The Tara Show - 4-23-18 - Hour 4

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Monday, April 23rd

Global warming hypocrites flying around in private jets; Student who should have been in school killed during anti-gun walkout; Mitt Romney facing primary challenge in Utah; DNC sues Trump to continue advancing the narrative after Devin Nunes proclaims Russian collusion investigation was started with zero evidence


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According lay out a terror carried some reactions to the last a couple of segments. Texture race my heart hurts for the person who hit the child the driver of the Ford who hit until the child. Do used an advantage of the fact that teachers are not allowed to stop children from walking out of school. Then another big anti again protests across the country in students walked out of schools all over the country of course the teachers aren't allowed to stop them. They would they would they would like say if on students wore American flag T shirts on Mexican Flag Day. Yes they would they would stop them from wearing the teachers we can take months of the Mexicans don't peak month. Remember that court case in California. Aria yeah I would say they told kids WTI you can't be where we're gonna try and ensure a Mexican Flag Day next skin young hair was Mexican Harry dignity. Yeah MA Mehta Mexican students angry they might beat you up they would be dangerous so we're gonna have to ban you from wearing the shirts. Supreme Court upheld it. So I mean the idea that dead did school administrators. Is being perpetrated by a left right Josh school in measures they have no right to stop child you have to let them walk adding if they get hit on the highway now. Now that's well established. A precedent. They absolutely can stop I mean it's a political protest. Can stop them from walking right out the door but they don't and this eleven year old child you as being the parent. Yeah a phone call your sons dead what he's a school while it was male and walk out. With the other protesters. Set promise he just can't go. Yep when she went she got the field with them where we let them go and judge Denny just kept going right over the wall and try to go across the pilots and friends but got hit on the web part. Sis in the northeast El Paso. Got nailed by a Ford trying to cross the highway. This hour. You can say is school administrator that. Yeah what I hear he acts you get they did something they knew was utterly irresponsible this is this was absolutely predictable. That this was going to happen at some kid would take advantage of this. Knowing full well the administrators can't stop him or her because. Walking at a school is now become a politically correct and that's protected activity if you're against the Second Amendment we didn't hear any of that happening here. Thank god. Because you know obviously there were some issues about it during the last one for the the nation my protest but. I've seen so far not been able to find out if there was any. He students that exited the building. In in regards that protest on post was to be anniversary of column. Yeah out but yelling at distant past may mean would weave how we do have schools in the state not in Greenville county school system we have had schools may have stayed and let the kids. I'm go out on the field. In other words there are supposed to leave campus the irons good if you will that's what this kid did. He took advantage of this he otherwise but for David hogs protest in David Hogg. Urging everybody did do this would never me out a clash of you just get up and walk out and he could try. All but now out the door egos and it kills me I'm watching his Twitter carrying on his nothing to say not one network for bringing parents of course. Which goes to show you exactly how much he cares about human life which is so I'm not much. So on I actually I'm tagged him on FaceBook and on Twitter message you know hey Dave Conte told kids to walk out now six graders daddy died camouflage himself as a protesters so administrators couldn't stop him from cutting school. When you get interested don't care. Could. Mean I must assure that on the 163 W already Twitter feed so come everybody start asking him this and I tagged with marsh for our life certain he should say some thank. He goes it's an app now. But not aware of but for him in this protest instead wouldn't be dead he used. I would not hold my breath for a sports net. I'm however if this had been NA NN NRE counter protests of course then there there would been completely. Blame later completely on that oh yeah ocean they'd be at the doorstep of the NRA. Camp and now with microphones demanding a statement how could you be so cold you have CNN MS NB yeah he's CBS ABC doing all the usual. Dance they're so. Sure it's my heart hurts for the person who hit Italian driver of the Ford yet will let person have recourse for fundamental ingress anguish I don't know last David Hodge he knows everything. He is only answers ask him. Prayed and is Chris David Hogg sheer and I adultery brilliance that whirls twist now led to a sixteen year olds vote so I don't know. Easy answers ask him and get an answer to you should be able to votes yes and he knows best or what school administrator should do on her own time of course. The way he films himself walking