The Tara Show - 4-24-18 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Tuesday, April 24th

Gorsuch decision on immigration law a big surprise to conservatives; Social media leave hateful liberal accounts intact while silencing conservatives; Huge liberal media backlash against Kanye West and Candace Owens for anti-victim stance; UFO sightings and other late-night topics


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Elaine good morning terra yeah he's bothered me advised me a lot of OK but like in the back in my mind about Neil gore since moved. Liz said Lindsey Graham was huge supporter of it is you know I mean it. Okay Ted Cruz loves him right in an amateur Randy Paula down down down I'm Lindsey Graham love them. And it is not possible. Simply result is that three of those people you are that's let's uninteresting ground there and don't worry me that tip the global list are you a party crowd was such a fan of course it's. And academy we wonder why. In LA it was a small worry buddy was wearing them away. Black conservatives clintons who I can maybe this will be okay but some science never felt right about it. And here than we start gore since last week on immigration which is the most important and most dearly held issued to by the party because it is the way they've our military must pesky conservatives are just. Simply paving over us with the votes of foreigners. Brought this country come to nullify our votes on taker jobs. And then now if our votes when we get mad that they took our jobs with figuring out so on and the depressed which so I mean you know it shouldn't eight there's nothing more important and an amnesty of any carry anything. About anything but amnesty and bringing in these people on to our country. And when course of Mino bloated with that did the liberals on that scared me a little he voted in a similar way to school Leon another case. So that means you feel a little better but I begin to wonder is this why Lindsey Graham was so orbit the moon about this guy is is this the guy who is a conservative. And I did on immigration. And that's why they wanna himself back badly. On its report begin to find this out because the court is gonna hear an appeal of a district court decision no in Hawaii on the Tron travel ban. And and it didn't they did this is this is. If we're even having it a case heard before his record about this is radical. Yeah is it it really is just Blackman professor at South Texas College of Law. I said that she you know historically immigration decisions we're just not subject to review use decisions by president. The courts are pushing the boundaries of what for act you know white prudential merits are of reviewing immigration decisions this court trump is the only one who. Has had these decisions. Questioned and that's because in 1952 we passed this law. That said that the president could deny entry into the US of any class of aliens considered to be detrimental to the interest of the United States. On in other words a threat to America and it's been used several times yes so he very clearly has a right to do this there's another Solano. It's 1965 immigration law I'm prohibiting discrimination based on race sex nationality place of birth or residents. But that law says nothing about religion and so the leftist trying to argue why not try ascension mean things. About Muslims is tweets and therefore he's highly in 1965 law. And he can't do anything on immigration he can't stop anybody from coming in here we're going to go line continue implementing the Obama immigration policy as if trump is not president because trap is mean mean mean. So that's there argument rate. So here's what Josh blood in the professors south Texas college of losses to The Washington Times he says the justices decide to read in the mr. Trump's past statements. And use them against him. He should just resign because the courts to enjoying everything he donuts. If you don't give the president the presumption of regularity that he's do you know by luck. The mysteries is done it's like impeachment without the impeachment so this true or did this case Toews is fraught with with some apparel for the president. And on yeah I would hate to see note new course and take a starter liberals again honest it would be a disaster like he did last week. Amen sing well you know you can't drug violent felons that why that law wasn't written. All you know in that law was written tightly and yet and that's the. Al but I think that too did so I think conservatives have given him on that is that basically he was ruling along a constitutional way. Yes this may have been something that wasn't the outcome wasn't exactly what conservatives wanted. However the ruling he was making was on a point of law. And he is on the side and and oddly the liberals on this were on the side of upholding. These are the way the law was written and that it was not properly constructed according to our constitution. We'll see where of course yeah I'm Bruno is on us we will see because for their conservative justices did not agree yeah I understand you know I was and could go either way I I don't know maybe that was one aberration with him where maybe this is maybe he is this are open borders guy which will certainly explains support for him well I think we shall see and it'll it'll take a few more rulings or get a definitive answer on that but. You know it still amazes me that we've got a court decision that is basically about something that a candidate and then president said. Not about anything he actually put into practice or at least that's that's the way they're arguing it that because of what he said. That the the the executive order they're saying is Null and void. Because they think