaks volumes. DeVon in as head of the Intel committee in the house. Has finally gotten all of the source documents. For the trump Russia collusion investigation. And the question is always Ben we know led does Hillary but you know body paid for that big dossier which Komi admit it was baked under you know becoming the former head of the FB like. Admit it was thick undergrowth. So we know it's vague we know they know what was that. They can't prove a single thing in it it's useless. And if they want suffice to court. And got the right to spy and the president during an election known full well they had not one shred of evidence he might have done this he medically with conclude with the Russians. That would dwarf Watergate it would Wear make Watergate look like child's play. Well. They just got it. And guess what. The Obama department of justice and the apart an Obama FB lie I never had any intelligence that trump was working with the Russians nothing zip zilch nada except. For the political hit piece the dossier that Hillary pay for. They started spying on him and his family anyway. That is completely. Illegal. You you can't do dig into that any American you can't decide that Tara Webb looks like bank robber so allow owners are investigating her for that. In any evidence that terrorism they grab her. NBC new this you know senior crime dread driving away card no we have no evidence whatsoever we're just gonna go investigate. During a war. I gonna do that yet no evidence. You got to have at least something. That's okay we'll just done making up let's make up to stuff for the war was slighted judge. Just do you tell the judge we have evidence we don't. Sure. Cup among gosh I Kate if that happened the local level and I can't even I can I can't even it's a is unfathomable. Yet that's what happened and we know it now for a fact. These are the documents that the FBI and the department of injustice. Had defied Congress's subpoenas would not give them would not given the source documents launching a Russian investigation they head zero evidence trump did it. They launched it anyway they spied on I'm anyway they lied to defies court anyway. DeVon Nina says he's seen the documents the American people these scenes you really attorneys to declassify this stuff I'm always waiting for. But here you go DeVon you know as on Maria Bartiromo over the weekend. You joined us for weeks ago all this program at that time you say you wanna to get the electronic communication. Probably the department of justice and the FBI wanna that electronic communications to understand. Exactly how they try to admit and investigation into collusion even began use now since seen the electronic communication yes. That's correct so it took us a long time to actually get this what's called electronic communication. As we know now for your viewers what that is is it's the original. Intelligence original reasons that they counterintelligence investigation was started. Now this is really important to us because they counterintelligence investigation and uses the tools of our. Intelligence services. That are not supposed to be used on American citizens so we've long wanted to know what intelligence did you have. That actually led to this investigation. So what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence. Wow. Well I mean there are no words. Frank in Henderson that real quick we're up against the break here but I wanna I wanna get in hey frank. Art. You draw the car lot responsible parent of a lawsuit against school system and the interstate. They're huge advantage or they black kid at a school all it is the air ball. It is a liar out there it you're an adult belt right now they are building wanna get the city state jedi. But let me get a little he got killed up close you're right. You're right got a good break I don't know yup thank you. Yet thank you frank you have nailed this. And you know what this is got this better be a warning at two upstate schools many of whom let kids do exactly the same thing I want apprentice comes a little girl walk around the track. It around you can't stop them teachers can't stop the principles well guess what and other kids took advantage of it to play hooky and he's dead now he got hit crossing the highway. So if you weren't a state school administrator you know one. Don't do this anymore keep these kids in class. School is not the place forgot and protests. And now we've got a child killed because of it. Your race news flash the US government has never had intelligence. And that's another subject internally. Text your race they should it sued David Hogg for investigation did he just yell fire in a crowded theater. Well wouldn't quite should be equivalent of that but still. But the video on Friday egg and kids to walk at a school. Told them. I had a how to prevent teachers from stopping them. Instructional video. Eleven year old uses it to walk out with get a gun protesters knowing full well Williams in game as a middle schooler six greater. Knowing full well that the that the teachers can't stop them is to politically correct activity now to which you have a right. So you accept the door begun protesting kids they all got the feel he keeps going goes over the wall. Antennae to go to the part she played hooky. Gets nailed by a forties debt. I can't imagine being a parent I cannot imagine the region would have at the school system finesse. Text your it's your base sonics' Chris I would bet the 25 to 30% of the kids walking out during a Friday protests were playing hooky I'm not surprise me. And good Chester writes now they got the answer your we need to have a ban on Ford vehicles hash tag and no more forward. Dexter is your school Alicia will hire an army of pool police officers to protect the protesters. Mean babysit. Now is now into babysit. After big nation and they're actually protesting set up their run across the highway and get nailed. Just absolutely kills me what it David onset Twitter feed this morning. And he's commiserate with people killed in shooting she you know shootings which okay fine. Not a word I say about this child died not a word. Now where. So that's about how much she cares about human life. Which is to say not a 803471063. Text line 71307. And back to this the unbelievable revelation. That our Intel agencies head zero zip zilch. No evidence. Of collusion between trump and Russia nothing other than their own wishes to find it. Is long been hidden from us. This is said the FBI and the DOJ refused to comply with subpoenas from congress who wanna see the source documents why did you start this. Because we now know that the dossier is fake so what was your evidence you can't just goes by not political campaign in the heat of the political a political battle. As you feel like. Can't do it. You have to have some kind of indications some kind of evidence. That there was collusion there wasn't. DeVon you know as head of the Intel committees now got a hold of the intelligence. That the documents the source documents used to launch investigations they have the they have no until they another. They and that's a which means that these Muller investigation. Is completely illegitimate is to be stopped instantly. And you know what else is bad known as the state. He has to he's seen these documents you had to. They've been the basis of this investigation. Rick Carlisle was just stunned to hear this on Fox News from DeVon has to glisan. This Gerry you've got to explain what you just said I think this is extraordinary. That you're telling us that in order for the FBI the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into so called. Collusion between. President Tron and the Russia's there was no official intelligence used that how how did this investigations start I don't understand sir please explain. Will help well I think that's that is the point we we don't understand we've never understood. Because you know we have we have. Access to these finished intelligence products and we've never seen one. We are never so we thought well maybe there was one that went through a different channel that was kept really quiet it was secret that was kept from the congress and and other folks well. In fact after investigators reviewed this that's that is not what happened there was there was no. Five eyes intelligence product as a as it's been reported. There was no product and I think that's a major problem. Hi yeah pats and a that's a major problem. A huge. Problem which is why you're not seeing any kids clearly being blacked out. And singing covers it is the biggest breaking story we've had in months on the term pressure thing. And you can't find it anywhere but on Fox News that it. Investigation should be over by noon today in and just society. Unlike hours it would be.