out of school on Friday as an example to the other children. Well was an excused absence of mind. Though I don't know what it is and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas I don't know what their policy is Renault puts on. For this school no wasn't excused absence but the kid could an element to me is doing here they're so. Oh and I easy doesn't characters he wasn't part of the protest. Of lemon actually tell you while still he left with the protesters. And he didn't stop him because he was with the protesters. Still yet it was he was with the protest Italy left. I use the protests to leak. As the media that's where the Dow invest how to get a I would downed planes aren't IJ Dinah was the protest kind of killed yes it was. And this one of those he's eleven so I knocking well he made the decision what he's eleventh. This is why we don't let eleven year old kids decide if they wanna stay the rest of the day of school this wanna leave and come across the street for my screen. We don't do that because they're elaborate. Not old enough to make a decision like that. Clearly he got hit crossing my way. Dexter execute justice Moore now let's say school optional let's see how mature they are and see how many show up. Sure why not. Agreed idea. By the way. Uses American 2018. Kids teens are breaking all rules about gender we knew this. And now they're changing the rules for the prom all over the country. Yep. This is according to USA today so it might be true promise has historically Benny bashing of stereotypical gender roles. Girl and girl in a beautiful ground the boy and it's tax prom king is a guy prom queen is a girl. Not anymore now you have to see that Gelman yes across the country. I'd teens whose schools. On our still sticking to the old prom king and prom queen nomenclature. Com are seeing kids fill out you know trip protest positions they're protesting they want. I gender neutral. You know prom royalty titles. No requirement that the king be a boy or queen bee a girl. What they what else they want bomb gender neutral leapt from years. I don't know why some schools have done they have prom mom. And it just cuts and yeah oh yeah now you know movement that is you should. Yet. So. Anyway so they are is going on all over the country as students attempts to update antiquated gender roles. And they raid there's still areas the country where ideas about primer firmly entrenched parts of the country where girls are forbidden to Wear suits. Where gave promise are unheard of in high school and where same sex dates her out of the question. But is morn more teens in brace gender fluidity and are open about their sexual orientation more and more schools will be forced to look at how some from traditions mean need. Update. Give several examples. Of kids who are trying to get rid of the plot of the prom queen in the prime king and all that stuff so first thing they should outlaw the use of limos because of the carbon footprint that'll probably the next your red Utley that really is the greater out it ranges are not acts. Well for killing for everybody to Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore the exact. I ask my haircut on Freddie and some looking through People Magazine I I kid you not there is a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio who's getting demery punchy. He is he's a little child tallies rock in the dead body he's dead but it is that we put NIC they try weighs more. He's getting off of a private jet. He stepping off a break even tighter credit in People Magazine narrow it. It just is you know can basically condemning people for their carbon footprint tees are now open jennies jetting around to get when you can't possibly expect him to undergo a TSA security sweep. I'll what are you thinking he's a star. And a oh boy. A text your rates hardest being counseled by his handlers on how to spend eleven year old staff at the end of the day well you know the media just suppresses this to the point where she is a little story in and the competence didn't happen now. Which is really endangering kids across the country because of minute administrators don't see this story. Com you know an in thing you know doubles how you know two or really wanna add you know if you're Sony liberal and let him protest the Second Amendment in school league you know they they really. Should be keeping them inside lake Greenville county schools did. Are all at least given the thumbs up on that part I totally disagreed with them allowing write at all I don't care where they put it. On blatant but at least they kept him inside Loma school districts including others in the state did not do that they need to stop their videos kid kilt I think it was Anderson county that let them go out there on the track for yet walking track of the football field or something and mother and. You know that fact of the sadly could have ended them once in a similar way. You know but Buckley didn't match. Absolutely not. Burning in that travelers rest they Vernon. They are you this morning. I didn't want to do all went out and bought that it'll all go all the everybody about guns I'll. Or win the last time that you heard about the Euro but screw wall there are about drunk driver and and on the news this morning that says doctor on I had not won a higher. Their graves or drunk drivers in