he has an opinion a poor opinion of the people that would be impacted by this this executive order. I mean it's all about it almost felt like we you know you hurt their feelings by doing this even though this is technically. Something that you may do as president we're not collection do it because we think you're doing it because your mean mean mean she just sent. And it's particularly scary because if that happens that we'll set the precedent that the president cannot stop people from coming in this country or can't say you and moved from the Buena road taken to play his first amendment rights exact expressed his opinion on explained why he wants and has gotten to come because he had a darn good recent. Yet he added yet a darn good recent before it common this is from. The the Fox News today in point is that we Rebecca. I'm a banner and basically what they're what what they're seeing is. Listen you know they're they're just looking at some of the tribe tweets against having Muslims come in and they're ignoring the whole rest of what he said which was when he made it very clear. That terror attacks were what he feared right thumb and that this is not everybody they're playing Muslims that are good people. And but you know it'll skills argument we can't tell which they are endless we vet them that the court is just looking at most inflammatory stuff he said. And ignoring and the rest of it. The warning to ignore the consequences of their actions as usual. I mean we've we've we've for so many times in the situation. We're liberal progressive rules are or ordinances or laws are passed and quite honestly those from the other side and we don't look at what the consequences of those things are. And it's like you know. If you wanna say that yes we wanna be fair about letting people into this country and and we wanna have fear immigration laws that's all Welling good. But if we're simply just opening the floodgates just letting anybody and everybody pretty much come to as they please. We are opening ourselves up to terrorist activity and endangering American citizens and that's what the president was trying to do. And you know we're just because he said some things that liberals that like they're trying to attack him over. And it's a real real test this time because the third version of this travel ban. They drink they came up with a list of Muslim and non Muslim countries that either don't share data out with the US the refused to. Or are there eyes unable to provide data their war torn they don't have it they don't keep it in order to validate who their citizens or. So they did this purely on a data driven basis. And show if they toss this outs. I he will be stripped of his will be the first president be stripped of his ability. On which congress has given him to make immigration. Bad decisions. Hawaii which is leading the challenge argue mr. trump should clear religious animus toward Muslims Imus by historian Tony sixteen election so we're gonna see which direction. That mile course which comes down on and we're gonna know a lot about that night. While we're gonna basically have open borders at that point at the point if if this thing fails if they don't uphold this ban we're gonna open borders. Whenever president powerless for the power stripped from him to do anything about it. And we're going to have judges then making decisions about who can come here because. You know there are a whole bunch of cases out there where immigrant suing saying hey yeah sorry to come here you know Mike country's war torn to idle right to come. An and where judges have ordered Taylor do you do certain you can Kashmir. Right. To enter this country there is no right that extends beyond the borders in this country that allows someone a citizen of another country to enter this country at their own will. No one has that right. Nor do we have a right to enter Mexico or Canada or China or Russia or any other country without the permission of that country. We have no right to it to go to another country become a citizen and expected or at least become a resident and they expect the benefits of the citizens of that country there is no right to do that. Well. If the court confines. Debt if they straight down as traveled and it will be taking away his ability make it pretty much any immigration decision. I am and what it will mean is that the president's authority over immigration is transferred from the Oval Office to Indian dishes judiciary you're correct and that's that's terrifying and that's the least the last place it should be. The last place you should be well that's exactly. Where will address congress could of course take it back but congress is useless you are absolutely talk about me from being a dictator. Guess what we've created these judges are nine dictators yes on the Supreme Court if we if we allow this type of activity to go. Now I hope my suspicions. I know of course suits are are wrong no they are two managed just suspicion are not counting anything don't don't get me wrong I just I always worry about why Lindsey Graham liked to because. Somebody who liked by Lindsey Graham there there's something run their and I haven't figured out what what is wrong with him. Because you know from Lindsey Graham to him day embraces Eric you know and esteem comparing conservative mom and dad and just it doesn't add up. It doesn't and a Scott Lisa reasoning all of the many could be just I don't know but I'm it would be devastating for this country they are appalled that band especially the way that it's written. And it is trouble after that I mean you have no ability to restrict anything for anyone from coming in the borders and is a tremendous amount apparent that the Supreme Court is being