the Tuesday. And you know all people don't grind alternate you don't grunt at all people. Don't target on the people who either. And I did you know him. It is burns me they hear. All this coming out about your round and pro gun control. But where is it about alcohol control. You evaluate they have designated driver than all that the united anyway you look at it you gotta detonated or are you still dropped. And how many teenagers. In bear on the road this next month after the prom and who will be great engine. I'm not picking on the boot in Florida. But how many of those kids down there may very well to be drinking and drunk. And I did it. I just don't get started here in about gun control. But no alcohol and throat. The trouble there's more money in alcohol would mirror and guns. So yes and it's not hip it's not highlights Q. You know Verner want to calm you know. Stopper in any way impede alcohol consumption especially not here in South Carolina. So I know I mean you we got what 300 and what was the number having your somewhere 300 ends 31 people killed South Carolina drunk driving. Drunk driving fatality that's two times the national average if we drove drunk and south Carolina at the national average it would be roughly a 165. Column people and that is staggering you guys have been reporting and I know all morning in the news a South Carolina just found third in the nation enough for John tram personalities. Home but you know where's the Mary Joseph that wears the marching. Where does it lead to resume there's more dead bodies. But there is many. Which is a shame I think in certain brilliance. Ari text your race no problem no problem. That it takes your race your one simple question where are these teens parents. Senses Gerald heck you Sino Gerald because final amino. And finally in other nurseries family and that eleven year old should suit David Hogg take away some of his TV money. His complain. And jump on the top line to talk to Dennis hey Dennis. Any. I know. 78. Real real added that they Brodeur all on land here at bat and I mean he's down there and now own diet. You know compare the two year you obviously. Then that stated today that bit I really don't you know really let me certain legal policy. The topic today is to walk out because the good. It's been genetically yes. Yet no we have a lot of other things going on to puts out. He won't talk before that everything has to do you know I don't imagine that Alameda community says about it. Because I didn't say it didn't belong gathered to little get out of class people binary and guess who it. I mean it could be protest against people to get out. And yeah. If you weren't yet around there a law student walking out and I call anywhere high school and middle school. But did and it has not my opinion that any may be part of the fact that. Yes. Obviously I'd get out of your back. Yet and these kids totally took advantage of it and let me tell you what. David Hunt is such an address at. And Iran the schools across the country administrators are gonna hear about it because this is a local story that a kid got killed doing this on Friday. Om and they're gonna continual. And because there's the greater good here I had a couple of kids can turn them into the important thing is that we disarm the American people. Especially people who will never. Found threaten anybody with their guts. I stayed as the gulf. Arie film is interesting boy I tell everywhere we go we see what it meant what the American people think. Of the Republican in this establishment and it's at it's it's. It's not much. It's not much this is a party that. I'm would rather run over and over and over again people who will lose this is a party. That spends almost eighty million dollars its own donors in the primary trying to take out Donald Trump. He feed them and everybody else enforce the party to win but they had to give up on a given up on losing. They have not given up on losing to see happening Mitt Romney will lose. He's a Mitt Romney who is from Massachusetts we can they. About care essentially are ripped off from Mitt Romney when he was the governor Massachusetts. And Ronnie scrimmage like the bushes the bush is our our Liberal Democrats always have been and they moved to Texas State to state had to go Republican nor a winning Ronnie dissing the Massachusetts. Well now Ronnie doing in Utah. Ronnie goes and picks says state. Com where you Alec what it what they do I have the best. Chance to. And it's it's huge shark is he's more. So he doesn't move a few times tries to get them to elect him to the senate. Okay this guy is the guy that we offered the country. How hour gap not so good. He had beaten by a relative unknown. In the party's caucus over the weekend. Fifties so guy Mike Kennedy who is a state legislator there. But not a very well known one got 51% of the vote to Romney's 49%. Sit any day uneven wants the GOP leadership they. Romney spent over 500000 dollars trying to win the cart Chris. Kennedy spent less than 35000 dollars. 500000. To less than 35000. And can beat him. But don't easy you know the BDV Republican leadership the globe was always wanna do over let's try and misty again you'll totally like at this time. As they lose at the polls. Also does Mitt Romney collected signatures before the carcass. In order to trigger a primary. I guess he suspected he would win which was probably could guess people don't. Clearly things from entering the contest and won their so he is now the second place candidate and he's going to run again. In the primary. See in this sordid makes its way that way they can flood the state with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell passion try to buy votes. That's what they do the messaging journal and on and work. This is a guy we ran for president. He can't even move. To a Mormon state. Spent half million bucks. I can't beat a guy who spends 30000 something. He just can't make this stuff up. You can't. As so Ronnie rather then or accept the results of the caucus has decided to show himself further down people's throats well the best part he's. He claims his lawyers he's going to Washington. He's gonna go flight. The corruption. In Washington Mitt. Romney. Is right I teach not as running as an outsider. You can make some. Folks you cannot EQ you can't you cannot make this up. 80471063. Text line 71307. Text your race to the eleven year old's parents who could point if the eleven year old's parents. Clinton and Al paso have let him walk the streets unintended by adults. They would be arrested for child endangerment. You know admit they would be investigate. For doing what school I guarantee schools I mean just. DS is no yeah. It is the got a. Yet children have a right to protest guns walk out of school now are Alex it's numbers of agility stuff you rate if his momma dog did. Yep you'd hear about it. You hear day would they would investigate why is this get out wandering the streets is it David Hogg. The women's march in March for allies is that all okay that makes sense that no actually it doesn't. Dexter raised the studio walk out crap has reached the point of ridiculous this schools or not they ever protests and marches there'd truancy laws in place. To arrest students that are not attending class during school hours. And the police need to show up and start arresting these students and I was US Marshal it would go to these schools shut them down while arresting his whenever she be fired immediately. You would think this is a greater good here it is you know people dead but we gotta we gotta stop the gun to people kid can't have people owning guns. Sitting does it vengeance hardliner we know leading start to David in Greeneville good morning. Good morning Sara and you are lower norms are using you have some say about ice this. Yes. They listed about six. Companies or organizations. That they feel they're wore it because they're part of the double cup ball. And of the six businesses or organizations they listed. 101 CUS Federal Reserve. And the other one US CNN. Yeah. Our order that vice might have got something right towards. A. My guys yeah see the US Federal Reserve and CNN we're at war with them to hear of but the diving in different should be ICC's approach. We're we're we're not necessarily go for the approach that they would take with these are organizations that are a double however. They need too far from the truth. Armani of the double part yes. Thank you thank you David I have for purporting helpfully pointing that out to us this morning. Yeah February. In bitten him as usual the big stories over the weekends we're not some but was presented as the big stories. You've been following I'm sure this whole thing about time the number two at the FB lie into McKee and Malia and another in recent criminal referral for leaking right and right he links and stuff what stuff. I don't look there is squirrel yet sack when he leak. Well that's the big story. What he leaked. And Al what happened was he was McCabe was mad because he called into a conference call to James can mean. Ahmanson and offense were having them about the Hillary email investigation. And he's he's on vacation and they wouldn't let him into the call. And they put him in a car because it didn't he minority. Picked up a reputation easier from the U Wall Street Journal or whatever you know being on a practically being on the hit in Hillary Clinton payroll since his way it was taking on the money for our. His campaign from Hillary's chief fund raiser and elect has suffering they kicked him off to cull. Well that he was humiliated he was very angry. And so we decided to retaliate. Bomb by leaking it the fact that. Hillary Clinton's justice and then Hillary Clinton died Clinton's foundation was under. Investigation. While you can't tell that in the media. That adds class but you cannot you cannot announce investigation for each league that they are under investigation the Justice Department called in to pressure. To me and again just to permanent condom pressuring him. You know to to call it off to college is criminal investigation Richard he thinks that he's really really angry and how could anybody possibly try to call this investigation not afraid. As this be an outrage that's the leak. Won the leaks anyway that he's in trouble for and can be prosecuted for was about. But here's a rest this story UN Nat angry. I national review injure McCarthy's Neal the senate over the weekend UN now angry because. After leaking. I that he had been pressured by the put the department of injustice Q and the investigation. He put he he actually ordered the folks downstream to put the go Russia and so we did what they asked. But leaks