given here and much power exactly and the. And the other point of this this goes beyond the single issue. That this becomes an issue of of of power and the importance of be you know that the ranking. Of the L layers of government in this country and the ability of any president to get anything done. Text your race am. What is dangerous is when liberal judges say they now contract is feeling or what his intentions are exactly to make. Veered decision sees as a bull put more brilliantly than I was I don't need it but that's exactly they've hit the nail on the head there that's exactly what's going on yet. We'll keep an eye on it. Click to beyond. Does vanished talk kind Charles in obliterate saint Charles. Jared I just want to reiterate you're doing a wonderful job I'd act. Listen to and listened for many years talk radio programs from all over the country. In the best. Because there's just no other way to put it out princess and the other. Couple thousand like if but anyway the idea that the law in the courses case. Was vague. And he right now that's utter BS we just had a good family member by marriage. Who is up for deportation. And not in Georgia. We knew about that law is applied very much in his case because they hadn't caught in a certain safety. Qualified for the lighter version as a as a green guarding against. He could even convicted of felonies but they. We didn't rise to the seriousness. Where he couldn't appeal then of course he got a Muslims female Muslim Hispanic judge. Who I overheard. Every deport anybody so he got off. You know look at personnel is policy. And there anyway I never think about bush pitched. He. I'm only attended a church in boulder that had this kid is. Brought up in their church. We're a female pastor. Who make certain literally makes Jeremiah Wright looked like Jerry Falwell. I mean she marched in a woman is much of the day after trouncing inauguration. Total LG BT and everything every issue she took the left wing point and actually edit gives an insurer to list. And that. You know. The the idea and also that that they gave the guy had begun to back in DC how well these reality and it jury pool has not. I saw. I lay up. Prosecutor and defense attorney colluded. On choosing the twelve Motley just. Streak is the kind of people you cross the street to get away from and little to ought to drive by shooting exactly you added note this guy got off. Then what they do in DC. They think somebody's capable of committing mayhem they give it back it doesn't. If it's somebody it has an antique gun and then it happened. Anti gun and then all that allegedly got that that hasn't fired in 200 years you know it's sort of look at them and laterally the key. There's the idea is to create. Mass shootings is that they let happen and that and they and they allow courthouse case. And exactly what happened department. And it's very depressing. That didn't have all South Carolina voted with. Which also that it would gun control they caught that it was Doug enjoy government meddling government and it helped. Orchestrating that caused park and we know that people just don't get it and I am and I feel very bad for American Berry says the South Carolina. HM it is it is frustrating Charles and blue racing and thank you for your phone call we're talking about the early this morning that. The authorities say I'm no matter how bizarre or strange or terrifying me incidents that the Waffle House shooter was involved in there were several he was clearly out of its mind and had been for awhile. By the police kept taking his weapons getting them to his dad is that given back to him. And the FBI found took its weapons game Tuesday this was studded. I think she's funny you point out this morning when they violent when some whacko threatens to shoot at the CNN newsroom. Streets are the FBI cannot find him. And take his weapons within a week. They just can't seem to pull together anybody else that can. I just don't know what. It's just just an observation. There's another observation for what to eat you've got to watch what's going on right now with Kanye West. Because it is remark all Kanye West it. Weighs praised a black conservative. Female. That's only did. And you shouldn't sheet. The reacts to an end to bullying is going on and end at info wars I don't read them a wide advice similar on this is remarkable they compiled a list of tweets and it goes for pages. That are making fun economy making fun of Chinese intelligence mocking him beating up on him maligning him armed and they're all written. By liberal reporters. Every single one of them from buzz speeds of twice today to the hill to the Atlantic to slate to the Daily Beast through Reuters. Is there remarkable compilation number realty exit don't have time in this segment. The deer appeared just brutalizing him. Ed essay edgy response to dean you know initial criticism he got for actually liking the way a black conservative female thinks. There is a clip of Dilbert comic creator turned pro trump pundit Scott Adams. And Adams did eight you know comical video explaining Connie tweets. Add to liberals. Tiny postage. And the media went to buck wild. They jet so any news page after page after page after page of liberal reporters just giving him them beat down on Twitter. This is what you go through this is how terrified they art. That black people might actually go to a black conservative site in here what she has to set. And what is remarkable I would put this out I'll Wear any idea how many weeks have we been going now where I've been telling you week after week after week about. FaceBook account suspended. Twitter account suspended. Max is since it's clear they're making fun of Maxine Waters intelligence she happens