the information. That he was so offended by that record is very different by the request but followed through with it. Telling trying to have it both ways yes. Will wait okay sort have allows cars is affairs on Thursday hit by job by trump trying to take up for you became. I know who cares the Department of Justice tried to quash. An investigation of the Clinton foundation that's the store. Yeah and I McCabe OK fine but that's the story. We're those people are they being investigated. I don't. I know. Had no. Com here's Seth from Andrew McCarthy the former federal prosecutor who narrates the national review is McCabe the hero of the peace that he portrays himself to be. Now. Ashe foundation investigation. According to agents down the chain of command according to EB. Most return. So okay fine. So he's mad about being asked to do it leaks that information but then illegal anyway yeah illegally leaked it but then does it anyway. Duplicitous yes from said the push is on his part he's obviously a whack. On top of everything else but Tom is anyone go look into words the ordered to. You know but the good bosh on the Clinton and Gregg are no hesitation I guess not. So I'm just done this morning we now know every every basis for the year of four for the import employment Mueller is gone. It's been well the way there is no basis he has. No. He he should not he should be packing his bags this morning moving out of the office. Because what we've learned what DeVon newness says he is learned the head of the Intel committee he's now finally gotten of the documents. The original documents they keep duffel trump investigation. They had no evidence of Russian collision. They had nothing zip zilch nada except that in Hillary Clinton dossier which again Komi has admitted under oath was false they don't see blurted. Still think that's why the lawsuit happened the DNC you're asking it must suing over this whole situation because. They can they see that the the investigation is going nowhere because there is no evidence which they need to begin with because they're the ones who started without any evidence. They know that this is gonna fall apart. And that is probably coming close to being closed down now the trumps gonna have to do it it's just gonna collapse on its own lack of any of you know information or evidence. And so they've got to find some way to advance the story so you've got a lawsuit you can continue to have New York Times Washington Post ABC CBS continued to. Talk about the narrative of the Russia trump collusion story because there are sold continuing lawsuit. And that could take months if not years for its ever even maybe even kicked out of court. Give ending your right they wanna keep in the news I have nothing else because this allows them to legitimately cover this as a story. Because trump and and and these other organizations are all being sued over this by the DNC so it is a legitimate story. Even though there's no story there. So they can continue to keep it in the news they have the headlines they'll continue to fool all the folks who you know do not pay attention do anything past the first sentence in a story. And they can continue the narrative that no trump colluded with Russians and sold its 160 election that's what that's about. Yeah and and you know what it here's the thing this is made this glaring Lisa implement if he if you if you're so confused by now about the source investigation dopey. It just fell apart you cannot investigate somebody should cannot spying on I'm using. Some of either a crime or you know possible until breached they had not. They knew it they knew it all along and yet they still enterprise court to get the ability to spy on him. So the executive branch of one political party. Went to a federal court to get a spy. And then permission to spy on Americans extensively because they were claiming that it was because it was in contact with foreign entities. Lied about it to the court and congress and congress the courts still approved it there was that Intel of that so spying to win on. Illegally. As it turns out. By the opposition party or are hurt you know toward their opposition party the Republicans who have you know truck. And now. I don't hear anybody talk about scandal lore misuse of power misconduct in office. Yes I mean this is the part where again an aide Paul Ryan. Com or a Mitch McConnell really should be screaming from the treetops about this truck can't do it normal listen anything you sex. On but did but this this is the part we need your party does offend you by your being illegally railroaded and they will not where's the RNC chair one. See that you do that she could do gasoline do bet. Where members of congress yeah. Now we're today and we can't it's time motion be mostly packing his bags he had been out of the office by the end you know we've got to senators trying to pass a bill piece legislation to have to protect. SEC investigation go now we know geno last week cleaning you are asking and I was confused anywhere so why Allison is Lindsey Graham trying to protect smaller. I couldn't figure guys he would he indeed there's always been a threat of Trump's firing Muller. Why is Lindsay Graham frantic on the sudden an NC to get this through and Charles Grassley to get this through the senate protect Muller now we know why. They knew the