to be a black woman. And some books might argue she's not too Smart Twitter put a contents warning on it and covered it. Into a special setting to see. But actor Tom Arnold a white male liberal. Twin. That Candace Owens this black conservative woman should suck racist blank. He used the actual work. His Twitter account was never spent. I mean that is misogynist picked it sexiest. Is. Race sis. It's terrific he velocity kept hinting and once you know lost his Twitter account they suspended it would no explanation he's a Fox News commentator and former Secret Service agent. Pass the Secret Service background check assured can't beyond toys too much danger. Look at diamond silk. Hey this is as remarkable. To mean. As we seven in a black comedian who had his FaceBook account suspended. For violating their bullying rules you know when he did he hosted. Screen shots of liberals. Racially maligning him. And race is mannered they didn't lose their FaceBook accounts. They have been suspended he'd hit. So you see the treatment here they are actively facilitating an I would say encouraging. Racist and sexist attacks on women and black women and black people who are conservative. With the blessing of the media. It is absolutely remarkable idea what to terrify. You a clip of what they're terrified. I don't know what they're gonna do to Robert Johnson the founder black entertainment TV he's a Democrat. Was all source CNBC the other day praising the heck and a troubled economy because is finally turning things around for black people. Tick illicit. This is this different but even figure out where other jobs went through NAFTA. And they're jabs and given to by the people who claim to look out for them now be illegal aliens and people writing here on visas to depress their wage. It's you have to take. It's British show biz Bob Johnson the founder of black entertainment TV. Encouragement from what's happening in it in the labor force and the job market. When you look at African American. Unemployment. And over fifty years since the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been keeping the numbers you've never had two things African American unemployment this slow. And the spread between come unemployment among whites and after America. Narrow. That absolutely means that the job market is soliciting. Employees. Who have been out of the labor force some other just based all in. Give discrimination. Talent based on new changes in education access and technology change. And so when you look at that you've got to say something is going right. Yea you do. And that is a really really dangerous mess you cannot have black people hearing. You can have. And that's what they're brutalizing Kanye. Vijay is. They have to they have people click on that linked black people especially hearing that a black conservative has to say bed that is dangerous. So this guy to let used to love is getting the absolute. Beat down from members of the me. You left early. Yes you I've seen something that I could not identify any true. Well to see in South Carolina yes so did okay. Sure Carolina and not one of the top places to go to CU FO. Poem they casino dot award just calculate your odds of seeing one in the state. Those aliens are Smart they know were armed down here they do and you know they don't come here because they know the first thing we mourned his ticket pops out at me I'll watch this yeah eggs. But that thing at they're. Yeah I'm but they took all the UFO reports that had been filed and why so many years in divided embassy had to use state population or whatever so. We are we are 241. You're more likely to see a UFO in North Carolina. They're ring sixteen out of the fifty. States and your odds of seeing eight USO in South Carolina. Our went ahead this and one way to Disco is like one in now. Entering it where you can put in 135000. Something like that. Arms or your PC and lead and you are you are fortunate would what did you see where to see it. It was some. I'm trying to remember it was late one night there was driving somewhere and and blues I think it was coming for some reason coming back through and Eagle County in a wooded area and I noticed that there was a slight. Is seen to be somewhat distance off but it was sort of like paralleling our course. You know along the roadway Helms and it just took off went straight up. And when out of sight and I'm like. I have no idea what that is I don't know of any plane that can do that it. Yeah it's funny. I totally believe you because nineteen something they did almost the exact. Same thing if there was this summer after high school and I was working Arnie windjammer 65 but when Jimmer boatmen's it to crew was great and I deduct for summer in the Bahamas. And I'm say in areas like it's not like accretion and it's like campaign. Yup scientists know running mourners electors irons protect its Israel it's Israel or but it's actually beautiful out parents are camping without spiders. Guess those. Camping ever. And done yes we would be out there. I'm only is he really well and we would see them multiple times exactly which are talking about they would usually cover they would take off and zip across the sky. I'm and then they would stop totally soundness and I'll never forget I was on the shore one time. And that we had parked a broad we're walk around the shore arm arm the Swiss arm on the Florida right outside of Miami. And I'm where are coming down the beach and Lisa we had been watching some amount scarf for awhile is what the broad and where we're no where they were gonna do and we watched them one by one. Just drift right in. It got out that into Miami and we will went Karen on the beach to get underneath one the last one we finally made it doesn't want to see with the underside look like his it was only a couple hundred feet up above list. And the underside of it it was really cool it was like this app or may it was just round shaped it floated it made no noise. Had no wings nothing like that and there was a circle on the underside like a black circle it I guess wasn't lit the rest of the day the entire he'll address the thing was split and we got underneath that thing and we wash cigarette intimate Miami. I was in matter intercept dinner or any thing and so I went by that we were not truck. Found we we were completely sober when we sideshow I saw that I can't explain I I don't know what it is. Maybe the government's nose so or something on but yeah I've seen one too so when people say they've seen one in my kayak tour and I don't doubt it. It was just like the recent release of those videos of those FA eighteen pilots. And the conversations that they had between themselves and also some commercial pilots. In an area off the I think it was not torn California wasn't. Yeah he was and you know I know that the upon what is the show we've got at night. Beyond remember now Africa where it is now Chris helping out here ground zero ground wound up getting there we're talking about that a lot good bit but. You know badlands a whole lot of credence. Because those those of communications those F eighteen pilot had with the base and also some commercial pilots and here also beyond reality beyond reality that's not trumpet via. Well do you remember when JFK's letters were. Declassified and he. Bomb was duke will bring Ripley was her but he thought the day where did these things that were being reported where Russian. And they were spying on us and om and he was a yo he was afraid it. On you know that the Russians after Russians are and they would think they were ours that we respond on lemonade despite Clinton's could cause a war maybe that's the Russians are colluding with the aliens with the elites now fat Russian leaning allusion. And more sense than any theory to Democrats have come up with Sarah for give Moeller Miller on the phone here heat to he would know. Press or something up there and you know I don't know what it is but I think the government knows what it is I I suspect it's readily geno one of them the hotspots in the whole country for and in terms of density of a UFO reports one of the hotspots. Is Myrtle Beach real yes it is and Lisa talk about that a lot when I was on the air there there's a ton of reports right journal crossed her off the coast now. Ruby just sort of like northern exposure minus ten IQ points. Maybe Tony you know I'm sand out of sleazy right now shows us there's alcohol factors. There's so there's that no doubt going on but you know if you live. Off you know if you you Libyan Charleston air Amre Beecher we would hear these booms out certain. That would register the way that an earthquake wade and then I would call up the geology guide down in the basement. I'm a College of Charleston and he would Tommy was an earthquake or was it another one and assign things he'd say sign and we haven't on the ship. You know what you register at three in three whatever in it but they are actually signed the rooms they were just Julie's booms of unknown origin. And his theory was always that it was the government. Doing whatever they do out there and it would it would litter and that when the boom would happen it would shake your how you could cheer house shake you could feel it shake. And sometimes you see that's tough it's I'd trust is our fault line selling. I sure don't particular island is on a fault lines is bad is the one in California. Penal relay set but it is and just sometimes it would be the earth they would be your shifting. And they could tell you that down in the geology lab that's. Without was and other times I know the source of it was out off the coast and so I was always lead dying to know with the active military was doing up there as soon as the base there. Palm but of course you don't know but it it was something whatever was it was it was strong enough to shake the whole neighborhood never to get the bottom of the night. It may not be good for your safety to get to the bottom of that maybe no I'm and so yes. Absolutely married so yes or not the best place in the country to see a UFO in South Carolina unless you're in Myrtle Beach. And you've maybe had a few. Or you work at the airbase there you have the earth move under your feet under your feet somebody saying something like that. Hey I'm Digi CIU I you probably knew this league but I realized. Yeah the Lee County prison right killing ambitious thing on them yet I really is and according to the Renault Nissan might be true. I it is the nation's deadliest prison riot in a quarter century yes. Yeah that that was one of the one of the a bullet points that came out right after that happened. Yeah I missed that one so to me is on the U alum to play along yeah I was like wow what a quarter century wow that's 25 years twice light years. It was rib is worse than I had. Yes so. Ari and then Henry McMaster trying to stop them from. With an executive order what stops them from checking cellphones and something like that over the wall that's a huge issue that you know it really is issue and the and the federal government spend. You know behind the stopping us from doing it it's Jimmy they wouldn't we like jam their cellphone signals. Yeah yeah and the federal government won't listen bureaucrats who noticed exactly. Six or is your I have seen many of thousands of Donna nineteen Connie of unidentified illegal aliens and Wal-Mart and I don't think Jessica and we're talking about. Text your rage got Sid abounds a man's habitation grain a