DeVon Muniz was about to get the source documents the original documents that kicked off. The Russia collision investigation and that they had no Intel down there was they have higher no legal basis to spy. To go to the court for a warrant which they illegally got they have no legal basis to continue to investigate anything. That Cohen raid was totally illegitimate all of it was a legitimate. All of it is a lie. On any reasonable judge would through every one of these cases out of court metaphor would go. You would see that Cohen would be dead Cohen would go everybody. Calm everybody that Mueller has initiated action against will be gone. CN with the exception possibly of flan everybody that's been implicated in this whole thing is caught up in something that was a lie to start with. Had an and I'm not saying I I don't know whether they actually broke any laws here or not but the point being none of this would ever come to light if this. This illegal. Investigation has never been started. Exactly and any any acquittal on American they would toss it out. They would toss it out now. On and they should toss it out you can't we found honey robbed of even if it is you know we found no he robbed a bank what will only got two more for house which hit the worn based on. Are we lied to the court. Toss out. A judge has to trust but he still robbed a bank that matter type judge has to toss out if that's how you found it talked to any local law enforcer he'll explain this to each tackle it that's how it works exactly. You can't really well we don't like trump sort investigate him for I don't rush inclusion. You have no evidence now. You must Byron. Yes cantina. That's the Fourth Amendment you can't do this why I said for a long time trump is the only American who's been stripped of his fourth amendment rights everyone still has them intact. So it is an absolute outrage that this investigation continues it is it's narrates and it's also illegal. And yet on the rolls. On it rolls. Let's sit in jump pursued leads our client. John in Spartanburg Rajon. No. Dot com. I was just yeah I got Horton ad desperation. Outran Italian financial and people watch some TV. And I check out coat of Soledad O'Brien. And the EE TT Evernote. Our own Amos. Yeah I shouldn't yeah I actually had met him a couple of times and was working on health. EL well. It was Kyra obviously I went when he pops is the election. That you can't take it personal. And I think maybe I agree they changed art in its Hillary patent on the perp not vote or. Eighty pagelet the strategy you don't current you don't know Barak and and he has went to eastern and two. Our old Clinton's last presidents. Environmentalist Aaron. So. Al Gore yes Alex had yeah. L well what they stick it Barbara there is man made global warming because our maintenance. Went down Larry he's saying they're quite cheap right now. And the Pope that's what he's Sidney speak clarity. A fact. Well more than. Because he's saying that if eating because you reckon I'll into the Arctic Ocean. So deadly now we know for sure. Oh yeah it was a sure thing that you noticed it's back yes it harmed yet so see there you know. And that's all that's science right there as you don't need to know anything else. As this way that's what it was it was coming it gives. You irate well level. Thank you John. Can't think Leo mr. and Inglis is not with the by the way who have been around to see this. My guys spent half a million dollars in Utah. On and the carcass they do they do it primarily to caucus vote there. His challengers some guy named Kennedy spends 30000 dollars and beats him. What does he have to say. What's his comment. Still make the decision whether he'll run against trump in the primary camera. It's why joint decision you make it down rent. Sir you can even when it carcass. In a stage full mormons and you are more. Where you don't waste her time running against trump when clearly we can't say enough times we don't want you to be elected. Love about the GOP leadership if we tried just one more time. We're gonna get that loser elect. Mitt Romney. Well I think you lose a carcass in one state. And you think your somehow qualified to run against the president why aren't winning the senate seat first star. That doesn't look like it's going really well. I swear these people could think the big kill married so you still heavier yet he. I say I had check mine over the weekend casino the NRA they found they pulled out of their business relationship with the entering the announced over the weekend. Com yes and no I don't have a big cooler and I just I just had one of those Tom Miller's. Supposing I'm doing it wrong. Including text or who says he threw his out to the Denny got the better of it when Doug Matta the trash can and too late for me now Chris it's on the curb in neighboring garden these are trashed and anyway he says he took be sharply to it. And drew a circle around it with a shirt be with an extra. So yet they he says he's going to Bradley drink it that way so if you hang on to Jiri Eddie stuff. Up for awhile longer. Even you know what you do you slap NRA when those stickers is Arista stickers CS slapped the Harry sticker read only any logo. Stewardship. And we had to waste my Truman had to marry and have that back tomorrow same time same place you know the drill Vince is up next.