vital minutes habitation. Renowned men now get out to Myrtle Beach he was going on out there. Irate tape here how they crush reverend C drug usage shared with the USS citing insurance. That might be interesting. Whom you mere I'd do drugs and me both seen US. Now now that was piloted by aliens are maintained that it was some and then we could not explain. And I am. Tester race if you're hearing sonic booms I'm off short is probably needy fighter jet no I know they they'd know did they boo you would know the jets were going are those were you could tell us poems you could tell albums from the jets. When you live if you live out there. That is something else it would feel like an earthquake. There was an earthquake. And other times it was just. I can't explain it was it was. I Cannes I was like but arm it was they're in it would register like earthquake but it wasn't. Our day and it was whenever an N and like you said we called the geology department in they would they track this stuff and they'd say no way it's whatever they're doing off the coast. Whatever that is whatever technology they had so I don't know. Home but it was say it was cool was a local things about living out their she used you know machinery to and say we're doing something that we'll find out what someday for live long enough right. Texture is convinced that if I sort of lands. On the front lawn of the White House Democrats and liberals would say that trump has I think any means. Has been colluding with them to win the election texture its share they were trying to kill Godzilla. No they shouldn't do that he's just misunderstood. Please love gonzo afflicts texture racing navy new school in Charleston yen may be. Music street to get the USO lease was around 1986. Or seven. I can verify story was sitting on my back porch near Abbott the county line when I saw its. Empowering message sinking ever happened there text your rates. USP. Unidentified. Foreign. People. Another Texan trade somebody needs a drug test my guess would be nearly both and at I get nervous. And but I guess after running is too conservative for the aliens. Now. OK. In the meantime. You show you did the minute you do now and video game did not wired. Sensitive ears safine and it mayors just sitting around playing as video game may be will. Yet. Ohio's. Ashland University will be the first school in the US offer scholarships. Incidently that to those who are excellent at playing the game four right. Had a business. Ranging up to 4000 dollars worth of tuition for each player for each year they get selected for its. Also. More than sixty US cars at colleges are setting up competitive game programs. Recognized by the national association of collegiate ease collegiate excuse me collegiate. Ashland will I'd be erasing any team of forty compete in fort night regularly with hopes that the squad will. Be delivered his pay any future collegiate league down the line. We have AM penicillin producer here who is a big gamer and he was. As did tell me he had to win they have some kind. Used to watching whatever I don't know and then the NBA player playoffs it. Since this is this is big stuff for my kids are your kids and you listen anyways yeah people who don't watch it. Air singer I think people are show advertisers will pay to be apart of and you know you British so some of that ad revenue running collagen makes sense to may. Dexter raced here I've never seen UFO but my wife and I have seen a civil war ghost. Can stand seen night and get a picture of an excellent sent it to me Gerald in campaigns the morning Gerald how you doing. I'm a little oil document not a bunch Gingrich mr. I don't think there's any UFO's. I paramilitary absolute faith that probably would blow your Almonte if you solve. I think literally would blow my mind has really upbeat. You talk tiger thick fog you know you get within. A mile that place you won't negotiate you won't clot. Yeah. As they should a supposed. I don't neck so. And out of eight when no you're right but listen mr. I meant to get to this earlier in the week. This is the Daily Mail the US is ahead and take US government accidentally sends a strange. File. And that they did deserve Freedom of Information Act request they sent Iran file. I was a stream of information act requests of the Washington State fusion center. That apparently league ever means is working on remote mind control and forced memory. Blanking. So you know Gerald you're not too far up there work on some crazy stuff and it mean to send the file they accidentally did so. You know. Well I I will I bet you are she's so you know for committee here one day. And I can't remember who are hammer what I believe you'll know what happens. Forced memory blanking out of the Clinton's can get a hold of that can you imagine what they would do they wanted to kill anyone with a Barbell on their neck anymore. They can just what the mind to ask you prosecute a case but I can't remember which one it was. According to Daily Mail all the compressed file detailed research into bizarre say go electronic weaponry. Our government is not folks I don't doubt this. They claim to use our believes electromagnetic force to a nurse to induce a number of strange affects. Including intense feelings of pain. Or as well as remote Maine from. Every nap she'd ever be on your head. They're gonna be all in your had to plaque from X-Files. Except it's real. Wonder how far along they've gone with it. And don't intend to use a four actually you know what I don't one and I just you know I don't. I don't. Ari. Tomorrow. When Robert attacks. Net used to be we have Olivia used to be able Atari people different from us in public places not anymore witty here I got a roundup from the last week.